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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
l.mlil No. 2, 0. i:. S.
llinwill.in, Si-tnuil llignc,
Honolulu ( hilpUr, Itigul.ir,
i. in.
1 1 oiitil ti In Lodge, 1st Degree.
AH visiting membtrn ol tie
Order are cordUlly Invited to
attend meetings of local lodge
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondays of
each month
at K. F. Hall
7:30 P. M,
U .
iially invited.
KAWAIIAN TRIBE, Ko. 1, 1. 0. R. M.
Meets every first and third Thurt
iaye of each month at Knights of
Pythias Hall. Visiting brother! cor
tlelly Invited to attend.
W .t. HOUINSON, Sachem.
11 V TOOU, C. of It.
ONOIUIU AERIE, 140, f. 0. E.
Meets on the 2nd and 4th WED
NESDAY evenings ot each month at
7:30 o'clock In K. of P. Hall, corner
Beretanla nnd Port streets.
Visiting Etglei are Invited to at
ar.o. a. Davis w. p.
W.M. C. McCOY, Sec
HONOLULU LODGE, 616, B. P. 0. 1.
Honolulu Lodge No. 1, B. P. O.
Klki, meets In their hall, on King
Street, near Kort, every Friday eve
ning. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
i). i'. it. isnxmina, n. r.
uno. T. KLUEORL, Sec.
Meecs every 2nd and 4 th Saturday
evening at 7:30 o'clock In K. ot P.
Hall, Cor. Fort and Ueretanla. Visit
Ing brothers cordially Invited to at
F. F. KIL-BET, O. C.
E. A. JACOUSON. K. R. 8.
Sly lu 4tct Oii. III file i
am not Khur-ons, even though
they nro llnger-plero mountings.
The miporlor mechanical con
struction of lli Sliur-ou mean')
eomforl, durability and clllcl-
Bo Sure Yon Get Shur-'on
A. N..Sanford,
Boston Duilding Fort Street
Over May & Co.
New Shipment of TAHOCS ex Sierra
Hotel Bt opp. Young Phone 3083
Fort Street
Mrs: S. F. Zcavc,
Temporarily closed while away on
buying trip. Open again in September.
New Stylish Hats
IS3.C 35 Wi
fill t
,;, 63 Young Building
Mr J. Summe,' styles in millinery at par-
Ki" , lers of
&' 1027 fuuanu 8treet
.;'; Holiday sale
K All the Hats at Reasonable Prfces
A Treatment That Costs Notli
' ing If It Fails,
'o wnnt joii to try three large
bottles of Ituxull "03" Hair Tonic on
liur personal glial iinteo Unit tho trlul
will not cost tm it iienny If It dues
not give you absolute satisfaction.
That's proof ot oilr fnlth In tills
u'medy nnd It rIioiiIiI Indisputably
demotntrute Hint we know what wo
aio talking nbont wIihi we say that
Hoxall "93" Hair Toulc will grow
hair on lmlil heads except where bald
ifbss has been of such long duration
that tli roolB of the hair nril chtlruly
dead, the follicles closed and grown
over, mid (he sculp Is glazed
Remember, wo nro busing our
statements upon what has already
born accomplished by the use of
Hexnll "03" llnlr Tonic, mid wo have
the right In assume that what It has
done for thousands of others It will
do for )ou In any event you cntiuol
lose anything by giving It n trial un
our liberal guarantee. Two Blzea, B0c.
and $1 00 Itumcmber, you can obtain
Hexnll Remedies In this community
only at our store The Kexnll Store,
licnson, Smith & Co. Ltd.
(li:OH(li: N. WILCOX came over
on the Klnau from Knual jesterdny.
It OCII.VIi:, who has been In the
city u nunibcr of months departed for
me enlist on mo .Mniicliurln.
ictiirncil jcslenhiy from Knual, wheru
he attended the funeral of his moth
or. Men. Alexander Lindsay.
WORKS' CAMI'HHLL has returned
fiom u trip to Knii.il to confer with
the belt road commission of that Isl
nnd, .MISS MARTHA HOIIHOX was a re
turning passenger by the Klnau yes
terday morning from n short trip to
Kauul, where Bho spent part of the
summer with friends.
II. KIIll, superintendent engineer
of the Tulwnn Snlto Sugar Coiuiiauy.
and Chief Chemist M. Komura, visited
Honolulu plantation last week and
watch In action the centrifugal clurl
fler Invented by H. W. Kopko,, which
has been In iiktiUIoii for a number
of months,
chief of di:tkctivi:s Mc-
Dl'FFIK, who passed n successful op
eration at the Queen's Hospital last
week, la doing well, according to
Acting Chief Kcllett this morning.
During his conllnement In the hos
pital KeKIIett will attend to tho de
tective work.
Kaliuka plantation, called on Japa
nese Consul-aenerul S. Uyeno this
morning at the Consulate. It was re
ported that he. had something to do
with Japanese laborers on his plan
tation. Mr. Adams Is very popular
with the local Japanese.
A deehlmi was handed down this
munilng In connection with the enso
of Tax Assessor Wilder versus tholln
wnlliih Trust Company, trusteo Of tlio
estate of the late tleorge Unllirultli. The
case was one In which the tnx assess
or wanted Uj levy Income taxes on the
IhuviilUin Trust Company In connec
ttun with the funds they lield for tlid
various annuitants of the estate.
The decision linnded down liy Judges
ItoliirtHiin, Perry nnd I)i-Holt Is Hint
llm liu'iinm tax ort the aumilty Is as-
sejsable HKiiliiMt the annuitant and not
the trustee In eoniuetlon with this It
was pointed out Unit If the amount
could be iis(igeil ngalnit the trustee,
the annuitant would ah-o have In my
It again when lio received Ills nlinulty
and was usSeoed for Income.
The matter of whether or not tho
sin plus funds which lire being iiccuiilli
laltcl In rntiuei'lloii with this estate are
liable to taxation was decided In the
negative The detlHlon reads: "Surplus
Iiicmiio nrlslng fiom tiroperty held In
triut and nerumiilntliig In tho hands
of the trustee pursuant to the terms of
a will Is not taxable under said chap
tr (US, It. U) to tho arrival of the
time for Its distribution."
e e
Coming over from tho city or I Ilia
to appear as n witness before tho
tiriiud Jury Is not nit the gnmo that
It Is cracked up td be according (o
tho witnesses. Some of thoso who
camo over on tho Wllheltnlna, acting
on a wlieless message from Marshal
Hendry will be, nut $1.50 on the
steamer faro alone,
Twenty-llvo dollais Is considered
silMlclcnt necoidlng to law to bring
a witness from llllo nnd take him
back iiHiilu. Hesliles tills they urn
iiImi iilliiui'il tlnee dollars each tlmo
they come befoio tho Jury dining the
stay hero Tho trip over by tho Wil
lielmlna and return by tlio Manna, kea
leavcj them with a debit balnnco nnd
then thero aio their otlior exjnstH
dining tlio time tliey aio here,
Accoidlug to what cm be gathered
from those who !iue connection with
tho payment of witnesses tlieie h
nothing that can be ilono to meet the
case except for tho unfortunate ones
to pay up and look cheerful.
Personal ttentten.ts ill ordsrs.
Captain Hansen, muster of the
American schooner Koita camo ashoro
jesterdny morning llnmcdlately fol
lowing the arrival of his vessel from
Newcastle, N. S. W., nnd reported the
denth of a sailor, named Joseph Hud
son, vlio Is said to have bceu lost
ocrboard and despite all attempts
made to render assistance, before thd
Kona could ho put about, thu man
had gone under and was seen no
Itobson was an ordinary seamnn
nnd shipped In the Echooner Kona
beforo that vessel sailed from San
Francisco, bound for Australian isirts
with a shipment of lumber nnd gen
eral cargo.
The Kona remained off tho harbor
yesterday and a isirtlon of today.
Captain Hansen received orders yes
terday to proceed to Port Alien thcio
to discharge 957 tons coal loaded on
board at Newcastle. The Kona clear
ed the Australian coal port on May
29lh nnd fair weather was met with
during tho greater portion of the forty-five
days voyage.
Captain Hansen Is accompanied by
his wife and little child. Tho Kon.i
Is to get under way for the Kauai
port this afternoon. Hind. Holph mid
Company are acting as ngenta for tho
essel while In po
Its Harbor Officer Weday'Now.'
Jack Wcday, who Is, well known In
sporting circles at one 'tjnie liming
wrested tno championship from seV'
erah pretty handy fellows In the
squared diamond, has been making his
rounds as harbor pollco officer this
morning, being Introduced to the vurl
ous duties of his ottlco by Otllcer Car
ter, who leaves tho waterfront in tho
capacity of harbor police officer to
take up his labors with tho Territo
rial Hoard ot Agrlcultiiio as an In
Oflloer Wcday haa ni cllentle of
friends who wish him success In his
new vocation. Wcdiy has resided In
Honolulu for many years nnd Is fami
liar with many details which go to
mnko up tho round of duties that
usually fall to tho lot of a peaco offi
cer who has to patrol the biiBy water
front. Sheriff Jurrctt announced the
npiiolntment of Weday to succeed
Carter yesterday.
Many Passengers In Hongkong Maru
Several men prominent in mining
and ngilcultural development work in
South America are visiting the city
during the stay of the Toyo ICIsuu
Knlslia liner Hongkong Maru at Ho
nolulu. Tho Japanese steamer Is well
filled with passengers enrotito to Cen
tral nml Hoiilli American const ijista
The essel waa nh arrival on Rin lav
morning calling Hero frr.ni China nnd
Jtfpnn dn- eight bundled tons coal.
The la.t lif the Tiiel Is expected will
be placed aljo.ml in time to illspa'ch
tho vessel at Ilvo o'clock this afler
loon. Owing to a heavy forgo nnd u
deep droit, the Japanese steamer was
Bent tosllackfHd wharf, which caus
ed home delay In transporting thu
coal from the storage piles to the far
dlstnnt wharf. Tho Hongkong Maru
cleared Mornrun, Japan, on June 16th
and landed fifteen sacks of Oriental
mall nt Honolulu.
Corse Tells of O. 8. K. Australian 8er.
As forecaslej by coast and Hono
lulu press months ngo, tlio Osaka
Shosen Kalsliu lit about ready to In
augurate a new nionmshlp scrvlco
which will have to do with tho move
ment of fi eight und passengers bo
Iwecn Pugut Soilnd liotts and Austra
lia. This was confirmed during tho
leccnt brief stay of a. II. Coise, Jr..
the lopiesentatlvu of the Chlcago-
W.C. Peacock & Co., Ltd.
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty
( Mont Roufte Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Champanfie
( Schlitz Beer
PHONE 1281
, .Milwaukee and. St. Paul Hallway In
me urieui who was a lliroiigu pas
senger Hi tint Pacific Mali steamship
Manchuria, cnroiito to tho coast
Corse professes1 to ho conlldeut that
much business will come to the new
line desplto the already keen roiiiM
Hon now existing between ports
along tho boast of Asia and the Anti
podes. Ho nlso took occasion to dis
pell the oft-repented rumor that tho
O. H K. would llicludc Honolulu In
the Itinerary of Itn vessels, it fi
claimed that there Is little or no busi
ness lo ho had here.
Deserter AWajf In Manchuria.
Oils deserter broke away from
Schdneld llnrmcks and Is believed to
hac hidden In tho Pacific Mali liner
Manchuria over whom the local mili
tary authorities will, so It Is said,
not expend inticli effort towards his
recapture. Tho nian, who had reach
ed the ctovntlon In the ranks of scr
grnnt, Is alleged to have proved him
self an undesirable and no credit to
tho service. While u limit was Insti
tuted for tho hinn yesterday morn
ing. It Is understood that more than
ono sigh of relief followed the an
nouncement that ho had "beat It."
Forty-four cabin nnd 12 second
class passengers took passage for
San Francisco to the Manchuria
which sailed shortly after eleven
o'clock. About twenty tons products
of Hawaii, Including consignments of
coffee nml bananas wero shipped io
tho coast In tho popular Pacific Mall
liner. While I tie Territorial hand was
not present, n1 line musical program
was tendered Just befoio tlio hour of
departure by a I'lllplno orchestra.
Nippon Maru at Noon Tomorrow.
Six hundred miles off tho port of
Honolulu at eight o'clock Inst night
tho Toyo Klsen KuUhn llnor Nippon
Maru from Sail Francisco and cnroiito
lo Japan and China- ports Is expect
ed to nrrlvo off tho qunrnntlno on oi
about oieuMi o'clock tomorrow morn
ing. The Nippon Maru will have no
cargo for dlschnrga hero. In conse
ipieuco of being a foreign bottom. A
few layotcr passenger may leave tho
csso! at this point. It Is tho present
Intention of Castle and Cooke, thu lo
cal agents, to dispatch tho vessel for
Yokohama nt live o'clock tho Bamu
day. The Nippon Maru goes to Ala
kea wharf,
ftough Weather at Kauai Porti.
1'urt.er Kent of tho Inter-Island
steamer Klnau roports Bonie rough
weather nt Krtir.il ports of call mid
nt Waltni'ii weather L-oiiitltloim pre
sented the loading ami dlFchrtrgo of
freight. Willi u few Over one lulu
died pakreiiger.i tho vessel wait an
arrival early yesterday morning The
freight ll'it Included tiuuu sacks 'of
uugnr, So hags coconnulH, 1.1 biuullei.
of raw hides, Ti cratea of alligator
lit'iirs, thico kegs of pill, threb haa
of tarn, one box of pheasants, ten
packages ot sundries and "& head of
Rlthet Sailed for Mahukona.
Arriving at, 8:4! p. in. last evening
from Pnit Allen, the Watson Naviga
tion steamer Hllniilaii tool; tho Ame
ilcan balk It, P. ltlthet In tow and
an hour later sailed for Mahukona
whero the ltlthet will bo dropped and
that vessel supplied with a complete
cargo of sugar destined for Ban Fran
cisco. Railway Wharf Again Busy.
The Matson Navigation steamer
Wlllielmlna, arriving from Il.llo on
Sunday inclining, Is completing sugar
cat go ilt Hallway wharf nnd Hint ves
sel Is to ho klilfted gohio tlmo tomor
" 'Hi
row to Mntson whnrf from which1
placo sho sail's for San Francisco nt,i
ten o'clock on Wclncsday nlornlntt.!
Thb American-Han allah frelEhter'
which arrived. nt the iHirt wllh New
York cargo on Saturday noon Is at
tho Hallway wharf to dlschnrga and
also to take on sugar beforo depart
ing for Hllo on next Thursday even
ing. Slackablfe Provides trained Nurse.
Collector of Customs Stnckablo has
delallediK. S. Harry of Iho local staff,
of customs 'Officials, who Is also a.
trained nurse, to attend Wllllitm J, I
(Inllagticr, nn Inspector, who has heCii'
terlously III for a, week or ton ilnysi
past and an Ininato at Queen's Ho,-'
pltnl. I
Uitllaghcr, has hut recontly under
gone an operation tor kidney trouble,'
Ho Is how Ih n critical eoliilltloii rtti-1
It Is feuied that hu may not recovei
Harry will by orders Issitbd by the
collector today, give special attention
to the needs of tlio pallcnt with the
hope of pulling him thiougli.
Sparks from the Wireless.
T. K. K. S. H. Nlpiion Mnrn. en
loule from Snu Francisco lo Hono
lulu, 8 p. in., July 10. !00 miles from
Honolulu. Will arjlvc Tuesilay morn
ing nt 11 ii. m.
C.-A. S. S. Zenlandla, en route from
Sydney to Honolulu, 8 p. in., July 1G.
G80 miles fiom Honolulu.
; M. N. S. S. Itonoliilan, en routo from
Honolulu to Sail Francisco, 8 p. m.,
July 10. -4'JO miles from Honolulu,
moderate trade winds, smooth sc.i.
All well.
Zealandlal Tomofro Forenoon.
T, II. navies und Company who
represent the Canadian - Australian
liner Zealandia from Austialluu Kjris
via Fanning Island, exjivet Unit ves
iiel on or nbnut iiikiii tomorrow. Tho
'.ealnndla will dcfintt the evening of
tho snnio day with 43 passengers frdm
this ort, booked for the several
classes. Tho Zcalnndla, Is expected
will Jcue ti shiall Height Including
fertilizer, Illinois and, vegetables.
Kauai Sugar.
Purser Kent of the Intcr-Islnnl
steamer Klnau from Knual ports re
ports tho following sugar on tho (!nr
den Island awaiting shipment: Alak.
42.C02, MCH. 40.902, O. & H. 27U0, K
S. M. CBO, K. K. II. 2500, O. F. 9flr.lt,
h. P. 8C78, K. P. 13,700, K. S. Co.
1100, M. S. Co. 2000.
Tho Inter-Island steamer Itvnlnnl. la
scheduled to Kill for Mahukona, Ka
walhab nnd Ktpahiilu at noon toinbr:
row taking lines of general cargo but
no passengers. -1
Island, SK'ly side Kainalo Point Heet
(Ins Huoy 1, reported extinguished
July 14, will bo icllghtcd as soon us
land, SK'ly sldo Kamalo Point Iteef
Ous Huoy I, reported extinguished
July 14, was relighted July 10, 1911.
City and county supenlsors who nt
tended tlio Saturday evening meeting
of thu board will go on rfcoril as de
termined to pass the measure delliilng
the new duties of the city ami county
engineer. Despite tho veto of Hie new
oidlnance by Mayor Fern, the majority
numbers, which In this case Includes
six Itepiibllcan supervisors, declare that
when the oto Is taken at a meeting to
I hi lulled for tomorrow evening. It will
be idniwn that thu "solid six" ntnlid to-!
getliir In dtiiiaiidlug the pissage of the
hill ocr the lieiul of Mu)ur IVrn
In Knglnter Oere the majority of llm
hiuiil fi'il iis'iiiiid that tiny havti u
mini who Is In eery way enuipeteiit hi
IiiIiii the reins of llie entlni load work
In hand and asinine all riHiiunslbllltles
of Hint position,
Mef'lellaii, a Di'inoi ratio member of
the. bikini, Ii bflleed to lie the only
one hIiikh Mitu I'trn can count iiiii
to back up his veto.
This oenlug at the Kaniulininclia
Alumni ABRoclatldn's Club Hall, the
celebration of that association's ln
tory in the II ill lot Id's recent con
test will bo hold. Tho $200 Hdlson
Amhoroln Phiinograph will hood hand
to pour forth Its sweet music for tho
first time. Tho nrsorlntlon, whllri not
having won tho first prize, Is to lie
congratulated on winning such an ex
cellent machine.
Hotuecu selectfonn fiom tho ma
chine, there will bo dances. The iiiu
bI will bo furnished by Knal'o (lleo
fliere was all exceptionally blgcrowd
of witnesses. oi, of Horns, en.ed lo ;
liium Just tixaelly wliat they who call
ed fur. Tho general Inipicsjdoii iiTouud
the bullilliii; waa that the ilrst iniiltei
lu loniiiotlon wllh tills ses-ilon would
bo Hih eoiitlnuullou of I he opium Inve'i
tlgalloiiH, The Ftderal grand Jiuy hlarted ses
sIiiiib this morning, ocoiiin lug Judge
nolititniiQi court, whli Ii was vacant
tiviliiK to the fuit of thu Wall.lkl con
demnation case being continued,
And jou don't pay for the name "Imported" 'In Van Dyck
"Quality' cigars.
If we mado them In Cuba ltittcnd of tho Hulled States, the
duty Would double the cost.
So we located our factory r. Tnmpn, fin, where Culm's own
climate prevails. '
Hut our warehouses are In Cuba. Our tobacco Is the pick of
the choicest Havana Itaf growil. ' And our workmen nio Cuban,
exparte-the finest clgnr-mftkH-M In the World.
All Uho "Imported's" exquisite fragrance and llnvor Is onlv
enhanced by the rdro Individual charms of
Sunday, July 16.
Hongkong via Japan potta Hoiik
kong Mnru, Jap., stm. a. in.
China and Japan poiU-.M. s. Dol
lar, Htmr., a. in.
Hllo Wlllielmlna, M. N. S. S, n.in
Newcastlo, N. S. W. Kona, Aid.
fcrtir., p. ni.
.Muul, Molokal mid .anal ports
I.lkellke, stnir., a. in.
Knual inirlB Klnau, Btmr., a. m.
Hawaii Wailfcle, stnir.. a. "in.
Sunday, July 16.
San Francisco Mnncliurin, P. M. S.
S., 11 n. m.
J . .
Per stinr. Klnau, from Knual poits,
July 10. Mis. Akl and 2 children,
Mlbs Ilnsllc, Miss (1. i fa.il lo, C. Cle
ment, Mrs, Clement, .. Acabrar, Mrs.
Cluing SI and 4 children, Mis. Yumn
snkl,' Mrs. Chnpnmii and 2 chlldien,
Ceo. N. Wilcox It. 1 Wilcox. Mrs
It. L Wilcox, Murston Campbell. S.
T. Stnrrelt, II. Hohrlg, J. II. McSwan
son, V. A. i:nglc. Miss Holdsworlh. T,
Tabata, Mr. Orelg, K. lllhl, H. Kl-
murn, F. W. Ilalk, Miss Woodmnn,
Mrs. (I. S. Wnterliouso and child, A,
Meuefogllo, Attorney-dencrnl ! I.lnib
Bay, Mis. Lindsay, Aditm Lindsay, An
drew Lindsay, Florence Ho, Ah Kill
ltuth Ho, James Ho, Miss lterry, T.
J. ntzpatiick, Mrs. Bplllnor, Mrs. tl.
C, Hctkcrt, n. N. Oliver, Master Ollv
or, (I. Kamniiolin. Mra. Ivainaiioha
Mcs. (Inndall. Mrs. S. Daniel, Miss M.
Hobron, Miss Mumfurd, J. C. Ker
shaw, Mr. Strnilo, Kov. W. K'amaii
Mrs. J, Mnscott.
Per S. 8. Manchuria, for Snn Fran
Cisco S. It. Flynn nnd wife. Miss N.
F. Ellison. S. (1. Hinds, Walter Dnl
senlierg, Miss H. Hough, Mrs. J. H.
Holigh, Miss F. Slclnliart, Mrs. A. 11.
Lee, Dr. I). Hoy arid wife, Ii. Wng
goner, L. II. Long A. L. Hlark, H.
Ogilvle, E. It. Mackay, Miss & A.
Meyers, Miss draco Power, Miss Mary
Sahm, (i. D. Hnrlon nnd wife. M. It.
Cnrey, J. 0. Jtobcrts, Arthur Wall and
family, Charles W. Hcrnhardt, J. W.
Corner and wife, U Hoscnllial, L. 1).
Durkee nnd wife, Dr. W. Holloiieter,
H. It. Hnllopctcr, Dr. William Antonl,
Miss Anna M. Thurston, 'Mrs. IJ. Hay-
Monday, July 17.
YOKOHAMA July 10: Arrhed, 8.
S. Persln,' henco July C.
KVKHKTT July 10: Sailed, Sciir,
A. F. Coates, for llllo.
SAN FItANClSCO July 10: Sailed,
S. S. Hyades, for Seattle.
S. S. NIPPON MAHU nrllvcs from
San FrnnrUco nt noon Tuesday.
S. S. ZHALANDIA, will probably ar-
rlvo temoriow, p. in., rrani Suva.
Tho doalli of ouuther of thu old
leldenleis of 'the Islamla must bo
itcorilml with the paisifig ot Mm,
Mario Still enbcel; )esterd:i),
Alia. Ktuieiilieck ha.s b.'ea In the
Ifclauds fur the last IIHy-Blx ycani
balng ui rived here in IH.r,.'. Shu win
a gicat fuioiltu wllli all of the (!ur
uiau lesidfiitf, of tho clly, and hlghl)
ienpectcd und well thought of by
many Ameilcau families.
The Hue health Unit sho enjoyed
ileal ly up to tho limn of her death
was something lemarkable, bho being
uraily nlnety-lhe yeais of age.
Tlie funeral fccrilccs wmu held nt
her late homo near Vineyard sttcel
WBtordny afternoon, Pastor Felniyof
thu (leiinaii I.utheiau Chinch olllclat
lug, Iho Interment being In Niiii.inu
The Oaliu It. & L. C!oiuuny have
jiulltloncd fdr apprtilborii to bo ap
pointed In connection with their tuk
Ing over solno propel ty which is part
of the estttto of tho Into John Kim
nnil fur which irntber Vfitenlfn nml
i,, ,,., .,., ,. , ,i,
UuaWvf. The pleco Is about folly
feel wide and Is the III of Iwllel of
Knlnwahiiie. Thu suiu of 1119.20 Was
offered hut refused.""
The Hoard of Health Is hilsy inak
Ing out und Inspecting licenses. Al
together homo 2500 hint) In be dealt
with out of which nbulit foity per
cent huu ulteady been disposed of.
Weekly U u 1 1 e 1 1 n 1 per year,
1 r t'Af, YOUrt bALERS "
?7 Different 8hapes One for Every Taste 3-fo.25o to 25o Each
M. A. QUN8T oV CO. The Hode of Stanla' ni.irll,.,(f,r.
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Sincerely hoping that Hie near future
will show them ways mid means of
milling a craekeij.ielc polo tiniii to
compete for honors In tlih great Inter
national polo tournament to be held at
.Manila In Fcbrubry, the members of
the Oaliu club are doing some tall pi in
ning mid llgurlng to represent them
selves at tills great muet.
Although tint oultomu of suili ll
move doei, not have a ery fnvennhlu
uiipeaiahce1 nt present, It Is thought
that, with careful miinagt iiient mid ma
nipulation, arrangements fur st tiding u
train can I hi iiiadc,
.Many dlillcultles arc staring tho pos
sibilities In the face. To begin wltli,
Ciiptuln W. Dillingham limit, urter hli
short uonferenuo with P. a. McDodnett
of Manila, who sailed yesterday on tlm
Miiiiehurlii, that to take the ponies of
tlm Oaliu club to .Manila would lie one
of thu eiuestloii nnd practically Impos
sible1, as niiy horses they might take
thero would havo to lie lift behind
when the-y snllnl tor home, n laweiincl
ed by the IJ. K. government forbidding
nny horso from leaving the Philippines
uftcl once being landed there. Tlio
rt-iiMiii of this U tliut u very Infectious
disease has spread fmongst the horses
mi these liluncK which would havo u
tendency, to Infect f mounts In other
countries should horses from lliere
cubic Into contact with them. Tlijt Is
the llrj-t setbnek tho tertm would (invti
to lontend with, nnd It Is tho
The local men have become familiar
wllli their ponies and know Just Jliovv
to hunilln'tbcni. having them trained to
their own personal reiiulreinelit. Not
being able to take them would neceisl
tate the burdensome and. tedious taslc
of going tn Manila, picking out good
horses and nccustomlngthemselves to
tliem beforo participating In tlio big
event. Til tnlto ponies from here,
which nro all very high priced, and
selling them nf a much lower llguro ut
Manila when tho tournament closed,
then returning to accumulate another
aggregation for the local meets In Ho
nolulu next scar, would hardly lie bus
inesslike. .
Another drawback might be the In
ability of the Oaliu team to arratigu
business mi that they could all get
away at the same time. '
Ho far. the teams practically assured
of taking part are two from Singapore,
one' from Australia, Hongkong, Shang
hai, Hiirllngauie, Cab: several from thu
United States nnd several e-itvalry
teams. It lemnlns now for Hawaii to
enter nnd make the event complete.
The team If lelil fiom here would ba
n wonder, probably eompoie-d of. Wal
ter Dlllltighnm. Frank Italdvvlii and the
Hie.) brolhei s of Kauai, miking a very
forpildplili. Miiiiid that vvdiild undoubt
edly wreht nil Imniira nw.iy froiii the
olber rurtlclpnhtx. This would not In,
dune easily, bowi-vcr. If tub l.ova bad to
usn poults other than their own ami
ponlt't ulio-ii miiveiiielitii they weieuot
ramlllar with. Tun Oaliu Lam will rail
Int.i ii Hue time If they are so (oftu
into as to nrr.iiign mallei a so tliaj tbey
will lie able to go
ftetlde; meeting all tint world-re-liowuetl
pololr.tr, tbey will have - Ilia
pleasure of seeing the gnat Manila
carutvat mid the ritees at Hongkong
during the celebration 'of I'lilnese New
. i '
Tho Mlil-Pacllle fur August Is now
out nnd IiicKii nothing In Iho way of
holding up Iho icpiilntlon that It lias
already built us u mugmriuo of gen
eral Information on counttloH border
ing on tlm Pacific.
The magazine comes out with a new
'front cover which la n decided Im
provement over the other, although
they aio both distinctive und char
ucteilslic or tho Hold that tlio ma
gazine covers.
Tho many Illustrations that urn
used tell the story almost without
wordu. There could not -bo u lietter
or morn Instructive, copy lo send to
one's friends on the mainland, It will
eeitalnly cieuto u desire to lslt this
part of the world. This magazine Is
certainly doing all or Its shine In the.
Hue of promotion,

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