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From 8an Franelacoi
Siberia July 24
For 8in Franottooi
Chlyo Muru July 21
From Vancouver.
Mnkttrn July 21
For Vancouver!
Mnramn August 15
Local' Banks and Capitalists
Hardly Likely to Make
Any Bids.
purchasers Expected to Be
National Banks on Main
land Attractive Feature
Thcru will not be n locnl lililikr for
the Jl.tiOO.OOO Ishiio (it Territorial bunds
when scaled iiitMalH aro opened on
July 27 In tliii nlllco of tho Territorial
treason r hero und nt tlio nlllco of tlio
Hulled Stales Mortgngu & Trust Comr
panj 111 New York City, iicem illnir to
prtseiit IndlciitloiiH.
Hankers, brokers nnd business men
rcncrully inilto In saying that Just now
these Territorial bond!) do not look llko
tliu mom attractive. Investments for
local cupltnl, ami tlmt locnl Investors
have ko fur Indicated no desire what
t -. :y U Jutn,Jiijf jjf TtlM-'lulllo Securi
Tim fact that the bonds bear only 4
per cent. Interrxt Is tho explanation,
and money can lio placed to far better
advantage hero than In these 4 per
cents, nreurdlng to tlio consensus of
opinion from well-Informed business
null. Local bankers and capitalist!)
ran readily get fl per cent. Interest for
their money on high-class loan", and
7 pir cent, nnd even hlRher on real es
tatu loans,
This li no argument ugnlust the gllt
edi;id cliarncter of tho bonds, widen
lire admitted tu bo llrst-cluss In every
way Tlio objection to tliem for local
liiM'Ktment Ih thai money Is at n hlgh
ir preinliiin hern than Knslern
nmney centers.
'lho bonds have one feature that
makes them deslrublo to national
banks on thn mainland and would
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Ilodgers J. Horges, nn employe nf Z.
W. Qiilnn. tlie pluiuher, was struck by
an aiitoinolillo nnd seriously If not fa
tally hurt shortly utter noon today. The
accident happened In n collision bo-
tucin n inotor cycli'i on which Horges
was riding, and un nutouiobilo driven
by Charles 11. Cottrell, engineer of tho
Kiillhl pumping station.
Wlillo endeavoring to turn Into tho
Kallhl pumping station avenue In hi1)
machine, Oottiell struck tho motor cy
ct". Tho two, machines nolllded so
violently that Horges nnd his inotor
cycle wero dashed to tho road, the
rider receiving two deep cuts In tho
forehead, another on Ills right leg and
several hrultcH In tho chest nnd face.
Cottrell slopped his machine Instantly
nnd went to the assistance of Horges.
In the meantime the neighbors rushed
out of tlelr houses to the scene of the
tieeidi'iit. The unfortunato young man
was sent tu the Queen's Hospital In
the police ambulance. Bergennt Nn
wnhl was present.
According to tlioso who witnessed the
ncclilt'iil, Cottrell was running Ills ma
chine dlnectly at tho rear of tho Kn-llhl-Jjounil
car, when. In turning Into
the pumping station avenue, ho struck
IturM-M, who wis, coming into town. He
was coming In nt full speed, according
to witnesses. ',
Tho police nro Investigating tho ac
cident. Cottrell declares ho Is not to
blame for the accident.
The caso of Y. Tuhnkiiwu vorsus
Ichiro Yuiunmoto, In which Uirrlu
Andrews was attorney for tlio plain
tiff has been discontinued.
Frank Pahla, ndmlnlstrator of tho
eslalo of Mann (w), deceased, filed
lho receipt for Ills claim In full against
tlio etate today.
Claim Fraud In
Signing Pay-Roll
Latest Development In Clean-Up
Day -Confusion Is
Alleged forgery of names on "tlio
pay-rolls of tlio City and County of
Honolulu lo the lutest and must seri
ous development resulting from tlio
controversy over County employ 03
turned over to tlio citizens' ciniuiiU
teo on Clean-up Day.
Tlio apparent forgery was dliuiiv
ered jeBtcrday afternoon when Sup
ervisor Kbcn Low and 1 A. Hermit,
cliulrmnn of the Clean-up Day exe
culUo commlttco, found out that the
name of 'Niinu." ono of tlio njen em
ployed in tlio clean-up work, Is writ
ten on County pay-roll In a signature,
that Is not his own. The discovery
nt once gave rise (n tlio suspicion that
a largo part of tlio County pay-roll
may bo falsified, und that laborers'
names may bo stoned to It by other
Slucc the story wan first nudo pub
lic Low has been working en the enso
and has enlisted tho help ot- Sheriff
Jiirrett. Men liavo been chased up
from the country to explain, tlio rea
son why their names appeared on tho
two pay rolls. Some of theso admit
ted having 'drawn the double, money.
The man named Niinu. who linn
been working down tho country hIiico
that time, according to his own
fitntemcnt, was rounded up by Ijow
and sent to get his pay from the Coun
ty officials. Low necnino Busplclous,
however and rang up Kmll A. Hermit, i tho Mayor and Ham Dwiglit on a tour
Chairman of tho Clean-up Day exo-.of Inspection and thercforo no forth
cutjvo committee. er details could bo obtained us to
Signatures Differ. I what his subsequent Investigations
"When J,ow rang mo up," said Mr. Into tliu case liavo brought to light.
Thlrty-ono Hawaiian teachers, nil In
surgents and all lusurgliig enthusiasti
cally, made up one of the biggest fea
tures of the convention of tlio Nation
al Kducntlon Association nt Han Krun-
Cisco, accnidlng to news' from tho
Tlio Hawaiian delegates Jollied forces
with Mrs. i:ila Klagg Young, the Chl-tbc.st
cngo educator nnd lender of the Insur-
gents, nud nil fought lo down what was
termed an "oligarchy" In control oft
tlio ussoelntlon. That they succeeded
In part Is evident from tho fact that Curler, Mrs. U. Chalmers, Mrs. Chaui
Supcrlntcndcut 1'opu nun made one ot hertuln, Miss !', CoIIIiih, Miss I,. Day,
the directors. Mlss P. Dyke, Mrs. U Krnln. Miss
"We liao been so Impatltnt to get Heusner, Miss A, ".. Dudley, Miss l.oe,
here," explained Miss A. X. Hadley, Miss M. Ladd, W. U. Merrltt, Miss M.
who, u native ot Philadelphia, has had Mobsman, Mrs. I,, a. Marshall, Mrs.
more than twenty years of experience A. Q. Murcalllno, Miss O'ltoiirke, Mrs.
as n t-ucher In the Islands, until she
now refers to suiuiy Hawaii as "home."
"Wo thought we would arrive yes-
terday, but wo had not taken" tlio
weather Into consideration. It was
rutiKh and nasty most of tho time und
That opium has been landed In Ha
waii In largo iiiuntllles during tho List
few months and then sent on lo S.m
Francisco by coasting steamers and
sailing vessels Is the conclusion reach
ed by Federal iiulhorltlcs on the Coast, I
Interesting details of the workings of!
ii. "m.iui.i rim.-." which Is believed to'
bo under probo now by the Federal
. .... -.
,,,v ..,..
Chinese ports und San Francisco liavo
been used for months by certain mem-
berj of tho crews us vehkles for tho
tninsnnrtiitlnn to t 1 s port or opium
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o a
Army aviators contlmio to show
process In the operation of aero
planes ut Cal lego park, near Washington.
Ilcrndt this morning, "I sent my
bookkeeper over with tho list fur com
parlcon. Low looked over this nnd
found out thai Niinu had already sign
ei our list. Ho nsked him what tho
number of his ticket was and ho re
plied "383." Finally ho admitted liav.
Ing signed our payroll.
"Low then mndu him sign his nanio
on it separate slip of n;iHir as he had
u hunch that eor thing was not al
right. Niinu signed It. readily enough
and Uiw found that It corresponded
with the slgnaluio on ottr-llst. He
then compaied it to the signature on
the county payroll but they wero en
tlroly dlffcient. . Nuiiii denied huv
Ing signed any roll hut the Clean
nil ono. As far as Low can ascertain
the Htgnntmo on the 'county roll Is
u forgery and Bonieano.lias djuwn the
two dullorH that were coming along
to Nunu's name. . ,
"1 liavo not heard anything further
In connection with It except that a
thorough Investigation will be mude.
Uiw Is determined to straighten out
evorylldng In connection with the
matter and thero Is no doubt tlmt he
will be nblo to find out who signed the
county roll."
Hbeii Ixjw was not In town today
having gono mound the Island with
moU of us have had the expected 'ex
pcrltiice.' That In all ner. however,
mid now that wc am lii'le, we aro
ready to gut In und iissist Mrs. Young,
und If necessary tight to tlio bitter end.
"Wo feil that the West ought to bo
I well represented In the coming strug
kIc, und Hawaii Is going to do the
It can to bring to un end tho
ullgarehy that has been in control ot
the association for so many years."
Tho Insurgents wero Miss Allen
Hrown, Miss D. ll.irnes, Mrs. r'rcil
I., nosenberg, Mrs. I,. A. Knbey, Mrs,
A, Keif, Mrs. Mary Ik Simpson, Miss
Hpuldlng, Mrs, 1J Ktorm. O. It. Weath-
eibee. Miss Wrlnck, Miss N C, Wong,
George Duncan, Mrs. 1), C. Lindsay,
Mrs, V,. McKay.
HrlR. den. Macomb's tilinH for an
. .i .1 ... . .
n"y "" ",0 wntort t iiero mid
fop snnltnllon work In rnuneetbni wllli
)mt wl ,, oxnmCll ,y t,0 i,thorl -
tlen In Washington, among litem den,
Leonard Wood, und a decision reach-
ml. Tills limy IUKO several months,
It Is believed by army inon hoio.
The local tinny men, tho ton Ho-1
I rial ami lho city and county author!-1
, ties nro all hoping for speedy action
on tho plans. Tho sanitation campaign
of lho territory will ho largely Influ
enced by the plans for tho army post.
Is a Creator
(Associated Press C.iMn.)
SAN DIEOO, Cal July 19 Ground
was broken today for the Panama-
California Exposition, which Is sched
uled to be held from January I to De
comber 31, 1915, to' celebrate the com-
pletion or mo r-nma yanai.
President Taft pressed a button In
the White House today, and simulta
neously the exposition flag" In this city
were unfurled and the ground-breaking
ceremonies began.
(Special Hullo tin CuM.t
CARDIFF, Wales, July 19. Tho coal
workers have decided to tie up the port
until the seamen's Union is recognized
by the shipowners.
NEXT FOR KNlhE,roo' ,",v b,,n "nl PP" "
j bandits In Lower California. Since the
(Hpeclal Hut let) u Cable.)
s CLEVELAND, O., July 19. Four of
ficiate of wallpaper firms have been In
dicted for allegod violation of the Sher
man anti-trust law.
(S'neclll Itulte'tlii CnhlO
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 19. The
government has asked Mexico to pro
tect the Americans of Lower Califor
nia in view of alarming conditions
(Hnivlal llullptin Cnble.1
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 19. serve In u general way ror inu pro
Senator John D. Works of California tectlon or all kinds nf food, Is believed
spoke today In the Senato In favor of. ,.,,.. ... .,, cUv nnd rolmty
the Canadian reciprocity agreement.
HAN FRANCISCO, July 19. Heels:
8S analysis, 12s 4d ; parity, 4 Clc. Pre
vious limitation, lis. 'Jll-til.
James Collins, u Hrltish subject
supposedly temporarily Insane, com
mlttid sulcldo by Jumping from the
deck of tlio Cauadlnii-Austrullan liner
Zeal.indla n few days utter that vessel
had sailed from Sdney, N. S. V,
route to Suva and Honolulu.
Such wus tho report made by Cup
tnln Philips anil his olllcers to tliu
newspaper nun who boarded Ills vessel
as shu lay ut the Alukea whurf upon
in rl nl last evening. "
Collins hud been under police sur-
lllunce ut tlio New South Wales me-
trupolls pending the dtparturu of the STOWAWAY tHUM bUVtt
.eal.inilla. On the day or sailing he llcl n urnr ny nnj ipe
was placed un board that vessel nnd HtLU htnL DI TUI-IUC
was under lock and key until tho liner "
had passed well outside the Heads. j , Geros, said to bo u subject of
Collins was thin given his liberty, It franco, was pulled off tho steamship
being claimed that ho was a deporteo -ualniiUIti last night und Is hold here
ami was to be dllcrcd to the author- ,lt t,0 ocll police station lis u stow
Itles at Victoria Immediately upon or- Wily, There Is also n story out to
rival ut the llrltl.sh Columbian port. 1 1, effect that (leros has 'some con
Ills ucllpns, ulillu humowliat peeu- pectloii wllh it mysterloua murder ut
liar, did nut cause an unusual vlgllancu hv11
to be used, One uvenhig ho was seen eros was turned over to the lm-
to pace the deck displaying .extreme niluriitlon iiutliorltles Iieru us a Stow-
agltiillon. llefuro tliu few steamship
olllcers who wero on the lower deck of
.. , -. i 1...1 1.1.. i..
.l"'"1'cll,'r' llr"l'l'ed Into the seelhlng
Hl'llH '"ll1 "1,H '"st ,0 lo,v Although
lho ship was put about, all efforts to
uiui uie man wero mimici-canim,
Tha caso of K. Kanuinl, K. Yama-
moto.'K. Okl nnd II, Kobayashl, trus-
tees against Wllllnni Henry. High
Sheriff or Hawaii, was discontinued
this morning by Uirriu Andrews, nl-
toruey for plnlutlrfs,
of Impressions
Sugar Official
Denies Control
A.inoc!altt Pr
NEW YORK, N. Y., July 19. Waihington D. Thomat, chairman of the
board of director of the American Sugar Refining Company, continued hii
laitlmnnw inrlaw katitra tlia ansplal onMrnltlnai inuaillitiiinn III a 1 1 f n ft (1 illnir
trul. Thomas declared emphatically
-. i . monooolv. Aecordinu to
than one-half the refined augar, of Amirlca.
(AnniK'laleil '(sh Cable.)
LONDON, Eng, July 19. It la announced here that the deaths from
plaguo in India har reached the enormouj total of 650,630 In aix months.
(Arteoclutrrl Prfftft ChIiIa.) I
SAN DIEGO, Cal.. July 19 Mexican)
war, the bandita have become numer-,
out and bold. I
blanket ordinance." ileslcned lo
I ....
health and sanitation committee to be
Impracticable. Kuch was tlio sentl-
Jimnt expressed by Supervisor MeClel-
luli at a meeting ni the lio.inl last e en
lug. MiClcllun cluluied that the drafting
of a ciiinprchcnshe measiiro had re
sulled In failure when attempted by a
former board. According to present
plans. It Is the Intention to draw up a
series of perhaps four different ordl-
nances, one to apply to the protection
John Itadin, tho veteran huckmnn,
whose, stand Is on King near lort
Htreet. Is the latest candidate for a
inediil as the champion honest man of
'the Islands. Iluillii picked up 500 In
l"L ""'" "" """ "
gold and greenbacks yesterday ut Iwl-
lei, and nlthough ho could have slipped
I iilmself a few slices on the roll ho re-
u0 is ijp)i)1, .icmlned nt tho
. 0 K,atin uwnB tho arrival of
WIMIJI " " "-. -- "- ..-
tlio steaiuslilp Makuru from vim-
ouver, on which ho will bo deported
Suva, whence ho came.
His father Is a shlnnluir contractor
linU m1(lol. 8llVtt 0,.r0ll tlllkoJ
fn,cly t()(mv at tho ,)olco Btat0,
wlen ,,,.,1 whether ho knew ot any
murder case before ha left Suva for
llilu nnrl lm ,.p,.,ii,tir miuwArixl In tlm
,7"JU0, . ., ,,,,,,
oh- no" '' B" ll "Btonlsh ugly. "I
Iim " yonB I" lu such 11 thing. If
yuu want to know nboiit my conduct
you can.eusily llud It out by cabling
pflii ?nM'.)
that the American Sugar defining Com
hit testimony, tho company make leas
ssi i m
DOUGLAS, Ariz., Jury 19. Follow
.0dir to surrender their arms, mar-
l l.w has bean declared at Aaua
Prieta, across the Mexican line from
of meats, nnotlicr for fish, another moro
suitable for fruit ttalls, und n last bill
lo do with bakery goods.
Tho ordhmnco providing for the pro
tection of-certnln foodstuffs from dust,
dirt, contamination by Hies nnd other
Insects, which has been In the hands
of health nud sanitation experts nnd
late) In the committee, was passed
upon by City and County Attorney
The measure still stands In need of
sumo minor corrections und niniinl
ments before It will go before the
board ns a completed net und come up
for passage on llrst reading and to
ferred to find tliu rightful owner of lho
miniature foituiie.
,(uimi fi)um) (o ln01R1. n u n!1)11,
bag. It Is said, und Is ready to return
u ns roou as uio owner upi-vuio ..
proves that It Is his or her propirty,
Identlllc.itlon will have to bo compute.
mU ,au- .. k, Is anxious to see
tlitat the coin goes back where It b
to lay father, who Is well known In
(Jems Is twenty-three years of uge,
and says ho came hero, not us 11
ctowuwuy, but under tho impression
that he would get employment on
board the KenlntidU. "I loft Suva in
the Zealaiulla on the promise of my
friend, who assured me that ho could
get a Job for uio oil board the steam
er," lie continued. "Hut to my mr
prlsc, when I boarded tliu Btealner,
I found that lio was not on board
That put 1110 In trouble nnd I am de
tained hero to be deported to where
I canto from," he concluded, lie
speaks the Kiigllsh language tlueully
sa 1
Agent A. J. Campbell of the Terri
torial Hoard or Immigration left nn
the Wllhelmlna this morning for the
Coast, and will go direct to Kuropo to
arrange ror the sleamerload or Immi
grants that Is coming In November As
published by the H'u 1 1 o 1 1 11 yester
day, the Hrltish ship Wlllcsdcn has
been cluirteied tu bring 1600 Kuro
pcaus heie In the full.
w.eUy Hulletla 11 per ar.
There It an Irresistible something
lliat ! getting Into the contclence of
people and that la forcing them to de
mand the straight thing on the part of
everybody with whom they transact
business. BULLETIN advertisers are
John D. Sprcckcls Tells Inves
tigating Committee of Sit
uation Here.
Toslifies That Hawaiian Hold
ings of Himself ami Adolph
Amount to Less Than Ono
Million Dollars,
( Special n u 1 1 e 1 1 u Corrrnpomlenre )
sugar Intestigatlun being nomliicted
by the House special committee, of
which Itcpresentatlvo Hnrdwlck N
chairman, resumes operalloiia -July 10.
A jiolnt Is expected to lio leached
within a few das when mil'crs of
Interests lo lluwiill will dewiop.
Judge S. M. llAlloii. i.f llnw.-ill, li
u regular attendant at nil session!)
of tho committee, but 'fcas taken no
tiart. In -the oy'i'iU.'slioiJiiJj.'ffiiiiUUi
John 1), Spreckem; wf.on appearing
before tho committee made name
statements regarding his Interests In
Hawaii. He wild Hie plNiters nf thn
Hawaiian Islands own tho Califurul.i-'
Hawaiian Hii.iar refinery qt Ciockett,
California. 2S miles fry in San l'ran
cisco. It Is known tin Ihu F.u.tor
Coinpany. Ho was not :i iiiemlier nf
the coinpany, ho said. Its capiclty
runs abm;t S01 tons n day. Its provi
dent Is It. P. Hlthet. Ho lestined tint
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(Kpulal It tl 1 1 e U ll CoriosIiotl'L'tu'?.)
WASHINGTON. D. ('.. July (5
Much Interest Is inanlf -sled here III
the announcement received tluouiili
couiHiUr advices that Hawaiian capi
talists are nreiiared to i rect a million-
dollar augur rellnery at San Carlos,
Occidental Negrns, In the Philippine Is
land. It will be tti.i llrst enl.iblli.ll
ment of Hint kind In thi nrchlpelar;i.
rne uuiiuai capucuy win no u,""u
In iiililltlmi tu the rednerv. l.iri-e
Kill, lit Will l, HVIl, tllll'.l fllP I'lllllllllllll?
a '.'0-nillii tramway nud In building
vcean wharves.
Tho plantations In tin. K.m Carlo!
district now furnish from lll.OOU in 11,- '
000 tons of raw sugar n year.
Kills McCaudless, an Ann r lean liv
ing on King streit a little In lo 1,1
lllia, attempted lo commit suicide this
morning by Jumping from n sis'hihI
stury window. Ho wus pot badly Jmrt
und Is being held at the police statlun,
where his mental condition will l ex
amined Into. It wus llrst reported tli.it
he was badly hurl, but tills proved to
be Incorrect Ho Is a mlildle-aged man
nud said lo lm a sign-painter.
Keep This For
The Game
Datteries for today's game, Kelos vs.
I Chinese! Keios Fukoda nnd Miyaka.
Chinese Apau and Chi Dul.
Line-up and batting orderi
Sasaki, is.
Sing Hong, rf.
En Sue, cf.
Ayau, as.
Akana, lb.
Chi Bui, c.
Kan Yen, If.
L. Tin,' 3b.
Asam, 2b.
Apau, p.
Karkl, 2b.
Mlyaka, c.
1Takahama, cf.
Koyama, rf.
Hi 00. If.
Kusakl, 3b.
Fukuda, p.
IshlPawa, 1b.
Umpires Bower and Mayne.
, r
, A ...
Iri I- Ji4f )kjh' Ata'AJfem-lVaatttil -itt? 1
l.r-'italMliallalni a' tfJeSftTifiaeaiii'i ''M i' i"i UUltfii't11-'- -
uSkJmiwmLjMisMc'. .M

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