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r.vi'rxoMiui.t.RTiN, uoNOUfUVT.-n.; AvnnNnsn.w, nr.o unom
r '1
The most a:ccptable gift to a smoker is a BOX of CIGARS or
t '
The same STAPLE BRANDS are sold at the same STAPLE
i ft
PRICES in all of oiir : o Stores from Honolulu co JNTe,v; York.
BK1 1 1 1 A mmLmLmLmL LmLmLj
M. A.
Workmen Stricken On Maui
Lately Arrived From
' This City.
Nowa readied Honolulu by thu
rlcamcr Clnudluo this morning that
tho epidemic of Mil Idlfilil, or muall
liiix, which Inn bijikou out on M.i.U
first m.ulo IIh nppcarmico among I'll
Iplnos wliii hail nrilvcil from Hono
lulu only n row days before. With
tills Infill iiml Ion, tlio local health au
thorities nro cvpu-tcd to get busy
ntnl endeavor to trace tlio couruo of
iho dk'cano licro.
Willi c Idcmlca of diphtheria ntnl
tjphnld tlircatrnln tlio coininiinily,
tlio Maul Chamber of Comiiicrco lias
taken tlio matter up. A meeting of
tlio chamber wai belli In tlio town
ball at Walluku but Saturday, Vl"e-I'rrcld'-nt
Wudaworth piiMldlug.
Tlicro wcio nttictcon members pics
wit, mill ai n iiioriii'i la twenty, no
olllcl.-.l meeting of Ulio Chamber was
bold, l.nt tlio outhrcax of dlseasu w.n
given rrco discussion. Among those
irc3ont wcio Harry and Kriiuk IJald
wln. I.. Min Tuuipi.y, Judgo Muirb
bury. Secretary ll'll. Cure, .t V
Williams. I. C lamNay, uii'l W 0.
Aiken. j
Klvo case of ailidnld worn ill
cmcrcd )ostrn!a- in Camp f ii'-ar tl.o
mill ut jSpanlhli raiiip anioiiR Mi- KM
Iplno ir.en mi wi.imn, aril i.owm
bioiii;lit back by dm Claiiillne tlilj
iimrnltiR is to tun iffii't Hint oil b.no
been nmovcil uinlet Hirlct (liiaraiitlnu
to Camp 12 nw Hlhl Tlio 'Mlplmu
bail nrrlvc'1 riuin llmiolu'u l.r.t
(Continued from Pace i
"Captain Dollar has recently con
traded for u carly Miply of pig
Iron running Into levcral thoiiralid
tons, which ho will trnurport to tlio
Pacific Coast, and It Is probable that
Hawaii will dorlvo most of her fu
ture supplies from tho tamo sotirro.
iih ' tilt: Iron has met with particular
favor from tho fouiulrlrs
"It v at Hankow that wo wore
biought into c'nro contact with tho
work of tho nilst.louurlcs, mid I must
confess that my opinion took u do
elded tliniigo from my firmer unfa
Mirablc blnas, to a great appreciation
of tho wrifk that there pcoplo nro do
ing In China, Tho Ulbllcal teaching
of IhoM) uilhlf'ii:irlcH Is by far tho
Kiiiallett funliiro of their work, their
llmclieliig taken up with tho praitl
rat'ciliU'iiHon of tho CJiJueso bIihIuiiIb,
wlip will In turn bccoino valuable
ten" lnrs of modern inotlioilB mid of
'what tlio Clitue.o ao mos' In need
of syttcm." i
. . mm ' I
-n - - I
Entered for Record Deo. 20- 1910.
From 10;30,n, J"), to 4 p. n. ,
Mull IHdg & I.oa'i3ie. of II Ltd
to Mrs Mllzalioili liolslur . ...llel
Hawn Trur.t Co l.td, tr, lo I'a olo
Land & Imprvmt Co Ltd. .Par IK'l
Palolo Laud & Imprvmt Co Ltd
to Kalmukl Uiud Co Ltd.. . D
llmi mid hfcb to II Sing l-'ook... D
Trent Trust Co Ltd, tr, to Mid-
I'aclll- Instllulu D
Hmmcllue M Ma goon and hsb to
Mld-Patlllc Imtltiitu D
Lnii K'ap to I up gang et al Hcl
Malkul lludult mil bsli to Trs or
James II Itaymtmil mid wf ... I)
.', Klikpnlrlrlc In Augimtlno M
(luerrprn "
AUKllgtllio M (luernTti and wf to
General Arthur
Robert Burns
L Klrkputrlck M
Jntf A l'almor to JarkKin H My-
I cr CM
i: Colt Hobron to Kato V Ryan., I)
Entered for Record Be:. 21. 1010.
From 9 n m. to 10:30 a. m.
Moko Kawalllltll to J (larcla. . . .
Moycs Knwallllll Jr to .1 Oarela..
I. Ilcnnctt Mnmakelia to Yoiuik
Mcii'h S.ivh Sory I. til , .
, l.'mmlc S Sidney lo William 6
Smith .:...
i Dourcl Stoney to Wlllla'm
I Smltli
.loo Kcol.i to John II Kcl.aula
. I)
Rrcorded Nov. 30. 1910.
IMRar lleiitliiirn mi-l wf In .Vv (5
Honw: V: l.oN II and I". lll't n K-i
abia'uiri, Honolulu. G2.'. II 33S7 P
l'l!l. N'nv 17. inl'l.
IVaiiclK II I lliown by dn to .7 K
Ka'aaniia: Itel: land nail 1 .1 lilt In
It 1' His. Knl rM, renin olr. Walnwn,
i:wa. o.ibii- 8 t-2 a of fir an. r"iii.
vtr. Kawalbi; al Walalua Oibu. 'ui
II .".31. : (IS Nov in. 1910.
.1 IC Kaanaina nn.l f to Kanoolin
Itbo (Vllt Co l.td; I): 1 n lut In It I'
1!IS Kill lfi'Jfi n:iil lu'i'K wiitor rlt
etc Wabinn. Hwa Oalnt. Jl'nni. 11
33K n 2511. Nov IS. mill.
I llliioltal-Mil Trnit bv Tn t Mav
K llrown. Can I-; sonon rn ft or 11 1
7721. Kill 22S. Wnlnl-io lli-irh ltd Ho
noliila. It XT. i). p lilt. Nov 2K, lain.
Plow many really Useful Articles are on it. Why not select gifts that will be a pleasure and a
days in the year for many years to come, such as the following:
Substitute tiny Electric Lamps
for candles in decorating the
Xmas Tree
Safer, cleaner, and much more
convenient. Flowers, Nuts,
"Birds, etc., reproduced in tiny
elechic lamps, make charming
l.llliiokalanl Ttmt by Tim to O K
Wall; 1.; IjHh .18 and !G. Knhala I.ot.
Iloiiolutii. Ill yrit at $32.5J icr yr.
II .130, p 4B.1. Nov 22, 1010.
.toll ii Meek devisee or Artl; Aflilt;
III ro ikWoxhIoii of It I'h 3U91. Aps 1,
2 anil 3, 0820 Am 1 and 2 and CU3I,
Houoiilliill, i:va, Uahil. 1) 331, p I3G.
Nov .10. jpil).
' Ktt 8 ,fl Wilder l.td to Honolulu
IMantn Co; "A M; MIru Mi'lo K Mlk'i
leml ft ill on It I'h 785 78fi and BllSa.
Aleu, ICiva, O.1I111. $3U00. II 331, p
457.- Nov-30, 1910.
i: 0 Wiiiilnii to Klrat Am S.ivj &
Tr Co of Haw l.td; M; 1792 mi It of
Ap 2. KuIh ? and C renls etc. Hotel
SI. Honolulu. $1000. II 331, lo2.
Nov :'. 1910.
,I"lin Knlii'lcni'iici'i .tr ct al ti Mary
H'rtislrr; 11; lilt In lull land. Kabana.
Koolailbia. n.ihu. $IC0. 11 338, p 2.'3.
Nov 2.1. 1910.
t II MrHwaimon In Krauk U.illon;
Itrl; I! A of IM 19. rcuti etr I'.ilnbi
Yallcv Honolulu. 1225. II 231, p 155.
Nov ra. 1910.
Malta M Bliillli to AMTt A Ariialo,
M; lut In ii"oiiiIhpk. I'.ilolo Valloy, Ho
nolulii. t'JCO. I 351, p IC5. Nov 29,
rrrrceulliiK Attorney Mllvcrlon
trok oxeeptlonn to H1I1 courno of pro
toduro upon Iho p-irt of Hanlos and
rcqiiorlnl Hint tlio rourt set n date
for a preliminary lirariliK.
That CHristirias
Things Electrical f dr Xmas Gifts
Tree fighting
Par tag a s
Up ma nil
Africana Bock
liittle Bolblbies
Baby- Arthur
Was .111 attempt made to bribe
Clerk I'red Weed, at lentrjl po'ko
nation, when Ho (lursm.iu. a Till
piuo, Is allcKcd by la.it olllulal to
have approaehud mid extended a el
Kar, neatly wraped In tinfoil and
beailnc a well-known Mania label?
Tlio kciiIjI l-'rcilerlek wus pl.it-cd
on the eland this .moinlUK. Ilcfoio
a throtiKCil cuurtruuiil, uvor which
pniflileil Dlittlct MiiKintrate l.yntcr.
Weed acknowlcdned that he b.ul liccii
offered a "weed." l)u Cii'-sniaii was
then un ler n eharKu of vnployliiK
tbteatctiliif; lant-'iiaBi' towards a Kits
tlau named Waldcmar T.iriioffsky.
"I will kill oti." mo declarud to
bae been the words uwd by Iho 1111
pino In addrcrslni; thu xuhject of tlio
Little Whllo l'atbcr, at a uiliiKlInK f
tiatlonal lien on lower KIiir Mrceton
December 1. The trial hat lie1".
rdod the Rrcitcr portion of tho tlmo
and attention U thoiourt anil sev
Winn ffc
i ..ilii finite
, dciign
6 4
eral allot ncys Tor the p.wt two days.
I)c (iussMian Was lepresonted by
Attorney Claudius Mellrlde. Array
ed MKalnst hint was tho legal machin
ery ol tlio city and eount, operated
by Deputy Attorney Krcil Mllvcrton.
Many were tlio passaKcs that tlio
(purring legal IIrIiIk onJocd In tho
(ou-so otthc protracted hearing.
Turliofftky ilcmntidcd that Do (Jims
man bu placed under a bond to keep
Hie peace. This sentence was finally
meteil out to tho defendant at noon
today, when JiiiIro I.ymcr reviewed
tho case. Ho fixed tho sum of $75
ni about rlr.lit to hiEiir Do Cluis:nau
keeiliiK a better guard over bis
tpilgtm. Mcltrldo gave notlco or ap
peal to a hmlter tribunal.
Di Cufsninn N a defendant In an
iietlo-t taken by n Ilurslan named
Ficrnliorg, who has nrcged that tho
I'lllplnn Is guilty or adultery with
his wife. This matter omes up for
lirel'iulnary henrlng on December 27.
"I ilo not approve of n lot of wit
nrmCH mining In and draw lug a dol
lar a pleeo as witness fees, mi I enter
a plea of gullly to tho charge of lar
renv," was thn stiitcment made by
Carlos Santos whon nrralgncd before
J11 lgn 1 ymer at tho District Court
this morning.
! wt i f
variety in
and price
Henry Clay
Romeo y Julieta
Bohemian, etc.
The House of
More Than. Five Hundred
Shares Sold Today at
25 Flat
O.1I111 fitrnlsbcl the excitement on Tho boy mid gun were brought to
llrokcrs' How today, nltlioiigb It was poll-r s ntlun. The 11 1 1 lo girl was
11 mild form of excitement. Klvo convood to tho (Juccn's Hospital,
hundred ami ten shares of this stock Tho Injuries, while not considered se
were sold at 23, tho blocks being rlcin, ate. ncvt-tlicless, tciy painful.
four of 100 each, two of 50 ami nno
of 10.
Outside of Ibis tlicrc was llttlo
to mention. Tlio market Is firm.
with plenty of demand It tlio prlco
iccnis light, mill "right" now means
Ilrokcis flgiiro there will lo little
trading until arter the hollda.
ninny Investors boldlng oil bcatiso or
the talk or threnteiiel cuts In illvl-
dends. There Is ro:no talk of tlio
stock exchange taking a varatlon
next week. Thn usual vacation last
fall-wni iKtponed owlMg'tcrllie - crlt -
Coffee Percolators
Water Heaters ;
Shaving Mugs
Chafing Dishes
Toaster Stoves
Cigar Lighters
Tea Kettles
Hot Plates
Heating1 Pads
Curling Irons
Smoothing Irons
Bottle Warmers
Washing Machines
Vacuum Cleaners
leal condition of Hie market, but now
veems to bo a good time fur the deal
ers In securities to rest tlicnisctvca
In preparation for a strenuous year.
The little s!x-jo.irold daughter of
Jock MeUutro was Injured at noon
Unlay 1 1) a shot fired from un air
r I (lo In tho bauds of a Clilncsa lad
named Tim Shin.
i;,lwri (jrIirtt g ,,Kaln In tlio
t(,a , rcHuU of HSnK tllrcalcnIIK
Imtr.uago towards Mlla Kiimubaiia.
complaint was sworn out against
Hnnctt this morning Son-o weeks
nR ,n wn, nrralgncd at tho pollen
,.rlirt ,, charpo of using lan-
K,UR0 tlint would fall lo pass muster
tl ., toca function,
1' - V";;i"rT"V"MTl p In il nrr irnr.
satisfaction 365
f '-)-
- :m -
... ...,..,......,.., , ...J

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