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Evening Bulletin
From San Franciioo:
Vligluluu December 25
For San Francisco:
Mongolia December 2'1
From Vancouver:
Moana ....; January 1
For Vancouver:
Manuka January 20
Merchants who talk about honest,
goods in an honest, interesting way,
in the Advertising columns of the
BULLETIN, seldom have slack times.
Xmas ads create Xmas wants that Xmas stocks can fill
ESTABLISHED 1882. NO. 4800.
Die Hemmed In
Conflagrations In Two Cities
Take Heavy Toll
Of Lives
SAN ritANCISCO, Dec. 22.
Iliiini'il to death In one of the most
dlsustinus mill death-dealing II rent lie
Coast lias over suffered, twenty-four
men today Inst tliclr lived In u ciiu
llngiullou tlint ImiKo out In tho Mor
tis p.uMug plant In the local stock
.vnrds. l'lio Marshal llnrnn, twenty-two
111 omen and ono unknown vouth, who
PHILADELPHIA, l'cnn., Dec,
- further reports today from
iiilns of the l'rlorhind leather
tcrj, which wnn destlujcd by
laet night, show- that foul teen
men and ono policeman weie killed
Reports that opium landed from
tr.iiiH Pacific llneis ban been secreted
In tho Iclnlt or tlm Wnlklkl iluek
jionils resulted In n patrol being estab
lished by Collector of tho Tort Stack
iiblo this morning several deputies
being placed on guaid In connection
with tho searches that aro being
It Is teiiorled that a' largo ipt.mtlty
of opium has been etched In tho vicin
ity of the duck ponds, koiuo of It kis
rlbly liming been tliiowu Into th
water In tins to bo recovered when
thoio wan no danger of discovery
Tho opium Investigations mo lieltu;
co'itlnued with unabtted lgor by V
8. Attorney llreckons mid Collector
Tho activity that Oahu stock la ills
plalng on the local oxcliungo nnd
uniong brokeis Is duo, according to re
port to tho fact that u lull of local
men, Interested In one of tho big ngen.
clcs, hno leccntly succeeded In lie
Kotlatlng n loan of a huge amount to
buy In tho stock nnd now figuring
that It has gouo to bol-rock, mo pur
(baring lingo blocks.
This btnry Is homo out by tho ti inl
ine. Ycbterday tho stock bhowed
maiked ncllvlty nnd today Its selllns
Is the feature. It Is changing hnuds
In goodly blocks mid most of this . i- ,,,, ng ,t 110(,,lB B00ll rna(lH moat.
,Hirt suvs, is bid In for tho hul M"iOTho vo BllenlB01B nro Btndlng
tluin n thousand slimes luve changed , ,,.. ., . ., .,,.,
luuiils lu two dnys nnd the stock still
vontlnues to conio from covor. Tho to
suit has been to fmco tho ptleo up n
iiuiiter of n point, nnd tho last salu
today was nt 25'4.
Tho maiket loilnj was qulto lulsk.
nltliough tho auiiounceiueut of nu o
peeled cut In Gnomon dlvUemW
tliinw n llttlo glnirni over tho bIIii.i
lldti. Onomuti wns rut fiom u IUI)
ceiil monthly dividend to u tlilily-rcut
illvhlemli As euily lopmls Inillenleil
ii heavier cut, tho uiiuoiineenieut wns
Munn Ihiiig or n inllef, mul It la ov
iii'iied Hint the thliD-reul syslein will
inilllliuo Ihiouuhoiil liuxt J iMi'
l.oenl binkuin think thai
slocl.H will lm iirfimleil by h) vlior
pus lunol o)hisijii u Hip Knu illlill
dill (hut JiiIiii T, MiyiOHfU l UUM-
were engaged In lighting the (lames,
weip pinned under a wooden awning
hy the falling of n wall of the linlld
lug mid wuio roasted to death before
aid (inilil reach them or drfvo liacl
the lire. Kitty more peoplo .-were In
jured. A million anil n half dollars' worth
of propel ty, mostly Hint of the pack
lug tonipimy, wns destroved.
nnd fifty others wero Injured. The
police lesorvcs had been called out
to check dlporder, and both tho re
rerves and the lliouien wero caught
by falling deln Is or hcimued In by tho
of tho I'ort Stncknblo but tho Wnlklkl
duck iouils wou'd seem to bo tho
last place to search for tho contra
band drug
V. S. CnnTmlssliiper George, Davis
this moinlng commttted Yee. Song to
tho custody of U, S Marshal JIendr
In defnult of $1 00Q (ball. The Chinese
Is charged with cfmceallng opium nnd
was arrested last'nlght.
The searches at Wnlklkl this morn
ing by tho customs men finally result
ed In tho discovery of eleven tins of
contraband opium buried In the beach
sand. Tlie'seiirth continues nnd It Is
believed that u largo quantity of the
drug will be found
Men who ask favors nra seldom
willing to ginut them
Supei visor elect Kben 1'ow Is not
letting any grass grow under hli
ihnlrmanslilii of tho roads commit
tee. rollowing tho results qt tho
cnurus by the six suporvlsois, when
Sam Dwlght wns named i for"- tho
thalrmaiishlp Instead of Low tho
latter got busy with local business
men and unw has u long list ot en
dorkomouts, The other supervisors clnlmed that
Low was not ucrcptablo to local bus
Iiicps mou and fuither that the Fifth
iniktilfit miflit In t?M tlm rlinltntnn.
(.ivi .. .,,,w ...... ... n-....n ., ..-
lined up In his fnvor. I'icssuro la
being btought on Dwlght to refuse
tho (.hulrmniibhlp of tho roads com
mittee nnd let Ixiw hnvo It, hut If,
Dwlght Kttnds p:tt, thcro will bo
llttlo chiiiuo for Low.
i i
J V !' (
lug In Cniigii'i. Iliilchlusoii ptaiita -
Hon wns smmllcil wlil, wnlor
fiom this illleh and iiiiuUi lulo ono of,
tho biggest sugar ptodiireiH on the ltd-!
nnd, mul .MeCiosson plnniied lu supply
oilier phinlntliiiis iiUii, Opponlllun Id'
tin. illuulnir nt tin, lilu illleli ni'iorit.
lug to his phitis may ilefenl lliwlieniu
fur I he ihni'lomiicnt of HiiIiIiIiihiiii
I'l'inllilK flillhi'l' niiloil, lll klui'k n
Republican Leaders Plan the
Opening of Permanent
Republican lenders are plnnnlng to
establish headquarters In Honolulu for
the ncM two jears, with u mnnnger
In rhatgo to hold together tho patty
organization In tho political doldrums
between elections. The plan has al
rend) been broached to it number of
party supporters and to business men
nnd has met with hearty support.
It Is planned to open tin olllce In
ono of tho local business blocks, or to
occupy the prcfcnt county centr'nl
committee office In the Judd Building,
to put ii' capable man nt tho head of
It, who will carry out n definite po-
in; in ii'imiuK inu pan iiiKi-iiii-r mm
of wi'servlnc haruioiir nmonc the fac
tions that mo likely to spring up nt
any due. Ho will have tho advlco of
tho prominent-party men mul will bo
called upon to keep In touch with mca
nui ex In the loenl legislature ns well
as with tho county nnd precinct or
ganlzttlons. -
The reason for such n move Is ob
vious. At the beginning of every cam
paign both tho Territorial nnd County
Central Committees hnvo found their
political forces In a more or less chao
tic condition, nnd It has been neces
sary In Mart In nnd build from tho
bottom ench year. The work of or
ganizing the precincts mid getting nit
Into the harness pulling together has
taken half of the campaign.
Developments In politics during tho
Inst campaign made It plain that In
tho futuro each County Is likely to
run Its own campaign more nnd more
and with all of these things In mind,
tho Republicans believe tho establish
ment of n headquarters Is the part
of wisdom They aro now discussing
n suitable mnn for tho Job, nnd while,
soveinl names hnvo been mentioned,
none has been settled upon,
Japanese Now Dead Not Vic
tim of Kawatomara's
In throwing a bottle that struck
Tariklchl Kawnmuru nnd boon after
tiiused his death. Knwatonmrn, who
Is alleged to have sent the missile
on Its deadly mission, stated before
Coroner Charles Hose and a Jury that
he had aimed to btrlko another Jnp-
nnese who was among those present
nt n dinner given by n party of
Jnpaneso Ilsheimen.
tIio coroner's Jury lUtcned to tho
testimony of five witnesses ut a cull
ed session held lust evening,
The Japanese has beon placed un
der arrest with n chargo of murder
booked ugnlnst his name. Whether
tho chargo of manslaughter will bo
substituted will depend upon tho lm
pott of testimony deduced nt tho In
quest. Tho feast was being hold nt tho
Ah Leong building, lu Kukniiko, and
It Is claimed that dining the prog
ress of the meal statements wero
tuiiilo that wero objected to by Ko
wntnmnru. with tho result thnt nu
emnty beer boltlo wus thrown with
$ deadly result.
'nioMIOC I AMn CRAlin
' CMiu.flnl ltiiltiitln futile 1
rimii.A.Mi, me, ieu, --'"
KUVI'I IlllU'llt llllS dlnillsseil I hit Illlill
fimiil uiu (iih1Iiik ngalint llluger
llsiiiuinii fin liter tumiulssioiier of
Hie linul iiltlin lii'H'. I'lmiM with,
tuiiipllill)' III Out.uii In iil riiunU,
Irish Leader Spent American
Dollars And Won In Election
i ,
r'f " 'Sit.' TsM I 'f,
LONDON', Dec, 22. Returns from
the genenil elections, which lime
Just closed, show to what good effect
tho Irish leader, .lohu ltedmond,
rpent the mouc) raised un tho tour
of America that Connor. Delln,
lloyle and ltedmond himself made
a few iniintlui ago. William O'llrlcti,
llko ltedmond, Is a Homo Ruler, but
was opposeil to any nlltanco Willi me
LlHl'SUl, Germany, Dei, 22.
Cuptuln Trench nnd Lieutenant
llrundon of the llrltlsh nrmy were
today bontcuced to four jcais' im
prisonment for spying on Gernuin
fortifications. The affair has caused
Intense excitement both In I'ngllsh
and German military ami diplomatic
CAKMnoliitr.il TriMil Ciitile.V
LOS ANGI:LI:S, Dec. 22. Aviator
Lnthem todny went dtul; hunting In
his ncroplnne, over waters near hero
whore ducks congregate Chasing
tho wntoifowl lu his swift norn
plutie, ho killed olio nnd crippled
scvernl others. It was a novel sight
and witnessed by many spectators,
The funeral of tho late Mrs. O. 11
Olson will leuvo tho depot nt 8:30
tmnoriow morning for tho crematory
ut Nuiiiinii comi'tery.
Aiheillslng copy fur lifter-
Christmas ndvei Using slinuld be
sent nt ouiii In the Hit I In tin
! It will In almost Impossible to
liuildi nil i'liiiliK( of ndveillse.
liielilH oil Tuosihiy, Deirmbir 27,
UUllttW lllll II II I I It II II pIlllllllH
inn pioiiii'l In liirnlshlng
l liungeu,
John Redmond Got Fund
$70,000 From United
Liberals, nnd was given actho
Unionist support by Lord Dunrnveu
and other landlords.
ltedmond has received more than
$70,000 fiom America to spend In
the campaign. It wns cabled hy the
ii.itlouul treasurer of the United
League of America, J. T. II. V'ltzpat
rl k of Host on, to the national treas
uror In
It eland. The big majority
that that coalition putty got nt tho
polls over tho Unionists shows that
mo money was wen speui
Warrihq Factions In Native
Church Get Together
Pence nnd harmony prevailed at
the meeting of thoi Kawalahaoltcs
Inst night in the regular assembly
loom of the church. A committee
of seven members, to select the mem
bers to tunko up tho board of trus
tees of Kuwalahao church, wns ap
pointed. Within five minutes after
the meeting had been called to order
the discussion regarding the board
of truEtces wns nt an end.
Previous to the opening of the
meeting It wus thought thut u row
would break out, hut, enntrury to
expectation, nil wus serene. ltev.
..,.. ............ .... .. -- ....
II. II. Parker, pastor of the church,
Ono oftho members arose to.ob-
Joct to u ruling of the presiding of'tnges which they occasionally rent
ucer, inn no wus Hum invu null, ua nro peHctgeil with applications for tlie
had no business to express his vlows,lHlm0i An effort should bo put forth
us he wns not a member of good to ,,torest capital In tho erection of
standing In tho church.. He "t
down quickly.
Itcv. Mr. Parker appointed K. K.
Llllknlunl, J. Kuultuna, Mrs. O. S.
Hollnwiiy, Mrs. J, Powors, John KM,
Kcohokll and Kiiluuhnln u commllt
tee tn select membors of good stand
ing lu tho church to net ns a board
of trustees. Their names, however,
will hnvo to be approved by the
church before they can bo recognized
as the board,
lliedn questioned tho eligibility of
KcohnMI tn bo a member of the com
mittee, as he Is not n member of Ku
vvnlnhuo church. Kcohokll was ask.
ed about tho matter, but ns no re
sponse wus heard to tho contrary, no
further (ommeiits were beard from
the ituilleure.
The roniinltleo will meet soma
tme In .Innunry to select tho mem
bers to serve on Hie board. Their
Humes will bn submitted to tlm
tiinnh, however, for approval, ltev.
Mr, Parker, the pastor, Muled Hint
If t lino periullH hit will itttuml llm
jiiilferiMKti uf tlit iiihlliiltli'ii,
Protest To Go
To Washington
Resolutions Against M'Crosson'if ;
lii- 1 11 l-sTI
irran m
r orwarded . I,
Itesolvcd, That the Honolulu Clamber of Commerce deprecatea'lhe
luiiiiirt- ui lllvcllllllu in ,uiik,i ''
without opportunity first being afforded fur full public discussion of
such measures In this Territory. J
Resolved, Thnt whereas thorn a o now pending before Congress two
bills relating to Irrigation and the disposition of public lands anil .wn'r
ler rights In tho Territory of Hawaii, the specific titles of which bills
are not now available, which bills vitally affect the public Interests of
Hawaii, and which have not been subject to local consideration or dis
cussion; therefore, Congress Is respe tfu ly requested to not pass said
bills. l
Itesolvcd, That copies of this
the United Stutes, to the Secretary of the Interior, to the presiding officex,1"
nnd the chairman ot the Commutes on Territories of the Senate nnd ot
the House of Ileprosontntlves, and' tt our Delegate to Congress. Resolu
tions missed liv the Chamber of Commerce veKterdnv.
"I'll urn' l-tr-lit linvi Hint I'm
. .. .n. ..f,.. ...... .....a ... .,.,.. .1. Dk, ,I..,n ..., .nLU .- 1 - .-
)ou gentlemen on this point. You'ii'ed'not bo nlnrmvil that they wfTTl
pass. CoiigreKsmen ure not fools, Whnt ou wnnt Jo do Is to mak(
jour protest and stick to lt."--J.)eleiiit Kuhlo to the Chamber of Corn
Doelurlng the "JlcCrossou bills"
wrong In principle nnd n menace to
the Territory of Hawaii, the Cham,
her of Commerce jebterdny vvent on
recoul ugnliuu the hills against the
manner in which McCrosson shunt
ed them Into Congress, nnd ngulnct
That tho volume of trnvel In Ha- from twenty-five to fifty cottages for
wall for the next few months will this season's travel, If possible,
be so great that Bpeclal provision While ninety per cent, of our visit,
must be mnde horo to c.iro for It Is ors will prefer to patronize holeisi
the report of Secretary II, P. Wood and boarding-houses, the wnnts"f
to tho Promotion Committee today, tho other five or ten por rent, slioiibl
Secretary Wood declares that there be provided for. It Is thlg'clnrs'in
promises to bo n bhnrtngo In small fact, thnt we should especially ei(
cottages. In his report he sajs; Ideavor to encourage comlllk to IfK
"The Inst word received from San
rrnnclsco Is to tho effect thnt trav
elers planning trips to Hawaii are
finding great difficulty
bookings nt nny tlmo
In securing
within tho
next three months. With this large-
ly Increased travel comcB a demand dred to one thousand feel. This
for furnished cottages; simple lnox- would afford an agreeable change
pensive structures will meet the from sea level wilch would be np
wmitK of the stranger who Is anxious predated by tho btrnnger and our
to make his home In ll.iw.ilt for sev- own people alike.
--.iu It
oral months each cr. Upon In -
Iqulry, we find thut thoso of our clt-
i,eB known to hnvo furnished cot-
Attorney Claudius II Mcilildo has
sworn out n complaint with tho police
chnrglug ono John Doe Ilettcncourt
mul M, J. Sllvn with assault and bat
tery. Tho vlclt of Attorney Mcllrldu nt tho
Biu-ii ilniiili'llii uni nniiiirenllv the sic
mil for starting something thut was
iHlllcult to stop. Mcllrldu alleges th.it
he wus struck a blow In tho j.tw, while
Hllvn mid his friends, allege that the
visit of tho lawvor was an nuwelconw
ono In Hull ho attempted tu Interfoio
lu inattuis In which ho hud tin ion
BAN ntANCIhVO. Dec. 22.
IIim'Ui KK analysis, ns, in l-2d.i par
ity, iLhric. Pi it v hum iiuolallon, lis,
TIT'll T-l . "
s wi ttf m
... 1
"iis it-iiiiiiiK o mini tiiuiiin in iiunuii
rerolutlou be sent to the President ot
illiinci.il f.i atirli l.llla nn.1 n.rno iillh-
nny bills In Congress which have not
been first given n full and Impartial
hciirltiiF tn tli Terrltorv. -W
Tho chamber's attitudes was made
mnnlfest In the passing of n resolu
tion condemning the McCrosson bills
(Continued on Face 7.1
New HoM Needed.
"The time Is nt hand nlso for tmi
construction of a small hotel ouTart-.
talus ot at some other desirable point
at nn elevation of. say. from six littrt-
; "The returns from our malllliK
card, 'Vlntor Sports In Haw-all,' nro
most satisfactory. Thcso were sent
largely to bank cashiers, as rcprc-
sentlng a class in close touch witu
thoso able to travel, lly tho last
(Continued on Pace 7.) "H
Chief of Detectives McDuftloi and
oulccrs swooped down upon n little
gambling soliee this nltcnionn and
when noses wore counted eight Chi
nese had been gathcicd In the tolls'.
Tho raid wns niado at it Kin? street
tenement house, The Celestials wilt
j have a hearing boforn Jipi
J In tho morning,
(KhvIii1 Itullet I n Cable)
Kl i'ASO, Tox.. Doc. 22 Annther
defeat of a Mexican government do
tiuiiinenl Is reporteil. Denernl ,Va
vnrio, who Is siirroutiilcil hy rebel's
lu (ililhunliuti, with Ills forces, U
kluti-i nr r.ui tiii.i .i iifiiili. In liii-
,...,.!, ,., i, -"I in,., ii ...,,.. t... ,.., .
Hi... !
MtAkM . ..
fcj,u; .

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