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With monty easy nnd' Hip price if
jugur. skylarking tliu week In I hi'
'stock trmllliR session luii liecn much
quieter than ono would suppose. Ac
cording to nil Indications the banks
uro Reeking Rood limns nnd no fnlr
piopnsltlnn of it rellnhle tiorinweri
Riii-ii liPKRlng Thr mntket hns heen
linn mid iidMiuilitK Kxlin dividends
are comliij,' to the fori', nnd no Rood
reason appears why the city should
not hiiM it M) i-.it surplus o( money for
homo Investment.
AinoiiK thu stocks In htcli trading
litis heen Keticrnl Oahu nnd Uwn tuku
tho lend us tiHinil, thoiiMh of lute tlicie
has heen it turn to thu cheap stocks.
Olaa Is strong on the excellent pros
pect of the high price of sugar enab
ling the property to make something
In the neighborhood of three hundred
thousand dollars this year. Mellryde
Is strung on the support It Is being
given by the iigcnts, us Its crop Is
practically off and It docs not expect
a large crop acreage next year. Hold
ers of O.ilm are waiting to learn
whether thu new water deelopnient
lilans will be financed by using the
mil plus on band and Issuing new
stock, or by a separate company. ,
From the talk of the street purport
ed to come from certain directors, the
HcVuiiitu company Is more than like
ly. Jinny of the stockholders feel
that they lire entitled to whatever
piolllB linvo been made now. and pro
jects dealing with the fiitil.ro should
be handled In other ways.
The stock sales of the wppk lime
been us follows:
, WALKS llelween Hoards: no Mat.
Tel. Co.. $1(1.60; $1000 Olaa fis, -32.B0;
3D Hutchinson, lfi.nO; $20.onn Me
llryde fis $US.:."i; 10 ll.iw. I'lno. Co.,
$.tS.:,0; to Haw. Vine. Co., $3S.r,0.
Session Sales- 10 O.1I111. $31.73; 10
On1in.x$3l 7C; IB Oaliu 31.7r,; 10
Oahu, $31.7."; r, Oahu, $31.7.".: R0 Milt
Tel. Co. $K. 50: r.O Mill. Tel. Co..
$lfir.0; $:n0i Illlo tUOl fis, $3S; 8 Ho
nokaa. $12.30: G lliuinkaa, $l2.r,il; r
llounKaa $12.30. ,
SAI.KS lletween lloards: 10 Wal
11I1111. $H7.r,li: r Walalua. $117.30: 10
Kwn. :t2..'.0; 10 Kwn, $3-.'.r.o; 23 Wal
alua, $117.30; 23 II. C. & 8. Co., $11;
73 II. C. & S. Co., $41.
Session Sales: 3 O.ilm, $3130; 3
Oahu. $31 30; 23 O.ihll. $31.30 I
Sales lletween Hoards: $1000
Illlo lit. IN. $'J2.r,l); $1000 Illlo Kx fis,
$'.12 30; $10110 Olaa fis, $1)2.73; 23 Oahu
$:iir,o; 73 II C. . S. Co., $ll; 73 II.'
A '
WITHOUT going personally over our property you can gain but a very slight con
ception of the immensity of our project now being daily and hourly worked
out hy us on Palolo Hill and Ocean View a project whereby we are laying the
firm and substantial foundation of a Greater Honolulu! We believe in the pro
cess of granulation in real estate development as well as in surgery. We do not confine
our improvements to one spot on our magnificent property, and have it grow Up like a
mushroom in a single night, but we have scattered our germinal points of development far
and near over the broad and beautiful landscape, so they will gro.w together into one
mighty whole of vast and varied completeness. To fully realize and appreciate all we
have done and all we are doing, you should go out Sunday and spend the day making a .
study of our work our great project our success in moulding and forming a beautiful
suburban city. But you must not think that you can inspect in a one day's outing all the
splendid developments we have made east of Honolulu. It would take you several days to
do so. The field of our project covers an enormous territory, and includes large areas ot
the most choice residential and agricultural land on the Island of Oahu. The magnitude of
our enterprise can be better understood when you 'know that the sphere of our influence
extends from the nearest beautiful home in Kaimuki to the farthermost grain of fertile soil
in Leahi, and irom the outposts of Diamond Head to the cloud-kissed bowl of Palolo Crat
er. And what have we done within this sphere of our influence within this vast field of
our project? Within two years we have placed upon the market our five grand subdivi
sions Kaimuki proper, Ocean View, Leahi Farm, Palolo Hill and Palolo Valley and from
end to end of these our improvements have extended to the amount of thousands upon
thousands of dollars. The. result of this expenditure has been the awakening of Kapahu
lu to the unparalleled home-building opportunities that lie before it. We have developed
miles of splendid macadamized streets, cleared lots, destroyed old shacks, encouraged and
Salesroom Telephone 3306 If A fjAY Tiff
Honolulu IVTLI 11 J ll
I j
C & S. Co, $11; 10 II. C. & S. Co.,
$41; 10 vViihtlnu, $117.23; 3 Walalua
$U7..r; 10 Walalua, $117.30; 10 Wal
alua, $117.30; 20 llomikau. $12.30; 20
llonokan, $12 30.
SALfiS- llotwion Hoards: 3n2 Mt
Utyde. $7; 30 Mcllrde, $7; loo Xlc-
llido. $7; 117 Mellryde, $7: CO Mc
ItiMle. $7; 100 .Melirjdc, $7; 33 Me
llijile, $7; i'.OO Kwn, $:i'.'.3ft; 33 Kwn,
$.12 30; S Oahu, $31.30; 23 O.ihll, $31.
U2j; IS Oahu, $3L6!14; to Oaliu.
$3l.i!2,i; 23 Oahu, $31.73; $1000 I). H.
& U 3s, $102; 10 Wnlaliia, $118; $1000
O. It. & I., us, $102; 100 Honolulu,
$I2.s7Vj. CO llonokna, $13.
Session Sales;. CO .Mcllide, $7; 30
Mellryde. $7; K Mellryde. $7.1214; 7
McHrjde, $7.l.",i; 23 Oahu, $31.73; 23
MclllMle, $7.t'J1i.
Possible Futures.
I'loillctlnu that Cuba's 1U12 croi
wilt rench two million tons Is now
beard Whether this Is to piuvenl
i.ny siicciilatlou and holding for high
er pi Ices one can decide to suit him
self. The Umlslniia Planter heard
It and rumaiki'd Hint forecasts of the
sugar crop of Cuhi should ho tnl.cn
with "tons of mil."
Hut piesiinilug that Cuba's crop
next year should reach the two mil
lion ton maik, It Is luteiestlng to note
what might happen In the American
market. The so-called prcfeientlnl
or Iipp sugars In the American mar
ket as represented by the It'll emp
lite it'piesented as follows. 111 long
Louisiana 300,000 tons
Texas 11,000 "
I'urto ltleo 203,001) "
Hawaii 4SS.0O0 "
Philippines ii;o,ooo
Domestic beets 153,000 "
Total 1.70fi,o00
Cuba 1912 estimate 2,000,0o0
Tol al supply of preferr
ed sugars for I). S.. .3,700,000
Consumption PJ10 3,330,000
Surplus not allowing for
Increase of consumiv
lion 3r,fi,000
This shows you what you can do
with llgures in dealing with futures In
the sug'ir market. The figures given
for the Philippines are of the amount
usually sent to the United Stales.
The total production fur the Philip
pines for mil Is placed at 19(1,000
Malihinis and Kamaainas,
Attention !
Edwin D. Casterline,
tons. Following tho percentages of
Incionscd consumption for several
years, the amount that might safely
be estimated for next ear would bu
1 10,000 tuns nnd thus bring the sur
plus down n little. Hut the tnlcicst
Ini; part of it Is that with a two mil
lion ton crop for Cuba, It Is quite
possible to llguiu out u supply for
the American market fioni the Ame
rican continent,
lint a gient many things can hup-
I til between now and thu time of tho
next ciop taking. A hurricane can
icdiicu the Cuban ctop estimates by
half n million tons mine or less, oer
To bo entirely frank the II ill I c-
I I ii ilnen not believe that tho future
holds out any Riich prospect us these
(lginos offer. 'I bey nro Intcicstlug n
showing the range of possibilities.
Wlllett & Gray's Latest.
Whiil Wlllett ,i dray think of Hie
situation ns It appeared on Aug, 10
Is gleii ns follows fioni their sugar
joig-nnl of that date;
HAWS. The excited, upward move
ment of prices In London continued
thliiimhont tho week, beennse of no
relief fioni tho drought which hns
been experienced so long In beet
glowing sections ot Kurope.
Cabled quotations report advances
of 9d. Ill cine sugars, 91id. In prompt
(old ciop) Hcct and Is, 1V4d. In October-December
(new ciop) itect.
V. O. I.lcht cables ns. us for sonic
lltne past, tint the weal her Is un
favorable for tho licet crop, and our
special' cables from ltiiiilon report
couf luued di ought nnd upward ten
dency to prices.
Press lepoits fiom vailnns ports of
Kurope nre that the heat Is Inlenso
mid unusual.
October-December Heet Is now
limited at 13s. 11 Hd. f. o. b. Ham
burg, which Is the inilly of 1.97c. for
9fi deg test tentrlfiigals at New York.
This ipintiillon Is of particular Intei
ert to America, because of the le
iluced supply nf cane sugars. ieml
Ing the mnrkclliig of tho new Cohan
The advance In Kuropo since nor
mal conditions prevailed, July 1st,
amounts to 3s, OTiil., and, coming so
rapidly, tho market Is In a very sensl
live condition, being liable to teact
at any moment.
Pails writes: "If It starts to rain,
(iilslders will sell icclpltntely."
Latest tests of beets In (icrmany
fhow n flight Inipiiivcincnt, und no
conscrMitlve esllinato Is liindt' nf less
than 7.000,000 tens crop outturn for
nil Kniopp, but the wci'hcr condi
tions during tho next fow weeks mav
alter tho prospects materially either
It must ho leniPinbereil that last
senson's bumper ciop of 8,100.000 tons
beet Hignr relllled the deplclod invl-
our representative, will meet you at our Branob, Office at the end of the Waialae ear
slblo slocks and, that u beet crop of
7,000,000 tons (against an average of
0,300,000 tuns ciop for several years)
with tho expected Increase In thu
cane ciops, will be siilllclent for the
World's consumption; on this assump
tion tho damage thus far done In
Kurope Is fully discounted In thu pic
Milling prices, but If speculators con
tiol the market the outcome cannot
bo forecasted.
The record of prices higher tliuri
4!ic. for 9G ileg, test Centrifugals,
pah) In New York during September
December, within the past ten )enrs
sho.ws: In 1910 on September 1st,
4.423c, duo to tetnpoinry scarcity of
supplies; in 1909 on November Hull,
4.15c, due lo temporary wcarclty, nnd
in 1901 on December lBlli. 4.875c, with
.fmther uiUance In .Iniiunry, 1905, to
5.25c, duo to it fullshort of n million
tons jn the heet ctop and n wild spe
culation u Km ope.
Most of our rellners have stocks In
linnd or secured for ai rival, to meet
their leiiulrciiK'nts up to tliu mhlilln
of iSeptember, nnd some of them
could" bold out n iltilo longer; for
Octohpr and No ember the principal
source of ratio sugir Biipply Is Java,
with Louisiana nnd Dcmerara help
ing out, while In December It is ex
pected that Cuba will begin early this
)enr and send up somo now sugurs
which, with Jnvas, may meet thu in
duced ipijiilremciits or Ihe refineries,
mine of which will bo closod for an
nual clean-up. A rcw beet sugars
may come from Kutope, but not to
tho extent somo parties havo esti
mated. Alter October 1st tho demand for
tho. refiners' product will bo much
smaller nnd meltings will be cut
down, ns tho United States Heet crop
whlc.li piomlses an Increaso of 7C.000
tons, will then ho coming to market
and will bo pushed for mile In nil
parts. In order to take advautngo of
the high pi Ices while they last.,
ltPtlnprs hnve resisted the advance
nil possible, remaining out of tlin
market nearly two weeks, but havo
finally ncccptcd Cuba sugars for
piompt and August shlpmont nt 3'4c
c. & f., cipinl to I.Sfic. landed, basis
Ufi deg. test, which Is now the sisit
quotation, nn oilvnnpo of ,25c. slnco
tho last business dune at New York,
nnd .SSc. higher than the price enr-
ipiU July 1st. At the close a further
Might nilwinre ms been paid for spot
sugars, winch nre now quoted nt
I 87.5c., basis -9fi deg,
Contrlfiignls. in store hero, nro
now held nt I.SOr.. and Jnvns for Au
gust shipment (October nrrlvnl) can
piobably he boiight nt 14s. Od. c. & f
equal to 4.79c. landed.
Only six cargoes Jnvas nro rcpoit
Pd sold to reflneis thus fnr this sea-
A cargo nf Javas has recently born
sold to English icduers at 14s c. & f.
Thu totul pioiluctlou In Cuba told
ciop) lo August 1st was 1,441,110
tons, mill stock In the eutlru Island
on thul datu 115,235 tuns; tho wea
ther favors the growing crop, which
is exacted, In commercial circles, to
Klo mi outturn of 2,000,000 tons If
not damaged by hurricane or other
wise. In (Loulslhna tho crop is doing well
nnd u linger output than 'lust yenr Is
exptcteiL " ' t
CUHA CHOP. Special cubic re
ceded by ns from Havana, Culm;
August 4, 1911 "Heavy rain In
rome pnrts " u
August S, 1911 "Weather favorablo
for thu glowing crop."
I.lcht cabk'H us specially from Mndgo
burg: August 4, 1911 "Weather unfnvor
1.I1I0 for tho growing crop."
August 8, 1911 "Weather unfnvor
nblo for tho growing ctop."
list 5, 1911 "Di ought continues; pro
Bppcts unfi(vorablc."
August 8, mil "Kuropenn boot
crop drought continues. Murket
Ftrong, wltli upward tendency."
August 10. 1911 "KiiroiiPnn 'llnnl
f I nil, with upward tendency."
Kililenrcs of Progrc.s.
Increased bank business, fnvornblo
reports from the local railroads,
greater activity in building operations,
biigar ciops exceeding tho estlmutes
with thu price within n few mills
of llvo cents, fruit canneries winding
nil a most successful season with un
Increased demand ubrond for the Ter
ritory's goods und decreased lire In
surance rates afford much encourage
ment to tho business community.
Thu principal fenturo of this bright
outlook Is tho building that Is going
on, especially of homes in tho resi
dential districts. July nnd August of
this year havo witnessed the greatest
activity In the building line in tho
history of the city. Since tho Urst of
July building permits to the value of
$11:1,000. In round numbers, have been
Issued, and thu woik is under way or
lias been completed. According to
the penults Issued thero have been
forty buildings started since the first
of August, and many more are planned
and will bu started before the munth
Is out. All of this building Is being
done under the new building laws,
which call for the personal supervi
sion of1 tho Hultdltif- Inspector.
Cliilng Fruit l'nrk.
With n few moro days of the rush
woik In thu cleanup at tho local fruit
canneries the strenuous part of tho
year will be ended. Tho season was
a little later In beglnnulg this yenr
than heretofore, and, with tho sudden
ripening of the pines, forced thp can
advised the construction of beautiful homes, secured the supply of pure artesian water for
Kaimuki, assisted in getting extensions of electric light, telephone and transportation utili
ties. We have kept jn the vanguard of development, we have watched the conquering
army of home-builders rear their citadels of peace, comfort and happiness along the trails
we have blazed through the wilderness. In two years we have seen every lot in Kaimuki
proper sold all but a few remaining lots in Ocean View sold! And now on Palolo Hill the
lots are going houses are building beautiful avenues are climbing the hills magnificent
terraces are under construction artistic stone gateways arc beginning to guard the en
trances to picturesque driveways parks are being planned a' beautiful clubhouse is
under way a tennis court is designed above the clouds a band pavilion will be erected
in a few weeks, with concerts twice a month a splendid public school will be built oppo
site the entrance to Wilhelmina Rise by the Territorial Government at a cost of $60,000.00
the pure artesian water from the Kaimuki Reservoir will be pumped to the summit of
Palolo Hill the waters from the Palolo .Mountains will be piped down from the lofty water
sheds the great water pressure will afford an uncqualed fire system electric light and
telephone service is spreading all over the, Hill many people are planning to build in Ocean
View the waterpipe extends to the Leahi Farm Tract, and 5,000 feet more are being laid
along various streets. Churches will be erected and a temporary fire station established
and the best is yet to come. Under the stimulus of all this development the electric
traction line must extend. Can you find any other section on the island that is advancing
with such rapid strides toward the goal of prosperity? No, you can- not. Go out and see
our great project. We are world-builders. We are home-builders. We know what our
people want the best; first, last, and all the time. If you want a home, a lot, an invest
ment worth having, we have it for you and it is yours for the asking. Our shibboleth is
success let it become yours!
f I 4j Main Office: Tel. 1659
J V llU A Branch Office: Tel. 320S
7 1
neries to their capacity night and dny.
This has been tho condition with
nit of the canneries during the rush
season, which has elided for them nil
with the exception of the Hawaiian
Pineapple Company, TIip bottling of
the juice wilt continue for a couple
ot months yet. It Is estimated that
nt the close of the searon this com
pany will have placed plneapplo Juice
In 1,080,000 bottloj tlnce Jnnunry 1.
The totn) puck for the Reason for
the Territory Is stu.cd to, becloso. to
700,000 ensue, 'tho Hawaiian Pineapple
Company closing up with probably
250,000 cases.
The American Cnn Company hns
nlso been put to It to furnish con
tnlliers for this big pack, and that
Institution lias also been working
'night shifts to keep up with tho rush.
It Is stated that on account of the de
mands for a sanitary can thero will
bo n number of makes of cans elimi
nated next year, and tho new order
will go Into effect.
Mapping (lie Water.
That division of tho United States
Geological Survey now hero mid
senrchlng out the' sources and possi
bilities of the water supply of the
Territory hns tho work well in bund.
Each Island is now under a separate
investigator, who Is making 11 most
thorough research of that district
This work was held up lust yenr on
account of the lack of funds, but now,
according to W. P. Martin, the district
engineer, the work is going along
nicely, and tho data ,oli the water
supply will bo very full and complete.
Work on the track Hint is to con
nect Pearl Harbor with tho tracks of
tho O. 11. & L. nt Puulou is being
rushed right along, under the super
vision of Engineer Smith. Thero is
nearly a mile and n half 10 be laid,
but It Is expected, that It will be
down In thirty or forty days. This
work is being done by the Govern
ment. .Market Superintendent.
Tho office of marketing superintend
ent, ns well ns that of field superin
tendent, still remains unfilled. J. K.
Hlgglns was supposed to bo the man
for tho place, but ho lias refused.
Then It was thought that S. T, Stur
rctt might tukc- tho position, but it Is
learned that bo would tnkp It for 11
few months only, Tho next available
man seems to bo Jnred Q, Smith," nnd
It Is possible that bo may bo ap
pointed to one of the positions.
Pearl t Hurlior Coutnict.
Flvo locul contractors put in bids
for tho work of placing the founda
tions for the seven Industrial build
ings at Pearl Harbor Naval Station,
and at the opening of the bids at the
locnl nuvul station on Monduy It wus
Tho hlHtory of a year of success was
told by the annual reports read n trl
niinunl meeting of the Commercial CHlh
ho-t night. Tho number of members
hns Increase'd from 23S to 261, and the
net surplus shows 2051,52. K C. Smith,
Chnrlcs A. Hon, Cleiirgo It. Angus, F.
U Wnlil.-on nnd Jumps D, Dougherty
wpre elected ns governors for the en
Suing term, while (!. P. Morse was ap
pointed lo fill tho unexpired term ft
John Guild. ,v
It was far nnd nwny thp largest
oithprlii-- nf thp bind Hint hns ever
been held Iipip, ssventy-llve members
sitting down nt the tables for dinner.
This was served In tho usual good
itylc of the club nnd was followed by
tho bbslnpss session In the reading
President Mnrstnn Campbell, In
speaking of tho work nf the club dur
ing the las', year, raid that It bad been
nno of the most successful ever held
and Hint Hip Commercial Club hnd
now come Into proper lino to take Its
place with tho business men of tho
ilty. Jts popularity wns shown by ttio
fnct that they hail hnd as many ns 109
to lunch nnd the lowest wns 50. All
tho various ipports pointed to a suc
cessful time nbend nf them, nnd dur
ing the yenr only tbreo members bad
to be posted for default.
Mr. Campbell mentioned three of
their' members who hnd died during the
yenr Messrs. Cleghorn, Oat nnd Bald
win. Tho world lift said had hern bet
ter for their bavins lived, and the club
would feel their loss. Mr. Ilnldwln wns
ono nf the greatest men Ilnw-nll liudrv
ever Been.
The rpport of tho spcretary und
treasurer showed Hint the past year
had bpcn entirely successful nnd that
the future lookpd bright.
The board of govprnors will hold a
nipetlng vrry oon nnd elect olllcer.s
for tie coming yenr.
4. .s $ .; & - j , j, tp , s $
found that tho Hawaiian Dredging
Company hnd mndo tho lowest bid
so low, In fuel, as to be but lltllo
more than half of the figure of the ,
highest bidder. This Is explained by
the statement that it has every
thing on the ground, Including the ma
chinery nnd material that will bo left
over from the present contract, thut
this firm is working on.
Three months uro allowed for tho
completion of the foundations, and it
Is expected that the work wilt start
Inside of two weeks.
(Continued on Pag 14)
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