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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, April 22, 1911, 3:30 EDITION, Image 12

Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI

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EASTER WEEK IN A Charming Hostess Now to Honolulu
i&V' ' ' " ' " "
l .
Social elect emerge from comparative quiet of Lenten
season and participate in fjay round of festivities. i
AN inmxiplU iiuniW "f hand
some gowns were displayed
at tin- dinner dune l"itda
oietiinc whin !-ocui gath
erod for the ladips nlghi
that was glen fn Uiat oven
Imr In Hi members of the
Paclllc Club 'I Ik- d"ior1tioim of Hip
club houo were simple but elfec'lve
being nn arrangoni" ni of palms ami
bamboo In the bill room that pen
el to set oft I ho beautiful costumes
Most of the oting Kirn ami matrons
pitn In the iljtiiliiB. played bridge .il
though niort of tin' guests mill ihur
I'l'itu si phi to i ipfpr il'inclug thin tl
IL'Inrnl . nl line ili Indulged In until
the vmi small hours ' i
Mrs L. Tenney PeckVi luncheon
PhiIiik l.nstor wiOk Mm U Ton
nei Pick Ins loon b'vIiie a series hi
limcheonH the 1 int ono was a laru1
affali am! wbb onloied h the follow
ing secieti women Mro A New
ton Locke Mesiliniea Adams of Chi
had new gowns for this function 'l-JraRH. Kimball John Strajer Mcdrow
dom has there been i more, clazvllhs;' rnn .vPr, j; n Paxton, M M
array of chiffons satins brocades and hllit,s Mjcrg of San Francisco
Jewels ns on this occasion Hie sue- .vppdhuin Clarence Short I. Ilomnip
cess of the affair was due mainl to (tcu prosser, Hobert Dond Ilopburn
tho efforts of Mr Ham Macfarlatie Gartenberc; Augur F.ldrldre Hnwln
wlto was chairman of the entertain- i)ptljaniln lolep Marx, Sutton Win
ment commute rrior io mo uan, u ntl HaneberB Aihfoul Ilohlj Win
number of dinners were gUeti nl-
tier Shepherd Andrew fuller Hi'
though tho dining loom of the eiuu is enune t' Q Wood A N Campbell
largo no mam members entertuine i. y T MrCandless Clnrlos Wilder
that It was found necessan to mil IInrn der Gardner Wilder D W
Izo tho vorandas that are connected jor,lan !,.,,. Sirah Newcomb 1 I
with the main cllnlns hall b French t,oulns ntlll others The Keynote of
windows An excellent dinner was ll)( tah,e rtecoiatlonn lertnlned to
served it hilf after eou o clock i;a,tpr ,he coi0r 6C,pnie was carrl.M
KaaU Hinl'tn orchestra was "-1 out In tones of jellow Mrs 1'eiR
ttoned In i hallway thit wns In elope worl a pars pnwn of ll1( f0Iiirii
proxltnltv to the dinlns room excel- n, fa a lnrga whl,e pInmeJ h hr
leut mil lc iddcd to the enJomeni motf.r M A Keton I3cko lo.k
of tho affair General and Mrs Mn- 0j lnllrtF0,ne )n BreJ satln. with a
cim illiied a rartv of ten anions to(J1e trlmri".l with roses of a
their pievts were l-aptnln and Mrs lltrl,orslia(1, ot R10j
Carter. Major Ihnsnn Captain and
Mrs IMwnrds, Mrs llerulco nl- '
brldso Miss Clalro KelleN and Mi.1 A picture appeirs In the socletv
Parke wero tho Buesls of Mr J. Me- columns of Mrs Lrlc Alfred" Kniidsen.
Ineins the tnblo .idorned In U Mar-1 who ifl u lradlnc Boclol) woman of
1... .... ii.. y. m n irioi. Kami Senttor mid Mrs Kiitulicn
liio riwun.ii .... ". - ."..""'., ,.m, Mri nl iIip lint, I
of the
r- nl- ..j Mr. Irl If nlirtknil' Mna'O .lira, IVI1UU&-U. IB u BiJl-iui
I- T r&?jrSr anli-Mrfnob! &"" "trllZ
t ro,.es beinu life. , nnd .fln.m been the incenlUe for numerou. rtt
.crt Shlnrtlo rn'",aln'" "mh1'" t.lnments Mrs KnudM.i Is a ,-ry
incut to Mr and Mis A NCanpb 1)0ilullrilI ..onnn of ,ho hrunelt Upe, .
Mrs Southp-ite and Mr Slnclaii woo ,H n ,,,,,, uinVPI.8aUonniSt!
the guests of honor at the dinner Rl- , ,B , f)r hl,r w, na we JS
. en h Mr mil Mrs Minn ii'im n u.-v ,jC U, 1roI , hor lnBlrlag tllS
nnd Mr William llolh rnterl lined ''"' l)pe" ""J0"'1 E at J1"
coterie of friends, the color scheme Pleasnnloii during the M-salon
r": i"L 1 a 'm ivm wnrnKon' Scna'o .Mrs, KllUdSPII. lit .a
The Itlchard loi wen boat and hos- ,Jcalltir , E,nt n ,i,mbr nl .
tesa on tins occadon (,oprnor and )Hnrrt (1,roa(j 1 1, dcparluro of th
Mrs Lariers iuuii- w ,- unuusni . ICnmhriii Toi llielr liniiui on K.i ul,
a doren Riu t In the i inter of the ,,, M wl cr(ato a .0( ,,, xo(, ,
table was a tall silver as. llllcd with
double red hlhirriis hIIm r i indie
sticks with red shade, coven-d with
flllfircc of slUer ns pl.iced nt the
corners of the table Mr and Mrs
Joseph Oilman s guests h't-re Misi
Ewart, Mr Ilohnrt Cailon Miss C'oi
dclla (lilnian and Air I'wart The
Kncllsli Consul llalph tl Foralei's ta-
lloiiolulii 'I In Iiup i lipauiluil
home, "Kekuliu,' nil the 'India i
land, when! tbey will give a nuiiibir
of house pal ties this bummer I
I'lili rl.iliiini nl nl Irl liaciie. I
Mr Philip II Dodge, well known In
Honolulu, who has been llnec je.irs
In ToKmi ns tp if her In Kpin mill rii
blo was much adnilied largi iltinhloi Uj nd ,0, sclmnlt, wlieie he his
white carnntions and lub milih nl heeu n most popular Inslruclor in
lirtlr orninicntdi iho table Viuoim Ilngllsh, will (,Im a bi rles of talks at
Mrs. Posters gui'sts wer" Adinliall Hi,. Kiloliana Ait Ltague on thlnrs
nnd Mrs. Cowles Miss l.illih CowIps j .liipanche, his Intdest in which has
Captain and Mis C Sldne) II ilKtil led him to nuke m.iii uniisii il tilps
oMho Cth Cavalij and others Mi In the i mplre, and In make lull restlni,
E. nixon'lllshop tninluliieil In lionoi collections of uirlous kinds Ills Hist
of tho Hnu it Hos-NO Mi Frank I" talk before (he Am Uagiin, 'luisdav
Thomrsoii tiitertnlned In honor of hisi afleriiiion, Apill J.r.tli. will be upon
fiancee. Miss Alice Until umong in uipanese towns ami Hie lusIoiuu in
General and Mrs Macomb's Dinner.
Mrs. L Tenney Peck's Luncheon.
rrnalor and Mrs Knudsen's Dinner.
Mhs Atherton'o Lunchron.
Mr. Marx and Mr. Cartwrlght, Jr'n
13 n nr.
Mr. and Mro. J. S. Walker's Dinner.
Neighborhood Tea.
Governor and Mrs Carter's Dinner.
Maor and Mrs, Kennedy!. Dinner.
Ai'-nlral and Mrs. Cowles' Dinner.
Dinner Diner at Pacific Club
t"r nnd Mm Waterhouse's Dinner.
Mrt Piilnani'i Luncheon.
Mr Divldson's Brldfie.
Judfjp nni Mrs. Whitney's Danclnu
Mr anrf Mrs. Ivrrs' Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Tenney Peck's Dinner
Gressmin Reception.
Mr. and Mrc. John J&evi'.i Dinner.
Mrs. E. W. Jordan's Tea.
Tenalor Knudten's Staq Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs Wlcliman'o Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Gins, Bon's Dance.
Wednesday Dridge Club.
Mrs. Williams' Heart Party.
Mi and Mrs. Love's Dinner.
Mrs. John Johnson's Luncheon.
Mrs Waterman's Bridge.
Mr. and Mrs. Bockus Card Party.
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson's Easter Din.
Ml6s Mapoon',1 Four O'clock Tea.
Reivlce Bridge Club, t
Mrs. Sherman'c Dinner
Mrs. Waterman's Children's Party.
r? ji s?
tk;wi-,i.27fi-'-ri .jyiw jyvit-z?i
Wife of Senator Knudsen of Kan ai.
Ruests were Mr and Mrs F Duisen
berg li6) color fcheme was Fcarlet
Ono of tho iolllest nnd most onjmable
dinners wms the psrtv of eight that on
iqyet the hospiullu or Mr and Mrs
I, Ttnnoy Peck Mr nnd Mrs Churlei
rnrstcr Mr nnd Mrs 1 human King
Miss Tllllo Neumann Mr Vottleseu
nnd Iho Jnmos TJoughertvs weiu n
tertalned by Mr mid Mrs ou Dinuir
Ecarlet carnations fnmieil i botutlfiil
decoration nt this table Mr and Mrs
Paul IsenberB gao u ilellhlitful din
which thej iilai
i pari
Judge and Mrs Whitney's Dancing
ludge and Mrs William Whitney
entert lined at u dancing party Mnn
da evening conipllinentnr. to Mia
Fredirlck Klngshuiy and Miss I.mo nit
ni i. uiiiiniiiis u lieu nun wiiiio ut
iles were used piofnselj lu tho danc
ing rnoiu A filcre of tliifce llowers
conililiitd wllli tropical lnes pro-
diieed u Iniulsonie decoration Tall
w.ilinn oirlies'iri aheninl wlUi teni I In an litiiimnphi musical pin
wiillis iiul di iiM" nip I lie mil le'giain liinn- ilu si u- im' win
was i n III nl nid dun nn imiituui'l .Mih W ill i Inn Mn rudiiliK
until u I in hum At II in link ill- Mughhuii Mm iwh . Miss Lnu
llcluiia lefitslilneiiti, w&io Bei n il I M Inn IMilh Cowks Mrs Uric Kiunl
I Among IhuDP imlied til meet Mn, tui, Miu A Newtnji lieke, Mrs HnB
lperlek Klugsbiirv dud Miss IjOu KliiRobury, Ml 1 n'd rick Khmp and
,weie Admli il and Mrs Cow lea. Mi (ithirs
nnd Mrs lleniy Fieili'tlck Wiilimaii, ,
Mr anil Mi m. William Ue. Mi ami ,, a)d Mrn c w Jordl.0 Tta.
Mm I. 'lc nn. j Pi ck M.nr ami Mini R al, Ml, W.'l.nd.ui haie Is-
I.I1WI1IU I HlllllPIIUKC', Ml .lllll .1IIH.. . Ill.,11,l11 ,, . , II,.,! will bu
ner After dinner the mom was clear-' potted palms and plants lent addl
ed, those who did not care to particl- tloml beaut to tho mom Tho Ha-
I lrZ?,
Everybody Admires a beautiful Complexion'
Oriental Cream
Jin Indispensable and Delightful 1
loilel licquisilc
for Fashionable Women.
Mi. and Mrs ltiiiiuoy Siul
Judge mid Mrs Sldmi llillou, ill .1
and 'Mih loliu Ddmiii Mr anil All,
F.rlc KmiilH'n. Mbs IMIIh (''owles
Miss Aliu. Cooke Mhs Mil Inn Siolt,
Miss Calha,rliiii (loudalo, Mlsa Full.
Miss lleilhi Knepke, Mr Albeit
Clarke, Mi. Itnbm 'ihonipson, Mr.
Hosnii'i' Mi Llppllicolt, Mr Divld
AlldPit.011 ludge Imer Mi P. I
Hedenianii, ilr nuillord( Whlinoj and
wm ssJ
Mrs ftobertsoiVa Pol Luncheon.
On Wediicnd iho 2i.Ui of Anill
Mrs Ocoir.e II Hiihaitsnu will enter
tain ut .1 poi limuliMin
h f r I ( 1 1 1 1 h will bo invllpil
glM'li mi MnildiN, friilil 1 I'll fl, n I their
Wjllle slieet Imine 'I he iilfalr Ik bu
lug glen in iiniini nl" hiime nliitiici
who nrihed tioin lap m mi Iho K H
Mrs. Cmll Witciman's Bilgde Party
On uf the uiliviblo enrd paillei
uf Hie Hfti-uu was Ihe one glMUi liv
Mrs Kuill Wnicimiu ititurllay ufiu
noon Miv 1 hi nilnre I iniillili. MIks
Stolli Peck and Mrs N" lnnii Hike
I.-iuslng won lb" iiilrua. ''Ihe a'tiar
live Iinnie of tlio Waloiinanu w is
handsomely d'eoruled with cut llnw
ma mill nilins After the fiooios had
A dozen liren counted.. nnd tho nrUns uw.ird
Ibis until, oil delkiiuis and dalnll nifieeliuieiili.
TmXm TmrvahtamHtnei l
' tuumrnwitQmni,i
L - -., PlaHOtt.t.
A dally neccsBlty for th( laJles toilet
wheUi(r at home or uliil tniellnp It
protects th bkln fium tnJuriuuH rtfr U
of tho olrments clvts a wonderfully of
ffetlvfl beauty to thn tomplxloti It li a
ptrfctt non-greasy 'ioilt t'reani ami pon
Itivniv will not til use or mnuratrp the
growth of hair hth all lull Mioutl
guard against whtn Helmut hk a toilet pre
nirnilon When ilain-iiiL. buwlliiir or oth
er extitloiiH heit thu fcliln, U pit:enta d
erfany nppearunrt
Qouraud's Oriental Cream lias bren
lilslily rccommenilea hy plisUlani ait
reBes, BlntwrB and women of rasulon for
over half a century and can not be stir
riaRsed when prtparlng for dally or even
"!""'..,. . -..- CI...,
UOUraua uneniai ircxrn tuna imi i
ni... ...1 ..II.iia Dnnl,iii.n Pimntuu 'I nil IMmnlH. Hllirkllf (ItiS. AlOtll
Patches. Itush. KrtrklM and Vulcur Itedness. Vellow and Muddy sUii Blvlne
n deucsieiy tiear iinu reuneu toiiiMmiwn ynn-n ;r. :;""r - "
iiJ, ,ii Tor sale l,v Drum uts and 1'unty GooJs Di-alers
Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New York.
tnliiiiiiiiit will be in luiiiiiiiiuniutiuil norn served Aiiiom: Ihoso who in
of this (iiuloss" blrllnl iy. 'Iho tnhlo JohsI Mm W'lflei man's hojpl'.nlltv
, will hi- lieiliicked nlib Howoih nnd luls wore Mn Si(i'i,ei, Mrn lauihy of
! :iml will be I ulen wllli all Ihe lliwal-
.Ian iIuIIiuMps Uiat Un ininlvi.L uf-
I fords
lullt t' nn iled with veil w
ilu unions in I 1 1 ii n sis
ill mi n i ,1, Hi i His I. fn
m id Mini ij IIiijxi iPhuni wue
Milium Diildtu Mi i Cdn .11 il Tell
no, Mn I in. I W iiiMinuii Mrs I.i.pI -land
Mis " I'llmund (iiucNiuau Mri
Fitiltiiik inllli. Mi lii.,ltilel. in
iniiii Mi llitiMui l.iiisliig, Miii.
lUiberl Htnclfub'o, Ml K M l.u
Mis. 1'i'ink Itlelnnlsnn Mi (ole
Mrs, Thulium Wall, Miss II ui . M-
Fii'li'ilil, W.lldruii Mis NpImiii la
l.ei I.Tiislng. Mis I'irei Mm so and
ulht ih
Mr. and Mrs. Hoberlson'c Dinner.
Ml n n.l Mm (icuigp. Itoln ilson pii
ienaii(il l.'atu al an injijablo illu
lli I 'ihli. enuld iiluinsl In lallnd u
sr ;sW.
fltrirt WF.'C(fJP
r&r VV L1
i '
fVititiiml I !liw Hill I, lllipltf Rllu M
" . ..... .
i.m, ,1 fli.itt m .ii Mim 'llienlnio. n u
I aiislnir.fMlB fifplli lVilt, Mrs H"eH
lug Mrs NcUou Hiker Lansing Mrs
Frederick rfmlth Mrs Oimuiiil W ml
Mis Fiiiiuls McMiiicl.u Mrii Josi-pli
Hrtiul 'Mm I leklaml, alis lliiin
phuij, Jlr.. I lank llulsliuil .ml
ul lam
Mrs L. Tenney Peck's Luncheon.
Mi I, Ii UK) Peek h hnu lu.nu
glen ill Initial uf Mis I'li'deiltU
Klngslnin and Mls live wtis'gi unt
il i n jo) eil hi llin iiiIhi.i of Ii lc mis
thai uus i,i , ti II' Till i w s n 1 1 1 1 o t !
luiiiliuiii 'Ihe liiMiiu, lunlnns ntnl Mro Aittuir Paylijton't Drldgo Party.
Ilmwrs i-eie all In lulel preliy, Maduii Davidson,' who Ir Urn ifiun
intiini l,i ini ixiiu miu I Mih UjwMik uf Ml and Ml Aithur (U1 !unii. w-s
I Ihe Imndlii nB Pel wllli while lllii-l tin i"lf fi ""i euJnyaliK iinnl pirli
I slun i dged with lai under The IIiiihI1 Tnesdai iiftenioiit wlion Ik i d lih-
'pleu inuliil on tilin ijaiue, umlirnld- liu-lii-law uilerialiied at run Ubln
I end In ilule's 'Ihe dolleh mslehed'il lirlilt, Pi Ul Milken hnl' wni
ilil exiiuldlo teuleipliee The pla'o! iiwaidul in prizes nt each t i'i! mul
cai.ln ei" PieiKh i ini'ii rlsd Ini wub won by Mr, Nilbiiu lltkej I'm
imiibllo gowns mid Imta Viler this slug Mia, lluloik HmflU. Mr" 0'l
num He luncheon Ilu- rtiPitH id lev uud Mr I'erei VluTso i'lio cos
Jiunnd to tlie diaiMiig mom and II - luuno of tin IlaildJuna wr lieaui
I Inn i I hum
laiiiili Tin I ih'i miis decorated will
lau'iiiler i.nlu.li mid bib iiiiIiIdii
liuli Auk m; ilm t pi. -.'in whip Mr
and Mih li.sni., UiiDerliiuu Mi ui.l
Mis .limit i IHiigbiiu Mlss (Iiaio
Hubori uu Mi an I Mis Oeorue Itoli
eiteon Ji ' Mi llnberl .MeFldowni')
mid ul Ik ii . '
Mrs. Klamp's Luncheon, '
Mi' Foili i, lp of Ailuiiiiil
Cuwhi, Mih I'niilmlik Kliiuslmii
'Iuuii) Piil, VIIiih IMlili
tlnwlos Mhsa Inyo Mih Itns, ftiit -bun'
Mrs Willi tm Wllliui nnd Miss.
KiiillHliue Kti plu in wine iiileitulm I
Infill mnlK I in d ii lift, 1111,011 ni tlf
William Linn mid her tdtdu Miss
Muoie Mis lb iijjinln IXidge Mai
Mis William Super. Miss Claim Wll
llims, Mlsii Itiu 1,-ilik nnd Mis Undue
Governor and Mrs. Carter's Dinner.
(uxeiimi and Mis Oeuigo Carter
tulei tallied at dliiuei al Iho Pacific
t lull I.ihI eM-nliig Coi rs wero laid
fni twilwi. the lahle wjs efiecllve In
-.In In daisies' nnd while tulle At
Ihe miiilutduu of the dinner the host
holms ami llielr gueiitn adjourned
lu Ilu billinom paitlelplallng in Ihe
dam lug Aiming those who paitook of
(inuiinii mid Mm Cirlei's hinpltul
II) wure: .Mis. Adams, of Chicago.
Mr. nnd Mis. Hans' Macfarlano.' Mil-.
I i hi 'lin'Jnr mid Mis fieuign Putter Miss
In nit wne, Catheiliui tlnmlulo Miss Arhllleu.
KpiiuIui F.tliililld Mr lluheit Thiiinp
mn ami Mr Sam Wilder
Mr. and Mrs. Wlchnian's Dinner.
lung Klenitneil Aiiierlcin Heaulj
iiifm mn lmentiil tho heiiilifully ,np
I'liluled liihle nl the dluiier ;hen by
Mr. nnd Air's. Henry Fredeilck W'lch-
in in Fildaj uMirtlug Thin function
was glM'ii at the Paelllc Flub lu cuni
plliiKiit In (loMTiior mid Mrs Waller
Freu Mih Wiililirin looked stun
ning lu a Pails gown uf pluk chllToii
wllli swallows embroidered In Hllver
1 1lls exiiulblte lollettu wus madu lu
semi hobble effect Tho skill was held
A touch of Fienc'i
t ii in 1 1 v .iKiiu foi wlih a lew iiwiin-
i I- enl b liiiigod lii the fu h mil of pink
fin b Mm lieiltuel' Kliimif m liei
bniiii ut Kiilmli Villi Iniirhi'ini
bndgu wIliHI was iuJomhI
Mrs aoodale'a' IJelglilioihood Tea.
Mm fioiKltile wart hfisiai ut a
lu Iglibiirliond ttu Weiliiebilii) aflei-
ut till II
cieen added lo tho effeclUenettj of
the (own
Mrs Mannle Phillips' Luncheon.
On Hntuiday Mis. Miiuiile Phillip
I'lilcilnlnH 1 at luncheon In tumor u(
lu i unit , Mis lueohy '1 ho kojnoto
uf tills affair wiib Inrnrnialliy Tho
ill (it nl Inns weio white in iLgueiltPb
au I Biiillux, The eight i0crs weip
MuaikPil wllli hiiuu-lialiiled cnriM
Mr fin., Mru 11, mi Fi n.1prlrl.'
Wlelniiiiii and children innlemplato u
"limt Kt to New' Yiuk leiilni; on
Ilu Maiiiliuili next weik mid h ipe 1111
iplurii within a fi w imiullu hriugilti;
Mis Wlduujim diiightci, who Is mi,v!
iiMiiuliiig Kiliuol lu Ihu i'ast, bilk
wlih them
Tim iiurtv will sfmtoarlv In the morn
ing on n tiip uiuiiuil Ihe Ishiml, stop
ping at llahlwu for tuiiclicoii Thus
l.ri'.iklm; Ihu mumituii) of the trip
Ihe IniKli'is nnd her guebts will le
1 tit it In thu clt) In llmo fni luncheon
Informal lliiuie nl Wnlklkl.
Mivmh MiCaiilej, ist Clair and
flic j will he hosts ut un informal
damn lb it will hn giien this ineiilng
al tl.fli hailieloi's iiiulerH ut Wal
kikl III' ami Mil- i.i nest Wnler
huii'O anil Mrs Hrlv. Mfied Kiiiii1f.pi.
will hi the cluipei ulii's Vboilt twen
ty Mjiing people wl,l be lui'seut
Mr.. I'rcili il(k luli rhuiisiS Dinner,
llllil.llliins huie been leiiUcd fur
a 'dliiuei thai will be giien by Airs
I'rideilik Walej lions i, on Tuesday
of tievt weik This function will be
gli li ut hi I linnm on the turner of
U'jlllo uud l.llllin hIiivIh
". Cruiit lliilerliimse's t'lillilri'ii'.s
l'urly. ,
.mi I'riiihl Wuleihuiiiii will enler
luin ut it children's p.ntj next Satin -day,
wbli h Is lulng glen in lionoi or
her tin to children
Miss IMIIh Cowles has been islt
lng All uud Alia Fredeilck Klanip at
their homo al Kalialu 'llils popular
Mieldj glil has lieen nilssed, even
dining Iho shoit time that she has
been "out of town "
Mr uiul Alls Ormoiid Wall will
enteilnln at a motor pail) around
Hie Island loiiioiruw Among theli
guestH will he, r and Mia Manilla
Alls Stephen Notion llnlin left en
Wednesday lu tho Siena In oln liu
liiiibaud In Cahfuriila
On Tbilisi! iv menlug, Mu lltli, Mr
IIiipu lliinr will glp Ids annual
I nlllf fonll ll Itl tlirt Alnu.li,li.i ... n.r
his ,1 asant nffal, was 8luu, ,,,;;; ,, ,',,,. .l I,, which he will
new H)iii. ami iinnie iiihj p,, suit smile nf Ills iiiHaliud
I thu iiul'ihhi is KSnlini on that stieet
wtin linlted All is Citherlne (Jnndale
lniled lea ul a eliiitlai Inblo lllll
was piettlli ili'diiakl with trallliiB
liiiHliirliumH AinniiK Ihe gusts wiin
Alri F Joidtiu, Mis Lee Mrs
d imnlls
Hie iei iiul will, us on runner ucca
SillllK, llll glll'll' lllllll'l lliKllllglliHllCll
pat I ounce
Mlsn llaitwell will gln uu uutomo
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Tha Cenulna
Stearns' Electric
Rattan Paste
to exterminate rats, mice, cock
roaches, waterbugs, etc.
Ready (or use. Better than traps.
Money back tf It fail
25c and '$1.00. Sold everywhere.
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