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I. ' .
$1.00 $1.00 READINGS $1.00 $1.00
For the Benefit of the 'v .
5Y 1
Dr. Carl Louis Ferin
Noted nd. Distinguished
fjJOURS Mornings, 10 to 1; afternoons, 2 to 5. Not open this evening.
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Cottage C. Rear of old University Club.
Delays Are Dangerous
especially in" the chicken business, so don't put off getting that
till it is too late in the year to get good results. When you coma
in to ge the Incubator, we will show you the. complete Cyphers
line, for you will likely want - - Brooder -of a- Hover, and will
-triyr eed aome of the ChicK Food and Water and Food Contain
er! that are so useful. ..- ,. '. ,
We will be glad to send you
Interest you.
E. O. Hall
The Gidillac o winder sees
inafty other car
More. Impressive tlimi anything we
in In lit siiy n limit tlic cur, Is the com
plele contentment of the tiitlilhic
owner. ,
If lie felt (hut (mother cur possessed
some iii.ili!ieiilloiis which his Cmlll
l.ie lacked, It would lie only human
nature for him (o experience n little
tnliifte of envy; even If the other
car cost t'lViee us much money.
But you in n y experiment with the lirst
(aillllac owner whom you encoun
ter; mid you will liml that he I not
.'onseloiis of I lie slightest depriva
tion. lie Is more npt, on the contrary, to
ii sk you to point out, how It would
)Ddjr him to own a costlier ear.
And, you follow lilm In the analysis
of Inlcniiil as well lis external con
strnetldii, you will ho puzzled for mi
lie will begin by pointing out to you
Hint tile service which a car ren
ders, mill the comfort which Its
owner enjoys, is entirely dependent
upon the integrity of lis Jiieclianlcal
And lie will gently remind you, in that
eoiiiieelion, that Cinlilluc practice Is
held In world-wide esteem hy engl
nccilng exports that the Cadillac
'shop' Is uilnilred as u model In
men, machinery, methods and man
iKfeiiient. ' ' .
rieasnnt evidence of the extent to
which the Cadillac reputation has
traveled was given In England re
cenlly ilurliiff the visit of the Amer
ican Society of Mechanical . Engl
neers to (reat Itrltniii.
The wonderful slandardlzatlon test,
In which three Cadillacs were torn
Von :Him
palmist and Mental Scientist
Exquisite Dress and Waist Pattern
in grass linen and silks.
Ivories, Sandalwood Boxes, Hats,
Mats, Fans and Drawn-work.
Largest Dealers in the World In Pacific
; Souvenirs
Young' Building
a Cyphers Catalogue.
, -
It will
fc Son, Ltd.
(If wn nml reconstructed from a hap-
hazard pile of parts, mid for which
the liewnr Trophy was awarded,
was evidently fresh fit the minds of
Hi II Is h engineers mid Journalists.
The tribute that was paid hy Loudon
journalists to the Cadillac standard
elicited nn Iiiuulry and an answer
which were illuminating; mid which
Trices include the following equipment: Bosch magneto and Delco Igni
tion systems. One pair gas lamps and generator. One pair side oil
lamps and tall lamp. One horn ahd set of tools. Pump and repair kit
for tires. CO-mile season and trip Standard speedometer, robe rail, full
foot rail InAonneau nd half foot rail Infront. Tire holders.
Motor Car Company, Detroit, Michigan
(Licensed under
Would Revive Fourth of July
Celebrations Japanese .
and Waterfront. '.;'''
( Special Bulletin Correspondence.)
- Hilo, Feb. 19. The adjourned an
nual meeting of the Hilo Board of
Trade took place last Tuesday after
noon, when the following officers
were elected, on recommendation rby
the nomination committee, to serve
during the, ensuing year: President,
Dr. H. B. Elliott; Vice-President, C.
K. Wright; Secretary, Win. McKay;
Treasurer, E. N. Deyo; Directors: E.
N. Holmes, J. A. M. Oserio, Paula
Bartels, A. Lindsay and E. F, Nichols.
On motion by Elliott a vote of
thanks was tendered the retiring of
ficers. The . committee which had ' had
charge of the federal building matter,
presented correspondence from the
Delegate on the subject, as well as
recommending the passage of a res
olution, calling for a spccjal architect
to draw up plans.
The board decided to stand behind
that bill providing for a record office
for each of the counties. The Dep
osition to transfer the authority for
the ordering of the construction of
sidewalks from the superintendent of
public works to the supervisors.
caused more discussion. Mr. Wright
thought it would be more to the point
to have an appropriation passed
which would allow the superinten
dents to enforce the present statute,
while Dr. Elliott favored placeing
such matter of purely local import
ance in the hands of the supervisors.
Metzger tried to cut the knot by sug
gesting that both the superintendent
and the supervisors might be given
such powers, but the discussion end
ed without any definite conclusion
having been reached.
Richards and McKay were added
to the membership of the legislative
Filler brought up the fact that the
Bishop Estate was about to lease to
Japanese, part of the narrow- strip of
land along the beach near the Waia-
kea bridge.
Dr. Elliott suggested that the Bish
op estate did not take much interest
In Hilo, anyway, and that a sharp
rap over the knuckles would probly
be alj. .which the board woujd get for
making any' suggestions. ,
Rjcitards called attention to the of
fer which had been made over a year
ago by the Kukuau Land Co., through
W. R,. Castle, that it would donate its
large block of land on Front street
fpT park purposes, provided the other
property owners in the vicinity did
the same, or that it would dispose
of its holdings at half of .their ap-
which he eiivies
are both of Interest to Cadillac 'own
ers, present and prospective. '
Quite frankly It was asked, how the
Cadillac Company could build a car
which won the world's trophy for
standardization, and profitably man
ufacture It to sell at so low a price.
The gist of the explanation (riven can
be (fathered from a single statement
Seidell Patent)
Four Thousand Japanese Wi
- March l Notable Parade
; ITonight.
Four thousand Japanese will marc
in line this 'evening in' a mammoth
lantern parade in' honor of the birth
day of George Washington. It wi
be one. of the most notable parades
in the historf of Honolulu, as well as
the biggest (Assemblage of Japanese
that ever ndrched for the colors of
another country.
The paradf will ctart at six-thirty
o clock this ivehing from Aala Par
and will end-at the Alakea wharf, ar
rangements saving been made be
tween the Elks management and tli
Japanese to 4his effect.
The route Jiienimeiy decided upon
is: Leave Hie parlr by Beretania
eavnue, on Beretania to Nuuanu,
King, to Ricjards, turning makai on
Richards to (lie Alakea street whar
where Mr. Akal will lead in three
cheers for the President of the Unit
ed States. J
Following the cheers, the paraders
will listen to the address to be made
by Governor Frear, after which there
will be bauzais for Hawaii and Ha
wail's Governor.
Tomorrow evening there will be
lecture on the roof garden of the
Young Hotel, by Mr. Carnin of . the
California Development Society. The
lecture will be on the Panama-Pacific
Exposition and will be iuterspired
with numerous lantern illustrations.
When you want to send a wireless
message ring up 1574 and a boy will
call at your office. During the week
the office is open from seven in thu
morning to five thirty in the after-
noon and on Sundays from fito 10
praised value, provided ; the , other
owners refused to donate their hold
incs... This matter was referred to
the legislative committee, s
Wright called attention to the fact
that Hilo' had not had" any, Fpurth of
July celebration' , last year, and it
would be a shame to - see the day
overlooked In the samel way this, year,
Dr. Elliott, he said, had some good
ideas In mind In regard to this mat
ter. ,
Metzgar suggested that "the board
should take hold of ' the . matter, and
that an effort should be made to give
the event a putriotlc flavor. Finally
the chair appointed Filler, Wright
and Holmes as .a committee to take
charge of tho mutter.
, . made In reply, to-wltt That the Ca
dllluc Company had always prac
ticed the principle that, In building
motor cars, It costs less to do work
that is clean, close and accurate
: than It does to do work that is poor
and slovenly, llut In order to do
work that Is close ' and accurate,
you must have the right equipment
und the right organization.
When your Cadillac owner tells yon
that, he Is perfectly content that
he can't see anything In any other
car, at any price, which he does not
enjoy In his car at $1700 he bears
witness to the fact that the Cadillac
policy of close, fine, conscientious
workmunshlp Is the correct policy
' from every standpoint.
The Cadillac was awarded the Qewar
, Trophy precisely because of (Tie pur
suit of this principle.
The Cadillac owner Is content with
his car because it exemplifies the
same qualities that won the Dewar
Every Cadillac ever built Is u Dewar
Trophy Cadillac.
In other words, It Is the finest speci
men ,,, of standardization, inter
changeability and perfect alignment
In existence.
When you have said these things, you
have said that It Is the best motor
car value because upon the qual
ities, which we have specified de
pends, and depends entirely and
exclusively- the kind and the extent
of the service you get out of your
For your own enllghtment test the
complete satisfaction of the first Ca
dillac owner you encounter.
Fairchild's , Measure Would
Establish Joint Board
On Problem.
A systematic plan for the Investiga
tion of all possible sources of Terri
torial revenue 13 contained in a resolu
tion that Was presented to the Senate
yesterday by Senator Kalrchlld of Ka
uai and passed by the upper House.
The resolution embodies the far-reaching
principle that before the tax rate
Is increased. a joint committee com-'
posed of members of the House of Rep
resentatives and the Territorial Senate
shall go to the - bottom of every pos
sible source of. Territorial revenue.
The full -terms of the -resolution read
as follows: ...
"Whereas, With each session of the
Legislature there la an ever-Increasing
demand, out of , proportion to the in
crease in revenue, for appropriations
for a greater advanoe In1 the practical
and more efficient education of our
youth, for the relief and prevention of
sickness, poverty and disease among
the inhabitants' of the Territory, for
constructing ' much ,- needed school
houses, hospitals for' the sick, asylums
for the unfortunate, and providing In
creased comfort and relief to the af
flicted on Molokai, and for a systematic
and effective campaign against tuber
culosis and mosquitoes, etc., etc.; and
"Whereas, The present bonded debt
of the Territory Is already so large that
during the present biennial period of
the total appropriation of $2,828,031, the
sum of $332,500, or nearly 12 per cent;
was required for.; Interest alone, and
the sum of $51,203,16 for sinking fund
charges; and '
"Whereas, The tax on real and per
sonal property is already high, due to
the extreme valuations placed on such
property, which,' when coupled with an
income tax, of 4 per cent., makes the
burden of taxation such that those
upon whom it chiefly falls seriously ob
ject to any Increase at this time; and
"Whereas, It fe; necessary In the In
terest of health; and education to de
vise adequute' wayrf and means to meet
the pressing needs, of the Territory now
confronting the -legislature, as outlin
ed in the Governor's message and bud
get, and the bllii and' resolutions introduced-by
members of this Legisla
ture; and '
'Whereas, Large sums have been
spent and are being spent to bring Into
the Territory settlers, who will becoma
citizens, and sUch'a worthy, object , can
not be permitted :'to resul In disap
pointment on account or a failure to
adequately, provide for the health and
practical ' education BUCfi,ltmnl-
grants; now, therefore, be it ; -.
"Resolved, That It Is the sense, of this
Legislature that, before any increase In
taxation Is considered, every avallabla
source of revenue -possessed by' thu
Territory or any ubdlVlslon thereof,
be carefully scrutinized with a view
to determining whether or not It Is
yielding the highest amount of revenue
possible. In order that our youth may
be educated along such practical lines!
that they may become useful citizens, f
and that our afflicted on Molokai. and
In the hospitals and asylums, may be
given every comfort and means of re
gaining their health; and that the
health of those now well may be safe
guarded and that substantial financial
provision - may be made' for reclama
tlon, and for the tuberculosis and mos
quito campaigns in order not only to
eradicate these great plagues, but also
to protect this. Territory against the
threatened danger of even worse ene
mien to health; and be It further
"Resolved. That a 1olnt committee of
five -be'Sp'p'olnted from each house to
examine Into all sources of revenue
possessed by the government In order
to ascertain and recommend what may
be done to carry out the spirit and In
tent of this resolution, before taking
any steps . to increase taxation, sniu
committee to report not later than the
15th of March, 1911."
Advice Concerning Stomach
Troubles and How to ;
Remedy Them.
Do not neglect Indigestion which
leads to all sorts of ilia. and compli
cations. An eminent doctor once said
that nlnetv-five per cent of all the Ills
of the human .body. have, their origin
in a disordered stomach.
A physician who made a specialty
of stomach troubles, particularly dys
pepsia, after years of study perfected
the formula front which Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets are made.
Our experience with . Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets leada .ua to believe
them to be the greatest remedy known
for the relief of acute Indigestion and
chronic dyspepsia. - Their Ingredients
are soothing and healing to the in
flamed membranes of the stomach.
They are rich in pepsin, one of the
greatest digestive aids known to med
icine. The relief they afford is al
most immediate: - Their use with per
sistency and regularity for a short
time brings about a cessation of Uie
pains caused by stomach disorders. .
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets will In
sure healthy appetite, aid digestion
and promote nutrition.) As evidence
of our sincere faith In Rexall Dyspep
sia Tartlets, we auk you to try them
at our risk. If they do not give you
entire satisfaction, we will return you
the money you paid us for them, wlth-:
out question or formality. They come
in three sizes, prices 2G cents, 60
cents and $1.00. Remember you can
obtain them only at our store, The
Rexall Store. Benson, Smith & Co..
Ltd. . .
Jack I went gunning in the country
one day last week. Tom Bag any
thing? Jack Nothing but my trousers.
Chicago News.
Track Meet Feb. 25 to Pre-
part for Regular Contest
With Punahou.
The members or tne three upper
grades of the manual department will
go out to Fort Shatter next Monday
morning for target shooting. The first
day will be spent in preliminary tiring
and the second day the cadets will
shoot for record. Any cadet making a
total score of 42 at the prone position
and 35 points standing will be entitled
to a bronze medal. The cadets are
eager for the date to come.
The Kamehameha Schools rifle club
has received a challenge from the
Southern High Training School of
Philadelphia, Pa., to a shooting match
through correspondance between April
10 and April 15. The president of the
club will consider the challenge and
may accept it. Another challenge has
been received from the Harvard School
Los Angeles, Cal. '
Captain Winters is testing all the
cadets at gallery practise daily and
will pick a team out of the best shots
In about two or three weeks.
There will be a track and Held meet
on Saturday, February 25, on the
school grounds. The team to represent
the school In the coming meet with
Punahou will be chosen then. Captain
Godfrey is having a difficult time In
the track work, looking after both the
field and track men. He has had so
much work on hand that It has been
possible for him to appoint an assist
ant track captain, and Walter Kamalo
plli will take up the position and will
be In charge of the field work, while
Godfrey will put his time In with the
track men. The shot putters are doing
hard work and some splendid material
has been found. Walter Kamaiopill
threw the shot forty feet on Saturday
afternoon. Brandt also made a good
showing by throwing the shot 39 feet
6 Inches. The track men are doing some
hard work also. Sam Hussey and J.
Kalanihlwa are among the new re
cruits trying for the half mile and are
likely men for those events on the
scftool team this year. .
The commissioned officers went out
to Fort Shatter yesterday morning to
watch the battalion go through the
different drills.
George Manoha will not meet Man
uet,,Oonsalves at the Athletic Park on
Washington's Birthday In a hundred-
yard dash, but arrangements might be
made for him to race Manoha at the
school on any date.
Entered for Record February 18, 1911
From 10:30 a. m. to 4 p. m. . '
PER Struuch and wf to Henry
Kallimal .. L
Henry Kallimal and wf to S C Stlb
bard, tr D
Trent Trust Co Ltd to W L, Maples D
Wm Henry to James K Luka." Rel
James K Luka and wf to Union
Loan & Savs Assn Ltd M
Lydla R Allen and hsb by mtgee to
Wlllium K Castle, tr.. Fore Affdt
M P Kawalmuka by affdt of hitgee
to J Alfred Magoon, tr .... Fore Affdt
M P Kawalmaka by mtgee to Frank
K Archer D
Pohaku and hsb to WUhelmlna
Kt ranch D
Mrs CMC Hargreaves to PER
Straueh D
Charlie Punakea and wf to John
MukahJ and wf DA
John Koaehulukea and wf to John
Mukahi and wf Decree Adoption
Castle & Cooke Ltd to Consolidated
Pineapple Co Ltd Par Rel
Est of B P Bishop by trs to Spen
cer Blckerton D
Spencer Blckerton and wf to Cecil
Brown, tr M
Entered for Record February 20, 1911.
From 9 a. m. to 10:30 . m.
Pose Maul and hsb to D K Ka
plloho D,
Aldura O Borges and hsb to Manuel
Telxelra M
Consolidated Pineapple Co Ltd to
Hawaii Preserving Co Ltd D
Mrs E Roy to Kona Development
Co Ltd I.
Entered for Record February 20, 1911.
From 10:30 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Henrietta Amoehlona and hsb to
Trs of John K Kaaha et al D
Samuel Apallona and wf et al to
Mrs H K Nakeu, tr. . . ; . . . D
Henrietta Amoehlona to Mrs H K
Nakeu, tr V. AM
Sam Kekaha to Abel Cathcart. ..... D
Hela Kauaa and hsb to Luklnia T
Monlz D
Mokuola w) to Abble K Magulre.. D
Moses Kokl et al to Solomon D
Kokl D
Ellen K Goo Kim to ee Chun She
(w) et al ,r D
Trent Trust Co Ltd, tr, to Benja
min W Colley ' D
Entered for Record February 21, 1911
From 9 a. m. to 10:30 a. m.
Japanese Bank to Hawn Fisheries
Ltd Rel
Hawn Fisheries Ltd to August
Dreler Ltd CM
John M Whitney and wf to Joseph
M Quintal D
Among the many beautiful and ex
pensive decorations for the holiday
occasion is the one put up by "The
Clarion," at the corner of Fort an I
Hotel streets No partiality has been
shoA'n In the design. The word
Welcome" In brilliant electrics with
the Shriners' badge at one end and
the Elks' badge at the other, all out
lined In lights, makes a striking dis
play, and has received much commen
dation. Watklr Billetlill per year,
aaaonann a ana
a a
a 6port calendar;' a
a st .a
a Wednesday, Feb. 22. tt
a Marathon Race King, Kaoo;-a
Ra Tsukamoto, Charlie., - tt
a Soccer Kama vs. High School, a
a . Kam, Field. . a
a Automobile and Motorcycle Races a
a at Hilo. a
a Sunday, Feb. 26. . a
a Bicycle Races, Athletic Park a
a Japanese Dealers' Asspcjatiou. a
a - Wednesday, March 1. -a
a Wall Cup Tournament Begins. tt
a Saturch, March 4. ; a
a Fights, Asatii Theatre, Planned, a
a Jackson, Promoter. a
a Thursday, March 9. a
a Meeting Oahu Baseball League, a
a Friday, March 10. a
a Grammar School Track Meet. a
a Wednesday, March' 15. a
a Hall Cup Tournament Begins. . a
a i( Sunday, March 26. a
a Annual Halelwa Road Race a
a Starting from Aala Park. a
aa j, " ' a
The Army of
Constipation ;
la Growing Smaller Evcty Dy.
Mwoaubla they
only givo" relief
they permanently
Hons i
mm, btyutiw, Sick HtMbcM, SeJUv Skh.
' Genuine mmtbeu Signature
Honolulu Athletic Park
Marathon Race
(26 MILES 385 YARDS)
; For the
Championship of
Washington's Birthday
FEBRUARY 22, 19112' Vi M.
ADMISSION 25c, 50c, 75o
With Special Scenery The Best Ever
In- New Songs . and Dance
Illustrated Songs
The Feature of which la
a BUtgraph
Popular Prices...; 106, 15e, 25o
Highest Salaried Show In the City
Fresh From the Coast J "
Puiitomlme Acrobats Funniest
Ever Shown Her
Pretty Dancing Duo With New Songs
Illustrated Song
r a
1.1 A
. ,r. -J tM:i.i,lJ,i.
i. iJst. . WJUt. 'Mam '

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