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tVfNlNQ iL'LLtTIN, HONOLULU. T. t.. MONDAY, MAW. if, 1111.
r V
i ' -
P '
l. ?
I v j
in 1 11 1 in
1 1 1 1 1
)lt hid uni
Dl.lM Hill IIUI
, .1.11.1... ,. lit .ill M I l.t.'I.U l
I,. i.-:t ll.-ll 'III I'll tM.iti :! ;
11 I, 1,1, ,,1,. .- I lt-. V' I" I'll III
I'll. I,, 'IM. !, I. I Ifm. .1' ;! ! !. h.
..1 1,. . if,,, -1 ii,i,l ihu Hit- iiiji il-'rtn l' ,
:t 1 ! 1 1 in I. . l! '
j j r 11 ' 1 i n I " I'iin . an'' ! ni (in-!
,ll'l III Im.l.il.lt "IT III' iH'!ili til
till IIIV.Ii'iK 1 nil-Inn tin II t't Hi" Itllll'IT.
TI 111 II
I 111! Ill 111
Coast Cordage Company Pre
Icrs Local Product to
H.iunil Im v.iim-il iiiiut lif funllinlil
hi iUf wii M ir i'i.iimii, ii-', '. Mi it i'hiii
hi'i'lity n.itlvc tn tlii-r MiihK Mini, lint
luidl'illnu to timl't liliill.', lint to tln
MhiuIIiik ir thr urtii-li' llsrll In 11 m:in
iitiu 1 111 I'll vtiit". It will fiHin ruiik with
fiiRMi', iiIiiiii'iIi". li;in,in.'i- 11ml cnn'.
li I- v;i i if" Islnnil-uriiwn sisal.
I'apl iin Churl.' Chltti'tiili'ii. rcin
m ntinir tin' Tlllil'H I'lil'illlHf Cilllull.V
of 1 '.illfm nia. Is In this oily niakliiK a
lln.i MH"li Invi'st iK.it in P'KiiriliiiK sisal
ali i Its inniliu'tiun. The Tnhlis ConlaKP
Company lias lnvn taking nil if t lie
Iniiiliut In thn sisal line that Hawaii
has .si'vn fit to iirmliioo so far, ami has
Imm'Ii niaiHilai'tui'iii' the samo into
oni'daKP of all kinds ami slurs. Ao
idi ilinK to tho M lU'ini'iits of Captain
I'hitti'nili'n, pi. -sal lias lict'ii found vfry
nmiii snin'iior to the hiMiip raised In
Manila for lhf milking of ropp of all
kinds, in tho tosts of stronKth that
have bein ni.ulo between the two com
modities, sisal has stood a nmeh more
f'ev re strain. It makes up much
Miiouiher than hemp and, with proper
care, will outlast a Manila-made rope
to twice the life of the Manila hemp.
Captain chitt'-ndi n liroimht
with him n cowboy lasso that was made
by the firm he represents from Hawai
ian sisal, mid It certainly is a thiiiK ot
hearty alone that line. Tie states that
the cowboys on the Coast are much
taken with the new rop and are much
in favor of it. I
The lasso broiiRht here has heenj
placed on exhibition In one of the win- 1
(lows of the Inter-Island steamship
company. It is llfty feet Ions.
r tthi'll Kiel ad ji'll 111 1! to the I
In ti' m ln-re the Inn 11 a
1, 11 Ce- I'inr 'ah'il
IT IIi'i- K 1 1 1 1 1 ' S'ated lit the (' II- I
ti l- of the t il.le. with rresidelit Klill'l- !
ti ni Hie Tt rrltnriul Sninle on his
li' ht :ill 1 I'lil-f Jnstii-e Hubert ion on
bis I, ft, j packer MoNb in nml Colonel ;
r.n k r clo.-e by. ninnber of toasts
w t" nlveii. an,! the speakers took oe-
easion to compliment the Ielenat on!
bis work In oii'tress.
:',';,,,r(;: ''Irish Consul." One ol City's
Best Known Characters,
Dies Suddenly.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
UVkK ri
Tho pulpit of U:o Methodist church
was occupied ycsipt day luieiioon by
Key. I'mli of the First M. F.. church
of Oklahoma, and the service was ex
ceptionally it: torn slips.
The visiting pislor It n speaker nt
(Tmsiderahlp loice and hnlils his au
dience with every word. He is now
on his way to Singapore where he
has been !;oit on a special mission.
The evening service was one of
farewell to I?. S. CI nil It and Frank
I.ee. There was special music at this
service, and Mr. (!auK and Mr. I.ee
each gave a short address.
Pastor Smith, in his closing ,re-
ni'uks. expressed sentiments of re-
down S1.ej that these two young men should
have to leave the church; for the work
of Ihese two in Christian work has'
been very great and has been appre
ciated by the people of Honolulu.
A number of boy scouts attending
was a fealuro of the- etvening service.
Col, Som Parker's Home Scene
of Merrymaking to Hon- -or
In honor of the birthday of Prince
Kuhio, li. legate to Congress, a luau
was Klven ye-'terday at the l'carl Ilar-
iLor home of Colonel Sam Parker, the
guests being taken to the harbor front!
the city on the launch Kulamanu II.
A large number of legislators as well
Chairman Alfonso and the
members of the House Committee on
public lands and internal improve
ments took a trip Saturday afternoon
by auto out to Makiki Valley to see
the site of the park proposed in a' bill
introduced by Representative Marea!
1 inn, of Oahu. Two hours were spent
in looking over the silo, tho commit
ter going to the top of Mt. Tau'alus
and getting ,a view downward. A
great 'deal of the land does not look
as if it were available for anything
but park purposes.
ThoiiiiiM I'. McTlnh'-. one of lite best
klin.MI lie n ill lb, in, Iim. 1 ami Hi" best
lik'-rt. di.,'l leriliiy iili'-ri 1 at ::.:
n i iork at bis In, in.- on Young street,
from beloori'balie ol the bowels. He
had Im, 11 III less than two weeks. Fu
neral services took place at 1 o'clock
this ufti riiuoii from the family resi
de!, e, nml alter a brief service the
bud) was taken to the Catholic mis
sion, where services weiv held at l::',u,
tin body afterward being taken to
I'e.irl City for iutiTiiionL
McTighe was known to everyone as
"Join," mid was called "The Irish Con
sul" as nu affectionate nickname, lie
was horn In In land July is, lMil, came
to Hawaii in ISMi in a I'oitugia'se im
migrant ship, 1. nd u!t r bume employ
ment at the Hoyal Hawaiian Hotel as
clerk and manager, liecaniy. associated
with Macfarlane & Co. After seven
teen yi nrs here be entered the retail
liquor business on his own account,
and after purchasing the interest of a
nartner, (ionnz, took over the entire
control of his well-known place of bus
iness on King street, lie was one of
the city's characters, and the approach
of St. Patrick's birthday was always
heralded by sonic unique souvenir scut
around by "The Irish Consul," the one
this year being a small green lapel
Hag with an Irish harp hs an emblem.
A number of bis friends and mem
bers cif the Ancient Order of Hiber
nians acted as pall-bnrcrs at the fu
neral service today John Hughes, John
! Walker, Henry G.-liring, P. F. Dillon,
Tom Smith and F. IX 'Creedon, presi
dent of the A. O. If. He leaves a
widow and five children. The eldest
other I son will assume management of the
tnHw alia)
ttVlhMI of
V It?!,!
mm 1 f r
I 11 Ml I
tka Uaaaick tmt kiinaM,
Small PUI. Small Data, Small Prie
Genuine aimibMi Bignature
UiJL tlUllU11
Garden : Islaiicl,' Burned Out
With Entire Loss, Getting
New Equipment Now,
The "lira edition" of the Garden Is
land, of Lihue, Kauai, came in from
Kauai on the mail yesterday, and
shows that' the management of this
paper is aggressive ami determined.
The Vlil1'''- ix 11 small, six-page folder
but the spirit expressed in n few
words 011 the front page "Success is
never won on the first hip, hut ut the
tape," breathes through the whole Is
sue. Ily courtesy of the Kauai Shinpo,
the (lurdon Inland is allowed the use
of this paper's plant. Concerning its
future, the editor of the Garden Is
land lias this to say:
Thc'quostia of 11 now anil bigger
Garden " Island was definitely settled
this' morning by a meeting of the
stockholders who authorized an ex
penditure sullicieut to erect a new
building and. furnish it with a complete-up-to-date
job and newspaper
plant. Our manager is now in Hono
lulu purchasing the new plant, a, part
of which arrived"" this morning. We
are exceedingly grateful to our many
patrons for their expressions of sym
pathy which to a great extent have
given us courage to continue our ef
fort in supplying Kauai with n, live
newspaper. We were particularly im
pressed witli the many expressions of
condolence received from school chil
dren. . - - "
In the new and better Garden Is
land, the school children can rest as
sured (hat their interests will be well
looked alter. The lire occurred at 1
o'clock Sunday night, and when dis
covered, it. had progressed so far as
to make it impossible. to get near the
building. The loss amounts to nearly
five thousand dollars with no insur
ance. The Daily , Record has not,
missed an issue- and the weekly is
delayed owing to. shortness of type in
the Kunai Shinpo ofllce, from which
both daily and weekly editions will
appear until our new plant arrives.
Churches of the City Declare
Againsi rassaye ot
Quinn Bill.
I'nlli d opi ositlon was voiced yester
day III the churches of the l it)' to till'
passiiK" by the Territorial l,ogslal ore
of the (.Jiilnn Sunday theater bill, which
would open the vaudeville and moving-
picture houses of the city on the Sab
bath If the supervisors approved.
At the Kplscopal cathedral 11 rmnlu
lloii w.ts passed nt the meeting of the
vestry, declaring opposition to the bill
and requesting lllsbop Uestarick to nsk
the nu 11 of the congregation to write
to Senators and llepivsentatives ex
pressing their objection to interference
wPh the existing laws.
At the other Protestant churches
throughout the city, resolutions were
presented and udopted, declaring
against the opening of the shown on
Sunday. A paragraph was 'added rend
ing as follows:
"We do also petition for the passage
of House Hill No. HO, which guaran
tees to barbers a Sunday rest."
Ilishop Libert of the Roman Cath
olic church states that he is opposed to
Sandfly opening, and that the Influaneo
of theaters running on Sunday would
be altogether bad.
The actors do not regard the Idea of
working on Sunday with much pleas
ure, and a number of performers now
appearing locally have expressed them
selves as 'being opposcdto the passage
of the Quinn bill.
,J. T. Scully, manager of the Hono
lulu Amusement Company; contends
that 110 harm will be done bv the
Sunday theaters, declaring that the
present bill leaves the opening to the
discretion of the boards of supervisors.
The bill In question was Introduced
In the Senate by Senator Ed. Quinn of
Oahu and passed the upper house, the
only vote against it being cast by Sen
ator David K.' Baker of Hawaii.
VJkm&m$&&wMmmUwamMW '-'--'-tMKrirwt,dikAA it imMi Mil tl
. - .
Vv k I Bulletin KI nor Tear.
W. O. Adams, manager , of the Ha
waiian Opera House, announces that
the famous Sheflield choir Is coining
here in May, It is expected to arrive
on May 17 and to give at least one per
formance The choir is composed of
200 voices, and it may be difficult to
"Two bottles
Cured My
I have bet-n a uf
fercr from rheumatism
for alxnit two years, and
have used many lini
ments and patent nirdi
cinei which gave me no
relief. A lady friend of
mine told me she had
used your Liniment and
found relief at once. 1
got two bottles and they cured me. 1 think it is the best Liniment a person
can have in the house. I shall always keep a bottle in my house as long as I
can get it'MRs. E. R. Wallace, Morrisons, Va.,-
' Another Letter.
Mrs. James McGraw, of 1216 Mandeville St., New Orleans, La., writes:
" I take pleasure in writing to you that I had a pain in my arm for five years,
and llised
for one week and was completely cured. I recommend your Liniment very
Highly." " -s
Sloan's Liniment instantly relieves
stiffness of the Joints, Sore Throat,
Hoarseness, Sprains, Neuralgia,
Sciatica and Lumbago. Better
and cheaper than porous plasters.
At All Druggists. Trice !25c, 50c. and $1.00 '
Sloan's Treatise on the none sent Free. Address
1 (WtWl J
find a suitable place in the city for the
Dr. Henry Coward and Dr. Charles
Ihirriss are the lenders, their work be
ing well known among music lovers.
The visit is to bo made .during the
"Musical Festival of the World."
' The Sheffield Musical Union was
formed in 1S72 by Dr. Henry toward.
The choir consists of men and women
representing all walks of life. The
wealthy manufacturer sits and sings
next to the mcrhmiic who, amongst
the thousand and other workmen, dos
his bidding during business hours.
1.41(1 lea of social "standing blend their
voices -with other women unknown to
social life. . "
s 1.
" f'f ' , '"' -
A Grand Showing Of Seasonable Merchandise At Honolulu's Popular Store
THE FINEST LINE of WHITE GOODS it has yet been our pleasure to place before the good people of this city will be on
v display NEXT MONDAY t t v '
FRENCH NOVELTIES in a dozen different designs from 75c
to $1.50 yard.
The Famous SHERETTE, a substitute for all linen, in white
and colors, at 20c, 25c, 30c, 35c and 50c a yard.
DONEGAL LINENS for Skirts and Waists at 35c, and 50c
a yard. - .
LINEN SUITINGS,, in white and colors, 40c, 50c and 65c a
yard. , ":
WHITE FANCY DRESS GOODS in 150 different designs,
from 10c to ,50c a yard.
ENGLISH LONG CL0TK, 12y2c, 15c, 20c, 25c and 35c yard.
ENGLISH NAINSOOKS, 20c, 25c, 30c, 35c and 45c yard. .
NEW MARQUISETTES, in white, colors, and fancy stripes
- at 75c, 85c and $1.00 a yard.
. SHEER LINENS, a fine lot, special values at 50c, 60c, 75c
ahd $1.00 a yard.
New Laces and Embroideries
Elegant goods, carefully selected, in all widths; sets to match; from 1 inch to 45 inches wide. LINEN LACES,
and correct can be found in this department.
Hosiery Specials-
PURE SILK HOSE, in black and evening
shades, at - ' - 50c a Pair
Linen Dresses
From $25.00 to $50.00
No two alike, all sizes, and entirely different from what most people show. The Dressos in our .READY-TO-N'
WEAR DEPARTMENT possess a style in a class of theiown. We are being complimented on their. Exclusive
ness and Classy Effects by every lady that visits this department.
Imported Millinery
We are showing artistic creations in FASHIONABLE HATS. Besides being exceptionally stylish, they are
moderately priced. We cordially invite inspection of the line specially imported for the Easter trade.
Sale of Waists
We will place on SPECIAL SALE on SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 1, about 1500 WAISTS, including LINEN,
LAWN, TAILORED WAISTS, SILK-WAISTS, NET WAISTS, at prices that will be a surprise to everybody who"
will have the good fortune to see them. Particulars about this Waist Sale'' will appear in a few days.
. Ji

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