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-V- -
Resolution Before Congress Brings Out Emphatic Utter
ances From Mainland Press Boston Editors-Think Ter
ritory Is Not Yet Ripe to Be Admitted Into Union.
'WASIlfNOTON, May 10. A petl., mont nlo ill once nppiuciit unci ovcr-
tlon for the admission of Hawaii as n
Ute was received hy the senate, to.
clay from the Hawaiian legislature
and referred to the committee on tcr.
' Tlmt lllllc lli'iii above, sent nut
from the national oapltol ly llit An
tedated PinVi ami Hitpplcmriilcil ly
longer nrtlck'H frqm special corrcn
pnndonts to Iho kiigor p liters of llio
mainland, ban given Hawaii a lot of
Tho 11 ii 1 1 oil ii pn-MMilH herewith
n iiinnliri of (ho comments nimlo on
r.lnti'hood for Hawaii by llio press
of Iho Slalo of Mass.iebiiiiell. T.ik
rn as n whole llio pros of Massi
chutctts does not favor Iho admls
Blon of Hawaii nn n mcyiibcr of llin
"glorious lii'ollicrliiioit,'' mid some In
tMCNtlllg points, mil Iho le.irt of
which Is some Ignorance of the sll
iiiiilon, mo brought out liy the news
paper discussion. '
oiton Morning Globe.
Tho Ronton Morning (lloho si.vs;
Ihcro lins been iiiliiuluccil Inln
congress the iccpilrcil concurrent ro
bolullon which would ulait Iho Ha
waiian Islands toward statehood. Neil
only wilt no ciilhuidnsm bu felt r :
Hint pnigr.ini, hut It will also bo op
posed as premature. Hawaii was nn
hONcd to Ii 1m cmmtr In 1N18 and bo-'
culm) a territory two joint later.
Slnru being mgniilrcil nn U. S. lenl
tory tho islands linvo nuide progress,
but they aro not jot leaily to bo on
trusted willi the lights mill privi
leges Unit nio cnjoycil by members
if. Iho union.
whelming. Tho Inland i ipulntlnn" In
n fusion of Asiatic, ITinopcan, iiatlvo
ami I.nllu-Aiiicilc.iii inees with n
goodlv Sprinkling of Americans. The
complexion, imllllcnl mid cthlnil, Is
ho uncertain mid nn cl uiiHcltled
thnl II cannot romiiinnd the conll
ilcnce here" whlrh Is necessary when
sentiment In In faor of granting tho
rights mid pilvllegi'K, llio duties mid
it'HpotiBlblllllcs, of statehood to it ter
ritory. It was the jenr ISflS when llnwall
was annexed lo the United States mill
It lieciinie a territory, In 1900. Alas
liii. on the other hand was annexed
half n century ago anil lately lias be
come vciy well pipolnlcd with emi
grants fi dim the Slates mill from Ca
nada. Ily tlicjio our democratic Ideal.
and our Institutions and alms for
government aro far better nudcisliKid
and nppicclnted than In Ilawnll. Alas
ka should he granted statehood long
before tho beautiful Island In Iho Pa
cific. Hawaii lias n wonderful future In
store, as every one knows who lsltt
It or who reads extensively of Its
natural rhnruis and tho spirit of its
population. Schools, civic. Improve
ments, law enforcement, nulillo Spi
rit, all are Inking dcop root, and when
llio government perfect Its naval sta
tions thero milled Interest will ho the
result. Tho future llkcwlso will have
In store for Ilawnll tho position of
statehood ill the greatest union the
woild has ever seen hut, tho tlmo Is
not rlpo.
Christian Science Monitor.
Tho Christian Science Monitor of
lloston takes up tho matter at snmo
The population of Hawaii consists1 length reaching tho genernl conclii
chlclly of natives, Chinese and .lnp- slim that llnwall hag Fomo rnctnl pro
gnose, wltli a good representation of litems to work out before (be slnto
Atiioilcans The Americans, however,! hood Idea should bo encouraged. Says
arc byno means numerically strong! the Monitor: ,
enough to dominate the Islands In a! HAWAII SEEKS STATEHOOD.
' crisis. Hawaii naturally l:i ambitious,! A petition from the IJglslaluro of
but she should bo lerpilrcd to servo Ilawajr lo Congress has been Intro
:i longer period of probation. It Isj dnccd In the Sciiato, and has roopoii
now nenrly a half cenluiy sine? Alas-, r, tlics Issue of granting statehood lo
ka was annexed and 'luring the iant , Iho territory, Assent Is not likely
10 jcars Ibis northern lenllory bus; for some tlmo lo come. If ever. Hut,
heconio peopled- with Americans audi In Iho naltirc of Iho ease, petitioning
Canadians, who understand our ln, -vIJI not cease, and n lime will arrlvo; llin mainland linve taken Iho rcsolu
niiiiiliiius. nut Alaska has not been when a square nmuver with icason lion up and dismiss It as follows:
thought icady for statehood. Suicly back of It will havo lo lie given. And' The population of Hawaii Is now
when It Is made. It slmuM bo with 210,00(1, with the pioortlon of whiles
giealcr deference lo tho opinions of lo dark-skinned laces only 8 per cent.
Ihr descendants of tho flrtt American i Only n tenth of the 45,000 Inhnblt
fc I tiers than was shown when Iha'nnts of lloiiolulii mo white. Portu-
fonn of territorial government was gueso are inoro numerous than Amo-
sot mi, When this nucleus of Ame-j rlcniis, mid tho Chlneso and Japan
rleantsm. ns It Is known on the con- cso constitute about 50 per rent of
tliienlal mainland, favors a change .tho total population. And (his Is Iho
from a territorial to a stale form of, territory elamoilng for statehood!
povorniucnt then It will bo well to lis- llnt.ton Itecord.
He, European and l.allii-Aiiicilciti
laocs me bo uncertain, that it Is Iho
part of prudence lo wait n while be
fore piooccdliiR Willi a step which,
Mire taken, caiinol bo ictraccd.
llnwall Is foitunnto In having u
cllmnto and natural setting that aie
em hauling. Her sugar and fiult
plantations aro lit present Inlawing to
lliulr ownern largo proflls," An army
of gctleioits stieiidcis will arrlvo when
the government perfects Its mllltutv
ami naval station on tho lfcltnds. Tho
tldo of tinvel nctoss tho I'aclllc In
crcaics each onr, and Honolulu
stands to gain fiom this Intel rotirrfc
with an army of tourists. IMucntloii
In a passion with parents and children
of tho many races that have been
Unpolled to woik on tho plantations:
mill both prlvatn donors and the ter
ritorial government are busy extend
ing tho plant requisite to n'tect the
people's needs. Consequently, the
schools are busy doing ndinlrnhlo as
similative mid unifying work for the
rising generation, and nio the leading
factor In pieservlng peace between
representatives of diverse- races. The
Ideal of nohlerse obllgo dominate
many of the richest and most highly
cdticnted ilcsccndantn of Iho llrst gen
eration of New Kngland educators
and clvllizern, and they arc sparing
no money or, personal sorvlco In llio
atlempl In mnko political ami econo
mle conditions ns excellent us possi
ble, and to prei-orvc ns far an possi
ble tho typo of civilization which their
fathers transplanted.
For the next dorado or two Hawaii
is to bo ouo of tho most Interesting
ethnological and political experiment
stations in Iho world. Kxporlmoii's
In democracy and In racial nnillca
tlon lire lo go on thero that will In
tel est nations other than the Hulled
Slates. When the possibility of fus
ing this vailed race assemblage Into
a consistent lypo of self-controlled
democrats In proved, then nn appeal
for statehood will .havo u favoring
i espouse,
Salem, Mais., a Knocker.
The Salem. Mass., News under the
heading "No Call for It," comments
ns follows:
Tho scheme to admit HawalJ to
statehood ought to he knocked on tho
head In short order.' Tlioro Is net
much likelihood that such an enter
prise will succeed with the country
awake, oven In slight degrco, lo the.
nilschlovnunesa of tho step. Its pro
iiiotcin In congress as well nn out of
that boity count upon Indifference,
but In this leaped they aro hugging
a delusion.
Other Comments. '
More briefly, other newspapers of
Will Hold Exercises In Hawaii
an Opera House on Morn-
ing of July Fourth.
Frank I'ciict
perl. caiitupiako
Knight of Hie Clown of Italy, who In
At ii meeting of the Public Servleo coming m Hawaii to feel Iho pulsoj
Asioelailnn yesterday, the lion. Weil- of Kllaiien, In bringing with llin sonio
trr T. Prciir wan electrd honorary , ,... i,. i.i,,ai ,. inline- lei
i halrinaii; V. A. Dryaii, seeieliuy and
director; anil W. II. l.'nwtle, treasurer.
Tho board of dim lorn In compoisl of
lU'trgati'd olllccrn from each of the or
ganizations contributing to the support
of tho Public Service looms, now fur-
Sclentinc liislriimciltn of marvelous
consltuctloti that have never been
tested In Iho Acid will li om"!owil
In the ollservatlonn or Iho i'Xcdllloii.
Most of the livtrimicii c wero fur-
llawaltaii T.rlbo, No. I, Improved
Older of Itcil Men will note the ias-
slng of thu one bundled and thirty-
fifth nnnlvcmnry of the signing of ;,,, ,, ,,.. fr ln,.t,..M r ..
tho Declninlloii of IndciiomlciKo. by t kind, for tho service of the imiIpIIc. Any iilshed by the Weather Pure hi. Pel
holding appropilalo exeiclsen In Ihotorgnnt-iatlpii promoting work of scr-1 ret will carry a specially i-nslnirted
Hawaiian Opera Houre, on the 1th vice to the public Is welcome to the toleplioio camera capable of
iln or .lul.v, commeticing nl the hour
of o o'clock, A. M. or, nn tho Ited
men have It, tho lib Sun of Tluek
Iho voleano i ei ilibvi lo plinlng. ipli Mia iv 1 ill nalo
foiecasier ami '' '''" "r "" '"'o lor of (bo bollliiK
n u i .
liven nio'c vvoiulo'ful are Tie mic
rophones, liolriimciitn for detecllrg
sounds hundreds of miles tol'ivv tho
surface of llio cnrtlt. So dcllcilo Is
Iho ink rophoti" tlial tho tipple of n
stream far down In tho bowels of llin
earth, or tho nirgc of a sea, caiu''
ijetecloil. Tlio sppnixlinal" depth
can be) dotermlii-d by the relative
cltariiens of tho teimd'i. Tho rise of
the 1'iva reas In a volcano .cm bo
followed .weeks before Iho lava over-
Moon, (I. 8. I). 4 la. at Iho loth inn,
lining of the sun, lo which the gen
eral public In cordlall Invllcil
flown Iho rrster'n motilll.
use of the rooms day or night, rfut Krai hing at long distance innmiuo Hu,0 over Crater.
only thuM- orgimlziitloiis contrlhiilliig details Instantaneously. Pictures of k,, appTanm Ii tHng tikeu for
to tho support of the us,), In I Inn Imvo H'O licavo and hwcII of (he soa.i of ,ECninR tctnp' r.ilure Upon a cable
a say In Hie conduct of Its affair W ' 'n "I " volcano liavo never nccn r tnIr;i tont leng'h I i i i:ln the crater
If Alaska must wait Hawaii should bo
expected to hold hor ambitions In
A Word from Lynn.
Tho Lynn (Mass.) Nous says:
Pew will bo found In the United
Stales lo look with favor upon the
polltlon from the legislature of Ha
waii to Congress asking Hint tho ter
ritory bo granted statehood,.
To tbrtso even who have thought
ten to Iho nppeal; but not before. Hawaii wtints to bo a State. Chanco
'Tho population of Uio Islands has he- for two moio member of the scn-
I but li 1 1 lo on this subject the reasons como so complex, and tho ethical audi atom' club If sbo gets her wish. Thai's
against such n movo by tho govern- political results or n fusion of Asia-I about nil the dmerenco It would make
mm I Pai
mm K4I
A Tonic! A Food!
and a mild stimulant.
ThaVs what
Primb Beer
is. An absolutely pure, hygienic
and nutritious extract of MALT and
HOPS uncontaminated.
It is the FAMILY BEER and
should be in every home,
See that a case is ordered today
Mr mA
The Jcer That's J3rewed
looSuir lnc C limevte
itenrg? w'-v ,"- -"-" -
-; -
Placing a pure-blooded sire
at the head ot vour herd or
flock is like putting a trusty
general at the head of an
army, lor he is the leader on
whom rests the glory ot vic
tory or the disgrace of defeat.
The Fanr March
25) '9'
I'lans for getting united public, hen
tlrneiit on the xrlcctloii of a site for
tho now army pout hero wero discussed
oMtrday at llio luncheon held In llin
t'nlvcrslty Cluli with civil and mili
tary authorities present. As n renult,
a sketih of Iho piopuscil site, together
with data on It and tho suggestions
for the cnphiiiiiilo or Ala Moana, wilt
I'o sent to WiisIiIiikIoii. Tho meeting
was culled by tho Public Hirvlcn As-1
soclatlon and wan attended by Oov-!
ernlir I-'iciir, Ocm nil .Macomb, Admiral
. (' Cowles. .Secrctnry Mott-Hmltb,
cx-tiovornor Carter. U Tcnuey Peek,
It. Castle. W A Ilrynn, P. M. pond,
Pror. J. W. Ollmore, Kurveyor Wull,
A II. I'ord, Ocrrlt P. Wilder. James A.
Vilde.r, Forester Ilosmer nnd'Others.
Tho l'lsh Couimlsslon sleaincr A1
batios8 sailed from .Seattle, on May
25 for IJehrlug Sen to mai tho floor
of the sen and to study tho habits, of
halibut, cod and salmon Tho linllhuH
Is n migialory fish, changing Its food
lug groundn rieqiicntly, and thoAlha
tross will preparo a map that will toll
fishermen whnt portions of tho sea to
avoid because llsh do not congrcgato
f n
lo tho country. Tlrocklon (MnHS.)
Hawaii sees no reason why sho
sboiibl not become a slulo along wltb
nil the other territories and so has
ipndo formal application Gloucester,
IMnBS.) Times.
Whether Hawaii shall bo admitted
as n state or not, the fart that he Is
desirous of becoming: something more
limn a distant relnllnn shows that she
la thus far inntv than plensed with
the connection Christian Sclenco
The Fine, Young, Imported Kentucky-bred Registered
Saddle Stallion
Blue Grass Chief, No.f2513
American Saddle Horse Register
Illuo Crnsii Chirr In a beautiful rich blood bay with wblto hind feci to ojiklcs, stnmbi IMi bands
high and wclgtm about 10.10 now, a. ho ban not arrived al full maturity yotMio will no doubt weigh ut
least lino by iuintlii'( )ear. As to bin form, style, conformation mid makeup I can best relloi.ilo tho
statement inailo lo mo by bin former owner, Dr. O W. Taylor or lllverslde stocl. fiuni, Wblto Post, Pll.o
county, Kentucky, from whom I purchased him about two months since: "Tho prettiest hori-o I ever
laid eyes on," and tho sanio remark has been m.ulo concerning him by lit least a dozen of my frlendj.
Arter looking him over slnco Ills arrival at Knliuliil from San Kraiiclaco tier Matbon S. H. Co.'s sleaincr
J.iirline on May 27th, ltlll.
Illuo arnsn Chief wan bred hy .1. II. nillanple of Mount Sterling, Woodford Co., Kentucky; wns foal
ed In lUflG: sired by ltourhon C'lilcf a7U. ho by llarrlum Chief 1CDG; llrst dim Nellie Prevvitt SI.'.U, by
Hoscoo -'171, a great show horse and bleeder; third dam by Crusader; fourth dam by tlrey Kngle.
Ilourbon Chief, tho sire of Illuo (iinsa Chief, wan the winner of 20S bluo ribbons In different show
rlngn and wan never defcalcd, uml Is claimed to be tho gicalcst show saddle ntalllnn In the world. Nelllo
Prewllt, the dam or Illuo (linns Chief, was also a great prl.o winning show umru la her day, ami aa
u breeder piodiiccd a number of great show horses.
Thu Stallion News of March 1st, 1!II, says: Ilourbon Chief flifi, who died this winter, was the ulro
of inmo cliainplon sons than nny other horse tho books record. Ills son,. Montgomery Chief, won llrst
premium at the gloat world's fair at SI. 1-ouln in I 'JO I In the galled saddle stallion class, also many
oilier llrst In different show rings all over the cmiiitny, and another son, l.'mcrald Chief, look second
plizo to Montgomery Chief at the world's fair In I'Jul at St. Umln.
Tho rami and Horse Journal of UhiIkvIIIo, Ky., says In their Issue of Jim. I lib, 1911: Tho leport
of the itciitli last week of Iho noted saddle stallion Ilourbon Chief " will bo rcgicltiilly received hy
tuiddle horto hrecdein everywhere. Originally bred ns n harness horMi Ibis successful slio came to bo
one or llio inot.1 celebrated or Hlien known lo saddlo borso breeders. Ilo llrt.1 gained notoriety ns tho slro
ot Knilly 8,15, so successfully shown by (Sen. Castlemaii at llio Chicago world's ralr In 1X93. Her won
derrul sliuw thero brought gioalncss to hor sho. lioklng tor tho reason homo said It wan tho Denmark
blood gol through Uithams Denmark 9(1, slro of hfs dam. Others maintained that It was duo to the gicat
iimilltles ot Harilson Chief, his sire, u famous show liorso In his day. HUM there were others and
perhaps they wero correct, who attributed it lo tho happy nick or the Denmark with tho Chief blood.
At nny ratu the two streams hlivo flowed on iievor so successfully as when brought together along lines
of Inter day breeding, ilourbon Chief was sired by Harrison Chler out of Hello by 1-alluuis Denmark,
second il.iiu by Hell founder, llu was bred by J;is. MICIellniiil of Ilourbon Co, Kentucky, , and owned at
tho time of Ills death by J. II. (llllnsplo or Mount Sterling. Ky. (It will be observed that Mr. tlllliisplo In
the breeder or Illuo (Irnss Chief.) Ho was fo.ited in ISS3 mid in his early dns wan the rival of bin illun
troun sho for humus In thu liariienn shown. Ilo gained bin Iniirola ntf a slro of saddlers thioiigh the per
formances of his gel, uniting which aro Montgomery Chief, Ilourbon King', Ilourbon Prime, Ilourbon
lleauty, Marvul King, Kmlly, and others already noted In tho show rings.
Thu abovo remarks luiicornJiig tho breeding of Illuo (irnss Chler and bin. slro Ilourbon Chief are
not mine. They nro matters or record and history and ran ho verified by any ono by writing to Mr
I. II. Nail, secretary American Saddle llorno Ilreeders' Iteglstry Association of Umlsvllle Ky It will bo
observed that bin blood HncH contain llionu or the most notefl premium show ring prlro winning middle
and show horses or tho great Illuo Crass legion or Kentucky on both sides. I Imported him to Keep, but
have since concluded to sell htm, as ho Is too valuable for my purpose, and to any one wanting thn.hest
he ought to suit, us ho In Individually as near perfect as It In possible for an aujiiial of bin kind to he,
ami that he will roprodiico himself In his offspring in not u matter of conjecture at alt but or certainty.
It In argued by soma that horses ami mules will In the near future bo supplanted by mcchnhlcal means
such as automobiles, etc. Now, It doesn't look that way If wo Judge the future by the past, for ten vcurs.
ago there were no utiles and now thero aio thousands, ami horses uml mules are worth today In any
market ust double tho price that they ware then, which seems lo mo to bo n pretty good object louson
on tho subject and comment thereon In entirely unnecessary.
To any ono desiring iv stallion to produce colts that, when they arrive lit serviceable age, will
bring two or three times an much in any market an llio ordinary kind and not cost one cent more lo
produce ho Is the goods and cannot tall In accomplish this great dlslderatiim iinlefcs all laws or heicdl
tary Influence, Like producing I.Ike, etc., ami even ordinary laws or nature be suspended in hlsTusc.
What a dandy ho ought to be Tor raising cavalry horses from, not tho ordinary hind fur cavalrymen, but
for olllccrn' uso who geuoially buy thely own mounts, such ones for Instance an (Jen Miles' friends pin
chased and presented to him not long ago, which was u Kentucky saddlo bred gelding fur which lliey
paid WOO,
Ho In nn bound In wind, limb ami body as thu day ho was foaled, perfectly kind In harness and un
der saddle, hut bin great value In nut fur cither of theso purposen. Ills great value Is ns n seed or stock
horso for reproducing IiIh species, and llio man oi company who ho cures lilm for this puipoeo Is to be
congratulated and nhuiild bo tho envy of every Jiiali, woman or child In thu (outitry Unit loves and values
a lino specimen ot Cod's greatest creation next to man tho noble liorso. It would bo almost Impossible
to correctly estlnuilo tho valuo in dollars ami cents of this homo's Mood ami Inlluento on thu horsn stock
or IIiIh country or any cmnmijnlty that ho might bo kept In say tor 10 or IS years, being voting he lias
his whole llfutlino of usefulness beforo him and should more than pay fur himself every year of his
Alxo.ono of tho finest young Jacks that ever caina to tho country, llvo years old this spring. I
don't know as I would miss It much It 1 was to say tho boost one. llu is black as a crow with light
points, 11 bands high, weight 800 lbs. Ilo Is not as large as some great overgrown monsters, but If he
continues to grow and sprend and till out and thicken up tho way ho has during the labt six months ho
will weigh at least 1000 lbs. another year, which Is considered a pretty big Jack 'In any country. I Im
potted him fiom tho Count last September. Ho In or very stout, heavy, hlucky, compact build with hand
somo head, and will gel the low down, stout, heuvy set mules thnt everybody wants Instead or tho great
long, lanky, thin, slab-sided, ent-hamed ones that nobody wantn. Ho is an lusty iiniNicuity uml vigorous
us a fattening pig, always hungry and ma lien a great outcry if Ids meals aio not forthuimliig strictly on
line. He wniks on marcs Just llko a stallion. I only wish that I was fixed lo go Into miilo lalelng
myself, us In that euse no money could buy him, but as It Is he l.s for sale at lens than one-halt Ids real
Tor nny additional particulars call on or mhliesn .
V. 11. MII.KS,
talinlna, Maul, T, II.
I.alialna. Maul, June. 1911
,. .-..,, ... .... .",......, .,. .... ,,i,Mi.r, ., -v , , ,,11,1,1 1,-111 ivnn l t . .(Kill iiiv .......
A. Ilrymi of Uip C'nllrpo nr Jliiunll haw Hfciiivrf, tt with litis t-miiuiit It Is w ho tfinir nv i:iKinimoii r:iUr. a
men frrPitiiilU- fon.1r..f it. urllt...f l.e tllOtlSllt ItlC !K)tC(l KClClltlrt Mill '.(' .., t i.,n Tli.. i.i fiitititlni' will tin
' .--..I. .,, .-.. 111 lllllk "J l , IUMIIIIV VI, 1 II' -li l"(ll l "'II "
The hour titntod was detci mined t, director tho mntiiigemeiit of tho' A a a .. a 4. .i. . 4 ' linmeirrd in tin n-etblng lava, ami
upon for Iho reason that b:isebill alTalrs of the Public Hervloo Axsocla-' " ' j is llguied lo si a id Hie strain as II
nnd oilier Held spoitn nrc scheduled Hon. It Is understood that the mllege lie woik outside of the hours he rlv, r ipnlili' of icgl-lcling belt of l.f.01)
for presentation by the A. A. IT., villi permit him to engage 'in this pub- to tils lollegc work Idctiees 1 uitlgrado.
during (ho nflernoon of that da, with, ,
a poHslhlo pyrotechnic displa.v In tho1
evening. I
Through the courtesy of Mavor(
Kern, the occasion being a puhl'c
one, Hawaiian Tillie will havo tho
beneflt of the services or the llnirnJ-l
Ian Hand on the occasion In pi0",llou,
and the order or exercises as elab
orated thus far, consists of tho fot-'
lowing numbers:
1. Chorus and King Drill, "Colum
bia, Iho Ceni ot tho Ocean," ....
hy clas3 of rorty-slx young ladles,
pupils of Kiinhitmiinii School,
representing the Stales of the
Union, under illieelbai of Miss
Phllnmena Perry.
2. Holding, Tlio Declaration of In
dependence, .
Did. A. K. Murphy. Past Sadieni
3. Mezzo-soprano solo, "Tho Hal
ite Hymn or the Ilcpubllc,"
Mrs. llruee McV. Mnck.ill
I, Remarks, "Tho Day We Cel
ebrate and Wliy,"
Hro. W. J. Robinson, Past S.trhcm
S. Violin solo; Patriotic Airs, ....
Hro. C, P. Ilrown
(!. Moxzo-Eoprauo solo, "The Slar-
Bpangled lJanner,"
Mrs. llrucj McV. Mack ill
7. Itecllntlon, Drake's "Address to
tlio American King,"
Miss Hay Hell
. Male QiiHrtetlc, "Amoilea." ...
St. Louis Collcgo Alumni (Ju.irlclte.
The joung ladles representing the
Slates of; tho Union will be dressed
in appioprl.ito colorsw.uach, weiring
a blue s.ish upon which will bo print
ed the name of a state of tho United
States, in the event that Arizona
and Now Mexico are ndmittcd i'o
Blnlehood prior to tho d.ito of Iho
oxercltcs, arrangements Oinvc 'been
undo to lucieasc the uiunhcr of
young ladles In tho class fiom forty
six to forty-eight, -so as to have all
of the states represented. In order
to nroiiso a sptilt of patilotlsm and
of personal Interest In thoso In at
tendance tlio aiHllenco will lio 10
nuerted to join In tho chorus as to
numbers 3, li and S, on tho order of
exeielses. nnd for tho Information of
thoso who aio unfamiliar wltli tho
words of tho songs composing thoso
numbers, the words will bo printed
In full on Iho program.
An Iho occasion Is ono of more than
pausing Importance to tho copIo of
this territory, and llio proposed okcr
clues should In purposo and Intent,
nptioal to all patriotic citizens and
residents of Honolulu.
jH4yfti'i i.a.-iajl
iy --.lAt

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