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-, A 't
, The Toyo KUcn Knlslm liner Clilyo
Marn through (lie oss'.stanco of wlro
less whs enabled to kocp In touch with
the const of Japan for a considerable
dlntnnco on the, voynqe to Honolulu.
Through the courtesy of Purser W. A,
Chnpmnn, the follow'ng dispatches
were placed at the disposal of tho
local newspaper rep'etentntlves.
Glasgow, July 13. Admiral Togo
' arrived here today and met with an
enthusiastic welcome. He visited the
dock yards and drove two rivets In
n big steamer which Is being con
structed there
- Toklo, July 14. H. 1. H. tho Crown
I'rlnco Is going to Hokkaido, July
17lh. Ho expects to visit Formosa in
the autumn.
' Washington, July 1?. Tho Ambas
sadors of Japan and Ilussla have left
Washington to avoid the heatof. sum
mer, this will delay their negotiations
In regard to the four power loin.
' Cairo, July 13. Sir Nogalst (T),
died hcrottoday. He was the Drltlsh
Itcsldent General and Consul General
to Kgypt.
Parts, July 14. All physicians nra
on gtrlko here.
TBiiruga, July 14. 78 members of
the Kusslan Commission will leave
1 here today.
(llasgow, July 14. Admiral Togo
has had many visitors.
mites of salt water."
The Clilyo Alurn passenger were
Informed a few mornings ago under
n Glasgow date line that "Admiral
Togo Is to much busy by tho visit
ors." Again from New York came the
startling wireless Intelligence that
"The day by day veiy hot the tem
perature Is over 90. Mont lower clash
es of people are suffering about the
defect of water. It I? Investigate by
this authority that cause come from
to buy of the well trust."
In tho arbitration nuestlon, Hash!
mura waxeth eloquent In his delinea
tion of the details of tho compact by
stating "Tho reformed Anglo-Japaneso
treaty has been published, hence the
treaty will contlnuo for ten years.
The renewal treaty It Is essential
palnUwhlch Bcrape off tho part of re
lative of the Korea."
There la a young and budding ge
nlus on board tho Toyo Klscn Knlshn
liner Clilyo Morn, enrolled with tho
thlp'a company, whosj literary efforts
would bring broad grins of delight to
tho editor of tho "funny" column on
most any mainland newspaper.
Ilnshlmura, for that Is not Ills
name, bad bron placed In chargo of
the wlrelcBs bulletiua received on
hoard tho big tranB-Paclflc steamer on
the voyage from Yokohama to Hono'
Much to the amusement of some
two hundred cabin passengers who
were subscribers to the leaflet, the
efforts of llashlimira In attempting to
secure a strangle hold upon the Eng
lish language almost proved the down
fall of tho "newspaper with a circu
lation covering over three- thousand
Not even the news that sugar had
Jumped to 4.3G cents yesterday could
shake loose the buying orders on the
local market, the threat of tariff revt
sion hanging like n cloud over phew
pectlvo Investors. Tho market Is
strong nnd brokers prophesy a boom
Jut ns soon as the newH comes that
tarlfl revision has been shelved for tho
time being" providing It docs come.
Uoml rules were the feature of tho
market today, Mctlrydo sixes selling
strongly at 96.25, nnd 115,000 of Wnla-
lua lives going at' -00.50. Olaa is
stronger than yentcrday, nnd Pioneer
ndvances from 205 to' 20C.G0. Hcveral
blocks of Mcllryde changed hands at
6.50. Hawaiian Commercial dropped
on a quarter or a point, selling today
at 38 even. Tanjong Olok rubber sold
at 3f..
There was little activity on the board.
Wnlalua was strong, two small blocks
being sold at 112.H0.
'Mrs.'d. It, (laylcr, wife of I.letit.
0. It. Claylor, U. S. Naval Engineer,
arrived this morning on the Makuin
from Seattle. Mrs. Gayler Is accom
panied by her two children, mother
nnd rather, Mr. and Airs. David l(ou
crts, and her rlster.MIss Roberta.
Tho entire party came direct from
Alabama stopping only at Ilritlsli l
ulmbla to view Ihn awe-inspiring
rcenory of the great northwest.
They had a most enjoynble sea
trip, tilled with pleasure every min
ute of the way. All are completely
overwhelmed with iho wonders nnd
beauty of Honolulu nnd will make t
two months visit ncrc, except .Mrs,
(laylcr who will remain with her hus
band and children Indefinitely.
Blank books of all sorts, ledgers,
etc., manufactured by the Bulletin
Publishing Companr
Two more arrests, making a total
of four altogether, woie mado yester
day ulternoon In connection with the
breakliig-iip of the opium ring discov
ered on the steamer Arlzonan. Quar
termaster George M. Curtis was ur
rested when the steamer reached
Hlto and Chung Souck, a Chinaman,
was also placed In the cooler with the
Assistant United States Attorney
W. T. Itawtlns was on tho go all yes
terday and has done some exception
ally clever detcctlvo work. He Is
credited with being tho one through
whose efforts the (list "news waa
Tho story of the arrest of the first
two men, Winkler and Dawning, reads
like tho pages of n "shocker." Haw
litis got wind of tho attempted run
nnd ptnyed tho part of tho pleulli. He
followed them for hours through the
city whllo they were trying to dis
pose of the.oplum. He lunched at tho
next table to them at tho Union Grill
and nvcrhcnrd somo of their plans.
Later, after ho had seen Iho opium
passed to the Chinese, ho went aboard
and arrested both men. Tho Investi
gations nrc being continued today and
somo further arrests tiro exacted In
connec'lon with llieni.
Tho case which arose over tho
bringing from FIJI of tho Indian llrc
wnlker Klssnn Das and In which
Georgo II. Mnyne claims dnmnges
against the Canadian-Australian line
of steamers has reached an Interest
ing point' The continued hearing was
supposed to be comldg on soma time
this week and at the Inst moment At
torney Lorrln Andrews, who is look
ing after tho case for Maynp, found
that the principal und witnesses had
Muyne went to Maul some little
time ago with John Grunt, who
brought the Indian over, and Herbert
G. Browne, ontuof the Important
witnesses In the case. From there
the party went to Hllo nnd that was
the last that was heard of them by
Andrews. Advices received In Hono
lulu state, however, that Grant and
Browno left for San Francisco lust
week. Nothing was mentioned about
Maync, but It Is thought that ho has
also gone to the mainland.
What Is going to happen now with
the principal and nil the witnesses
Real Irish Laces
gone It Is hard to say As fur as Is
known they urn coining back, but
when Is another mutter.
Dlscuo at Hnnnlel, particularly the
"white plnguo" Is fait sweeping off
the Hawaiian resident theie, accord
ing to n well-known Kauai man who
arrived In tho steamer W. (1. .Hull on
Its Inst trip.
Health Agent Frank Conk, n Ho
nolulu mnn.Jins met with n good ileal
of opposition In his efforts to Im
prove the sanitary situation hecauo
tho Kauai people rcVent a Honolulu
man being sent to their Island to do
the work.
Cook is nlso sevcrrly criticised by
some of the Kami people on tho
ground that he Is negligent In his
duties. Ills work Is now under In
vestigation, nccordlng to, tcpnrtx. lo
cally, Cook la regarded as efficient.
The coiltrnctnrH and naval engineers
i.Tlinftcit 1,1 Ktnrt ilrlvhi'. tiling In llin
Hour of the l'earl Harbor dryduek thin!
Week, but did not get the preliminary
preparation In readiness. As they bad
n few hundred piles ui hand, the en
gineer wero nnxlous to have them
drlyeii before the nirlviii of tho cargo
of piles from tho ('oust, due to reach
here about the twenty-ninth of this
month, but It looks now as If they will
not be ready until the latter part of
next week.
A scow now bclng.rnnMrucled, ,npoh
which to mount another pile-driver,
wilt bo launched In about two weeks,
and when fully equipped will proceed
to tho drydoek to nmilt In tfie big tusk
of driving 9000 piles Into the bottom !
flooring of tho dock. Klght fi-et of the
piles will bo allowed to remain nbovo
the hnrhor bottom, upon which concrete
will be poured III hi ill.niH Immediate
ly following the ilrlvln ; nml pinning,
about CO feet behind,
The body of u man, tied securely In
u heavy burlap bug, was found float
ing in the Oswego canal at I'liocnlx,
N. Y.
Joel II. White wn fined $. and
costs on a charge of having horse
whipped two young girls, In the 'south
Norwalk court.
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