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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, September 02, 1910, 2:30 EDITION, Image 2

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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
Occnnlc Stated and Third
Drgrre. Al
llautillnn Second lhgnc.
I.c.ihl Chapter o. 2 Sirclnl.
llolw Temple Regular.
All visiting members of tn
Ordor are cordially Invited to
Mtend meetlugt of local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondays of
each month
at K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M.
UlRluc cuciuEcnc Members of
dially invited.
HABMONY L0DOE, No. 3, 1. 0. 0. F.
Meets every Monday evening nt
7:30 In I. O. O. F. Halt, Tort 8tr.ol.
, K. II. HENDRY, Secretary.
II. E. McCOY, Noble- arnnd.
All visiting brothers 'Very cordially
OAHU LODGE, No. 1, K. of P.
Meets every first and third Frl
Hay evening at 7:30 In K. ot 1'. Hall,
corner Tort nnd Heretanla. Visiting
brothers cordially Invited to attend.
S, WM. jones, C. C.
r O. F. HEINE, K. It. S.
HAWAIIAN TRIBE, No. 1, 1. 0. R. M,
Meets every first and third Thurs
days of each month nt Knights of
Pythias Hall Vlnltlng brothers cor
dially Invited to attend.
A. L. EAK1N, Sachem.
13. V. TODD, C. of II.
Meets on the 2nd nnd 4th WED
NESDAY evenings ot each month nt
.7:30 o'clock In K. of P. Ifall.-corncr
Heretanla and Fort streets.
Visiting Eagles nro Invited to at
tend. W. It. KILEY, W. P.
WM. C. McCOY, Sec.
HONOLULU LODGE, 010. B. P. 0. E.
Honolulu I-odco No. f.lG. 11. 1. O
Elks, meets In their hall, on King
street, near Fort, every Fr.iiay eve
ning. Visiting Ilrotlieru nro cordially
Invited to attend.
I' K. of P.
Meets every 2nd nnd tth Saturday
wvenlng at 7:30 o'clock In K. ot P.
Hall, or Fort and Heretanla. Visit
ing brothers cordially Invited to at
tend II. A. TAYLOR, C. C.
Wise House
When letting their contracts
for paintinc. specify W. P.
Fuller & Co.'s
It lasts longer, has n more
"beautiful finish and is more
economical than paint hand
mixed by local painters.
Sold by
Lowers & Cooke,
M. E. Silva,
Prompt and J'ilite Attention
Phono 1170 NiRlit (lall 1014
Honolulu Dranch of tlie llorrlton
""" Mutu Aioeaoii
! I.aan Mil, I mi. I Ii IHIU Illk'U
iw. p?w.iFHfi.Rs:'.m".,".z. "rrr
imtfWT m my h
jb .aiiiitfii! i.imiiii;m'r mm Jin.r in.
HE manager of a
furniture factory
jl oiyo niuu ii wo
men realized the value
of soap and water there
would not bo so great a
demand for furniture
But soap and water
must be used with judg
ment, as strong soap is
injurious to furniture.
This is his recipe:
Mnltn n tepid sudt of Ivory
Sonp; dip n cloth in it, squcczo
nnd j;o over tho furniture scv
rrnl timed. Polish with a
chamois cloth.
Ivory Soap
Continued from Tate I.)
rkinoiiui.il to 4ft,u,iu,oi, una last
lvr tho exports r,(.m tho Ten I
lory iimouuieil to t t.lsT..II2.
Imports shuwej an lucicasc or
many times ilitiing ttic ten jciia
dcnlt with. I'lom hut S2, 820,0.1 J In
19U0 the; l(.ie giuwn to tnu le
Biicctaclc Hum of s.'fi.US'l" fur tho
pant llscal jear.
Customs have lucieitod , omldor-
nbl during tlic ten jcais, hum $t,
S19,G1S.!I3 to Sl.i..31 11.1.1 ll.Ht
jear. The tctal to Iculons for the.
ten jcars have nggiegittcrt S13.25V
099.52 at tho li.oal sjMcm.
Assessed valuation of the property
In tho Territory Is three times what
It w.ib at the time of uiinei.atlon. '
At that time the valuation was
K0, 251,4 12; nt the time Tcrrlloilnl
government was established It was
S100,297,IC0; u jear iigo It had In
creased to J138.910.820, and fur tho
Inst llscal venr tho total valuation
was assessed nt $150,208,107.
Another Indication uf the prosper
ity of tho Territory Is In tho hank
deposits, which have near. qua 1
rupled in ten )ears.
At tho time Territorial govern
ment was established tho total bank
deposits In tho Territory amounted
to hut 14.002,1:11 17. and last year
this amount had In reused to $13,
(Continued from Pase 1)
A. E. barter, Makawno, Manuel Enos,
Kahulul; Frederick I) Lowrey, Hono
lulu; Daniel W. (Irltcoll. Pala; W M.
T Robinson, Wnlliikii: Waiter F Sin
born, Hnnalcl: T. II Hughes. Will
mannlo; Sidney Smith, Honolulu;
John U neniing, Honolulu: John L.
Whltmore. Wiilil.iwn. Oaliu. Ilinry
Itoso, Hllo. E. V Todl. Honolulu;
A. F. Ilurnlugham, Mountain Viow;
Samuel II Itodgers, Walohliiu. Tho
mas E. Cook, Hllo; James A Carty,
Honolulu; V. M. Forbes, Papalknu;
A P. Ililckwood, llonokaa: J A. Wll
Hams, Honolulu, Arthur Kiilui.iwluul,
Honolulu; Wm. Helsumiiu. Hllo, W.
L. Emory, Hirtioliilu: Neil lloyle, llo
nokaa; A, II. Ilauna, Kahulul, L K.
Tllton, Hnniukiiapolio, F, A. Alexan
der. Pala: Rudolph O. Mooiu, Hono
lulu, II. Oilman. Honolulu, It K
N'lho Krliala, (laspir Sllva, Hono
lulu, Peir) J l.oiej, Wnlilawa, Oaliu;
P E It Htraueh. Honolulu, A. M.
Nowell. Walliiku, Frank L. Iloogs
llouoliilu, Thomas A. llia:in, Jr.. Ho
nolulu, I.' I) Quliin, Kohalu; Jorgnu
Jnrgciihcn, Kukiilhaele; II. A. Hnilley,
K'kalm, John I lloomanls, Honolulu;
A K Vleria. llouoliilu. Jiiinos T Ca
ie. Iloiinlulu; W II Iloogs, llouo
liilu, II W Cloiolnnd. Walakn.i.
Muni. A I. Soult). Honolulu: C. S.
Ciaiip IIiolulii, John J Leckor. llo
uoliilu. Ad mi C. Ilnkur Hllo, i: J.
I .mil. llouoliilu, W E Fonder Pala.
The fourth International congress
for tho discussion of llui siibjed of
publlr ndlef nnd piliute charily
hi lined nl ('npimhngoii on August 0
under llin presldnniy of forinur Prosl
d. nt Uiulii l nf Fruiiec
nl WrlKhl nun liliii'M
Tim Jaimiitwii mllitury iiiiuinliHiliin,
willed lor Mivtirul nioniliH luis In en
mui)iiin mllliury niiidlilons in liu
niw, Im uriHHHd wllh llin enmimiiy
lilUlllilllMK Dili VV I In III HMIIIplullli
Mu in ivriuMU' lit (mi nuuibfi
994in Per Cent. Pure
I MINIMI mi,- "
- HERE , I
The tablet sold by tho Bulle
tin for n nickel is tw.ee ns large
'as the tnbloi usually sold for this
Autos, tl per hour. Lewis Stublea.
Uothol Street Hac.'t Stand Plum..
I 132. t I
It goes without sailng Hint every I
thing Is Rest nt Thn Kncnru. '
The Anchor Salorm H now n curio
museum worlh replug Don't rorgot
l.lrton' For a licit hack, ring up
Phone 1 r. 1 3 nn, ask for Frank Ilakcr,
Fnlnn htrcct,
If Oil want a good Job dono on an
n-.iu or carr PEO tllkt; It In lliwnlhinl
r.rri m, V, .......
.....,,,.. b. Ul... ,if wnrcn al -
lor distilled nmor. Illte's Hoot
'KcCT nnd nil other popular drinks
tlt'tli- tin Plinitn .11-1 ....h.HI..-i
-- -o .,. ......v .,,,. .uiliJilll.lll!l
Soda Works.
uommenc.nfr Sunday, Auiruit 29,
the Bulletin's phone numbers
will be: Buancii oftlcc, 2250; edi -
iwnni looms, Ultjo.
rewi-iiiilp. .Ir son of Mr. mid Mr
ratiK I Ipinaiulc? rf Ibis rlu dlel
pstcrda Tho futipral r.erlrs over
tho remains of thp d'rpisod. who w,m
two jenrs old, will I v held tills niter
Hi'V Frank Dimrn with the meni
hers nf the CIiIiipo Studpiits Alllanee
will rntrrl-'n i ho lsltlng (ilneso
students arrMng by the China tomor
row A lunrheoii will be igiven nt
(he Mid Parlfle Instllule, College IIJIIs,
nt I o'c ock
A. L C Alklnsoii former secret'iry
of the Tcrrltoiy was nnnng tho guest
who cnllod rti llcr MiJ sty (Jiicen LI-
lluokalani nt the W.irhlngtim PI icp
this morning
It Is repoitrd Hint Mayor IVrti and
a number of L'ouioprjllc orntois wilt
mako a tour of Ihls Island tnmnrrnw
afternoon, with a view to Irildlng p-II-HpjI
mectlncs In Knnlait
Hilda Armstrong was today grant
ed dUorec from Charl"s II Armstrong
to whom sho van married In London
December 22 1000. Hip ground being
Ifnlluio tn siippoit The couple turned
' ll, A,,,vnll. ...t t .,.. I l.nM. .kn I...H.
,i ,,, t.i nil., mi,, 11. 1... HIl.U II.U 11. tn-
luiid w?nt back to Englaiid, tho wife
ctnn afterward coming to Hawaii nt
his lequcBt. For nioro than two jean
nothing has been lio.ml from him mid
In the ictltlnn for illwitrc tho wlfo
states that she fears Ii? commltte'i
Kiiirldp when out of u position.
The United Einls iinny transport
Sherman is exieeted li nrrUo from
Manila tomorrow wit ha number of
army ouIccih wlio aro returning to
the mainland. Up to noon tod'iy no
partlculai wireless Infoimitloii was
ireehed by the local quarterinaster's
Tlie 8lh precinct lib district Itepub
Jlcan dull has h lecttsl ICmui'i Squnro
ns thiir tiolllng place In tomorrow's
Federal Jury Will Investi
gate Counterfeit
Charge of Young
Leo Young was today bound oer
to tho Federal grand Jurj by Com
missioner Jiidd, charged with lia
Ing counterfeit coin In his posses
slon, though nt tho examination he
protested that tlo money was found
In his house and he did nut mnko ll
hliuBetf. '
Tiiore wcro four witnesses iiRaliiht
Koiiug, two of whom wero girls,
elccu mid leu )cnrs (f nge, who
said that the) saw him pounding
Eoinctbing In his house, and when
they abked him he said he was innk
lug niuiip), but that they musl'iit
tell nnjone.
Onothor witness was tho deputy
sheriff who searched the homo and
found tlio ten dollar pic o hidden In
tho wall, a phoney Ihu-ccnt pieeo bo
Ing In tho posseislou of tho man
when seaielied.
Young explained tlio money by
saying that tho gold wus iniidu by u
Koican who hud tho house before
him and inuso havo lieun left there
by him.
Tho money Is supposed to havo
been nindo of Chlneio silver or biiiiio
lend eonipouiid. nnd mciely glided
to glo a gulden luster.
Some haul lend was found In tho
house on Maul also, whleh Young
I'luluicil vli i'oi- iilnke for fish
Rlies. but winch lecined lo lie itui ( will luku pinto The uniioiiutemeiit
linrd fur tlio ordinary slnkeis iuiidoof their engagement wus iiuulii while
by twisting tho lend uiiiund llin, tho rather of tlio Initio to bn wus on
I inn.
In llin unfamiliar witters of Tuher-
Ceytiin pearl divers uro now busy
iikii v I'ny, Heolliiiid, Tlioir senrcli l.i
for (ho burliil weiillh of thn rioreni.la,
ii lliuiauio gullnuii of Hie Hpmilsli
Arnmda, limi In Hint nitky ijimrtor In
Ktirlnui IIimhU riiuilniiH UiiimihIiuui
JtHii4 'riiPiiwniU nf ImiiM'a urn suli
INrpMj nfu iiwuy llitu lim m lei
Tim inirruiHPH M mUirnr amis l
ut)riMiiMij. TiMre it smk ml'
Our New Phono Number Will He
City Transfer Co. (.las. II. Love)
P.-.1 .1 n ..
.1 . iwuHiinucu irum ince jli
graiuinlnrv miBiges vvi ...... iccclv
cd from other placcK
llicr t IP S ll'i llflil lml nr,wr,..l...t
.(, M. Mnje, lcV r ,,1P10l, ,.
'" lllt' "Ibcr in-m wline thoy ic4!h
"'"'d .i the ()upcii'h bonk. Mnnv
j waltiiiR fo ra lung time for Ihoir turn
"r "I'liniiimin in icslHlcr.
At 1 o'clock lliU iiflcmii'in, llil
(liieeii. and In- few rilpsn's, had n
lui'l In her Wnlklkl t-c-x Iiip!i real
denrr There wim mnlc and c'lanllni;
iliiHng a'ld nller I he r-ii't. Tlio fluePn
Is fee Ins fnlil ill In health, nnd
wttild fcciit to lip grod Tor anollier
kioj-c of oarM whleli tho Bulletin
lirartlly wishes mn Ii- tiMllred
Among those hhpiiI at Hi" lereiv
tlon erp obreripil
(nwrnnr I'n ir. T Cllp llivlps
.Mr nml Mi-h llin Snillti Mi-h tioi
Kim, Mrs. W,n Auld. Captain and
Mrs Plllr. Mrs. Hint Dwkht, Filhpr
Valentin. Mr. nnd Mrs. .lone. Mr nnd
Mrs W. 1' nil Inghnni. Mm. C F.
Chllllngwnrth. Mr and Mrs. II. 1)11
lliigli.tin, 1'nsliiiai'tpr .1. (1. Pratt, Mrs
(oiiunn, Mrs. fmltii, Mrs Chan Kinn,
Mis. nniuia Nnhulin MIfh Puttnim
Mia Cooper. Mr Poiter. Mrs. Irwin.
Mrs. Force. Mrs. Schnrkle. Mr. Kel
lipv. Mrs. Ilnwnnl. Mrs. Norrls. Mr.
F'r'ler. Mrs. MrKcpcr. Major AUier
ton II, S. N.. Hr. Ilobdy. Mr Porter.
It. W. Wenien. Mrs f Putrlik. Mr
nnd Mr. AnM Mrs nieltPilon I. M.
Co. Mr. nnd Mrs It O Malheson
Mrs. Thompson. Mrs llolmci Ilcn K-i-halopuna.
Ilev .1. Ki klrl. .1. K. Kune
I tin. Capt. nnd Mrs. Cluii man H
ll'ismer. Attorney Oencral I tndiiy
Mrs. Mnrcell. Mr Ilowen Mrs Hon
ors, Mrs. (leo SmlthlPS, Mrs Mau.l
Cooke, A. I. C AtkliiBon.
tlcorgo A Davis was today ap
pointed Fulled States Commissioner
by Judge Dole or tho Fedcrnl Court,
tho appointment being orfcctUo at
on c
Mr. Davis was ludorred for thn
pliee by the Hawaiian 11 ir Associ
ation and Attorney-tlcneral Lind
say, and Just before) noon today he
Icok the oith administered by Clerk
Murph) In tho court before Judgo
.maiim;i; idol will
mviiih an ni:nti:ss.
-e- .. "MT ix ,n-i
NEW YORK, Aug Is Now that
John Pin r moro lllythe, the netoi,
who Is known on tho stage in Jack
Ilnirjluoro, nnd Miss Kntherliiii form
Harris, tho young hell ess, have ob
tained n license lo wed their rrleiuln
are speuilutlng Jusl when tho ovent
his relurn vojiigo from nbrnnd, but
wmi tnu rim kiinwjcilgo of her moth
er, It is Hiild. For a number or vours
Jnelc Rim) iiuiru has been conniorid
iilm nl llin "iiuilluin Idols" of the inn
tlnpulU, nml thn linus of his lip
liiuiiihliig nmiiliiKo Is viewed wild
illsmiiy by many jinipg uouieii pal
rniu of Now Voiit ilinuiurs Annul
Ing lu tint roiiple, n, (oiniuony will
urn be pmroiiiiul until iliu ii'iuni ur
illsii nrl irwH Vnmiltf. hIwid 'in
Hill llsil Hlllll ttll, liUI lllilx H ILlIM
who lkS that IN li win m
put to a new and pra'tlcal use a
few iI.ijb ngo by Captain Hannah of
the ctenmer Senator, bound from
Alnckn to Seattle. Upon iiiinroacli
Ing Capo Flattery In n denfe fng tho
entrain c of the Straits of Fttea wcio ",lul"1 "iiui &cisuon nounii lor "my uwu, w. it, ucmcuwny, Airs,
obscied. and tho tound of tho hugo !,I!B, w- ,T"r ?"'n ''" "' h W' " "'"Ston and 3 children W.
gasoline fog whistle on Tntoosh Is- 'htaihood of C000 tons of coal and R. Inrr ngton, Mrs Oreenwel Fath
land was not heard. Wireless cm,,.!1 l,'ok",, f,,r '" n"lvo nl nny ,,u,,r' " a.cn,,1 MI"K. Low Miss C. Low,
munlcntton was obtnlncd from tlio .
.Inniii,,. (.. II. a ..n..r. .,......, ul..t..H
.....,..,, . .,, KU,. .,....., .. .luumi
in i.-moin, wmi mo rcsun imii mo,,,,, , arrUCj ,)l0 clllm from the
tog nom soon began Its noisy notes
or warning, nnd tho Senator was
thus enabled to
on her
isiurro Into tho
liner Mnitnn
l.nn. Captain Thompson, arrived this
morning with uasscngcrs. nnd
large amount of gcticinl cnrgl, In-
rliii.'lng 7r.0O tiacli , sugar, 1000
eases pines, ?G cares fiult, Ifi crates
llsl, 10 caccs preserves, 3 cases
eggs, 20 barrels okolchno, 8 barrels
fish, 7 barrels fruit, 1002 sacks cof
fee, 30 sucks awn, S sacks ginger,
G3 sneks beans, 1 barrel liquor, I
demijohns liquor, 3C pieces koa lum
ber, ! kegs butler, 17 crates chick
ens, :t crates pigs, V rralo turkeys, I
30 hogs, 30 bend cattle, U cows, nl
ah it, SI bundles hides, f.S Ininrlies1
bnniiuas, 230 packages sundries.
THE I.A&T steamer leaving for
Nome Ibis season with pjssciigcrs,
ns well us freight, was the Uma
tilla, which railed from San Fran
tltco about twcivo clas ago. A num
ber or pasnoiigcrs departed In her, Tnckj RcvMj Tmt Femtnine yis
iind iimiU of them nro taking largo, ,,,. Wo. .mnn ih. M,'dnl-1,t
ipiiiiiiltlcs or supplies into the Far
Noith while tho opportunity offers,
in addition to tho ordinary shlnmcnts
111 thn steamer. Thn tfmntlll.i will I
endeavor to mako good tlmo going
and coming, for the senron will bo '"'onigni cniry iii mo kciiudii uonio
well iiilviin...i iinrnro i. ,-.. roinrn'oii tho Stnrliuek ranch, nt Cazadero,
fiom tlio high latitudes.
IT IS SAID that tho largest rnto
paid ror a steamer In jcats Is that tabllthcd dejond nil doubt by tho
given for tho Herman tramp Wotnii.t tracks of woman's shoes In a dusty
which has been taken on time chnr-l Pnth leading up to tho house. A
tcr by tho Robert Dollar Company. man's tracks wero also .discovered.
The rate, as announced, is J47G0 Tho Identity of tho woman nnd
per month, and Is considered hy, why sho went there nt dead or night
rhlpplng men as an enormous , mstiries tho offlcors. Supervisor
amount. It Is thought Hint tho William King, who was In town to
large amount of Iron oro that tho day, shares tho opinion that sho
Dollar company Is handling out or must havo been anxious to do
tlio mines recently acquired In Btr' somo Incriminating evidence.
China has made It necessary fori Thcro evidently was an attempt to
them to take n Btcainer itt almost Prevent anything like disorder. Tho
uny price. I dls:overy of the cutting of the wiro
1 m I screen, tho springing back or the
PURSER SHELDON of tho Inter- lock, the tracks and wheels In tho
Island steamer Manna Lou, which dust, told tho talo.
arrived tills morning from Kan nndl
Kona, reports tho following sugar
awaiting shipment on Hawaii: Pu-.
naluit, 7u! sa ks; Pnnuapo, 2199;
llonokaa, 9100; Paaulto, 10,000.
The Manna I.oa will leavo again
next Tuesday, pocslhly In command
of Captain Slmcrton, her regular
THE ARMY tinusport Sherman Is
due lo arrive hero tomurrow on tho
way Irom Manila lo San Francis o.
According to ndvanca advices, .tho
Sherman has no regular organlza-
lion or troops on board, but is fill-,
ed with military and civilian cabin
passengers, and has tho usual titint-j
her of casuals, sick men nnd military
THE STI:AMI:u Ciniidlnc, which
touches ut Lnhalna, Kahulul and
inniii, on ainiii, win icuve tins all-
erinon in a o'clock with passen
gers nnd frelgiit. Lovi L. Joseph,
ilcputy iliorlff of Huna, will bo
among the outgoing passengers.
MONDAY IS laibor Day nhd no
freight will bo lecelved mi tho Inter
Islnnd wharves on that day fur bhlp
men on btouuiers which will sail
Tii-sdny. Mt'iehiiiits nro leqiiestod to
get their shipments lecelved tomor
row n
THE AMKItlCAN-Hiiwallnii Slejin
rhlp Company announces tlwi follow
ing schedule nr clopartures from Seat
tle mid Tncnmii for Honolulu direct:
Alaskan, September 11; Arlzonnn,
September 23. Virginian, October 5.
AT fi O'CLOCK jestorduy uftor-
nooii, tho steaiuur W. (I. Hull left
mi iviiuui p. inn wmi geueiui llior-
chandlse, Sho will lotiirn mixt Consldoniblo unxloty Is loll for
Weilnesdny inornliig, with sugar ns Cuptaln Scotl's Aiitiirctlo expedition
part or her cargo. Hhlp, Ilia Tumi Nina, now slxtonn
duyH ovcrduii nt Capii Town. The
ANOTIIIIlt iiiusslvu log raft Is uu vussol has not been spoken sluiu sho
the wii) down tho io.ihI uf CjlUiir-, Kit Mmlnlru on Jiinn 27
lilu ilenlllied rur Hall Diego. Tho ....
Hifl imitiiliiM over 7,rMMi,0iiri feel nf The armored cruiser Ll Ilmlarg-
li'BH Mini In III tow nf the mum tug '""' ''"'l,t '""I inl imwirhil cruiser
IIAmiIi'h ill) Hi" world, was luuiiihi.il ut Dnviiii.
, ll'url, ling, nu AiihiisI fl. Tim keel nr
Tllll HI'llAMIIII .Nnc'iii cnpin In
WHO till IHWBlnf flflji) KHlial imiU.!"
u'liii sunn 1,-iil. c,,,,.u i : '
diih puh aptm Hiwaii ii iwiw iip
m 1 mW HUMillM.
Friday, Sept. 2. -
8. S. Nocau, Harris, from Kauai,
" u.
S. S. Manna I-oa, Thompjon, from
K"!l "'"' Knu lK,rts. " m
SIXTY-TIHtEE days out from Now-
,,mt Ncv"- I" todaj's record 'for tho
SATURDAY WIl.l. Im n lltelV llnv'
on tlie wcterfront. Two steamers nro
oilcnt nnd tho U 8. A. T. Sherman
The Chlnn will remain In port till
Sunday morning.
two ilas out from llnltlmoio foribls
portf with n load of coal for thn local
naval station. Sho may bo expected
a.0" tho harbor any dny.
THE C1.A1TE1NE will sail for Ha
wall and Maul ports this afternoon at
i fi o'clock.
Thunday, Sept. 1,
SAI.INA CRUZ Arrived Aug 30. S
I R. Virginian, from Hllo, Aug, 10.
.SAN niEfJO Arrled 8cit 1: Ilk,
Aldcn Ileeso, hpneo Aug. B,
SANTA ROSA, Aug. 18. .lc'
ll"nnl nistcry bns been given tho
last Monday by Constnblo Ernest
Trosper's discovery that ono of tho
Intruders wnB n woman. This he cs-
Another "Ringer" Arrested,
Another ono of the lltty-scvon vn
rlctlcs or Yamagachls was arrested
In Oakland ut Twelfth nnd Ilroadway
by Patrolman Kelly yesterday, who
saw a Japaneso strolling along tho
street. Kelly looked at him closely
nnd then caught him In tho act or
resembling tho much-wanted Ori
Taking no chances, for ho feared
tho Japancso might have an axo con
cealed in his sleeve, Kelly slipped up
behind him, and beforo tho Oriental
had an inkling or what -had happen
cd, ho wan handcuffed.
Kelly proudly marched his prison-
er to the police station. Ho was
followed by an excited crowd hoot,
ing nnd j oiling. Tho prisoner was
, taken lnsldo tho railing, the hand
cuffs tnken off, nnd then Desk Sor
Btnnt Woods took churgo of tho
en be.
"Arc jou Ynmagachl?" ho asked,
putting n table between himself and
tho Japanese Tho Oriental reached
quickly Into nu lnsldo pocket, while
Woods grasped a chnlr. Tho Jup
anliHO pulled nut, not n harlkarl
knife, ns Woods confidently expect
ed, but a bund I o of papers, which
ho threw on tho table.
"I don't know Ynmagachl and I
don't want to know Iilm," ho Bald
In perfect English. "I'm a report
er for the Japancso 'Free Press," nnd
I have .tho honornblo opinion that
yon patrolman," pointing tn Kelly,
"Is u boiiohcnd."
Ho was T. Tnkoshldl, hut greatly
resembled tho pictures nnd descrip
tion of Ynmagachl. Ho was per-
mitted to dopart.
lll(' HUHH uiilM.r wiin luld NineMilmi
J.iTi r.rr Mi" "" " ,,,,
'" IV.ttl I
- -
4 I --
Per stmr. Mnuna Loa. from Kau and
Kona ports, Sept. 2: t.co Fon. Mint
, De In N'ux. MIbs 13. Keko.t Minn t.liut-
holo, Clarence Wills, K. Lola, Miss
I'ele.man, Mrs. It. Campbell nnd 2
" children. Miss C. Chang. L. Uno, W,
i H, Hnyscldcn, wlfo and child, Mrs.
nisscngcr, W. Mclnecke, Mrs. It. Ma-
knhaliipa, Lnwrcncc I-ono, David Ilcnt,
Master I-ow. Miss I, McOulrc. Miss I
tni-MMI Mian li,.MI (l.a M rV.ni.nl
' MW..V... ... , .
r ConanL Master C. Consul,
Mrs. Lirteo and 2 children, Mrs. Frel
tas. Misses Iloogs (2), Mfs. Starbalrd,
Rose Smith, Miss Holirsworth, W.
I.clnz, II. Lelnz, Jas. Cowan Jr., Mas
ter Cowan, Miss O. AiuTom Lin
coln, Miss Ackcrman, Mlsswassman.
Miss Morton, Hnnnnh KanOc, Mr3.
Alu, J. D. Nenl, C. McWayno. J. Gab
clcr, II. Mlkl.
Per 8. S. Noeau from Kauai, Sept.
2. II. S, Simpson.
'or stmr. W. d. Hall, Sacks, for"
Kanal, 8cpL 1. J. II. Moragnc, wife
nnd child, Father Blyvn, 8. A. Key
Btone, W. F. Martin.
Per S. 3. Wllhelmlnn, Johnson, tor
San Francisco, Sept. 14. Mr. and
Mrs. E. K. Cndwell and child, H. II.
Simpson, C. 8. Davis,' A. Worn, L. It.
Deo, Vincent Genoves, Mrs. Chas. It.
Flazlcr nnd child, Arthur Oilman,
Waltor Doyle, T. C. White, Dr. E.
II. Marshall, 11. W. Poguo, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Harry Whlto, A. Bchna'ck, W.
P Kcllcy, Miss Edna Honry, Mrs. J.
Fnrnsworth, Mr, nnd Mrs. L. E.
Dreyfus, Mrs. O, V. norcman and
child, Mlrses Whlto (2), Mr. and
Mrs. F. L. Hill and child, Mrs. A.
W. Adams, Mrs. E. Olmsted, II. W.
Knight, Dr. Oeo. H. Huddy, Mr. nml
Mrs. II. II. Ponhallow, I. L. Clark.
Wm. Lldgato, Mr. and Mrs. A. N
Hnjselden, Mrs. J. S. II. Pratt nnd
two chlldron, Ernest Oay, Mr. and
Mrs. Francis Gay, Mr. and Mrs. F
F, Unldwln and Bon, Miss V. Atlier
ton, Herman von Holt, Miss Mary
von Holt, Mrs. T. K. Heard, Mrs. A.
E. Heard, Mr., nnd Mrs. W. F. Dil
lingham, Mr. and Mrs. Fennlmore,
Mr. end Mrs. H. C. Holmes, Miss P.
11. Hobcits, Mrs. J. 1). Roberts, Mrs.
J. A. Gllmnn, S. M. Damon, Mr, and
Mrs. L. A. Thurston.
Monthly Meteorological Summary.
Station, Honolulu, T. IL; month,
August, 1910.
Atmospheric Pressure.
(Reduced to Sea Level Inches and
Mean, 30.03. Highest, 30.13;
date, Gth. Lowest, 29.95; date,
Highest, 8C; date, 18th. Lowest,
CO; date, 25th.
Oroatcst dally range, 17; date,
Least dally range, 6; date, 12th.
Mean ror this month In 1890. 78;
1891, SO; 1892, 79; 1893, 78; 1894,
77; 189n, 79; 1890, 79; 1897, 79;
IS98, 78; 1899, 79; 1900, 80; 1901,
79; 1902. 79; 1903, 78; 1901, 78;
1905. 77; 1900, 79; 1907, 78; 1908,
77; 1909, 77; 1910, 77.
Normal ror this month, 78.3.
Absolute maximum for this month
for 21 years, 88,
Absoluto minimum ror this month
Tor 20 years, 03.
Averago dally deficiency of this
month os compared with tho normal,
Accumulated deficiency since Jan
uary 1, 254.0.
Average dally deficiency since
January l, 1.5.
Total this month, 2.04.
Greatest precipitation In twenty
four hours, 1.10; date, 25th.
Tolnl precipitation this month In
1877, 0.53; 1878, 1.22; 1879. 1.78;
1880, 0.81; 1881, 2.17; 1882, 1.72;
1883, 2.12; 1884, 1.09; 1885, 2.01;
188G, 1.7 1 ; 1887, 1.32; 1888, 4.47;
1889, 1.20; 1890, 1.12; 1891, 0.93;
1892, 1.05; 1893, 1.10; 1894, 0.10;
1905, 2.20; 1900, 0.64; 1907, 1.52;
1908, 0.91; 1909, 0.58; 1910, 2.04.
Normal for this month, 1,42.
Dcilcloiicy of this month as com
pared with tho uormal, 0.62.
Ac iimulatod deficiency since Jan
uary 1, 4.01.
Prevailing direction, NE.; total
piovemout, 0319 miles; average
hourly velocity, fi.G; maximum ve
locity (for live minutes), 2 mIM
pur li'iiir, from NE., on loth,
Number of duis clear, 7 partly
liiuid), 22i cloudy, 2 nu which ,01
Inch nr imiro nf precipitation oc
I'liiri'd, (i
Wlli)!l MUM lor, WwIIht lltll wm.
1,'rHTibffllMJ rr rnr,

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