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!.. ..
Mic Temple
eKIy Calendar
HtuVfi;;!, llatlon.
; , - -,
iIuIk jiistaHuUoii.
JAY: " -
ilk Installation.
lembera of to
ally invited to
ot local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondays of
each, month
at K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M.
ir 1 J
"z other Asso-
- k lAh,.H ciations cor
. mvited. :
.RM0NY LODGE, No. 3, 1. 0. 0. F,
ilefets every Monday evening at
0 In I. 0. 0. F. Hall, Fort Street.
E. R. HENDRY, Secretary.
'' H. E. MoCOY, Noble Grand.
It siting brothers very cordially
Invit i.
OAHU LODGE, No. 1, K. o? P.
Meets every first and third Frl
flay evening at 7:30 In K. of P. Hall,
eorner Fort and Beretania. Visiting
brothers cordially invited to attend.
V ,- WM, JONES, C. C. ...
O. F. HEINE, K. R. S.
HAWAIIAN TRIBE, No. 1, 1. 0, K. M.
" Meets every first and third Thurs
days of each month at Knights of
'ythias Hall. Visiting brothers cor
ally, invited to attend. '
A: K EAICIN, Sachem.
- E. V. TODD, C ot R.;
LP AERli -140, F. 0. E.
Meets a the 2ndl and 4th WED
NESDAY ftevenings jf each month at
T:3 o'clilxJk in K. of P. Hall, corner
Beretanhl and Fort streets.
VlBlUiiV. Eagles are mviiea w f
W. R. RILEY, W. P.
WM. C. McCOY, Sec.
rf lOLULW LODGE, 616, B. P, 0. E.
bnolulul Lodge No. 616, B. P. O.
s, meets in their halt, on King
iet,'near Fort, every Friday eve
, Visiting Brothers are cordially
ited to attend.
r; ' K. of P.
'sets every 2nd and 4th Saturday
fng'at 7:30 o'clock in K. of P.
r. Foit and Beretanla. Vislt
hers cordially invited to at-
'.. TYLOR, C. 0.
k' Developing end Printing
A Crafts Shop
1050 Nuuanu Street
has. R. Frazier
'1- 122 King St.
nd O. R. & L. Shipping
j at the Bulletin
The Cockcit Saloon is serving oyst?r
Try a case o Pinectar. It is pure
Phone 1557.
it goes without savins that every
thing is Best at The Encore. !
Postmaster Pratt has returned fro:n
several weeks' vacation on Hawaii.
The William KobehV of Sprcckc!-:-ville,
save a most delightful luau c:i
Christmas eve. ' ' '
Reports lrom Lahaina stato that rn
last Thursday it rainoj something
over three inches in two hours.
There has been some talk of the
circus making a short ttay at. Wailuku
when it lias finished iU en3ag01110.1t
at Hilo. '
Pay cash anu ask for green stamps.
They're free. Call at the show rooms
and see wba you ;et ree for
stamps. '
The Maul News states that Post
master I yens of Waihiku is soon to
add fifty new lockboxes to the pres
ent outfit.
Preparations for Chinese New Yeir
are being made throughout the city
and Islands. Each year the Chine :e
outdo the 1 revkms year in display.
Capt. W. W. Low, U. S. Marine
Corps, has been transferred to Naval
Station Pugct Sound, Bremerton.
Wash.; end will leave on the Wilhc!
mina, January 4.
Major E. E. Winslow, corps of engi
neers, made a quick to trip to Ilil i,
going over and returning by tlio
steamer Williehnina which arrived
back in port yesterday morning.
Considerable interest, and enthusi
asm is being expressed over the
Burns' entertainment to lie given to
night at the Young Hotel under the
auspices of the Scottish Thistle Club.
If " t
Miss Helene Sloane who has chars-e
of the program has prepared to give
the public a rather imusual and pleas
ing form of entertain. The story is
one told from study and a lively im
agination made so real that her audi
ence scarcely krow where the line of
demarcation lies, but into which is
woven tho most prominent facts and
circumstances cf the life cf the poet
gleaned from his own pen.
Miss Sloane has a. charming person
ality which lends itself to the plcasire
of her audiences, and is recognized as
an artist in her rendition 'of the songs
and ballads.
Miss Sloane will bo most ably as
sisted by Mr. Phillip Hall, who makes
his debut as a singer of Scotch songs.
Mr. James Fenwiok, another local
artist, will sing "Scot's Wlia Hue,"
as. only a Scotchman can.
Martin Eagan, editor of the Ma
nila Times, who passed through the
city on the Tenyo Mara, was very
pleasantly impressed with the man
ner in which the Filipinos are being
treated on the sugar plantations. His
observation was, of course, hasty,
but he had an opportunity to talk
with some cf the' people who' are liv
ing at Ewa and alco look over the
quarters at other plantations along
the road fiom town.
Mr. ICagaii while in the city was
the guest of Mr. Babbitt of the plant
ers' labor bureau, and made the trip
to Kwa with Mr. Babbitt, W. O.
Smith, the editor of tho Bulletin
and the editor of the Advertiser. He
was very much impressed with the
ize of the sugar industry as shown
by the field after field that he passed
through, and after vidling the labor
ers' quarters went through the Ewa
rn 111 with Engineer Campion, it be
ing his first inspection of a modern
sugar mill of Hawaii.
Instead of her fa.ee, a girl's figure
nay be her fortune. .
A fool can make friends, but it
"akes a wise man to keep them.
W. C. Peacock&CdLtd-
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty.
" i Mont.Roune Wines
So" umrn's ".hampagne
IS T fWR A fit?.
l Cs-S 11 U U jj 11 u 11
Has Valuable Cargo of Northwest Wheat Shipped Seas
, VVhic'i Damaged GrainFew Movements of Inter-Island
Vessels Kiyo Mam Stiil 'n Quarantine.
Four flays out from Tacoma. Wash- afternoon. The vessel is bringing no
Ington the Jebsen steamer Erna mot cargo. It is possible that, a few lay
wit h the worst kind cf weather- and over passengers may bo left at the
at the time (shipped a series of heavy! port.' It is the present intention of
seas, a quantity cl the water washing giving the vessel a prompt dispatch far
down Into the hold where in was stor-l Japan porta and Hongkong and the
ed a portion of a shipment of three
thousand tons of northwest wheat.
The German passenger and freight
stormier arrived at Honolulu this
morning flying signals ot uistress. 1; ( i-iyaaes ceiayed in Arrival,
wati the Intention", of the . agents o:; According to a wireless message ra
owncis'of (ho1 si earner to have hcr celvcd th!a niornint? tho Ma'tsoa Navi
call here far a sni-iU consignmant otr gitin ' f tcamor llyadei will not'-'arena
1. The result f an e:uau-.ifw wUhf rlvo Jit the port much before tonio'r-
the' elements.
Erna romaluln
will necessitato
; at ths i")-.-t for
little time. .,-'" 1 ' "-v.-
It is stated that a' gwi.lly 'pr.'tioii
of the wheat has been damaged ' by
contact Villi ''the" water.' The grain I wha: f and sifter'"1 the discharge 'of
which receive 1 the deluga of silt wa'-j fre'giit for H'ono'.ula is scheduled to
er lias souretl and'se'.lcj anl'u-ilesfl p:':cccd to 'Port' Allen, Kahului an.l
it is .spso.IIly rervnvel from lha hid j ICa.unpal. The Hyndes twill t.ika on
it is' claimed that it will strain tl-.-aj sugn r.t vari-ui Island ports with
vessel, ' ; ' rlestinaticn for Pacific const ref.nar-
The Erna. is c-.ro-.itc. ( tho Medi-j ic.;. ' ' ' - -t
terra nea'n and' it. is un '.arstood that j ;'' ' ' BS ' '" ":
upon' arrival at Port Said the steam- !Tlio ' Amrr'c.m-II-nvaiian ' freighlei
er is to c'rmge "ownership. It ha? Mif;:;rmri;in' 'from 'Safi.iia' Cruz f ir Pu
bcen reported tliat the' E:-na as well get Sound iiud -Ihe 'Hawaiian islati Is
as the Ella which sailed for Japan
ports this ' morning, ' -will be ' tunicvl
over to the Turkish government to be
used as ' a transput t for trrops and
'supplies; ",,j V."; Vv ' . '
The Erna was hauled alongside the
Channel wharf. A" survey of the dam
aged; cargo jwill' bb ': mitis tom'irrow.
After the exiiminat.'o'a I'sJc'wrfploto'd' it
can. bo belfar detcrniinc.l to ' what
length of time the ' Gorman steamer
will be detained here. 1 ' " - 1 "
'There is" considerable Vvater still in
the hold. The graiii 'which received
tch inundation is believed will bo a
total loss. It Haclcfeltt & Co', are the
local representatives for the steamer
find this morning a lengthy cable set
ting forth details of the accident was
forwarded to the owners in Euro:'.
Mexican PiMkia P:u.
The United 'States Marino Hospital
and Quarantine officials complete! the
work of p. thorough fumigation of the
American-Hawaiian freighter Mexican
this morning and that, steamer was
brought alongside the railway wharf
mid stevedores began removing main
land freight from the huge steamer.
The Mexican arrive! here on Satur
day, but there war, nothing to indicate
by the ship's papers that the freighter
had been fumigated after leaving the
port of Salina Cruz. As a number of
Central and South American parts are
pronounced infected by the Federal
quarantine authorities the local .staff
of medical officers did not propose to
t-iL-e r-lniipou wil h a nnsuih'l il v of an
introduction of Yellow Jack! The !
Mexican will take on freight destined
for Hilo and will make a round trip
to that port returning here for sug
ar. Wilhelmina Taking on- Sugsr.
The Matson Navigation ' steamer
Wilhelmina was brought alongside the
railway wharf tills morning and
throughout the day a force of steve
dores were taking on a consignment
of sugar and pineapples. Tho vessel
will be shifted to the Matson wharf,
tomorrow npd there complcto taking
on freight intended for the mainland.
Tho Wilhelmina cargo for San Fran
dxen will include ' shipments" of pine
apples, rice, coffee and sundries. The
steamer is selTcduled to depiart for the
coast at ten o'clock on Wednesday
morning. A fair list, of intending pas
sengers has been booked at the local
agency of Castle & Cooke.
Asia from Coast This Afterrflon.
A late wireless message received at
the agency cf II .Hackfeld & Co. from
tho Pacific Mail Intermediate steam
er Asia announced the probable ar
rival of that' vessel 'from San 'Fran
cisco 011 or about three o'clock this
vessel will probably sail for the Far
East by ten o'clock tomorrow morning.''--"-
;.' - '
: ' . us
rovv morning. - The vessel is bringing
clown gene, al cargo including feed
stall's flcur and 'me-ch:iiidise '"' from
S.i'ri Franc!fC-,
Tlio ve.-scr will
Seattle and Tacoma.
berth at tha Railway
reported to' have sailed from Ban
Frano'tsco for Seattle ' yesterday. This (
verset is bringing a good sized cargo
fof Trciloluiiv' and' should arrive hers.
on! or about Jannavyi'jsth. .
Ldmber'frerrt the Sbtin"'-'' l!
bn-i ''-; .' m if.ji,.fsi'..v
CoroKcdo Eaelf on thti'''RHn.''"'
Afield .having; boon 'trHsferrcd -"tn ;
vaVttus iwiast rims; the IftliKtricnn bark
Coiitinadoi has - boen) ' dispatehPd! from
the coast with g,4 shipment)- of mer
ctiandise destined for Honohiluj The
Corpnado is reported to have . sailed
from San Francisco on last Saturday.
S'5 " ' '!' '
Bringing down a shipment of lum-
mci1 from the Found the American I
schooner Robert ..ewers has arrived
and the work cf discharging the ves
sel will begin tomorrow; v The' Rob
ert Lewcrs was tarty-seven days in
making the par:sage to Honolulu.
Si-qrr Hcs Reached the Isthmus.
The consignment of sugar that left
the inlands hf tho A movie m-Hawaiian
freighter 'Alaskan arrived at Salim,
Cruz en last Saturday ncording t:
late cables received here.
Enterprise Off; for HI3.
Leaving Sail Francisco on last Sat
urday, the MalK-on Navigaticn steamer
Enterprise is cnroule for Ililo taking
a fnir si;:cd general cargo for the big
The more rigid lines laid down for
the governing customs inspection, a! 1
tamers arrivln?
at San Irancisco
from the Orient which mis now gone.
into effect is believed will not chang j
the order of procedure at Honolulu in
Ihe least.
The way of the smuggling trans-;
fTcssor will be hard in the port of'
San Francisco henceforth. A string-1
c nt and vigorous enforcement of tho
1-iws which prohibit .the importation
( f opium without duty and the illegal
entering cf .Asiatics is to be made by
the customs department and immigra
tion "autho! ities. v
Tho arrival of the Japanese liner
Tenyo Mam, which vessel is expected
v.iil sail from Honolulu enrouto from
the Orient on Saturday will prosum
cbly sec tho inauguration of a no v
rystem calling for two customs in
spectors to' board vessels immediately
upon .arrival at the Golden Ga'.c.
Heretofore the customs Inspectors!
have waited until quarantine doctors
had completed their hour or two of
medical examination.- Whenever one
of the transpacific steamships' lias ar
rived within the hoaiis :n the night
no custonm Inspectors have gone-
aboard her until after dayligh..
It Is believed that the smuggling
ring has accomplished some of its
most successful work on steamships
which, arriving in the night, wore not.
boarded by tho customs inspector.-?
until after they had been in the harbor
several hours. The members of the
crew on board the steamers are said
to have dropiied the contraband opium
over the vessel's sides in casks which
wove later picked up by confederate."
on the outside.
Tills particular channel for the
smuggling of the drug will be effec
tually rut off. Each forel'fn vessel ar
riving at San Franeirco will be unde?
tncv.atehful eye of the customs do
f, and with nn extra watch
- " t
upon every other source cf sm igglir.g
and a trcb ed vigilance in the c istom:
and immigration departments it is a!'
together likely that smuggling will b!
reduced to a minimum.
A new era in steamship navigation
promises to be opened by the new
motor driven liners using oil fuel. The
great steamers cf the future will have
no funnels, and an unbroken dock
line. There will ba an important sav
ing of s; aco by doing away with caal
bunkers, and considerable machinery,
while the stokers F.nd similar workers
will be mi necessary. Tho great prob
lem of coaling also disappears since
the oil fuel may be pumped aboard
by pipes.
The first of these liners, an, 8,001
ton boat, is being built by the Hamburg-American
lino for regular ser
vice. The experimental stage has been
passed, for the linar comes after an
exhaustive series cf experiments with
Internal combustion engines fed by
oil. It has been found that twenty
seven persons can care for these oil
engines, while an ordinary steamer of
the sania size would require 250 stok
ers, coal drawers and others. . The
new boat can carry 2,000 tons more
cargo than the same size steamship,
which is a strong argu::iant in favor
cf the oil fuel. "'
''. a
The health of the American Navy
was better in 1009 than In any other
yearly period of the last decade, and
the death rate was the lowest ever
recorded.' The death rate was five per
The ship Astral has been permitted
to change her : name to-Ktar of Zea
land. The vessel was the property of
I.con Slogs, 'and has been sold to the
Alaska Packers'"-1 Association, ' which
names al! its vessel with ihe distinc
tive title of "Star" of" and adds the
name of a country. ' '. :
! Captain Thomas - II.- Barber,1.' who
became' a. State pilot Boce.nibor 21,
ISfiO, will' shortly resign the position
of port; agent for t lie ' San Francisco
bar pilots which' ha' has occupied for
over twenty years.'1 'Cap tain Earlier is
S2 years eld, and, although still hale
and' hearty, has decided to give up
active work. '' With Captain Barber's
resignation the senior p".iot of the
board 'will be Captain Stejmeii Cas
tle. :" ': ' .;."'
Saturd.iv, Dec. 31. '
GRAYS HARBOR Sailed Pee, 30:
Schr. Oceania" Vaiice, for ITrla.
SAN FRANCISCO Arrived Do?. 30:
S. S. Mongolia, hence Pee. 24.
SAN FRANCISCO Sailed Dec. 31: S.
S. IDntc'rnrise; for Hilo:
SAUNA CRUZ Arrived Dec. 31. S. S.
-.Alaskan; from Kahului,...,'
VANCOUVER Sailed Dec. 30: S. S.
Moa,na. for Honolulu. '
CAPE TOWN--Arrive! Dec. 31: Ship
W. F. Babcock, hence. ' '
" " Friday, Dec. SO.
SAN FRANCISCO Sailed Dec. 28:
Ship M. Chiicott, for Honolulu.
B E J . I J NO! II AM Sailed I)cC. 29: Bit.
8S 'C, Allen; for Honolulu.
Edward Sinclair, with his wife
and family, who arrived as second-'
class passengers from South Ameri
can ports by the i ate -ted Japanese.'
steamer Kiyo Maru, will be allowed
10 land at Honolulu after they have
served their fourteen-day , period of
detention at the Federal quarantine!
station.' '
Together with several hundred per
ccaa enrolled as passengers and crew
of the Toyo Kiren Kaisha freighter,
the Sinclair family wore subjected to
vaccination at the hands of Doctors
James and Gillespie of tho local quar-j
antino service.
It is understood that , Collector,
will issue tho necessary papers per
mitting Sinclair and his family to.
take up residence here should they.
i.ee fit, I
C? i ,. t, 1 .1 I .. V,.,., 1.im nr.tinoofifl iritllt
the American consular service In
Peru. They Eailed from a South
American port on the only vesso.
coming direct to Honolulu. Here
they are met with the announcement
that, as the Kiyo Maru has never
been measured by nn American in
.spectcr, she is Ineligible to carry
passengers to an American port.
On Tuesday evening the patrons, of
the Park Theatre will have , a novel
turn served up for their special bene
fit by Morris and' Wilson, the Austra
lian ' comedy acrobats. Mr. Congdon !
!'" suggested that they give an expo- ;
'"'en of the various tricks used by I
... 1.1. ... t
l.. ,11 in llie:r I'XiM,. wan an uapuuij-
tioa of the 'most diflicult feats. There
are quite a number cf nc-w Items that f
those performers have not yet uncov
ered, one of which is a complete for
ward sonicersault from the floor onto
a table, a trick never before attempt
ed by performers, as far as local In
formatien goes. They have decide! to
discard their comedy work fo" this one
night, nrd will explain the tricks they
In'end doing and give the technical
names before completing the numer
ous catchy and sensational stunts. As
this will be positively their Inst night
in Honolulu, these visitors intend to
extend themselves and should put. up
an Interesting and instructive number
that it would bo unwise to miss.
1 1
C:ri3y, Jr.n. 1.
Hawaii via Maui ports Mikahala,
stmr., a. in.
Kauai ports Noeau, stmr., a. m.
Kauai ports Niihau, stmr., a. m.
Hawaii, Hamakua ports Helene,
stmr., a. m. ;
Hawaii ports Maui, stmr., a. m.
Poit Townsend Robert 'Lowers,
Am J schr.. p. m. '
Hilo Wilhelmina, M. N. s! S., a. m.
' Monday, Jan. 2.
Seattle and Tacoma Erna, 6ermau
stnif., a. m. ', .
Hilo (special trip) Mauna Kea
stmr., a., m.
Sunday, Jan. 1.
Cruise Kukui, U. S. Lighthouse
tender, a. m.
Mediterranean ports via Japan and
China Ella, ' Gr. stmr., a. m.
! Tuesday, Jan. 3.
San Francisco Asia, P. M. S. S.
Tuesday, Jan. 2.
Hi'.o via way ports Mauna Kea,
stmr., 10 a. m.
Kauai ports Kinau, slmr., 5 p. m.
Maui, Molokai and Lanai ports
Mikahala, stmr., 5 p. m.
;'' Wednesday, Jan. 3.
Japan ports and Hongkong Asia,
P. M. S. S.
Thursday, Jan. 4.
' Kauai ports W. G. Hall, stmr., 5
p. m.
Friday, Jan. 5.
Hawaii via Maul ports Claudino,
stmr. '"
Per stmr, Mikahala, from Maui and
Molokai ports, Jan. , 1. Miss Moto
Oban. C. C. Conradt, Miss B. Hansen,
Miss C. Betts F. Mc. Brewer, D. Mc
Corristcn, O. McCorriston, E. P. Cha
l)n, Henry Lau, Mrs. H. W. WaipaU
Miss A. Akaka, Miss Alb. Meyer, Miss
M. Meyer and ten deck.
Per P. M. S. S. Asia, for Japan ports
raid Hongkong, Jan. 2. Captain Bald
win and party of six, Oliver Powell
F. A. Bcardman, M. M. du Boi3 and
James Norman.
Per stmr. Mauna Loa, 'for Kona and
Kau jw'rts Jan. 10. T. E. Hudson,
Rev. A. ' S. Baker, Mrs. Baker.
Per stmr. W. G. Hall, for Kauai
pert Jan. 5. Mrs. M. Lawrence.
Per stmr. Mikahala.. for Maui and
Molokai ports, Jan! 3. Mrs. Nevin.
Per stmr. Kinau, for Kauai ports
Jan. 3-C S. Dolo. C. It. Hint, Miss
Alice Hoopiii, S, K. Kaoo, Ch:is. But'
ko, W. Schieber Mrs. J.' J. Coombs.
Per stmr. Mauna Kea, for Hilo via
way ports, Jan. 3. J. Wilcox, A. Ma-s-.m,
Miss A. Low, Robt. Catton, Joe
Mcinecko, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. R, C. S'earle,
Mm. J. W. Searlc, Mrs. Camara.
Per Matson Navigation steamer
Wilhelmina for San Francisco,' Jan.
4. T. W. Waller, P. T. Burn3, B. L.
Raat, W. B. Coopor,' Noa W. Aluli, II.
C. Christ.'n W. J. Hanigan, Mrs. W. J.
Hanigan F. A. Brewer, Mrs. ' F. A.
Brewer and child, J. A. Gorman, Mrs.
J. A; Gorman, Mrs, J. L. Dobbins, Mrs
M. Bruns, Mrs. H. F. Earle.. Miss E.
M. Wyman, Mrs. A. B. Wyman, T. E.
Hudson, - Mrs.' T. E. Hudson,- II. E.
Carrington Mrs. L. B. Prudhon, Miss
E. Lord Miss E. Wilbur, Mrs. E. M.
Wilbur, C. A. Sumner, Mrs. C. A.
Sumner, ,B. Thompson, Mrs. B.
Thompson, L. Scrutton, R. I. Bentley,
T. V. Llbby, F. P. Barker, Mrs. F. P.
Barker, H. W. Diggs, Miss C. S. Rog
ers, Major C. S. Houghton, Mrs. C.'S.
Houghton, Mrs. H. Keener.
Per O. S. S. Sierra, for San Fran
cisco, Jan. 4. Miss II. W. Bowman,
Mrs. F. J. Lowrey, Louis Garmo, Mr&.
J. Igo, Mrs. M. M. Plyler, W. N. Bol
linger, Mrs. Bellingor, S. H. Comman
der, Mrs. Commander, J. C. Lamor
eaux, Mrs. Lamoreaux, C. J. Ihmau,
W. A. Beekiey, Cecil Brown. Miss F.
Klein, Miss M. Falkeuberg, R. J. Boll,
Miss A. Silva, M. L, Fletcher, C. H.
Collier, Mrs. Collier, M. 'Jacob, S. F.
Mails are due from the following
points as follows:
San Francisco -Per Asia, Jan. 3.
Yokohama Por Korea, Jan. 7.
Australia Per Makura, Jan. 3.
Victoria rer Moana, Jan. 7.
Mails will depart for tho followiiv?
points as follows:
San Francisco Per Sierra, Jan. 4. .
Yokohama Per Asia, Jan. 3.
Vancouver Per Makura, Jan, 3.
S.ydney Por Moana, Jan. .7."
Dix arrived at Seattio, from Honolulu,
Dec. 10.
Logan, sailed from Honolulu, for Ma
nila, Dec, 13.
Sheridan, sailed, from Manila for Ho
nolulu, Dec. 14.
Sherman, sailed from Honolulu for
San Francisco, Dec. 6. ...
Weekly 11 ii 1 1 1 1 81 per year.
Coney Garai
Meet All Inter-Island Steamers
x AS M
Republican Organi;
' Territory to Maint
manent Fori
The cjtecutivo comm
Republican Territorial
mittee, at a meeting he
day afternoon, named A.
this city as an executive
the party for the nex.
This position has been c
as published in the
some' time ago, in order
party forces together dur
time between campaigns.
Mr. Cooper served as
the central committee duri
campaign, and at Us close
chairman, vice A., L. C.
who resigned. As manage
keep in touch with part
tbrougout the Territory ;
have active charge of th
organization work.
The committee further en
Cooper to appoint a stenogra
;'.erk. The headquarters wi
changed from their present
in the Stangenwald building.
The comittee received the 1
tne appointment of George C
deputy 'tax assessor and eolle
the district of Makawao, M
accordance with the committei
ommeiuiation. Another rec(
dation was up on the request
Superintendent of Public Work
T, Edgar Robinson be consider
adjuster in the handling of the
erence lights of purchase of f
bowl lands. The recommem
wa3 deferred ponding an en
ment from Mr. Robinson's pr
club. -
Child Runs In Front of
mobile and Fatallv
A fatal automobile accident
od Saturday afternoon on Be
avenuo below tho Moiliili church
Helen Jfhkal was struck and ia,.
ly killed by a machine driven- by iv
Charles G. Bartlett.' Another cl
named Mo Sau was struck but esc
3d Injury.
Investigations made by Dcpu
Sheriff Roso showed that the accid-. .
was an unavoidable one, tho two cl f
dren having been running behin
dray and suddenly darting direct
front of the automobile being dr.
at a moderate rate of speed by
Bartlett. The machine was not ?
than ten feet from the childrc
they appeared in Us path.
Measurements made at the sc
the accident Saturday afti
showed that the b!g car, a Pier
row, was stopped within woi
feet, inclusive of its own length
Bartlett remained at the scene
accident for over an hour, Dit
niond arriving in a few mini;
response to a message scut into
by Mrs. Bartlett'.
The child, Me Sau,, was. pr;-'
uninjured, being struck by the
and having a slight cut upon t
pie. Helen Ehuk'ii was struct
tho loft eye,, suffering a frac.
the skull when she foil to. tho g:
Witnesses of the accident stati
the machine was traveling at a
crate rate of speed when tho gvr
from behind the dray and ia'u
Pith. . V X-
Hi' ireds of souvenir' poet:
werf ivopped from the sky ci
day Dy "Hud" Mars, the no
a tor, who scared over the ln.
thousands at Moanalua. The t
tci'ing bits cf pasteboard were ca
by people In tho crowd and wi1'
rent all ever the United States'
Into other parts of the world as
memtos of the first 'aeroplane 1!
in those islands and as a nolle
the great carnival to be giver
the Hiks in Honolulu on Februar
and 22. There was much go"
tured lompotition hi gathering
nostals as tney fell from th
mail's car, and the message f
Elk3, contained thereon, cami
effective reminder of the f;
the coming carnival will be
Inter-Island and Oi H. & L. S tl
bocks for sale at the B u I !
office. 50o each -' . '
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?e i
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