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"n t?-s j-
' V
t i
Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
Piiclllc Shited.
Honolulu Stated.
Oceanic Third Regno.
Hawaiian First Degree
Honolulu Chapter Regular
6 i. m.
Perfection 1 1 It Prime unit
, Cth Degree.
All visiting members of to
Order are cordially Invited to
attend meetlogi of local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondays of
each month
at K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M.
dially Invited.
pABMONY I0D0E, No. 3, 1. 0. 0, F.
Meets every Monday evening nt
7:30 In I. O. 0. F. Hall, Fort Street
1 T u B HENDRY. Secretary.
j ' H. E. McCOY, Noble Orand.
f All visiting brothers very cordially
OAHU LODGE, No. 1, K. ot P.
, Meets every first and third FrI-
Bay evening at 7:30 In K. of P. Hall,
.orner Fort and lieretanla. Visiting
brothers cordially Invited to attend.
I1' O. F. HEINE, K. R. S.
HAWAIIAN TRIBE, No. 1, 1. 0. R. M.
Meets every first and third Thurs
days of each month at Knights ot
Pythias Hall, Visiting brothers cor
dially Invited to attend.
A. L. EAKIN, Sachem.
''', E. V. TODD, C. of It.
fcONOLUIU AERIE, 140, P. 0. E.
-j ... -
Meets on the 2nd and 4th WED
NESDAY evenings of each month at
Js30 o'clock In K. of P. Hall, corner
lieretanla and Fort atrests. -;
. Visiting Eagles are Invited to at
Und. , w. n. niLEY, w. p.
11 J, VM. C. McCOY, Sec.
Jlonolulu Lodge No. CIO, II. f. O.
lilis, meets In their hall, on King
lltteet, near Fort, every Frhlay eve
iilog. Visiting Drothors are cordially
InVlted to attend.
, ? K. ot P.
i f
?teeU every 2nd and 4th Siturday
nl'ng at 7:30 o'clock In K. of P.
Ha'll, cor, Fort and lieretanla. Vlslt
Jngbrothcrs cordially invited to at
tend; H. A. TAYLOR. C. C.
" -E. A. JACODSON, K. R. S.
vComplaitking about
the water supply
' ;won't help any, but a
i Redwood
Round Hoop
i Tank
'attached to the city main
,Kvill give you a constant sup
ply of clear water. We will
tbe pleased to furnish details.
lH.i" w
J.ewfers'& Cooke,
- M. E. Silva,
Prompt and Polite Attention
rhono U70 Night Call 1014
Coiunartmtnti in the
iflty Mausoleum
jVpr I'tirllvuUri Im'ui f
i jb m jt
f i
(Continued from Paze 1)
tlon ami T J l()au assistant see
retnrv Hie committee on credentials una
then appointed As 'fiHfuws K M
Kulioti N Pumkala, T 11
Lvous. David Nupnehl. Abraham Ha-
III. Atitoiie De Rego, Sol Mehculn,
J II Ilii)moiid Son Mahukn. Vn-
tone Perry, I Kuhaleiinu, N
The eomnlltteo on rules wot
named ns follows Jos Perr Jr,
J K I'aahao Charles Ka, Hoik ill.
V L Ki)u. Keawe Puhl. C W Ash
rord, Moses I'alnu, It. L OI.lili.li I,
Er N Sulflkn. George FouiiIpIii,
John Koanl,
Following the rejiort of tho cre
dentials committee, which Was le
turned after boon, the election of it
permanent otp .liMlon was III or
der, O S Shlnn'iu being nciiiiun'ul
without opposition a eruinnen:
chairman of the convention (-hand
lcr of Kauai beat T Ik Lvons for
the honor ot vice chairman b n ole
of r,9 to 41 A rising voti whs
taken, and when the result va aii.llc, wlM 1)0 ,akeu Tlic Kapaa
nounceu cnamiier uiaiineu uie con
veiiuou uiciunui; mm n iu
tlrst time that ho hud been honored!
b the part
The committee on platform vas (l(g f0r t(,e shakespcaicau recital, to
t . I. .....I .. ..ll.... a Itan.u'. ... .. .....
men uiuiiu-u us iuih.wo ,,c...
West, T J 11 nn. G W Kahukulo,
Oeorge kauwe. Nelson K Knloa, II.
II Ewallko, G V Keawehaku, E
II F. Wolter, I) I. Kalawala, M 0
Knlelopu, J. H Chandler, Dald A.
There were two hundred delegate
present at the opening of the con-
ventlon this morning. Whether or
not Col McCarth would appear was
a question mat was uibcubhuu ui.
Innvth lint lie dlil not aniiear It
ii n-r-n. .i.mm.,1 in f,,r ,, few mln-
ut'es with twj tourists who wero
nvin,.- in n Tnriltorv cohven
lion In full running order and hear
some Hawaiian music at the same
The "platform committee," which
Is BupposeJ to hae been perfecting
the details of the 1910 principles of
the party, apptars to be a figment In
lite Imagination- of Doss McCandless.
No delegate could be found who has
seen the platform, and tho greatest
light that has been shed Is tho state.
went of McCandless Himself that tho
platform would contain a plank de-
lorlngaguln.t assisted Immigration
forTl perlodrtwo ears.
tiifl me uAtui.n".. . "
Carthy, all of the Democratic nota-
With the execution of Col. wc
bles appeared at the convention una
morning. . Maor Kern was busy
shnking tho hands of the country
delegates as well as those of his own
constltuenc, nnd entouraglng tho
musicians, who wero predicting all
sorts ot Democrat!.- surcoss In tune
ful melodies
"What Is going to be In tho plat
form?" was the commonest question
that was heard in the convention
hall this morning, hut tli platform
wnB safely tucked away In the pocket
of Doss McCunillosK ami will ho pre
sented to the delegates this after
noon They will be t-xpected to
swallow It and sa nothing or, nt
least, as little as possible.
McCandless wants none of tho Mc
Carthy conservatism, but at the samo
time asserts that he Is not n radical.
The Iloss was a busy Uoss this morn
ing, perfecting his machlner and
making sure that It will run smooth
ly when the platform tomes up for
consideration against the ussaujtB of
any misguided delegate who thinks
that the ronveutlon ought to hnve
some olce In the framing of the
Important douimunt.
Tho delegates to tho conentlon nro
us follows,
I'reclnc) 1 IC M Kpahou
l'rcclntt 2 Duvld I'lihl, J A K
l'reclnct 38 Kiiholo Munu, John
Kulkulpua, Jougim Martin
l'reclnct 4 C Lehmiinn, Henry
West, Duvld Napeahl
l'reclnct 6 J K 1'anlmo, C, K, Mc
Gulre. J. K Muu R. I) Kualll, l'lillip
l'recintt C Jnmns Kanueholo, Chns
Knnakaoldtl, I) I. Knla
l'reclnct 7 Samuel K Keakl, Sol
omon llelela
l'reclnct 8 Archor Iwln
l'recltut U Moses I'oklnl, William
Hell, John Ahaku
1'ieiluct M 'lliomus N Nulelluhuu,
Joteph I'ert, Jr , M Hdwuril Keulohu
I'reclrlrt 4 llureiuun Kunuwu, John
I'reLliut .', I) Kuumlii, ('has
lluiiolli Ka
I'reLliut k-Chus Ka, (I W Kudu
knla I'ri'. Iin.l 7 -Abraham llulll
I'li'ilmi V N I'uiilkulii
I'liilnit III (leiiign Kauwn, lliull
Aplkl, J l( u
I'm lint II I K Idmlmiikii, Itllu,
I. II liiiiialivli'
ilium nlhiiiiri
I'iMilail I H HhKiiumu
I'iwIiiii l T Utdi.l. N II Km
slil, A H HUNIwl, .(lllll Dm HpM
miw r. I n i)4i w i.
l(uf, imtvk maim
The tablet sold by the Bulle
tin for a nickel is twice as large
as the tablet usually sold for this
Autos, II per hour. Lewis Stables.
Ucthel Stiect Hnck Stolid Phone
It goes without saying that every
thing Is Host at The Encoro.
Tlio Anchor Saloon Is now n cut la
mutcum worth Beeltig Don't forget
Much Interest is being taken In tho
proposed mutch hurso rnco that Is
Mn-Jsthfdiilcd for next month
J, Wllguroth, sugar boiler from
Wulmea, Kuu.il, Is In town on a visit
and will remain for a few days
If you want n good lob done on an
auto or carriage take It to Hawaiian
Carriage Mrg Co .427 Queen St.
For distilled water, title's Root
Beer and all other popular drinks
Ring lip Phone 2171. Consolidated
Soda Works
Nine members of the rifle team
which represented tho N U II at
Camp I'err, Ohio, will arrive on the
Sierra tomorrow. The rest of them,
Including Major Riley, will come
homo on a later boat.
There will be a regular meeting of
the Advisor Land Hoard this even
Inw n( tli.. lil,n,, uliupn int.. .lor l...l
lmog ,naJ u ,, f()r acllon at thllt
GM)ng's mtetltig
jnt ernl t Club members arc no
lifted that they may purchaso tick'
. ue given ai me ciuunouso hub uvcii
I n if. at the otnee of the club Julius
Caesar will tin tho subject ot the
evening's recital,
A Jananc'H cyclist who hail left his
machine next to die curb at the
Young noiei, reiurneu to iinu mat
,ilack .N'o 71, according to tho police,
m(l crushed tho wheel Tho lopan-
Use went to the police station In ord
er to try und get the buck drlcr to
iay lor iiic unmuKv
I i t
After keeping his secret for two
ears. Thomas Moone conllded to
a rrienu in jvunsas tiiy, iuo , ""
he had clubbed his stepfather to
death In n quarrel The friend re
peated the confession, the jiollce
heard of It and Moone Is In Jail,
The arrest of a Chinaman In Ilos
ton revealed a smuggling plot In
which celestials are brought Into the
United States by trews of ocean
i i
Tourists complain of thu absence
this stuson of the picturesque and
romantic Yosemlto Turk stage rob
ber. The resort proprietors must be
economizing Rochester l'ost-Ex-
I press I
n j, M jj it tt M n u u u jj n it
l'recintt 9 J Hums.
l'reclnct id I). Kuluinahliil, Keawe
l'reclnct 12 lien llokounn, Kaleu,
Jr, K Nelson
l'recintt 20 Dl K Dinnuchello, II
1) Ewallko
l'reclnct 22 Hutchinson, S IC Mai
aloha, J K, Naukunu, Ti.Moeu.
l'reclnct 1 J W K. Kolfcl, Solo
mon Meheulu, C M I-nwelnwo
l'reclnct 2 J. W lona. I'aulo Ko-n,
Jno l'ala, D K Kullno.
l'reclnct 3 Kulu Kiialhue, G V
Jakln, David llao
l'reclnct 4 Dr J II Raymond,
Kauhl, W C McGonngle.
l'reclnct C W Geerliig. C W Ash
ford, J. F Col burn, Thomas Young
l'reclnct 6 A. Knuwe, Geo K. Ka
ne, loela Klakuhl, Jds ll. Najuipa, S
K Kaalkaulu, G K Keawehaku
I'rtcluct 7 J. A. I.uwelawe, J K.
Wilson, II U. Rlvenburgh, J S. Mar
tin, E K. Ruthburn, ll II F. Wolter
l'reclnct 8 J K I.eoy, lllku lona,
lona Kuwukumana, David Kupu.
l'reclnct 9 M. K Sllvn, W II. Mc
Clellun, Chas. Spencer, a. II Nnhul
na, Jumes Tripp, Jumea McDonald.
l'reclnct 1011 N Knhulepuna, J
11. Klnllau, Jcsxee Ululhl, Moses K
l'alau, M II. Kuhlluhilu. J K. Kelll
kou l'reclnct 11 M K FoRter.
l'reclnct 1 Nod Maliuka
I'reclnet 2 M O Knlclopuu, Sam
1 Kalwl, A I'auole
l'recintt 3 Solpuiou III, I'oo K.iun
knhl, l'reclnct C D Nuolwl, 8 Wood, R
W. Holt
l'reclnct G James K. Ilclckunl, R
U Glllllund.
l'reclnct 7 II I'iioii, Arthur Kelo
kuu l'reclnct 81) A KaalnlluA. C II
Maoinne, J II Miiknnnl, Jim linen
l'reclnct Kd M. Sneflln, Chns M
Kahookuuinuhu, Tllomus Aukul
l'reclnct 10 Autniie U I'erry, W
II like, Jno ItuiiKH, Jno It Slleu, K
M Thong
I'rtcluct II Henry M Moluku, J
K ICiiIiIiiii, Mlku Hurvey, Kuulohu K
pohoiii, Nupiihiinluii, Hr, llfiuy Ku
puou, K Jiiliii'H lllds
l'reclnct 12 Hi nry K Kupu. W.
Ilillll Keklill
I'rxtlnit 13-1, I, MiCumlless, n
W I'ukll, M l Moses, I) U Kalawiilli.
I'lMlllll l-Jil. KI'UI4, I' If
Maluluiil, II M HmIiiiih, Jim Clml.o
I'lHllM R Hiwli'l AViiiiii, llur
IV Iiimii. WJHIjihi I'liuulm
I'llWlMII S I W KMlntlelMlll I
iWlMH N MtiiiHl llmM A
Willi, Mamw Ii UiikbliM
Our New Phone Number Will He
Cltv Transfer Co.
John llrown may have bien Insane Leglnnflig, but Ilrown permitted a
or he may have been merely erratic railroad truln to piui through and
Ho inny l.uVe been u nr..i K remark- "l,ra'1 J'0" L M u;,""", t ,U' '"
, . . , , . , 9 o clock on Monday he could have
ub o mind, ns well ns or wohderful Fnfc,y wll,lllrnwlI , , mountain,,,
will Whatever, ho was, ho wwi one bul nc mnilo ,0vcnitnt 10 do so
of tho pivots upon which Ain-rlran Thc ueitIoll ,,' nrscn ag to wll-cth.
history turns. er ,, dd jA Bc(k innrtyr'lloln
Ho was born of poor Parents In Trool)3 gurroulia11, thu ,uwn cu.
Connecticut Ih 1800 There was Welsh ', wro klkd ,,rottn.g vor,oufl
and Dutch blood n him as well as olltl,osll, ttVre driven In With his six
Kiifclsh Ills family went to I ho Con- ln(,t , ,, b,rrltuile,, hImaelf n n
liictlcut settlements In Ohio, the eJ , ,,oUl0 )Iu rcfui,h, , .
"Western Resene," In 180 There rcnjtr
he learned the frontier arts or herding , whpn , Olrco ielcniitn romnn.
cattle, riding, huntlrtg and shootlns cJ wU)l ,,,, commny of ,llnres
straight It was a hard ifo and It LurBl ln , Uoor ,, ,,,, wn 0 gVr.
made him hard of body, but he re- UBy milvreii ,mil t wag ,, h, ,ie
mnliicd gentle of heart At IC ho wng ,tc( ,, , ,o u co,
went batk to Connettlci.t to attend llllrng ,,, ,rlaI f(ir treMon
school, but ni Inlhiniinatlon of the, e wng cnvIctei, of trcilgon nd
eyes forced him to quit his studies C0IIgl,,r,ng unj ll(h,slnK wth gaVPS
eturnllig to Ohio he muriled nt 20 !,, ,,, , nM ,, f min
Ills wife d ed nt the end of eleven , t,10inrt dl,Kre(? 0l) I)ec 2 ,8r,9
yenrs, and he married ngnln In all, le wal) mngej
twenty children were born to him Drown ,, deI10lmced ,, ,0
heven died In Infancy Ills sons lmvo ,,,, decIurPd nitBno had
fought Iv his side rejected suggestions of rescue He
ilrown was or n wandering dlspo,l- B,d ,,e W01lId ,10t wak f b
Ion I ron. Ohio he had gone to , (Il)0r ,f ,,, obJt
ennsylvnnlij In 18 , In 183', ho re- ,, y MCOnll,,Winl by ,ll8 dpath
turned to Ohio Iln visited Virginia lnan bJ. jfH
uhd wished that he might live there I Tne worM pnw when ,, (,rd
In 1848 ho removed to Springfield th(,re tt(.ro mcn wh(J cd b
Mass. us ho ngent of western wwl ng 8l,cn ,N (h f
growers I Ivo years later ho became ,B , do , , cndcavur tn ,,
bankrupt through nkliig a cargo of vUor glld .. de(,
woV.1 to Lngland. Then he removed to cnu,0 f eh , c , , ,
North Ub. l ill i the Ad Irondncks deil)h b , ,, ,
Gerrltt Sinllh, n rich abolitionist, " crBtnlzed l0 Uetermlnatlon of
nun iriiiK iu LuitiuiKH ireeu iieKi.Kn
there, and this enterprise nttra"led
llrown Hut tho experiment fulled
llrown was an abolitionist by In
heritance Ills lather had grounded
111 in In the faith He used to help
runnway slaves when he lived in
Pennsylvania He piopotcd u Kchcinu
for northerners to purchase the freo-
dom ot slnvo children Ho had
negroes In his finally In Ohio, treat
ing them ns his equals Hut although
In 1837 he swore his children to hos
tility to sluvery he wus not nn active
worker agulnst It until 181,0
In 1849 lie had begun to study tho
art of war At the time of his visit
to England he went to the continent
to learn something of military mut
ters He particularly studied Na
poleon's campaigns. Apparently a
project of getting up a Blave revolt
was now present In his mind
In 18M live or Ills sons settled at
Osawatomln, Kns Tho stuto was
then In the throes of the strugglu
for possession of Its government be
tween the sluvery mid the anti-slavery
elements The sons became In
volved In this struggle and wrote to
their rather frr some arms and finally
to tome himself Ho sent the arms
und thrte months Inter ho came
He was made captain or n free
stuto company und took part In rang
and hushwueklng On onu occasion
ho "ext tuted" live prosluvery men who
had been terrorising their neighbor
hood For this Mlssouriuns burned
the houses of tho family und two sons
were arrested by the federal author
ities. Ilrown kept on lighting In ono
buttle twehty-thrco men surrendered
to lliown's forco of nine lie planned
to keep them captive until the uuthor-
...oh nau loeru.eu an equni number WASHINGTON, Aug. .-According
of free-state men. but a force of Unl- , tho latest udvites rrom Managua,
.,?, CftVa, "Tr" ""M"' m' 'N"cfK. . head or the govern
fusing to arrest Ilrovv n, however Ills 111Bht ?f tlmt , , now g h ,
sou Frederltk was killed In an uttnek Juah !fllrillla u 101,E)l tl,0 ecule
upon Osavvuntomlo bv 400 pro8lav-icImlr , Ilow l Atnh yXuZTJ.
ery men llrown ambushed the 400 JoHU lMfma ,,,.,, Pr" ,de0,,
with thirty freo-sollers. killed and m,ih in ' .. "" ! ' . "l
wounded eighty and escaped with u
loss of one man killed und three
wounded llo v.iis In soverrtl other
In 18.r.a ho wont lo Hoston and se
cured motley from iiholltlnnlsts Two
hundred rllles hud already beun ship
ped to him nt his headquarters In
. s.i
,uu ..., eouirucieu lor iuuu spears,
suying thev wero for use In Kansas
Wur In thut state hienlne lively and
Ilrown wus Importuned to return, be
ing uddrcssed us "general" bv l.io
free-state leaders He wrotn cucoiir
ugllig letters and assembled soma
young linn In Iowa Hut he had no
Intention of going to Kansas or let
ting his uruis go till 1 1 tier lie wus
preparing to iillaclc tho uisoimt at
lluipor's Ferry, cu)l uluves .iriiund
him and from tho Virginia iiioiiiitaliis.
tarry on u w,ur ut,uliU) sluveiy by
slain themselves
lie upjieiirHil ut llurper's IVrry
a liirmer fen king u luium lltiillug
ii limine, lllllii by lllllu iu gut his lilies
uiui spvuis their Hhiiim vvurn inn.
nldureil Uimh wiMipniiK fin Hi a liegiiies,
unused iii nreai inn ls men, iwinij
IWii In ihiiiiImii, uirhiH)
Hunduy nlnlii, Ih hi, it'iU, hu
swUimI I he low u und urtuliiil uiui k.mi
Imiin nun thu miiiiiii).inif Piuiniiy
l IHwiiiir mp Hiiiher lii sUtvs ius
"'" "" 'iiuiH 1M ,U' HUI HI H
WV UwtitylHj
(Jiib II Love)
many thoucniitls In tho north to put
nn end to slavery
.MrwitctM his m:w i'iiesidust
tll8 urotlltr of u j suient
iMolo ll0 rteil to ,.' ,,' J
uil0,,,,rv len,ie ..i.i ... i
olutloiuiry lender urriVed to claim
his title ni president soon uttor
ONr; or THE lulcr-Islaml Btennt.
ers will ho illspatched this hrteriioou
t(l Kit 1111 1 Wlttl imawntliropu itirtll fisi.l
I -" . 'i"iui,vi nt ititi Usui
Knerui cnrK0 sho BIlu , 6 . , k
Young Hotel Building
Gurrey's, Ltd.
"ii i
Chairs Now tt Hit
IIKW IIAHUHIt A nniiifLi iiii
't"l.iyU.!tlTFM HMIII HI? USrfl
Xworo. (c)ufftij 4-jtic u
fly ffSW
Urn i i . i i i i - i
THAT. Captain John Lapptn was
not to blame foV the grounding of
the schooner M, Turner on thei
shonls near Kahulul, Hawaii, April
1, was the decision rendered by In
cp'eclors tt Hulls And Hollers Holies
and llulger.,, The Inspectors found
that the ship Was desfrled by the
caildrs and officers witli' the excep-'
lon of tire captain, cArpeflter arid
hiate, who remained aboard until
rescued bV the revenue cuVrrThttls,
W. t. ...t..it.J.lI - 'it t.'
aid even, after
seen to be sll;nnlng 'for. sslstahce.j
Die d image to tile vessel Was deter-)
mined .to be J2000 and that to tne
cargo 17500.
ri P rfnilWRTttM. KPnernl trisn
A.mm .1 ,!, nAAlfr.. tall nnmh.ni, Itfi
ufsc, u, .. .,.,(.w ...nil i.u,Mu,.j, u
not to return home from the Orient
until November, It Is said. ie went
odt In the Manchuria In July (or
the purpose of Inspecting tne vari
ous agencies of his company In the
lVr East. The task Is Hot a light
one, or SchwerlnV methods call for
a strict review d! eVery detail of
business, ob well as the outlining of
plans for securing an increase of
traffic. This, In View or the coming
separation or the Pacific Mall and
the Japanese line, will probably
cause Schwerln to delve Into the
prospects ot hit company with more
than ordinary real.
THE CAUSE or the. expltlbh that
wrecked the steahier Phoenix off the
California coast recently will never
be known When the Inspectors
climbed Into the shattered hull after
It had been pumped out they dis
covered that the boiler was mlssjng.
It Is not believed that the explosion
blew the boiler Into the sea, but H
Is supposed thnt the exploslop so
shattered the boiler connections thai
when the vessel turned turtle the
boiler dropped to the bottom of .the
ocean. The hull of the s't earner Was
practically unharmed. No decision
Has been reached as to the disposi
tion that will be made or the dere
lict. -THE 2EALANDJA. now en route
rrom Victoria to the Colonies, Is
looked for to arrive Friday morning.
Many of the old o'fllcers, who have
been running this route in other ships
are how placed on the new Zenlandla".
Pnllpot Is Also ill charge, or the
P. Cdxal), rdrmer purser of the Ao
rung), has beeh pldce'd In charge, dr
that department od the Zealahdla. Dr.
Phillips Is nlso In chSrgo o( the)
Captain Phillips Is in command and
health bureaU on the new; vessel.
AT AIIOUT seven o'clock last hlgnl,
the United States transport 1-ntfan ar
rived from 8art Francisco und docket
ai too Matson wnarr. Karly thll
morning she begad to unload 180 tons
ui unuy Biijqiiies iur lue local iwsis
She Is taking on COO tops, of .coil,
preparatory to leaving for the Philip
pines tomorrow morning
Lieut Col. R. L. Dullard, Eighth In
fantry, arrived on her to carry ,oh
tho Instruction ot the National Guard
of Hawaii.
THE SIERRA Is due early tomor
row nioYnl'rig wlh n record, load 6t
passengers und holds fairly well
tilled with cargo, running over 2190
tons. A mainland mall of 147 sacks
will arrive. Eight new automobiles
will be unldaded and soon added to
the large number Jiow In the city.
THE REVENUE cuhe'r MiCul-
lough Is cruising up and down the
Pacific Coast Mr (be nurpose ot keep
lug a keen eye out Tor contraband
uniuese ami illicit opium. The cut'
ter has been nt this service for sotrie
...... r...t ... 'i !' .. a ii.
tune, uih iih yei nas maun no cap
A WIRELESS f Vecelved by the
ngonts of the Sierra last night front
that ship states that she will be off
port early tomorrow morning She
was G17 miles rrom Honolulu at , 8
o'clock last night. ,
AFTER WAITINO lor over a week
In San Francisco Lay.for a crew, the
ship S, D, Carleton has at last got
nway for New York direct via the
Horn, She Is carrying canned goqds
Mini barley
THE JAPANESE llnfr Clilyrt Mnru
Iu due In arrive ou Saturday front
Ynkohaiiiu, Japan, She will (ontlnuo
her Joiirnoy In tho aflernooh for Ran
I lanilhin
Till; CANADIAN liner Xeulandliv
U iiiicid in urrlvu nff Hir tumor
low morning timn Hiltlli Coliiiiiha
Him will prnlmlily null In Hie uftei
UN HliniJMIIIill 1, (lis silmntier
lHldil vvs Mill lllliilmi u u
mil III .f( iii u JMWHII
IIJ? Aiii'liuy tit mmiJ
nitiiiTir' ii flwii wiiii
fruiit rfli
ward the vessel ' turne'd and Ventf
iatk tA th'c harbor Without orrrn
n m.. Turner was
Per Httnr. W. fl. Hall. Thomuson.
for Kauai, Sept. 16. 4 n. m V- H
Rice, Ii Longer, J.J. Meyerj and
wife. Miss Elle- va1ss Lawrence,
R, W. 8. I'urvls and wfe.
Per Btmr. Maiinl 1-oa,. Slroersou,
for Koiib and Kau purtsf Bept'lB, 12
Hooji: Joseph bpupci'e ,' Either' Ka
ale and inald, Js Gallcr. 00 J
rnipbell, A. Glbb, MtsS Eshertnibb.
o'eb. Qlbb atlcf wife, P? Marfccnart and
" 'rf-, Ujtee. ' '
Mhi I. RentM. S .n bi H. P. Bald-
wi'ril Miss Voh Tprtpsky, D. T, feabliu.
W K. Strauch, v. Chun Lunjf, S.'John
soVl, E. H, )jart aAsoo,' Mrs. S.1R-
I.Ticas. Jas. Ha'naaula and Ife. Mrs.
Maiiala and 2 children. W. 'A. Acder
sfcrir wile' aVidf f children. XM?. Noh
lltt. ReV. S. L. Desna, II. W. Rlc,
wife and 3 children, A. 1L Landgrptt,
ii. h. iiogerup, w. u. Mcmtyre, r
4"1" "'" ml 4
, .Thursday"' fntii.J
SAN FRANCIStJoVJiirrttl Bept. IE:
Schr. Muriel, from Honoipu. Augr2d
PORTLAND 'Arrived Sept. IS: S 3.
Damarn, hence Sept. 7.
W'edntsdsy 6dL.14. .
REDONDO Arrived Sept. i3: Schr
C 8. Holmes, rrom llllo, Aug 47.
8AN FRANCISCO 8e)it. 14: S S.
Limine, hence Bept.ii.
YOKOHAMA Sailed Sept. H: 8
K Asia, tor Honolulu.
KAHULtH Arrived Spt. : Ship
Wm, T. Iewls, from Cardiff.
Tuesday Sept. .,
8AN FRANCISCO-Salled.Sept. 13, 1
I). in : S. 8. Siberia, for Honolulu
SALINA CRUZ Arrived Sept. 1$: S,
s. Mexican, rrom llllo, Aug 21.
SAUNA CRUZ Sailed Sept. 11: S'
9. (Vlrglnlati, for 8an FrancUco.
SEATTLE SalUd Sept. J2i S S.
IIIIohlanu for Hohblulu. "
'Tint STEAMER MahnaIvoa will
sail at noon tomorrow for" her regular
ports or call along Kona and Kau
coasts on Hawaii. Bhe will take mall
for Lahalna, her first stopping place.
AT NOON TODAY the steamer
Mahl stilled for Klpahulu. Maul, tak
ing genera) merchandise for the plan
tations and other Btores, She will
return with sugar.
Till! STEAMER Claudme Balls at S
o'clock jbmorrow afternoon for Maul
and Hawaii porls. She will he In
command ot Caplaln IlenAetl, her re
gular commander., "
Pa ' ' . ,
THE OCEANIC liner Blerra will ar
rive very early tomorrow rhOrhlug
Irom San Francisco, A large nllmber
of' todrlsts Is exacted to cbme- on
TOMORROW morning at n o'clock
tho flagship Manna Kea win leave
for Lahalna. Maalaea, Maul, nndi llllo
She "111 return next SdturdSy morn
ing. m
THE NORWEGIAN steamer Tlta
hta sailed front San Francisco a week
rigo with a cargo of 2,260,000 feet
or lumber tor Melbourne.
TUB SCHOONER Muriel Irdm Ifo.
ndlpli Is rejiorted ai arriving at Siu
Francisco, Sept, IS,
THE 8. 8. DAMARA. which let
here fjept. 7, arrived at Portland.lSept.
Notice Is hereby given ' that the
structure supporting the New York
Slough East End Light has been rais
ed some 6 feet and the llgnt 'is now
about 30. feet above mead high water
L. H, D. List ot Ddoya, etc, PaclOo
Coast, 1908, p. 34,
Notice Is also given Hilt bd Sep.
t ember Ut, the 12 Inch st'eatl) WjiUtle
at point Reyes Light Stalldn, 6ea
coast or California, Was r'ehUccd ily a
1st class compressed air sjre'n. iiounrt.
Ilig ihiis.
lllasl 2M sfc, Bltedt Interval 3S
sec; lllnst i't sec., Bllerit ' Interval
35 sec 4 '
L. II. Ii List of Lights, etc; Pacific
Coast. 1009, p 18, No 22
L, II. ll List df Ilubys. etc , Pactuo
Coast, 1008, p, if.
Notice is also given that Noilh Hplt
Iluoy. No, S, a. black 1st class ean, is
ported adrift September 4, will h re
placed us soon as rirucjllcuble,
I., II. II. ,1.1st of iiuiiys, etc, Pail,
flu Coast, (UllS, p.38,
An Uutomallc niarhinn pH'nts ami
rut lint pu)in'r ii'ul Wraps t'j') otsilse
nr nUifcf similar Irtilt Iur mlhlil
AiUlilli hiii Lecri grsnM Hw
Yolk pud tipijil (aie'iliiUllii hiiii (or
iinli!iu (is'imai
li Hid imuto i) (iili itf Wlkily
Tim 1)1)11 ilihd nhilluW fllul l mv
liilo imiilnri
Tim nil mm ol III (tHnUmi
wlili ff futirflli lll !, itn
IIIMiMi , , ,

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