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Dear lo the Heaits
WmM 37CwrJotnST. - NrwYbim.
Yellow and Muddy skin, giving a delicately clear and refined complexion
which every woman desires.
No. 10 For sale by Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers,
Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New York.
Don't be annoyed by the lack of
Hot Water. Install a '
and your troubles are over
Guaranteed by i he
Wfetch ttte Elks' Dust at
' Alakea Wharf
U Notice the 8uit3 from THE
Why not be one of them w'th a suit from
1 Clothiers
just as much in demand at
exclusive clubs as at the
public bars?
Because its
Sole Agents
wagons pass your door twice daily.
Drink ;
Beit in the Market
H U BJ MAY 4 5 0
Phonr 1271
- - - .
of the Women.
Oriental Cream
An Indispensable and Necessary
Article for Particular Women
who Desire to Retain a
Youthful appearance.
Every woman owes It to herself and
loved ones to retain the eharm of youth
nature has bestowed upon her. For over
half a century this article has been used
by actresses, singers and women of
fashion. Itrenders the skin like tlio
softness of velvet leaving it clear and
pearly white and is highly desirable when
fircparliiB for dally or evening attire. As
t is a liquid and non-greasy preparation,
it remains unnoticed. When attending
dances, balls ar other entertainments, it
prevents a greasy appearance of the com
plexion caused by the skin becoming
Gouraud's Oriental Cream cures skin
diseases and relieves Sunburn. Removes
Tan. Pimples Blackheads, Moth Patches,
"Rash. Freckles nml Vnlear Peilnnua
LEADER Cloth iers among them.
Is It?
Cook PAT
with uAj
X mm
(Continued from last Saturday.)
Cll.U'TErt v.
guide, rnii.osopiir.n axd rtuExn. ',
T OVEI.ANl) wished thnt be mhrht
I dure to be dtthgerous, but the
I Idea of huvlng ber for a friend
Into whose pink shell of nn
ear be could pour conlldences renliy
attracted lilm. since ber value, not be
ing cash value, could bp realized by
111 in In uo other way. And. of course, 1
If she would promise to be bis friend
it woinu lie c'MhiiMii to make love to
ber. Uo felt very virtuous us be laid
down this rule for himself.
"I'll let you Kludy nie as much ns
you like aud put wu Into jour ueit
"As the villain?"
He looked ratber blank. Tils concep
tion for himself was always the part
of bero. ,
"Hut. after all. It's usually bnronets
wbo're villains In stories and plays,"
she went on. "A marquis you life a
marquis, aren't you? may perhaps be
a fellow being."
"I'lense treat me as such, tbeu," sulj
"I will, anyway till further notice.
Now you may begin to tell me frank
things, and I'll give you frank advice
about thein as a friend."
"How 1 wish you were rich!" ex
claimed Lovelaud. thinking aloud, as
be did sometimes.
"How do you know I'm not? Ob. of
course Major Cadwalliider Hunter
foun.l out for you. He would: lie's
the nort of man who takes a worm's
eye view of the world and of women
aud wealth. But never mind if I am
not rich."
"I do mind. I shouldn't want you
for a friend if you were."
"Vou wouldn't oh! Well, now you
are being still franker, aren't you?"
"Vou said you liked people to bo
"1 haven't olTeuded you. have I?"
"No. I'm just petting used to you.
It's quite Interesting. What do you
want my advice about? Other girls,
I ruppose." ' '
"It may come to that." Lovelnnd
"Any one in particular at the mo
ment?" '
"Well, supposing I were forced to
"iarry money for the sake of of my
estates and all that. Is tbefe any one
on board .vmi'd recommend?"
'You've two very eligible girls at
your table." ' :
"Yes Hut. bang It all. It's too much
of a good thing having them at one's
elbow like that, you know. If only
It were you instead"
"On the principle of having the poor
always with one. lint for that you'd
have to change and sit at thine. We're
All, poor there, I think. It's the In
eligible' table for both seses. Would
you care to come?"
"I'd care to, lint I couldn't afford It,"
said Val. "1 must step wnere 1 am
ami take the
goods the gods
"Voir mean the
dining room stew-
urd who1 arranged i
the seats." .
"What else did
Miss Milton say
ubotit me?"
"That yon were
very good look
ing, as we're be
ing frank."
"I hope you
agreed wltb
ber?" .
"Ob. yes; I had
to. Your looks
are so obvious, so
m neb , a part of
your stock Id
trade. If you don't
uilnd my saying
so. It would be
tbe shop windows
silly to deny that
are well decorated.
It was apropos of
your marrying tbat she spoke., I said
a handsome tnnn oughtn't to be driven
Into tbe obscurity of marriage by ne
cessity; he ought simply to be support
ed by the nation, become a sort of pub
lic Institution and be tbe pride of bis
country be sent, beautifully got up, to
walk In parks and dance at balls and
make life pleasant for girls."
"Thank you. Anything else?" .,
"Let me see. She said It seemed as
If you'd bought your eyelashes by tbe
yard and' been frightfully extrava
gant." "Wish I could pawn theui!"
"If you marry as you Intrad yoo
won't need to."
"I nay,, I'm afraid you're frightfully
aw.stlc." said Loveland, who bad
never bad an American girl for a
friend before and found that having
on k ?pt his hands full. "You think i
I'u a beast to marry a girl for ber
"First catch your bnre."-
"You mean I mayn't get one to take
"One never can., tell. There have
been slips between cup and I !.
"Although I'm poor, I can give my
wife a lot of things a woman li';es to
have." v i
"Second best things."
"Oh, cornel Yon haven't stopped to
think what tliey are.".
"I've slopped to t!ii:ik lltat love's t:ie
lii'M ll.ilti tilts. I'.ill!;.' a gl'.'l iili'iM r,;o. t
f.- a r.;.i;i t.i : '" 'vr " .
O C.N. AND A.M. J ,
Conyriht IvtO by DoubSfday Page ft
j Company Copyright. IW8 by j
the MrClure Comoanv I
seems r.ie r.:; iiie girls I
know v. in; Id lie pretty well satisMed
wl:!i the right to walk Into a (lining
room behind a duchess and"
"Uo yuiiV What a lot .veuve got to
le::r;i about girls:"
"Well, go on bring my friend nml
give me good advice, please." said
Loveland. "There's Miss Coolldge too.
She's a beautiful creature. , Are there
many other girls lu the Stales us beuu
tiful as she?"
"As beautiful, but few more beauti
ful." - .... .., ,. ..
"Any beautiful ones richer?" -
"I'm not up In that kind, of statistics.
Major ('atlwallader Hunter Is."
"Yes.1 but I don't care fur the fel
low I'd ratber take counsel with you.
Ho you know .Miss Oiollilge?"
"1 wish yon did."
"Would you like me to use' my in
fluence with her?" i '
"1 tdiou'.d like you to use your Influ
ence with me to keep u)e' up to the
mark She's rather hard to talk to so
different from you." '''',
"She knows her value. She's 'worth'
seven: I millions, its v.e say 'In Anier
lea-I wish we didn't. Why should she
worry to make herself agreeable? She
can get all the atleinlou she wants
without bothering, whereas we poor
f-lrls have to work hard If we want to
be popular in spile of our poverty."
"1 suppose there's . suitu'thlng In
that." said I.ovcbind. too deeply nb
rorlied in his own affairs nut to take
her In earnest. And I lie girl tould
have liked lo tnr.i a scornful shoulder
ij;jii him If his voire lt:id not been so
nice mid If he bad nut been so hnnd
Foine. "He Is a perfectly worthless
young man." she reflected savagely,
yet she did not tell him. as he de
served, that site had recnnslden d and
would not, after all. undertake the x
tra bard work ot being Ins guide, phi
losopher and friend.
At tlrst all the girls had admired
I.oveland not only hcctiiive he bad a
title, but because he was himself, and
Koine of the younger ones, like runny
Milton ond Madge P.everly. bad been
inclined to regard him as a starry pal
adln I'tniny said lie was "so hand
some it almost hurt" and that she
"could hardly talk to lilm for gazing
Ot Ills (iHisnli chill." P.llt when the
Lmoee sophisticated V.vn Turner. Kllnor
Coolldge, Kate Wood and a few others
realized that their starry paladin was
Inipudetitiy Inspecting them all with a
view lo l he possible purchase of the
most satisfactory each began to hate
lilm secretly with forty woiinni power,
secretly liecnirc there vns a kind of
glory in 1 1 ) 1 1 1 as a:i asset I hey were
worldly Ihntili goi M I hearted g.rl; lo
whom Mainr Cinhviiiiiiilvi lluunr had
IniruilU' ed his fl: c. and lliey foresaw
that handsome Lord l.uvelr.r.d would
lie .cllt it. perlmi's linuhl lor. Ill so
i Ict.v when lie had lei I the ill tie w
of the Mauretauia tor Hie bigger world
of e-.v vr' I 'me wnti.d li en ad
Vifnta-e fi having known i:i:n first in
case he sl'onitl liei nine the "rage." is
lie Wlis sure In (In It not Ion IllMIITer
ab'y rude and ofleiislve Thinking ot
this, each e'.rl elnng in her sliare of
Hint and icI'imIiii'iI Imui tr.it.ipling on
the expels h e doll, ns. Ini bet pt'ide'.N
ll';e. site ii -tit.it to do
Val w;i unav.are of l lie hatred. Iii;t
ci nst h his it the rivalry, anl w:is nl
ini tier l.cpi er iiiisy Helm gut in
Mai'.-ntii in in- iiiiitliei i tint he littd
-:'lli'( ni tlie M:iiii'i'!!iltl.".. as .lliii'liitr
linl'.iltgll I'M' ' tlitll;-ill lie might tnlet
'. Ii'l vt ',!!; In It'll tint II 'itnntenl
I-! i:i !i ! v.
Then presently trie nugeness or trie
great city lunuieil miinsiinus. nmtin
talmius In purple shadow against such
ft blue eky us Italy n::l vw Yoin
A ( ricvd wrs i iass-tl on t!:e dock to
v. eli oni" I be Miien tiittla .Mid her pas
sengers, mid fm the llr.a'nr.ie since
he bad h-ft i:iigltiMil V.'ti Icll a vague
bona si kit: ss siirrlug ill his breast.
Almost c cry one else o;i hoard seemed
to have at lensl one baudkeri bief wav
ing friend, iiud some hail half a dozen,
bat all the smiling, eager faces looking
up were strange In his eyes There
was an ntie for bin:, and be had u
siiddiu. tpn-ci scusitiiou of not being
at Inline in I lie world I his l.i spl-e
of Invitations fmm everybody he bad
uiet on I lie ship except one I he one
who mattered. -
Mr Cocl.dgc and several other fa
thers and uncles of pretty girls bad ask
ed bl:u lo make the.r homes Ills h ime,
but he had taken Jim Ilarlinrougirs
advice lo heart and exeusi d himself
warily. His Idea v.as to let New York
society pass before his eyes In review
before risking u premature entangle
ment. To this course be committed
himself In cold biood. Since he could
not have Lesley Dearmer. all that mat
tered to bim in a ' girl was decent
manners, decent looks Aud many mil
lions. He bad planned a moonlight fare
well for tbe night before, but Lesley
thwarted him by talking the whole
pvonlhg long with a sporting youth
whom Val wratbfully stigmatized In
bis mind as suffering from motor bi
cycle face, bridge eye. clutch knee and
tennis elbow. Tbeu when she bad tired
of ber flirtation she went to bed.
Next morning it was only as the
Mauretanla ncaretl her slip that the
girl appeared again. Without seeming
to notice I.oveland she stood leanlug
ber elbows on the rail not far from
him. It occurred to Val tbat after all
It was a matter of no Importance lo
ber that their lives were to be lived
opart. And the separation was at
baud. lie bad thought of this hour,
but now It was here. IIo was going
to love her. Tomorrow and all tbe
tomorrows be would have no sweet,
merry, mysterious eyed friend to ad
vise blm aud listen, half amused, half
lu earnest, to his coiilldences.
Suddenly bis heart fell like a largo
cold boiled beet root In bis breast. lie
went and stood behind the girl, dumb
Willi a strange new misery lie could
not untlerstai.d. and, as though she
bad bear the "unerring speech" of bis
silence, she turned.
At tlrst ber beautiful brown I eyes
Hashed a laughing challenge at him as
If they said: "Wouldn't you like to
make me think you really care? Hut I
don't think It and won't. And neither
do you care. We've, both been play
lug." Then Fomethlng In (Ms look softened
hers. She uiiileii kindly, though not
wholly without guile.
"Aren't yen excited?" s'.ie asked.
"Why should I be :;elted?" be
T,ecnuso well, you're a soldier and
know what war Is like. I've heard
thnt the most exciting thing which can
happen Is a call to make a sortie In
the middle of llie night. In the midst
of a dream-and mi tin empty stomach.
Hut I slioiil.l think the call to u matri
monial sortie"
"Un an empty purse?"
"Yes, when It's a iiiestlon of selling
yourself to till It."
"I don't iiteaii to sell myself. I shall
still belong to myself and to one other.
I won't say w ho Unit other Is. for I've
pretty well told you already."
i 'it's uo use pretending mlt to under
stand. 1 know what you want me to
think you mean."
"If I never knew before bow much
I do mean it I know it now. when I've
got to say good by.
"Look licre. I.esley-do look at mo.
I'm awfully cut up at leaving you."
"You're not to call me Lesley."
"You can't prevent my Vulling you
Lesley to myself."
"You'll soou forget the name."
"Never. I can never forget you
worse luck. Tbe thought of you Is go
lug to come betweeu nie and-other
"The thought must learn better man
ners tint to "butt In.' as we say over
bere. Oh. II will soon be tamed. You'll
have so much to do "
"I hope I shall." s:ild Lovelnnd. "I
say, are you going to forget me as
mxiii as we're parted?"
The girl wit" silent for a moment.
Then sh:' laughed. "I h:ill make a
loie of yn'i for ley iw'xt story bill
o:;e." s'le answered.
You're i.i t 1 . '.y k!i d."
".'if you tun- you deserv:- kind
ness':" Tui n:re I want It from you"
"You have i: I ways got what you
warned In your lire, haven't you. one
way or another';"
"1.1'e unu'iin'i be worlli living If otic
.M.'.a'i "
(Continued" Next Snlurdav
'it 1 J ' w lun'.uuKPin
' t.-W'-ir, rt Jt'i-t
A Tonic
A jlcdichic a
is an absolutely pure (!i:;lil!ntion
Duffy's Pyre Mm Wis
time it utinmlattM the mucous mirf;ices apd Imu- gimiiU of the tuoiimcli' .
to a. healthy uciiou; thereby 'iiuprov ir.s Int i!i;,.:.iin!i a:nl assiiMiltilioti of
the food ant giving to I nt; Kystei,! Its i'n,i omi-i.. ;i of noiiri.diiiielit. Tin:;
action upon Inc. dig.estive pimx.s in o. :;,u'.il i;iiim;a:ice, as it bring:; to all
ll.e tissues a.'iil mguas ol llie body l!u; iiiitnaie.it ticeewKury 10 their i.ii:,
teliiitico and indirectly lu the wi.i.ic nyue.n Ktivaglh ami igur. It liiaki s
the old feel young and kciips thu youug strung ubd igort.n:,. .
i'M TIO.V. Vhfll Jim ask lor Oafij's I are S:iIt tiltislii, be silfc yon
ge lite genuine. It's an ;,bsolii( l ini.e iiieilicinal vthi!ti v and is sold In
SI'ALLI. llOlilCS H inter in Imlk. I.ttili for die Ir;;(ie-!it::r)., lite
"Old t heinis!,'' on tl.e label, autl inaite sure ti e scil oier tite nrk is un
broken. Write jlctlical Ucpai'f mciil, 'I t.e l.a:'l .'l.tit Miisl cy ( n., Kuclicsler,
A. Y., I'. S. A., fur (Inilnr's nth ice and ::n Kluslr.iieil medical biio.Mcl ion -liilnlng
(estinniiilals and rules for health, belli Milt free.
(Jll'i r.' the !t;i't'. t nml mo; t proil ,, mcMuun; i.ow ' ii the market.
No ai fi'ii;;e or barvent certllieat".-. hat we orfi-r Is I'Ai'lTAL i'.Tt'iK,
precisely lla: titnt"' investment IhM wo !t::'e i i y i t - our.1 elves.
Yon do not 1'Mve to wail six y.t .-; for n ret urn nn y.mr tnuin-.v. Uii.l'i't)
ruiiber tt'"i-s arc already planted, :ii,'o V ".n n sisal plant.'. I if llte:f,
(1( 0 nl'' being t.ipiiud this y. ,tr, inn i;y ol' t n in yii ldm;; 1 'i lbs. rubber
per tree. At tins rate illi'id' in bl (. jia; aole ie.'itie of two years.
I-'IVJO .SllAifK.'.t i bnuld brlFi',' in an i,-' o'tn of $1 ,',n A V II A K I'm nr..
win n it'l the tf' "s aru mature. If you have not IV- ( ;,: In inve.-l. yo-i
can buy nn lit" in stalnii nl plan a' : 1 t.'. l. 1 1. -t- share ami tb" divi
dends will help pay for tlie Mk.. bete an jici lind a betbr in-.isl-im
til for jour :iviin;sV f;ul,o n nr.g-l att ijt once, as tbi t i -sue is
liltti'ed to "HO s-1 aire:.!.
Use Pan Ka Hana
It will get into the corners where
dirt hides from ordinary soap
Pi! ! Hi is
Costs no more than the kind that
fails. At your Grocer's
If It's
PHONi lGf7
A Body Builder
load ii: l.iVnU I'ortn
of mallei! grain. When taken at meal

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