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H"jlF r tfti ,
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a .
Evening Bulletin
t 120 King Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.
Daily every day except Sunday, Weekly issued on Tuesday of each week.
' Wallao R. Forrlngtan,
pet Mouth, tnjwhtrt la U.S a) .78
Per Qtner, utpbcrtaU.S... 3oo
rti YMr,iHTObtlnU.3 H.oo
rtr Vest, pottpttd, larclin 13. uo
h in the Territory of Hawaii.
rp I Editorial Rooms, - 185
I I Business Office, - 2256
totered al the Futotfice at llonoltln
a lecond-clais matter.
,.So what signifies wishing and hop-
Ine-for better tiniest We may make!
the estimates better if be bestir our
selves. Franklin,
Chrlstmns 1910 should be Honolu
lu's biggest nnd best. It lias started
early and will stay late.
To kill one mosquito Is better than
hilling none. What Honolulu must
hnve Is slaughter by the wholesale.
''Workers who have developed the
, Mld-1'acltlc Institute might tlnd a
Held for missionary effort In the Ho
nolulu V. M. C. A.
During the Intcrvnls of shopping
early for Christmas, make an effort
to do something that will add to the
general welfare of Honolulu.
1 .
Kltra dividends paid ns the year of
loW priced sugar approaches, are
proof that tho most Is to be made of
the good times while they last.
President Dlnz may have reason to
be thankful that he hasn't a lot of
. dreadnoughts on his hands, with sail
ors using the guns to command high
er.' wages.
lt.,; jl 5
Kp one wants to rob property own-
'ers to get a Federal building, On the
rather, hand property owners should
, not stand In the way of the city's
,Ever'y day that the Judiciary build
"lug remains Intact, It Is a monument
to the special guardianship of Prov
idence enjoyed by those who occupy
the structure.
' Harvard and Yale will soon have
I to lake' a back seat to tho Army and
Wavy as the football contestants at
l trading the widest Interest among
residents of Honolulu.
'Isn't It rather strange that the ba
nana Industry does not boom, when
the; representative of a large fruit In
terest comes here and offers to take
the fruit If the people will only grow
' Though George Carter was the
only man to help out tho gloom of
Candidate' Stlmson, it Is worth not
ing that be did not do as many poli
ticians, desert his friend when he saw
the game was a losing one.
Let the result of the election cor
test be what It may, there should be
another' chango of precinct lines and
Increase of voting booths to properly
accommodate the voting population,
within the time limit laid down In the
The officer who nut a leadlnir bust
new man's name In the -Jury list as
) '"Wllltn" nnvn nnn nf (tin nivinr. th
'no' one In Honolulu Is supposed to
grow old nnd the town Is JuBt the
asame as when "we were all boys to
. . nl! 1. n
B? -. Aa the holiday season approaches,
', .tUq people of Hawaii would very much
& . appreciate news from Campbell that
, ttt'ii lttimtrtJitlrtn ii'nclr Jo t. .-.... f
t 4 HiWi,,utuii "Uia ill JUIUJIU 18
(.bringing forth somo result In'keenlmr
c .;.. i .." . .
w fiwiin ,me amount or money tnat is be
' .,lng spent,
Of course the Pacific fleet should
!m4 lMhJn Honolulu to properly observe
? ..WaHhlllir'tou'a birthday, 'nniirtlisrnutu'
i '.' . - -
no good reason why the men of our
' fftfih UltlltK Jimil,1 tint ImnnniLi ita ufaII
J m'cquilnted with Honolulu as nre the
j onicera and men of foreign navies.
( , ,
- 1 '! ,1 .. .. ....
I' t " uiruuKu ine wesi, cities ana
Thj I towns have doubled their population
In. consequence of railroad extensions.
3ffl tilven the Panama Canal, Honolulu
i ought not to have much difficulty In
'iS ijollpwlng the example of tho tnaln-
ry ' dTod Thousand club with a few Inu-
If; rels'of victory,
TSE '" 'fe'-' - ' W'Q
Jfj ."'Soraejtflveljeur rngxj PreJerlck
fit .jiTCKnrlen passed through Honolulu bub-
jJL. , fWlng.wlth predictions 'of the vat that
- Bdlto
ftf SI& Montas 0 flo
Per Yfr, ftnywhcteliiU.S. ., l.oo
Pel Year Anywhere n Ctnida.. I.flo
Per Year (iMlpald, loltltn 3.x
NOVEMBER 28, 1910
to bo pulled oft on short notice.
O'lirlen lived to Bee his predictions
vanish Into thin air, while he quite
vanish Into thin air, while he quit
the war prophesy business nnd Is
small farm. Other war prophets will
probably he equally famous nnd will,
we trust, retire In an equally pleas
ant nnd pacific mnnner.
These local steamers never come In
with n passenger list of less thnn n
hundred. Everything points to the
Bticcess of Honolulu's Hundred thou
sand. Except for the finishing touches,
politics 1ms hnd Its day. All active
workers should now constitute them
sehes members of the Get Together
Club for the progress of Honolulu.
Hawaii's sugar freights will not be
reduced, so please forget to arguo
that the low price of sugar will stand
In the wny of plans for Improved
ocean passenger steamship service.
The theoretical result of reduced
sugar dividends should be that Ho
nolulu people have less money to
spend abroad, but us much or more
to distribute in this city. May thn
theory prove up In practise. .
Every Republican member of the
legislature should make up his mind
to give the National Guard of Ha
waii what it needs. This Territory
must do Its share In backing up the
Federal Government
Issuance of orders for tho con
demnation of the property necessary
for the enlarged Mahuku Federal
building site, means that the tux as
sessors and taxpayers are to have a
llnul rating placed on tho value of
business property In the heart of Ho
It Is the hope of everyone Interest
ed In the development of the city that
the condemnation will proceed with
the greatest possible dispatch, nnd
not be marked by u continuous war of
technicalities, the practical result or
which Is to delay the verdict, but not
chango it.
Tho proceeding from tho Govern
ment's standpoint Is n move to estub-
llsh the value of tho property, nnd It
Is difficult to understand how the
property owners could profit by any
tactlcB that might delay the heurlng
and tho final verdict.
Although there aie differences of
opinion ns to the worth of the Fort
street block wanted, wo question If
there Is a single taxpayer of Honolulu
who would havo the owners forced In
to ncceptlng less than the full legiti
mate value of their holdings. This Is
trim notwithstanding the exhibit of
the record that the land and buildings
nre held at higher values than nro
shown to have been returned for tax
ation purposes, nnd taxes ure sup
posed to bo paid on full values. We
cannot believe thnt the taxation re
turns of tho past fow years will not
have an Important bearing on the
court's decision.
Ilut let the verdict of 'the Jury bo
what It may, the valuation placed on
the property should be accepted us
If the price under the condemnation
should como within the amount ap
propriated by Congress, It should be
accepted by the property ownors.
If the property Is worth more thnn
Congress has appropriated, the differ
ence should he mnde up by an appro
priation either from loap or orient
funds by tho city of Honolulu.
Under the most favorublo pro
cedure, months must pass befoio we
can secure a decision. Should
the crdlct of the court be
contested for years, ns Is quite,
possible, the present . generation
.JU protbubIjHiS8 froinjti?;eartli be
fore 'the , corner stone 'iif'l'fbnolulu's
Federnl building la laid'. '
Such n result could not be nccep nj
- -
No, Bedrooms. Price
Aica 3 $50.00
Kaimuki, 7th 0 45.00
Kamehameha IV Rd.--. 4 25.00
Lewcrs Road 3 30.00
Kamehameha IV Rd. . . 4 25.00
Waipio 3 12.00
Bates Street' 4 50.00
Kamehameha IV Rd. 2 15.00
Kinau Street 3 30.00
Beretania Street 3 30.00
Waialae Read 3 32.50
S:hool S rcet 3 40.00
Beretania Street 4 37.50
Kinau Street 4 32.50
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.
Two Fine Lots in
A Big Bargain
Bishop Trust Co., Ltd.
as creditable to the citizens of Ho
nolulu or the owners of tho propetty.
Whether Gencrul Ieonnrd Wood Is
a more efficient head of tho army or
not he seems to be ablo to get a more
general discussion of what our army
needs than many of his predecessors.
It may be thnt the Generals trained
to the strict secrecy characteristic of
army discipline do not appreciate tho
value of publicity in dealing with the
business of the army. They may be
like the politician who expects the
people to think ns he dues because he
knows It Is so, und any fool ought to
see It and do us he Is told.
General Wood appears to havo had
eiiojiglrexperlenco In civil, life to take
an aggressive position In' presenting
the common sense propositions of
urmy necessities. The recommenda
tions made In his annual report have
been widely published und he bus
Waterhouse Trust
Real Estate for Sale
Just what you have been waiting'
Building lots within walking dis
tance of business district at a reason
able prite. i .
King Street. Lots 50x150.
$000 to $1,200.
There are only 12 of these lots,
nil beautifully planted in shrubs
and tiees.
Waterhouse Trust
For Rent
We use the same crafts
manlike methods in making
our frames as in our Christ
mas Novelties all original
with a well balanced stock to
select from.
mado n number of public speeches In
which he has taken occasion lo Im
press upon the citizens of the coun
try the fact tlmt an Inefficient army is
as bad or worse than none, nnd pres
ent responsibilities of tho Nntloii de
mand a better equipped defensive
One of tho points of especial Inter
est locally Is General Wood's urgent
request that provision be made for
twenty additional regiments of In
fantry. Ho explains this need by as
serting that "tho calls upon tho In
fantry nro nl rcaily severe and will In
crease rapidly In thu Immediate fu
ture, Inddent to tho garrisoning of
the Hiwallun Islands and tho Isth
mus of Panama."
Tho observations peculiar to tho
physician nre found In tho prominent
place he gives the shoes worn by tho
Infantry regiments. "Our troops," tho
Gcnernl says, "do not inarch as they
should. This is due almost wholly to
the lack of Interest In this featuro of
Infantry training on tho part of offi
cers, especially commanding officers
Order Now
Avoid Xmas Rnsh '
72 S. King Street
In this connection company com
manders must give mord attention to
the feet of their men nnd Bee to It thnt
their shoes fit and that their feet nre
carefully looked after. Soro feet are
one of the greatest causes of Ineffi
ciency of I n fan try troops In the ileld
nnd can he almost wholly avoided If
the officers do their duty In looking
nfter tho feet of their men."
The report Invites attention to tho
efforts being made at various places
to do away with target practice with
the big guns on the ground of Injury
to the ndjolnlng houses nnd property.
Gen. Wood recommends that the re
quests for the discontinuance of this
target practice bo disregarded until
Investigation shows whether or not
these complaints uro worthy of seri
ous attention. He adds that gcnernl
suspension of target practice at many
batterles will seriously nffect the effi
ciency of tlio Coast Artillery, ns It
would be difficult to maintain bat
teries In first class condition wjien
the troops assigned to them kno-'
that thero Is little probability of their
ever being permitted to have actual
Recommending extensive travel for
tho purpose of observation nnd study.
the report says that "it Is of vital 'lm
portnnco that our officers, nnd espec
ially those who havo reached com
niiind rank, should bo given ovcry op
portunity to seo large bodies of well
trained troops nt manoeuvres. Tho
largest European armies furnish the
most convenient nnd best opportuni
ties for the observation nnd study
tinder manoeuvres condition, nnd
inese, pius sucn manoeuvres ns we
may be able to have, where the troops
opposed to each other will consist of
nt least one full 'division, furnish the
only opportunity our general officers
will havo to prcpuro themselves for
tho handling of troops under condl
tlons simulating those of war.
"Wo must not forget that service
against nn unorganized or poorly or
ganized native enemy In which the
number of troops engnged Is smnll
nnd the opposition weak Is not n prcp-
nrnttan of nny particular valuo for
leadership of large bodies of troops
under condition of modern war."
For a long time the canteen ques
tlon has been ngltutlng the nrmy, and
even moro agitating the temperance
people who brought nbout Its abolish
ment and who have since been bitter
ly opposing Its ro-cstnbllshiuent. Gen.
Wood touches on this subject very
briefly. Hero Is what ho says: "It Is
believed that tho re-cstabllshment of
the canteen would be to tho best In
terest of tho nrmy."
Thu famous Nelson-Hylund fight
will bo shown on tho screen tonight
nt tho Art Thontro. This exciting 23.
round contest has novor heforo been
shown hero on thu moving picture
canvas. Nelson's cen!ful career nev
er ctiiitulnoi a moro sllrrlng scono.
Kery blow a picture clear nnd full
of thrills. Jim Jeffries U seen among
llioso present. Vr
Tho grnnd old saying, "It Is never
too late to mend." must Imvo been
written by tho mother oi a large
family of growing children.
Again we can your' atten
tion to the wonderful time
keeping qualities of the How
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ard gains a life long -friend
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let us talk "Howard Watch"
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II. F. Wichman
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" L'ca'ding Jewelers '
i (Continued from Pace 1)
remarks made on board the ship es
terday. During the time lie. wns In the Phil
ippines tho Governor General's yacht
was" placed at his disposal to tour the
southern Islands and In thnt way he
lulled piaccs thnt would have been
difficult to reach otherwise, and
looked Into tho trade possibilities
After transacting a little business
nt the office of tho local ngents yes
terday morning, Mr. Bchwcrln was
taken In tow by Colonel Snm Parker,
who was nt-the steamer to meet him,
nnd the remainder of tho day was
passed at tho Parker place at Manon
After Ills return to Manila from the
trip to the southern islands Mr,
Schwerln In nn Interview said that he
was disappointed to see the small pro
portion of the foreign trade of the
Islands handled by Americans nnd the
United Stat.es. This ho said he thought
due to the lack of euro exercised by
American manufacturers In catering
to lorelgn trade.
As nn example of what ho meant,
Mr. Schwerln showed the Cnblenews
representative n cracker box, such ns
Is used by American llrms for ship
ping their products to tropical coun
tries. On opening the box, he called
attention to the fact that a strip of
tin about a quarter of an Inch wide
remained around tho top of the box,
which served' us an Impediment on
removing the contents, often breaking
them. The covering provided for the
opened box wns also Inadequate, and
the box Itself wns not Impervious to
moisture, Australian nnd lmgllsh
shippers of the same product, Mr.
Schwerln says, provide n perfectly
moisture-proof box, with u top which
when removed leaves no Jagged edges,
and provides n good covering for the
Mr. Schwerln, then pointed to u col
lection of canned goods, and called
attention to the fact that the foreign
goods all came In small tins, while
the American tins were nil of Inrger
size. This, he said, accounts lo n
large oxtcnt for the popularity or the
foreign brands. As another example
of American backwardness, Mr.
Schwerln pointed out, thnt while Jap
anese shippers of pickled goods wero
using a small barrel fastened with a
special kind of wire-null, such as is
popular In foreign countries, the
American shippers were still cling
ing to the Inrgo barrel, using the Iron
nulls for fastening.
Mr. Schwerln took ri number of for
eign packed articles with him from
Manila, nnd will try to convince
American shippers, that tho methods
and customs of one country can not
always be Imposed upon another, even
. jfBi iiiF .it I
'' s'r JJJ1". '-' iWL BW HWwV
NRW VOHK, October'3. Four trains nrilvcd In Los Angoles n fow
days ngo that cost the excursionists moro thun a millions dollars
to ride o.n. No such amount of money was ever before expended by ono
crowd to cross the American continent, suy railroad men..Thu.,J0Osper
bons who are spending ull this weal the uro eastern bankers who nro nt
tending the convention of tho Amer-Jcan Hankers' Assoclalon. '
An Appreciated. Gift
Has value in the eyes of the receiver for its beatfty and useful
ness. Imported Chinese goods have both these qualities.
Among the articles we are showing are DRESS SILKS, SILK
Ruying Vis made easy when you see this display.
We invite you to call.
ring Wo
- ... .. "I
041 Nuuanu, near King St.
!!'. 'i .
The suggestion made two week ago
uy me u i i v 1 1 n llt,L nu
should be mudf jogiit the Pin
or'Vomti'of tho sjifpst)f that I
by the II til let In that some ffort
acme neei,
licet hero
frtr (In, Plural I'nriifle. hint been niken
up by the Parade Committer nnh re
quests went forward by today's 'mail
lo Secretary of tho Nuvy Meyer! that
the ships might bo scut here. j
If the nnvy department nets favor-,
ably upon tilts', proposition tho i'l-es-ence
In the harhortof four of tho fhlps
of the llctt will add 'much (o tint gai
ety of the nights as well ns iluyit
V t
Planters' Labor Bureau Di
rector Almost Ready to
LeaVe Pliiirppiries". "
. It. 1). Mead, director of tljb Hawaii
an jSugur Planters' jl,iilor 'Hit trill, will
return to Honolulu about (lid llrst of
tho jear from his tour of the Philip
pines, according to n.cublercim re
ceived from him tlf Is iiidriiing by As
sistant Director Ilahbltt.
Mr. Mead's mission has been one of
securing labor nnd arranging for fur
ther shipments of Filipinos for local
plantation work. Whether qr not his
mission has been successful Is not
known. He has recently been work
ing In the .southern lslnrtds and tho
news from hint does not stuto wlint
hits been accomplished. However, so
far as Is known, no big shipments of
Filipinos havo been arranged for. Ha
will nrrhe on the Tenyo Marti.
Two Inebilntcd tars belonging to
ono of tho steam vessels now nt tho
port engaged In nn argument on Sat
urday evening and wero lodged at thu
central station. Each received n flnn
of Ihreo dollars nnd the. ti (minings
this morning. '
Tho Ilonrd'of Supervlhors will meet
tomonow, (
STAiMlirfl.ftrlffc.rJfdriiF': xo, tho
mlddlo name of Johi.J)lx Is not
Append. Cut It out, young man, cut
It out. Knisag city Journal'.
." ii - s ? -. ff jf jf. ;
though the quality of tho American
products Is ns good or Superior to
tho foreign goods. i
Tai & Go.,
"lit WW ! ,
(f,. ! ..HJill
Phope 1020
ftm. J' t "
t '
r P'-1" ""TfrWM

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