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t "
,' "t-ivfi
Weekly Calendar
Pnclllc Muted. J ,
Honolulu Stated.
Oceanic Third Digrec.
Hawaiian First. Degree,
v lloiioluln ('linpt(rltritiilfir
5 p. in. -i ' ''
l'erffctton III; lliyne mid
5th Degree. Xwtf' -' ,
All Ttiltlnr membtri of tbi
Order are .'cordially Invited to
attend meetings of local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondayi of
each month
7:30 P. it.
rdially invited! " T
jjJJABteONY, I0DOE. No. 3, 1. 0. 0. F.
p, ' J-1 1 v
Mj Meets every Monday evening at
Z:30 In 1. O. O. F. Hall, Fort Street.
Jr , E. n. HENDRY, Secretary.
iff II. E. McCOY, Noble Grand.
tf 'All visiting brothers very cordially
50AHU IODOE. No. 1. K. ot-iP.
1 "
E J Meeta every Hrrt and third, .Fri
day evening at 7:30 In K. ol rVKJill,
irner Fort and lleretaula. Visiting
j-Urothers cordially Invited to attend.
f WM. JONES, C. C.
'' O. V. HEINE, K. R. 8.
Hawaiian tbibe, No. i, i. o. r. m.
Meets every first and third Thurs-
of each month at Knights ot
a..l.tna 1111 TfUlltlrif li.nttlttlM ,IIT-;rl.
tfAjlllini ., w.N..tB uw..v -.."
?d tally Invited to attend.
! A. L. EAKJN, Sachomsi rl
?Tl E. V. TODD, C. of 'It. f
Stfl .'.'a
Meets on the 2nd and th WED
2tlYE3DAY evenings ot each month at
,7,j'30 o'clock In K. ot P. Hall, corner
vflteretanlk and Fort streets.
-jTVIslMnTJaglefcCt iutlUdJo.ftU
WM. C. McCOY, Sec.
.HONOLULU LODGE, 616. B. P. 0. E7
iltnnoliiliirfxfEo: .GgFJL Oc .
TOkH, meets in tlelr hallott' K-tg ',
tercet near Fottf oteig-rjjiawjnro-tng.
Visiting llrotberH nra cordially
.'invited to attend.
K. of P.
JilMeets every 2nd and 4th Saturday
veiling at 7:30 o'clock In K. of P.
Jlall, cor. Fort and Reretanla. Visit
Sag brothers cordially Invited to at
&iud. J 11. A. TAYIX)R. C. O.
R. S.
iu new and
? tomii i u.
Lowers dc Cooke,
1 M. E. Silva.
( Prompt and Polite Attention
fiATirnnn ftiRTP.rtR
folione 1170 Nllit Call 1014
(onolulu Bnncli of tlia Kirrlion
MuluU AuoclMloii
li lifsii ntllol himI U lll'll JUNI.
Al. Kaufman Was Too Heavy
and Stronu (or Boxer
From Antipodes.
Al Knufiiiaii. the
henv weight of
Cnllfoinlii, tnulgli
iighf Kjui"' popular
1(111 Unnrti ih.J Alls-
velght. i:s tho-Cllron.
decision 0er
trnllnn hcnvw
lCJe of September C. Only:. Ill uliu
jnuml-t-tlie iwoiicl -ilU ihe AttKtrq
ll.ui ulion to iulvantnge.
Krpm this rutiudtu ttrnplofe of the
Icht laiifiiiuii fiad' tiff'the adan"
tnge The light, as a spectacular ex
hibition, was disappointing. Time
nud again Iiug would lead with bis
left and then null tu a clinch, It re-
quiring the astlbtnuce of the referee
to tone the men nnatt In the fifth
round Kaufman drovo l..iig to the
rops and had lilin In evident dis
tress, but the Australian grabbed his
heavy opponent and hung on long
enough to sae him from n probable
J u the sixth ,1011ml Kaufman ruh
',i his Inn II all dtiutiid the lfilg, but
was unable to l.unl the Knockout
bjow Knufmaii left the ring with
out n mark, while, Lang's face was
!. '.... .1 ,J.J ' j..
Enunuu uuu iiifitr nn u 1:111 iivkwi'mi
bu ees where Knufiunii had tent n'
hard right.
i i
' When the principals appe.ueit 'In
the ring between 70(10 and SOU0 per
sons were In the . nark. Including
1 1 . 1
many women. ThtJ iliiu vn. pitch-'
ed nilduny between the home plate
and the pitcher's box and wits per
fectly lighted b) giant arc lights h im
pended fioin the top of the grand
stand. The principals reached the city
rarly in the nfiernooii. ljoth men
wero In -the pink of (oiidltlon and did
not appear to inrrj an ounre of su-
perlluauB Mesh. Kiiufmnu looked to
be at least twenty isiunds heavier
than the Australian, Tho fight was
at cntchwelghut; 'mid for a iiorccnt
age of the recoIl'tlR?-'' - i
Kniiffnau had In FijV. rnrncr .o4
cUlstadvJsor.JllUy. Delniittf, probably
ckunMOliV raii;MrPiJiJoai.i!il alt
fwss r ,(1iiii
Austin While llc.ilcn Alter Cliiie
(loll nt Del .Monte.
.oixuo -
plon ot the Pacific Coast dolt Asso
elation for the enr 1910, having ile-featcdAUBtlu-
White of the Oahu
Cotnitrj Club..f llownlj, now of San
ttV!Tlinl.it; lr tClrliClM. l.lna III
IfaiiclgCiit iVtrlUlr);S,l(t: hbles Iu
lihfch 5laJ3ia.S- ivSl'tori ' f ."
Tf si- T
ii.. ..? -.- .- r v. ' r" f
Sinoaiuaiaaisiiia) iisuiiny expqci-j
ed In a chninploii8hli match Was
missing. As an evhlbltlou of good
golf, the mutch was .not to ha com-
jiqr.ed; wllh.t)ist of t'ie previous day.
Vhen Whlfney dlsiiosed of Nowtun.
What was lacking In sustained play
of the first class, however, was more
than made up by the closeness of the
struggle. White was behind from
the eleventh hole ouwaid, but threat
ened nt any moment to assume the
I, and dowii to the very end pin)-
and spectators wero keyed ton
a pitch. , Tills tensfilli, In fscf;
jablyjhad mucq to do yltli tb
probably had much, to da with ths
mediocre- play ot the contenders.
Usual Crowd of Toughs and
Soldiers Meet on Hotel
Street and Fight.
That there Is considerable Ill-feeling
between tho Iluwiilluiis and the
soldiers of tho city Is very, evident.
Another native was knocked down on
Sutuiday night nnd nearly killed on
Hotel street. The crowd gathers on
the sidewalks nnd there is tiouble of
some sort every Saturday night
A soldier mimed Andrew llrotku Is
beta for Investigation with regards tu
the. nssuult on the native, nnd no
cliaigo will bo ;ild until It Is known
If the Hawaiian will JJn or not. Tho
boy's head came in contact with tho
sidewalk and It Is feared that Iwi Is
badly Injured
x stoc'ks'quiFT
It Is probable that politic il con
volition i xcltcnt"iit has acted as n
damper oil the slock market for the
ilma being
Ibtwceii boanls iho only, transac
tion recorded was i sulQ of tlQOQ
woith of Mcllijdo i'.h at DK.l't. '
Tho sales nl session consisted prln
clpally or (law. U. k H. Co which
was Hindu up of 210 shares of till
dock 1u seven illfteiunl blocks, ami
bullion III
()iii liuiplied itml willy lto lloiin
km (IimhkhiI IiiiipIh lit IK, wlilrli U ll
thudliiK off ri tin) l li it Inst pn'Uuiu
i. ib
(iliHi'i of tlUtl (Is III III Iti mill the
HIHi Mlliiiillll of llllii lis III 110 76 tilled
Iu III luiiuailluM ill m!t'l sili
M-AY"ntUK Sex
J,riLaIlSr?9- ii?.' WW -PJm- t?.w?.Sn' 91 S?l MUmpny,
The tablet sold by the Bullc
for a nickel is twice rj laree
as the tablet usually sold for this
Autos. M'pcr Hour, Lewis Stables
Uethci Btiloi.'.Ilack Stand l'htmo
,52 K,
It Koesi without sajlng that eiry
thing Is Host at The Encore. '
The Anchor Saloon U now n clulo
iiiiiisciini Worth truing Don't forgit,,
(noblUa Bad
noun nine iiicinj iisi "OJiio
been r'glslcre.l nt alio
aU'V laiei.hen I.. D'lu of Hihiwlll
be 'among the outgoing j).iRFiiiRcrNiii
the iMaiina Ke.i toiuorniK '
in a goud lob dona on rtn
aUto Or flirlage take It to llawullaii
Carriage Mfg. Co.. 427 Queen St.
There wero thirty slc cases on tb
police court calendar till
morning hut
imr till fu
most of them wero cent
ituro dates
For distilled
wnter. Hire's Root
Rcor nnd all other liopiihir ilrlnks
Ring dp Phono 2171. Consolidated
Boda Works.
-ommencing Sunday, August 28,
the .Bulletin's phone numbers
will be: Bus.ness office, 225G; edi
torial rooms, 2185.
A. S. tVjjcox ijf Kauai nnd wlfojnre
Wikot tj 'Jenitoi on the Pacific) Mali
liner Manchuria, which It due iijr
" '""". .' Wtl?niAt",wnu ",""
........ I..
"K -If -' 1 -i f 11
The Honolulu Construction 'an I
uraying Co. (Jiieen street imiiuJile
.. i i . 'i.i
iiiaiiiiin&m( tp.r,?! prc.yod to fi cUth
Ill nnv nii.iiitlty, cor:
r.-u. kuimI ima.tlil
mill to ilo,h)av and light di
iie HHij.iWfky-.Truek with i
11 r. iililck' di liirlihblL' jiowcr pl.ljffl If
uie iir-st motor truck for the nii'rihiut
who wants sne In bo'h time nun
mono). Telcihonc 21RC for partial
The Canaillnn liner Mamma Is due
to arrive at noon tomorrow from Syd
lie), with mlsccllniKoiis cargo for the
, .Melroiiolltuii Meat Murket Sim will
j probably sail nt 5 o'clock In the nf
I Soon alleged toughs who have
beou n source of trouble up Nuiianii
Valley wn) wero on the iiolloo court
cnlonilar, this moniliig, hut tht.tr rakes
wei'o'oii oer till tomoriow nioiiijiig
jVi 'Judge Andrado. ( jj
h A County prisoner named Sam tfhlil,
will, U'.ll rilflldr. ir.uu .i,,.h II. ilk,..
jlkl Held this morning, in ronpi yny
nannged to cut one of his toes,ieap
iv iu uie man was iiiKpii tonne
Queen's hospital for tieatinent -M
Tho Comacho caso Is still before
the criminal court mid wilt protiajdy
bo continued tomorrow. This 'iiiM-ii
lug several witnesses wero uxainlmil.
was up beforo Judgo Audr.ulo this
morning on a chargo of being round
on tho premises of a Japanese nt
(light Thp lad cln(ms that, Ijo went
llilo lli pfuro" lo slJeu npd' tfint h'i
dljl iib.'SvronKj' ' J i I S
, vWlarSr.i."n Jajinnosp. vvlmls 'cliitrg'
ed with burglary, waived (oxnmlna
Hon nud demanded n Jury trial this
moniliig at tho Olstilct Court; he was
therefore committed for trial, provld
lug that the drum! Jury find a true
bill against him.
IL Oknwa, lco president of the
Tojo Klsen Kalshn arrived today on
tho Nippon Mam, which sails for Yo
kohama tomorrow morning lit 10
o'clock. Mr Oknwa will remain here
until tho Siberia arrives, next Monday
fmm San Kiaiiclhco.-' ""&
Fourjyoutji'i wrjn up liebirc&Jlidgo
having rssnuIljOd aJ Gnijnafc.fjSvo of
ine oiys wer ronvicieu.'nrKi senienc
ed to ten and sixty days Jail, respec
nud allowed lo depart.
fleorgo Wilkinson will skate against,
two men at the rink on Sunday. tilht
aoxt; 1'reltas. and Marcus .will rnib
ably be Mho men to aripoHoi I hpi nat
wiui ruceu roiresi n ciiupieioiweess
ago. Wilkinson is issuing n challenge
to race an) body iu the Islands,
The friends of Chcsfer Doylo will
be snrr) to hear that ho rcctlved u
cable this morning nuiioiincliig the
death nl his sister, Mis. Herman An
derson, at Sail Francisco, Mrs. An
dcrson, whoso homo was In Shmighul
passed through Honolulu on tho Asia
n low weeks ugo.
Tho ladles' rtady-to-weitr suits per
sonally selocted by .Mrs r S Zenvo
In New York, will be on display Mon
day, September I-, nt nine a m In
her newly furnished p.ulimi in (he
Alexander Young building, looius C7
(!8 Lndli'H lire cordially Invited lo
luspeit this dlsjil.l)'.
'file subject of the Ilpworlli laMigue
Uii'i.'llug all the Me(lu'di,t d4irili' last
evening was "Meicy to the Kallen,"
led, by ,Miss. Maud Dawion of Ihu Nor
liiii'l school She gave u short account
nf tin) lli(ietng,Hbe a. tend iu the east,
led by Mrs. Muml II. Ilooth, of hu
urk and the' kind of peoplp, which
was very Interesting
Monday Sept, 12,
HAN niANOIHOtl-Hlllli'd Hnpl II.,
Hrln W II Mm mini fni' llllii,
(IAVIOT.-Hlli''l H'M'I "I H H
iHtt'uiiiis. fur lloiii'liilii
POUT MAN I I'lH Milllxil Mepl U
H H HallU HUH lor Honolulu
NAN rilAW'IMKU Mailed Hepl l
H K NtH'llll lur Wliilll
lstmsth!"c!iara- t'McMyWnh,iftW7ir,v;i
Our New Phone Number Will lie
City Transfer Co.
(Continued from Po'ie 1
rea. The iiaesougers cnjocd the trip
Among the pasengris are Vlcc
I'rrsldcnt II, Oknwa and (lencral
.Mnnnger Shlrnlshl of the Tojo Klsen
Knlsha line, who have been to New
York, wheiu the) had n consultation
with the oMcl.ils of the Pacific Mull
about the steamship business.
The) uro stopping over hero with
n view to visiting points ot Intctest.
In Mentally, it Is believed that the
local .latiouero merchants will talk
e !' n Itisliii'ss proposition with the
Ihi. ttenhishlp men w'hlle they nfo
hei "
Unroll II. Shlm.ltini, who has been
Vtiltlng In London, Is returning to
'Japnil. after n 'J ear's aliseiue. He
was gYAdilatel! from the Wiiseda tfnH
Verslt). Wlille here he was enter
tained by the ldi'iil J.iiiaui'se. I
T. Ainnko'ls a ImMerloloitlsf ailil'li
1. .',...!..
been lii (lorijinliy for a ipw year
i)r. Y. Ml.vntn, formerly of thlsi.lt
has l'licp s'tlulylng dentistry In tl
I'nlverslty of Southern Cnllfornl
He Is returning to Japan, niter r
siding In the States fur the past g
)vars lie said this morning th
the method of teaihliig dentistry
the 1'nltccl States Is far superior '
that taught In Japan. ;
Di. R. II. Teusler. owner of (
Luke Hospital In Toklo, Japan, Is r
turning from tho mainland with hi
family, it. Tanaka Is editor of I
Japanese newspaper In KiiIjp. lie
too, has been III the States, lsltliif
all the big newspaper establishment
on the mainland.
u Those who are stopping over hrj
Itro II. ,1. (lalla'gier, formerly 'of 111 ;
uolulii, npd uovy n business mnn'i
Japan; l'rnnl; tl. ll.iti helor, Jasper ,V
I'mincr, A. A,.loer. W. L. Molllj v
nnd wife, Samuel Xeiinian nud wf fi v
10. H)rlo and fnrnll). and Mis. A. I
The Nippon Mini Is taking tti th
Orient a large' -nmniint or sllvi
moiipy ror the hanks there.
being depolteil wheme they MOij
Prom Honolulu 0 Hindus, :! Clilfift
slldS Japanese .wllt.-ilso he dec I
d.l l..'-l... I......I. ..th..1 ..nl..lnl.. w
irnl Mifir
j- mm inetniii 111 nuia morn
the .NlpnomiMlir 1. 11 (leneral
fipr M. Shlfallh ! ofiUho Tovo Klse
Kalshn, comes the leport thnt-lh
Jaiuiiiesn liners will continue to pl
botwecn the Oriental ports nnd Sn
Kranrlsco. The orroneoim reports;'' I
tho mainland papers that tho Japal
cse liners will 110 longer call at till
port wero discredited by Mr. "3)1
rulshl. "'
"Our btenmers will iniittnuo to e.i
ut this port." said ShlniUhl th
morning 011 board the Nippon JIai
"The iiewsi.ipers on the maliilni
made erroneous reports, which iA
credited by Koine people. S
"Tho truth of the whole matter,
that our steamers will ply beivli
Oriental ports and San I'rniiclsct
Honolulu. Theie is 110 reason trKi
ever for any change. We IntetiiF
give it good service to the llonpff
people." .A
tiiKlilrulslil Btnted most cniplintfiS
luut 1110 general piiuiic will lie gii
llMfrlass service, so far ns thejg'
vejnnce of passengers and frelgli
concerned, and that when the riow
sister ship of the Chljo and Tenjo
Mains Is comideted Iu Jul), next
y'oarl she will ho placed nt lime iu
commission. She will run hctwdin
the Orient and San I'ranclsco, with
Honolulu us a port of call.
Shliilshl ruitber stilted Hint tho
agreement between tlie Pacific Mull
ami To)o Klsen Kalshn will be Can
celed, tle s.uno .tn'taki
nary of lioxt")ear. i
to effect iu Jan-
'It Is true that tho tinlllc combi
nation ('etwyuu4tlo.'f l'.jcllle .Mnl and
TifyVKiMiiiAUnii'liiiVs will he dl
oiitliiued after December, this ,,enr,"
ho lontltmed. "In Jamtniy, Winxt
enr, we will bo dliectliig steaintliln
uslness with tho Western Pari lie,
'tultl,.!. Iu ..in I... ,1... ,....1.1 I..I.JJ lU
..uliu ,a inn 11 ihu 11, mm iiiiii,i-pb
"Our htislucJs associations wltljthe
Pacific Mall have been most cordial.
There Is nothing to complain about.
Our business connection was en in
fill ly discussed b) ni)self wltlijihn
ollli'lals uf III" Pacific Mull In pjmv
Yoilt. HverMliIng Is nutlsfaclory to
both pm tins 1 nil) sal lulled that uur
liiikluesH MiniiiM lion with the West
em I'm llli Hallway will be pfimpui
nils mill prnljlnhln,"
Ml Hliimlslil 'mid Vliu PiOMltltnit
Oil 11 w a of Hie Tnvii Klsen Mill' ill h
leluiulnn lo lupiiii, a rin I iimipliillliK
llieli lumhiess mi Hie niillllliilld They
Hill lop nvii hpid t nl 1 1 Ihu I'ai'llle
Mull iIiiim dlbmlii iihIvms (mill Hili
(J.is. H. Love)
Prnuclsco next Monday, the 19th!
when they will resume IhMi1 voyngj
to Jnpali During their stay hcrij
the) will be domiciled nt the Voting
lintel, v.liero specl.'il apnrtmebU
hnVe bten retained for tbeiu. "Until
Shiinishl. mid Ukawa will doubtle
'be elllpttlltliod bv the Itnnl Jiip.lliej
meichnnls. ."
"Is It tiim that tho cr,niian)v-
me.111 the Tovi Ivltntl Killnlin in
tonils to riippbiit Hip white ofri(ets
with Japanese olIUerBT" Mr. Shlralr
shl was asked, ' '
"There Is 110 truth In that story'
sali Shlrnlshl. "We Intend to Cm'
ploy w,hlte ofllcers where they, nro
best Mtteil for the positions, ns'lotig
ns they hre loynl to tho company!
Wo have no Idea of employing Japan
ese In plates where the white nuiCei;
are nt present emplojed. What wo
want Is men who nro loyal to the
company." j
lloth Shlrnlshl and Vlco Presld'cnt
Omiwa believe In tho efficiency ot
the vvhlto o'lllLPrs, nnd ns long as they.
are fn!thul n tho discharge of their,
iliites they w(ll be retained u their
positions,, ,, If, on the other band,
(hey nr'o lilsloynl to the company,
jliy, will be, dealt with accordingly.
II. Carley, A. J. Williamson. W J.
Hoblnsou, Mi's Hanson, James Don
aid, Rev. 8. L. Desha, Rev. C. P. Hong,
J. Ynmnoka, Mrs. Aushl, Mrs ICea
loha N'u.i. Miss K. Davison, CI. Aka
moio. It Nnk.imura. Y. Wakamoto, .1
O. Lulled. W 8 Terry. C K. Nolley
-IIY Till". LAST arrival of the. B. S
Mnrlpomi from Tahiti It is learned
that Darling, the Nature Mali, who ut
one time blessed Hawaii with i visit,,
has started a large alligator pear
plantation near Papeete, mid the
prospects for bis success nro good
Till: S. 8. IIOSlXJItANS lelt Ouvl-.
otu vvHIi u'lond ot oil bound for HO.
nollllil, 1111 September 9.
IV - '
Till! SCIIOO.NHll Mnrstnn sailed
frolu 81111 Prnuclsco for llllo yo.itcr
duy nflernonii.
Till: 8. H. NKVADAN Is on her wily
b( Honolulu, having left Shu Prim
1 1st 11 today
M K, Divlglil of the l)ep 11 mien! or
Piibllo Winks will leave for Ihu Hlnles
1111 (lie Mmirhmlu loiuonow lie
will he nl'M'iil r I oil) Hid Telllloi) fin
11 row inoiiths
in r- 1 .
The lepnil Hun 11 HIi'liiiHiinl Uy
fuuiiil it siiukn Iu line mi mil) slums
luiw lnUti siiiii ihlnits him-OlmiliiM-Inn
Nuws uiul l'MinUr
Sunday Sept. II,
Stmr. Klnnu.'fritni Knilnl ports, a,
m. '
M. N. S. S. Wlthelmlna, from llllo,
n. m,
Slmr. Wallop, from Knllhlvval, n.
m. 1, ' 1
Ctmi'i. Llkcllke, from Mahnkonn, a,
111 . I '
Stmr. Mlknhala, from Molokal and
Mnnt, n. 111.
. Monday, September 12
S. t8, Nippon Mnru, Smith, from San
I'ranclsco, lo n in. t
sail TOMonnoW.
S. S. Nippon Mam, Smith, tor Ja
pan, 10 a in,
THIS KINAU. nrrlvlng yesterday
ironi Kauai brought the following
cargo- SOOO bagH sugar, 50 sacks taro.
CO sucks rlco. CS bundles hides, 15
cases rrult, 20 sacks cocoanuts. 351
eases empty canB, 8 barrels hunoy. 30
barrels iPinpty bottles, 53 empty bniv
rcls, 11 empty drums. 2 horses' 'ntul
150 packages sundries.
.WlrtP n.jhgnsanu; bags of..snsa.!;.
awau snipment nl .Mnkawcll
TUB INTim-lSLAND steamers
which arrived )estculay morning from
Maul Molokal nud Kauai wero tho MP
ahnla. Kluu u ml Wnllole. All of
them brought many 'passengers: most
lULwhom worn pilnclpally dulegito4 to
th tl- UopubltcaU and Democratic con
Urntluns The school children who
have been visiting their parents dur
ing the vacation, letiirued to begin
tho school )cnr again.
Till: PASSnNOP.RS Ironi llllo were
landed nt tho foot of Port rtrect. In
the afternoon nt 2 o'clock, and nflei
tho Wlthelmlna hns been thorough!)
fumigated, tho big freighter was shirt
ed over to tho railroad wharf, where
sho is taking on general cargo, before
moving back In the Mnlson wharf
preparatory to leaving for San Pran
qltco on Wednesday morning nt 10
ONi: OP Tim biggest colliers over
cmplO)Cd lu coal nnd freight handling
vlll bo tlio IlervylndliKMir. This ship
was launched on August 0, nt Middles
biough yard, Knglnnd, , Her capaclt)
Is 8500 tons.., .A lsver shlji or i
tannv dimensions will be started at
one' I- ''- 1 ...'
Tub dimensions of tho new ship nro
Length 125 reel, lieaiii. 54, and depth
23, rcet.
Nippon Mum nrrlvc.d from San Kran
Cisco this morning nt about 10 o'clocl
with (ieneral Mtiungpr Shlrnlshl of
Iho company, who has bren n con
sultnllon with tho olllclals or tho Pact
lie Mall In tho States. She sails foi
Yokohama, Japan, nt 10 o'clock to
morrow morning.
WIRHI.KSS messages rrom tnlmun
steamers are ob rollows:
S 8. Manchuria: Will nrrlvo at (
a. m Tuesday, and probably il( n
5 p. m smuo day,
S. 8. Clilyn Mum: Will probably
arrive Saturday morning.
BARLY TOMORROW morning tin
Kona-Kau liner Mauna I.0.1, In com
maud or Cuptntn Slmersnn. vylll or
rive from Hawaii with a large assort
merit o( caigo, consisting of, oranges
pliicaiplcs, iiotntocs, tobacco, cofffi'
and other Island products.
APTi:R..TACINO on sugar and oth
Or .Island products nt llllo, as par1
or her cargo, tho Miitsou liner Wll
helmlnn arrived -Kslcrdny morning a'
(I o'clock niui was soon docked al
the quarantine, whnrf.
ON TUB NBXT trip ol the Flan
lenrn Ward to Mldwpy that trln HtlU
ship will carry n goodly supply o'
canned music. In tho shape, or phono
graph records to tho lonely dweller
on the lint Midway Isles,
TUB STIJAMSHlP Wllholmlnn ol
tho Mutson lino, which Is taking or
sugar at tho railroad wharl today wll'
lcavo lor Sah Prnnclsco nt 10 o'clocl
next Wednesday morning.
TOMORROW morning nt 10 o'clock
the llagshlp Manna Kea or the Inter
Island fleet will leave lor llllo vli
Lahnliin and MeOregnr's landing 01
TUB I.ITTI.B sleamer Noenu sali
this nfleinoon lor Kiiual isirts with
genernl ritrgn. Blm-wlll-itituinarl)
Wednesdny morning.'
AT 5 O'CLOCK In tho r.rtPrnom
tlio stnnmer Klnau.wlll leave ror Knu
nl ports Willi passengers, mall am'
gcneinl cargo.
TUB 8, B.-BANTA RITA, whlcl
left liein on AiiKUst ill urilved a'
Poll Bun l.uls I'llday
Till; H. B. MIHHOIIIIIAN Is on liei
wii) fiiim Miilinkiimi tu Hulliiii I'iik
Till'! HUAI.ANIIIA hfi Vlcinililisi
I'lliluv lin Aunlrallu vlu lluiioliiln
Wvi'kU IIUllMlM I'M' )llir.
1 Per T K. K. 8. S.Nlppon Msru,
Ifronr SAli' KMiiclscutSifii. 12. lfor
I H6iiolufuv. tt. 'Oka'war'M. ShlraltSil,
Dr".lR. 11. Tiiiisler -li'iMI s'ervanl, Jfs.
1 11, H, 'Teusler, Miss Mu'ry Teusrer,
Miss Vlrulnla Teiiiler. Miss MlldLd
Teusler, Prank Hr riachelor, Jasper
A. FVniier, il. J. flal'la'gher, W. fC.
'Mead', A. A. Meyers; Wi U Moflitt,
Mrs. W. L. Momtt, Samuel Newmin,
Airs Samuel Newman, B, Ryrlejj.
R)'rle, Miss B. Ryrle, Mrs. J. C. Hy
lic, .Mrs. A. 15. Williams. For Yo
kohama: Dr. T. Amnko, John Ilolten,
C." Cruse, Major Y. Mlyntn, Y. Spl
mndn. For Kobe: Jns. 8. Oxford,
Mrif, Jns. 8 Oxford, R. Tannka. For
Nngaiakl; Ilaron 11. Shlmatsu. l'or
Shanghai! Mrs. B. II. Gore.Ilooth,
Miss Alrlia D. Oodds, Miss M. Judsou,
J. C. Shengle, .Mrs. J. C. Shengle,
Miss Florence M. Shengle, A. A. Tor
rance, Mrs, A. A.iTorr'ence. For
Hongkong Miss M. Atwood, T. M.
rinnlinore, lred W. Foxworthy, Mrs.
M. Fiench, Bdgar (lumpfecht, wir
pcr Ourjiprccht, JllskVAJlte M. aJn
nell, II, A llutchlngs, .Mrs. II. A.
"lHltch'ingi,' J. Kearny. Dr. A. L it-
fgt'ira, MIbs" M."Xrw'rrtah,"Breit O.
Nlcliersoii', lco,- RrBl5oprek,"Oto.a.
troelc, Mrs, Geo. 0 Htroebo nnd In
rnnrj y). ;Xtor,,hfijriil Welch.
Froii lloiioluln: dvb. RTfqwell, MrB.
Oco.' I'.' Ilowell. tMisg M. 8. Howell,
L. M Sedgwick, Miss L. M. Sutton.
Per stmr Kluau, September 11,
rrom Kauai ixirts"" From'Woimea: O.
Ilobliiton nud son, M. Wllgeroth,' Mrs.
nrnndt, II. 11. KnIWn, Anekhlenl Mrs.
Chnrman. Mrs, Kahoonu. Miss Char
man, Miss M. KeaWo. A Corrca. From
Mnkawell: F. Ony, Mr. Martin, Mary
Keawo, M. J. Pcrelra. From Eleele
Mop Sing. MIsb I). White, M. Mange.
Ah Sing. Miss Sing, Miss Haatle, S
K. Walolaloa, Noah Neanoa. From
Koloa -Miss Pleler. Miss Humeri II.
Ilrandt. O. Ilrnndt, Judge Kapahu, S.
L.fKatilllL K. Kosokl, F. Smith. Wll
helm Smith, Miss V. SUva. From Na
vvlllwl I A. 8. Wilcox, Miss Wilcox,
Mlrs P. Wilcox, II. W. T. Purvis, Mrs
Purvis, Miss Purvis. W, Koane,,,MQry
Koine, Yoshlho, Father Reginald,
nrolher 8)lvnnus, C. Rice, Doctor
lluddy. Miss O. Sheldon, Miss W.
ynjt, Miss II. Jacobsen, Mnrcus Bill
ion, Miss J. Mncfarlane, M.lss Rad
way, Master L. Waterhouso, y. Keka
evva, Miss KlmbnKl, Miss D. W'hlttlng
tnn. Master H- Hanshu, Miss Chris
Man, II, Ro8taberg, Leslie Wtshard.
Bsther Kalawc, Ceclcllla Kaiawu,
l.oulsa Kcalaloia, Annio Kamaii, 'Mfss
L. Kniriau. Bthcl Blwards. At I'res
"ott. A. Cocult. A Frlcke, F. Bills.
Opiimtl. Miss J. Padgett, Miss A. I'id
tell, Mrs. J. J. Asch, Miss 'lllackstadt,
Alice Al. Miss Al, II. V. Ako. J.'H.
Kalwl, Mrs. I-lndlcy, W. P. Hnnalke,
A. Peiry, Mrs. Porry, Miss Porry, Mr.
SrhllttliiB, Mrs. Schllltlng. W. Kt Wr
ler. Mrs, Ficdenbcrg, ,C, Contrades.
Hoso Contrades, Miss K. iloopll, MIsa
T. Awa, Mrs. Huddy, Miss lluddy.
Master Huddy. Mrs. C, Huddy, Miss
1. Huddy, A. Kahclelkl. Miss B. llano,
I. Kauo, S, Ulake, Mrs, Sanborn, Mas
:cr Sanborn, F. Wnterhouse, J. Mc
Inorny, II. W Kimball, Mr. McLen
nan, Mr Knight, Dan llano.
v 4
I .
Per T. K. IC. 8. 8. "Nippon Mnru,
for Japan, Bopt. 13. L. M, Sedg
wick, T. Odo and wife, Maor Ileum.
Per S. S. Wllhelmtna, Johnson, for
San Francisco, Sept, 14, M"i nnd
'ilrs. K. B. Cadwell und child, II. II.
Simpson, C, S. Davis, A, Illom, L. II.
Dee, Vincent Oenoves, Mrs. Chas. It.
Flazler and child, Arthur Oilman,
Walter Doyle, T. C, White, Dr. B.
II. Marshall, II. W.Toguo, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry While, A, Schtiack,, W.
P. Kelley, Miss Bdtia, Henry, Mrs, J.
Carnsworth, Mr. und, Mrs. L. , E.
Dreyfus, Mrs. O. F. Ilo'r eman and
chllil. MIsscb Whlto (2), Mr, and
Mrs. F. L. IHU and child, Mrs. A.
W. Adams, Mrs. B, Olmsted, IL
Knight, Dr. Geo. .1. Huddy. Mr, and
Mrs. II. II. Penhallow, I. L. Clark,
Win. Lldgnte. Mr. and Mrs. A. N.
ilaysclden, Mrs. J, 8. I). Pratt and
Iwo children, Brneat Oay, Mr. and
Mrs. Francis Oay, Mr, nnd Mrs, p.
P. llaldwln nnd son, Miss V. Ather
on, Herman von Holt, Miss Mary
on Holt, MrB. T. K. Heard, Mrs. A.
B. lh'iirtl, Mr. and MrB. W. P. Dll
liighum, Mr. and Mrs. Fennlmore,
Mr. and Mra. H. C. Holmes, Mies P.
'I. RoheitB, Mrs. J. 11. Rob'ertB, Mrs.
I. A. (lllman, S. M. Damon, Mr. and
Mrs, L. A. Thurston, '
Malls are nun it Honolulu from
mints as follows:
ColoniesPer Maruma, ScpL 13. '
Mails will depart for tba rullnw,fU
lolnts ns follows:
Vuneouver Per Zonlandla, Bopt. 10
"ninnies Per Manuka, Bopt. 18,
Vokohuinu- Pur Mumluula, Bvpt. 10,
iyineypir Zealundlu, Bit. HI
' i
IIAKI.Y TOMOHItOW tiuiiiilug the
I'm Uie Mull llni'i Muiuliuilii will ui
1 he fioiil lliu Ullelll, Inning mi bounl
Iter Ills lloinl IHkIiiuiss I'iIihv Tml
Hum of China, wlui is kuIiih In llu
I'liUH HUlw in minlv iiillliuiy mm
ii;nu iitruiis u win IU myully intui
lulHIMl t'U
' I

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