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15 ,
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co.,
Limited '
Statement of Condition, June 30, 19II
Cash on hand ami In lmnk.. 88,708.07
ISoiiil .1 14,767.50
Henl estate ....:,..'. 2t.074.18
Stocks and other. Investments 47,305.23
Mortgages seemed by real
(Mtate i.c C6.493.C0
l.onnH, demand and time .... 345,075.08
Furniture and fixtures 4,000.00
Accrued Interest receivable. 3,027.05
Territory of Hawaii
) us.
City nnd County of Honolulu)
I, A. N. Campbell, Treasurer of the Henry Waterhouse Trust Co, Ltd.,
do fcoh-innly swear that tha 'above statement Is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
Subscribed rind sworn "to before me this 1st day of July, A. D. 1911.
Notary Public, First Judicial Circuit.
4904 July 3, 5, 22; Aug. 15; Sept. 10.
Loan, discounts ami over
drafts ; 33,128.015.96
Ilonds 680,964.17
Dunk premises and fixtures 108,650.00
Ileal ustato : 7,X)1C.S2
Customers' liabilities under
letters of credit 144.078.CC
.Cash and duo from banks.. 1,311,594.47
Other assets i 2,366.40
I. P. BT DAMON, Cashier, do solemnly
best of my knowledgo and belief.
Kinmlned und found corrects-
) Directors
Subscribed and Hworn to before m
4977 July 15, 18, 22, 25j 29 . Notary
Hawaiian Trust
Statement of Resources &
On hand 116,016.95
In bank 61,012.21
In bank ns trusteo 20,515.73
In bank (ro es
tates) 32,199.28
In agents' hands., 22,428.37
Ilonds 49,003.25
Blocks In other corporations. 32,295.00
Kial estnto 42,046.60
Oltlco furniture nnd futures. 4,992.04
Ixnns, demand und time.... 162,501,60
Accounts due us at Interest,. 11,925.67
General .accounts due us,... t.-3,687,70
Assets other 'than' thoso'spo- ' -clfled
above 3,717.05
Territory of Ilnwnll,
Island of Oalui
I. Louis Abrams, Secretary of Hawaiian Trust Company, Limited, do sol
emnly swear that tho above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge
und belief. '' LOUIS' AHIIAM8.
' " Secretary,
Subscribed nnd sworn to before me this 7th day of July, A. D. 1911.
Ili:.'J. L. MAItX,
v Notary Public, First Judicial Circuit, Territory of Hawaii.
Merchant Stroot
1494 EMMA 8TREET TaUphoh Z4M
A natural method of rocovtry from
bodily dltordtrs ladin and gentlomon.
Phono'2467 or call at 176 . King 6L
E. O. HALL A 80N,' LTD.
King and Fort 8tt, HONOLULU
Hardware, Palntt and Oils, Ship
chandlery, Stovet, Croekory, GUiswaro
. and Kitchen Utonillii 8portlng Goods,
Gun, Revolvers apd Ammunition,
Subscribed 200,000.00
50 paid In...',., , $190,000.00
Shareholders' lia
bility 100,000.00
Undivided profits 93,580.44
Trust and ngency accounts,. 394,012.26
Utber liabilities 853.71
Capital paid up ....I 000,000.00
Surplus and profits 563,174.25
Pension fund 33,229.62
Deposits 4,039,446.19
Letters of credit outstand
ing 143,9(4.42
Dividends uncalled for . ... 1,352.00
swear that the above Is true to the
P. 11. DAMON. Cashier.
Ilf II. WALKEIt. Auditor.'
this lstiday of July,1 1911.
, -.J. D. .MARQUES, f
ibllo. First Judicial Circuit, T. II.
Liabilities, June 30,1911
Capital fully paid up $200,000.00
Trust nnd ngency accounts.. 167,845.8
Undivided prollts ,... 93,525.67
Supplies & Repairing
Associated Garage
von Hamm-Young
Co., Ltd.
Pioneer tad leaden in
the Automobile Buiineu
Agent for such well-known can
as Packard, Pope-Hartford, Btevens
Duryea, Cadillac, Thomas Flyer,
Bulck, Overland, Baksr Electric, and
Most remarkable and unexpected ad
vances In the price of sugar have oc
curred In the last two weeks, and these
have served to strengthen tlio sugar
stock market but, not Increase the ac
tlvlty. "
The cause for tha sharp advance Is
found In tha present condition of tho
European beet crop. The reports from
Europe ure very similar to those of
1903, when the falling off In weight and
sugar content created a condition that
gnve Hawaii u most prosperous year.
Information, from the ct of 'private
rources Is that the beets are off In
weight nnd tha leaves have been at
tacked by pests. Just what the re
sult will be no one can forecast, as
the crop Is now at that period of Its
growth when n comparatively few fa
vorable days will change the situation
materially. Tho outlook Is good
enough for high prices next year to.
, . . L , . . ,
give heart to the speculators, whd ore.
nl-o profiting by tho fact that the Cu-
ban irop Is harvested and tho refiners
are having to buy outside sugars to
satisfy the demnnd at a time when the
fruit season Is nt Its height.
No Tariff Change.
Danger of any Immediate change In
the tariff on Rigar has passed,
announcement that Congress had set
August 7 ns the date for adjournment
tnflkfM, rrtnlit ttidt nnthlnir further
than Canadian reciprocity nnd possibly ina ot Juvu8 or otlier distant sugars
the wool schedule will be dealt with,0 an. lvunco over BKjt isolations,
during" the extra session of Congress, especially for October-December nr
And the sentiment Is growing that the rlvuls expecting that supplies will
regular session," which gets down to then be so abundant us not to war-
business early In the year, will not' se
rlously threaten the sugar schedule,
which Is one ot tho most Important
revenue producers.
Labor Situation.
Local plantation conditions were nev
er better thrin today, though from some
sections comes n complaint ot u short
age of labor. Culls for labor have been
ever present. It Is true that moro
labor could be tised-and somo planta
tions aru almost pinched. This Is duo
to the Increasing demand of all Indus
tries. Tho pineapple Industry Is using
n great deal of labor at present. In
the Kona district tho.coffco and tha tb-
.bncco crops tnko labor from tho sugar
fields. And cotton Is coming to tho
front. All these new Industries re
quire labor, and they draw upon "tho
surplus" of the sugar Industry,
"lr.i, I,. ih.i Jh -. in.i,..i. I.,.-
1 . -
no surplus.
u..l.a d !....
mrr.ii nvvivmi
Conditions li, the world's markets ns
shown by tho latest sucnr circulars
Cause for Adtunce.
Wlllett & dray,, for July C, says:
Last week we quoted prompt and
next month's beets at lis und noxt
crop nt, 10s 4'jd.
This week the quotations aro Us 9d
for July, lis 3d for August, Us 2',41
for new crop Oct.-Dec.
We have cabled especially for ex
planations of this sensational advance,
unlooked for at this time. F. O. Llcht
continues to report favorably on the
beet crop conditions In Germany, but
It would seem as If other countries
must havo experienced a drawback
In some way. Rumors ot purchases
of beets by our rellners uro "heard, but
not confirmed. It Is significant that
cane' sugar, Juva, also advanced for
the week from lis 9d to 12s Cd, In
dicating some Influence on the mar
ket apart from the beet crop. Busi
ness here Is paralyzed for the mo
ment only two transactions made to
the Federal yesterday at basis ot
4.05c, 96 test, raising spot centrifu
gals to this quotation, against 3.98c
last week. There Is on almost entire
nbsenco ot offers to soil, and It will
be somo days , before business wilt
come to a settled basis, and doubtless
at a lilghor level.
Cuba crop news Is unchangod as to
outturn of present crop and extremely
favorable as to tho prospects for the
growing crop, Much moro rain has
fallen on tho crop this season than
during the corresponding tlmo lust
year, nnd plantings are large.
Our Java cable Increases that crop
estlniato about 35,000 tons.
Otlier sugar-producing countrloa
make no change.
U. S. Four Ports receipts about the
same as meltings. Stock in the U.
S. and Cuba together 410,093 tons.
against 431,513 tons laBt week and
G2C,26n toiiH Inst year.
The last Philippine crop outturned
126,854 tons, of which 116,346 tons
have been exported, ugalnst 98,000
tons exports this year to July 1st.
This season's crop Is estimated at
,160,000 tons, very much below the
(limit of Imports free of duty into
the U. S. say 300,000 tons.
Several cargoes of Philippine sugars
for shlpmont havo beou sold to Eu
ropean speculators for resale to Amer
ican refiners, In due courso. Particu
lars of these sales nro withhold, but
undei stood to bo 'rather higher than
basis 3.25c for 88' polarization,
Itecent offerings of Jnvu sugars
have been withdrawn for much higher
prices than the 10s 9d c. & f, nt which
there were Boilers not long slnco.
It Iiuh not yet developed whothqr
our ronnors have secured oven a few
cargoes of Java thus far.
The closo Is very strong, with n
certainty of advancing prices.
As we go, to press we have received
the following cable from Loudon In
reply to our Inquiry:
"Market affected by beet crop re
ports; excited with strong speculative
demand; think price's are ton high to
last." J
The same Journal , In Its Issue of
June 29, snld:
Itnws. The undertone of the mar
ket lias been strong throughout the
Tho heavy business done nt Uio
close of last week, basis of 2c c.
& f. or 3.98c landed, covered 700.000
to 900,003 bags, or nbout three weeks'
supply, and naturally the refiners
have since thought It best to sit still.
Some holders who did not take ad
vantage of the opportunity to veil tiro
.iin , ,t ., ' . ,
now willing to accept tho same price,
., nM ". , ' . '., '
,. , ' ,, "V "". ' . ' .
they will obtain as favorable or better
One feature of the weilc Is the re
ported sale of Philippine sugars for
June-July shipment ut "market price
day of arrival"; If the sugar arrles
early In September the chances faor
n market price mgiier man me pres
ent one.
Heflnors refuse to consider offer-
runt higher prices,
The present Cuba crop will be prac
tically all absorbed by October 1st,
und the principal new crops which
will be available later in tho year ure
the Java cane and Kuropean beet
crops; prospects of the European
crop arc, at present, not all that
could be desired; reports aie. receled
of continued droughts In several Im
portant sections of Germany, Austria
und Russia, also damage done by in
sects; when drought Is experienced In
September, uftor the plants have ob
tained n good growth und leaves cover
the ground, the effect Is more good
than harm, but when It-comes In .Juno,
before ' tho plants are well rooted,
there Is danger of much damage, nnd
It may ''bo Impossible to make a good
crop In such sections, tho chance of
' even a fair ernn thftrp iletinmllni? nn
the weather which follows: In most
. 4 J 1
localities, However, tno crop is mnK-
Ing favorable progress, according to
f - " -. m i . ,
our cuuie nawcea iron. . u. l-icni.
B,0;K8 "' '"J8"13 aro larK' uul
uiHuwiieru in r.uruiu ino ibiuiu biiuwh
only a moderate Increase over last
year's figures, nnd In view of the com
plaints from tho beet growers, hold
ers and speculators, ure advancing
prices Instead of showing weakness;
one renson given by London corre
spondents for this firmness Is their
belief that American refiners will bo
obliged to Import ruw boot sugar bo
fore long, becnuso Java offerings ure
neglected. ''
Beet quotations opened after tho
coronation holidays nt 10s 9d, nnd
have Advanced to lis for June, July
and August delltcry, white new crop
for October-December advanced to
10s 4d, tho latter being the parity of
4,18c for centrifugals at New York
In Java sugars no business is actu
ally reported here, but there are un
confirmed rumors ot .sale to an out
port rellner ut 10s 9d (4.08c) forllrst
half July shipment. European specu
lators hure bought two Java 'cargoes
at 10s 9d, nnd holders .are now usk
Ing lis c. & f. for first, half July,
10s lOVid c. & f. for July and 10s 9d
for August shipment; only about
twelve churters for steamers ,for Java
cargoes are reported, but thero Is
time yet to secure lurgo shipments In
August for October urrlval.
On tho London murket Javns ad
vanced 3d from Us Cd to Us 9d
"floating lundlng."
In Cuba eight centrals are still
grinding when weather permits; nil
reports ngree thnt the prospects of
the next crop are most favorable,
With a largo Increuso In plantings
and Ideal growing, weather conditions
thus fqr.
'In Louisiana welcome rains Im
prove tho prospects of tha new crop.
At the closd tho market Is strong,
with Indications of prices working up
closer to the European parity ns we
approach the end ot;,tho supply of
Cuba sugurs for tho season.
Kona Tobacco.
Hawaii's banner crop of tobacco is
being harvested, nnd ft.s stated thnt
quite a number of school children In
tho Konn district aro profitably em
ployed In gathering tho leaf,
Hackfeld & Co, by whom tlio Kona
Tobacco Company enterprise was
originally financed, will continue us
The Koim district bus every advant
age ot u tobacco-raising country, nnd
moro too, nccordlng to experts who
have looked over the ground, nnd ac
cording to these sume experts tho
Kona tobacco compares more than fa
vorably with thnt grown elsewhere.
The tobacco heretofore raised has
been In tho lino ot experiment, but
tho present crop Is to bo made a test
crop for commercial purposes, and
the outcome will be watched with
considerable, Interest. At the piescnt
time there Is every prospect of great
Taxing Authorities.
In tho case offTax Assessor Wilder
versus the Hawaiian Trust Company,
tiding ns trustee fur tho estate of the
late (Icorge Ualbralth, nnd In which
the assessor sought to levy Income
taxes on the trust company on he
count of the funds It held for the
Wirlous annuitants uf the estate, Jus
tices Kobertson, Perry nnd Do Holt
banded down a decision to tho effect
tint the Income tux on tho unnulty
Is assessable against the annuitant
and' not ngnlnst thu trust company
acting as trustee. The Justices cited
the fnct thut if the amount could be
ussessed against the trusteo the an
nuitant would also have to pay It
tigaln when he received his annuity
and was assessed for tho income.
llnlt-l Street Widening.
Widening Hotol Btreet wbero It
passes through the center of town
was a chief topic of discussion dur
ing the week. There seems to be n
general agreement to tlioinovo from
property owners as well as all others
Interested In. Improving the city. The
main feature of the widening proposi
tion is tho slicing off of the projection
between Port street nnd the liowi
building occupied by the Pushlon sa
loon. This would affect tho corner
Rtore occupied by Culman nnd the
Manhattan restaurant. This prop
erty is owned by the James Camp
bell estate.
It Is further proposed to slice off
u piece from tho buildings on the
upper sldo of Hotol street, between
Port and Union, streets. Whllo theso
plans are on foot there is also a prop
osition being revived to close Union
street nnd extend , Illshop street
through. This", It Is stated, meets
with tho views of property owners
who will be affected.
Relieving that the work of moving
tho structure known "as tho l'nhu
knlna school building, that now oc
cupies tho lot whereon Is to bo erect
ed tho Carnegie library, can bo done
for less money thnn was named In
the bids, the County Supervisors have
rejected all bids that wore offered.
It Is possible that the Supervisors
will take thu work Into their own
Active work at tho Pearl Harbor
drydock Is expected to bo soon under
way. During tho time that work has
been partially suspended, awaiting n
decision on the scheme for tho bed
mt !: .IaaI j !. I ah lalrt nffvWtll n I
of material has-been nrrlvlng at the
linntiA nn,l mnHa la nn tit A tunv Trifl
imiw.. ....u ...u.c u.. . M. ..
steamship M. S. Dollar, nn arrival
early In tho week, brought a largo
consignment for both the drydock and
to fortifications, nnd renewed ac
tivity ran be looked for In thnt sec
tion Bhortly. '
Land Drawing.
Twelve applications wcro put In for
tho homesteads contnlned In the land
division covering North nnd South
Kohalu, und the drawing took plnco
on Monday. Five out of tho twelve
wero lucky.
Tlio second drawing was held Tues
day morning, and was for lands In
the second land division, covering
North und South Konn. Thero were
thirty-two lots put up, but only thir
teen applications, so that each appli
cant got a lot.
The Wednesday drawing was for
lands In tho Kuit district, comprising
nearly one hundred lots, with about
sixty applicants. The drawing on
Thursday was for lots In the Puna.
Hllo and llamakua division, and
brought out more applications than
there wero lots, 129 being the lucky
number In this drawing.
Friday's drawing was for lnnd In
the fifth division on the Islands of
Maul and Molokal. There were llfty
threc applicants.
Work nt KnhnlaL
Construction on'the Knhulul break
water Is going abend" as rapidly ns
the conditions will permit. Over sixty
men nro employed on this mole, thnt
Is throwing n protecting urm around
the Kahulul harbor, nnd It Is expect
ed tbnt not many weeks will elapse
before Its completion. This work Is
being carried on under the supervl
slon ofJ. N. 8. Williams. The rock
tor this work Is obtained a few miles
nut from Kahulul, and Is said to bo
equal to that used In tho construction
of tho big mole at Hllo.
Coffee Shipments.
CofTeo trade, in small war, Is still
holding good, nnd tho demand for
Kona coffee Is Increasing. Nearly
every vessel that touches on the Komi
s!dvot Hawaii brings to port n ship
ment of coffee. Friday of lost week
the Malum Loa brought in two thou
sand sneks, but this amount failed to
satisfy tho demand. Thero Is a rumor
that the coffco producers aro short
of help for tho picking this year.
Tho Metropolitan Mont Compnny Is
about to add n number ot sanitation
Improvements to Its mnrket nn King
street. It has decided to screen tho
whole front ot the Bhop us n preven
tion against the llles nnd other In
sects. A further Improvement con
templated will be tho Installation of
u largo Mute glass refrigerator, thnt
Good Old
Guckenheimer Pure
Bottled in Bond
Wo Deliver to Any Part of tho City
Alke and Queen Street
Rainier Beer
Telephone 2131
will net 'as u nhow counter for me its,
from which cuts will bo taken .'if or
dyrcd by tho purchaser. This, lr suc
cessful, will bo followed by other
glues-enclosed counters.
Fruit Fl; Fight.
A committee from the Hoard of
Health and tho health committee from
tho Hoard of Supervisors lime been
getting together on n scheme to wage
wur on tho Mediterranean fruit lly.
In forming thu campaign much viiluti
utile heli was given by KiilouiologhU
Ehrhurn. Tho plan outlined so far
Is to commence with gathering nil
decayed mid rotten fruit, tho sume to
be burned under tho dlreit supervi
sion of nil olllcor from tho health de
partment. The destruction ot ull fruit
for one crop has beon suggested as
ii' menus ot eradicating the prst, and
In a number of Instances where this
method has been followed it has been
found successful.
Experiments carried on bv Ento
mologist Ehrhorn have demonstrated
tho fact that the alligator pear Willi
an unbroken skin Is never attacked
by tho fly, und on tho strength of this
finding he Is to Rail fur tho ConRt tho
first of August for tho purposo of at
tempting to remoo tho embargo on
the pear which has been placed by
tho California authorities.
' '
More Immigrants.
Plans have been developed by tho
Board of Immigration for bringing In
fifteen hundred Spanish and Portu
guese Immigrants, nnd they nro ex
acted to nrrlvo In November. It Is
understood thnt n charter hnn been
qljised with the WuttH & Co. lino for
the steamship Wlllcsden, und thnt tho
charter has been, so drawn that theru
will bo no such contretemps ns ob
tained nt the nrrlvnl of the Inst crowd
of Immigrants. Agent Campbell sailed
for Europe in the Wllhelmlna on
Wednesday, and it Is expected that
ho will bo Joined nt tho Coast by
M. A. SlUn, who has been there somo
time, arranging for tlio return to tho
Territory of such Portuguese who de
slro to return, having found condi
tions hero better thnn thore, where
they weie met with unfulfilled prom
lues of labor recruiters.
"Figures on tho collection of taxes
aro coming In to tho Governor, und
thu counties collectively show an In
crease, each county making a credit
able showing with tho exception of
Hawaii, which bos fallon behind.
Tho county general tuxes collected
totaled $1,043,304.76, which shows un
Increase ovor tho last previous col
lection of 123,817.42.
Tho Waterhouse Company Is mak
ing urraugciiictita to movo during tho
month ot August from the present
quarters to the Judd building, taking
over the former offices ot Cnstlo &
Cooke on the ground lloor. They ex
iect to bet settled by thu llrst ot Sep'
Humsums Antitmint.
I .oca I stockholders of the llumnumn
oil euUrpllse held u meeting this week
III ttii) oltlco of llrolicr Ariiutage, Till
enterprise needs mure money to get the
oil which thu proipectora believe to bu
fuund ut a Inner level. All unsesunuut
of four I'cutH a hliaro mis levied on the
capital stork of tho company. This Is
expect! d li create n fund that will
cuuy tin, coinpnny'H ilillllnu'opcrntliuiM
tor another six months, when results
lire hoped for hi the nliape of oil. Olio
of tho stories Rolng tho rounds has
been that the drill was In material "of
which they innko enurthoiisis," but nt
the meeting of tiKkhililers tint report
was lliaile thut shnlo has ugulii been
reuched und uetiMiipauylng oil Indica
tions, OH slocks Rem rally nro In less de
mand Honolulu Consolidated Is lo
porled weak This li apparently duo
to the Ktueiul report that an addition
nl lot of ktoek may bu put on tho mar
ket No ennllrmatlnn of this report
can be obtained, und whether It proven
tiuo or not will prnbubly depend on
u In-tin I' wells now being drilled pan
out pioiuptly mill In payliiK quantities,
Wsehly Uulletla it per jsar,
Agents For . 2
Wc deliver to any pnrt of the"
Phone 2026. P. 0. Box 488
Gesry Street, above Union Squaie
Juit opf?ite Ujtr! Si. lucdi
Eurnpean Plan $1.60 a diy up
American Plan S3. 00 a day up
Steel and brick structure, furnish
ings co3t J200.00'). High class
hotel at moderate rates. Omnibus
meets all traini and (learners
Hotel Stewart now roco;;ni7el ai
Hawaiian Islam! lioa!uarterx.
Cable address, "Trawets" A. IJ.C
Code. Reservations made through
Trent Trust Co., Fort Sticet,
Hotel St. Francis
Union Square, San Frenciico
Under the Management of
F ACIM1 the bcinlllul park
" ' Ik (be limrt of the city,
" vilitcb 14 the theatre of
ibc pilnrlpul etents ot
the famous ' feotlials of Sun
Fraurlaro, this bold, iu en
vironment anil ntniosplitrr, ex
presses iiumt plcniiuitl) the
comfortable spirit of uld Cal
ifornia. ' The royalty and nobility1
tho Old World and (he Fur
Kail and the men at high
orhleirmrnt In America who
assemble here 'contribute to the
eonmopolllan uUuabre of ns
Inslllulloii nrblcb rcpicM'iitt
the hospitality and Individual
lly of Nan Francisco lu the
The bnlldlnrr, which marks
the farthest advance ot Mien re
In serilce, Imi now the largest
capacity of any hotel structure'
In the West, and upon comple
tion of tho Post street iinuei
will be tho largest carnranserj
In the world.
European Flan from $2.00 Us
18 AT
Haleiwa (
wo coiiAi-aooD wiiiti: hand-J
Rooms and Board
W. C. Bergln, Prop.
Y. Yoshikawa,
PAIBER, hai moved to j
New location Bed front, sett
romir' Building, Telephone 2518.
II u I lot I u lMllorlal liiiom Viions
2185. II ii I lot I ii lliulurss Onlce
I'houo 2250-
i 3
' '
tfnttm-0ifnM &to& AiMriMbaauuSbf.. ..j:.. j-. .v ,ri f.
rlffiffrtril ftfttAai:iuWi

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