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:1SPIPI 'J ' WWwlppj
pyiw w nwwwyw-iwifi;
Masonic Temple
, Weekly Calendar
Jt raclilc Staled.
Honolulu Httid 1.
Oceanic llilrd Pignr.
ifannll.ui l'lrsl IHgrce.
i Honolulu Chiiplrr llcgtiliir
' r p. in.
t'jrfccllon llli Uigric mid
I,' Slh Degree.
t "
)' ' All Visiting members of ttm
Older are cordially tavJted to
attend meetings of local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondays of
each month
nt K. P Hall
7:30 P. M.
Members of
other Asso-
Bcuccipiii icenniiTinu . .
tntiiuiauflci.iiaiiun. cmtions cor.
dially invited.
HABMONY. LODQE. No. 3, 1. 0. 0. F.
Meets crcry Mondhy evening at
7:30 In I. O. O. P. Hall, Fort Street.
, E. R. HENDRY. Secretary.
p 11. 13. McCOY, Noblo Grand.
'All visiting brothers vory cordially
OAHU LODGE, Wo. 1, K. of P;
Meets every JlrBt and third Krl
day evening at 7:30 In K. ot P. Hall
corner Fort and llcrotanla. VIsltliiK
brothers cordially Invlbrd to attend
O. V. HUlNE, K. H. 8.
HAWAIIAN TRVilE, N.o. 1, 1. 0. It. M,
Meets ove,fy first nnd third Thurs-
'days of v.cb. month nt Knights ot
. Pythias Uall. VU,ltlng brothors cor-
"dlally Invited to attend.
1 . A. L. KAKIN, Sachem.
' ' E. V. TODD, C. of 11.
.HONOLULU AERIE, 140, F. 0. E,
' Meets on tho 2nd nnd 4th WKD
NESDAY evenings of each month nt
7:30 o'clock In K, of V, Hall, conjet
l)eretaKlaTan3 Fort streets. r"
Vlslt'lng Eagles are Invited to at
tend. , " 5? W. H. IllLKY. W. r.
L WJf. C. McCOY, Sec. 4
, HONOLULU L0DOE, 616, B. P. 0. t.
Honolulu lodgo No. 616, II. i.0.
i Elks, meets In their ball, on King
'Htrcet. near IAirt, every TrWay eve
ning. Wisltlng Brothers aro cordially
i Invited to attend.
V Meets every 2nd and 4th Stturday
Wivenlng at 7.30 o'clock In K. of P.
fcjlall, tor. Fort and Berotanla. Vlsit
ping brothers cordially Invited to at-
H: A. TAYLOR. C. 0.
Coitiplaiuing about
f water supply
v.an't help any, but a
'Round Hoop
'alvclied to the city main
tarUl pivo you n constant sup-
pyof' clear water. Wc will
.iiepleascd to furnish details.
Lowers te Cooke,
- s,M. E. Silva,
"Prompt and Polite Attention
friiono 1170 NlRht (iall 1014
HomiMtliuniU mi tin
f City Mausoleum
i r l'aiiiciilnu iiiiiui or
iTOWNjrcp 1l,NDr.T!.INi i
(Continued from Poire 1)
(Ion inul T. J. Hynn assistant scc
retnrv The committee on credentials was
then appointed us follows: K. M.
kotnm, . N. Punnknln. T. II.
Ljtilis, l).iyld Naii.ichl, Abraham ll.i-
111, Antone l)c llcgo, Sol. Mchcuhi,
J II Itnyinunil, Noa Mulnika. Mi-
tone l'crr, J. W. Knlialoanu, N. Ma-
nol I
Tho committee on rules win
nainnl ns follow a: Jo. Perry Jr
J. K l'aahio, Charles Ka, llom'll,
V t Knpa. Kcawo l'lihl, C. W. Af
ford. Moses Patau, 11. I., (llillli.nl,
Er. N Sniniii, George FouiUelii,
John Kuan I.
Following tho report of tho cre
dentials rommlttee, which was ic
turued afler noon, tho election Oi' u
pcrm.iuetil otgi' .tzntliin wus In or
der, O S Shlpr.uu being iicminn'o-li
without opposition ns permanent
chairman of the ((invention, ('hand
ler of Knual heat T. H. Lvmis for
the honor of vice eh.ilinian bv a vole
of R9 to II A rising v,tj
taken, and when the re..tlIl r tt, -
..on iced Cln-iidlcr .nankc.1 the con-
"""' , .,'... . .icvrnlnB'i meollng.
first time, thnt he had been horored University Chili members arc no.
uy .no p.irU.
The rommlltee on platform rai
men appoinu'ii as miiows: nenry
west, r. ,i. lonn, u. w. is.aniiKina.
George Kniitte, Nelson K. Knlon, 11.
ll. i;waiiko, G. r. KenwciiiiKu, i-IcvcntugV recital.
II. V. Wolter, 1) I.. Kalawnla. M. O. A j,'inn, ,.ycRi w',,0 had left his
Knlclopu, J. S. Chandler, David A.1 ,lcu,10 ,cxt to tho curb at the
Wllltc- Youne Hotel, returned lo find that
Thote were two hundred delegates
present ut tho opening of tho con-
vontlou this morning Whether or rM! vcnt to the police stntlon In ord
not, Col. McCarthy would appear win rr In try and get tho hack driver to
a question that was dlscusicd nt
Icimth. but ho did not nimcar. It. I
11. Trent dioni.cd In for n few mln-
utcs with tv tourlsU who were,
anxious tn sco a Territory conven
tlou in full running order and hear
2onm Hawaiian music at tho snmo.
tlmn. I
Tho "plntform eommlttco," which
Is supposed tn havo been perfecting
the dclallsjif tho 1!U0. principles of
heparty, appears to bo u figment In
tho imagination ot Iloss McCandless.
No dolcgato could bo found who has
seen 'the platform, and tho greatest, line-
Unlit llinf Indlmn oli'n.t l !li SlnlC I' I
ment of McCandlcss himself that the1 Tourists complain of tho absence
platform would uintnln a plank del "" ';" f f ,0 l'lciurcnuo and
MSj.f lUf Msted immigration roma.U c osem, p Par.ago
r ".TS Co,. McJ-'"-' " "-- -Cnrthy.
all of the Democratic notn- n ,', u :. .: ,. ss K M :, .,
hies nnnearcd ut tho convention this ., , ,
.jupwiligr 'Mayor Knm was busy
shnlclngr tho. hands of tho country ji,,),
dflcifites as "well ns those of his own .rcclnct i2uCn Hoku.mii, Kalc.i,
conslltiirncyl nnd encouraging thOjjr., K. Nclnon.
musicians, who were predicting nil Precinct 20 Ed K. Duvnuchclle, II.
sorts of Democrat!, success In tune 1( Uvv.illkii.
till melodies. Precinct 22 Hutchinson, H K. Mal-
J'Wttat Is going to bo In tho plat- aloha, J K. Naukana, T. Unca.
form?" Was tho lommonest question1 I'llITlt ril IMSTItH'T
that was heard In tho convention I Precinct 1 .!. K. Kclkl, Solo-
hall this morning, but the platform
wus safely tucked away In the pocket
of Jloss McCnndlcsh nnd will bo pre
sented to tho delegates this after
noon. Thoy will be expected to
swallow It and raj nothing or, nt
least, ub little ns possible.
McCandlcss wants nono of tho Mc
Carthy conservatism, hut nt tho samo
timo asserts that ho Is not a radlcnl.
Tho Boss was u busy Boss this morn
ing, perfecting his mncblnor; and
making sure that It will run smooth
ly when the platform conies up for
consideration against tho assaults of
any misguided delogato who thinks!
that the. convention ougiu m niivu
some voice In tho framing of the
Important document.
Tho delegates lo tho. convention arc
as follows:
niiyr DihTiticT
Precinct 1 K M. Koahoii
Precinct 2 -David Puhl, .1. A K
Prrcjnct 3 S. Kaholn Miinu, John
Kulkulpiia, Jo.ikIiu Martin.
Precinct 4 C Lclminnn, Henry
West, David Nnpe.ihl.
Precinct fi J. K Panhao, C. K. Mc
Gulri'. J K Maa. It D. Kualll, Philip
l'reelnet li .lames Knnnclinlii, Chas.
Kiinakuoknl, D I. Kula.
Precinct 7 S.iinuol K. Keakl, Sol
omon Helela
Precinct 8 Archer lwln.
Precinct 9 Moses I'nklnl, William.
Hull, John Ahiika
Procliict 12 Thnnuis N. Nnlellehiiii,
Jiiucph Per, Jr, M. IManl Kealuha
m:o.m immiikt
Preclncl I -llurumun Kuiiena, John
Precinct 5 D. II Kamulii. Ch.is
Hnuolll Ka
Priicluct 6 Chas. Ka, (1 W Kiiliu
kuta I'rorlnct 7 .Miriiham Haill
Preclncl 8 W. N. Piililknla
I'll duel 10 tlonrga Kmivve. Ilanltl
Aiilkl. J K An j
I'lerllirl II -J i ISnillniuMI. I.llll,
I. II Kniialieln
llllllll IIIM'IIIIT
I'lerliiil 3 -H Krliiiuvn
I'm i mi I , T II l-x.li. I, N
i il ll .Vl.il.uiui, Vliliililu He lli'Xn
I'lrJiili, I i ll Nmililua, VV I
Jtfi hmiih NtlllHis
The tablet sold by the Bulle-
t i 11 for a nirkcl it twice n larcre
'as the tablet usually told for this
Autos. SI inr hour Lewis Stables
llothcl Street Hack Stand l'lionc
1452. .
i It goes without (laying that every
thing In Ileal lit Tlin t'lif-nrn
Ti,c Anchor Saloon In now a curio
muscniii worth seeing Don't forgot.
Much Interest la being taken In tho
proposed match homo r.ieo that Is
scheduled lor next month,
J. Wllgeroth, sugar boiler from
Wnlthca, Kuual, la In town on u visit
.'and will rcimiln for a fow days.
It you want a good job done on an
auto or carrlago take It to Hawaiian
Carriage Mr. Co.. 41? Queen St.
For distilled water, lllios Itool
Deer and . all other popular drinks.
Illnc up rhiino 2171. Consolidated
Soda Works.
Nino members of tho rlllo team
which represented tin, N. a. II nt
c,m'" Va"y, Ohio, will jyrlvo on tho
Slorrn tomorrow. The rest of them.
including Mnlur Riley, will enmo
homo rti a iftlnr bout.
.,."7" " T " ,,lul;,r. "V"
'U 1""'' l"""l"o-T'l
' " '""
irto will ho a tegular im cling of
r busl
tinua tlrltt tn I n 1i a Tim 1iiiHn
,,, my ,,,, d for Mlm , ,,
tilled that Ihev ma mirrlinsc tick
clB for the Shakespearean recital, to
bo gUpn Rt lnc c,ihlmuso this even
n)t nl tllc offl(,0 ( the dull. Julius
Caesar will he the subject of tho
ick; No. 7, according to tho police,
,nd crushed tho wheel. Tho .Inpan
pay for the damage.
After keeping bis secret for two
years. Thomns Mooncy conllded to
n frlontl in Kansas City, Kan, mm
he Inul clubbed his stepfather to
ucntli In a quarrel. 1 no menu ro
peatcil tho confession, the pollco
heard ot It and Mooncy Is In Jail.
Tho nrrest ot a Chlnnmnn In Bos
ton revealed a smuggling plot In
which iclestlals aro brought Into tno
"nltc.l Stales by rcwa of ocean
,,rec.uct 10't,, Kulam.il.lal, Kcawo
mon Mciieiila, (' M Ijiwclawo.
Precinct 2 J. W lonu, Paulo Ko-a,
Jno. lila, D. K. Knllno
Precinct 3 Knla Kaalhuc, (I. V
Jnklii, Dnvld Ilao.
Precinct 4 Dr. .1. II lluymond,
Kauhl, W. C. McGonuglc.
Precinct C W Gcorlng, C. W. Ash
ford, J. K. Colhnrn, Thomas Young.
Precinct fi A. Kniiwe, Geo. K. Kn
nc, Iocla Kl.ikahl, Jas. lUNupupa, S.
K. Kaalkaula, G, K. Keawchaku.
Precinct 7 J. A. Lnwolawc, J, K.
Wilson, II. G. Illvcnburgh, J. S. Mar
tin, K. K. Ilathburn, 13. II. K. Woller.
tlnnnlnnl Q I 1." I aiiV Illln Innn
Kllttnkum;nii; Unvl(,' Kam,
,.r((.nct DM :. SUvili w. II. Mc-
Clcllnn, ChaH. Spencer, (I. II. Nnhul
nn, James Tripp, James McDonald.
Precinct 10 11. N. Knhalcpunn, J.
II. Klnlliiu, Jcssro Ulullil, Moses K.
Patau, M. II. Kahllahlla; J. K. Kelll
koa Precinct 11 M. K. Koster.
Precinct 1 Noa Mahuka.
Preclncl 2 M. O. Kiilcliipuu, Sam
IP. Knlwl, A. Puuolo.
Precinct 3 Solomon III, lon K.iun
knhl. Precinct B II. IMiinlwl, S. Wnnd. It.
W. Holt.
Precinct 6 James K. Holckiinl, It.
U Gillllaud.
Precinct 7 II. Puoii, Arthur Kolc
ktia. Product 81) A. Kaiflahun, C. II.
MueiiiHO, J. II, Miikanul, Jim Unen.
Precinct 0 IM. M. Snellln, Chas. M
Kiihiioliuiiiiiaha, ThmimH Aukul.
Precinct 1 0--Antoiio I,. Perry, W.
II, Illce, Jno Humes, Jno. It. Sllcn, K
M. Choug
Precinct II Henry M. Molukii. J,
K. Kahluii, Mlkn Harvey, Knnloha Ku
polmnl, Nnpahuclim, Br , Henry Ku
paon, K James (lids
Precinct 12 Henry K. Kapu, Wll
Hum Kekon
Preiliicl 131 U MiCandless, G.
W, IMku. M K Mines, II, U Knlawiiln.
I'ltcliicl ll-Jiis. Klpapa, II. P. It
JI'IIUI.illl, II M Miiliuin, Jim I'larKn
l'reiliicl lb Hy hunter Allium, liar-
ly Jumi, Wlllinm I'liniihii
I'lerlliit !l I V Kiihiileiilill I
li 11 I111I111
I'"" III, I S ilMlllll llllllll ,
While KuliHWHI U iHlolHlu
Our Now I'bono Number Will llo
City Transfer Co.
John Drown may Imve been Insane
or bo may havo been merely erratic. ,
He may have been a ....... of rcn.a.k-
.IV 11 viuin iii 1'iuiiiui iiv vuuiu uniu
able mind. o well n or wonrtorfill I w,fly xiLh.lrn-n to tho mountains,
will Wlintnvcr ho was, he was onoi,.,,, ,, mn,i ,,,-, , ,1,, .
of the pivots upon vv.ilch Am-srlcun
history turns,
He wns born of poor parents In
Connecticut In 1800. There was Welsh
and Dutch blood In him its well us
Hngllsh. Ills family wont to the Con
necticut tattlomonts In Ohio, tho
"Western Itcscrve," In ISO.'. Thero
he learned tho frontier arts of herding
cattle, riding, hunting and shooting
straight. It wns n hard llfo and It
maae mm nara or oony. mil ne re -
ninlned gentle of heart. At 10 he 1
weni uacK in uonneciicni in imenu
school, but nil inflammation of the
eyes forced him to quit Ills studies,
Itelurnlng lo Ohio, he married nt -
Ills wlfo died nt tho end of eleven
jenis, and ho mnrricd agnln. In nil,
tuonty children were born lo him.
Fovou died In Infancy. Ills sons
fought I y his side.
Drown was of it wandering disposi
tion. I'rnm Ohio ho had gono to
l'enne)lvanla In ISlT. In I S3.", lie re
turned lo Ohio, lie vlsltod Virginia
and wished that ho might live there
In ISIS ho removed In Sprlng'lctd,
Muss., us tho agent of western wool
growers. Klvo jo.irs later ho became
bankrupt through Inking n cargo of
wool to Kig and. Then he removed lo
North Elbn In the Adliond.icks
Gcrrltt Smith, rich abolitionist,
was trying to colonize freed negn
onl7i freed negroes !
there, and this enterprise nttnvt''d
Brown. But the oxpTlmcnt fulled.
Brown wns an abolitionist by In
heritance. Ills father had grounded
him In tho faith. Ha used lo holp
runaway slaves when ho lived In
Pennsylvania. Ho proposed n scheme
lor northerners to purchase tho freo
dom of slnvo children. lie had
negroes In his ramlly In Olilo, treat
ing them us his equals. But nlthough
In 1K37 he sttoro his children to hos
tility to slavery ho' wns not nn nctlvo
worker against It until lf.r.O
In ISt'J tiu huil'begiin to study tho
art of war. At tho time of his visit
to Englnnd ho went to the continent
to learn somotlurg of mllltniy mut
ters. Ho particularly studied Na
poleon's campnlgjf? Apparently n
project of getting up a slnvo revolt
was now present In his mind
In 1HT,4 live of his sons settlod at
Osawatomln, Kus. The state wns
then in tho thiocs of tho struggle
for possession of Its government be
tween tho slavery nnd tho nntl-slav-ery
elements. Tho sons beenmo In
volved 'in this struggle nnd wrolo lo
their father for some aims and finally
to crnr.o himself He Rent the arms
and three months Inter ho came'
Ho wns made captain of a frcn
sluto company nnd took part In rnng
nnd bushwncklng. On one occasion
ho 'executed" live prosluvery men who
hud been tcrroiMng tholr neighbor
hood. For this MlHsourhins burned
tho houses of Iho family and tun sons
wero urresled by tho federal author
ities. Brown kept on lighting. In one
buttle twenty-three men surrendered
to Brown's forco of nine. Ho planned
to keep them captive until tho author
ities had liberated nn equal number
of freo-Hulo men, but a forco of llnl
ted Stales cavalry rescued them, ro- Nicaragua, tho head of the govern
fuslng to nrrest Brown, however Ills ,ncIlt ,)f 1Hl t.omitry K now neneral
son rederlck' wns killed In nn attack jumi ,:H,r,llt ultlioiiRli tho executive
upon Osuwnntomlo by 400 praslnv- . cIuIr jK llow occuplfd by ih brother,
cry men Brown ambushed tho 100 JoKtl )0ioruH :S(1U(Ill. President
wmi uiiny rroe-sollers, Killed mid
wounded eighty nnd Escaped with n
loss of ono man killed and threo
wounded Ho was in several other
In I8r!) ho went tn Huston and se
cured money from itholltlotiists. Two
hundred rllles had ulieudy been ship
ped In him at his headquarters in
Iowa. Ho contracted for 1000 snoars.
saying they wero for use In Kansas. I
War In that state becuiuo lively nnd
Blown wus Importuned to return, be
ing uddrcsseii uj "gonerul" by tho
freo-stuto leaders. Ho wrote vucour
aging IntliirH and ussomhlcd homo
young men In Iowa But ho had no
intention of going to Kunbiis or let
ting his arms go thlrlhor. I In wii.h
prnpiirlng to iillnck tho arsenal nt
Hnrpor'H Ferry, cnll slaves around '
him nnd from tho Virginia mountains
carry 011 a war against slavery by
slave.! themselves.
llo nppeured at llurper'a Perry nn
11 fur;nor seeking 11 home llenllug
a liquid', lllllu by llttln he got his lilies
mid spinrH there, Hpears ivein run
shlered gnod weaponM fur tho negroes,
iiuiibcil in llri'iirms Ills mini, tweiu
Iwn in number, united I
Humbiy iilulu, on It), II.VJ, he
shUi-iI Hid iuwii iiiii) iiiimiiiuI and unul
imi he NiuiiiiiiniiiiH imiii.ii
I'llttoral' mil Nulhvr III tlaiH lu
Iil Mi'in eaiiiurud Li I Li. uiJ ui n.
Miiivs MutylMlHK wtlil well nl Him
.. -,-.--. -w --- " ."
(.ins. II. l.ovn)
beginning, but Drown pcrmlttod a
railroad train to pass through and
spread news of hl3 actions.
'"? " - ' -"ll " . '"
T,0 question has nrlscn ns to wheth-
cr ho did not seek n.nrtyrdom.
Troops surrounded tho town. Citi
zens were killed. Ilrown's various
outposts were driven In. With his six
last men ho Liirrlcuilcd himself In an
engine house. Ho rcfuied to sur
lendcr. When only threo defenders remain
L.d nhh ,,,, C0Iunjr of marines!
burgl ,n tho ,oor HluI ho wa8 go Ber.
Q U8,y ai,rc, ,mt lt WilM tU0UKlit h
WIW k,cili 0 ,,,, , ,e on co
,lllr,ni, .,,, ,r,,,i fr iro.,.,n
He was convicted of treason nnd
conspiring and advising with slaves
nnd others to icbcl, nnd of murder
in the first degree. On Dec. 2, 18T.9,
ho was hanged.
Drown hail denounced attempts lo
havo ti I in decln.ed Insane lie hnd
rejected suggestions of rescue. llo
said he would not walk out of thp
door If open, that his object wns moro
nearly nccotnpjlshcd by his death
than by UK
The world saw when he died that
the: 0 wcro men who regarded slavery
as Mich a wrong that they were will
ing to dlo in tho endeavor to end It.
victor Hugo euld. "He died for the
clutg0 of nir8t ,, Clt,8t... ,
clcnlh ,)rollgllt ,ln;a , n ,, nnd
.-v.,.,,1.,.., ,h ,,..,,,,-,, ,
,,. ii,.,.,i i ,i, r,i, ,
many thoi'siinds In tho north to put
an end In slavery.
"i OEAT. tlAASt.i
WASHINGTON, Aug. .According
t f f tin III tit tit MflL'IftiiU rrnlll Unniimin
, M,rlz turned the L-mernmnni no.r m
the brother of the proposed president
before ho lied to Corlnto, nnd the rov
oliulonnry leader arrived to claim
his tlllo'of piesldent soon after.
ONi; Of TIII3 Intei-lsland steam
ers will bo dispatched this afternoon
to. Kauai wllli p.ts.ongoi a, m.ill nnd
geiiciul caigo. Sho aall.s ut S o'clock.
Younir Hotel Buildinc
' . .. , , JL- , ., , ..'." ;
Gurrey's, Ltd.
Now at (lie
UNION 11 A 1111 ll It B H 0 V
li.ll liul arillfil fioin the Puail
-;-- i"v .;' '"'" "- !-''
Avora. (e) iAxtis ,! ftjp
j THAT Captain John LappTn Whs
!.not to blamo for tho grounding of
.' tho schooner M. Turner on tho
shoals near Knhulul, Hawaii, April wife Miss EllObon, Mlsa ,Larcncc,
1, was tho decision rendered by In- 1. w. -9. Pjitvlsnil fwlfo. y ,
spcctnrs of Hulls' nnd Boilers ilollcsn -lVr stmr. HAuna jjjaa. Slmcwon,
ami Ilulger.' The Inspectors found,"for Kona and. Kavi porU.8cpr. 15. 12
Uiat the ship vyas deserted by thomoon': Joseph ,Opuclc, Esther Ka
sailors and officers with tho execp. hale i and maid, J.ya,oIor,Oco,.
Hon of the cnpialn,. caroenter and Campbell, A. GlbU, Mlai Esthcr--0lhh.
.mate, who rcmnlned aboard; until Gfo. Olbb aqd vy(tc,.P. Marscbrtnd
kescucd by tho revenue .cutter Thetis "Ite. Mrs. A., Uttoo.i " t , .
April 3.. The Inspectors stated that! F tm Claudlnc,', Bennett JoV-
the ptlofboat which was coming .to- "wi. cpi. if. & p. iii.-r-ii. r. uam
ward tho vessel'. turned and Wcnt'o-Wlaa Von iTempsky. p. T. Zablan.
b.uk to the, harbor, without offering NVJ. Slrm.ch, V Chuo Uing.. John
aid even after the M, Turner wns "n- u "' "" and son. Mra. & B
seen lo be signaling for assistance.! J-. Jw HPuta arid irt'e. Mr
The damage fo the vessel was deter- Manala and J chldrcn,.W. A. Andef
n.ned to be ,2000 and that ,0 tho
cargo $7S00.
It. V. SCHWEIHN, general man
ager of the Pacific Mall company, Is
not to return home from the Orient
until November, It is said, llo went,
out In the Mnnchurja In July for
the purpose of Inspecting the vari
ous agencies of his company In thd
Far East. Tho task Is not a light
one, for Schwcrln's methods cnll for
n strict review of every dotnll of
business', ns well ns the outlining of
plnns for securing nn Increase of
tralllc. This, In view of the coming
separation of tho Pacific Mail and
Uho Japanese line, will probably
lausc Schwcrin to dclvo Into th
prospects of bis rompany with moro
than ordinary zeal,
THE CAUSE of the explosion that
wrecked the steamer Phoenix oft iho
California coast recently will ncvor
bo known. When tho Inspectors
climbed Into the shattered hull after
It had .been pumped out they dis
covered that the boiler was missing.
lt Is not believed that the explosion
blew thn boiler Into the sen, but It
Is supposed tbat the explosion so
shattered the boiler connections that
when tho vessel turned, turtlo tho
bolter dropped to tho bottom ot tho
ocean. The hull of tno steamer vyas
practically unharmed. No decision
has been reached ns to tho disposi
tion that will bo made of the dere-
II t.
THE 7.EALAND1A, now en route
from Victoria to tho Colonies, ,1s'
looked for to nrrlvo Friday mornfogV
Many of tho old officers, who have
been running this route In other ships
arc now plnced on tho now Zcnlandta.
Phllpnt Is also in charge of the
P. CoxnII, former purser of 'tho o
rnngt, has been placed In charge-of
Hint department on the Zcalnndla. Dr.
Phillips is also" In charge of tho
Captain Phillips Is In command nnd
health" bureau on the new vessel.
AT ABOUT sovea o'clock last night.
Iho United States transport Logan ar
rlvtd from Snn Francisco and docked
at tho Matson wharf. Early this
morning sho began tn unload 180 tqnvl
ot nrmy supplies for tho local postd:
Sho Is taking on COO tons of coal,
preparatory to leaving tor tho PJilllP'
pines tomorrow morning.
Lleul-Col. It. L. Dullard, Eighth In
fantry, arrived on her -o carry on
Iho Instruction of tho National Guard
of Hawaii
t M .1 ii'
THE SIKltnA Is'duo early toinor-
row morning with a record load of
passengers and holds fairly well-
Ill led with cargo, running oyer 2130
tons. A mainland. mull of 147 sacks
will arrive. Eight now nutomobltcs
will be unloaded and soon added to,
the largo number now In tho city.
TUB REVENUE cutter McCul
lough Ib cruising up and down tjhe.
Pacific CoaBt for'thc purpose of keep.
Ing u Keen c.yo.out for contraband
Chinese and Illicit, opium. The. cut
ter haB been at this servlco for Borne
time, hut ns yet has made no cap
A -WIHELESS received by tho
agents of tho Sierra last night from
that ship states that Bho will be off
port curly tomorrow morning. She
wus 517 miles from Honolulu at i
o'clock last night. '
AFTER WAITING for over a week
In Saq Francisco bay for a crc.w.'the
shin S, D. Carletou hag .at. last., got
away for New York direct via the
Horn. She Is carrying canned goodi
mid barley.
fTIIE JAPArfESICUncr Chivy Maril
Is dun In nrrlvo on Sutunlay from
i Yokohama, Japan, Shu will contlnuq
her Journey In tho afternoon for San
r ruiielsco.
THE CANADIAN liner Zealaudln
Is expected lo nrrlvu off Kirt Inmiir
row morning rrnm HrllUh Coliiiiihlii.
I Hho will prnlMbly sail In Iho ufluf
' iiiuiii
on hi;i'ti:mih:ii :', ih miuxinsr
liefiimler wus limiting luiuher at n
hoi tlviH purl fur lliiwnll
hum I'oii iiHHihii in
nun in inul.
Ilnl nub
Ver, stnir. V. 0. .Half, Thomnson,
for Kauai, Sept. 10. fp. m.--Wv If.
nice, 13.' Langcr, J.-It. Meyer nd
J - iViShTu. .1
Wlfo and 3 children, A. II. tandgrofl.
II. 8. Hogerup, W. D.- Mclntyro Y.
Thursday SepV. IS.
SAN FRANCI8CO-Arrlvcd feept. 15:
Schr. Murlol, from. Honolpu. Aug. zo.
POUT lAND-Arrlvcd 'Sbpt, 16: .8. B.
Honiara, henco Split. 7,
Wednesday ,6ept. 14.
UEDONDO Arrived Sept 13: Schr.
' ,0 H, Holmes, from Illlo, A.g.' 17.
Lurllnc. hcnco't?ept.6.
YOKOHAMA 8allc,d' Sept. 14:- B. 8.
Asia, for Honolulu. ' i
KAHULUI Arrived Bept. '6: Ship
Wni. T. Lewis, from Cardiff,
Tuesday Sept. '13.
SAN FRANCISCO Balled Sopt. 13. f
P. tn.: S. S. Siberia, for Honolulu.
8ALINA CIIUZ Arrived Sept. 13: 8.
H. Mexican, from Ullo,- Aug. 27.
SAUNA CnUZ Sailed 8opt. 11: B.
8, Virginian, for "8an Francisco.
BEATTLK Sailed Sept. 12: B. B.
i Hlnnlan, for Honolulu.
THE STEAMER Mahha Los. wll!
sail at noon tomorrow for her regular
ports of cnll along Kona and Kau
coasts on Hawaii.'' She frill tako mall
for Lnhalna, her first stopping placo.
AT NOON TODAY,1 tho steamer
Mnul sailed for Ktpahulu. Maul. Jak
Ing general mcrcbandlso for Iho plan
tations and othrV stores. She Mill
return with sugar,
v. p,
'THE STEAM Kit Claudine mil at 5
o'clock tomorrow afternoon for, Mapl
nnd Hawaii porta. She will, be in
command of Captain DenOeU, her re
gular commander.. '. -"i
la .
.THE OCEANIC, liner Sierra. wl ar
rivo very oariy tpmorrpw. fiiornlng
from San Francisco. A large number
of -tourists Is expected to come' on
TOMOnitOW morning at H.n'fitock
tie flagship Mau.na 'Kca wlll.leavo
for tabalna, Maa'laca, Maul, spd llilo.
She will return next Saturday riiorn
log. - '
Ma ' .
THE NOUWE.aIAN steamer TH"
nla silled from San Francisco a week
ago vvl.tl'i u cargo, of 2,250,000 feet
of lumber, for Melbourne, v '
. v , " i f, Ipi r '
THE BCHO.ONEIl Muriel from Ho
nojiiu Is ropbrtcdwas arriving' at San
Francisco, Sept. 15.
THE 8. 8. DAMARA, which left
here Sept. 7, strlved.at Portland, Sept.
tr. ' '' . - '
" , - -i
Notfcu Ib .hereby, given. ths.t .the
structure supiiqrtlpg Ih'a'.Ncw York
Stougli East' End Light. haCeen rais
ed siuno 6 feet, and 'the, lhjht li n"'
about 30 feet above mean high water.
L. It. B. Ust of Buoys, etc, Pacjnc
Coust, 11108. p. at,
1 ' I'H V .
Not,lco. Is also given tbatit.on ,Be
tember lt. the 12-inch .steam whistle
at Point Reyes Ught-StaUon. eu
coast of California, was replnedby n
lal-class comprpssed nlr slrijn, sovnll
ing thus: ' ,
Plart 214 sec., Silent Interval 35
soo.; Blsst 2'j c., Silent dntirrVal
35 sec
L, 11. II. UBt of 'Lights, etc Paclfjc
Const, 1909, p. 18, NQ."'22.
L. II. II. List o"f Buoys, etc, Paclltc
Cqast, iWS, p. 35.
Notlco Is aUo KlYJBn that, .North Spit
Buoy, No. 5. a black !"lclss can, re
ported adrift September 4, will bo ro
placed oh soon as (ira'c'ttcable.'
1 11. II, Ust. of- Buoys, eta, l'ac
llo Cm'si, 1908, p. 38.'
, i i ' r
An automatic macbtno 'prints and
mis tho paper and wraps 100 orinne
or iilbr nlmllar fruit, pr.,mjny!
A i4ini, htt, been grunied a Nuw
Vmk iiiuii iisip pueumtlo. heel, fur
fi'inlnlnu Win1"' ' '
In lhi your" n( 'eh i'nr iifry
70i),iiio nuuilii nf plunhUmU J.f,
lulu MiiWmi, 1 1 'I i
,ln' Phi niipiiis nf iIh1 niiiiim'ii
nHllli (if A,iiIHli Villi In I'lt-Hi
livvl mir,

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