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Evening Bulletin
Prom San Frsnclaool
Nippon Mnru July IS
For Ban Franelscol
Wllhilnilna i , . . i July 19
From Vancouver.
Mnkurn July 21
For Vancouveri
Keulandlo. . . . July 18
The evening ppr It tha besf'ipa
dlum for reaching Ihe mlntlt of a dV
sired patronage, became it enlere Into
homes of every condition of life. It
often comprises the entire reading mat
ter for which the busy breadwinner hat
Gives Your Business Immediate Prominence
ESTABLISHED 1882. No. 4980.
rjaBmrnn? "aaaMinii " ' Sft" niTB-,,"THy1B'iTr,ilLJfi 'i I'M jmmii I'1 '
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! I
Case To
Juilgo demons gnvo out I''9 I
rlsloii in connection with the Jlllo
school scandal this nHernoon. Tliu
proposition before Ii I in waH whether
or not tho (Ira nil Jury should lmuillo
the case against tliu former principal,
1". A. Richmond.
The JihIeo quoted u number, of au
thorities lii connection with btich u
case being taken over by tho jury and
Isolated out that tho Jury would cithor
hau to bring lit an Indictment or
keep the matter Kecret.
Finally lie gavo tho matter hack in
to their hands to report on ugulu.
Property Owners Working on
Basis of Agreement tor
Property-owners ami public-spirited
citizens have begun u definite agitation
fur the widening of Hotel stri-ct on
I otli sides of I'oi t, niut tint nutter In
Inking xli.ipo rapidly. A basis ofugreo
iiii lit will lirohably liu reached uhoit
Iv mid unit of the most Important down
iiumi public Improvements now need
ed will lie uiuler vvuy. "
It In proposed to take u stilp off the
lowir hide or thu Hotel street property
from tint corner of Koit buck to tho
fashion Milium, widening tliu ytieut
hint until thti("Jog" Is.iemoved. TlilH
piopirty Is owntd by tliu estate of
Janus Cuiuphull, the Caiman Jewelry
it inl souvenir store ami a lestanrant
ami ilgur store being affected.
It I further pioposed tu straighten
out Hotel htreet on tint upper uldu by
slicing on u stilp from thu building
P.e.i on tho upper slilo of Itotil hlreet
between Koit Htieet anil Union street.
Mult-Smith, the llrewer Hstuto and tho
government aro ull owners here, thu
government owning a small piece of
piuptrly on thu Inside comer of Union
mid I'oi I streets, tho IlreHer Kstiiln
mviiIiik Uitt foriiiir Curlw right propel ty
nii'l Molt-Smlth the Kurt Btreet coiner
While thla plan In In lino with tho
pmpoictl cIosIiik of Union street and
extt iisloii of lllxhop as a means of poli
tic Improvement III thin part of the
huxIncKM district, tint two projects have
nolliliiK t" do ttllli encli other. It ts
proposed that the price for tliu prop-
illy to be taken for alreet purposes lw
llxnl ellber by private iiBreeineiit or
londciiinntlnn pioeeeilliiR, and with the
property-owiu rs wnrkliw now' on an
iteietinent. tho mailer xhoulil not be
lon' iklajetl.
The llrst move by tho Honolulu Illks
for their next annual carnival has been
made In the appointment of a commit
tie of live to take up the matter. The
inimulttee consists uf James D. Dounh
Hli', J. V Jones, tleorB't II. Annus, U.
I) Wrli'.ht and K. A. Walker, and this
llrst nieetliiB of the committee Is to ho
told loiilKht In tliu club rooms at 8
The new tiuslees, n. 11, I'arls and W.
J. Itohlmoii, liavo been named, innklne
a Ijiital of live Instend of tbreo as has
formerly .deeii the iiiVe.
A petition for tho dissolution of tho
"Wellin.in-ChlcaKo Hecotd-Ilerald l'o
lur l'Jxpedltlnn" has been Hied with
'tho Mnlnu supreme couit.
Suit For
Owner Died June 28 At Molokai
But Case Went On, No
One Knowing It
I'roKresa In the noted WalkIM con- UioiikIi nothlni; was the nntlir, and
ileiniiatlon salt, by which the Kederal now the whole case Is up In air.
Kovtrmnvnt Is pripaTlnu to extend thu Chupter of Accidents,
urea of the Port On Hussy Kiounds.l The case which has been continued
lias come to a hlidden halt. The ills- until 10 o'clock WidneHd.iy luornlliK Is
coviry that U.ild N'ulioloii, one of the perhaps thu most uiiliiie of Its kind
owntrs of the land that the II. K. kov that bus cur been bejrd In the l'ed
ernintut is after, has been dead for euil rouit here. The llrst Intel i option
more than two weeks ami that the was whtii ouu of thu Jury asked to lie
case has been i;olliK on with tint loan-i excused iiwIiik to the fact that ho was
nel nntl court ullke hi Ikiioiiiiico of this to be married. No soontr bad he been
fac', upset the procedure teiupoiarlly. 'llxttl up than auotlur of the Kood mid
In iinkr to clvo the arlorneys' on
both hides time to consider this unex
pected phaso and to make mw plans,
thu case, has been continued until next
Wednesday niornlnir.
Word was received yesterday Hint
David N'oholo.i, who holds n fee simple
till.) In part of the land wanted, had
died on June '.'S nt Molokai, and the
new ciiiiih as a t-hocic.lo thosr con-
lircted wllli the case, l'vcr Blnco that J
dat.t the lioarfnt has lievn.ijdlnt! on ns
A recent order by tliu War Depart
ment Is responsible for tliu requiring
of ii record breaklnr; bond to bo clv
en by the contractor who Winn tho
job of hiilldlni; tho next section of
Illlo bieakvvater.
Kach contractor must justify in the
Mini of 50,000, and tho successful bid
der must kIvo bond in the until of
22.'i,00, nccordinc to tliu Bpeclllra-
tloiiH lately sent out fioiu the II. S.
engineer's ofllce hero.
The appropriation for tho work la
$.100,000, of which $2rO,0U0 has been
appropriated and JSGOhkn'm yet to be
appropriated. Thu bond called for,
tlierefore, Is practically llfly per cent
of the amount of the contract, and
local contractors bellovo it to bo tliu
highest bond ever required on similar
federal work here. Oelbort K. Jleti
Ker, who liud tliu contract for tho llrst
Bectlon of the Illlo breakwater, ruvo
Oav Id Klarr Jordan, president of
Stanford University, will be Klven n
blK vvihoiuii amouutliiK to a iiibllu ro
ctptlon when be anlve.s oil thu ('hl)o
.Man. next mouth A Lewis Jr., pres
ident of the .Men's. League, Is at work
on plans that will rait for Joint action
by local connneiel.il and public bodies.
The Men's Lcak'nu was llrst tu plan
to iciclvo Or. Joi dan, and later hu
wioto to Mr, Lewis statlnr. that several
other oiKiiiilatlous had asked blni
about speaking heie and rciiuestluK
Mr. Lewis to ananiio inalters with
tin III. Mr. Lewis tin refoi e Is now en
BiiKid III plannlio.' tliu Joint arrange
ments, and to this end has called a
ineetlni; for next Thursday to discuss
The follow Iiik nreimlntlons and In
dividuals aro Invited to be represented
and take part In the plans for rcolv-
liiK the noted educator: Chamber
Commerce, the Merchmiti.' Association,
Cominiiclul Club, V. Akul, local man-
ager of thu Yokohain t Specie Hank, for
thu Japanese; thu United Chinese So -
Is Upset
truu men was relieved from bis duties
for the same nitron. This did not end
the tiouhlcH, however, as u third was
made u pioud mid huppy father and
was Klvcu time on to rejoice over tno
fact. Now on top of this comes tho
fact that ever since Juno "28 one of
Ihe prluclpils hi the ease has been
dead ami no ouo was comdzant of tho
f let,
Ttoliertson was nil ready
(Continued on Page 6)
bond or $60.1100 for ii J 10,000 Job,
anil other hoods here of u compar
atively hiiiiiII size have been tho rule,
nccoiillliK to local authorities.
Tho lecetit order of the War Depart
ment la a move to keep out Irre
sponsible bidden) and to see that the
contract does not fall Into tho hands
of men who am working on a "sliuu
tUrlnc" ituil may be unable to per
form the work. The linn that can
Klvo bond for $25,000 must necea
iiarlly bo n responsible one.
Tho hldn for the Illlo woik aro to
bo opened on Heptenibor 8. The suc
cessful bidder iniiiit b0i;ln work with
in thirteen weeks after datu of tho
receipt of approval notice by tho
chief of ciiKlncerH, and the work must
bo completed within two years, front
that time.
Uical finny tuitlinrllles s.ihl this
(Continued on Page 6)
elety, the University Club, the Church
linli of Honolulu, the Public Service
Association und the orKuulntlous rep
resented bv It: I'orltiKiieeo Consul A.
de Soiu.i ('auavarro and Major Joseph
J, 1'irn.
I'resldeut Jordan will leavo San
I'raurineo on Aiicusl u on the Chlyo
Mnru quid will nrrlvo lure on August
16. He vylll ilcllv r mi nddroBs during
his brief stay here.
Two pieces of land at Waht.iun have
been conveyed to H A. II ildwin Tho
flist was puichascd from the J, II, Atli-
ertop Hstato and consists of ten ncres,
for wbhh tliu suii) of $2760 was paid,
Tho second comprised 12 71-100 acres
mid was given In exchange for 3250,
being the property of Uleannr H. Ather-
top and Inr husband, K. C. Athcrton. It
Is believed that llaldnin U thinking of
.building a homo out In thu district.
(Ansoclated Press C.ilde.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 17. Tho
new Japanese treaty of commerce and
navigation became effective today.
News of the new Japanese treaty of
commerce und navigation, wbhh be
came effective today. Is recelvtd at Ihe
loral roiixulnto-Rciitral with lull rest,
but Chief Beer eta ry lto, In tint ahseme
of Coniul-dcni nil l')tno, sal.l that no
definite news has been ruelved from
Ambassador llcbld.i, In WashhiKtoii,
toiKtrnlutr tlio new treaty
It If. believed locally, however, that
thu new treaty has some heaihiK on
thu navigation of thu Japanese steam
rs which call at this port This In
cludes nil tho llmi-s of the Tojo Klscn
Kaishn, t
tRperlnt lilt I let In r.il.le.)
WA8HINQTON, D,. C, July 17. TheLof
"campaign publicity bill," requiring a
statement of expenditures in connec
tion with national political campaigns,
today passed the Scnato in the revised
form. It is a House bill.
(AsHoclute.1 Prree Cahle.)
NCW YORK, N. Ym July 17. 81k
deaths have so far resulted from the
outbreak of cholera here, which began
witli the death of Patrick Cushing, a
watchman at the Hodman Island quar
antine station.
( Associated Press Cattle.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 17-The
seat of Senator J. M. Terrell of Gocrgla,
who was named to succeed Senator A.
S. Clay, deceased, was today declared
vacant until Hoke Smith, former Gov
ernor of Georgia and recently elected
to the Senate, qualities for office.
(Hinelal 11 u I let In Clitic.)
MULLHEIM, GerH July 17 A tour
1st train from Switzerland was wreck
ed here today. Twelve are reported
dead and many others Injured.
f Assoclnltd Press Cattle.)
BUDAPEST, Hungary, July 17. This
city was visited by severe earthquakes
this morning. Many buildings were
damaged. No loss of life has been re
ported, but it is feared that several
bavo perished. The greatest excite
ment prevails.
The llrst drawing in connection Willi
the homesteads hi the land division
covering ninth mid south .Kohula wits
inado this luoililug i'hiru weru twilvu
application and the n.i s of tliu llvu
lucky ones are Harry t). iiediuauii,
Ilemy M Mi debus, Wlllhu K. Km rest,
Kama Ituvmmul and Thomas K. For
rest Jr.
Thu second division, taking In north
anil south Kouu, will Im drawn toinor-
row, and the other divisions
will He
settled up friiiu day to day
Tliu land
olllie expects to bu kept busy at tho
win It until Jul) '.M
The unsuccessful applicants for tho
loth drawn for today were Mary A, Ka-
Itnno, John lb II Jr., Kninalo liulu,
Akawal AM, llosey ' K'altuno, Marl.i
Apaiia Kueleiuakule, Samuel Ktol.i
i Kuuu.
See Campbell's
Hand In It Now
Hawaii People Think Bringing
Of Road Expert Is Slap
At Southworth
Hawaii count) 's engineer Is com
petent to handle tho Hawaii county
belt road situation, mid no fcdoiul
Koil roads expert Is needed) Is the
declaration by Il a. ltlukard, rep
resentative fioiu tliu hie; Island to
tho last legislature, who anlved In
Honolulu Saturday mid Is here on a
liilef business trip. Moreover, nut
only lllcknrd but other jieoplo con
versant with the situation as vvull
see In the brlmtlng of u federal road
expeit hero hunt tho mainland a slap
at K. A. Soulhvvorth, county Mutineer
Hawaii county, administered with
more or loss deftness by Superinten
dent of Public Works Murstou Camp
bell. Campbtdl and Kuithuorth are said
tu be nt outs, and the publication hy
tho 11 it I lo 1 1 n Jaut Saturday of thu
fact Unit Chairman Caitpr. oC'tlto, lla'
wait loan coiiiiulflelon, had taken ti,'
with tho department of ii(!rlcultuio
the briiiKliiK of a federal road ex
pert hero lias stirred up all kinds of
rcKirls and ull kinds of feeling.
Ilepresoutntlve ltlckard, vvltu hold
tho belt during thu recent session cf
the legislature as tho champion sil
ent man, hud a good deal to say thin
morning oil tliu Biibjoel of a federal
"Hawaii county's londB mo In bad
fchapo. hut wo need money to spend
on llieiu, not a government expert,"!
To be on n railway train held up
and tubbed by bandits was the recent
experience of Miss Sarah M. Shel
don, who has been a teacher at Oahu
College for thu past threo years. Miss
Sheldon left Hawaii a fuw days ago
to return to her former homo In Seat
tle, Wash., und It vviib on her way
there that the hold-up occurred.
She was traveling on tliu north
bound Southern Pacific train which
was stopped ut West Kork, ill the Cow
Creek canyon In Oregon threo weeks
ago. In an account of tho hold-up
received by a friend here, Miss Shel
don says:
"Thu passengers traveling In tho
.second section were tlio llrst to learn
of the robbery, and fur. a time there
was a great deal of excitement In thu
couches, us thu tourists feured that
the men who stopped tlio train would
The city and county Hoard of Su
pervisors voted lo reject all bids for
tho lemoval of Poliiikalua school build-
ng at thu meeting hold on Saturday
Tho city fathers aro of tho belief
that tlio work can bo done lit a much
less llguro than those subinltcd In thu
tenders from local contracting llrms.
The school building Is to bo re
moved from tho present site near the
corner of King and Punchbowl streets
to muko room for tho now library,
It is the Inteliilon of tlio board to
have tile school removed to a nearby
lot whom It will bo divided in two
sections and each portion to bo used
us a whig to tho main building now
At it later dale It Is proposed to ro -
Laid ltlckard. "Hawaii county Ii:ih an
engineer In Southworth in whom wu
havo evoiy confidence.
"Tho legislature lid mil provide
this money Inr bell roads with the
Idea that part of ll would bo sitenl
In blinking a man here fioiu the main
land to do thu work. If wu haven't
tlio men In the public works depart
ment capable of handling tho situa
tion wo ought to put theni out ami
get In somebody that can, Hawaii
county has thu men to do its pari of
tho work, mid what vvo want now Is
the funds to go ahead and spend on
ronds that need the work terribly.
"There's going to he a protest If ft
mninlaudcr Is brought here,"
Secretary T. II. I'elrlo of tho Oultu
roiuinlsslbu, snid tills morning that
his commission will huvo no need for
the erlecB. of n federal export
"County Kuglncer floie, our consult
ing engineer. Is tho man who will do
our work,'' ho said. "3a fur as I know,
vvo will bavo no nso whatever for a
government expert."
Chairman Carter of the Hawaii
commission Is now out of the city
and no statement could bo secured
from him ns lo tho originator of the
Idea of bringing it federal expert here
It Is generally accepted, however,
that Campbell Is largely responsible
for It. At any rale, ho Is getting the
blame for what looks llko an iiupopu-
Inr move.
go through tho cars and demand our
j valuables. Tho conduitor cautioned
ills to lildo everything hut spare
I change, so that If the, desperadoes
should appear they would get little.
Wu weru held two hours before the
train proceeded, but no robbers lip-
pea led. -
, "The passengers In the llrst Bectlon
of thu tiatu did not suspect that any
thing had happened until an hour af
ter tho baggage car and locomotive
had been sel.ed Tlio robbers dyna
mited (he mall car, but were tillable
lu pry open thu oxpress car with
crowbars and gave It up.
"I 'or a time nobody could Und the
engineer, but he later appealed in the
llrst section of tho train."
Miss Sheldon attended the Uni
versity of Washington, at Seattle, for
several, years and was u prominent
sorority girl there.
move ull buildings to a new situ to bo
selected ut Kaktiako.
Tho Uird-Young Company with nn
offer or iSS'J to do the work in three
weeks was thu luwest bidder out of
four tenders.
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas H. Ree
was today named debris commissioner
of California to succeed Colonel John
8. Ciddle, who has been transferred to
The debris cnimiil'slnii Is tlio com
mission of engineers supervising slulcu
mining ami hyihuullc milling, and nav
igation uf the livers Inland The com
lulsrlonirs aro named half fioin the
State nml half from tint Kederal gov
ernment A Jury found u verdict of guilty
on tlio charge, of embezzling .'l 03
against tl K. Illckford, former slate
1 treasurer or North Dakota.
(Sprclal no I let tn Cable.)
President Burguieres of Ihe Louisiana
Planters' Association, testifying today
before the special committee investigat
ing the alleged sugar trust, declared
that the planters and the Independent
refiners fear that the reduction of tho
tariff on sugar will ruin the industry
in Louisiana.
This is the first statement before the
committee from a recognized spokes
man for the cano.proHucers as to the
probable effect of reducing the sugar
tariff. The president of the Louisiana
producers was open in his declaration
that a cut in the taritf would serious
ly injure the growers in his own State.
John O. Sprcrkcln, speaking an a re
finer, declared before thu sugar Inves
tigation iiimiullteu some time ago that
the removal of the tariff would ruin the
sugar Industry
The Governor will In nil probability
If sue a piocl.im.illon tomorrow for tho
reservation of Mfaklkl valley as a
piiunc park and reserve. All the ar
rangements me now complete and tho
Issuing or Ihe proclamation will close
tho matter.
The plans show an exteustvo pirk,
that, with Knplotuut, will bu under
thu control of thu Territory and not
tho County. Tlieiu or'o GC0 ticres al
together mid only Unco of the homo
Head IiiIh will bo taken lip. The.su
lire niimbciH Sin, 810 and 820. During
thu tlmu tills matter was before tliu
legislature a lot of discussion camo
up over tliuso lots.
Some Misunderstanding.
"Them was miiiih mlsundcrstandlne'
over them," said thu Governor today!
and some of the members did nut
understand Jint uxaqtly what wan
wanted. They thought tho whole of
thu valley would bu taken In Indis
criminately whuteas von can t.eo by
thu way tlio boundary lino runs that
wu have avoided as much aa wu can.
Only three of thu homestead lota will
ho tlnnu avvny and these only vary
from' two lo three vaeres each bo that
l hero cannot bu much complaint.
Water System. '
"All hough It has no connection
with the making of tho valley a park
an elaborate water scheme Is being
prepared which will supply the whole
of thu valley. Wu have had to wait
somu Unto for thk., aa places llko
Kaltnukl Ijad prior claims on tho wat
er and ulso on thu money. Now, how
over, I hope that things can be all
llxo, up and that thu blocks can bo
sold. It will make a great Improve
ment lit thu valley nml the whole
park should be u decided Improve-'
ment fur thu Island "
Investigation Into the accounts of A.
1 C 1'one.i, tlie.cashler of II, 1'. Hhlers
.V Co who loinnillted suicide last Sat
urday morning, lias so fur failed to ills
tovtr any Indication of irookednt'HS,
stall d Carl du Hoi. mumigir of thu
loiopany, to the II ill In tin tills morn
ing. Tlio Investigation Is not entirely
concluded jet.
"The examination of tliu accounts,"
said Manager du ltol this morning, "Is
not llulshcd, lint so fur ever) thing is
straight. The Investigation of his net
ruunts will bo continued." '
Corre.i's friends are envious to Know
the result of the Investigation of tho
accounts They all hope Unit lliojouuif
luuii will be found blameless.
i 49
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