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From Sun Franclscol
Persia .,,, . ,..,., July G
For Run Franclicol
l.urlliip ,, ...July 3
From Vancouver!
Mahiini t July 21
For Vancouverl
'puhimlla July 18
1 1
There It groat advantage to ail
verlisera In not OVERSTATING your
proposition. Olvo Ilia public a llltlo
DCTTCn merchandise and a lillls bat
ler service llian you promise In your
advertising, and the result will mora
than pay you
Is a Leader As Well As a Promoter
ESTABLISHED 1882. No. 4969.
t '
i H
m i n i " i ym ti
Hi V hi XH T
K ,
tt -.
I v
No Obstacle
To Free Service
County Can Collect Garbage
Without Charge Declares
' . Governor -
. After the first of next jear the city
anil county of Honolulu will have nil
absolutely free hand In making a slight
Increase In tho tnx mto In order to
pinvidc for n free garhagn ncrkc, ac
cording to h statement niiiilo hy llov
rrnoi I Year this morning, bearing upon
tho legal aspeit of tho piolilem Invoiv
cd In the propositi step toward Im
proved sanitation.
The Governor declares that he does
not know of any obstacle, legal or oth
erwise, that will prcent tho Mipervls
or from currjlng out the ptait for u
fiee gnrbngo servlic, no long as they
keep their urinliiK expenses for tho
eiillro iiiuihlniiy of county govcrn
inent within the prescribed limit of
one-half of ono icr tent, of tho asscss
ed valuation. Tills can ho done. In the
Governor's nidnlon, without much dif
ficulty by making an economical dls
trlbutlon'of tho expense of administra
Four hundred nml nineteen names
actually on Its lulls and moro than
llo hundred Bcciircd Is tho record
made hy tho Chic Federation up to
noon toilny, wion tho olllclnl tin of)
hours of Its lucnilioislilp cnmpalgn
closed. Tho feilbmllon made Rood nn
lis announced plans, running tho
niemboislilp from 175 to 500 and even
At 'noon half u dozen or tho best
committeemen were still to he heird
fiom, and tho membership was. then
419 with more than enotiRli new niom
hirs pledged to niako tho COO. And
Chalrmnn Paul Super of tho' member
ship committee smiled and heaved a
sigh of relief, "We've ntiido It," liu
Tho hlg thermometer that Blood
outside the door of fedoratlou head
Lack of streets In one section of t,ho
Fifth District baffled tho llro depart-1
inent. (itlleil nut for an enrly-inornlng
bhi7.ii today, mid as n result tho real
ihuifi of Mrs. Alainallo Johnson, at
Kunawul, near l.lllliu mid Juild streets '
Is iractlcally destrojed.
Thn'llro was first noticed hy neigh
bors about 12; 4" o'clock, hut tho nlunn
was not tumid In to tho main tiro
station foi an hour aftirwards; Just
uhv has not been explained. And when
tho llro dopirtmuit did arrive on tho
M'i'iii, (he lanes und stretts roundabout
were so narrow as to bo impassible. 1
The firelighters strung twelve thou
sand and Hftj feet of hoso In un ef
fort to get wntir on tho burning dwell
ing, and finally succeeded In doing
Mima execution, but too lute to sno the
house. The loss Is placed nt nbout
lOdO. I
tion Tho economy end will bo great
ly served by the fact that tho loan
hill will lake fiom tho HupervUors tho
expenso for tho construction of new
roadx, all additional hlRliway construc
tion IipIiir caiid for In tho hooding hill
passed nt the 1911 session of tho Leg.
An n strong advocate of tho proposal
of a rree RarhaRo sjstem for tho city
and county, Governor I'reur hns con-
shlcred the problem carefully and givts
us his unquillllctl nidnlon tint there
Is no difficulty that can not ho sur
mounted , by tho superlsor by tho cx-
irelso of reasonable, taro In assuring
the rcoiioinliul udiiilulstratlon of other
departments of tho government and
then ndvanclug the tnx.rato about ono
twcntl',tl of una 'per cent. This wilt
not only rIo u free service, hut double
present facilities,
(Continued on Page1 4)
quarters, In tho Public Seivlco Asso
ciation room on King street, reconled
tho progress of tho cimpalgn n!I
morning. Tho committeemen who
worked each In his own district vvcto:
William Henry, IMgar Wood, A. 1'
Cooko, A. .1. Ford, J. M. McChcsno
A. tl. Smith, P. M. Pond, W. A. 1-ove,
.1. K. Hlgglns,Dr. A. II. Clark, W. A.
Ilouon, A. (. Miircalllno, T, Oknmurn,
H. Shcb.i, C. K. Al, W. A. Ilrynn, I,
A. Dickey, P. U Homo and Chairman
Paul Super, who was in charge. i
headquarters. P. M. Pond at noon
had tho largest linlhlilu.il record.
with approximately no now members
Kdgar Wood was bolleed to ho sec
ond bill hail not been heard from
lately. A. II. Fold turned In 31 nt
ono time, V, A. Hovvcn reported 'i
(Continued on Pago 3)
It was about 1 10 o'clock this morn
lug that tho alarm was turned In to
the lleretaul.i llro station from tho box
at tho corner of l.lllliu and School
stnels Chief Thurston und his men
lost no tlmo In leasing tho stntlou.but
when they urrhed nt Kuiiuwal tho
house was iibhuc. It Is believed the
lira was accidental
'l'lro Chief Thurston Mild this morn
ing' that the Japanese servant of Mrs.
Johm-on first saw tho llro us ho was
going to tho outer house. Tho llro ev
idently started In tho kitchen, and It
spread so rapidly that It was Impost
hlo to do nnj thing
Tho house had Just been repaired
and repainted. It Is reported, but could
not be confirmed, that tho house was
not Insured Mrs Johnson, who ool
lapsed und fainted when she saw tho
lire, Is being looked after In ono of the
neighboring house's.
Latest Picture of the Maine
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S , U- MMawtlliMpTk WT-rfc ' fr". Vg ' tttfrT"flB
-Li i- MHll ml PHil
mr' . u HnlLjmMH msnimSm
-T-T T T ,IIHMIBiWl Y.KUJMk. v KMkll -!). - -,.i'ff..-
10 o'clock A. M.
Independent Order of Ited Men hold
patriotic exercises In Hawaii in Opera
llou-i". Program as follows:
Chorus and Hag drill by forty-six
jntinsr ladles of Kaiihiiinanil School un
der direction of MNs Phllomeiia Pi rrj.
Heading. Diclaialloii of Independ
ence, llrother A II Mmphy,
Me 7so-soprano seilo, "Tho Iliittlo
Iljiun of tho Itepubllc," Mrs. Clurlm
S Weight.
Itemarks, "Tho Day Wo Celebrate",
und Why." llrother W. J, Iloblnoii
Violin Fiiln. "Homnin-o." llrother C.
P, Drown: Mrs. W T. Orelg, acioinpi-
nlst .
Mero-soprulio solo, "Tho Star
Spangled 11 inner," Mrs. Charles. S.
rtrcltnllon, "Tho Uprising of 1770."
Miss Itay Hell.
Malo nnarlet, "America," tho undl
enca In Join.
10 o'clock A. M.
Trunin inutih, Monnn coints. Com
mander Jethson nml Lieutenant Crlek
ett (llrltlsh) aiailnst At Castlo mid
Wlfl Itoth or Honolulu.
1l30 o'clock.
Ilaseball at Athlelle Park Japanese
Athlitlc Club vs. Ilawalls; Kiln Uul
verslty tonui (Japan) vs. St. Louis
Alumni. ,
2 P. M.
Hpe.Vts nt Ivaploluil Park. Prngraui
as lollows:
Tiig-ofiivar, spven-nien teams from
llrltlKli crplsers Challenger and Kent.
PrUe, small slhci cup.
Sack race, for men from Itrtttsli
100-jnrd diisli, for men from Hrltlsh
Clgaretto race, for men from llrltlsh
I'olato toco, for men from llrltlsh
cruisers. .jr
Itejay rncejji.oiie inlle, Honolulu Vfc.
eniicer item..
of July Program
Moteir cj-clo race, ulio IiiIIp, Iljlng
start ,
Motot ejilp i,iip, II Ml miles, threo
liorhcpown and under.
Motor ejclo race, two. miles, four
hoist powir mid under '
Motor cjilo rate, tlueo miles, scven
hnrsipottir nml inidir.
.Motor ejclo race, two miles, rntiso
billon ,
Japmese fencing exhibition.
JapanoRo wrestlluR. six-man tourna
Illcjrle rnce, scratch, LiirIMi iipws
njter bnjs
lllcjcln rnie, haiullciip, Imgll&h
newsp.iiir bojs
lllcjcln races, rame us above, for
Chinese new sp (per bojs.
Illijdo lints, I'amo an above, for
Jupanrsn ntwrpipn mjs.
lllcjclo raio, one mite, four picked
Imijh from Terillorl.il JltiseiiRer str
lio llorse-rnclng eiu.irtcr-mlln exlilbltlnn
by .Wlllifs' 'lt
llorso taring, tiiirlrr mile, Ited vs.
lleirso ratine, thriii-plghthK inlle, lllln
Olrl vs. Kallhl Hoy ,
Torso rating tierlal Ihroo-elRlitlia,
llllei nil I vs Paiiiihiu Hut Ifjd In '
llorso rating, Hawaii m Kirls on Ha
waiian liml horses . v
lliseb.ill -Fort lluger VH Fifth Cav-ulrj-.
A'luitlo sports In harbor. Program1
Hlx-oirtsl Inrse laci. Myillo Iloal
Club vs Ileal.inl llo it Club.
Sailing race for wrens,
Colter nice for llrltlsh irulser Imats.
Whulthoit race
HU.iailillo canoe race,
Slx-oaieil barge race, jMjrtlo crows
3 P. M.
Polo at Moinatna lb hi Oihu team
vs. Flflh Cavalrj Oahu team: Wnl-
tir nilllnkhnin. It W. Shingle, (leorgo
DenlFon, It W Atkinson. Fifth Cav-
nlry: Lieutenant Dor.k, Lliutenant
Hanson, Lleittiu.int ()uel.emejir. Cap
tain Forsjth
7i30 to 9:30 P. M.
II mil toiiccit und reception ut tho
Voiiiir Hotel.
9:30 P. M.
II ill at Young Hold. Hverjone In
vited. No adiiilssluii
lloiitdulii will mnko It a real Fourth
tomorrow From tho rising to these t-
tlu; of tliu sun, and thru considerably
aftei that, tin re will bo it itlebrntlon
worthy of tho mime.
'lho pingiaiii Is on as tarly ns peo
ple get up nml stmt It', but olllrlally
the tlav Is not liegim until 10 o'clock,
when tho Httl Men bold their exer
clses In tho Jlnwalliu Opera House,
The spatial I'oiirlh of July tominlt'
I en has prae lit ally lomplilid Its nr
laiigenieiils Tim fealuris iirranged by
this t'oiiimltlro tiro tho spoils at K'a
plolaul Park, tlu watt I front sports,
nml tho lull lu'llio evruluK'.
Cuitnlu llerg't's band will piny nt
Knpliilaul Park mid tho Marino lianit,
on the waterfiont. JohmSonrr. who Is
In ehnrgu of tho niintlo spoils, an-l
linuuteH ihat the best plarn to sen tho
r.ire fiom is Alakeu-stris.t wharf, al
IIioiikIi tli id aro many other poluts'of
The Kiiplolanl Park sportH nro In
ibiiigo of 1M Tovvse, who has Miccectl
tsl In gelling up ii spboullil proKiinn
Kben Low Is locking utter tho horso-
raclng tllvlxloii nntl Harvey Chilton tho
motof-ivcln illvlslon eif this part of
the ttlibratlon
(Continued on Page2)
'I In- Fienlng llullellu will
mil be pnlilMitil loniorrow, .liilt I Hi,
n Birdmen
In Great
(AocmtPil t'ra riM I
LONDON. Cng, July 3. Aviation
aavitt IlirlltairJ til a tlM fmnt InflV. Ulllftll
eleven birdmen flew across tlio CnijUih
Channel In Hie race from, Pnrfa to (lilt
Standard's $12,000 prito.
lAn-melntrd Pitas f'.ilil.)
NCW YORK, N. Y., July 3. Inlenta
heat rcinna east of the Mississippi,
Many deaths are recorded in tho larger!
'cities and hundrds have beon pros-
trated. 8vcral persons have become
craied and committed suicide.
Today a man ran amuck hero and
was shot dead hy an officer.
(Sneelil linl let In Cable.)
COLUMBUS, O., July 3. Sergeant-J
at-Arma Diegla of the State Senate was
today convicted of oonnection with the
legislative bribery.
(ftpeclnl Bulletin CiMe.)
CLEVELAND, O, July 3 President
Taft has arrived hero on his way to
Indianapolis. He it making several
speeches from tho train en route.
(Antuwlatrd Press Cabin.) I
Lieutenant Otburn of tho cruiser Ta
coma today committed suicide, shoot
ing himself. Despondency caused by
ill-health is assigned as the cause
iKlirclnl Hill let In Calile.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 3. Sec
retary of War Stimson will sail for the
Isthmus oo xt Thursday to inspect tho
food supplied tho employes on the
canal, and tho other members of the
party wilt leavo tho following Monday.
Senator Herbert T Moore, well
known hero In bui Incus anil one of the
Democratic lender for tho last half
do?eu jeais, (llnl jrstrrday In Han'
Francisto, whero he li.nl mado his
home for morn than u jear Tho news
was recilved In n cabbgram to a close
frit nd. Colonel c J.MiCailhy Tho ra-i
blegrain lead sliuplj . "Heiialor Monro
tiled he to Jpslerd ly" I
Wldln the cause of death Is not tlcll-,
nllely known. It Is liellevtd to ho tho
result of a cold tint nffts.-led his (limit
and windpipe Kt natur Monro nintln n
trip to tho Islands last St pteinber, and
on tin way iloivu lino on tho Sierra
iHUght n Might cold 'this Inter ho
c.iini) loom acute, ami during lho month
ho slajnl hero ho suffered eonsltltr
aid)'. Ills thro it became so nffected
that ho mold not sptnl, nlnto u bourne
whisper, and after his ntiirn to Sin
lVanelsto lin grew worse Instead of
Ho was elected to the Terrllorl il
Senate two jears ago last November
for n term of four jours, but although
Ban May
II.in.ill.iii pineapples may be placed
under the same ban iceeiitly Imput
ed n alligator pears, mangoes, pa
paj.m and otiier island fnills by tho
qunraiitlilo that prevents their ship
ment away from the terrlttirj-. An I
If the ban In placed on plneipple,
tlio quarantine will assume, much
more Ecriou proportion than It In
bo far nnd even tho ptoscnt Con II
lions are bid enoiiRli for the Ishnd
fruit growers.
Information has heen received by
tho Wells Fargo kxprcsa Co Hint
California fi oilmen are now agitating
(he quarantining of Hawaiian pine
applen hccium it is feared that Ihry
will communicate the Mediterranean
fruit fly to tlio mainland hulls, tho
caiiho of tlio Inn on alligator peirt
and papij-nB Owen Wllllims, map
nser nf tlio Wells lnrgn brant h hero
ami of tho Inland Fruit Cnmpiii)',
which onjojs a liig tiade in frultn Ui
tho mainland, slid tliln morning that
tho whole slate of California Is pet
ling Mined up. nnd .In Southern
California, cspccfally around l An-
KeTca, there is u vigorous rrj hcliif;!
raised against (ho Importnllou of,
tilniB fiom the islands.
"Tho tiuuinutiuu rcRiilnllonH en
frtills tiro being onfotced niurli tnonj
strictly than tliey wrro during tho
first few dais after tho orders wcio
given dut.'' kild Mr. Williams todiy
"Wo have heard thai around Ih An
ycics nn attempt la being mado to ge't
llio iimrantlno upptloil to pineapples.
Ah jit, pineapples nnd bananas 'an
lio shipped, and banana exportation
has not been attacked, but there lit
n movement against our pineapples."
The Wells Fnrco Company, when
the embargo was first declared, t"ti'
up with the authorities In California
n iwisslhln modification to allow tlilp.
ineiils of nlllgalor pears, hut nppai
ently no rurcessfnl end In the negntln
HotiH was leached, for tlio ban Is still
( Assiwlit.,1 tress Cable
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal . July 3. Ad
Wolgast rules a ten-to-sl favorite
over Owen Moran, the English light
weight, in their scboduled 20.round
battle tomorrow afternoon. Ten to nine
is offered that the champion will not
knock Moran out.
holding nlllre durliiic the last session,
ho wus tumble to attend and remained
(Continued on Pago 3) v
Tho jnclit Kaiiifhumihn win the
Maul race.
This is the nowB received here to
day by vUicIcbs by Uay II. liletow In
luiHwcr to ti message sent to Knhiilul
iMifliiK ns t tlio outcome of the raco
In vvhlrli nil local yntchstnen aro In
terested, and wlile h started last llit
urday uflctnoou nt 2:21 o'clock. Tho
Kamelinmehn rrorsnd (ho line first at
12M5 o'clock jcaterdny and tho Ha
waii finished nt S o'clock last night.
The winner took and held a lead front
lho beginning.
K&. :).

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