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Evening bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1895-1912, September 03, 1910, 3:30 EDITION, Image 8

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VT - V.J
&iU'ii viitio.
Pff Kr-tf"f irP':
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BVRNINO nttLl.r.TIN. tlOXOM't.U T II , SATt'KDAY CKPT 3. 1910.
n '
Lunnlilo iticct, near Fcnincola, house, six rcomsj veranda
rcom mosquito Wiled; detached kitchen and din.ng-room; out
ride servants' house; stable and automobile shed; large yard,
With fruit trees. Price, $40.
Lot on lane oil Nuunnu street, sut'ablc for stable or tenement
0 houses. j,
House and lot on west si lc of Nutmnu sttccl, near Vineyard
street. -
House and lot on Nuuan i street, Hear School street.
On easy terms, Bcic anift and Younp; streets, near l'unahoit;
50x139 feet.
Rare chance of acquiring land suitable for raising chickens;
2.7 a:rcs at Kapihulu Waikiki, with flowing artesian well.
Fanning lands in Kclil.hn.
Barber's Point; superb builw, with r.rand view from Palolo to
Lot nor h side of Bcrctalinp; plot.
Thl-c acres nt Sea Vieiia street; 2400 feet and upwards.
Property bought and cold in various paits of Honolulu and
outlying districts.
Ma go on Brothers
Ofllce Room 1 Mngoon Builling, Mcrclnnt and Alakca Streets
P. 0. Box 384 Telephone 2G91
Opposing Factions Nomi- Old U'alalua Horse Shows
natc Their Own
'The Grafoowsky Truck'
1, lV's. 2 and 3 Tons '
Hardened strcl bushings. EmerRcncy condensing chamber in
the radiator; built for scrvij. Transmission, fool-proof.
Demons rations cheerfully given.
875 South Street, nonr K ng W M. MlNTON, Manngcr
l'h nc 21G0
(oi'vnm iurie.in"meiiie.j Antone Kar i the well known Will
IIII.O, Sept. 2. While tlio Inlnml ntiri llm ie.1- illil a run- urn ttiis imirn
of Hawaii has liecn uiiiihlo to pro-. '"K when Im follottel mid flu illv
.luce nnjlliliiB nulto im tartlli.K uu t;n",R,,l1 " ':'"w-'v Imrno that li:..l
.,..,.. , 7 . dashed "I' Kln mil', t iliatscliiu i vn
the row In tho Mimaa piecliiut In K0 afu,r j,),,,
Honolulu, tho i.rccln.t nt Kiiktilha-1 l( ,s at ,',K,tl .;.,, k , , K ,
clc,,llic twelfth, teems to huiu l.cen ln,,,CIIl., 1(, , . Ht-iiiiliiS im Klt.s
nlilc to Mir up a little cxvllcinciit Blt.0,., n,r Al.ikoa. A llRht was m
ot IIh own. uail oiiMiV tl .uiif. and hiiililenl) Iho
Last week llllo wrnj rejjnled with horie ! IiIkIH ami bolted mi Die
a rejKirt to the cfTed that tlicro iitreel. Kaon ,i- yum lllty Minh
wero two Ilepubllcuu product clulm liehliul when I he ninddeiie I nuliiril
In that precinct, ami (hat each one Rnllop-,1 otr, hut tho old M.it.illiiu
c then.' had uoiiiliialcil a net of del', winner net up pace iir,M iitm c
I'K.Uea to tho lerrltmlal ami to the Iiik f.u.l.r rii'iy luioud. 111.1:1:11; il in
county (onventloiiB, with tho lncvl- r.ilrh lip to the lim e when 1'iiticIi
tnlilo result Hint two delegations howl Blurt win u-aili d
from the naino precinct would nr-J Kihki Jumped for Hie iinlinalV lie-til
ilvo at each convention. This "lid In 11 htoiii! hint Mtopiod tho rim
canned BOino exellemcnt, hut 110 Ue-'fcwiiy: It w.ik a iplendld lilt of work
lull of Hhe niatttT weru learned ."'"l -'' U'-iiic-He owner of the wimon
l.eforo the following letter of oxplti- " ,n, Invited Kami to llt lilx store
tinfliiii w.m ri.fftvitt friini Mm tunnl niltl l.'llfi
dent of the product club by Cfi.ilr- I"s.ciit
man of tho County Committee; r'",:,wl,
"llonokiia, Iliiwnll, A11R. 29, 1310
"Win. II. Ileern, Ks., llllo, Ilawull
"My Dear Hlr- Juit 11 few words vqtatv Tl?AN;ArTinN:
to write to juii In tcKunl to what,EEAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS.
1." now happening hiiioiik our club
meiuberit. I
"On the nlHht of tho 2fith lust.
.t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K ho (."trod for iih :i
Nobody was Injtued In Hi
as Kami man:iKed to xtop
tho hoire berote It tuuu'il up Into
I'UIicIiIhivI, wheie an accident would
have htcn iilii'Ht In ltulilu.
a meelliii; of our ulub was held lit
Kukiilliaele rilioolhonie, and made
lU'iiiliiiit I'liis for delegates to tho
Territorial and dlntikt and county
lonM'Utloiii", when 1 was told that
K'lne of the nieiiibets were notllleil
Men's Laundry Work By Hand
Careful hnndling 0.' every pece, insuring the minimum
of wear.
FRENCH' LAUNDRY J. Abadie, Prop. 777 KINO. ST.
The Great
White Frost Refrigerator
Combines Beejuly and Usefulness
No. 321
Price, - $26.00
I 1
! 1 m
h vesssa&
9- MH$mrA
No. 323
Price, - $3100
No. 325
Price, - $36.00
For Sale Only in Honolulu at
Coyne Furniture Co.,
Young Building
' Soap that always sold for 50 cents n br-x will be sold at
30 cents
Benson, Sniith fc Co.,
From 10:30 a. m. to 4 p. m.
En'cred for Record Sept. 2, 1010.
Manwl llolelho to Sol Kaluliu
uuil wf ltel
John N11.1 and wr to .le.tuue II
KIiir ')
U Nlvlilo to llllo lltdr, & I.0.111
Assn Ltd ('M
Klmlni .Ifihmfitt tn Volllitr Men's
,of no meelliiK that iiIrIH, Tor rca-. 8.VB S(1(1. , , 8
,m.ih I roiiM not underitnnd. This1 .nn. ,. ,,.,, , ,,. , .
, iiimor lor jKisipoueiiieiu pruteuieuii
K001I many fro.ii nttendliiR. Any
way, I held tho mt'ctliiR and made
nominations with n few nttendaiice,
. alioul elglil In number.
! "On tho following iilcht, Mr. Win.
I Homer and bis crowd held their
nirellui;: whether they orRiinlzed n
new club 1 tan not tell ou for sum
at pieuelit; but 0110 thliiK I cm tell
you for Mire, that tho made lioml-
to 1.0 otiil nl the 8.11110 itmo aim A in,Aiilton to TomeJIto Ila-
putre us uuih,
"There shall ho loiiio confusion
when that lime comes 1 am afraid.
"I have heard that a new roll
hook has been tent to Mr. Horner
for rcKhtiutlnn of tho.10 who wish
i to huiome iiiembcrH of tho club. I
J do not consider It necessary to hare
It, us we sllil have tho old loll In
whl h wo enroll appllcunls right
I lllllllR.
I ".My Inteiitloii Is this: as both
parties will vote for their delegates
'nt tho sumo tluio and place, I will'
' hnc my Judgcx of election read nt
I tlio polling place and be ready to
IrcceUo thowi who huvo already reg
I Istcrcd In our old roll bonk; other
! wIeo tholr votes will be thrown out.
I Or, If they voto for different dele
gates than thoso who wero nomi
nated at our meeting by us, wu Willi
I reject their ballolM. 1
J "At the opening or our meeting on' .?lui C Andeuon returned on
the 20th. our roll tiok was opened',,,,, Man,,,, Ke.i tills tuc ig from
up to the clofo of our meeting. Ilut n,,,,, ,, ,, ,.en xsug at the
I In nrdei to nient with tho reunite-1 Vi,ciino for the past three weeKs.
I uientB ot our lilies and regulations,
I udvlsed our seerotary to Veep It ,
iipou aciordlugly. Up to' tho proa
enl 1 1 mo 110 one fins applied to he-1
come a member. 1
"I am of tho Idea that no inure
registrations nro allowed until the
ejection of delegates will be over.,
"What shall I do In this caso? Aa'
far as I can sec into this matter, 1
I have lived tip t tho mien and reg
ulations of tho Itepublleaii paity an
fur as our club work Is concerned.
Will you 10 oguiza others' delegates?
Am I light In what 1 have already
Mated? i
"1 should like to huvo jou wittu
to mo by Wednesday's overland mall,
a:t the matter looks very bcrlnus to
mo and to others who arc Interest
ed In political matters. I
Mai polna I ku pane inal (Don't
foiget to answer). Owau no,
"Chairman, IL'th 1'ieelnct Club.
"I'. S. I do not Know how these
1 ,....'
II Dondcro' ct ul lar ltel
Juttliu A l-'ranca to Trent
Trust Co Ltd M
Trent Ti in t Co Mil to II Itv
hi in l'ar ltel
II Itnlilm by atty to W tl Scott... I)
Crlirtel illolto In iegr to Notice
Trent Trust Co Mil to Mary 1'
I'hodi 1)
Ilaw'ii Kvuii At.ru lid of to l'a-
hnua Settlement I)
Inyo Ii
ToineJIro Ilataye to A Mac-
Aulton CM
liick'lrti! Salto ct nl to A Mc-
I Alton CM
Kaaea (I Uavloil and hsb to
llllo Illdg & Mmu Asan Ltd..
I Knne.i (1 D.ivlon and bsh to
I llllo Illdg & Loan AbHii M.I...1' A
John llulhul and wf to l'nulo J
I llulhul .. . I
Mary Olson ct al by inlgro to
I Young Mou'H S.IV8 Soe.v I. Id. .
I I'orr AITilt
J Miry Oil en et nl by ml c-o to
Alilolie TnVares I)
I K.ihuakai Mnlull and hrdi to
I IMgJr Moitou 1)
It S Thurston to (leoige V Ileii
I ton I)
Mrs I.uey Kiimaii In Mrs Annie
CacMf" M
I School I
1 Shoes 1
I Tor Boys I
1 nnd Girls 1
Hj The largest and H
9 mod (imiplete ;is M
SB tortment of ell 1 1- K9
JS ill en's Pluto: wu QjH
B have over r.howu. EJ
B Oxfords f m
1 PllUipS 99'
W Straps mi
m Button H
II Bluchor il
I and Laoo M
I High Shoes H
I Wo pa partlc- Q
I ul.ir utlciitlon to Hj
I llm corieet llttllig R
I of e h I I d r e u 3 Wj
9 b Ii ii c a. You can jH
tend ur c-1 I M
5 ilri n here In pe.- 9
' feet einilldeii o jf
that thev will bo ' R
, piopeil) lllled. H
m SHOE CO., LTD. W ,
H 1051 Fort St. ! ,
Wco'neidiy, Aurj. 31.
Victor S Clark. Wrndi .1) (' . f'-irl
C 'jnjs. .Ir, H I'', II K KnudK'U.
Denier, Col; I". II. Aekley. l'.iilhuil.
On- : Mr. and .Mis. M II. Il.nu'ird,
'hVhrlleld ll.ii racks.
iiitriiMi cm isi:i: is
rOUTSMOtJTII, nngliind, Aug 13.
Tho llrst-clnsa Ilrlllsh iiiimiiml erulti
er Duke of IMIiibuigh, with Tull of
tlcera nnd men on board, went usbore
tuulght In ii dense fog, utllklng on the
locks lit Ml Ciitlieilnn, Isle ot Wight,
nml wiii in a d.iligeioiu poHllinll until
tuken off bv lugt.
Ah soon lis Iho vessel was found to
bo fa hi on Iho i oik bulge not fur froi'u
Cowes, where great crowds tune been
prei.ent lor the regelta week, her con
luander, Caplaln tlio Honorable Kobert
T. .Iloyle, el his wlrelnjs In operation,
Hashing mils lor usslstaure to till
iiiiiilers Tho niessiiguj wero caught
here nnd tugs went uu ing out tlinii'ii'.h
the fog to locale nnd aid Iho hclplciiii
dshdus ve'ihcl. ,
I'nr u tluiu Ibeir effort', weie In vufif,
but nt lust the erulser vwi.i drawn to
fulety. Iihv la not damaged '
Just larg", firm Qjiccn Olives. Picked
right, packed right, taste right.
The most delicious olives sold ''
Ask Your Grocer for The
StylLsh Millinery
ID'Jw Kuuimii Nl
people could go and .noullUHtij tlicll
ofiegiu.es im'siiiu wnai inu eun nom
inated; as I suppose our club Is tho
right ouo to make these nomina
tions "
The i lull refeiied to by Kualoha
uoinliuited for the Tetlllotlal con '
entliin Alex. Arthur and Ahul Mu
ki'kiiu, mid for the iiiunty iniiien
J Hon Knlonioii llnike, J. (I, ,luuui, .1 I
Kaiikiihl and John K. Koahilin
H l muli'lHniHl that I lie llm nor
faUliiu hmiiiiiiUm Will. Illillinr for
inn ii'iiIiiiiIhI mnl Aim Alirniis fin
Hie kiiiiiI) iniiMiiillnii Tin1 U'
I III t llU II llHllt III he ll'lltuui'liteil
l one iIi'ImhhIu to lliu TsrilloH.,'
uinl i) lii ieUluli lii Him hiiiiiI
i "In i'IIIIiiii
i ;s d,.r,
Hnliv it Cifil anil iiiHni(i.t,iub hy iitlllii( mi
Elootric Fan
The Hiiwoilfln Rlcclrlc Co,, Ui
Som'e of Our
consisting of
Changeable Foulards
Kimono Silks
Figured Poplins
' Are Now On Display
Just One Dress of Each
By tU' ba Be La 0 III
$1 a Year
Exceptional Bargains in Clothing
for Men and Boys. Now is the
turn to fit the boys out for school.
Lot No. 1 -45 of the Latest Shades
in Men's Suits, reduced to
$4.00 a Suit
Lot No. 2-50 Men's Suits in
Greens, Grays and Mixtures,
reduced to $5.00 a Suit
Lot No. 3-80 of the Latest Cut
and Styles in Men's Suits,
reduced to $6.00 a Suit
Lot. No. 4-35 2 and 3 Piece
Men's Suits, reduced to $7.00
a Suit
Lot. No. 5---33 Finest Mixed
Tweed "Men's Suits, reduced
to $9.00 a Suit
Lot. No. 6-35 $18.00 to $20.00
Men's Suits, reduced to $10
a suit
Lot; No. 7-47 Pair' of Men's
Mixed Pants, reduced to
$1.25 a Pair
Lot No. 8 LargesAssortment. .of
a Pair
Lot No. 9-Extra Fine Quality
Men's Pants, reduced to $2
a Pair
Lot No. 10-Best Quality Men's
Tweed Pants', reduced to
$2,50 a Pair
Alnkon Slrool
f" I'm Hull' laid'
'ii iiiiHi'iui
.HUM '

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