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T. H, SATURDAY, AUG. 6, 1911.
' S' (Til fr51' f 1 TF.S9
ETip FlfeaWWWtM )g pwrattj -yg
Major Wootcu, c mtii:iT)il nil of r.u-fiiiiil Janet i'Iiiih lilre I one of the
lie ltunjft will leave Tuemlii on the bent polo plmorK In tin- Islands, and
Milium Km mi a Ini-tlueHs trip In I I-i- will pnitlclpaln In llu cniultiK lourn.v
wnll' Mm Wtolcn and her alMer. meiit. While In .Honolulu lliln piipu-
MIbs Cln will n ntp:ui liltn. lai widely couple will vIbII with Mr.
Wlillo In Hawaii they will motor to ainl Mm T. .1. KIiik on l'llknl Hlii-et.
the Volcano lliiuu nliil view llio tv.i-. who aio tlio father mill mother of
tor VI Klluuca. Major Woolen mid '.Mm Hire.
, party will letnrn to" Honolulu Sutur-
iloy. A hunted nip Is IjcIiik made. Mont-lour Duliip. tlio noted ILuilsh
for thin atiny couple evpect frlfiuln , nitlsi, lms rcturiiort fioui K-iual nail
on tin' trnnnport thai will arrive Ii'tc .a taken upiiiinicutq at tho Seaside
Runrt'iy, mi they ale aiuiliKllu; their Hotel.
plaint no they will he In Honolulu to
Bit nt them.
Mlsn t.lly Ai nold, daughter of Mm.
Arnold, nianaKer of the Seaside, lintel
Kindualcd from the Clai.i tl.irloii llm
pllul III Iih AliKcles mi the UL'd i f
June, and thin pretty pruftntsloiril
nurre hint had a nunihcr nf etrcH (duct
Mr." mnl Mi. Dltsoti, wealthy Amer
icans, who niu rninpIetliiK a trip
aiouuil lliu, win Id hac elided for
innuiH ut iTic Seaside llntol mid will
arrive Sunday on tho MoiiroIIii.
Mr I.otllc Scott, (ho ii'ily boh of
l'rofcrtsor and Mm. M. M. Scott, re-
tin ii 111 I.s AtiRelse and will como in '""""'d leceillly fioni tlio innliilind.
Honolulu with i, n.itleni the hitter Mr. 8''"11 will enter Hut law llrni of
pail cf tho year. Minx Arnold In veiy
ivpnlur nnil will he wclcomcl hy her
niimeiuini friends. Mrs. Arnold has
two daughters that Inbuilt to tlil.i pm
fefslou. fur mi older d.tushlei, Mltn
KnlMcen Arnold, Is n prnluite ah-n
'ut the Clara Ilirinu HiMpllul.
Mr. (.'li.ii. Stallion, the well known
real estate man, will ein on tlio next
Wllhelnijna for a nip to New York
nnd Chicago. In the latter city Mr.
Siai.tmi will Wall his niotbor. lie
will talto Ids n 'v tdx-c Under Ste-venii-Durjea
tourliiK ear with Mm.
Mr. Stallion, beddog heliiK a plonil
lieul hiihlin ss in, in, Is well llkei) In
Koelety, althouKh he does not ptitlci
pate extensively In loelnl urfulra, pre
ferring liimlnosR to pleasure.
Lady Lawrence and her daughter.
Miss Lawrence, and Mlsn l'eielvul nf
ICiitfl.iiul me iCRlKteroil at. Hie Seanhlo
Hotel. "They an- making a tour of
tho wni Id, liavliu: icreutly inudo u
long tlsit .In India.. TheyWlll return
to kiiRljiid liy ,way p'f Afiicrlca, anil
will loaldu la Iliuuiliilii uiitll .ttiudt
llth, when they" will sail for San
l'ranclsco. ' Mlts ijiwreY.eo ahd Um
I'eieivnl leturueil leeenlly from au
luterestliii; trip to tho volcano
Kllaueii. i
Captain and Mis. Frank Itoliarda
and joiiiik run left for tlm Hast, where
Kinney. 1'rosser, Aii'lersou & Marx,
Miss Mallard, who has lecu visit
I ni; tho Knudsens on Kuinl, i turned
to Honolulu .imiday and Is now ic-
rlilllil! at the Seashle Hotel
Mrs. Walker and Mini Walker of
San l'niuelHco, California will arrive
hhollly lo spend tho u Inter In Hono
lulu. They will he III" kmoiIr of Lieu
tenant and Mrs. Williams of Hirt
ItiiKur. Mrs. WllllmiH Is tho iluugliler
nf Mrs. Walker.
Mm. M. II. Churchill of Walalna
npcut the week-end In Honolulu.
Tho Harold DlllliiBli'itus aro spend
Ins; u poitlon of the Kiiiuiner nmnthi
al I'carl Hailnr, at hc Dllliiiishani
Mrs. Ilereer Is UIilnp the Carl
Wlddlmaiins at Wall-lid.'
Mies Nora Snauzy l"ft 1'ilday for
Kaulo.i, w hero, she will .-lend a foil
ulKht. .Mr. Alnn Ileileiuatin Ic'l Wednesday
on tlio Slenn for Ciillfiviil.i, while ho
will hecome a fctudent, at Hie Uiilver-
ofi h"i ' waiiiornia.
Mr. Ted Ceoier was host Tuesday
cvenhiK at an autoinohlle party that
was elveu In honor of a miniucr if
Mlos Resamond Swaniy' LUnehcoT. ff
Miss ltiis.iiuonil (SwaSitv uave u
pieiiv lumdicon Wcdnefdav sfieriioi fi ,t f
,il het home on Colleye HUH. 'lteil
dalilias weif Inlrodu.! In the llii'.M
t .,ecnintinii mid resulted In n lic.iiill'
f'llli iiecoinled Inliln. Alter luncheili
lie hojdess and her Riiestn went m
the (ierrlt Wlldern mnl enJn.M'd ncpli-,
le sprrts In Iho I.iiko fresh wntor,
mini Ml 3 Itoirimoiiii Swnily'n piestB
Ai MWr Helen Hp'ildlnx, MIM Hiillit
So . Mlm Theliui Mttrpliy, MI'ihH'
Alice Hooks, MIfb Helen Junes, Mls'ti.
Iiaplme Damon, Mist Mumaiet .louts i
ami .Mias r.iuiiiic .-eaaeiei'.
Mrs. Carl Wldemam't l.unelicon.
Tuesday aft lnoon Mi.i. Carl Wide
iiuiiin eutei tallied at a Chlueie lunch
ion that wan given In lioiiur of Mri
Ii.ukIo and Mir. Cralif.- The uovrliVM
of the affair uppealcd In the guests
nf h nior and all of tho new and dain
ty dishes weio tiled. Tho appoint
ments for tho nlfalr were very heail
tlful. Tho tahle was ciimmciI with
n grass clolh relitor piece enilirolder
rd In drng'iiiK nnd the luneheon was
FcrnM on rare Oriental rlilni. AinimR
those piesent weio: Mm. II. W. CraW
.Mm. Predurlck Damon, Mrs. C. ()
lieiger, Mrs. Charles llooth, Mrn.
(. II. Holicrtson, Mis. John Ciimiiilns
Mrs. J D. Douglietty, Mrs. ClmM
Kalke atul Mrs. ("nil Wldeniann.
Captain and Mrs. Hnl'jh'.'s Dinner,
, A profusion of .Iiiriui'iulunt loses
mlorned tlie tahle vdien Cip'aln and
Mis. 0. Sidney Hnlght enteitalned at
dinner In lion ir of Captain uitil Mr.s.
IM'i llntiil. At the cindnsl m if tho
dinner hrhlgo whist was mjojed.
Tlmfo pre.,cnt l.oslilea Hie hosts and
hoslean were Capt.iln and Mm ll.m
Hand, MnJ-ir and Mrr. IJocr.ter mil
l.leiiteiiaul ami Mrs. ('uiinlni'.luiiii.
I t
the former will ho slatloued at the tho Kappa Kappa daina gins.
Aiiii.'iitiilln ':m Vnil. 'I'll.. Cllit.'iinl
In an exnerleueed ufflcer In the II. s.' Ml" I'llwernlrt imrt Miss Oladys
Mmlnn I'nrim. Thn linh r.U worn nt.l.l l'calllO. who luUO hcen vlslllllg Miss
tl.ned In Honolplu for neatly two! Alice Mnefml.ino and Miss Mlua ller
veil 'in. I Hindu hosts or friends. Ilur-t ger for tho past two nionuih, nre puiii-
Ing the pat Ihe mouths thn Ilohiida
haxe heeu III Han Diego, California,
wheie the Cai tain was serving a teni
poinry detail.
Mr (leoige A. Ilrown, manager of
the Hegal Shoe Couii:iuy and piesl
ilent nf the Honolulu Humano Society,
will leave on the next Sierra on n
business trip to San Iiancsc:. Den.
mt and New Ymk, leturiilHg'im tho
Ifllli of Octobsr.
Mlsi Katherlno R:nplicn.i, who Ins
Gunnliighani of tho'PltliCavuliy for
tho past week, will Blieiid tho week
end .is the guest of Captain and Mrs.
Dan Hand.
The llenj.imln Maix, 'Iho Ilriiro
Canv.ilghlB Jr. and Mlwi Kdllh Wil
liams am sojourning at Iho Monnanet
place, Kulloiiou near Koko Head, for
Ihe mouth or AiiRiiiit and p.ut of Sep
tember. Mis. Cluiro Williams, Mlrs
rrstle mid Mis. Nicrtlimn will Join
tlieui about thn uilddln of Ihls niontli.
Major Iiannnu of tho U. S. Marino
nlng lo leave Sunday on the Mongolia
for their homos In Oal.laud. These
two nietts Rnclety glilc. have been
the Incentive fr many enteitalu
Mr. and Mrs. V. U Stovcnson bao
retwi ncii riom their honeymoon and
hao taken beautiful apartments at
tho Itoval Hawaiian Hotel.
Mrs. C. Ha'lloway, two sons and
Mips Kmlly l.adil will e.io rtuilng tho
middle of next inr.nMi for Huston,
i Mich., wheie a portion of Iho winter
v lUtlng I.IM.U uunt and Mm.' ' w, ,, 1)unt
.,1, r ln' ulfll, r, till, rue;
Mr. and Mrr. I.ov.ls (liesg in.''
siendlug thdr houe.wiinon In Hono
lulu. The foimer Is the i blest tain nf
mlllloiialie (liegg of Ni w Yolk. Young
Mia Lewis lliegg Is veiy lieaiillfiil
nnd a hrlllhiut I'oiiM'ivallon.illHl, sho
Is a graduate of Ynssir College
Lieut. Pratt or the aitlllery Is ex
pected lo unlve on tho Shoildau, Au
gust tho i::ti and will bo stationed
ut Kort linger. Lieut. Pratt has Just
uijiii f i oni Knit Monriie.
Mr. W. Clarke mnl Mr. Mengi U
ri mil Doner mo ii"ddlngnt the Sea
side Hotel. Mr, Clark Is a talented
and girted man, and la llto gr.i idson
or tlovernor llrailford of Massachu
setts. Mr. Cl'aik finds Haw-all ml
eliaimliig, and Is enjoy In;; his nbjiiurii
III Ihe Islands.
Major and .Mrs. Konster of tho r.lh
Caxnliy, bao been spending tnveinl
days us guests or tho Alexander
Young Hotel.
The ninny Iilcnds of Mis, Kdvvnrd
J. Tlmherlake havo been wctoiulug
her back to their social activities,
for during tho Illness of her youni;
Min, Mii. Tlnibeilake accepted no In
vitations, and tbls popular young army
iiiatiou has been ti.idly missed. Young
Master Tlmherlake has been 'mend-
lug" so rapidly that liln mother has
been pievalled upon to accept a few
MIkb Illaucho Dwlucll has been en
Jn.viug a lound of g.iltlns on Kauai,
where she has been the guest of Sen
ator nnd Mrs, Kile Kuudsen. Miss
Dwlucll Is nn i. Id nlenrt of Mrs. James
.liidd mid lulled Dr. nnd Mrs. Judd
six weeks liefoio sho visited th6 vol
cano nnd K.iiul. "t'lils .voinig gill
lias mado many rrlencls liming her
r.bort Kijouin In Honolulu, who will
be glud to weleoino her on Sunday,
when sho will rdutlmie her visit will)
the .l:mii'8 Jiulds.
w T)jR?
AdmlMl iml Mrs. Cowlea' Dinner,
Mr. and Mro. W. F. Dllllnaham' Din!,
Mrr. rranc'.i Mills Sw.miy'a Luntlieon
rVrt. Jane Valker'a Tea.
f t. Oerrlt Wllder'a Luncheon.
Mnjor and Mro.'Koestcr'a Luncheon,
Mr. and Mrs. James Wllder'a Dinner,
Captain and Mic. Halcjht's Dinner.
Mrs, Holloway's Pol Luneheon.
Captain an.-t Mrs. Hant'i Luncheon.
rV,-tr a-.d Mri. Wccn'3 Qridge.
Mr Dont'cfC'a Birthday Dinner,
M-E Dtr(jri'o Luncheon,
Contain and Mrs. Putnam'a Dinner.
I dy Heron's Luncheon,
dpfiln and Mrs. Marlst's Dinner,
Pi. duo P.Tty at Moana Hotel.
fr. and Mrs. McCandless' Dinner.
L'in.heei at Hotel Courtlanrt.
Djtict Supper at Jamc3 Wllder'c.
Captain nnd Mrs. Wlnter'o Clnner.
C .neelng Party at Erf.islde Hotel.
D-. and Mis. Hobdy'.i Dinner.
Mis. James M, Kennedy's Luecbeon.
Miss flocamcnd Swanzy'o Luncheon.
Cap! in and Mrs. Halght'e Luncheon,
Mr. and Mrs Lansing's Dinner.
Tiampimj Party to Manon Fall3.
Mr and Mrc. J. -Shcedy's Dinner.
Dance at Seaside Hotel.
Mri. Vldemann's Luncheon.
Mrs. Cinma Macfarlanc's Luncheon
' ft
wyiiytinini hi omwiw s Wtmt lx ,- if
j"Pri'rJKt. JrJWiiTfy If
rv- ''.r;ir.LNSP
Everybody Admires a Beautiful Complexion.
Oriental Cream
Jin Indispensable and Delightful I
Toilet lieqmsuc
for Fashionable Women.
W3M ? WW
B rostopwusSomManCTj,
i? mmmMtwmtonaz.
A .inllv nrttv tnr thn latllrs' trttlt
whcllicr nt liniiui or while tnivetlng. It
protects tho ultln fioni Injurious eftects
of tho eleinentu, Klvrs n wonderfully cf
fnctlv hciuity lo the inmnlexlnn. It Is n
lrieci nnn-Kreapy lunci-i.n-uiii ,"'. i"'
Itlvoly will) not cnue orenrnuruKc
.n.,tl. nt l,ul. Ml, lll nil lll.llR ll
BUiinl ttcainst wln-n arleetlnir n toilet pro-
Indies nhniitd
piiratlon. When ilunrlnK, bowllnic or inn
er exertions heat tho nkln, It prevents,)!
irrensy nnnenrance.
Qouraud's Oriental Cream has been
highly recommended hy physicians, act
resses. Ringers and women of fiishlon ror
over bnlf n century anil cannot ho sur-
finweil when prepurlnB for dally or even
nntlre. . ,..
uouraua's urienxai ream c"'". '
Diseases nnd relieves Sunburn, Removes Tun. l'lmples, lllnckhends, SIolli
Patches, rtnsh, Kretklea and Vulcnr Iteilrtess, Yellow and Muddy Skin. Riving
n delicately clear nnd refined complexion which every woman dcaircs.
No. It For sale by Drucclsts and Fancy Oflods Dealers.
Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New York,
rrV'tt.T J
f. jr- . . j?.
. P&wr7A"-Zkh.
Penalor nnd Mis. diaries Chllllng
vvoith aro being wide imed by scores
of llielr fileinlh, lifter a six weekft'
hojoiirn on tho otlnr sldo of tho Isl
and, near Ahuliuaiiu. Senator and
Mrs. Chlllingworlh returned to town
Tuesiluy or this week. 'Hie litler lias
illr.coullniieil her recoidlon rt.iyn dur
ing Iho summer months, hut will ho
"at home" to her fileipls In Sep
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Murphy audi
Miss Tlielina Murphy left Tuesday for"
r.,r,.u lu fitiiimlnil In nri-lvrt In Mllllll. !,... .1 ll.,,l,.. ttl,..rn lltnv vlll unenil
lulu on the transport Sheridan Sun-1 tho mouth or Aumist at the V. W.j
day, en roulo to Iho I'hlllpplnes, Tlio I Hall place. Mr. and Mrs, W, V. llnr
gen.U Major Is veiy popular, and ex- rK and Iho Mlsros MeCaithy (three) j
tensive plans aro being rorniulnlod by will spend tho week-end as thn guohtH.
a number of tho hervleo bet for lilnjof the MuiphyB.
Mr, Clnreuco Short lias nccopted. a
le'ipnnslhlo poslllon uh head book
keeper and accountant for tho. Ha-
Miss Vera Damon will lenvo on tli6
Mongolia u fortnight ahead of Miss'
llea'trlco Castle. These two lining!
gills uio planning u Kuropeuu trip, I
rm . & k..l. I - .. t It,.... tl 111 lh. lli.1Allt t ll Iflllljl,
wallan .Maliogany unmpany ni ranoa,- ami 11117 "' " "i-m--,,, ,,uli, i,u,...
Hawali, Mih. Clatenoo Shott nnd ' lulu for nearly a year. In two weoln
.,,,,, ,11 ,, ,viii lemn nluiiit lha ir.ili ! Mlbn Castlo will sail ami meet Miss
i,r Aiimist for Hawaii to Join ner'luiH- Damon In San Francisco. While tlio1
band. This young couplo havo mado latter Is In tho metropolis or tlio
nianv mentis In Honolulu, aim iney.west, sue win iinu jii .nnuiiii aiu-
Pure Rye
will ho gieatly inlpsed.
Among tho notabilities expecled on
Clanalian. Mr. McClunahan and liM'
wiro and pretty young daughter to-'
sided Bourn years In Honolulu. Mr.
1 very clever and
' " '-c". 1 .. .
the transnoit Sheridan tint will nr- iltuianahan was
llvo hem August l.llb, aro Colonel j piomliient luwjcr.
t ami Mrs. Ilurr or Iho Huglneer Corps,
U. S. A, Tho former lms been sent Miss Janet (lault, 11 social favorlto
! 011 a lour or Inspection to tlm Philip-; or Honolulu lert on the last Miiiiui
, iilnes fiom Washington, D. G, wheio , Ken to Join a cnniplng paity mi llw
Iho Colonel makes his heartuuaitois. wall. I'.ilt or tlio tliuo tho joimg li''0
' While Iho transport Is In pott Colonel plo ami their chapoiouo will rump
I and Mis. lluir will J10 Iho gueslB or near Iho volcano house. Mh.s (limit
Mnjor nnd .Mrs. Woolen. ' In planning lo bo away a month.
' ' ' ' I
' Tho Hon. Hurt .Mrfl.Cjinrlos Itlco Mr. J. 8. Morrow, a prominent busl-
t will nirlvo oirtlio steamer Klliaii Sun- ness man or San riaiiclbco U icgls-
lr .,., in, ilnir ... niiin elils Itdltb leii.il nt IhA AleKniider VoiuiLr Hotel. I
Alakea and Quean Streets
c"f . ,'-yc:.ijiiv .(- a-x
tHaaaaaaa. '
CR -B." ,".' 1 . u MRS.rT.R.
ly, ami upon hor arrival nt l'arln,
wheie she registered at another hotel
than tho one at which her husband
was stopping, it leaked nut that sho
1 ctmieiiipiaieii tiivorco proceeuiiigs.
iilout to bring suit ror, tlivorte against j Thoiiuih' fattier was (leneral Sam A.
her husband, who was formerly u i.Thomai, who "tiled In 1D0H, leaving nn
New 'ioik bunker nnd turfman nnil I etdnto estimated at $20,1)00,000. Mrs.
(who is ruled 11 millionaire, Thomas I TIioiii.'ih whs Linda l.ee, a Kentucky
has lived abroad fur two years past, belle and an ut'uoinpllshed horsevvom
Mrs, Thomas hailed for. Tails it-cent- un.
'ihe mknimlcdired superiority of tho Wlllur; .t (Ilhlui AUTOMATIC over
nil oiler xowliig iiiiithliies, In tpuitruellon ti ml lluish, mid the rciii.n liable slin
lillilly mnl lasii of lit moveiiuiit, coniMi,, cl with Its ptiftcl iid.iptublllly to
nil kinds of family Mvvlng uud ditssin.iklug, buve gained for it 11 reputation
mnl lank ro far In mlvance of nil other Sevvlmr .Miicblnei, tluil linsi rnpuloUH
iiiiiiiifuctiiri rt me Irylng to Inipose 11 cheap, low-grado imitation Machine on
the, uiisuspi-i ling purchiiscr, throush Hie g, ntral tleahni uud deparlinciit
slorcM, who r pn-i'iit and rttoiuinend the-e "llogim" .Machines as "Juit na
B1101V us the gi inline WIU'cox & (ilhlx AUTOMATIC.
We ii.irtlcuhuly caution the public asnlpst buying tlio AUTOMATIC
through general dealers Inteieltcd III the sale of other inaihlims, as tlit-in la
iiIvviih llirl.il of ohtiilnlug 1111 old innchluu rcj.iiaiiued uud relllted.
Our niaiblnes life Mild ellhtr for e,(sh er 011 inoiithly payments.
old machine tiikcn In ecbunge.
Machines renttil hy Iho week or month. '
DEWARE of counterfeits! called "Automatic" offered hy ilealcrn.
You tire coirtl.illy Invited lo vWt our sale-ioom mid Investigate our-Machines
uud obtain prices, tvnns, tie.
Scle Agents for the Territory (- Fort Street, above Flra Station
Phone H$3
The Age of
Not Yet Past
NKW VOUK, July 13. It Is rcpnit- I
ed fliui) I'm Is that Mru. II. It, Tliouias,
one of the most lieaiitlful of New Yolk j
and Xttivnmt notlety's b'caiitles, Is,
"Imperial Liqueur"
Scotch Whisky
Now that we have shod you for
Twenty Cents, we are going to
furnish your home and clothe
you and your family for a Nickel
at a time. "
Ask the Green Man
I 1
On Alakea Street
Weekly Bulletin7 $l-PerYear
Something New
Gas Ranges
Call and see tlioiu at tlio
Gas Company's Office
uaj, turn .v, .., ...,.w o..-, .- ... - ...- --. u
'ZFlPSl&-fa , ikd':.:Jrt ffifcttxm
VVtaii-.- .-kj.
a-ij'i.i'il v,.'j1; Jlla:
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