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nvEXixo nm.i.nnx, iionomimj, t. ii., titsday. xov. is, mo.
for Infants and Children.
The Effects of Opiates.
T"IIAT IVTANT3 nro peculiarly suvieptiblo to opium nnd lis various prep
1 orations, nil of which aro narcollo. Is well known. Kvcn In the smallest
loscs, If continue J, these opiates camo changes In tlio functions and growth of
the cells, Ylilch aro likely to becomo permanent, causing Imbecility, mental
Inversion, a craving for nlcohol or narcotics in later life. Nervous diseases, such
ts lutractalile nervous dyspepsia and lack of slaying powers, aro a result of dosing
v. Ilh opiates or narcotics to keep children quiet In their Infancy. Tho rule among
ly alcians Is that children should never recclvo oplalcs la tho smallest doses for
l loro than a day at c. time, and only then if unavoidable.
'fhondmlnlslinllonof Anodynes, Drops, Cordials, Soothing Syrups and oilier
narcotic to children by any but a physician cannot bo too strongly decried, and
tlio druggist should not bo a party to It. Children who aro III need tho attention
I n physician, and It Is nothing lessthanacrlmotodosothcm willfully wllhnar-
cc ta. Casloria contains no naicotlcs If It bears thnslgnnturo of Chas.H. tlctchcr.
Tho S7 -SF? -fP- Btiurniitccs rciiuIiio
flttrnntiire of Wiajr7iU&4t( Cnntorla
Physicians Recommend Castoria.
Yo ir Hciuratlon known aa Castoria I have used
for jrara In chlMna'a complaints and I biro round
tolhlnj Utter." John J. Lirri, M. D.,
Cterclanil, Ohio.
Tor asnral yean I rccommmded your Tsitorla'
ai.il rtin.ll nlnm;. canllnao to do 10, as It Las Inia
tluMjr iiodLcnl liemtcUl results.
Cuwm F. rAninr. M. D., Sew York City.
"Voir Castoria la a mtrltorlnus household
remedy. It li purely tcrcUIiIo aud acta as mild
cathartic A'xite all, It doe. no harm, nhlch la
mere titan can bo sold of thj great majority or chil
li i en, remedies."
Vioron H. ComtaH, M. D,, Omaha, Neb.
Children Cry
In Use Fot
I hato prescribed yonr Castoria In maor case
and hare always found It an cnlclent and speedy
remedy." A. P. 1'm.r.n, M, D., St. Irat., Wo.
11 1 haro used yonr Castoria In my own household
with food results, and hare adtls-d scleral patients
to uso It for Its mild, laxative effect and freedom
from harm." Edward Pannisn, M. D.,
Drooklyn, N. T.
' Tour Castoria holds tho esteem of the medical
profession In a manner held by no other proprietary
preparation, it Is a lure and rellablo medicine fo'
Infants and children. In fact It Is the nnlTeraal
household remedy for Infantile ailments.
J. A. Finnan, M. D Kansas City, Ho.
for Fletcher's Castoria.
Over 30 Years.
Ginger Ale h I
fa ngrMToost
- (yXi) inEverwBlass
At All Fountains I
nml by' tho C.tso from H
PHONE 2270 I
If It's Paint
Sharp SignS
f Clean Curtains for Thanksgiving
The most cri'ical of your Ruests will be, unable to find fault
with your curtains nftcr wc have cleaned them.
Telephone 1491 No Branches
Time To Get Ready For
Preparations are bcinff made to serve you here. Order your
PIES and other TABLE DELICACIES NOW. Select from this list:
Alexander Young Hotel
Our Parcel Del very passes your door twice a day.
$1 a Year
Sharks Would Not Peck
At the Hobby
Shades of Izaak Walton yo Oods.
lltllo titnl IiIr llshos' Hero Is a title
that sounds "fishy" but rends like tho
terrible encounter Victor Hiiro's hero
hail with the octopus. The weird, vi
vid, fantastical recounting In from tho
lips of' of that facetious raconteur
Oconto II. Howard, nuehcd for by
llobcrt McKIm, endorsed by Olhcr
llallcy nnd modestly admitted by Joo
XIIHor, chamidon shark exterminator
on the Island of Onhu. It nil happen
ed Sunday In the sharks' play
grounds near Pearl Harbor and tho
experience encountered landing tho
big leviathan Ih worth telling by How
ard. "AlthoiiRh thero wero threo ladles
In our party, my wife, Mrs. Ilalloy
nnd Miss Ooicas Matthews, I did not
feel nny anxiety for tho safety of tho
women for tho fact that wo had en
countered 'man-eating sharks. 'Man
eating' sharks do not caro for women
and I know that," Is (ho facetious
nianncf In which tho actor started oft".
"But In nil seriousness It was some
fight nnd Incidentally tho most cxclt
Ing fishing party I over accepted nu
Invitation to. If I tell you we, mind
you I say 'wo,' saw a million of thoe
gray monsters I really mean about
twenty. It was easy n million when
they rushed us. You know how Hint
is. It wns a trying moment. Wo
speared to (h right and to the left
but could not Fend homo n finishing
Tho sharks fought shy of the bait
and thtt mndo them nil tho more
vicious nnd hungry. It took us two
hours to tow tho carcass of n dead
horso to tho grounds. Hut tho Messrs
Shark did not seem to care for what
wo thought was the choicest of allur
ing bait.
I wondered why nnd Just as we
stnrted for home after routing the
enemy I personally examined the bait
nnd found that tho Joko wns on me.
Someone who bad beard of our pro
posed expedition had subslltiiled n
hobby horso. Sharks will not cat
wooden horses, I found that out."
Removal of Structures on Fed
eral Site Brings Out
Peculiar State.
(Special III! lie tin Correspondence.)
Hlt.O, Nov. 12. Tho question of
the removal of tho buildings now
standing on tho Federal building site
wat ono of tho main toplrs of dis
cussion at tho meeting of tho Hoard
of Trade held yesterday afternoon.
The mnttcr wns brought up by Chair
man nichards. Ho said Hint, after
ho had found out that permission had
been granted by tho fiovcrnor for
koiuo of thn inhabitants of these
buildings to remain therein for tho
tlmo being, ho hrfd written to tho
Superintendent of Public Works, ex
pressing tho hopo that tlio. govern
ment would soon move tho Hoard of
Henlth building. Later on, somo of
those who had subscribed money for
tho purpose of getting ready the Fed
oral site, had demanded tho return of
their money, arguing that faith had
been broken with them when tho
buildings wero suffered to remain on
tlio site.
Wright said that It was tho most
ridiculous thing ho had over heard 'of.
First tho peoplo of Hllo had dug up
money In order to got tho buildings
off tho Fedoral lot. and then later on
somo of them had petitioned for per
mission to let tho samo buildings ro
nialn on tho site.
Who Signed Petition.
There wns somo curiosity express
ed ns to who hnd signed tho petition,
nnd Austin nnd Lindsay both said that
thoy had. They argued that permis
sion hnd been granted for tho tenants
In ciuestlon to remain only until such
tlmo when the Territory should ro
move the Hoard ot Health building.
A loiter wns read from Director
Wall of tho Honolulu Floral Parado
Committee, asking that Hllo send n
Princess to represent this Island
Wright was npimlntcd a member of
n committee with power to appoint
nthors, to nttend to this matter.
A lei tor from Secretary Wood of
tho Promotion Committed suggested
that a Itinulio arranged In Hllo for tho
Prince Iluport p'arty of excursionists
which will bo hj-ro during February.
It wns decided (hat this was n good
suggestion, and that tho matter
should bo placed In tho hands of Ste
phen Desha, or somo olhor porson
who was used to handling such nf
fairs, nnd In lot such person mnkn
what ho could out of It.
Ai to Federal Building.
McKoy called attention to tho state,
nients mndo by Dclogato Knlnnlnn'a
nlo and by Architects Whitfield and
Kerr, who visited Hllo somo time
"nw.jto the offect, that tho community
hefi should comniunlcnle with tho
ni(linrthrl nt Washington In rfgttrd
to tho plans for tho Federal building.
Thn plans for tho Honolulu building
worn not nt nil suitable for tlio cllm
ato, uinl unless peoplo hero took
A Skin nt Ueauty is a joy Forevei
S"J -a-5-?".
aaJ.'1 L - ' -af " j
ttsiwtts Jan. l'lmua
1 rnllrt. ltEi litLlth,
mik. sdH sLla In. -,
au't wiwtj UirmiMt
a t-a.lr, ! .u
I-Hili..h. II
. s-rtufxl Ids tr
M w six i.i
I "VI I tfHilf s
tattlit titrt
I; i r irir u.s.ts
tbs b .Hi-
tfl t vttBU
" l TT-U S1IM
Kill Ull U 1
'fltHrniltVa (? as tit 1-mI harmful it al L
Vla jirrarat-taD." 1 ir ulr lr bM ar lrms a'ir) 1 sntr
Uouds fjralsra 10 Us Cblird jtiia IWu Ifc saj ICcr.
ESD.T.UPUtirriu3li il Jjni Srtl lewT-
soiiie Interest, Hllo might get a build
Ing with steam heal mil without la
nals, for Instance. Wright moed
that a committee bo npiHilnled totako
up tlio matter with tho IHogntc. and
the chair appointed as such McKay,
Conness nnd Kinney.
Tlio question of lha retried Im
pending appointment qf a County
"statistician" was brought up, tho
statement being mndo that apparently
tho Intention of thopj lucking tho
plan for such an nppolntincnt wns In
tho main In create n "Juli." Auditor
Mngulre bad stated lint he had plenty
of tlmo in which to compile nny sta
tistics which tho Super. Isors might
deslio, nnd that for that reason it was
utterly unnecessary to create tho new
A motion In tho effect that It was
the fence of thn Hoard of Trade that
no such nfllce was required, carried
unanimously, nnd the Secretary was
Instiuc'ed to so notify (he Supervi
sors, Those present at tho meeting worn:
Chnlrman lllrlinrdi. Secretary Mc
Kay, nml Mears. Doyo, Wright,. Indgo
Andrews. Nichols, Judgr-sLymnti, Aus
tin. Lindsay nnd Williams.
CHICAOO. Oct. 25. rinnil-nlelil
contribution boxes, collection plates.l
rummage sales, money-raising socials,
missionary envelopes nnd all tho old
fashioned methods of raising church
funds nVo to be done nwny Willi by
'the Methodists of Cook County.
Hy n new system of taxation tho
men of tho Methodist Church will as
Rifmo entire financial responsibility,
hnd the women nnd their societies
aro to bo relieved of aH-riifo and w;or
ry about thu Mailer. ,The. ltdn wat.
brought to n focus at.n rrtco.'jlng In
Central Church. Knnsi7)n. last night.
If has been tried out and thls'ls tie
nny n ih io DC UfUie:
Tht? treasurer of 'tho church Inter
views ench male m6mher and secure)
fnun hlnt.n nlodgo of anything from 1
cent td $1000, the pledge being pay-
ahlo anny period specified, by check
or coin.
When tho totals nro summed up.
appropriations can ho mado for min
ister's snlnry. church maintenance,
special collections for homo and for
eign missionaries, charities nnd other
calls for financial support In n gen
eral budget.
"Wo have tried this plan for a
yonr. announced Itov. Alfred Leach,
pastor of a Went Sldo church, "and
not only hato found our rovenue In
creased, but also tho attendance, tho
latter becnuso of tho uhsenco of ni
poals for funds from tho pulpit. Where
beforo wo found It hard to raise f 1200
wo raised $1000 this year without
"I can add our indorsement to the
plan," said Jlev. Horace Williams,
pastor of Central Church at Evan
stnn. "I bcllevo it hns raised our re
souiccs 300 per cent."
It really seems strange that so
many peoplo suffer year In nnd year
out with eczema, when It Is now no
longer n secret that oil of winter
green mixed with thymol, glycerine,
etc., makes a wash that Is bound to
Old, obstinate cases, II Is true, can
not bo cured In u few days, but there
Is absolutely no sufferer from eczerau
who ever used this simple, wash and
did not nnd IMMKDIATCLY that
wonderfully soothing, calm, cool sen
siitlon that conies when tho Itch 4
taken nwny. Instantly upon apply
ing a few drops of tho wash the rem
edy takes effect, tho Itch is allay
ed. There Is no need of experiment
tho patient knows AT ONCK.
Instead of trying to compound the
oil of wiutorgreen, thymol, glycer
ine, etc., In tho right proportions
ourselves wo aro using a prescrip
tion which is universally found the
most effective. It Is known ns the
D. I), n. Prescription, or Oil of Win
tergreen Compound. It Is made by
tho D. D. D. Co. of Chicago, and our
long experience wlthj this remedy
has given us great confidence In Its
Honolulu Drug Company,
Your neighbor who has
n mntor car will ghejun
the straight tip If nu
can get him to stop en
joying hlmrelt In thi
fresh air long enough to
do It.
Don't Think Thoughts Six
Years Old
Many a business man, has said, "I'm not enough ot a
mechanic to run an automobile, and I can't afford to
keep a chauffeur or pay big garage bills to keep my car
in order."
The man who rnys that Is thinking In terms of six years ngn.
Fix years ngn such n statement would not hato beJn mi far
amiss. Tho world has moNcJ'lii six yrnrH and the mnklng of auto
mobiles hns shown moro progress than nearly nny tiling else.
You can buy n real nutomnhlle nnW for ns low (i price ik $1,100.
It Is so simple to operate that vou can, nnd should, drive It yourself.
It M bo trouble-proof you won't need to keep It lu n garage and have
high-priced mechanics tinkering with It nil the time.
Six years ngo there wns scarcely n real automobile to bo hnd nt any
price. Hut now Just look around you. See tho thousands of men
lllco yourself who use them constnntlv. Talk to your neighbor who
has one. Ho will glvo you tho straight tip. If you ran ever get him
to stop enjoying himself In the fiesh ulr long enough to do It.
There are traiy good cars nowndayn, nnd itnv good car made by
one of the well established companies In n good Intestmcnt.
Wo nro not In sympathy with thnt sort nf automobile advertising
which Inrlmuites thnt all other cars except the particular one iuher
tlsed tunc untried feittures nnd aren't worth hnir their price. , ham
mer Is a very useful thing in n c trpenter simp, but It lias always look
ed to us n little out of place. In the bands ot a sulosriinn or advertising
You need it cur nnd jou won't make n mistaVn In buying any
one of njiiimher pLniakcs. ' ,,iv .
Of course, wn would like the prftil'ege or "shTiwIng yon 'the
Chnlmers before you buy. Wo know thnt we have oxce' en! cars, yet
If wo can't convince you Hint we offer better value, dolmr for dollar,
than nny onn else, why that Is our fault, not yours.
Associated Garage, Ltd.,
Dealers in Motor, Cars
Where lilac Can You llnj So
Much Sen In fur
Tho public hai lenrnnl that II
Is not absolutely necesrnry to
buy luxury-pritel cars to get
all tho service tiny want
The preference of the Chnl
mers "3D", $iriiil Car, In mo
toring contests and owners'
IiiiiiiIm bits educated the public
to this fact.
The Chalmers "30" two, four
or lite pasriMiger types will
answer every requirement of
speed, power and comfort that
the nterage man could ask Tho
record of this car In winning
the 1!M0 (Hidden Trophy over
-'.S.il miles of all sorts of roads
In competition with cars twice
Its ptlce nnd power Is sulllclpnt
proof of Its ability to do all the
uterage owner could ask of It
I'pon the ChalmerH "30" nnd
"Forty" Is staked the future of
a great business organization.
Kteiy ClmlnuTH Car hold today
is helping .the snle of other
(.'liniment Cars many years from
When you buy a Chalmers
you buy, tlrst, it ritr that will
gltn you full value nnd hard
wrlce. You buy also the co
operation and iiHelstniice of ev
ery Chalmers ngent lu the coun
try. You buy it guarantee of
performance and iiia1lty lack
v.l up by nn organization thnt It.
ht it to "stay. -
diamine thu 1M1 nio(cluiit,
our shjiwriM'ius. ' Let us tnke
jou- nut III Mho' ClihliiioTH '"30"
nnd. demonstrate Its behavior
'inder nil conditions.
Whooping Couqh
caTaautHtD lart
Alftnpla, sate anil elTiithB traatinsnt
(or liroi.Llifal troubles, uwiliUn? druira.
Vaporized CrraoU lie slops the paroxyauia
of noopiwr Cough miUrvlI,. is Croup at
once, It la boon to au.Trrvra tieni
Asthma. Tho air Hmlertxl atrinKlr anil
acpttu lolplrcd with vwty bnath niukea
braathlos iasy, aoothua the ania throat
and stopa tlio cntitli. rKmlntr rostful
olshta. it la Invaluubio to inoihcra with
youn? chlMtrn.
Sena postal lor ilencibtlve boollut.
aaptlc Throat 1 ab
l.ta lor tha lirlutrd
throat. They aro
simple. eflcilie and
antlacptlc. of )our
druciiUt or from us
10c. la stamps.
Vipo-Crciolene Co.
si Cartlssd Si., N. Y.
Do not think that because you
have not paid your Personal Tax
(poll, road and school) for this year
or for several years, that the Tax
Office i& not aware of the fact.' The
Tax Office has a comple'oirecord of
all persons subject -to nl Penaonal
Tax. and if not paid when due, it
means that interest at the rate of
10 per cent, tier annum isipiling un
against you, ",
J. 1). Mrlnerny, who has been away
on it tilp through thu StutiM, returned
homo yesterday on the Korea. He
brings unite it number of lilts of ncwa
regarding bappeiilngs on thu mulii
land ami of peop'.o from heto whom
he tan across wlillo ho was uwuy.
In Nov Yoik city Mr. Mclnerny met
it number of llonoluhins, Including O.
Iledemunn utu' whe, ex-dovernor
(leorge II. Carter, It. lloverly Kldd
and It, C. A. returson.
Ho reports that ex-Oovernor Carter
wns holding dnwn a chair lu the head
quarters of Stlmson, tin- defeated can
dldato for Governor of New York. Mr.
Mclnerny ulso reports moetlnj; "llerl"
1'etorson, wlin seemed to bo holding
his awn with tho best In the same
city, and who stilted thnt ho expected
to return to Hawaii some ilaj In the
millionaire class us he had ilium deals
on In in hoi Ihlit he expected would
turnout urt'ati'
'Hevirly Kldd was nlso met with
during tli" trip, lie hnldx it good po
sition on the New Yoik Kvenlng
Journal and sends' reguida to friends
Hero. i
Shipping and Commission
Agent for
Arthur Sewall & Co., Bath. Me.
Parrott & Co., San Francisco
BadgorV Fire Extinguisher Co,
General Fire Extinguisher Co.
Neuman Clook Co.
Royal Standard Typewriter
Aaohen fc Munich Fire Ins. Co.
Tills wonderful Fojnlnin Ten Ins twelve distinct fea
tures which place it abeve nil olher pens.
Four Size3 nnd Prices $2.50, $3, ?4 nnd $5
i , l: ,
l - , h
i ''''""i j
i t
n j':'1HiMut ' -""
Jtoti&Uitimt .
iiitiHrWr.'iriiiWy rt--'- -
1l!AQSi'9HMSh2iIQaAjB'flH aJU9BihBav

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