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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
Mondays' BMLUHHii'
FRIDAY: 'f j.l'tf
'All visiting members of tn
Order are cordially Invited to
attend meetings of local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondays of
eaJh month
7:50 P. Jf.
KREFIGIAl ASWIATIOH. elation, lit'.
IliaHj invited.
HAHMONY IODQE, No. 3, 1. 0. 0. F.
Meora enrory Mbnday evening nt
B:3Q in I. O. 0. F. Hall, Fort Street.
, E. It. HENDItY, Secretary.
Rt H. B. McCOY, Noble Orand.
All visiting brothers very cordially
OAHU IODQE, No. 1. E. of P.
i i
Me'cti every lTrst and third Frl
Uay evening nt 7:30 In K. ot P. Hall,
corner Fort and Ileretanla. Visiting
brothers cordially luvltod to attend.
O. F. HEINE, 1C n. S.
HAWAIIAN IBIBE,No. 1, 1. 0. E. M.
Meets every first and.thlrd Thurs
'days of' each is'onth at Knlglita ot
Pythias Hall. VlBltlnc brothers cor
dially. Invited to attend,
k 'A. IJ. EAKIN, Sachem.
' E. V. TODD, C. ot It.
Meets on the 2nd and 4th WED
JfESDAY evenings of each month at
,7:30' o'clock In K. of P. Hall, corner
Bere'tsnla and Fort streets.
Visiting Eagles aro Invited to at
tend. -
r W. It. Itll.EY. W. P.
WM. C. McCOY, Sec.
HONOLULU LODGE, 616, B. P. 0. E.
'Honolulu Lodgo No. C16, D. P. 0.
Elks', meets In their hall, on King
Afreet, near Fort, every Friday eVo
nlng. YlsWns. nrothers aro cordially
invited to attend.
K. of P.
Meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday
vsnlng at 7:30 o'clock In K. of P.
Hall, cor. Fort and Oorotanla. Visit
ing brothers cordially Invited to at
tend. . ;.k
1 II. A. TAYLOIt. C. 0.
' , b. a. jacobson; k: R, 3,
Go to
Furniture Co.
Upholstered,. Remodeled and
., Iteflnished
The Right- Way
j" hopFs co.,
Limited -
For Sale
i '
Complete Office Fixtures
for Immediate delivery. Address P.
aS Wr&
0. Box 207, Honolulu.
Medical Men Will Gather For
Papers and to Elect
. Officers.
Tlio annual' meeting nf
, I
U1C lia-
wallnn Medical Awu-lallnii will bo ,, ,,, , ,M cvcrlm
helil cm Saturday nml Monday iicxt,.nn ,1li ..vnlen ..,ih. ti, ....-,
-i. ,-i.. ...in. .. i .,....., ..i.
""", ""' u.iii.hk-1 " J,
v.viiuis ui iiiu uuivvimiy v. lliu,
The cutlro piogram fur tlio moot-!
Ings has not been made as jet, but
tlio afternoons of both days will l0
devoted to tlio presentation ot pa
iters upon subjects of especial Inter
est to the medical pii'fcsslon In Ha'
Klcitloli of ntueprs Is expected 10
take pla c o:i Saturday cvouthg, and
the banquet on Monday . will cloto
the meetings,
Uorlcru Moore, Wood and Wnyso'n
coniiiOke the lonimlttce Irt charge of
' ihls session of tlio association, and
umiuugn un tuu papers to up pre
sonlcd havo not set reached the com
mittee, there Is ptomlso of many
aim Interesting ones to bo rc.td. .
Among thoro who will present pa.
pcra before tlio association ntrt Dr.
Ramus, on '.Modern (iurantlne";
Dr. Currlp. mi "Stale Control of
Leprosy"; Dr. Wuvson. mi 'TonltdJ
rial Control of Leprosy", I)r llmi
Rcrs, on "Cllnlcitl Work in Bug
land": Dr Nottngp, on "Un-iil- Bye
Troubles" tml I)r tlpnilliuci oil
Clinical Observations nt Kona.'i
r-: V
More Sick at Queen's Than
In Any Year Sintic. v
1883. . ,
That tlio Queen's Hospital lias been
falrl' crowded lately Is seen .when tlio
fact Is announced that tlm number of
patients at tlio 'Institution (luring tlio
flrst part of tlio prewsnt niontli, was
greater Uian nt nny tjirto hlnco 18S1.
Iljist wcok the rpcord of 101 patients
wus reached, and extra nurrps htnl to
bo engaged to tnkc care of tlio sick;
the operations wcr" iniirli nliovo the
ncrago number, and altogether tho
hospllnl HtnfT hail their hands full
"Yes," remarked Superintendent Ee
knrt this morning, "the number of pa
tients during the laKt tow mntitliH lias
been larger than tlnco the year 1K83.
Wo havo bedR fiir onii hundred and for
ty patients ami, nt mio time, wo h.ul
ono hundred ami ono p.itlentH. Wo
could ut n pinch accommodate ono
hundred and flfly persons, hut that
would bo n hard cuntract. Tlio oper
ations hnc been hcay also lately,
and tho stafT has been very luihy."
AltcrntloiiM arc lilanncil at tlu hos
pltal and nllhiitigh no ndditlnns will
bo made, tho wards mid inmo of the
prhato room; will bo changed mound,
Tho lcsult will bo that better ar
rangements In connection with pa
tients will bo In force, and ccry
thing will bo handler.
Ground breaking oxdrclscs for tho
now Y. M. C. A. building at Alakea
and Hotel streets nro set for tomor
row, but Secretary Paul Super said
tills morning that owing lo unforeseen
delays tho dhto may lmvo to bo chant;.
od ngaln, Tho association and the
contractors, tho Paclllo Engineering
company, today signed tho. contract
for a 1132,000 building, It Is to bo
finished early next fall.
Swiss Embroideries
Tho following special olTciVnRs make this fact plainer nnd
glronRcr than any. words' can:
Swiss' Embroideries
if t j
Sale Price.
10c vard 5o vard
15c yard . 10c yard.Hctjular. .Sale Price.
20c yaid 10-12'Ao yard!
25o yard , 18ff yard
30s yard.
, . 15-20 yard
35o yard...
40c yard...
45o yard. .,
Z0g yard
30c yard
30o sard
60c yard
, rr35 40o yard
05o yard 40o yard
75o yard 5Uo yard
00c yard... G5o yardt 3,00 yard 2.25
Fort Street, opposite Catholic Church
Au.oB. 4 per hour. I.cwls Stables.
rtctlul .SI. llnrk Stand, l'hiinc It.VJ.
Try a csso of Plncctar. It Is pure
riivne msr.
It Koes 'without saying that every
thing Is Beat at The Kncore.
For distilled water, Hire's loot
Heer and all olbrr popular drinks
King up Pu'one 2171. Consolidated
Soda Works.
flrrirpn 1 Itnrrll. t..i..i.1 1 n .. ..I
" ..........n, h. 1.1111.111 in
rlmrlnu V Pud. v .!.. l...- ..i...tiH
; " -
wiows un Incnmo (if I1K.03S.71
cxivndlltlros nt I17.80fl.22, lohlng
balnuccti nliitml of $202.10.
Following nro tho secntcpn lone
Homo Democrats ot l.nlc; Pole Ohio,
president; Knwlkn Main, vlco prcsl'
dent; Kahlona, (police): Pono Nul,
Kcp.i KBhawni, Kcma Kalian al, Oma'
ks, llllilau, Mnmatio, Waa Oplo, Ka
inaknhl, Kila Manuel, Kcola, Kalco
lllds for tho construction of four
election booths were opened In tho
offlce of Sccrctnry Mott-Smltli nt noon
today, tho succsKful bidder being
Harry Kleuimc who will do tho work
In nlno diys nt a cost ot SS2S. Thcio
cre two other bidders on tho work,
Albeit frusV lit $1120 and C. II. Alton
'at J787, but this laltor could not paint
(bo b'uilhs In nddltlon to building
tlirm In less than fourteen days, mid
(llut,(iiiliIl'-J)ey-iQii-lilta fortho com-
""IfHVtf v.i t
Case Rrought By Sumner Is
To Be Discontinued as
Money Is Paid.
There wus no action taken In tho
hill for nc'.oiintlng brought against
A. V, Gear, by John K. Sumildr, In
tho Circuit Court this morning, tlio
matter having been bcttled nut of
cuurt, andan action for dlscontlu
nance will bo filled.
Although no authoritative Infor
mation can be obtained oh the hr.inr
workings ot tho case, it Is under
stood that Gear has made restitution
of M!eral thousands nf do'l.irs which
ho loaned out of Stunners money
with no authority of law or otlic'r
A week ngn the c.ifo c.mio up and
at that time Gear ngrped that If he
had until today ho would tako up
certain of tho notes which he had
taken in place of Sumner's money.
Tho lecjuesl was granted, and a '
coulliig to tho action this morning.
Gear nniBt havd made good.
It Is believed that Gear found the
cash to redeem two notes, ono for
something over ?2300 for money
which ho Invested in tho Levy Out
lining Company, and tlio other for
'$1000. money loaned to A. V. Thay
er bcfoio ho started for the Philip
pines to develop vast sugar estates.
John Marcallliin waa nppolutod to
look after Sumner's entato sumo tlmn
ago, nud for several months ho has
been trying to got an acroiiutliig
from Gear for the money which was
turned over to blm when ho tooli
charge of Sumner's affairs.
When the report of Gear was filed
In court It was found that ho had
loaned several sums of money with
hut little. If any security, and that
he had no mithoi It to loan sun.li
nionoy, iiTordlng to the report filed.
Tho payment today of tho two
notes In question and tho taking
over of them by Gear personally fin.
Ishes tlio fake as far as tho courts
aro concerned.
A ship In not necessarily crippled
when sbo has Inst ono of tho liunds.
Ilostnn Transcript. '
ri .. , jt
Thhty lo 42 inches wide.
$l,25ynidi ..': .00 yard
1.50 yard.', ' 00 vard
2.00 yard 1.25
2 50 yard 1.75
Our New Phone Number Will De
Clly TtHnnfer Co.
Al i lm -
Th'( pictcn c of lire In Uncle
Sam's naval coal pile situated oppo
slto tho Alakea wharf was made
manifest la'e Saturday afternoon,
and commencing early this morning
in-live, eieps wkiu iaicn uy iiiu mi-;
thnrilles to locate the center of tho
The coal comes from tho New
Itlvcr dlstrl t on tho Atlantic o:ist
of H(o United States. Thcro aro np
proximately twelve thniiKinirtoiis of
this llinnnuunhlo fuel itored nt tho
United States naval coal rtntlon.
This morning a force of workmen
was delving Into the inniikn Ewa cor
ner of tho pile, and It was expected
that by afternoon tho exact position
of the II ro will bo determined nnd
the horning ionl will have been re
moved. Spontaneous combustion within
coal of a kind like Hint which comes
from Now Itlver dlsttlct is not con
sidered an uiK'onininn oc urrenrp.,
To sutccrsfiilly tight It, however,
sometimes requires long and patient
effort upon the part of tho Navy
A iiuitibor of wngonlnnds of smok
ing ronl wero taken from tho pllo
nnd transferred to the adjoining
yard Iblq morning. .No water has
lius far," been lUriolt upon tlio
smoublcjIliL'pJIcthougli this may be
done 'later on, should tho firo ho
found to hayo gained BilHlclentlie.nl
js'ny'l'n'AvnVraiit nioit) heroic and
energetic .tfcatment,
Tourists Are Headed This Way.
It Is predicted Hint thuro will be a
far greater' number 'of toutlstii to ar
rive hero from Central and Southern
California tills fall and winter than
on any previous season since tho or
ganization ot the present energetic
campaign under the auspices of tho
Promotion Conijjiitteo. Tho Oceanic
stcnnlslilp Sierra Is said to bo bring
ing down a good sized list of passen
gers n largo porccntago being thnsa
who conic to Uicno Islands for health
and icere.illon. Follow lug Hie arrival
of tho Sierra from San Francisco on
Friday morning will be the departure
,n iiiu iiiiur-iBitiim nii-aiiicr maun i
... ,i. ,.., i .,.. ..
ien i or iiwo. uy tins connection,
passengers nic pcrmlltiM to complete
a speedy round trip to the Volcano
at the samo tlmo allowing them suni
clcnt tlmo for a visit nt Honolulu and
Its plctmciquo environs.
Quiet Week Promised.
There Is a light wcok In pinspect
along the watorftont, Tho arrival of
tlio Amcrlcnn-Ilavvnllmi freighter Mo
xlcan wl'h cat go from Now York and
transhipped nt Tohiiautepec Is about
tho only vessel that is thus far sclicd
ulcd to call at tho port. Thcro Is
u possibility that a lumber laden
schooner nhiy nrrlv'o within tho next
six days but savo theso v essoin tho
local shipping will doubtless present a
nther deatortod appearance. Accord
lug to calculations of shipping inon
the powerful tug Hercules' with tho
tilrblno dro'dgcr In tow bound from
Astoria to Pearl Harbor Is oxpocled
to show up most any day. Tho tug
and dredger left Astoria, Oregon, thir
teen days ago,
Opium Is On the Other Boat,
"That oiiliun is on tho other boat,'1
Was the laughing comment made by.
an olbcer connected with tho Pacific,
Mull Klr.iimi.ltln l?rirc:l ulien lisUnil
concerning tho result of n closo and
careful hearth of tho Korea during
bor visit nt tho port, Tho quest for
opium Instigated by u squad of local
customs men Is declared to havo
brought to light no ding of nny sort,
llovvovor, thp unfruitful returns froni
a search of a trans-Pacific liner is
nolhlnir out of tho ordinary In Hono-
I lulu custnnis circles as tho Investiga
tion. Is being carried on In connection
vvitn all vessels visiting nils port irom
the 'Qi lent or tlio coast,
Few PaWengcrs, Many Plres,
Short oh passcimorN lint long on
pineapple tho Mntsoii Nnvlgi'Moq
sreamer llllonlan pulled away from
the whnrf nt six o'clock on Satin day
evening with d stliiallou ns San Fran
cisco. Soino half dozen t -nvt'lnra
placed thoniselves under tho euro of
Cnp'aln Fredcrlcksoii and hbi genial
BtafT of ofilvers and It U expected that
21. 1910.
(Jsf. II. Love)
tho voyage to tho coast port will bo
completed within sccn ilays. Tlio
llllonlan cairled n cargo Including
35,000 cases of plncapides, HOOfon's
sugar, 2S00 bunches bananas,, and a
ipiaiuuy 01 rice ami snniirictj.
Creenvvclt Ranch Cattle Arrive.
Theio was a shtpmenLot Gnenvvell
ranch ciittlo to tho number of "9 head
Included In tho consignment of llvo
stock Hint arrived nt tho port this
morning by tho Inter-Island steamer
Hqtcno. Tho vesccl also brought II
sacks coffee and n quantity of sun
dries. Tho vcsfcl called nt Napoopoo
and ports. Tho homeward trip was
reported n pleasant one.
Mlkahata Drought Assorted Sundries.
The Intor-Island sicamer Mlkaliala
from Maul, Moloknl mid Laual iwrts
was nn arrival on Sunday morning
with a few passengers ami a cargo
Including 1 17 pigs, 60 sheep, 18 sacks
potnlocH, 39 sacks corn, 17 cratoj
chlckcni, 117 packages sundries.
Smooth weather was encountered on
tho homeward trip.
Rice' from Kauai.
lllco paddy to tho nmoiint of (9R
sacks nnd (iu sacks rlco was Included
In tho cargo brought to tho port Hilt
morning by tho steamer Nllhan from
Kauai. Other linos of frehhl consist
ed of 3 sacks co fTce, S racks awn nml
a quantity of sundries. Purser Hoy
den reports a fine trip ncross tho
Loom On Her Way,
Accoidlng lo advices received hciu
the United Statfs army transiKirt" Ii
gnu fiom .Manila nud bound for San
Fimiclsco Is revolted (o havo sailed
from Nngasaki, Japan on Inst Friday.
The Uigan should arrive at Honolulu
on or about November 3rd.
Klnau In frci Kauai.
Tho freight list of tho Inter-Island
steamer Klnau from Kauai potts in
eluded tli" following Items: 025O sack
sugar, .'00 sticks rlco, 51 bales hides,
210 package;! sundries. Tho Klnau
arrived nt tho port on Sunday morn
ing. Rlthet Not Ready fcr Sea.
Ten thousand cases of oil brought
down from tho ooast In tho bark It. P
Hilhet will have to bo discharged !;
foio that vessel Is ready for Bqa, Tho
present Intention Is for tho Illthot to
return to tho Pacific coast In ballast.
Twenty-one Days for the Dumfries
shire. A pussago ot twenty-ono days ha
tvvecn Honolulu and Ilrltlsli ColuniM-in
ports Is if corded for tho IMtlsh shin
DumrfrlcbHliIro that h.t.i just reached
Victoria, II. C.
Bark Albert at Kaanapall.
Tho old reliable bark Albert froni
Port Gambia with n shipment of linn
her Is reported by tho ofllcors of tho
steamer Mlknhhla as havlmr arrived
nt Kaanapall.
Nllhau for Kauai
Tho In'cr.fsland steamer --Nllhnii
link been planed on tho hurlli to sail
for Kauai ports at fivo o'clock Hits
evening taking general cany) only,
Llkellke Off to Honokai,
Today's dcii-irliircH Included Hint of
tho Inter-Islaud nnd stcrtmer Lil'ellkd
for Uunnkaa. Tllo'vossil carrlod url-"
ous lines of general freight.
Saturday, Oclober 2ii.
SAN FRANCISCO Sailed Oct. 22: S.
8, Sierra, noon, for Honolulu.
PORT TOWNSF.NI) Arriv'ed Oct. 22:
Schr. Robert Lowers, henco Sept. 27.
POUT ALLEN Snllcd Oct 21: S. 8.
Hyaderf, for San Frahclsco.
HONOIPU Sailed Oct. 21: Schr.
Muriel, for Sun Francisco.
HI7.0 Salted Octobor ID: Schr.
Dorcalls, for Port Townscud.
IIILO Arrived Oct. 18: 8. S. Enter
prise, from Honolulu.
MEMO 8. S. llllonlan. sails for San
Francisco today fi p. m.j mall
clofes T p. m, r ,
tm i i
2TS." ullloilal nioiii 2250
btislneis ofllce. Tliene lire Hie lele.
pliunv nuuiln'ru of (lie II u 1 1 c 1 1 n,
Sunday, Oct. 23.
Kaval por's Klnau, stmr,, a. nt
MaiiKMotokal nnd Lnlinl ports Ml
kahnla, smr., a. m.
Monday, Oct. 24.
Kmial ports Nllhan, stmr., a, m.
Haw'all ports Heleno, Btmr., a. in.
Hawaii and Maul ports ' Maul,
stmr., a, m.
Monday, Oct. 24. r
Honokas" h'hU1 itny1 ix5rts Llkelllfc,
rtmr., noon. ,
4 1
Per stmr. Klnnit, from Kauai and
way iwrts, Oct. 23. Prlnco Kulilo,
Itov. 8. U Desha, Major Wluslow, C,
F. Horrlck, , Chaliam, O. K, Notley,
Mrs, T. K. nunkcr. Doctor Judd, Mrs)
.liidd. Mrs. ntirnotto, J. Wi Harvey,
II. W. Whltnoy, I). Wagoner, W. Dl
sho, r C. Martin, J. W. Ilcrgstrom,
F. t Ilrllcr. M. It. Mnrslly. Mrs. Mor
ally. C. F, Wostloy. W. II. Sow, Chock
Sun. Ah Fook nnd eighteen deck.
Per Btnir, Mlkaliala, from Moloknl
nnd Maul porls, Oct. 23. Mrs, n.-Ihl-hl,
M, V. Prosscr, J. W, Holland, Ho;
sakl, Mrs. Knnda, Miss Kanda, P.
Cockctt, 0. Murphy, .1 II. Mackenzie
C. A. Dealt. Mrs, Dealt. J. D. McVeigh,
Mrs. Goodhito, Mrs. Ilcdmon, Itovcr,
em Kcklnl. D. McCorrlston, C. II.
Mcirlnm and twenty-sevfn deck
Per stmr. Mauna Kca. for Hllo n'tid
way Kirts, Oct. 25. Wong I-nl. C. II.
Akana, 'A. F. iiicggcr, Mrs. 11. Mist,
J. II. Kcnncry, T. 1 Urown, Mrs. U.
Thompson, U Klngslcy, Mrs. A. Tra
ves, J. W. Holland, C. A. Snkc, Mrs.
J, G. Prntt, John Dctor, Jnllari Mo'n
sarrat. Per stmr. Mauna Ixin, for Konn
nnd Knu port's, Oct 28. Mrs. yl
vestcr, W. F. Frost, Miss Heard.
Per stmr. Claudlno, for Hawaii nnd
Maul ports, Oct. 28. 11. W. M. Mist,
W. Douglns.
Per stmr. Klnnii, for Knual ports,
Nov. I. Mrs. 11. D. Wlsbnrd, G. P.
Wilcox, 11. W. Itlce, Mrs. Rice, C. R
Hofcanrd. Itov. U Kroll, Mrs. W. F,
Hall, .J. P. Cooko, Miss N. Ilobblnc,
Mrs..Sotmnn, W. Schilling, J. II. Bulo.
Sierra May Bring Many
To 'Visit Pole's '
A week end to Isj spent nt . tho
shrlnn of Pclo on Hawaii Is likely to
attract a, number of thoso tourists
now en fouto tti Honolulu by tho
Oceanic Steamship Company liner Si
erra. Tho old reliablo "ferry boat" Is duo
to reach this port early Friday morn
Tho Intcr-lsland stenmef Mauna
Ken upon doparturo tomorrow morn
ing will shorten up her stay on tho
Islnnd of Hawaii sufficiently to per
mit tho return of tho vessel by Friday
Tho now nrrnngement between tho
Oceanic nnd tho Inter-Island com'
panics calls for tho dispatch ot the
Mauna Ken for Hllo direct on each
Friday afternoon following tho arriv
al of tho Sierra at this port.
It Is expected tho Mauna Kca will
reach Hllo beforo 8 o'clock on. Satur
day morning nnd in tlmo for passen
gers to connect with tho morning
train to Olcnwood nnd tho'Volcano.
In returning, Volcarto" visitors wlU
ho allowed to remain at Hawaii's nat
ural wonder Until after tho lunch
hour on Sunday and arriving at Hllo
will tako passage on tho Mauna Kca
for Ilonoluli), leaving thnro on Sun
day' nftornooh and arriving nt Hono
lulu curly on Monday morning.
H0STON, Oct. C Miss Margaret
-Valentino Kolly, who has tho dis
tinction ot being tho highest' sala.
rlcd woman In tho Government ser
vice, Is n noar Iloston woman, Her
homo Is in Portsmouth, N, It., bht
sho wditvto school In Iloston and
lived In Framlngtun for some tlmo
'with tho Valentino family, froiri
whom sho took her middle name.
Miss Kelly was born In" Ports
mouth, tho daughter of John Kelly,
natlvo of New York", Mo.-, the de'
Bccndnnt of early Irish Immigrants
Her brolhor, John W. Kelly, Is at
torney for tho II, & M. II. R with
hcadquartors nt Portsmouth, and la
prominent n politics. Aa, a young
gjrl Miss Kolly nttended a .p'r'fVnto
school on Deacon street, .Iloston. She
and her family1 have been Intimate
friends of Charles S. Hamlin ot llos
ton for a. 'number of years.,
When Mr, Hamlin was Assistant
Secretary of tho Treasury, In chargo
of the fiscal bureaus of tho depart.
ment. Miss Kelly wont to Washing
ton" to seek hor fortune. She obtain
ed employment bb n clerk In tho
Treasury Department at $620 ti year,
h'liil eIvph Mr. Ilnmlln credit for Iift
slnrt In tho Government service. Corlrvou, then Secretary of tho
That waa tlftenn years ago. M?s Trepqry, pionlbted her tn be ad
Kelly has Iipmi In the Treasury l)e- luster rif nrrounta In the mint bii
pnrtmvnt continuously since. She rcnli at an annual salary of $2000,
a v
Corn'-ing From'Wands For An
.nual .Wfetuig and
Election. s '
"III the 1fuliirr7''wltuVthc coo.'ieVn
lion of tho members, .will try to
niako the Chcmjita ' AsROcIhtloii a
live factdr In this cdmnjunlty." ,
With this brief r.cxprcsstod, F. IT.
Greenfield took Iiiu., clmtr1 aa prcsl
'dfnt ot tho Hava'llat;9uBar Chem
ists' Association for thT, ,cnsulng i
year. Ho, was unnnlmbusly elected
lo tho crialr. with 8. S. Pcc'lir a se.
rctary.trcasurcr, at tho annual met
I life In progress today.
Promptly nt 9:30 o'clock this
morning, tho members of tho chem
ists' association met in the room of
the .Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Asso.
claUhn Iji; tho Judd't; building, nnd
discussed 'matters whlcjtsconie dltect
ly under, their profess'lon.
Many Plantations Represented. '
i Witlntho oxcoptlon of tho Kauai
members, tho chemists from practi
cally nil 'tho island plantations, to
gether with tho chemist's on Jhls Is
land, Vitcaded "the ifiifiual meeting
ot the' assdclttHln'liil-mornlngx ml
listened to tlio' rending of'rcports ailit
other papers from W. P., Kelly, chem
ist of the Hawaiian Agricultural Ex-,
pcrlmcnt Station aud'I S. Norrls,
assistant chemist, II. Sljl. A, Kxpcr
lincnt Sl'atldh. "J
A. Kraft', chemlet otnho Walalua
sugar plantation, read, an Interest
ing paper on the; construction by
himself of a rack which simplifies
tho operation of preparing saniple3
for polarization.
In order to explain It.to tho other
chemlits prcrcnt, Kraft brought
with him photographs showing tho
front of tho rack, a suml for tlm
filtering Jam and a board for tho
.funnels. These photographs wero
carefully scullnlzcd by thoso present
at tlto meeting.
Another matter of Importance
which will bo decided, this after
... .. ...... .. i. .,.. .i.
noon is wuviucr or v m udow.,.
Hon will' taKo action looking toward
tho employment ot chemists on every
plantation In the Islnuds, to further
tho scientific ftgfowth-pf Bugar and
Its processes, beforo It is .sent to
Important Matters Up:
The other matter of Importance
which will occupy tho attention ot
tho members Is 'the' discussion ro.
gardlng tho placlngt of the sugar
mill's under the clicilllcnl control ot
Hie association. This has been ono
of tho Important things under con
sideration for' somo'', time.
In order to carry on tho work of
(ho asso:at!on successfully, an as
sessment ot (2 will bo taxed each
nnd ovcry member of tho nssocla
Hon. Secretary Peck announced that ho
would probably not bo able to col
lect tho dues of tho members, as ho
had contemplated taking n trip to
tho States, Ills announcement did
not worry tho members, howovor.
Reforo tho members return' to their
homes thoy will be tho guests of
honor at n dlnnor to bo glvon this '
evening at tho Seaside Hotel.
Thoso who havo been olected as
odlccra for the ensuing year aro F.
B. Orconflcld, .president.', R. 8. Nor
rls, yjcc-jrsldcntj Bpcrctary-treas-urcr,
S. S. Peck. J. W. Donald. C.
O.'Jamcs. II, E. Savago and II, John-
Von were elected merhtiors of the ex
ecutive .committee. C. C, James and
,ir. 8. Norrls, respectively, acted aa
temporary chairman a.nd secretary.
The meeting will bo kept up this
afternoon until a lath hour.
Present at tho meeting vthls morn
ing wero O. C. James, n. 3. Norrls,
N. Becrr, F. K. arccnfiold, W. Ebo.
ling, E. C. Wcstby. F. .11. Werth
mucllcr, Wm. Honning, Jl. A. Ljon,
II. Johnson, A. K, Jordan, W. It.
Harding, J, Schulmclstor, A. Kraft,
A'. Oartlcy, II. K. Bavsge, J. II. Pratt.
A'. M. Schmidt, O. F. Renton Jr., Na
pier. J, W. Uonald, Heverldgo, S. 8.
Peck, W.'l'- Kelloy.
Wushtngtoh Is considering the
question ot shortening th paper cur
rency ot tho nation. Still, tho long
green by nny other namo will do as
woll.-J-neuve'r Republican.
., 1 1 i t--mt .. ,ii
r'Tor Rent" cards on tils at
th. Bulletin otftcs. , . ,
Hun :t H tt.tr rt ttu strtu n tt rt
passed a clyll service examination
and waif assigned tp duty in the bu
reau of;tho mint about'a year after
comliighoi-e.' ' She has gradually
wqrked.hprwny up until she stands
at (the .nead", not oply' 3f tho women
nmploj'e'sjOf .(liat bureau, but holds
a hlglle'r position thatf nny othcr
.woman in the wnoio Treasury uo'
partmenv und Government service
jlc'r worth was npprcclatcd some
years ago,whon George B. Roberts
of Iowa "wus dlroUor of the mint.
Miss Kely was his prlvato secretary
for several years; and In that ca
pacity attended to a great deal ot '
Important; work passing through tho
nurrau. I wo or liirvp yrarn agu air,

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