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Evening Btjjlletxm
CO.. LTD., at Kerr Building, Alakca St., Territory of Hawaii.
Daily every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday.
in the Territory ot Hawaii.
Wallaci: R. Farrington, - Editor
Pit Moi.lh. tnvwhtre 111 O.B ... ,7B
Prr (JiwnfT, ftuywtiert'n U S ... 3.oo
t M Yt, atiYUte In US H.uo
PT Vtlil .il, J, fotClRIl I2.IHI
irotS I tclitorlal Rooms,
"' i Business
lrt' sling iim even In our plcai
nres Inil virtue coiimiIch lit even In
our pulu. Anon.
Uonolultt IooUb ;i hundred per cent
better mid It ought to feel bo.
Hotter than Knnsns Is now the ap
propriate way or expressing the ex
Ircino What n gntintlot the homesteader
has to run before he can do anything
more than take u look at the land. I
President Tafl's nliocs are elevens
In IDt't and double K3 In width.
Dig euou&h to sipt.ish the gizzard nut
of most anything otirn he puts his
fool down hard
One of the lessons ot the Cleati-iip
Day Is that the health inspection and
garbage force should bo Increased,
nnd driven nhead under Increased
eteani nnd with bettor olllcleney.
If you did but Know II, tho clean-up
day Is the Brut signal dial Honolulu
appreciates thai It must get ready
for lain The woiU taunt be Inces
sant nnd civic endeavor untiring.
Now York city has been presented
with n million dollar park ovci look
ing tho Hudson Hut It Isn't naif so
happy as Honolulu would be Willi it
perpetually clean bill of health.
K1, Tho latest nrcuincnt ncaliiHt icel.
Kl I "
proelty is that a locomotive mi a Ca
nadian railway has bren wrecked by
a moose. It beatu the band what it
powerful army of facts Is marshaled
ugaluot the program of tho 'resident
I-H it not bn said that the Organic
Act needs to be changed to admit a
llovcrnor from the mainland, because
Hawaii has tin men in tho ranks of
g 1(8 citizens capable of lllllng tho po-
Bltloti. There are men enough here If
tho President wants n change.
One of our oxchutigcs btiggesls that
tho reason that one-half the world
doesn't know how the other half liver
'Is due to tho fact that people have
fallen pretty generally Into tho habit
of pulling down tho window curtains
after the lights are tinned on.
When In doubt, clean up every
.Tho latest product ot tho Home
Itulo crowd la something very fool
ish but Is It any more so than send
ing u special rcpipseututivo to New
jYork at nn expense to the peoplo of
.ibiio thousand dollars a month and
. Mayor Kern Is to bo congratulated
hi, on ins decision to Higu mo untitling
f'i firrtlnnncn Tim piinlnet fnr wlitit IMc
tf.vtw ..-. - ,.v ..... .... .,t .me
ordinance represents has been fotigln
incessantly by the Hullo tin since
tho Territory was organized, and the
flplir pnlllil lint Imvn hnnn unrpneKriil
without city and county gocrumcnt
'! Session after scmlon of tho U'glsla.
titrc, in tho days of the old central
ized government, tho enemies of prog
ress wcro ablo to block any legisla
tion of this character ovon to tho ex
tension of the llro limits. County
government has won any number ol
victories for clllelout find progressive
government, nnd that Is ono of the
reasons why soino peoplo mako such
u loud nolso In criticising It.
'" "You're a folno hoi t of n husband
, bcfoio wo wero married you
Id you would bn willing to dlo for
'"Well, I had mo llfo Insured, didn't
;''lrt3, but ycr itllvo, nln't you?"
"I'll never tnko .you out to a ban-
, (jiiet again, lo illugitbted mo .last
; nolght." .
"Why, what did I b?" ,
"Tho minima yu sat down at the
I'M SI Montn 9 Ao
rr vfi mrhiinU.9 i.uo
Per Year fcnywhtre n Canadt. I ,Bo
Pet Year tMta!df toittiro 3.tw
Entered at the FMtorfict at HodoidId
aa aeuiO(tclaia matter.
JUNE 26. 1911
Dr Mary K Pennington, chief or
tho Food Research Itnrcati of the
Federal Agricultural Department tes
tified the other day that she would
rather ent a rohl storage egg of the
January vintage than a fresh barn
yard egg laid In the summer time It
beats nil how some peoplo gnln fame.
Take tho January egg Mary.
A ron or tho lato 10. II. Hnrrliunn
was tlefcated the other day In n con
test Tor the exalted position of assist
ant manager of tho Yale crew. Tho
successful candidate Is reported to
have no money but plenty of brains,
So the country brcatheB a sigh of re
lief and feels there Is still hope for
Secretary fillmson Is criticised be
cause he doesn't know anything about
war. If bo knows enough to let tho
men who "') know about wnr, proceed
with their plana for the defense ot
the country, bo will satisfy all the
demands of bis olllco and innk'i it rec
ord Jmt that much better than somo
of his picdecessors who thought they
knew It all.
The editor ot tho Fresno Republi
can describes his relief on leaving
behind the sticky heal of Chicago re
cently for tho dry heat of the llojavo
desert. Ho declares that tho dry heat
of tho desert was bracing nnd pleas
ant. Tho Eastern heat ho descrtbos
as damp, depressing nnd Intolerable.
Pasadena News.
If ho will travel to Honolulu he
will llnd a refined heat with all tho
hot taken out of It In the warmest
mid-summer day.
licpubllcan lenders are enjoying a
regular epidemic of unpopular pro
posals. Tho latest is from Congress
man Mann that tho word "npplauso"
ind similar expressions of lomFclicers
fiom the floor and galleries, bo elim
inated from the speeches "delivered"
In Congress nnd published In tho Con
gressional Itecord under "lcao (o
print" This la tho one opportunity
i Congressman has of putting hlm
clf beforo his constituents Just its
io would llko to bo.
Most certainly tho prompt disposal
of garbage by the householder should
be compulsory.
And most certainly should the
Snrbage bo collected by tho author
ities frco of charge
Of all the outrages this city and
lie Territory perpetrato against n
rnoro perfeel sanitation by all means
he worst is tho chargo for garbago
collection and tho charge for uso ot
.ho sower after having paid tho con
lection fco.
This policy of pay, pay, pay, throws
'he burden wbero It galls worst nnd
iocs the least good.
If there is any work or nny pub
ic service that is rightfully a charge
igalnst tho general revenues of the
Ity and Territory, It is that which
juarantccs keeping1 tho city clean, of
.ubblsh and sowngo, Hut tinder tho
'money making" idea of government
hat developed somewhere in tiio dark
igos and has sprung up In this part
if tho world with a partial endorse
ment by "wealth and Intelligence,"
ho poor man Is forced to pay for that
i which Bhoiild bo Included in tho gen
tnblo yo began chnoln tho menu
card, and by the lolme I got It ye'd
chooed down lo tho second course and
I got no soup "
"When yo began askln' for nut
picks. Nut picks! Don't yo know
boiler than ask for picks at nn Irish
banquet? It nln't oven snfo to Bcrvo
tho len cream In bricks.'
"Then whon Iho woman noxt to you
Bald lior cocoa wiih cold, yor told her
lei put her hat on. And how did I
know who yo meanl when ye mild
I 'Pass the lobster'?"
uatA nt.,Jfu.
Several Choice Lots
1. Ono lot on 12tli vc
nue $760
2. Ono and ono half
lots, Dlook 87.
Prieo ?600
3. Ono lot, Dlock 10.
Prie V100
4. Ono nnd one-half
lots, Wslalao
Heights V00
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.
Furnished Houses
For Rent
Near Wylllo St.... $30 per month
Mnklkl District. . . .175 per month
Upper Fort St., ono
block from Nuu
nnu cur JC0 per inonlli
All very deslrnblo residences
and completely furnished.
Bishop Trust Co., Ltd.
Bethel Street
A Crate of 8lx Selected Pines or a
Large Bunch of Bananas
Simply lenvo your order wo do tho
(With Wells, Fargo Express Company)
eral expenses of tho city nnd Terri
tory. It Is tbo same sort of a gaino as
that of tho advance in tho Water
rates ngalnst which tho people pro
tested so vigorously.
Compulsory garbago cleaning by
tho householder should bo strictly en
forced accompanied by free garbage
collection by the city.
Compulsory sewer connection
Bhould bo enforced in every section
of the town whero the sewer, runs,
and there should be no other chargo
against tho householder than the
original cost of connection with tho
Bower system.
It Is no harder to mako n dirty
Waterhouse Trust
For Sale
Bargain In Makiki District
New House
Living loom nnd dining room, with
paneled rjnd solid beam ceilings, win
dow seats, built-in sideboard and book
cases, Front lanal built of moss stone with
brick pillars; screened back lanal;
kitchen with gas. hot und cold water;
bath, lavatory and large closets; three
bedrooms; mosqulto-proof throughout;
cement walk Ncnt1 two car lines. No.
H00 'Matlock avciiuo, Price $3300
Waterhouse Trust
.mi'. kKi..A'w.. ' ,,W.'. Mf.-
For Sale
at Kaimuki
The Beet Photo Paper
To be had only nt
office. Adam Lane. It open from 7
m. to 11 p. m. except on Sundays, when
It I open from 8 to 10 a. m. and from
5130 to 11 p. m.
child wash his inco regularly nnd pny
for tho soap and water ho uses, than
to keep a city clean V levying a di
rect charge ngalnst every household
er or tenement owner who complies
with tho rules and regulations "f
civic cleanliness.
(Continued from Page 1)
nnd wo have to npproprlnto JHOtl
monthly to keep up with the work."
ho said. "Moreover, si of our BAnltury
Inspectors, whoso salaries amount to
JS5 monthly each, have been practical
ly turned over to the Board of Health,
so that they nrc it loss to us of J510
"Beginning- with July, we will ap
propriate Jlf.00 monthly for garbage
collection und destruction, but this will
not keep us up with nil the work.
"Tho troublo Is that wo can not forco
peoplo to luiva their garbago removed.
Only tho Hoard of Health can do that
If It wns compulsory on tho household
eri. to have their garbage removed and
pay a certuln monthly rate that would
meet expenses, the problem might bo
I solved "
Don't Persecute
your Bowels'
Oil cut ttrWrft anj pinatl-nt. Tfr an lml
rttnnvnncMrr 1 ry
PmhvtttuU. Ac?
tnsr en tr fcm.
touBt en, iu
ootM tfMcSCt
rf tMMwd.
Cirt Cm
SJck HmJuU aaJ MlfMlba, u aaEon lxnr.
Small Pill, Smalt Deie, Small Price
Genuine mhUi Bigrmturo
Chairman ticorgn It. Curler of the
Hiinltnry commlssluii said this morn
"Ah nn Interesting commentary on
the garbage system, It might bo said
that In 1909 the supervisors liad to np
proprlnto J2000 for garbage collection.
In 1910 the system was changed othnt
It might be on n seir-supportlng basis,
nml Iho results were that the county
cuine out I19S to tho good. Now In
1911, the public subscribes !C00 for
doing' tho work that was supposed to
be done under the system that showed
the profit last year."
Great Work Done.
However, nil this does not detract
from tho splendid work done by the
citizens on Clenn-Up Day. Ilvcry
committee came through wlh splendid
results. In this connection, mention
should bo mnde of the good work of
the transportation committee. Dr. W,
(1 lingers, chairman. This committee,
through the courtesy of C. Monlaguo
Cooke, supplied u specltl automobile
for Hie representatives of thn press,
Mr Cooke himself driving It, and when
unfortunately it went a little bit to
the bad, Dr. Pratt of 'tho Hoard ot
Health and Chief Sanitary Inspector
Charlock placed their machine at tho
disposal of the reporters.
I'M Towse, who had charge of tho
downtown district, reported Ibis morn
ing that alt would bo clear by noon.
More than E00 cartloads wero hauled
from this district Saturday, and nearly
one hundred beforo 10 o'clock this
Dr. Pratt of tho rtoiud of Health
Wih III prni Ileal charge of tho collec
tion of thn garbago today. Tho mul.ty
authorities turned over to htm twenty
four curls and seventeen nieen. He
tackled District fi, tho downtown sec
tion, this morning, nnd expected to
start on 4A nnd 4H, which extend from
Piiunhoii to thn son, when tho down
town work was ended. It wns figured
esterday that there would bo fiSOInadsl
to bo catted uwny today.
J. J. Cooke of tho lliiancn commit
tee canio Into the Cleon-Up Day bend
Uiiarters this morning more than en
thusiastic over the work accomplish
ed "It was splendid," he said. "Tho
only thing In do now Is to keep It up."
Chairman Ilerndt estimates that It
will bo two or threo days longer be
foro nil of tho districts bavo been
cleaned. Inspired by the llrst ilny's re
sults, innuy householders spent part of
yesterday In piling up rubbish along
the streets to bo taken uwny.
Tho City and County garbage de
partment forco of employees together
with all the available transportation
at tho call of this branch of tho munl-
unttttttnnit ttiiKnuntiu
How can physicians and hospitals af
ford to hold chronic kidney patients to
certain failure nn thn orthodox treat
ment when by n simple uddltlon recov
ery Is possible In many cases7 We
record below another recovery In nenso
of Drlght's dlseuso declared Incurable
by tho books,
Mr. John Anderson, 060 Ilryan Ave
nue, Fort Worth, Texas, wroto on De
cember (i, 1910, from which wo extract:
"I would like to have your opinion
and will glvo you my symptoms. My
legs, thighs and stnmnrh nro badly
swollen, My doctor tried strong pur
gatives to rellovo tho dropsy, but to no
purpose. Four months ago the swell
ing waH so bad that my lungs wero
full nnd the elimination wns almost
solid with nlbumen. I was In bed three
months previous to Inking thn Itenal
Compound. It Iiiih done mo moro good
than itnythliig else, but I imi still bed
fast." Prescriptions wero sent lo aid the
Compound. to reduce tho dropsy.
On January 7, 1911, Anderson ngntn
wrote ns follows!
"I wish lo thank you for the letter
and prescriptions. I have completely
recovered I hud n test made two days
iiflo nml inn perfectly frco from albu
men, Dnrclng weakness I feel as well
(is 'j over did. I have been out of bod
Just Ibreo weeks, having been confined
In "bed tilnn months. It lias taken about
twenty-live bottles to euro me. Of
course, I was In n terrible condition
nnd tho results hnvii surprised nil who
knew how bad I was, I do not stipposo
you peed a testimonial, but you a'O
perfectly welcomo to nut my name If
you wish"
Honolulu Drug Co Is local agent for
Fulton's Ilen.il Compound.
For literature write John J. Fulton
fn. fln Haltery St.. Rin Francisco.
m l kOTCDX
aaaaav aviTTLE
.allWai IIVCK
env-erv an WILLI.
9 Wa kl
ear jJ a i i H ,
clpal government wns pressed Into
service today to assist In hauling
awny the accumulation ot rubbish
that wns collected on last Saturday
ns a result of the general nnd wide
spread campaign of tho Clenn-up com
mittee. The city road department nlso con
tributed n number of men ns welt ns
teams townrds cnrrjlng on tho woik
or completing tho stupendous job or
cleaning up the town.
Onco more Honolulu Is being lion
oicil by n visit from Iho HrlllBh rrltis-
cr Kent which will enter the harbor
sometime lato this afternoon and dock
cither Into tonight or early tomorrow
The llrltlsh cruiser Challenger
which wns expected lo nrrlvo along
wllh the Kent will not rench iiort un
til sometime Wednesday.
Hoth ships have been sailing slow
ly through South American waters
touching nt tho most Important ports
only. Krom hero they will sail for
tho wnlers of China on .Inly Clh. '
Hoth will dock nt pier No. 2, wheio
Iho Inst .Inpatiese ships stayed, tak
ing on provisions and coal, Their pro
visions will bo supplied by Honolulu
dealers hut It Is hardly expected Hint
they will recclvo their coal from hero
as they have their own collier fol
lowing close behind and will be duo
t oarrlve soon after tho Challenger.
Captnln Len Bahm will do the hon
ors nnd pay respects Just as soon as
the Kent nears the harbor nllowlng
hi in the opportunity of boarding her.
Tomorrow morning Ilear-Adtnlral
Cowles will board Iho Kent mid In-Icr-chnnge
snlutntlons with tho Bri
tish Commodore. All tho ncrcmonlen
will bo curled out very simple but
mort effectively.
Thn officers In chargo of both slilpn
are not nt present known ns wireless
communication, wns cut off, all such
detail however will be known lomor
row morning.
Of the two ships in the Monmouth
class the Kent was th cflrst com
pleted In 1903 nnd has a water lino
length of HO loot, beam fill ft., mom
draught 24'4 wit ha length overall of
418 feet. ,
Her romplcmenl is fi78 and dis
placement OSiin tour.
Fourteen fi-lnch guns, nine 12
pounders, three 3- minders and two
submerged torpedo tubes comprise
her nnnainent.
Tho Challenger's displacement is
.VJir. tons and a complement of 475
being somewhat, smaller than the
Kent. Her beam Is r,C, ft, length. 35F
feet nnd maximum draught 2 1 Vi feet.
Klcvcn fi-lnch guns, nlno 12-pountlors,
six 3-poiindcrn, two Maxims nnd two
submerged tnfpcdo tubes make up tier
Our Watch
Is In tho hands of skillful men.
ou get full valus for your money
when you leavo your watch with
us for acquitment.
Wo guarantee our work and
charge no more than you may
pay for poor servloe.
H. F. Wichman
& Co.. Ltd.,
L.adlng J.wel.ra
von Hamm - Young
Co., Ltd.
Pioneer and Leaden in
the Automobile Buiinesi
Agent for such woll-known cars
is Packard. Pope-Hartford, Stevens
Duryca. Cadillac, Thomas Flyer,
ilulrk, Overland, tinker Electric, and
Supplies & Repairing
Associated Garage
This Woman Hail to Insist
Strongly, but it Paid
Clitc.iRO.IH. "I suffered fromn fo
mnlo weakness nml Btomacli trouble,
mid l weni i mo
storo to get a bottle,
of I.ydia K. I'ink.
ham's VoRotsihlo
Compound, bill tho
clerk did not want
to let mo have It
ho said It was no
food nnd wanted mo
n try Bnmctliliiff
else, but knowing
nil iibout It 1 In
sisted nnd llnally
cot It. nnd I nm so
glad I did, for It has cured me.
"I know of so many enses whern tvo.
menliavo bccncurcdliyj.jdia II. I'lnk
ham's Vcftotablo Compound that I can
Bay to every suffcrliifr woman if that
mcdlclno does not liclp her, there Is
nothing that will." Mrs. Jaxetzki,
2903 Arch Ht., Chicago, 111.
This is tho ngo of substitution, nnd
women who want a euro should Insist
upon Lydla K. 1'inkliam's Vcgctablo
Compound just ns this woman did, and
notncccptsomcthingelsoon which tho
druggist can mako a llttlo moro profit.
Women who aro passing through this
critical period or who aro suffering
from nny of those, distressing. Ills. no.
cullar to their box should not loso sight'
of tho fact that for thirty years I.ydia
rinklmm's Vcgctablo Compound,
which Is roado from roots and herbs,
has been tho standard remedy for fe
male Ills. In almostovrrycommunlty
you will llnd women who have lieen
restored to health by l.ydla E. rink,
ham's Vegetable- Compound.
Good Old
GucRenheimer Pure
Bottled in Bond
Wo Deliver to Any Part of tho City
PHONE 3181
Alike and Queen Streets
Rainier Beer
Telephone 2131
Cream Pure Rye
told bt
E0VEJ0Y AND 0 0.
You'll find they're 11 good fel
low here.
"It's the Fashion"
Hotel nr. Fort D. H. Dtviei, Projv
I acific Jc
acific Jaloon
..For the BEST RENT CAR8 In Iho
city, rinn up
Merchant Strott
I iff ii
sUfc - JJ ..,. V.
ftA.ljaWbHitl&U-W. i... . k. ',J,

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