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Masonic Temple
VeeKIy Calendar
Hunnllin Slaled.
Oceanic Scniinl Dcgric.
lliiuullnii Meuiid Degree.
Honolulu Third Dearer.
l.tl MiiIi.i (haplir .No. :i
lloguhir. All Tlaltlni? meinuen of the
Ordr are cordially Invited to
tlnnd niPOtliiKH of local ledum
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Momlayi of
each month
at K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M.
JSHEFICIAl AJV'-IATIOii elation cor
liaUy invited
JIAWAUAH TniBE, No. 1, 1. 0. R. M.
Mont every Brat anrt third Thiirs
fl&ys of e.uh month at Knights ot
Pythian Hall. VlBltln brother! cor
iUlly invited to attend.
Jl. FOSTBIt, Sachem.
K. V TODD, C. of R
,f50N0UTTiD AERIE, 140, F. 0. E.
rV Meets on the 2nd and 4th WED-
. XfESDAY evenings of each month at
3:30 o'clock In K. of P Hall, comer
ClsreUnta oud Kort streets.
Vlaltlntr Ksules r.re Invited to at
KaniL DK(1 A PUIS W 1
1VM "'. Mrt'nV, Hoc.
E0U0LULU LODaE, 016. B. P. 0. E.
Honolulu 1-o.lKO No. CI C, IJ. V. O.
Dike, meets In their hall, on King
Ktrrct, near Kort. every Friday eve
ning. Vlsltlug Itrothoru are cordially
Invited to attend,
K.of P.
NO. 8,
Metis every 2nd and 4th Saturday
nieiilng at 7:30 o'clock In K. of 1'.
Hall, cor. Tort and Ileretanla. Visit
lug brothers cordially Invited to at
tend. V. V. KII.I1KY, C. C.
Agents For
Wo deliver to any part of the
Phone 2026. P. 0. Box 488
All Shades
Milton and Parsons
Hotel St., opp. Young
Phone C0S3
Chas. R. Fraziex
Phone 1371 122 Kin? St.
Capital Cafe
Opens Today
King ,nnu Dlthop Streets
TOO HIQH7 It cn'.ts nothing In
till, gas or other find to licit your
bath ivltb u SUN HEATER. It
combines comfort tilth cconomv
AVrlte todaj for prli of Hun
IlenKrs lo WARREN B. CRAW,
Box 569, Honolulu.
The Bui I a tin telephone numbers
have not been changed with the loca
tion ot tho paper. They remain the,
tame at printed In the telephone dlrec-1
tory Dutinets office, 2256 1 editorial
rooms, 2185.
Autos, $4 per hour, I.ewU Stables.
Try ii cnto of l'luectar. It Is tmro
Phono 1557.
Willi, Nichols Co, Mil, hno u lino
lino of I'nulPi cards from 2 for 5 cents
to fill tents each. Duli't miss seeing
them. - '
I'ay cash and aslt for green Btnmps.
They're freo. Call at the show rooms
iind eco what you get 'too for
(let your clothes miido to your own
measure ut ri'nity-iuailo prices by
tloo A M.irtln, Kiiplotiml llhlg. SuitH
$20 nml up. ,
HPIs for Hie Carnegie llhrnry con
trait Mill ho opened next S.itutdu) at
noon hy the building committee of (ho
II1ii.ii association, In Iho nlllce of II
I. Kerr, imperilling mchlli'rt.
Uurln Vudrows, nttoriicy for .1 W.
inki llmik him nppcaled to thu Su
nn no I'mirl finiu Iho order of Judge
ItolilniMti tcfuslng to npi cilnt it io
(il,i for tin- Honolulu Amusement
'n I W. Wlnkelhacl; tins dlsch.irg
imi ii ten il.i.m ago hy the manage
ment or the Popiilurltj Conti,nuw
be bur nirli'il on hy the above named
A largo number of friends assem
bled ut the homo of C. .1 D.iy last
veiling to enjoy the delights of a
parti given In honor of Miss Mary
I'lerfoii, daughter of (I. I. Plorson, a
former pastor of Iho local Methodist
church The house was beautifully
decorated for the occasion and u right
mil good evening ns spent In
Kiuiies, mtisli and other social onter
t.iliiiiu nt
it visitor at the iiipitol hullditiR today
to watch the laiimiikers in session
Maul, who Mas excused from tho
House Imm.iiim' uf lllueHii In his fam
ily, leluinid to his seal today.
J.UII'.S WAKKF1HI.D has bought
the Ni hiils homo on I'aclllc HclghlH
and hailtiR It extensively remodeled,
piep.untory to taking up his real
demo there.
I.OVKTT M. W(K)I), Mho passed
thiotiRli Honolulu on tho TeiiyO Muni
ynsteiday, roIiir out to China us it
represent atlie of tho Dopaitmont ot
Commerce, and 1-abor, Is u farmer
newspaperman, mcII known up and
down the coast.
JIAN was hostess at n tea yesterday
In honor ot Mis. Kdward Sturgls.
Some of the Ruests were Mrs. John
audeienter Slott, Mrs. Campbell
Slimb and the Misses Theri'su and
lMn.i Itooiiey, Frances Stoart, I'lor
eme llr.neriu.ui, i:thid Shorh mid
Hnld (IreRK. Mis. SturRls returns to
Miinilii iciy Kouii. Shu will sail for
Honolulu on tho 5th, ilsltltiR friends
there en route to Manila. S. 1. Kx
umtner Mil AM) .MUS. WILLIAM O. Hl
WI.N will leaio Saturday niornlnR for
New York, and will sail April 20th
for Cherbourg, going directly to Purls,
where they Mill nuet Mr. and Mrs.
Tcinpleton docker. They will go to
Iho Ulvlura for u ilslt before prn
eeedlng to l-omlon .Mr. and Mrs.
Irwin will not be guests at tin Amor-,
lean HuihasKy durlUR Iho coronation
feMliltles, hut Mill' bo entertained by
i:mh.ishudor and Mis Held whilo they
aro In Umdon S. I' Chronicle.
Another lax day Mas repoilnd
i'iiioiik Iho migar hiokors today, few
sails holm; recniileil and Iho market
not overly strong A slackenliiR of
prhes rrom tho hlph marks leachod
io weeks ago Is uppnicnt. hut n ro
iiiinptlin of tho buoyant tone Is ex
I" iled at any tljno.
The Honolulu Kxelianges roporlBiO
di.ucH of Iliciiery lit 20, HIS of Mo-
llry.'e at IIV4 ISO of Iluwiillan Com
men nl at ,1S'4 ami other cnles Indl
iilng lllllo activity
No sales am reported hv tho Ha-
nuil.iii i:ihangu Tho following u-
P"it Is miido on oil slocks:
Creme Pot Oil Co
lion Consolidated Oil 1.15
lliiimiimui Oil Co
Teniploi lleh Oil Co
Ventui.t oil l)e Co.. .21
Pin is Inia OH 2(i
A .lapanese turned Ochidn has ro
poried to tho pollco Hint a trunk be
longing to him had been broken opon
ih" conic nt h il'lcd and a sum nf $ ISO
In told coin, enclosed In a haiulkcr
cliltf w.iH'flbstraeted. Tho man stains
that he leslclcs In tho old camp com
pound at Iwllcl and that Iho rouni
u i, foiclhly entered Chief MrDiifflo
has llu matter under iuvustlgatlon
A call at tho sovornl lianklng lnstl
lollini has been made to ascertain
nheihei n laigo sum of monoy had
been offeiod by a siisplelous cliarncter
for deposit,
When you want to
We have tho right wagonsnml the rl ght men.
City Transfer Co.,
Jas. H. Lovo
Crook Takes .Murines, j
Tmo hundred enlisted men belong
ing lo tho marines who lutxo toin
pleted u tour' of duly In the iHlatiils,
ncro lmseliRers for the coast liy the
United States Army tr.uispoit Oiook, ,
Mhlch wrts dlsi.i(ihed for Sail Fran
cisco nt II o'clock last nlRht 'I he
vessel also carrkd a number of in my
ollkers and their families ilio hao
been piomliicntl) ideutllkd with no
dal clrcle.1 heie fur many months
past Despllo the laUncss of the
hour, the departmc was u lively one
and drew a I.iiro number of spectat
ors to the Matj'rfront. '
(l.iiiillne Hark ttilli Sim ill Cargo.
Urlnglug n biu.ill cargo from Ha
waii and Maul ports, (he Inter-Inland
steamer Cl.imllne Mas an arilvul this
morning The vessel met with lino
vieathur on the voyage Purser Kib
llng icpoltn the following cargo: 54
cords Mood, 3 crates chitkoiiH, 35
hogs, l!H! bales hides and 117 pack
ages sundries; the Schooner' Ciiinauo
Is reporled at lllln ilbcharging lum
ber while the Aiueilcati-IliiM-iillau
freighter Mlssntulun was Inking on
sugar at Kuhuliil.
Hull Here Ulth Sugar.
Arriving with tho icgiilatlon 5500
sacks sugar tho Inter-Island iilenmer
W. 0. Hall has discharged hor cargo
and will bo dispatched for u return
trip to tlm Oardeii Island. Purser , Potf.0"" untu tomorrow morning. The
imnna I.,,,.,,.. ,.,,ri fi,. i-i.. n, pending cases In police court were dls
.iiiincs uigan reports n fair trip. Tho i Li i -. .u. ...i .u. i i.....
Hall broiiRht it few cabin nml deck
Departures for Hie Da).
Departures from the pint for Iho
day Included tho luter-lslanil hteam
er Walaleulo for Ilonokau nml Kiikui
haelo with lumber, fertilizer nml gen
eral cnigo. Tho vessel ivlll loud cug
ur nnd may return with a shipment of
Reindeer Transport.
It Is loportcd that one or tho duties
to fall to tho lot of tho United Slnlof
rovenuo cutter Thetis now nt Hono
lulu hut scheduled to leaio Iho laltc
liait of Juno for Alaskan vvuteru. will
ho Hie transportliiR of small bonis of
lelndeer from tho Alaska mainland
to tho Island of Kodlak. It Is tho In
tention of tho government lo jiiotcet
these nnlmnls ns far as Is possible
Tho Thetlrt In to comcy vvlint is
known in tho Knr North as Iho "lloat
Ing court," tho body iiuulo up of mem
ber of the Hulled States illbtrlct
court for Alaska.
Coronado Made Slow Trip,
Cuplulu Lawless met with contrary
weather dining n porlbni .of tho tilp
down fiom San 1'ranclsen unit on n ie-
sult his vessel tho bJikciitluo Coio-
nndo now at Iho Hirl was twenty-four
das on tho trip. Tho Coionado .comes
In iho agency of c. Ilrowcr and Com
pany nnd with It Is u largo general
cargo 'nrludlug extensive shipments
of Blind nml liilclc, Tho Coionado will
ho dispatched for San I'luuclsco with
There Is Hope.
Thero Is n faint possibility of Iho
Italian criiibcr Ktruila now on a round
tho wot hi eiulho culling nt Honolulu
although from ions iiccouiiIh mipear
Ing In San l"ranclhco ikiikTh thero is
nbsolutely nothing that would loud be
lief that Hie war vessel expected to
conn) heie In tho absence, of no ail
virus nt Iho local Italian conmiluto
tho future movcuiontu of thu oiulbur
icmahi In doubt.
Oriental Cargo by the Nippon.
Accoidlng to late advlceh tho Toyo
Klscu Kalbha liner Nippon Main from
Hongkong by tho way of ,liimnes,o
pyrta of rail hi duo to nrrlvo horo on
niday wllh "neaily ono Ihomilnd Ions
general caigo. Tho vebscl Is enrftuto
W. C. Peacock & Co., Ltd,
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty.
( Mont Roune Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Champagne
( Schlitz Beer
Phone 1281
lo Sun Kniuclsco and villi fccolvo a
prompt dispatch thioiigh tho agency
of Oasllo fc Cooke
Per ntmr Claudliie. fiom Ilaivall
and Maul isirts 1. I-'. Pomeroy, Mm
Pomcioy, U. Moiton A I" Hiv.irt.
Mra. ft V. Canurl". Mrs It Ilurke,
C. 1 oilman, W. Ket, H A Diuininoml,
T A. Alexander, Mib Alexander, Mrs
Kllas. Mm. Kalaliikl. Mrs W. Kcnrus,
Mrn. II. H, Cooke, S Mniioa. Miss
Maxwell, K. A. rotnylhe W R lloh
Iiiumi, ,1. W Keishnei. N .Inekson
Mis. Kniiul, N K SnIITeii W. Chong,
I'. t'roHPH, Mrn. Aklna 4f! deck.
A temporary lull today in the legal
fight for and againtt the labor recruit
ers who are raiding Hawaii gave both
tldea on opportunity to prepare for a
rctumption of tho campaign tomorrow,
Trank B. Craig, Grcgono Alvarado
and Teleferro Baltazar, the three
agents Indicted by tho grand jury yet
terday, were arraigned beforo Circuit
Court Judge Cooper th't morning, but
the pleading to the arraignment was
u,j L.n .i " ,.. i,:i, ,.. i
the Supreme Court tho arguments for
and against the Issuance of a writ of
habeas corpus wilt be tubmltted on
briefs tomorrow morning at 10 oclock.
Meanwhile the tcoret of witnesset over
whose detention the application for a
writ was itsued are out on ball of $1
each until Saturday.
"Can wo now get leady for the
steamer Senator?" Iniiulrcd ono Kill-
plno wltneKH wliiijjwus niuong u 1I07011
or inoro inai iiair iiccu oxeuseu inim
further nttcmbiucb nt JiuIro Itinera'
Tho little bniwli'lirotlicis were of
those mIio hud been snatched from the
bowelry of the Pacific Mull steamer
Korea nml also Iho Oceanic steam
ship Slcira when they wcro In Iho
act of taking lcavo of the Hawaiian
Islands for tho life of a fish canuer
In tho far northwest.
The men huvo been held as wit
nesses. The caws wherein Prank 11.
Ctnlg and his. two Klllpluo sitellllcs
Poroui; and Alvarado 1110 rliargod
with having unlaw fully engaged In the
IniblnchB of lerriilttiig laborurn for
tho Alaska r.iiiners. was nolle prossed
In dlstilct court today.
In asking Ihul Iho cases bo strick
en, prosecuting Attorney Drown stat
ed that the Tonltorlal grand Jury had
found Indictments' against tho three
men. They wgio commuted to Iho
circuit court fo)- tilal and a prelim
inary healing was U ho held at Iho
higher tribunal today. In view of this
(lectin iitlon Iho names of tho threo
accused wcio Iheiefoio rlrlekeii and
Iho Filipino witnesses (hen Informed
thai thov Mould ho excused from fiir
thur iittemlauro ut tho illstilc( court.
(yjcl.il Kutle tin CcrrcarHiudcnce )
LlJS ANOKI.n.S, Cut. Mar. 21 -Mrs
Alice Hie hardsell ot the (IIoiiimioiI Mis
sion Inn, Itliirslde, is enleilaliihig lit r
Him Htauloy Itli'hanlson, auu Ills liriuo,
prior to their departure for Honolulu,
whole they will mukn their homo lte
cintlv tblrtv-llvo friends of Mrs. ltioli-
nrilson iishcmliied nt Iho Inn, in honor
of hor eon 11 lid ilaughtcr-ln-laiv nml
eiijnjeil n illuier of exieptliiual excel
lenie, n rt t-H.il, nnd n social Imnr dur
ing which roiulnlsci'iiccH weio Indulged
In ,
"Knr Sal" cards nt TlirlhMln.,
Tuesday, Apr. 4.
Ban t'ranClsco Coionado, Am
hktuo , p. m.
Wednesday, Apr, 5,
Hum all via Maul ports Chuullnc,
Bt hi r a in.
Kau.il iorts )V. 0. Hull, oliur., ii
4- t
TuesUiy, Apr. d.
Molnl.nl, Mnttl mill l.nnul porta
Mlkahala, ,tmr, 5 p. m. ,
Knual potts- Kin. in, blmr., 5 p. m,
llongkon'; via .lnp.ui sirls Aine
ilca Maru. .tali, sliur., 5 p. in. ,
San I'liuiclM-u-Ciouk, V. S. A. T.,
11 ii. m. ,
J V Kersluier, blcjile repidr man
mid lill( iml'.'.i'r, Mas placed under ar
rest b) the police ut 3 ii'ulnck this aft
ernoon, charged ulth iismiiiiII with In
tent to 1.111. the vhtim lieluu lludoluli
,j,l)erger of lb" Itrrger eleitileil Kture
lierger was lakrn to too Queens IHis
pltal Milfirlng from reali Mounds,
liavlor. 'fi lilt, It Is charge d, ulth ii
hrniv -ohh'rliiR Iron Another man by
Hut name Prensser. ihn lrls In ki-
iii.it" tin t'umbatatits, nas also b.idly
osed up lii the ucouuter Kei aimer
Mas arresteil In Chief of Detectives
McUullle and Is hold fni bill
rollowlug out hla demand for an
Investigation of nffnlrs at the Ilojs'
and the Clrls' Induatiinl schools. Hep
icsenlaMvo Sheldon will head a party
of legislative Investigators, named hi
tho Speaker of tho House and Pre
sident of tho Sciialo. (hat will make
u trlti next Sunday to Wnlalee. lo
begin their Inquiry u' Iho boys' school,
Tho House delegation rouslaltt of
Sheldon, Iing and ICiiweivehl and Iho
Sennto delegation or H'lllllngM'orth.
Ileum and Itohlnsoil. Thoy will pro
bably take along a stenographer, for
It la their Intention lo mako the In
cpiliy along dellnlto lines and to get
all miestlona. answers, charges and
conclusions down In black and white.
Talk about speedy results In adver
tising' A gentleman put 1111 ml In
tho Bulletin tho other day for 11
lost dog; ten minutes after ho had
left the ofllco another man came In
with an ad for a dog ho hud found;
the result was tho first gentleman re
covered tho dog 11 half hour after his
ml appealed.
Yesterday n ladv lost her wnlch
and. chain Ah ad In tho Bulletin
recovered It In less than n day.
An add for a lost diamond ring Mint
was put In tho Bulletin yesterday
brought tho ring to the olllco today.
And still fonio peoplo say nowspa
per advertising Is throwing money
t 1 t
The tiio largest reinforced concrete
oil reservoirs In the world are now
about complcti d at San l.uts Obispo,
Cnl. Thoy are 1101 feet Inside ilium
itir mid mill villi bold 1,000.000 bar
rels of oil
The Mlliuiiiki Ity iniindls Social
ist majority decided to buv a stretch of
tile hundred noios along threo miles of
the upper riverfront for 11 public park,
at 11 cost of JI.O0O.000, to bo paid III
twenty annual Instalments. .
I'or oio or two years, J2500 Oood rale
of jutiiest paid and security wortli
several times the amount of loan.
Apply P. O. llox 220, City
Iirge furnished front loom, corner
Kulakaiia Ave nml Kna ltd,
1MI 12t
in Tin: cntcuiT ctiuuT or Tin
I'lrst Circuit. ''i rrltory ot Hiiwall At
ChaiuhiiH. In l'lobate No 4271. In
Iho matter of the Hstnte of Claru
liulsn Htrbcit, Doeiuscd A ilocu
ui( nl put porting to 1 10 the I,u.t Will
unci Testament of Clara Luuisu Ilir
Ix'it, eld eased, luiviug on Hie f,lli day
of Apill, A I) IU11, belli presented to
KH lit PiohiiK' Couit, and u Petition for
pi ol. ilo thtrcof, pruyiug for tho Issu
iince of Letters Testamentary to lln-
uallan Trust Company, Ltd, haling
hi en tiled by It; It Is Ordered, that
Monchi, thu I'TKTKHNTII day of
MAY. ut 10 O'CLOCK a in of Mild day,
nt the lourtiooui of said Court In the
Judicium building In tile City and
County of Honolulu, bo and the saino
Is berebj appointed t)iu time and place
for pioilug said Will and hearing snld
application Datnl, Honolulu, April (1,
11)11 !v the Court. J A. THOMP
SON, Clcik of the CJrcult Court it the
riri-t Circuit Kinney, llallou, Prosser
Anderson, attorneys for petitioner.
4I01 Apr. C, 12, 1, 20.
House Tables Bill and Adopts
Concurrent Resolution
I'piui if presentation that (iovernor
I'rour favors the preborvutloii of upper
ilill.11.1 Valley as 11 natural park ami
that he Is against Miiprrlnlcndint
Cntnpboirs plans lo sill hits there, the
House loiumlttce on public lauds and
Internal hnpioicincnls thlf luoinlng
recommended tiibllng Murealllno's bill
setting aside the valley specifically, and
adopted Instead the eoneurreiit refold
Hon culling for 11 similar nctloti Mar
ealllno roimirred III this lit linn, be
llcilng Ihat the resolution will iircom
pllsh tho purpose named There Mas
iiImi 11 ipicotlnu in thu minds ot the
fomnilltee inembf rs as to whether or
not the organic act does not put the
pollers of sitting smli huuls nslde In
Hie hands of the Oovcmor nlmie and
not of the legislature.
The Judiciary eouimllteo reported,
this morning on Kuiiekoa's bill ex
empting from foiled sale family home
Meads, the repoit being favorable with
rertiiln nnieiiilmeiils, mostly In word
ing The repei t snw s
'your lomnilttep leels that our pres
ent exemption Mutate Is Inadequate
This bill allows n mnii lb retain his
home, up to the vnluo of $2500, even
If he becomes bankrupt It is 11 Just
protection lo nil iitirortuuat4 family It
likewise Is fair to the creditor, ns the
exemption does not apply to debts con
trolled before the tiling of tho declara
tion of hnnieetinjl The hill has been
drawn up only ufttr 11 careful sluil
of the laws of nunc twenty States.
Your eoninilltee foils that It would bo
a mistake to repeal Section 1830 of the
Ilevlsed Ijims, but that this bill mqy
well stand ulth Miction U30, nlatlng
to exemptions "
The llnalice fommltlee rporl:d ad
versely on Senate Itlll t2, relating lo
exemption on personal and property
taxes, and It was tabled on the mm-1
inlllie's report.
The Senate bill proviptlng oxecmdie
city or county expuidllures ivas passed
to siconcl reading on n favoruble re
port b the nccoiints unit expenditure
Bills Introduced.
II 11.211 (by rommltlip) Amending
llevlsed Ijium rol.illio to Honolulu
Ha phi Transit, and to extend tho fran
chise thereof
II It 2.12 (by committee) Amending
Hevlsed I.imh relutllu to Honolulu
tlnphl Transit.
Passed Third Reading.
II R 193 (by Wntklns) Hstnlillsb
liig harbor commission mid dcllnlng Its
duties Ayes, 28; noes. 0.
II. 11. 220 (by Long)- Milking addi
tional appropriation for the Hoys' In
dustilal School Ayes, 28; noes, 0.
H II 8., ltogulatliig veti rlnary prac
tise In tho Territory A)es, 23; ihhh
5 (Hire. Sheldon, Wntaholo, Wutkliis
Speaker llolsteln of tho House scoi
ed his own county in harsh words
thin morning when a typewritten in
pott of Hawaii county's finances ap
pealed on his desk as well us oh the
desk of tho other members. Tho law
leijulres Ihat these biennial reports
shall bo siihiuirted In printed Hum,
and not only wcio tho copies typo
wiltten. but most of thcni wcro cat -bon
copies and many could hardly he
"This Is an Insult In tho Homo
nml these icpnitu will ho tent hack to
Hawaii county us an Insult," said
Iho Speaker. "Tho sergcant-nt-arms
will jdeaso collect all of Iheto report.
and ship them hack, together vvitn
Imtt actions that tho icport ho print
ed." .And tho Houso bcconded his ac
tion. Tho icport Itself la not flnanelallv
u good ono. "Overdraft" la srallered
thickly over Its pages, p.ullcuhuli
In road acrounlR, wherq an overdraft
of $57,nOCf,0 Is ucrordod and u bal
ancg.of ouly 9I!).GQSJ3.
(Continued from Page t)
dinivlng of this area of land from
home.stcAdhiK. It s estimated that the
Inircase In taxes fiom the Kail cll'tiht
due lo the biilhllug nod oionplctlon of
this ditch Mill amount to nbnul Sno.000
per yp.ir Your coniiulltee deslies to
draw attention to the fact that the
elite h coinp.iny tan out hope lo llnancn
tills extenslvo work without tho land
featuro iiccompun)lug the otlur pull"
Coney Garage Automobiles
Meet" All Inter-Island Steamers
Twenty-Second Annual Re
port of Sugar Property
The following embodies tho prin
cipal feiitmes of tho twenty-second
annual report of tho lliitchlnuoii Sug
ar plantation company, held In San
Francisco March 28, 1'Jtl, Including
thu president's stiilcuieiU nnd n syn
opsis of tho report of tho manager of
tho plantation.
To tho Stockholder of tho Hutchin
son tfugar Plantation Co.
I ha'.e thu honor of picsculln'R to
you the annual report of our manauor,
Mi'. Carl Welters, as well as Iho an
nual financial exhibits prepared by our
seeietaty for tho year lOlU,
The disappointing climatic condi
tions which I referred to In my pro
vloiis report for tho year Hino, have
fin Innately been succeeded by tho
most satlsfactoiy conditions during
1910. The lalnr.ill during tho je.tr
Just passed ha3 been the mo.il cupl
ona. wo 'hnvo experienced for soino
time, and Iho plantation after having
gone through :i few seatonn of dry
ness, has relived In such an extent
nij to astonish everybody. This Is
one of the gratifying peculiarities of
the Mill of our plantation; 'iho speedy
rccupciatlnn following the ample
uilnfall, cannot ho paiallclcd on any
The "ciop Hint Me hnvo' hiirvestel
amounted to (iSitf.HCI tons mill
weight, which I consider extremely
"atlsfactory In as much an Micro has
houn considerable caiio left over on
the plantation lo ho milled lo future,
Tho physical condition of the mill
and Ilumca Is uuch as to require but
a small outlay during Hie coming
I car entailed by wear and tear.
You aro undoubtedly aware of tho
plans of your Hoard of Direction for
the future, commonly rcfencd to us
Iho "building oT thq Knit dllch." Thu
corporation that la willing to provh'o
our pi nit at If n wllh an ample water
suppl) is making fair in ogress, nnd
I have every reason to express great
faith In tho ultimate outcome.
Veiy icupeetrully.
Kmhiiillcd In Iho Ma;iagei's report
Is the follow Ing on crops: '
Crop 1910. t ,,
Crop 1910 was harvested from-thc'
lollowlng nercago; Plant cine, 9.r2J17
acres, vlcldlug sr.'ti.SM., tons sugar.
Loii'i ratloons 971.51 acres, yielding
2n,SI.2l2.'i tons sugjr, short rnltooas
11.25 aeies, .vlrhllng 2D 2.1C5 tons.
Totul acreage 1991.52 yielding C322.
21125 tons or 9U deg. or nSHI.UIH Ions
inlll weight. 811.71 acres carried over
In 1911 crop.
Crop of 1911.
Thin crop will be taken from: plant
ratio 1211.07 ncics, long rattoons
1070 22 acres and short ratloons I05.0U
aeies, totalling 2725.29 acics with mi
estimate lcld of G.'OO tons,
The old Naalellu mill, has been
abandoned and pail of tho machlneiy
reeled at Uoniiaisi Mill. A twelve
Ion vacuum pan h.is been uddeil to
ho ahovo mill at a cost of $2,800. A
centra! condensation pump was nl -i'i
installed ut a cost of ? 1,000. A now
ear iiuloader tbat works lo sull.ifnn-
tlou has been aildcil to tho equip
ment at a cost of $150. Tho sainu
takes the place of 30 men. Hallway
'rack between Naalehu ami Hile.i hau
been partly constructed at an mil lay
if $12,000 which Includes 9000 Ohla
,CIS ,, Mu ao-fisit lalls.
Tho Iron
material of 20 cars (cosl $1900) has
been milled (o thu rolling slock. Tho
plno llunio Is being icplaccd hy tod
oocl. Thu Kaumuna, loscrvnlr was flnlsh
ed last July nt a cost id about $10(10.
It mIIIIoio about 1,500,000 gallons ot
Funds on baud Jnuunry 1, 1910
woic $119 I92..1I; general lecelptHfor
sugar, llio Block, etc., for ear 1910
aijiouuled to $187,100 29, glilng ut
lolnl iccclptB for thu ear $C0i!,ri98.73.
Tax mid crop expense $308 127 88
general betterments $2I.7S2.B8. Divi
dends paid for 1910, $180,000 giving
totul cxpomu of $510.100 10, leailiu
a balance oil December 21, 1910 of
Tho Amorleun tclKsinor P. J. Wood
iiiudo tho tllp lo (iiuys llaihor In
twcnty-lhreo tlajii according to cables
lecolved hero concerning her nulval
ht tho Sound poit The ves.'el hiought
ii Bill shipment of lumber for tho Isl
ands. Weekly 11 u 1 1 e 1 1 n 81 per yrnr.
i i
,' i
A -lA, ,!.
l6 "rSft M. t t
"!)'. ,".
. j.w.

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