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Evening Bulletin
At 120 Xing Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
Bally every day except Sunday, Weekly iitued on Tueiday of each week.
VVallao R. Porrlnjiton, - Editor
UVUNINO uui.uiroN
ta Month, ui wht In U.8 .7K
Par CJtarttr, aiiywbtra In U.S.... 3.oo
Pel Year, an?nert Id U.S.. M.io
Hr Vai, potlpaid. lortign, .... IS.txj
in the Territory of Hawaii.
np J Editorial Rooms, - 185
1 Cl. Business Office, - 2250
Inter Ml t tb Foatoibct t Mrmt la
u second Ui matter
When you know a thing, to hold
that you know it; and when you do
not know a thinj;, to allow that you
do not know b this is knowledge.
When lloosevelt does tulle, It will
come like a kick from a mule.
All Mr. Commissioner Campbell linn
to do now In connection with Immi
gration In to make good.
Tako time by the forelock and shop
early, else you'll have to grab It by
the fetlock and be disappointed.
Honolulu greets Admiral rices' suc
cessor with feelings of cordiality and
regret. Oood citizens are always wel
come, but wo hute to lose uny.
First the politicians nnd now the
plantation managers decorute the en
trance to the Judd building. Nelthe"
has much use for the other, but we
the common people. hne them all.
Football must have been revised
downwurd Indeed. Last year the vic
tories were only subject to the under
taker. Now the game Is not ended till
the verdict of the criminal court has
been rendered.
Where are the unselllsh Christian
women who voted to take off their
hats In Church so that others might
see and hear better? Central Union
Church Calendar.
Oh, Woman! Fickle Woman!!
When nn applicant for n home pre
sents a request that Is not deserving
the attention of the head of the Pub
lic Land Department there Is some
thing wrong, not with the applicant
biit with the administration of public
John Hughes says the politics of the
municipality are in the hands of
bosses. Well, that was true of one
machine, the Democracy, and tho peo
ple voted that they wanted none of
the Boss or bosslsin, Mlmt more
could be reasonably asked.
There was never a betur time In
the history of Honolulu to place the
police department of the municipality
under the strict civil service rule of
a competent police commission. It
hasn't been mentioned In any plat
forms but It has got to come.
This Is the Week of Prayer In the
churches. If the people outside the
church would pray for those In the
church whom they criticise and those
In the church pray for the sinners
outside. It should be possible to strike
tt very fair average. The trouble Is
that most everyone spends too much
time "cusstn"' the other fellow.
Outgoing city supervisors could not
mark their final ofllclal labors with a
more commendable act than by pass
ing an appropriation that will provide
for enlisting the Hawaiian band to a
membership that will make It In nil
particulars a first class military band.
Don't let the tourist season come up
on ub with a band for which the apol
"bgy has to be offered that we don't
provide as liberally as In farmer days.
The time is not far distant In the
progress of Hawaii's muln Industry
when every task will have a definite
rating, regardless of tho raco or na
tionality of the man who performs It,
and the only preference will be that
to which the efficient citizen workman
Ib always entitled.
In view of the declaration of Pres
ident Pfotenhauer, coupled with the
verdict of the people at the polls last
week, there are mighty few persons
or Interests In tills Territory which
are not in line for Kuropean lmmlgrn-
tlon and conservation,
I'M Sit Montoi 49 ,ft
Trt Vcar, anr"hitln US I.ihi
Per Year anjnahm d Canada. I.ftft
Par Year poatpald, toman 3.iwi
NOVEMBER 14, 1910
Sugur plantation managers nsrem
bled In the city probably realize but
ter tliiin any of those who give them
gratuitous Instructions on how to run
their plantations, that they have be
fore them one of the most itllllcult
years that a manager can experience
Three years of good times, excep
tionally prosperous times, hae just
come to a close.
The stockholders having become ac
customed to comfortable regulur divi
dends and pleasant extras, can't nl
wuys understand why they should be
brought down to the "regulars" and
hardly that, despite the fuct that the
price of sugar for the coming cam
paign will be twenty-five dollars a ton
less than In recent years. So the
stockholders become fretful.
The men who toll will cxpcrlenco
much of the same feeling us regards
their wages. They will estimate tho
wage-paying capacity of the planta
tions on what was done in dividends
during tho Inst two years, rattier than
on the ability to pay on the present
price of sugar In the world's market.
Thus laborers may become an easy
prey to demagogues.
In addition to this the managers
must grapple with the prqblems that
arise from the quiet revolution that is
going on In tho Industry resulting
from the passing of gang lubor conse
quent to the change In the character
of Immigration.
Every man interested in the pro
duction of sugar In these Islands real
izes that the conditions of the Indus
try are steadily changing, nnd in con
sequence of this there must be n con
stantly increasing spirit of coopera
tion between the "plnnters" and the
people at large, tho citizen commun
ity of this Territory.
Nearly all those who tnko a com
mon sense view of the practical facts
of the sugar Industry will realize that
this is no time to Increase dividends,
nor Is It the time to Increase wages.
Dut this is the day and the season
when tho plantation managers who
can discern the drift of affairs will
shape their policies so as to make life
and labor on the sugar plantations
more attractlvo to home makers und
home builders.
The tlmo has arrived In tho history
of this Territory and Its main industry
when It Is good business to establish
sugur plantation employes In homes
rather than barracks; to create con
ditions that will bring more of citizen
labor onto the plantations and ennble
those people to reside In houses thnt
they will bo glad to regard as perma
nent places of abode. ,
This matter of citizen labor Is not
entirely one In which distinctions aro
to be drawn between tho Oriental and
the Kuropean. Tho Japanese employed
on the plantations are raising fum
Illes, and with the proper surround
ings there Is no reason why tho sugar
properties should not appeal to the
Japanese-American population that Is
growing up In the Territory, n people
who have a natural aptitude for agri
culture and have only to be Inspired
as other Americans have to bo, with
the dignity of labor in order that they
shall become fixtures In the plantation
community where they havo grown
Of course all this Bounds chimer
ical to the sugar men and tho man
agers who don't wnnt any d ed In
terference from those outside their
bailiwick, but they will havo to listen
whether they like it or not.
One doesn't havo to bo a sugar
plantation manager to know thut ono
of the strongest holds the sugar In
dustry could have on the American peo
pleIn whose hands rests tho deci
sion of whether our industry shall
continue to be protected or not
would be to bring nbout Buch nn Im
provement of conditions that the plan
tations of Hawaii will be communities
of contented workmen housed in com
fortable homes.
To dlvldo up tho lands as some of
the IdeallstB-liuve suggested nnd de
manded, Is a very radical step, but to
better tho quurterfl und Improve home-
Cily Property for Sale
122 feet by 2iir. feet 2r70 rqilliti' '
feet of land. Uirifn hi lll bulMIng
cm property. Property Irf" near to
( enter of town.
Price, $12,000
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.
Two Fine Lots in
A Big Bargain
Bishop Trust Co., Ltd.
On Sunday Morning the Office
Is Open From 8 to 10
llko surroundings of plantation work'
era Is entirely practical even In a per'
lod of low prices.
Once this work is begun us a gen
erul and definite movement, the future
period of higher prices anil good
times will find the people nnd tho In
dustry ready and In a condition to car
ry It forward as a matter of course.
So common and bo Individually un
inspiring Is the American hen that wo
.rarely give her due meed of prnlso for
the great part' that sho takes In fur
nishing the food products of tho na
tion. Tho following figures, tuken
from n Western poultry journal, show
that In giving honor for Industry and
usefulness wo ought to tako off our
lints to the American hen:
In 1909 tho poultry products mar
keted in the United States aggregated
a valuo of $600,000,000, which Is $119,
000,000 In excess of tho entire gold
output of the country for the lust ten
Waterhouse Trust
Real Estate for Sale
Special Opportunity
Someone can secure a nice home
in KAIMUKI at a discount of 10
on its actual cost, owing to the fact
.that the owner has left the country
nnd wishes us to make a quick sale, .
Cash or instalments. Particulars at
our office.
We have also a
Knlakaua avenue.
Waterhouse Trust
In Preparation
Craft Work
In Calendars,
Mottoes and Prints
When It Is taken Into consideration
that ihoso figures on poultry represent
only thu pruihu ts mutketed It ran
readily bo seen that the entire poultry
products -of the nation would run Into
fabulous figures. It Is estimated that
Amcrli.iu runners nnd other poultry
raisers consume, three times us many
eggs and fowls as they sell, nnd If
that be tho raso tho total value of
poultry products would bo $2,41)0,000,
000. The lumber sold annually in this
country Is valued at $500,000,000, or
$100,0110,000 less than tho poultry
products marketed. Hog sates are tho
same ns those of lumber, und cotton
sales amount to $400,0df),000.
A wise man doesn't pay n young
widow compliments unless ho Is mat
rimonially Inclined nnd willing to pay
her bills. .
Too many statesmen lovo their
country with tho disinterested nffec
tlon felt by u foreign nobleman for an
.American heiress.
$2000 bargain on
Tim Itppuhtlcims spent more than
tl.e Democrats during the course of
the last campaign, nt-cordlng to the
1 statements that nro being filed in ac
cordance with law In tho uillco of
Territorial Secretary Motl-Smllh.
J (Veil Drown, elected to the tfennte
, (in the Hcpiihllcnn ticket, spent 2GG.r.fl
or nearly half of the amount be will
receive for the first session.
(Jn Hawaii 1 !.!,. Ilolstetn spent
$14X41) and Alfonso $".. On Maul,
Nnone spent ?2..r0 and 0 U Konkoo
128 9.V
(Continued from Page 1.)
civil and military and naval, cnuld
not he given.
At this time Admiral Hurbcr was
In command of the Asiatic station
nnd his fleet was practically all In
finite, Juki n crass the bay fioin Ma
nila, tho Charleston being the flag
ship of the fiiunullon.
It Is called thu "bamboo fleet" In
the navy, this small number of light
ing ships in tho Far Kant, hut tho
office!1 In command of the bamboo
fleet showed himself u much bigger
man than tho ono who headed the
big slxteuli on that occasion,
Thu men of tho smaller licet had
been coming uchnie nil the time, but
when the great tnllc and discussion?
arobo nt tho time thu battleships ar
rived, llarber pent his own medical
men to Manila to examine condi
tions and look Into the situation
with tho lliireau of Health, wh ill
Is In charge of Captain Victor O.
Helter of tho Marino Hospital Ser
vice'. Their jeport was that thore was
absolutely no danger to the men in
coming, piovldcd they nto nothing
but well-cooked food during tho tluio
they wero on shore, nnd on this re
port tho commander of tho Asiatic
squadron allowed his 'men shorn lib
erty, ns usual, while those on the
big ships stayed on hoard their ves
sels the entire time they were In
Manila waters before sailing for
China and Japan.
This action on Ilcnr-Admlrnl Har
bor's pait won for him u warm place
In the hearts of Manllnns, nnd ho Is
most certain of the warmest of warm
welcomes nt nny tlmo ho goes to tho
Pearl City of the Orient.
Frank do Mclle, steward of the In-tcr-shind
steamer Mauna Kca, has a
dog that ho might bo Induced to part
with should some cine como around
who would guarantee to reiuoe tho
canine from the neighborhood.
The pollco allege that the animal
has been Indulging In the reprehens
Iblo habit of scaring women und chil
dren und llfo In the vicinity of tho dog
has l.een anything but a long sweet
dream of bliss.
lie Mello has boon called 'to police
station nnd will have, a hearing be
fore Judgo I,yiner on next Monday
Weekly 11 II I let In $1 per year
Phone 1515
Don't Neglect
Your Fine Watch
Many watches aro ruined
thiough lack of care nnd at
tention. Appoint tho enre
takors of jour timepiece.
Twenty ears' oxpetieneo ns
practl ul wnt ihinaKers placos
us In a position to guarantee
. good, honest woik In the re
pairing of lino watclies.
Wo chnrgo no more for
nrst-ciuss work than you may
pa) for poor.
H. F. Wichman
& Co.. Ltd.,
Lending Jewelers
Judge Lymer's matinee nt police
station this nioiiilng continued for Icms
than n half hour owing to a number
of continuances grunted tho sucial
defendants represented by their attor
neys. JI. J. I .old who is claimed to have
disregarded the prescribed rules of tho
road In the manipulation of his nuto
mi.hilu wus given n further continu
ance mrll Wednesday morning.
On Wednesdaj tnoinlng, Joe Forrn.ll
will present himself at police court
where judge l.ymor hns promised to
ptonoimco sentence upon him. . For
rnjl hns been found guilty of appro
bating funds to tho amount or $12
the pinp'H.v of nnolhcr person.
This defendant was sentenced Id
six months up'in n chnrgo of embez
zlement nt the Cirrult Cchirt this
Wednesday will also piobably do
termlnc tho status of Yumushlro a
Japanese woman who Is alleged to
have rotumllted assault und battery
tiHiu u Hawaiian woman named Wal
Central Union Church Draws
Attention to Program of
This Is tho Week of Prn.ver, to
which the C'cntiul Union tlnucli cal
endar dmwa attention ns follows:
The men of the world aro thank
ing Coil and pinylug together this
week as follows:
Sunduy, November 13 For tho
growth of the Young Men's Chi Is.
tlnu Associations In North America
In luateilal equipment, und spiritual
power nnd effective service In Ood's
kingdom. For tho world'n central
and tho thirty-two national Y. M. C.
A. committees and officers.
Monday, November 14 For
Chi 1st lull unity, church brothei hoods
nnd religious revival among tho men
of North America. For nil men In
Africa who are Christians, for the
millions who nro not Christians und
for the Christian business men who
nro standing behind the work In thut
Tuesday, November lfi For tho
adult lllblo clnsscs of our continent.
For the millions of IrrcllglouB men
In South America.
Wednesday, November 111 For all
work In North America that alms to
bring Christ to men who nro outside,
of the chtiriies. For the ISO mil
llona of young men In Asia who lmo
not tlie (lospel nnd for thoso who
ure trying to reach them.
Thursday, November 17 For
every form of Christian social ser
vl o in America. ' For nil who labor
In the regions under the Southern
Cioss In tho Pacific Ocean and for
the men they aic trying to reach.
Friday, November 18 For tho
Chrlstlunlzatlon of our civic life and
our public servants, thnt every citi
zen may tako Ills rightful placo In
tho political life of tho nation. For
tho men of Europe.
Saturday, November 19 For tho
vast army of tminlginuts crowding
into Noith America. For tho men
of Moxl o und Centinl America.
Sundny, November 20 For n groat
religious foiward movement thu
world over.
Tho men of this chinch are asked
to Join with their fellows elsewhere
In this week of united player tind
especially to
1. I'ray eti It day, using the sug
gestions In tho oiiulotcd leullet. Tens
of thousands of men will ho using
the same topics.
2. Como to n meeting for prayer
each day, Noeniber H to I!) Inclu
sive, fiom 12:1U to 12:2.1 noon, nt
tho Association building.
3. Help make the men's meeting
Sunday afternoon, November 20, ut
1:30, n latgo and effective meeting.
It will la) held at the Association
building, and be addressed by ltnv.
J. W, Wndmnn, ono of Honolulu's
best tpe.il.crs.
m:i.i(iious woiiic committui).
(fiptclnl Ilu I let I n CcrrMponilcnoe.)
1111,0, Nov. It. Tho kcliooncr
Spokanu went on the) reef ut tho
euliiiULo to tho harbor of llllo lust
I'huibday evening. She remained
f.t only for nbout half tin hour,
however, and managed to get clear
!)y her own elfortB, and owing to the
fuvoiablo weather conditions It Is
considered certain that no damage
wus done.
Tho Spokuno camo from the Sound
with a 'load of lumber, consigned to
llackfeld & Co. Her foinior skipper,
Cnptuln Juiiilcbtin, died slmo the ves
sel was last in this pott, nnd her
inetoui maalor, Captain SlmpMiii, had
not vlhlted llllo for the past tweuty
ight )ears.
I.u Mly there was hardly any
wind nt thu tlmo the Spokune went
on the leer, nml bIio therefore mere
ly slid on vvry ueiitly and did not
I'ttulrlluul, (The flowery wrrnlh of
hemen), the Iruutlrul home of Piineo
nnd l'rlnc,ss KalalilannoluTit Wnlkl
kl, wii tho scene of feUUitle-t l.ut
Snlutilay nflerniion, when a grand
luau was given for tl.e benefit of tho
llepubllciin workers, who wero in
Btiumcntnl In making tho recent cam
paign a success for the Itcpuhllcnti
Prince Kuhio, tho Delegate, und his
churmlng wife, the Princess Kiihitil
uniiule, received the guests In thi-lr
usual hearty manner, which, nt
once placed all calli'rs'at their ease.
The Princess was charullngly nlten
the to nil guests nnd saw to It that
they were escorted to their te.tts,
which wero arranged under the trees
of this beautiful home.
The luau hnd been nrrnnged for
ono hundred and fifty guests; but tho
arrivals far exceeded that number and
the Delegate Immediately nrrnnged
for nil who came. More taldiys worn
placed nnd latilaus and other Ha
waiian delicacies placed on thorn for
tho people.
Ijirge electric lights were suspend
ed from tho branches of tho trees, for
It wus known thut the luau would ox
tend Into tho night.
, At the conclusion of tho fcust those
who hnd partaken of tho Dclegnlo'H (
hospitality, thanked him nml Ills wife
for the good things they had enjoyed,
und departed,
mmm, '
There was a painful nuto accident
Into Saturday afternoon. W. II.
Driimmond. while driving down King
street, accompanied by Miss Telr, n
Pnlnma nurse, smashed Into an Ala
ken street car. Thu Impact was so
severe that both occupants or tho
auto vveie tin own over tho flout of
the machine. Miss Telr passing
through tho glass front, sustaining
a number of bad rtitB about tho face.
Sho was otherwise uninjured, but
was tnkon to tho Queen's Hospital,
where tho cuts were diessed.
Driimmond got off with a few
brulees, and Is considered lucky, tak
ing Into ne'iiuut thu nature of the
(Hpcclal lliilletln CYrrospomicnrp.)
IIII.O, Nov. 11. Tho Republican
ratification meeting which took?
plnce nt'tlio Armory Inst Thursday
evening wus not a particularly bril
liant success, nt least not In point
of view of attendance. Only u few
of the elected candidates showed up,
nnd tho majoilty of the audience was
composed of young people, who evi
dently came mainly to enjoy tho
clan tug. However, In staying away
the voterB cvldeiHly considered that
they hud done their full duty nt tho
polls, which was undoubtedly truo.
Tho candidates, on thu other hand,
could not bo gtcutly blamed for en
joying u night's lest after tho
strenuous tnbors of the campaign.
Thu meeting started with n con
cert by tho llllo band, which did ex
cellently, ami this was followed by
some selections by a Hawaiian or
chestra, whllo some of thn young
people danced. At about S:.1Q o'clock
John Kealohn, who nctcd as presid
ing officer, Gathered together tho few
candidates who hnd shown up, und
started tho meeting proper.
Fred Weed, a spedul officer con
nected In u clerical capacity with tho I ,
pollco deputtment, made an Import- .
nut capture this afternoon.
Weed succeeded. In placing under
arrest a Jnpuneso named Oiniio, who
Is charged with having engaged In thu
salo of fish ut a placo other thun ono
of the authorized und rccognlretl Half
nuukets operated under tho Jurisdic
tion of tho Territorial Hoard or
A determined stand is being takon
by tho police against tho discriminate
sale of fish by Chinese and Japanese).
Tho arrest made by Officer Weed to
day minks the commencement of n
campaign that will result In protect
ing the, public against thu possible
purchase of contaminated llsh and
other commodities.
Joo Costn n driver of n dray owned
by tho California Feed Company was
Injured by bring hit by a ear on tho
Onhu Hallway this morning. Costa
was plckod up unconscious nnd given
attention by Dr. Herbert, Tho horsua
nnd dray escaped Injury.
a m i
:s :: t: i: n tt tt t: :: t: n t: tt :t
btraln herself any, Captain Simpson
tent worn ui me sienmcr Kauai io
coma to his assistance, und in tho
meantime, he ha lcd his sails, with
Hih reHiilt Hint tlin Hchnniier ul lit nlf.
Into deep wutur and safely, Just bo-
foie mo ivuuui uuiveu on tne acene.
j ''1

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