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Masonic Temple
l.ruhl Ao. 2, .
i:. .
Itnvvnll.in, Sri mill Urgrrr.
IIiiuiiliilii Ch.iplrr, Regular,
l. m.
Honolulu Lmlgf, lit 111 (.TIT.
Al visiting mrmbttn ol IM
Order are cordially invited to
attend meetings of local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Hondayi of
each month
at K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M.
WamtiAVat ftf
iially invited.
.1AWAIIAN TRIBE, No. 1, 1. 0. R. M.
Meets every tlrst and third Thure
4nyg ot each uonth at Knights of
Pythlai Hall. ViBltlng hrotliera cor
lally Invited to Httnnd.
W J. ROBINSON, Sachem.
Ii V. TODD, C. of It.
A LINDSAY was nmong tlio depart
ing passcngeia In the Mauna Kca for
II llo
VICTOU Himi) left tills morning
for MiihiiWnmi us n passenger In tho
steamer iM.mna Kea.
II. B. (1HAV wus Included In llm
;mnil)or of' passengers booked for llllo
... .1. llai.. ,... , t,lnl, .1 n.11 t t ml
III UlU i'lUUIIil iUl, Mllll.ll Hll'l'l""
llils morning.
M11S. .1. F WOODS, was numbered
nnioiiK' tlio largo, number. of passen
gers In tlio M.uina Kea o lcno that
vessel nt Mnhukonn, Hawaii.
llestarlek will Icnvo tlio steamer Man
na Koa nt McGregor's landing. They
will visit on Maul for some llttlo time.
niCOUOH KLIK1KL. the well known
traveling salesman, left mi one of liln
regular Island trips In tlio isle.iiacr
Manna Kca this morning. Ho will
continue on to llllo.
MI1H J II RAYMOND departed for
McGregors In Ilia steamer Manna
Kca thin morning. Mrs. Raymond anil
party will proceed to tlio Itaymnml
iiinch, there to remain for it few
vv celts.
PAUL It. JJAim.inr, Tor many
moiitlm the cniclcnt and popular ennrt
lcporler for the II ill let in, leuves
for tlio East on the Wllliclmlnn to
imirrmv llo goes lo New Haven,
wlicro he will take n coiuno In tlio
l.iw school.
personal attention to all orders.
PHONE 1281
K0N0LULU AERg, 140. '. 0. E.
Meets on the 2nd and 4th WED
NESDAY evenings ot each month at
7:30 o'clock In K. of P. Hall, corner
Beretanla and Tort streets.
Visiting Eagle ere Invited to at
ni:o a DAVia w. p.
WM. C. McCOY, Bee.
aOKOLUIU I0BPE, 616, B. P. 0. E.
Honolulu Lodge No. 618. D. P. O
Clks, meta In their ball, on King
Street, near Fort, every Friday eve
ning. Visiting Brothers are cordially
'nvlted to alleni.
d. p. n. isnNiiKna, k. n.
- ' v
The second drawing In connection
Willi the land application! was hold
this morning at the land ofllco. Tlio
tortious vvcio In the second land,
division entering North and South
Kunn. Although (hero wcro thirty
two lids there weie only thirteen ap
plicants and consequently each of
them drew a tin k nnm'jcr.
Following are tlio .names of those
to whom I ho lots have hecn allotted
provisional!) :
Thomas K. Foirest, Jr.. Win. K. l')r-
rost. Wittier Thurtoll, Mrs, Klonn Kn
olnl, Dsnlel K. Knlmkua, I .on I 'at. Kim,
Mrs Kealolia hnpno, Isaac l. Ivnawa
Napnupahco Kallluaun, Harry O. Tlo
ilomnnn, KaHluaun,. Albert Knlaueau
maku-Hu, Manuela Hatola.
A delegation of business men from today for Gravs Harbor lo reload um
Klaorlnu, one of the purls of entry to
the rich and prosperous l.cimnn prov
ince of Tslngtiiu. North Cblla, Is said
to have offered flattering Inducements
to the management of the Paelllc Mall
her for this port.
The steamer Daisy Freeman called
today for Oavlnla, to load distillate
for San Frnnclbco.
Tho steamer .llm Duller sailed to-
Steamship Company for tlio extension: night for San Diego. I'nrt of her car
Meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday
evening at 7:30 o'clock In K. ot P.
Hall, cor. Fort and ncretnnln. Visit
ing brothers cordially luvited to at
tend. T. K. KILHHY, C. O.
K. A. JACOUSON, K. It. 8.
ei; ... nn.Yt
uj ejfji''tyft..-,vi i
My In .!ac Oi!.cr OK iMr
C )
aro not Hliur-oni, even thougli
they are llnger-plcca innuntliigH.
Tho suiierjor inecli.iu'eiil con
i.tritlon ot the Sliur-on means
comfort, durability and clllcl-
Be Suro You Get Sliur-on
A. N. Sanford,
Boston Building Fort Street
Over May & Co.
New Shipment of TAHOU3 ex Sierra
Hotel St., opp. Young Phono 3038
Thcro was recently 2t5".eases oL, ty
phoid feer at Sholton, Conn. v
Dr. D. V. Dumas, mayor of Cabs
Lake, Minn., was released on ball for
n Jury on tho evidence of Martin lle-
4ian, u baudit, that Dumas committed
Incendiarism and larceny.
.ludgo William 1 Whitney gavo a
decision thli morning in tho case of
Mary J. Davis Vs. liarry T. Mills and
Mary K. Mills, In which It was sought
to ipiash the writ of attachment. Tho
motion w.ib denied.
Tlio will of the Into Paul do Long
pre has been filed for probate in the
Los Angeles courts. Tho cslnlo is
tallied at JTd.llS. The estate Is left
to his daughter, Illanche, with :i pro
viso that ff.'iOOO bo given to his broth
er. In n codicil do Longpro disclaims
affiliation to any religious domination
of tlio present service in mo uncni u.
IncludU at leant u call once o month
nt the (lerninn North China port.
It It pointed out that Kljochau pos
sesses nt lens.t two nno nnchornges. A
new mole was opened somo years ago,
and according to the statements made
by olllcrrs of the steamship Mnnchu
Ha, which visited Honolulu last Bat
urilnr. the biulness Interests of tho
Shiiiitung port are In dead earnest In
tbrlr desire to better build up trado
with tho Untied Slntes by Hie assist
ance of ii direct steamer service. Tslng
tau, mi tho soutb side of the bay, pos
sesses a tlno linrnor, the outer break
water and two piers having been com
pleted some llvo years ugo.
That Tsliigtnii may nt no eiy dis
tant date become n port of call for Pa
elllc Mali steamers was freely predicted
by tho'te who have recently visited
North China.
Carries Supplies for Lonely Scholars.
Hound for tho farthest north Ame
rican school house, a llttlo frniuo
btructuro nt Ico-lmprlsoncd Point
Harrow, wlioio a classlof hardy KsKI
mos, wrapped In sklns;and furs, leant
to read and wrlto tho ldiglisli lang
uage, aro taught to sow and enok and
culebrnto Christmas and Independence
day; tho "stanch power schooner K. S.
Hedfleld, carrying school honks, slates,
pencils, provisions and coil, has sail
ed from Seattle.
Other goterntuenl schools in tho
jNorin win rcceivo siupnieniH iron
tho Ilcdllcld: in rnct, tho vessel will
visit twenty-ulno jKirts, but tho llllle
red school house at Point Harrow, the
farthest noilh point whero the gov
ernment Is making an effort to extend
I ho light of civilisation, this year has
added Interest. Moro slate pencils,
inoro arithmetics and spelling books,
more lead cnclls than ever heforo
will be sent North, for the govern
ment has learned (list all of the
classes hato Increased inpldly.
Tho nice warm school house has be
come decidedly popular and Ksklmoi
have coino many miles over tho bar
ren wnBto of ico and snow to pnrtako
of tho generosity of Undo Sam, cou
booucntly tho government Is going lo
ship more school supplies to Point
Barrow this jcar 'han ever befote.
Fori Street
Mrs. S. F.'Zeave,
Temporarily closed whilo away on
buying trip. Open again in Septcmbor,
63 Young Building
Eo.w-us loaded nt Hrnjs Harbor,
M - .
Spaniards to Leave in the Wllhelmlna
Of tho fifteen or more Hleer.igo
passepgern hooked to depirt for tho
coast at ten o'clock tomorrow .morn
ing In tho MntMin Navigation steam
er Wllhelmlna, the majority aie
Spaniards who lmc but recently ar
rived In tho Territory. It is claimed
that they have been offered moro lu
crative employment In (he Pnclfle
Coast orchards or fruit canneries, Tho
Malson steamer Is laklng nt least one
hundred -nnd len cabin passengers,
Thcro is plenty room for nil nppll-
eantH for transKrlatlnn to tho main
laud. Tlio freight Includes 33111 Ions
sugar of which 300 tons Is refined
The vessel will bo supplied with
nbnul four thousand bunches of ban
anas as well im n ipiaiillty of sundries
Including coffee, rice and hides.
., A mall for tho mainland will lie
placed nboard tlio vessel heforo leav
Many Japanese Will Leave Tonight,
Sailing for the coast of Asia, nt
least one bundled nud thirty Japanese
will depart In tho Toyo Klson Kalslia
liner NIpnon.Maru which Is scheduled
10 gel .-rnny ror.mpnu ami Clilualsirls
at i! o'clock this evening.
Tho Vessel finni ban Kranelsco with
n few layu'ver passengers was sight
ed from Diamond Head nt tcn-thirly
Mils morning mid shortly nflc'r the
noon Hour wan ulongslda AInkoa
wharf. A largo crowd of Orientals
will doubtless be present at tho de-
pnrturo of tho steamer for Dal Nip
I on. ,
Sierra at the Coast.
Tho Oceanic steamship Sierra from
Honolulu with nearly one hundred
cabin passengers ami a largo mall for
tho mainland arrived nt Snn 1'r.iuctsco
nt sl o'clock this morning ncconllir;
lo n cable that was tccelvod nt Iho
agency of C. Rrcwer and Company
Ibis morning. Tho Sierra Is fast full
lug into tho regular habits of the obi
lellablo Alameda nii It Is said on
good authority that Iho San Kinnclscu
tlnieli.ilt is lo bu raised and corrected
by Iho arrival of Iho Oceanic liner.
afternoon propose lo dispatch tint
vessel for Victoria and Vancouver nt
len o'clock this svcnlng. Nearly filly
pnsscngcia have been booked at the
local agency. Tho Zcnhitidla Is bring
ing ipilto n list of through passengers
mid It is announced that 23 persons
will leave tho vessel iisin arrival
here. Theio bio ono hundred and
eighty-six tons cargo for Honolulu
Including shipments of fcitllizor,
onions mid Illinois
Mlkahala Back' on Motokal nun.
After thrco wcqks absence from a
regular rim lo Maul, Molokal and La
mil porta, tho steamer Mlkahala. has
been completely overhauled and, re
paired and has been placed In com
mission again. Tho Mlkahala will bo
dispatched lo her regular ports of call
at five o'clock this evening taking n
full complement of passengers and n
largo general cargo.,
wi N '
Klnau Will be Well Laden.
Departing nt five o'clock this even
ing for Kauai ports,- the Inter-Island
steamer Klnau will bo well laden with
freight nnd supplies for plantations
on the "(laiden Island. The. freight
llct Includes 2 mules, lfi.OOO feet lum
ber, 120 tons fertilizer ami other lines
of cargo. The stcantor Is departing
with every stateroom filled to capa
Delay In Sailing of, Transport Dlx.
Thcro will bo, a delay In tho sailing
of Iho Untied Slates army transport
Dlx from Seattle, according to advices
which have been received here. It is
now reported that Iho, Dlx, which has
been undergoing general repairs on
(ho Sound, will not leavo Senttlo for
Manila until nbout Scptomhcr 15, ar
riving in Manila about October 15.
May Call at Island Ports.
Fuel oil now enroyto from Port San
Luis In thu American tanker Santa
Mnria nnd consigned to Iho Union Oil
Company niny be divided and it xr
tlon ot tho fuel discharged nt Island
ports ns welt as nt Honolulu tanks.
The Santa Maria sailed from the Cali
fornia port ten dn)s ngo.
Lime and Lumber for Hawaii.
I.lmo to the amount of 150 Ions,
12,000 feet or lumber nnd 100 Ions
fertilizer will bo discharged from the
Inter-Island steamer Ivvulani which
sailed ul noun today for Hawaii ports
including Mahukonn and Kawailino.
Tho vessel nlso c.lnloii bovcral auto-
Tuesday, July 18
Ban Kranelsco Nippon Mam, Jap.
sltnr., n. in.
Australian ports via Suva Zealati-
dla, C.-A. S.' B:, ii. m.
Monday, July 17.
Ccnlinl nud South American ports
r Hongkong Mnru, .lap. stmr., C p. n:.
Tuesday, July 18,
Kona nnd Kan porls Manna 1ia,
stmr.. noon.
llllo via way ports minima Kca,
stmr., 10 a.'inf 5'. '
Per T. K. lC. B." S. Nlnpuniialitrii
from San Kranelsco .Kor Honolulu:
II. D. Hesse, Mrs, lK'l). Hesse, V. M.
Hatrli, I lerninn Krauss. Through:
IL Hnno, .1. Ilryan,, Mrs. J, Hryaiii
H. Chlha, W. 11. Holltngiim, .1. Mc-
Mnstcr, Mrs. J. McMnster, Oco. T.
Marsh, S. Shluhlm, Y. Tnkayama, It.
Tnkayama, A. Hohltcff, , leut.-Com
V. II. Uphnm, N. B. N., Mrs. K. II.
Uphnm, Peter Hyrup, It. II. Hancock,
O. L, Kenton, IJ. K. Talt. .,
4- ..
Summe,1 styles in millinery at par
lors of
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Mrs. Adams went lo visit noma
friends In KruHvnlo June 4 mid tho
next day iceclved a phone call from
her husband, who said that ho had
converted n largo part of his collat
eral Into rash mid would lenvo at
once for San Diego, llo assured tier
when ho arrived In Iho south he
would send her a telegram.
Ills hasto In leaving his wife and
homo was prompted by it reason
wlilcji tho pollco luivo thus far been
unable lo hoIvij, iiccoullng to Chief
Vollnmr. Ho did not wait for his wife
to conic to Derkcloy to bid him good
lijo, but Marled out with tho Inten
tion of taking Iho evening train for
l.os Angeles,
IWfc Wit Im ii! Moncj.
Since then no wind from him has
reached his wire. All tho money be
longing to Ihh eouplo was In her hus
band's possession when ho Idft homo,
nnd Mrs. Adams has been compelled
In sick employment In San Kran
elsco, where bIio la staying at prcn-
The missing man ls.40 yenru of acn
mid has black hair tinged with gray
lie lias n sandy mustache, nnd Jiluo
Sparks from. the Wireless.
C.-A. S. 8, .'ealandla, fi p. in,, July
17 Will nrrlvo 2 jp. in. 23 ,paascn
gors, JS0 tons cargo. Bail 10 p., m.
for Vancouver. ,
p.. m.. 'July
Per stmr. Manna I-oa for Kona nm(
mm pons, .iniy is. hov. ino, Mr.
l.ono, W. M. McQuald, Judge Stanley,
(1. C. Hewitt. J. B. Hnlslon, J. Djcr,
Mrs.. M. Lowe, Kdlth Wall, Miss A.
11. Ohjnn, Dr. A. C. Wall, .1. O. Bmllh,
Miss J. Stone, Mrs. Gluts. Lucas, Dr.
V. Clark, S. K. Starred, Mrs. K.
Ward, MIbs Hohlsworlh, Mrs. Mc
Quald, U Marfarlanc. K. (Ireenwell,
M.,M. Ornham, H. illndt. ltov. D. .Mur
Tuesday, July IB.
SEATTLE July 17: Arrived. 8. S
Virginian, from San Kranelsco.
SAN I-'RANCIBCO July 18: Arrived,
S. S. Sierra, from Honolulu henco
July 12.
BAN FRANCISCO-July IS, 1 p. m.l
Balled, S. S. Siberia for Honolulu.
POUT HAItFORD July 17: Sallod,
S. B. Santa Itlla, for Honolulu.
IIILO July 17, 11 p, ni.: Sailed, S. S.
Alaskan, for Bnllna Cruz.
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over, of what seemed lo bo tlio pecu
'liar hardship lo Iho lessee of losing
entirely tho rntloon crop which hla
own labor nnd expenditure had pto
duced iho special committee of tho
board in tneir rcpon oi .inno iu, mil
stated Ihnt "It was understood ho
tween Mr. Fnlrchlld hud ourselves
(hat (depending upon certain condl
lions .when (ho Icaso terminated)
then In Ihnt event, In Iho adjustment
between the plantation, the Incoming
homesteaders and Iho government,
whereby the lands In question tiro
given over to homesteads, arrange
ments should ho mndo whereby tlio
government sees to It that Mr. Fair
child receives ndcu,unle compensation
for tho loss1 of his rntloon crop."
"In approving this report, though I
speak for myself only, but believing
that the yhws of tho othor membeis
wcro tho same, It was Intended only
Jo rccoghlza a jinturnl canity, having
no legal implication, not a proviso of
tho lease, but possibly of scrvlco lo
any biircccdliig land board In showing
our ntlltiido At this dale.
"Any such reimbursement was ice
ognlzeti ns bovond our power to legal
ly pledge or deny. Thats nbout all
there Is lo Ibis mqlter'
(lovcrnor Frear received ",n'teWsU'
from Senator Fnlrchlld this morning
In connection with the Knpan liome
ntendltig of 7r,0 acres. The details as
to what lands would bo requited vvero
given In die communication nnd utter
Ihcsc hnvo Iicen looked up tho Gov
ernor vylll announce the result.
. According .to F,alrrliild tho com
pany wnnls the Icaso for four yoats.
This ear will bo tnken ti In plowing
i, ml the enno will bo set out in thu
spring ot next jcar, Thoy would then
hopo to harvest early In 1911.
P.iM B- HMAn.
17 inn miles froin'llonollilu, outward there. Tdafshil'lleHdry Is to apply
"Ninety witnesses nt a dollar nnd
a half a day, I shall have to tile my
jiapcrs," remarked IMarslinl Hendry
this' moraine 'with .a' 'smile.
These nro busy iiiiya nt tho court
nnd the main hall Is overflowing with
witnesses of all nationalities. Up to
Inst night ,lilnety had been "served and
,weio. In, ntlcndanco this morning
costlig JJ135' for.ovfl'y-day they, arc
Nearly Left Behind.
Ono passenger listed among tlio
hundred or moio through travelers in
tho 'jnpaneso liner Hongkong Maru
nnd a close can irom oeiug icu nc
hind when that steamer pulled nway
from Hackfeld wharf shortly aftor
live o'clock last qvcnliig. (lalnlug the
decks at thu after part of tho ship,
the last passenger wus finally ac
counted for and tho liner resumed tho
voyage to Central nud Soutb Ame
rican i oris after having taken on over
seven hundred tons coat at this iioiL'
Make Wager on Vessel's Voyage.
SAN PEDRO, Cal Juno 12. When
Captain Hansen arrived In port today
with Iho schooner Alert, ho learned
that ho was $150 poorer as tho result
of a wnger with Captain l.illlitiisl,
master of tlio schooner Fearless, (hat
tho Alort would roach port (lrst.
Until schooners weie towed lo ro.i
from Iho !. K, Wool mill at llelllug
liam, by tho saino tug. Yesterday tho
Foal loss iirrlvod, after a fast run of
tight days, during ono ot which the
schooner was becalmed off point Con
Hundreds Depait In Mauna Kea.
One hundred and tvvcnty-blx cabin
rnsncngeruJhe most of ihem destined
lor HlldJand Hawaii, sailed In tho
Intcr-Islnnd steamer Manila ,Kea at
ten .o'clock this morning. In addition
to this number nearly a hundred addi
tional deck passengers led lu Iho ves
sel for portB of cull. Thcro was an
unusually largo crowd'nt tho vvhnif
before tho tlmo ot sailing. Tho Ma.
una Kea carried u fair rdzod cargo
of suppllqs.
Australian Coal on the Way,
Between four and five thousand
tnn Australian coal Is expected '
nirlvo' at.tho port consigned lo tho
Iiier.lnlaiid.fitcnm Navigation In Iho
lint,!?!! 'freighter Wnddnn. This vessel
shWlilviicncIl hero on or nbout July
22ml nm'wlll go to tho coal bunkers
to discharge. Tito Wnddon has inado
n number of trips between Novvcnstlo
nnd Honolulu anil has become a fami
liar llgtiio In shipping nt tbq port.
Zealandla. Salljng at Ten Tonight.
T, 11, Davles nnd Company ropic-
seiitlug tliv Canndlan-Austrii)lau liner
Zealandla. duo to nrrlvo finni Iho
bound, nit well.
Mill Machinery for Kauai.
Several heavy pieces of milling ma
chinery await shipment to Kauai by
the steamer Ltkcliko which will be
dispatched for tho Harden Island nt
flvo o'clock this evening. Tho vessel
will nlso take a considerable quantity
of lumber
Uar "
Fue! Oil for the Islands. ,
Willi approximately fourteen thou
sand barielH fuel oil consigned Jo the
local branch of Iho Associated Oil
Company, (ho American Bhlp Marlon
Chllcott was seventeen days out from
Guv lota today.
' ' " rn
Robert Lewers Expected Early,
Tho llttlo lumber schooner Robert
Lowers, with a cargo consigned lo
Lowers nnd Cooko of this city, has
Balled from Tncoina, Wash, seventeen
days ngo nnd (he arrival of tho vessel
Is expected within a short time.
Newsboy Is Coming.
Among the windjammers now en
roulu to the Islands with shipments
of lumber Is tho well known little
haikchtlno Newsboy. This vessel sail
ed from Urays Harbor fifteen days
Frenchman Is Ncarlng the Port.
A Flench bark, and a bounty cam
cr Is said In bo Hearing tho port in
tho bark Snlnt Itogatlcn, which Ball
ed from Umclon with destination as
Honolulu nearly thrco months ago.
Lumber Schooner Enroute.
TJio American Bchooncr 8. C. Allen
wllli n shipment of lumber consigned
to Allen and Robinson Is fifteen dnyn
out from Fort lining.
for more money as he says the ex
chequer will not stand the strain
Among thoso who nro drawing down
tho magnificent sum of ono and a half
ilolhus n day and who nro wearily
wandering about (ho halls of Justice,
generally looking ns tlwhti thoy hn'd
lost a nickel and could not llnd It
again nro former Assistant Inspec
tor Jucnbscn. former vUeputy Collec
tor of Customs Raven. Jack Scully,
''Dickie' Davis, a big bunch ot Inter
preters, nnd former ones, and n ming
ling, of Jnpanese,.iind Chinese.
1027 Nuuanu Street
All'the HatSiatiReasonable Prices
Young Building
I'lin schooner 'William Olson sailed Colonies on r nbout two o'clock this
W.C, Peacock & Co., Ltd.
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. I704
Family Trade a Specialty
( Mont Rouge Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Champagne
( Schlitz Beer
Attorney J. LlghHoot applied lo
Judge Chas. F. demons In Iho Fed
eral court this morning for n writ of
habeas corpus In connection with n
Japanese nnmoil Siteklclii Tsujl who
Is at present holng held from entering
tho Territory.
AccordlngTo Iho story of the Jap
anese he was here beforo and waa
later on married. Ho then decided to
return lo Japan for n holiday and
now on burning back once more to
tho Islands, Is denied admittance on
tho gi omuls thnt ho Is an iindoslr
able Immigrant.
United Stutcs Attorney Robert Dice
kons defended tho caso and objected
to tho man being released or nllow-
cd to mlnglo with tho other Jiinnn
cso. llo stated that ho had a num
ber of authorities to quote from
which he would Uko lo prescht to tho
court. Tlio hearing wbb dually ad
journed until Thursday morning at
nlno o'clock, an application of Attor
ney Llghltoot'a for n induction In Iho
hall also being refused.
-Now thnt there is somo money In
sight, tho work of planning the now
schools allowed for by the Inst legis
lature Is occupying Iho attention of
tho, Hoard or Education. So fnr It has
mndo plans for tho erection of three
now buildings. Tho first of these will
ho tho Hoy's Industrial school. Then
tho Pohuknlna school on tho corner
of King nnd Punchbowl streets will
have to bo nllcrcd during Iho erection
ot the Cnjncglo library. It will nftor
wnrds be erected in the Knknnko dis
trict. This Is ns far ns tho present plans
run but It is prnetlcnlly decided that
tho next In order will ho a school
nt Kalmukl. Thcro Is no money avail
able at the nvosert time nnd thcro
will bo nono until tho first Issuo of
tho bonds nro dlsKiscd of. Tho plnns
of tho buildings nro being prepared lu
tho department of public, works nnd
should bo finished soon.
During tho erection of the Carne
gie library tho Pohuknlna school will
have In ho moved up In nno hunch.
Hesldcs this thcro Is a high wall lo ho
erected so that tho work on tho lib
raiy will not Inlerfcro with tho school
although K wlllfii)can a noisy time for
all coneorncd. . J , ,
v; e I
Miss a, Jpncs, Miss
Per stmr. W. O. Hall for Kami
iwts, July 2Q, W. V. Martin, W. V.
Per stmr. Mlkahala for Maul and
Molokal polls Mrs. Wlrtlimiicllor,
Miss A. Hover, Mrs. E. Fernandez,
Miss E. Hanbeo, J. D. McVeigh, Miss
A. O. Hagley. Miss A. M. Diets. F. II.
Wlrlhniuoller. Miss M, McVeigh, Miss
A. Hrlckwood
Per stmr. Claudlno for Hawaii vl'i
Maul ports, July 21. Itov. D. Scud
dor, Mrs. Scuddcr, M. Home, Miss
Massoy, H, S. Strayno, Mrs. Straync,
S. fl. Wlldor, Paul Isenborg.
Per stmr, Mauna Kea, for llllo ami
way Kirls, July 25. Mrs, D, H. Case,
Miss K, McKcnzle, W. 1 Emory, Mis.
Emory, Miss II. Wlkuudor, Miss D.
Donaldo, Mrs. F, J, Sawyor, Miss F,
Holland, Miss Ida Solomon, Mrs. C.
.1, Hnlmmon, R. Pails, Mrs. Foinuti
dez, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Wentherbee, Miss
Weatherbee, W. Drummond
Governor Frear has n proclamation
leady by which tho old flshnmrkot Ib
to be taken oyer by tho department
of Immigration, labor nnd -statistics,
formerly known nB tho Immigration
This Is tho, first tlmo that Jho.uow
title, as conferred on It by lio' lust
legislature, has come Into prominent
notice. Its iowcrs nro greatly on
Inigeil, Tho new department will ulso
huyo tho power to act us a go-butwoen
In tho cast) of prlvato lands being
thrown open for hoinestcadlng pur
poses. The taking over by tho dopnitment
will not ncccssnilly bo permanently u?
anything made over In this manner
enn at nny tlmo bo tukcu back agulu
by Iho Territory,
Tho returns of the Fall River asses
urn's show il deerenRR of 523 In tlio
' city's population during the past year.
-C. 8. Juild, tho novy commissioner
of public latiijs Is expected lo reach
bote on the steamer Siberia Monday
morning next. Tho position was deni
ed through an net ot tho last legis
lature. I '
On that snmo afternoon thcro will
Im !f meeting of the land board at tho
lliircau of Agriculture nnd Foieslry
and thu new commissioner will then
be Installed In hl.s position!
Yesterday tho heads of the division.!
made nn attempt to hold n meeting
with Marston Campbell on Iho mat
ter ot splitting up tho apptopilutlnu.
They had no luck, however, for no
sooner hud Ihey started than bo was
called away lo tho Governor's ofllco
and then a fovv minutes uftor ho had
come back was sent for by the court.
A twenty-four houra jmtlco wai
served this morning In connection
with, tho cesspool at Wnlpllripllo. Tho
Houid of Health Is determined that
tho nuisance shall bo abated and thoro
fore took .tills stop'..
Notices wero served on Aclil, HI
shop & Co., Alien7 & ltohlnson and on
ono of tho tenants. This Inst being a
requirement of tho law. Tho con
tents must bo pumped out mid car
ried about an eighth ot a mllo Into
tho Kullhl sewor. This would cost
nbout seventy or eighty dollars n
Achl docs not foci Inclined to do
this, however, and ho Is lo put a pn
posltlon up to the Imird of .supervis
ors tonight by which ho Is to pay fif
teen dollais a month nnd thoy pay tho

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