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-. 1
nvuNiNO nut.i.irriN, Honolulu, t ti, ntuuv. t)i:c tx ioto.
Evening Bulletin
At 120 King Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.
Dally every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday of each week.
Wallace R. Pnrrlnuton, - tSdltor
rtr Month, nphcrt In U.3..t.. 7A
P U a trier, any her la U.S.(.. 3.ik
Pti Yrr, iny where loU.S. M.oo
Per Yen, pottptid, foreign la.oo
in the Territory of Hawaii,
TPrl J Editorial Rooms,
1 Business
Tlie world is so full of a number of;
I'm sure we should all be as happy
as kings.
Robert Louis Stevenson.
Muko It merry for everything but
the mosquitoes.
Tills Is tlio dual day for shopping
parly. Tomorrow Is the last call for
Cheer up whether you feel llko II
or not. Christmas Is not worth while
unless you can be merry.
Though It is softer for the man
birds to fall Into the wnter, the re
sult seems to be the samo for the re
cording angel.
With the beginning of the New
Year Honolulu hopes to see nn im
mediate prospect of better transpor
tation to Pe.tr! Harbor so that it can
better watch the new suburb grow.
All Honolulu extends tlio greeting
of muny happy returns of the day to
Dr. J. S. McOrew. It would be time
ly to propose him for the President
of "the Hundred Thousand Club In
No Kllauen park bill need dlo for
want of presentation to tlio Legisla
ture. The scheme Is unanimously en
dorsed throughout Hawaii, and the
Legislature will be In session this
year before Congress adjourns.
Information from those claiming to
know him is that Mr. Cottrill Is n
gentleman nnd n very efficient offi
cer. Honolulu should accept him at
that valuation nnd if nnythlng goes
Wrong let the blamo for It rest on
Every plan proposed for I'enrl
Harbor Is laid on the lines ot the big
gest thing of Its. kind that the coun
try has ever known, This means
more for Honolulu nnd Its speedy de
velopment Into one of the biggest
towns in the I'aclflc.
Nothing appenrs mora difficult than
getting a trlnl of the Lane case free
from prejudice. The charge is made
on both sides. So bo thankful mean
while that the man Is serving one
sentence whllo tho lawyprs and poli
ticians are fighting over tho Justice
of his serving' another.
Taxpayers of Honolulu want a road
building and road-ropalrlng policy
that will bo thoroughly efficient, and
the Board of Supervisors that meets
this demand will not only reflect
credit upon the members but
strengthen the position of the locnl
City, nnd County government.
Santa Claus deserted the slolgh and
reindeer when the automobile came
Into use. Now thnt ho has taken to
tho flvlnir machine, he must have
reached tho limit unloss he adopts
soma of the new mediums or thougnt
transference nnd actually annihilates
Whether McCrosson ' went nftei
something already possessed by an
other or not, the water bills bofore
CongresB contemplnte giving, McCros
son nnd his nssoclntes more than
they or anyone else could possibly
secure' from the citizens of Hawaii
when awake. That ought to be
enough to finish tho bills ns far as
the'p'resent session of Congress Is
.J . . .
'Every scheme that has In view de
velopment for a bigger, better nnd
moro attractive Honolulu Is ono to be
given most careful consideration.
Not all of them mny be adopted, Per
haps many should not be approved,
but, Uia movement In the proper gen
eralWl'rectlon is gratifying nnd some
gooOils certain to come of It The
prajiosal "t before the' public by
Se'natojUuud has the ) right . ring,
though, modifications may be neces
sary" in the elaboration of the plans
for city expansion.
Ft Sti Montai... flo
Per Year, anywbcicia US. I.oo
Pei Yer anywhere n Canada, !.
Per Year prutpaM, torn u 3,w
- 2185
Office, - 25256
Hmcrerf at the Poatofficc l llnnoiolu
as sccond-clus matter.
.DECEMBER 23. 1910
Whether mounted or on bicycles,
efficiency should be the first quali
fication for membership In tho Ho
nolulu pollen force. This enn never
bo attained until the department Is
put on n civil son Ice basis, and to
n great extent tnken out of politics.
No one should look n gift horse In
the mouth, but why couldn't Secre
tary von Meor send us n few wor
ships for the floral parade celebra
tion Instead of n promise of ono hun
dred thousand tons of coal, ns soon
ns Congress Is ready to appropriate
for It.
A worker who is not a personal
machine manufacturer Is what the
Republican party needs for bctween
electlon duties. Hack of him should
bo reasonably disinterested men, nnd
none in a position to say "I nm pay
ing you, so you must promote the
cnuso of my candidate."
One of Honolulu's most ncceptnblc
Christmas presents would bo an an
nouncement by one of these wealthy
estates of its intention to Invest
money In building cottages for tho
accommodation of the new popula
tion that Is constantly coming to
town, with moro to follow. The es
tate would prollt by Its public spirit
nnd the town would get the reputa
tion for ability to enro for nil com
ers and then have room for one
Dr. Frederick A. Cook, tho Arctic
explorer, for Arctic trnvcllcr ho wns
regardless of whether ho reached tho
I'ole or not, has returned to Amer
Icn, with tho declared purposo of
finding his way back to public con
fidence, which ho says ho esteems of
more value than nil the rest. He
confesses that he may have been mis
taken in his calculations nnd posi
tions when In tho fnr north but
would hnvo tho world accept tho
statement from him now, of how ho
came to mako such a mistake. Thus
he hopes to save himself from tho
chnrgo that ho is tho greatest fakir
of tho age. .
This is an appropriate occasion for
him to attempt to "come back". Tho
people nro In n forgiving mood dur
ing the Christmas season.
Hut there nre other things thnn tho
North Polo fiasco that 1)1. Cook has
to explain.
The trip to tho North nttrnctcd
particular attention because Cook
tried to tnko from Teary tho honor
which he had spent years of labor,
Btudy, and endured the greatest pos
sible dangers to nttnln, namely the
honor of being first to reach the Polo.
In this Dr. Cook wns not only a fak
ir by a thief.
Ho alms now to clear himself of
tho fakir churgo nnd pleads not guil
ty to the thief part ot it, Ileforo he
can do that successfully, lie must ex
plain that trip ho made to tho top of
tho world, Mount McKlnley.
He didn't rob anyone on that trip.
He simply plnyed up n picturesque
fako In preparation of further faking
of which tho North Polo stunt was
the superlative degree,
(Continued from Pace 1)
Horbor, going bark and forth from
day to day, will prefer to llvo In the
western part or town.
Sanitary Precautions.
"The sunltnry reason for this ex
tension of roads is, to my mind, the
most Important ono; for wimoui
streets tho proper disposal of sewer.
uge fiom this part of town nnd hn
ndenunte handling ot tho mosquito
'problem! 'Will be'impoiin'hle. The ng-i
ricuiturai lanu to wuicn i reiur
would automatically lie drained and
turned Into house sites, with a prob-
null benefit to the owncis. The
wholesale condemnation ot agricul
tural land nn Kueh, In order tu get
till of the innsqulto, would entail nil!
expense too great for this community
to bear. it Is cheaper to build .
"I do not hnvo to nay that the part
of town I refer tu In where tho com
mon people of this city largely live.
Most of them do not know how to
tiiukn their clvle wants known. For
Instance, tho Mnklkl district In Ho
nolulu has cement gutters along tliu
roadsides. Ill tho part of town I
speak of there nre no cement gutters
except In one or two places. In tho
Mnklkl district cement gutters are
necessary to preserve the roads; In
the part of town I speak of. cement
gutters nro necessary to preserve the
health of the city.
Work Should Start at Once.
"I do not, nt the present time, de
sire to do more than to mnko nn
earnest plea to you that the prelim
inary work of making Hurvcys nnd
estimates be inaugurated nt once. If
nnv person will wnlk through tho dis
trict I refer to, I hellevo ono trip of
Investigation will lie sufficient to con
vince him that what I speak of Is a
matter which concerns not only tho
residents of tho Klfth Dlstrl t, hut
also Just ns much every citizen of
Honolulu nnd of tho Territory.
"With public sentiment nwnkened
tn the urgency of tho situation, 1 be
lieve the ways nnd means can be
"I have the honor to be, your obe
dient servant,
"(Signed) A. V Jt'DD."
Taylor was defeated by tho litpub-
llcnn candidate, U. W Hooper, for
Governor of Tennessee.
Secretary of War Reports on
His Kecent visit to tho
WASHINGTON, I). C, Dec. (i.
Tho report of the Scciotnry of War
upon his recent visit to the Philip
pine Islands has Just been Issued by
tho War Department. During tho
secretary's slay In the Islands, from
July 21 to September 3, ho Inspect
ed practically nil the public Institu
tions nml army posts and held many
public hearings. The administration
of tho vat Ions departments were
found to bo In a generally satisfac
tory condition.
The Socrotnry of War speaks very
sympathetically of tho aspirations of
tho Filipino people for Independence
nnd says that tlio public expression
is very general In favor of the same,
but that many ot tho conservative
and most substantial men would view
such n result with consternation.
Referring to the fitness ot the Fil
ipino peoplo for self-government, ho
"Thero nro very many highly odu.
cated Filipinos many men of talent,
ability nnd brilliancy but the per
centage In comparison with those
who nre wholly untrained In an un
derstanding of, nnd tho exercise of, I
political rights under a republlcnn
form of government Is so small, nnd
under the best and most rapid devel
opment possible under existing con
ditions will for n long period con
tinue eo small, thnt it is n delusion,
If the prcbont policy of control of
the Islands by tho American people
shnll continue, to encourage tho Fil
ipino peoplo in tho hopo that the ad
ministration of tho Islands will be
turned over to them within the tltno
of tho present goneratlon."
The present law In tho Islands
provides that no person or corpora
tion shall hold In his or Ub name
more than ono mineral claim on tho
same vein or lode. Amendments to
this law havo been ropeatedly recom
mended nnd a bill Is now before Con
gress to Increase tho number of
claims which may ho held under cer
tain restilctlvo regulations nnd also,
under similar regulations, tn grunt
licenses for exploration nnd mining
of gold and other minerals In tho
waters of the Inlnnds.
A unrulier jOf minerals have been
found In tho Islands, boiiui of them
in Paying nii.iiitltlea, Tlieio has
been humid pioupo ting, but us niln-
atjK.lV 1
aiiH' 1
lledroomn. Price.,
Alen a $60.00
Kalmukl, Tth Ave.... li IK. nil
Kaniehnmehn IV. ltd., t 25.1111
Lowers ltd :i '10. Oil
Kntiichniiiehu IV. ltd.. I 2S.no
Walplu 3 12.00
Kniuchamclin IV. ltd.. 2 lf.,00
Klnnu St 3 :!).()!)
Wiilalno ltd 2 32.r,ll
School St 3 10.0D
lleretaiila nnd Alapnl.. I 37.ni)
Klnnu St 32.r.ll
Klnnu St 0 4O.0H
Cnrtwrlght ltd 2 18.00
Nmintm St 4 40.00
Young St 2 10.00
Three hodroom house on
King St.; now, with
nil modern conve
niences; lot 100x1 10.
1'rlco $4250
Three hedioom houso nu
Kataknua Ave.; hard
wood lloor, beautiful
Interior finish. Price 4250
Seven acres with two
bedroom bungalow, ga
rage, etc., In Manoa. A
$10,000 property for... 5000
Bishop Trust Co., Ltd.
New Crop!
Fresh Pineapples!
Leave your orders for a crnto ot
72 S. King Street
Phone 1515
lni In unci, n ciiernilnt tvn nintter mill
tho minerals nro found mainly In the'
wildest nnd most Innccesslhlo parts,
development lina been discouraged
rnther thnn encouraged by tho law
In force. Tho secretary recommends
that the bill heforo Congress bo given
early consideration.
A bill wns Introduced nt the last
sotslon of Congress to increase tho
amount of land which might bo
homestcaded or Bold to Individuals.
The secretary recommonded this leg
islntlon,Tnnd whllo still of tho opln.
Ion thnt It Is conscrvntlvo nnd vvlso,
ho now withholds his furthor recom
mendation on tho subject pending
tho conclusion ot tho Investigation of
tho general subject of the handling
of public Innds In tho Islands now
being conducted by n commlttco otj
tho Houso of Representatives.
Waterhouse Trust
Real Estate for Lease
Mnkno Beach Lots, Koolauloa, Oahu
Ve offer theso desirable beach lots
situate on the windward Elde of Oahu
for leaso for a twenty (20) year term
nt u moderate rontnl.
Aia are 100x300.
This property can bo reached by "" ' "
""' .IBi,
For Sale ,; s.-i.
A Bargain in Mnkiki District for
$3250 (.,-
Waterhouse Trust
vaaai', f
Copper Work
Art Prints
When You Want to Send a
Call Up 1574 and n Boy Will Come
fcr the Message
Tho little concrete houso at tho
IlrusselH Exposition Is reported tn
hnvo been of especial Interest on -to-count
of Its practical submergenco to
ttBt It waterproof flimlltles. It Is on
Any womnn prefers n rnt on Mio
head to n mouse on the foot.
Charleston News nnd Courier.
902 Nuuanu Street.
Importers and Dealers in
Fine Wines and Liquors
Sole Agents for
Cream Rye Whiskey
OldJas.E. Pepper Whiskey
R. E. Wathcn &
"Old Hospitality
High Grade Kentucky Whiskey aged in wood, sold
by the gallon.
A Home Production.
The Bartlett
A NATURAL Mineral Water, the Best for -Table
and Medicinal Purposes. ' -
Special Attention Paid to Family
Deliveries made to all
Democrats and the Home
Rulers Arc .Few
and Far.
Democrats nnd Homo Rulers will ho
very senrco at tho next regulnr ses
sion of the legislature
Tho members f tlio leglslatirro for
tho 1911 session, beginning Fobruaiy
IT, 1911, nro ns follows:
linker, Dnvld K., (D), Nnpooiioo, Ha
waii. Ilrown, Cccl (It), Honolulu, Oahu.
Ilrnwn, .lohn'T.. (It), Illlo, Hawaii.
Chllllngworth, C. V., (It), Honolulu,
Kalrchlld. Ocorgo II., (It), Kcalla.
Howltt, Oeo. a, (It), Walohlim, Ha
waii. .ludd Alfred r.. (It), Honolulu, Oahu.
Kalalnn, 8. E (It), Mnkawno. Maul.
Knlelopu, A. S., (It), Honolulu, Onhu,
Knudsen, V.. A., (It), Keknha, Knuni.
Mnkckau, It. II., (II It), Honokaa, Ha
waii. Monro, H. T. (I)), Honolulu, Oahu.
Tall, l'lilllp, (R), iihalun Maul.
Qiilnn, H. V (It), Honolulu, Oahu.
Robinson, Win. T., (It), Walluku.
AITonso, 0. 1, (It). Hllo, Hawaii.
Archer, Krank K (It), Honolulu,
Cnstlo. Alfred I.., (R). Honolulu, Oalm
Cockett, Joseph, (R), Walluku, Maul.
Coney, J. II.. (It), I.lhuo. Kauai.
Cooko, Oeo. P., Kaunnknkal, Molnkal.
Correa, 8. P., (R) Honolulu, Oahu.
Kernnndoz, K. K., (It), Honolulu,
Halo, Jim. P., (It), Hllo, Hawaii.
Ilolsleln, II. I.., (R), Kohala, Hawaii
lluddy, Ceo. II., (R), I.lhuo, Kauai.
Kamnnoulu, 3. K., (It), 'Honolulu,
Knnekon, Chns., (R), Honolulu, Oahu.
Kawaakoa, J. W., (It), Kaupo, Maul,
Kuwuwehl, Henry U, (II Il-Dcm), Ko
uiihoii, Hawaii.
Kelllnol. Samuel, (R), Wnlliikii, Mnul.
Long, K. A. C., (R), Honolulu, Oiliu.
Mnlwo. 8. K, (It). Wiilulua. Onhu.
Mukekun, M. K (It) Nupoopot), Hu
Mnrcnlllno, A. Q., (It), Honolulu,
Monnnull. J. W., (It), Ilonnkuii, Ha
waii. Itlce, C. A., (R). IJhuo, Kauai,
& Co.
Phone 2708
i! -
parts of the city.
Rlckard, Henry S., (It), Iiiiiiahoohoo
Sheldon, W. J., (R), Walmea. Knual.
Tavares, A, K (R), Mnkawno, Maul.
Towse, Kit.. (R), Honolulu, Oahu,
Walahnlo, Illwnrd, (It) hahalna,
Wntklus, Normnn, (R), Honolulu,
Williamson, Win., (It), Honolulu,
Yates, Julian R., (II It), NapooKio,
KM Crawford, an clllclcnt member
of the Interpreter's start nt Dlttrlct
Magistrate I.ymcr's court, wns on
deck this morning after a brief but
serious illness. Crawford was inca
pacitated owng to nu attack ot
ilcnguo fever. ''As a Hawaiian Inter
pieter, Crnwford Is said to posseBa
few equals. His recovery was tho
caueo of much congratulation from
his host of blends this morning.
There Is n movement on foot to
bring Crawford's namo prominently
heforo the members' or tho Hiiiibo of
Repicsontatlvcs as the olllcial legisla
tive Interpreter.
Cinematograph Gives Precise
Effect pf Explosion of
Powder ,ip Cartridge,
PARIS, Dec. 10. A now cinemat
ograph camera to photograph the
lllght of bullets has been invented
by Professor Mnrey of Paris. A pic
turo can bo takon In tho ten mil
lionth part of a second.
IlemnrKubly animated photographs
hnvo been obtained, which Bhovv what
happens when n self-loading pistol ,
is fired nnd give the precise effoct
of tho explosion of the cartridge of
Klve hundred pictures nre taken In
n tenth of n so-ond; yet (hey nro so
clear that many valuable processes
can bo photographed In their brief
tliuo nnd Investigated at leisure.
Tho method has beeu kept a so
cret, ns It has beeu In use for mili
tary experiments In Fiance,
n hlllsldo, nnil n lnrgo volunin or
wnter Is turned upon Its roof and
Hows continually down Its sides, ox
cent ut tho entrance,. No sign of
leakago is to bo seen, Tho roneielo ''
appears to he about four IiicIiob In
thickness, and wua tleuted with coio-slt.
- K
"-" - " ' IMlMlldfe
. -ilrfJKf.'-'-M
'jWtt-'VUJltr fjkm
.iut'ntkif iiimit m, . i.. i

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