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riy . - -
Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
l.calil Cliaplcr Xu. 2
llcgtilnr TUE3DAY:
All visiting memoirs ut tlo
Order nre cordially Invited to
attend meetings of local ledgea
personalities furniture and Pjafio Movers
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondayi of
each month
at K. P. Hall
.7:30 P. M.
IfaMtiara ff
lially invited.
AWAIIAH TRIBE, No. 1, 1. 0. X. M.
MteU evary flrat and third Thura
tays ot each month at Knight of
Pythlaa nail. VlBltlng brothera eor
tlally Invltrd to attend.
W J. ROBINSON, Snclicm.
II V. TODD, C. of It.
I0N0LDIU LODGE, 616. B. P. 0. X.
Honelulu Lodge No. 616, B. P. 0.
Blki, meets In their hall, on King
treet, near Fort, every Friday avt-
nlng. Visiting Brothara are cordially
Invited to atteni.
d. p. it. isdnburcj. n. it.
i' i i ' 'T t i
Meeu every 2nd and 4th Baturday
evening it 7:30 o'clock In K. otP.
Hall. tor. Fort and Beretanla. VUlt
"tnV'brothara cordially" InVUtJeFtVat-
tenH. 1 ,, - I tM J r
i 'a. u: jacouboni k. r.
CHARLES GltEEN, a broker of HI.
liouls, Is expected la nrrlve licre
shortly for a couple of woks stay.
leave for tins coust about the llrt
of not month, llu will look Into har
bor work nlillo awuy.
N routing to town by mi early steam
er to meet Mra. FnlrclilUI, who will
airlve from Germany next week.
name miours on the register of t lit
Palace Hotel of Snu Francisco rv
ceiitly. llu la probably on his way
Howard i!. nnriirorK, Jr, u
among the paHkcligcrs bookul for the
malnlaiiil by the MiiImiii Navigation
sleauior Lurlliic to depart on Tuesday
m Piling.
JOHN 1)1! MI'.LLO. n well known
kamnnlnn or Keol.cn. Kona, Hawaii,
arrived this morning In (ho Manila
I, on He was accompanied by Mnt.
l)e Mollii.
was operated on for appendicitis n,t
the Queen h Hospital Mime time ago
Is now taking short walks to regain
her siiength,
Alfred Voting nre to return to the.
mainland as passenger In the Matson
Navigation steamer Lurllne on' next
Tueiduy to take up studies at Yalft!
leaves tonight for Molokal.if He'has
been here for the Inst week1 pr Bo fix
ing up several matters In connection
with the work down there. , ""
MIts. CURTS. wife of the 'manager
of Kallun store, Kona, Is ntjiob'g the
passengers to arrive In the Muunu Ju
this morning. Mrs. Curls will take
passage for San Frunclsco In the Lur
J. 'J. DOWLINO, superintendent of
the Hawaii Preserving company, has
been taken to the Queen's Hospital,
following an operation last Baturday,
He Is reported as quite III, but every
hope Is entertained for his recovery.
Kona arrived In the steamer Mauna
Lou this morning. They vylll uwult
the sailing' of the Matson Navigation
Ktcaiimr' Lurllne for the couston'next
Tuesday. Dr. and Mra. i Goodhue will
make un extended visit on the main
.uir..niftV-..iw.-"WArMNi iieaii
nf iho Methodist mlSBlon work In the
City Transfer Co.
Phone 1281
Shipping h
Give' Up Hope of' Salvage.
lCxperts who nisluM to tho scene of
the wreck of tho Canadian-Pacific
liner Knipruss of jclilnu are of tho
opinion that chances of snvngo aic
cxeeeilliigly slim, It l' not believed
that the Kmpress liner will be turn
ed over to the Insurance authorities.
Late- leports concerning the disaster
which resulted In the Empress of
China going nshoro near Yokohama
aro to the offect that the Empres
'seems to have caught the edge of
the typhoon without suffering nny
damage, ami her position subsequent
to this." was established, when slie
was found to bo 'on the correct course,
The Japanese coast vns then within
sight, but later nfog'hank was en
countered and tho captain decided to
slow down. The stntmliiiK at: 0 a. m,
the 'following morning evidently
shows, therefore, ,ltmt tho typhoon
had oroduced specially powerful cur
rents, which had, swept the atoamer
from her course. 'The fog was so
dense that Is 'was nbt until half nn
hour after the accident had occurred
that tho position of 'the essol was
JLt.. iLk' ..ilnl MAIHlllnd.l lift
,AUttM fnCl kleffe A laf f Dk. t . A
rtl. 1 piwUptty first ;uid$ijrd Friday at
, U OCIOCK. l'Wlian nail, corner jjurc
tnnlu nnd Fort streets. Visiting: broth-t-rs
cordially invltod to attend.
O. HEINE, IC of'R., & B.
having plans drawn up for two new
steamships of 30,000 tons displace
ment of tho Ucorgo Washington type).
which will probably bo on tho, run
In two or three years,
Mr. ' Ilalton seciiH very bitter
against tho Interstate commerce uet
and United Slnles regulations which
make It. very hard for essels flying
tho Stars nnd Stripes to compete
with foreign subsidized boats. lib
spoke of the good servlcc.offered by
tho Pacific Mull In regards to freight,
Ho states that ft eight rates on tho
Pacific Mall steamship ate the samo
as thoso on freighters on tho Pact
fie and that tho merchants coiild ile
pond upon receiving their meichan
dlso In better time nnd on 'lino, nn
keeping' up tho icgutar schedule tlmo
Is ono of the points for which tho
company 'prides Itself most. ,
Transport Regulation Declared In,
The 'proposed scheme, evohod from
the bralnory of certain United Stntes
aririy transport officials whereby
stowaways on army troopships .after
loadlng,of about threp, thousand ton,
Biigar, 36,000 cases of prcscnod pmo
npplcs find consignments of rice, cof
fee' niiil hides. Tho Lurllne Is sched
ule to still for San Francisco at six
o'clock on Tuesday evening. The ves
sel Is to depart from Ilnckfeld -wharf.
Lumber for the Island.
According to cables received at the
local branch of tio Merchants' Kx
chnneg tho American schooner Pros
per with a full shipment of lumber
Is reported to.hayo nutted fioin Urnys
Hal bur yesterday with destination as
Honolulu. "
OH Tanker Away for the Coast
Tlic American'' oil tai ker RoseernnB
was. dispatched ''from iKannjtpnll for
the Paclllc roast on last Wednesday
according to advices received at tho
Sparks from the Wireless.
i P. M. H. S. Persia, en ronto Yo
kohama lo Honolulu, 9 k m., Aug. 21
1000 miles out; nrrlvo Monday, fi
n. ni.
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reus nf military nffnlrM In llnwnll nnd
In the building up of tho lultltlii tiiat
the inllllla'a taking part In tho lnaiiuu
ers Is nut Much n reinoto po-edblllty
ns It might seem.
The six local companies of the Na
tional (luaiil will go Into camp during
tliu hiMt three weeks of September, two
oil tins eleventh, two on tliu elKliteentli
nnd two on the twenty-llftli. Each
pair will hao n Mx-day ramp. What
thu niovemeiits of tho cruiser fleet nre
to be 111 not yet known.
Friday, Aug. 25.
Kona and' Kan ports Manna Ijoii,
Hlmr., a. in.
Thursday, Aug. 24.
ports W, O. Hall,
ntmr., S
P. in.
Jnpan ports lluyo 'Mam, T. K. K.
H. S , fi p. in.
Kahnliil Lurllne, M..N, S. K., p. in,
dic6vered. As thei.vwsel remained on having Manila on the oyago to tho
an, even keel,, llt,tle alarm was; felt
a if vice yvif u , . - - r- - --.-
by the passetlge'rs, who were nblo to
nack their baaRflge and have their
breakfast In perfect comfort.
It wasespeclnlly fortunate that the
Japaneso cruisers Soya and Aso were
able to pick up the wireless message
ot the Empress and repair to the
scene so expeditiously, ns owing to
tho storm the land lines were all dis
located and the chances of getting a
message through that day Bomewhat
remote. As It waa the passengers
travelled to Yokohama in great com
fort and appear from all accounts to
have had an enjoyahlo hxOerienco.
The kindness of tho officers nnd crow
on the warships Is commented on
from, all.,sldes, ami congratulatory
letters we're bxcliange' between Rear
Maids! IsMvlMJIitf lUICrlOttetown, .m.ru,, ip "W.tj .VT?" '"T
P iftW;Matri,TBliI.d folding to fengpri.l jT h klndbs?1shown to the
;,ilit.)it,i.jihaiMTha.tlttlo passengori at Shltahama Ifiatsomuch
it.' wn. hl fnAier home and mere uppreeuueu,
rte radthfiheV: olghty-fourlyearti doinit everyUilou in the
rSrSfi SMI' ;n,l toakthel,, unexpected
,V '
Meets on second mid fourth Wednes
day evening of each month at 7:30
o'clock. In San Antonio Hall, Vineyard
rtreet. nnir Emma. Vliltlng brothers
sru IiivIImI lo altiiid.
WM t M'COY, Secy.
C. Q. Yee Hop & Co.
Telephone No. 3451
Women '. earlnf
i,, Ma nnii i..,.'or-lilraii ipon
h.itH need hne no fear mat tney win
bo nrrested In New Jersey, 'provided
they run show trey purchased them
outside of the State.
Miir!inl Cnolzzutl. In concluding nia
testimony nt tho .Cnmorra trial at VI
terlio, Italy, explained why ho was
miivlnci'd that Cuoccolo and his wife
were murdered by the Camorra.
Two Italians were killed nnd four
others fatally Injured wlien bv men
were burled In n sewer cave-In nt the
plant of the Pittsburg Crucible. Steel
("oinpoii nt Midland, Tn.
Residents of Keainey, N. J., aro ex
perlmeiitliig with dynamite for tliu ex
teriiilnatlon of mosquitoes.
village authorities
their iJwer.fto
guests corn-
In regnrd to the position of die Em
press, has been received, a report
that there being no hone of refloating
her It lid's been decided to hand over
teb, vessel, as wpl(tns .the, whole car
go, 10 mo insuranco companies con
cerned'. ' '
Two Pacific Mall Boats, on Monday.
Alakea street wharf wflll be' a busy
place on next Monday when two Pa
cific Mall steamers will remain there
during the greater portion of tho day.
Tho Mongolia from San Francisco
with about six hundred tonit general
cargo from San Francisco will be'
States would be put ashore as (tie
first available landing place Ihlong
the Inhospitable shores of Luzon Inl
and has stlrrod up the civilian ele
ment In Philippine life to a degrco
likened to the ngltatlon of a hive fill
ed with busy hornets.
To' maroon stowaways In " this
heartless manner has aroused tho Ire
of tho Manila business community.
The contention is that thero Is enough
trash In the provinces creating dis
order nnd disgracing the white In
habitants without adding n quota ot
helpless Blownwnys. Not only would
such a, course bp bad iiollcy, but no-
.thing short ot coldhloodod and In
point qf hunianltnrlanlsin, absolutely
foreign to tho spirit of the age.
Maritime law proWdes a punish
ment for stowaways good enough for
the transport services, Every stow
away knows It. When one of this
tribe boards a transport ho signifies
lila; willingness to take his medicine
If he losex' If one,, Is searching' for
soinathliiK foreign to democratic no-
tfoiiB or out of,. keeping with Ameri
can traditions, he Is miiro apt to find
It on an American military transport
than anywhere lntho world
Friday, Aug.2S
YOKOHAMA Sailed, Aug. 23: 9. S
i Korea, for Honbltilii.i
GRAYS HARIiOR Sailed, Aug. 21:
Schr. Prosper, for llilu.
SAN' FRANCISCO Sailed. Aug. 25:
, Ilktnc. lrmgnril,, for Mnliukuna.
, IT II wlrei'ete.
S. 8. .PERSIA, will .orrlve1 from Yoko
hama, Monday, 5 a. in. and sail for
t Sail .Francisco, i p. in. 300 toivi
freight' for Honolulu.
.(I1 I W ! . .
7 "
Per stinr Mauna Uii, from, Kon.i
and Knu isjrts, Aug. 25 A. M. Mor
rill! Mrs. Morrill. M. Taniikn,' Dr. K.
S. Goodhue, Mrs. Goodhue, .Miss M.
Goodliuo, P. 'J, Daniels, Mrs. Daniels,
Geo. Gousalvcs, Mrs. W. I). McWaytio,
Mrs. J. P. Curls, Miss Kobnrils, Mrs.
E. Kaal, It. Umg, W. I! Schroder, H
ltnlph, V. R. Castle, 1). lkiwaell, A.
H. FuJIro, John' de Mello, Mrs. du Mel
lo, Miss Moigun, .1. A. Alio, E. L. Mil
lor, II. Rnppcl, M., MrClanalinn, Y.
Mow, John Vlerra nnd 72 deck.
CiillfornU mules uml borses ex I.ir-
llue. Smi owner nt Lewis' Htnblcx,
King SI. 60H-2W
s-r fTT'
A big nrlutlou in the assessed
value for taxation purposes nnd that
niudd out for salvage was brought to
light yesterday during tho continued
hearing of Hie Celtic Chief case. Cap
tain Miller of the Miller Sulvagn com
pany was on the stand and cioss-ux-iiiulned.
Nnno of the vessels uicd lire less
thun twenty years old und some of
them mo us ancient us llfty and sixty
years. According to the statements hu
made yesterday undor' cross-oxamlna-tlon
the steamer Makee cast him flfiOO,
tint Concord $830, He valued tho ilrat
named ut $10,000 and the Intter at
$3000 for salvage purposes. The Mo
kolll which he valued ut $8,000, cost
him $3r,(l, while the-, Kllznbeth, which
cost him about $'J00, lie had slated ut
$1000, Tho vessels were all returned
for taxation valuation nt a figure far
below the new estimate for sulvngo
Ho stilted thut ho had had no In
tention -of defrauding tho Territory
and hud based bis llgurea on the fact
that tax and sule figures were differ
ent. Sugar at Windward Hawaii Ports.
According to report received from
Purser Sheldon of the Inter-Island
steamer Maunn I.oi the following
coiiBlgnments of vtagf await ship
ment at windward Hawaii ports nfi
call; Putiuliiu 2817. Ilonuapo 3414,'
Honokan 4C00, Paunllo 13,500, Kukal
uu SSL
Ciuiipliti-ly-fiiriilslicd six-room houio;
emcki ry. kitchen utensils und silver
ware. One or two bedrooms. Situ
ated on Young St.; bandy to all
ears. Possest-lon September 1. Rent
ID, Address "A U", Bulletin oltlce,
The decks of tho Inter-Inland lin
er Mauna Lou this morning much re
scmhled n farmyard. There wero
cows, horses, pigs, dogs, chickens,
turkeys and calves In crates, and nt
halter. The Muunu Ion can ahvuys
bo relied iiikiu to bring a varied cargo
of urodiicls from windward Hawaii
'ailil the Blilpment tills morning was
xcpptloii til tho rule. Purser
looked after the Interests of
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From Puuloa Btatlun on tho Oaliu
Railroad thoro is a flno coral road of
nearly two miles In extent which
lends Into the naval reservation. Tills
strip of mad was built dining iho
reign of n former board of which I-cm
wail then a lay member.
Tho worst section ot tho proposed
road Is that which leaiU from tho
Hallway station nnd follows 'tho lino
for about two miles. In wet wcathet
this road Is a hopeless quagmire and
teaming over It Is practically out or
the question. , Jfj
According to survoyed linos' as sot
by City nnd County Engineer (IqtM
tho plans call for construction wor
beginning from u iiolnt nt an Intor
scVtlon with Iho county road leading
through the Damon promises ntfCMo1
analua. 1
"The money now hold by tho super
visors and In rcscrvo for iiernuinant
paving of King streot should bo jMv
erted to a better nnd more Iniino
dlato call, -that or building a road
Into Wutortown Is the way tin? 'mat
ter has been sum,mod up In Rome
quarters around tho city hall. tv
Tho Wnfortown raid Is predicted
will yet become a rock which may
succeed In splitting nsunder an other,
wine solid Republican majority.
Lots of .Serious Maneuvering
For Fleet When They Ar
rive In Fall. ,
. I"1 '';: '
Brlgndlor-fleneroi1 Macomb, U. Si
A., commanding officer of tho district
of Hawaii, hgioos wltli IIoar-Admlrai
'(Jowles, command.iht of Naval Sta
tion, by his statement that ;'lho Paci
fic fleet Is coming hoio for buslncsi
lilsfull and not for play." Macomb1
M.llcjves tho Joint manc'ivor between
(bo' crnlM'iH ami ,tha coast nrtllierv1
will keep tho Jackles on board most
of the time und liltlo tlmo will ho
given tliem to enjoy shore leave.
Qcncial Macomb lias always believ
ed niid stated Biich, that the district
of Hawaii would boiiio day bo created
Into n military department as It was
by tho recent decision of army nuth
orltles. It will not change tho stnlus
hero but put llnwnll on the samo
basis as tho Philippines and other
LeectloiiB of tho country.
jMacomb does not think a major
ganoral will ho assigned to command
h forces of this new department nt
jljero nro only six major-generals In
lhe1 cntlro Anictlcnu iirmyi V OnK Is
jttt8lgiied,s:5ihloiyej Jst5ir. (iiot;qtiaR,'
berthed ut the Walklkl side of IIjbJi l"rp list of cabin and deck pas
V Ayook General contractor. Houso
piilntlug and wall paperhanglng. 1151
Smith St.. cor. Pauuhl. G014-3m
Cluing 1 1 lug Kee Shoes, leggings, Bud
dies, hiirnesH, mid repairing. 148
lleretanla St. SOH-Jm
Flowers, IIh to order nt Julia Kaln
kleln, Puuahl and Nuuanu; Tel. 3176.
M. Muriinakn-Clothes bought nnd sold,
214 Ik-retuuia St.; Thone 1059.
H. Karahara Auto stand. Phone 2085;
IKretnnln St. G014-3m
i g
Diamond ring. Owner apply to Cjilef
of Police MeDnffy, describe property
and nav for this ad. C0H-Ct
Norllio.iHt winds nu dehoppy seas
VioValled throughout Iho return voy
age Tlie freight list included cows,
2 crates turkeys, 43 crutes pigs, 14
cnlVes, "O'boxes; fruit, 29 liead catllo,
30 crates chickens, 47 hales nwa, !r)
butiehcs'' bnna'nas,', 191 sacks coffee,
1437 can's of presoryed iluonppIe
r,r,l7 sacks sugar and 175 packages
Bark Albert Ready for Sea.
The time-honored bark Albert which
has been discharging lumber at Kal
lua on windward Hawaii Is reported
by Purser Sheldon of tho Inter-Island
btenmer Mnuna" la as ready for sea"
and will probably get away for San
Francisco tomorrow.
The bark Albert wns taking on
sand ballast at the tlmo tho Mauna
Loa departed from Knllua. Purser
Sheldon also reports tho stenmor
Wallelo as discharging coal at Ku-
kiiihnele and wus to proceed to llano-
kna to finish discharging cargo and
tuko on a shipment of sugar. Tho
Btenmer Llkellke was passed at Pa
nulla where a considerable amount ot
cargo was left.
Lurllne to Take no Molastet.
Tlie Matson Navigation steamer
Lurllne Is atv Kahulul, Maul, today,
discharging boiiio five hundred ous
goiierurcargo brought down from San
wharf. The Persia from Hongkong
by the way of Japan ikiiIb will bo
brought along the l!wa side of Iho
wharf there to discharge somo three
bundled tons Oriental merchandise
nnd provisions.
Tho Persia according to Into wire
less icceived at tho agency, of II.
Iluckfehl und Company will arrive ofl
tho port at an, early hour on Mon
day morning ntnl will In ull probab
ility be dispatched for San Francisco
at five o'clock tho same afternoon,
Tho same hour will doubtlCBH mark
the tlmo of departure of tho Mongolia
for the Far East.
Predicts Weekly Pacific Mall Service.
A steamer a week between San
Francisco and Manila, Philippine Isl
ands, Is a vision which Is received
with- much favor In the far away pos
sessions of Uncle Sam.
When F. J: Ilalton, General Agent
'of tho Pacific Mall dropped In on Ma
nila business men last month, he Ib
alleged by an alert American press
to huvo plainly Insinuated that Ma
nila would In future flguro far more
prominently on the Pacific Mail map
Ho stated that ho hoped In the futiiro
10 navo ucuer support irom ine nin
nlla merchants and that tho company
Is now considering improvemcnlil,
which with proper auppoit here and
providing trade conditions warrant
them will Boon bo nut Into effect. Ilo
Btated that the ultimate object of tho Francisco Tho' Lurllne will not tnko
company Is to htve a weekly sched- on tuolnssoa this trlji, but In tetiirn-i
ule between Manila and San I-ran- tng to Honolulu on Haiuruay morn
clsco, and th(it, the' concern .Is iuW Ing, work yyllj ho resunicd In Uio
i i ii ii ' -' ' "' , M"
Per M. N) S. S. Lurllne, for San
Francisco, Aug, 29. Mrs. H. A. Badg
er, Mrs.' W. II, Hanlon. Mis. Curls,
Dr. It. 1). Bond, Mrs. B, I). Bond, Mr.
Llpplncott, Mrs. Llpplncott, Miss Ma
rlon Austin, Miss Alice Bund, Miss II
E. Hnppln, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Franklin,
II. It. Hitchcock, Jr., II, V. l)pez, Dr.
Pelefs, C. TowiihcihI, MrB, C. Town
send, A, Schneor, IL.,13. I.cbin'd, Rev.
lUdor,, Miss Ea Hi Stiiafter, U K,
McO'nltoyJjM'ra; T K. McGiiffoy, Miss
J. C. McCarthy,' Miss' F JMeCarthy
Miss (1 cod hue, MIbs J. M..ll-Tnser, I)r,
K. 8. Goodhue, Mrs. E.'S. 'Goodhue,
Mr Bostwlck, Geo. .lalnlesoii, W. L.
Wllilniiis, Alfred Young.
Per Am. bk. Andrpw Welch, for
San FriinclKeo, Aug. ,29.-Mis. A. I..
Mneiiitlay,lMrs. F. Waldrou nnd 2
ch'lldien.MlSH Bettencoiiit, S. Decker
und 0, S. Schnefer.
The U. H. tug Nnv.iJK, while enter
ing Pearl Harbor oil '.tllgUst S3 Willi
supplies aboard, ran iifoul home sub
merged oliHtaclu and 'brokci on oiki
i , ,."' ... 1
lilluie fllfkVri'ri'I "CI. l H-Tn nan
MirlVliWiH Jfejjwjtli, ftiil" (h'uqe,l she
riiH-ni.j.iic;timitt iiiiiiciiuy in re-
her MiieV at) tlifc 'niival sta-
(lold watch. In tho neighborhood of
KenlnkeKua, S Kona The owner ran
communicate with Rev. Fattier ClinB.
I.. Wlndels, Ilnluuloa, Hawaii.
W.C. Peacock Co., Ltd.
Tel. 704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty
(Mont Rouae, 'Wines J
Sole Agents Mumm's Champagm
. ( Schlitz Beer
The Mrulu on Captain Miller's
nerves during tliu examination At
torney OIboii In tho Celtic Chleicnso
this morning was greater lliaif that
which ho Is accustomed to put on bin
big hawsers and ho nbowe)l It on
cross-examination by Attorney ,C. II.
Olson. (.
All through tho morning Attorney
Olson was asking as to the valuation
which Captain Miller placed on too
salvage tacklo uboaid tho -steamer
Makee. He would appear to bo quUi
satlsflod with tlie answer nnd then
Biiildeuly Just when Hid captain was
trying to think of some oilier trausuc
Hon which took place four or five
years ago he would Jump In nnd in
a doubting tone nsk him us to' the
coriectness of the statement ho had
Just inailo n fow minutes prior.
Thero wus soma argument ocr u
pump which Captain Miller had re
ceived from Captain Medculf at tho
tlmo tha steamer Manchuria wan on
tho locks. -Captain Miller did not ox
octly know whether hu had paid for
It or whether It had been given him.
Attorney OImiii kept on doubling the
correctness of tho vntlous statotnont's
until at last tho captain could Btnml
It no iiioro.
"Will )ini pormlt mo to tell you the
truth about the whole of that Med
culf affair?" ho cried, heedless of nt
torneyB or nnyono else. And then ho
launched Into tho story at such a
rate that Stenographer Soaros could
not stand the strain.
Two attorneys hold up"' their hands
but the captain rattled off his ex
planatlon heedless of them all. Fin
ally they got him to ease up and by
coustuutly Interrupting thn flow they
at last got Mm back to normal again.
The evidence was In connection
with tho cost of tho various apparatus
that ho had taken out for salving the
Celtic Chief.
There may be, slgulflcnnco.il)
A Uaslbccn' given comtnand'or.tlre w?n-
toni division, with thu department!)
of California. Panama nnd Hawaii uu
der Ills supervision. All of these ilc-
puitmcntfl are loruiieu 10 me ingu
ost degieg or soon will lie. , i
Tho Puclflc coast Is carefully nnd
most strongly fortified, Hawaii IB
Jiolng rapidly fortllloii and projects
aio under (ho ginvrniHeiit's supervi
sion for oxtensivo fortifications of the
Panama zone.
More troops will havo to enmo lo
Hawaii, but wlioiu they can bo taken
from or whero lliey will bo located Is
not known ns jet. General Murray
Is very familiar with the siliiatlotK
of Hawaii nlToidlug fortifications ns
ho has gone over tho Islands and giv
en, tho subject his closest attention
and thought.
Macomb cannot alula positively
thai tliQ licet will camo lieio lo en
ter Into sci hum work with the coast
urlllleiy, as ho has received no dof-
Inllu older. But theio Is nn ilouiil
1n his mind Hint they will not come,
According to statements inado by
Major-Geneiol Wood, chief of klnff,
in regard to tho ci cation of a depart
ment fur Hawaii, thq plans for keep
ing tioops ami regiments on tho IbI
nnds aio very simple and very ecoun
Tho icglmenls stationed In Hawaii
would not ho changed at any tlmo but
Iho personnel would gradually under
go u change. Tho disadvantage of
breaking up a icglment would ho
done awuy with und would tend to
muko a pcifcrl experienced regiment
always In the dlstilct.
Tho government Is trying to do
away with small posts and concen
trate tho forces In laigo bodies whero
they could do tho most good. This
Biimo thing holds good with tho I la
wnlinu situation nnd tho niithoiltles
nre to lug lo put three regiments of
Infantry In one building at thn nut
skirts of Honolulu. Theso Island!) re
qulro nn Immense garrison and I
inovo llko this would do away with
extensive sower and water system
and avoid the expense, of building of
ficers' quartern. Tho olllceis would
be given commutation of quarters and,
allowed In rent thor own quarters In
tho city as they do In Washington
(iirnJiixV (a
ll.'ll. .
ho accident resulted when tho Nn-
vaSVn'dmiOaW: tir't'lX-t' Gunner
n.-ibsou, if, 8. N., niteiupt;U to pais
1 n dieilger , by leaving
"a w ' ;
lIlUOlll'l. D
When tlnJvNnvnJb.wns entering tho
harbor her'nrpurso, tlirougli ;th i-luin-.....
.....'... . ... .!?.. I
fit I mm in,i k,-ii i) uue i,i iim iiiiwiii-
l.in Dredging,. Company's drSdgcs, III
iiperatlou. She signaled unking 'the way
iiioiiiui (iiu oiiMiriiciion, anil muh miowii
tlie way to go, but us mkhi ui tliu tug
unit outHldi) llc- channel she, ran afoul
of ii (oral reef or mooring.
Tim Navajo was bung up for a few
minutes, but soon pulled hit-self off,
breaking thn propeller when she Jerk
ed free,
'Iho dredging piople ilaliu she must
have tried lo elhuli over u eorul reef
Jutting up. ILilisoii, the tug'M com
mander, linn a illlfi-reiit view and Bays
it was n mooring of mhiii; Kind. At
nny rule,-the fault lies with the dreilg-ii-H.
They signaled the wiiy"wan clear
nnd the tug rdartcd to go uliiiid, be
lieving the harbor contained no danger.
It Is luirdly 'prnlMblii llui Navy De
partment will bring action ugaliist thu
company. v
Lena Purler Ueno, a former Minna
apollk school teacher, who married u
Japanese, lias sued for u divorce.
Tjlng nn nged nnd Inino horso to n
post, ii Portugiiest In Nuuanu Valley
this morning proceeded to beat the ani
mal with u lil dub nnd cruelly nial
Iriuted It, While ho was engaged In
dealing out blows, the motormim nnd
inniliietor from u trolley ear tried to
slop him, Aftir attempting persuasion
they threatened lo report tho matter
lo tho police, and the Inhuman driver
then desNted,
Entered for Record August 24, 1911.
From 1030 a. m. to 4)30 p. m.
Oaliu College by trs to 11 Sluart
Johnson ..... .,.'. , Rel
Virginia Santos to Ella 1, Klnslca. .ltd
!M of W C Lunalllo by trs to Na-
xare Joliuuvou D
Von Hiiiiim-Yoiiug Co Ltd to Lin
coln A Ai-hlii Rel
Kaplloho (w to Sandwich Islands
Honey Co Ltd L
Lincoln A Aehlu to von Hainiii-
Young Co Ltd , CM
Mm la A Baptlsta nnd lisli to K
Miitsumnto 1)
August Hiimbiii'g and wf lo
Blanche Lewis l
August Hinuburg to t'luirles Uvlr,.Ke
Illaueho Lewis to August Hum-
burg et ul Agrmt
Cecil Ill-own, tr, to Manuel de Mello 1)
John II Est Ltd to K Isiinil Rel
Cecil Brown, tr, to' John J Ma-
thows ,..., ,, 1)
John J Mathews and wf to Mrs
llnsu K Cox Jl
S.unli K Colhurn to Andre Sllvn.. 1)
Court of Land Registration.
Trent Trust Co Ltd to Uun Seo... 1
Entered for Record August 25, 1911.
From 8i30 a. m. to 10:30 a. m.
Kaaumona Kupa (w) tp Pehlalil
Kealaula (w) I)
William K Balles to First Natl
Bunk of Wnlluku M
K Miitsuuioto to U Fiikaniaclil.... I,
Von Hamm-Youiig Co Ltd to J It
Yati-h , Rel
Julian It Yates et nl to von Ilnniin-
Yoting Co Ltd CM
""For Sale" cards at Bulletin.,,
John D, Rockefeller has objected to
thu appraisement of his Cleveland o
tale by the tax authorities nt $1,280,
000, aa too high.
. ai-slftji,a.'.Kt'A.iLiii.r
tuZ ktiiaJtoftfei,M',
& tifiiiiftkriaai

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