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Local Chatj Home and Fashion Hints: Religious and Other Activities: Things Feminine J
. ,
Tim Ulg Sister movement which Is
comparatively new on tliu mainland
mill which Is ii distinct notcl.y In Ho
liululu, wan given considerable Im
petus at 11 meeting of tho Woman's
Society of Cent nil Union church nt
the home of Mm. C It. Atherton on
Klni; stioet Thursday afternoon. The
meetlUK iaH addressed liy Minn Muy
nnril, who, us local proliatlon olllcer
and resident nurso at tho fllrl'ti In
dustrial Home, Ih In a position to feel
keenly the need of tho hull) of Rood
uwnieii in rescuing girls from lives of
Bhumo which In ninny Instances huc
been tin list upon them.
'Clio College Club, through whose
agitation and the Interest of certain
prominent legislators, the nlllcu of
piobatlun olllcer wan' ciruted, li.is
t alien the initiative In tho Ulg SlBtei
Movement and tho Woman's Socle t)
Is the next to 'evince nn Interest In
the work. Mrs. Kionr, wife of lliu
(lovernnr, Mrs. Whitney, wlfo of Judge
W. I- Whitney, and Mrs. II. 13. Ilcii-
drlck, former president of the College
Chili, lire prominent meuiucrs of that
organization who are tho leading
spirits In the new morincnt. That
I hey mean ,0 curry tho matter
through, and will seek to do nil In
their power to ndwuice the work In
this city, Is proven h) the fact that
he win I niemhers of the Collego Club
huo expressed u desire to ho a "Mg
Blsler" with nil that the mime lmples
Miss M.iyimrd hegan her work us
Pltihutlon olllcer for girls tho first of
last July. Blip Is tho first paid olllcer
tn work In this Territory. Trior to
!!(" there was no probation olllcer
heie. The Die key hill, put through
In that yeur, made the neccsaiy iio.
vision, however, unil In 1UU7 another
victory was gulned In tho provision
fur the trial of Juvenile (uses In
special chuuiheiH. Tho act for the
pie,ctitlon of cruelty to childieii, the
Indeterminate sentence and the cur
few law were also put through In that
year, In l'lO!) Juveniles were tiutis-
lei led from tho Police Court to u Cli
cult Court, thus creating a fiep.iinlo
Juvenile court. The provision for paid
juvenile ollkers followed this year.
Miss Majnuid, who vvns furiuorl)
head nurse at the I'alauia Hospital,
mid plior to (oii)lng here, worked In
the Henry Sired district in New York
city, yesterday told of a number of
pltlablo cases that hud come uudei
liei supervision during the past two
mouths. They were stories of crlmo
mid suffering of such iivvfulnos us to
bo almost unbelievable, and much
keen Interest vvus awakened among
the women who heard them. In many
Instances, Miss .Maynaul stated, tho
parents were us much to blame us
the girls, and In several Instances the
mothers were wholly ut faille.
In tho past two months tlilrty-foui
cases of children under eighteen
years of age have come up in the
juvenile court. Five of these have
been committed, and tho others
turned over to the probation olllcer
for fut titer consideration, Twcnty
ono of these have been parolled. Miss
Maynard's duties, she stated, Includ
ed Mslts to the homes of her charges,
uiid they, tn turn must report to her.
A partial review of the work was
given by Miss Maynurd ut tho meet
ing In order that the members of the
society might appreciate fully the
need for the lllg Bister work here.
The lllg Slstor vvoik will follow tn
ull essential details the organization
uf the lllg llrothers, which was estab
lished hero til st. The following sug
guestlons, for the use mid guidance of
tho lllg llrothers of tho Church Club
of tho Diocese of Honolulu, uro taken
from a leaflet Issued by the Executive
Council of the Ulg llrpth'er Movement,
1 Madison avenue, Now York, and
were declared by Miss Maynaul to
be eipially apropos for the. Dig Bisters
The only essential chmigos, she ile
cluiud, would Im in the matter of
rc(e;)tlo, that of tho girl naturally
diffei lug.
1. Cull on the, hoy in his home,
2. Cet acquainted witli ills fiithei
and mother.
3. Bee what ran ho done to Improve
his hoipo conditions.
4., Do no( gvu Ituuuclal aid except
In uxtromo vases,
Ii. Bee the Iioj'h teacher.
l!. If lie Is mil at s(liool or nt vvoik,
tho llrst thing to do Is to get lilui
hack into sthool If possible,
7, If lliu family needs his help, get
him ii Juh ut some work In good su
ituiiidlligs. K. Kind out whom the liny upends
his evenings,
U llan iuir li) bh'l.tli look Hie
hoy nur, Aili'ioilH mid iiiuliiiltillloli
Mr' fleiilen cxplnuiillnmi of n vt't -Hllr
III the hi ij'
in. Hi Inn him minimi In nun of lm
lulls' KHunimliiiiiH
" J"Wjj l!W.iTjy""1 "'"'
make dim feel Hint lie la welcome.
12. Invite him to call on you
)otir ojcu ot pd.uti or business.!
13 lie Interested In a bo)'s Inter
ests. '
11 Tuko him to a ball gmuo with
IT, Take him to a concert or n
good, clean show,
10 Don't patronize; ou may know
mora about virtue, but tho boy Is n
better expert on temptation.
17. Kind nut whether lie attends
Sunday school or church.
18. l'rovo your point of view.
19 Discover the hoy's chief Inter
ests. 20. rind something for him to do
in which joii can arouse his interest.
21. Tr) to encoiliuge the habit of
22. (let him to assume mini or
es ponslhlllty.
2.1. (let him to write to you once
In u while.
24. Above all, remember that you
inn u Dig Ilrotlier, that yo uvvere
once u bay, and bo patient.
25. Just one thing more: Iteporl
regularly to tho chulrnun of the com
mittee and notify him of the arrange
ment ou make for "lllg Ilrotherlug"
tho hoy In case of )(jur absence from
the city for nny length of time.
2(1. Do It now. Now Is tho critical
time, when tho boy needs help.
2", If you believe tli.it u hoy In
tho open Is better than u boy In Jail,
you are In sympathy with the lllg
llrothers. If you believe that a boy
unaided cflnnot overcome tho ten
dency of unfortunate environment or
he happy and good without any of
tho things that make happiness unil
goodness, joii concur In the lllg
IJrolhcr Platform. If you are will
ing yourself to help u bo). Key, 1,00
pold Kroll, chairman of the Ulg
Ilrotlier Committee, can supply the
very boy who needs you to brother
him a little, .to give him Home fun,
to show him how to bo manly, to
tuko some of llfo's handicap on his
underfed body and undeveloped mind.
Contruiy to the prevalent Ideu that
to bo mv lllg Bister one must offei
lliiuuclal help, the piluclpuls ot the
organization call chlelly for friendly
Interest and a desire to givo some
girl whose environments huvo made
her an unfortunate, u good, whole
some, healthy time, thereby Instill
ing in her u desire for right living.
Piirthcrmoie, it does not mean that
)ou shall take that girl Into yom
homo. It does mean, however, that
you shall go to tee her occasionally,
take her for un uuto ride, perhaps,
to the seashore or theater In short,
to bo her particular friend. Conde
scension of whatever nature should
he carefully avoided.
Miss Mas nard Is particularly anx
ious that tho Ulg Bister Movement
should not become u fud In Honolulu.
She says she would lather have live
or six goad, conscientious women take
up the work1 with a view to currying
it on permanently, than severul hun
dred who might wish to drop It in
"The people wlio thank tho lord
that they ,nre not us other people
huvo no place In this work," said Miss
Mnyuard. "A number of society girls
huvo said how perfectly lovely it
would bo to engage In this work and
have gushed over It considerably, but
nut one has come to mo unit said,
'My automobile will be nt your serv
ice between such and such hours on
Saturday,' or 'Is there some one 1
can (ukn out to tho beach with me
this afternoon?'"
However, tliero does seem to be a
number of women who ure genuinely
Interested In the work, unci although
no names were taken nt the meeting
yestnrdy, Msa Maymird pieferrlu,g
that they think the miiHer over cure
fully before making any promises. It
Is expected that some definite steps
will lie taken ut tho regular monthly
uicctlug of tho suelety In October.
K.ishiouiibln hotels of 1'hlladelphla
huvo been fiiuecl to pott notices that
heiiiaftcr "biiuvcnlr hunters" would bo
prosecuted for either petty or grand
luiceiiy, according tu the value of the
hotel belongings they managed tn run
I) f I inn the dining unci hedinouis, say
PICKS lepllltH.
' A,.. I... 1 1 n.- ,,.ii
i(iiiiH iiit fiiii,!,, ii iii'iii'viie
Blrutfoiil, llul Wultnii, tho Itlllru-
house, (ho Majestic, unil the Kt, Junius,
lliu posting of Hut mil lies comes hi
nn iifierumlli of uiiiiiiliils of m
wallers, who heiMtiifiirii huvo been
foi i eil In puy fur iiiitltuy, dishes, uui.
Mils, ell', Willi l were ihlllgi'il In tlii'in
whim they left m )li lien mid whli'h
Wl'in Mill M'lllllH'il 'I'M Mi I lunge lit"
niiiiu mi lii ii v mi I In; wullei thai
limy H'lWii in loiiiliitm n mill, f
'"W h-M 'jgiff J&jf ity IW'
Honolulu Girl, Nun, Is
Back To Labor For Good
Sister Adelaida Home
After Training
ItAVni.INO nil tho way from
Trance In comp my with two
H.icred Item Convent 81s-
tois, Blslcr Ailel.ildn, vvln nr
rlved In Honolulu lust week, had
ninny novel experiences, numbered
among which wcru uigiimcuts with
the customs olllcers In New York con
cerning her nathinatltvr Much to
tho amusement of Sister Ailehlda,
these high and nihilities Insisted Hint
she vvus it Japanese, iiisplte uf her
declarations to the contrary.
The novelty of tho Idea or n Chi
nese mm caused the Now Yorkers
to gasp with astonishment and ev
er where Bister Adellada went slid
was gieeled by a curious tliioug. Quo
now spa per under hcaro-heudlliiespio-clnlmrd
her "a real pilncess of ro
yal blood," substantiating their as
lorthm by tin' decimation that her
mother, a pilnrtss only two stops
leiiioved from the Hawaiian throne, I
married Wong I,eong, a wealthy Chi
nese. Tho daughter. It vvus clcclued,
vvus regaided In Hawaii as a gieat
beauty, was n talented musician, and
spoke eight languages.
As u matter of fuel, Sister Adelaida
Is a llmiulst of no menu ability, al
though her versJtllllv Is c online, I to
four languages instead of eight, Shu
speaks Chinese, Hawaiian, Cngllsh
and Kiench, u muster of the. latlor
having been gained during her stay
In France.
Sister Ailelnlda has returned to Ho
nolulu for tho purpose of enleilng the
Sacred Heart Convent as a lenchei
of music, mid although Iter prepara
tions for a secluded and pious llfo
vveie of a decidedly strict nature, she
did not deny herself a slght-seelm?
tour of I'arls, aiil with her femin
ine Instincts keenly awake, vvns Im
pressed with Hje beauty of the gty
Trial courtship a variety of woo
ing which allows for the brldegroom-to-bo
a thro das' period of buaidlng
ut the home of his sweetheart, dur
ing which lime he samples her cook
ing mid tests hci disposition to make
sum that his mauled lift, will bo a
success Is not a novelty that Ho
nolulu wants. Tho scheme, the latest
pet potion or tho little vlllago of i:i
sah, III., near Hast St. ouls. Is ru-
ixirtcii In news dispatches to huvo
been proven a great success when'
two sweethearts there clinched their'
decisions lo become inun and wlfai
lifter tho preliminary courtship at tho'
home of tho brldo's mother, I
Here Is tlitt way things went down
In tho vlllago of Elsah, according to
ouo dispatch:
"Last Bntiinluy tho bridegroom-to-bo
ook up his abode with his fiancee
apd vvntched her methods of' keeping
house, sampled her cooking, studlod
her wajs nml tried to llnd If her per-
A nail protruding from the heel of
onu of my patent, leather pumps took
me lulu u shoe (ohhlei'ti shop ull llei
elmila stleet tliu other day.
To bo peifectly honest I vvus u bit
alarmed ut the appearance of the man
who sat in one cornel of tho tin 11x12
mom ile wiih u swaitliy foielguer ot
some sort, with maltul coal black
hair, soot eye-lids mid bunded chin,
lie vvoie a silver ling In onu ear nml
an Immense caned biaci'li't on IiIj
lift aim
Tor u moment I hesitated und when
I spoke my voice hud u funny falsello
I lug; 1 was gluil lo get out nil the
sheet iignlii, can till t in.
Hut what I stinted to say was this;
The giueiul appeal ulice of hu muni
was us illih) und iint.epi us tho man
who (iiiupli'd It (lid si s of viirloini
shapes und hUos weiu sralleied about
the lliuir, lOKelher Willi giiul lolls of
h'lillu'l nml wink liiipli'ini'UU 'Him
plain vvus hum nf fit l nit u i tt wli l,n
emepllnn nf u (iiiikIi vviumIi'H IiuiiiI)
un wlthli lliu inun Hit, nml ii Htiiliiul
liniliniviili)' i Null In mi" Hiliu
'I III tliu- uII,!Hm ii) ullnlillnii i
melroiMills ):n unite tdie also spent
Home time In Loudon, hut dccluuil
nfter her arilvnl hero that It could
in no way compile with I'arls.
Uoforo beginning tho long trip to
the South Sea Isljiul'i Sister Ade
laida visited the convent In New Ha
ven, Conn. Sho made tho trip to
Ban rimiclscii b the Southern
Shier Adclnld.i Is thirty-two joars
of ago mid has consecrated the re
mainder of her lie tn the local con
vent. Sho vvlH teadi piano, violin
and voice. She was born In Hono
lulu and iiinnj of her girlhood friends
huvo watched with iuteiest tho rapid
Etrldes she has made In the world of
music. 'f
Dr. Wong I.oong Is n brother of
tho oulig woman mid although ho
expected her to be his guest for a
time after her arrival In Honolulu,
she waived the pleosuies of a re
union and weut. to tho convent Im
mediately upon leaving tho ship.
pouallty vvns such ns would mako him
a good wife. At tho sumo tlnio she
tried his disposition, tested Ids pa
tience, observed tils manners and en
deavor to llnd If tho .itTectlon sho ex
liecleil him to express would bo truo
und lusting.
"The ninn was 'llson I)., Sherman
of Wllllanispuit, I'u., nud tho woman
Miss Maud Sherman of Hlsuh. He Is
35 )cars old ami she Is 30. Their
acquaintance began two eais ago,
when they began to conesHind ijfter
learning each other's names In a mat
rimonial Journal. '
"Miss Sherman does not deny sho
took a little more than oidlnury pulus
to see that Wilson's beefsteaks and
plo wcie a II 1 1 lo above tho ordinary
run. Onco Um purposely dclaved a
meal to see whether he would be
come nervous or uneasy hut ho only
smiled and said supper would tasto
ull tho better when It came. Ho
things went along smoothly foi three
ilavs In Hie Hlsuh household, Now
I vvus making u hasty exit, and in
spite of ui.1 Impelling ileslie to get
iiwuy, I stupped for u moment to ex
mullie It It wai old, hlglihackul, and
hand-curved a gcnulnu iinthiue, ai(d
a beauty
Thinking that any cheap chair
would seivo tho purpose of (he cob
bler us well I oiruied to buy tliu one
111 his possession
lie gave me u lleetiug, disdainful
glume, und then casting bis p)ct
iicivoiih! on his great hornj hands,
hu UIIHWirul, "Mo llo bell lliu like
Whether the ihalr Is i cully uu hell
loom or wliilhcrJt meiely imight tho
iiirious fumy of the old man I do
not know, hut tho tiuth iniialim
that It wiih ull Im had, ho Hind it und
ilhln'l Intend In part with It
Tliu lui'lileiil liiouglit lioniu Ibis les
son n linn I'urt nml paiiul of liuiiiuii
lialiiin h ii luveri'lHIul love nf the
l.i'HUIIIul mid wu cling in triiiii IniiH
ly, wlieiliur wu Im vvhiiu nr Iduili, uu
Uum'i mlw JitnliUi'fi 4i).i)tf miulul
Mil lllU UU Mnllil.1)', t
The Helm drapery which Is shown
so extensively in tho latest stylo
books, bids fair to become a cruie here
in Honolulu One enterprising firm
has laid In u bewildering array of de
tachable llchus When they are add
ed to an old gown a new and smart
effect Is obtained
Hall fringe fur dress trimmings has
but lecently come Into vogue on tho
mainland Anticipating u craze for
novelties of this sort, u local linn laid
In u goodly Biippl). The crocheted
bulls which the lot Includes, are dis
tinctly new und exceptionally attrac
tive for tub di esses. The frlngo Is I
fusliloued of coarse crochet cottun
und washes, beautifully. One attrac
tive pattern bus u beading nnlsli.
It really should be said us a mat
ter uf congratulation to the women
of Honolulu that iiicinbeisof the fem
inine sev. were conspicuous by their
iibscmu in the crowd which welched
the li)pnotle sleeper several days this
week. Such morbid curiosity may be
excusable tu u man things generally
uiu but In a woman never!
Himalaya cloth, which of recent
years is so widely advertised for dress'
materials, Is shown In distinct!) new
patterns for Full. A local Him Is
dlsphi)lug u new shipment In u va
riety of lolors Copenhagen blue,
lose pink, bottle green and limine,
each having a baimonllng border of
oriental design. 'Ibis description Is I
Inadequate It sounds tawdry whcre-l
us the effect Is really artistic. Tho'
material Is primarily for flocks uiil
coats being a clever Imltatiun of
rajah silk but It would make very
attractive curtains. The color sel
ected should harmonize with tliu guu
eiul tone of the loom of course.
A locnl woman who returned from
the cast during the past week, tells
me that the newest shades In New
York aio orange, dark purple, bord
ering on the ilium, und barbaric blues
und leds. They are u bit hard on tliu
complexion, she su)S, but are worn
alike by blondes und brunettes. As
she was usslstlng with the selection
ot a bride's trousseau sho hud ample
opportunity to see it varied selection.
If tho bachelor who Is invited so
often to partake of cosey homo din
ners know how iuucl( appreciated u
bunch of roses or other flowers would
bu Ii) the hostess, ccrtulnl) he would
du the ifrnrrtit tint ,,ririnr ll'l,.n
the hostess' husband sugests that lie
would llku to bring "Tom" home o
iiiuner, sue usually fulls In with tho
plan because she thinks b) so doing
she is pleasing her husband, she ar
ranges tho details without any deei:
show ot Interest, for bachelor friends
have como mid departed ninny times
wfthout any apparent thuught for her
other than that tliu lauds wore good,
or tho homo ntmosphero pleasant
Shu has stopped considering thcni
realities In life.
Hut If one thoiightful soul arises lo
break the monotony by a fcal thought
for her personally nnd expresses It
In this sweet way It Is more than
likely ho will be invited again, and
mu) be hu will be asked to name sotne
of Ills favorlto dishes for his future
Of all Iho dresses mndo for wear at
fiiBhjonablo Huasldo lesortB, or for
country house lsllliig, the Meslgus In
while nlnoii or mnusscllno with broil
cilo Auglulso decorations and toucho.c
of Muck velvet mu tho daintiest, says
tho New York Telegram. The heavy
velvet allied to tho cobweb textmo
of tho iilnon, with Its wide oiienwoili
cmbioldery, Is tho daintiest tumbiuiv
Him Imaginable, und when tho hut,
too, Is white, with vvuvlng black
pltimcti nud velvet streamers, the toil
ette is charming.
Ouo gown of this tyo lias a deep
tloimro of broderlo Anglnlso running
up to the knees to meet u tunic o
Valenciennes and uliiou arranged in
ono with n baby bodice made with
long sleeves or Valenciennes lo the
vv lists Met ween tho shoulders across
tho luck theio Is a lingo bow ot Lib
erty satin with streamer ends falling
down to tho hem, the ends being bor
dered wllh black velvet, Kohls of
black velvet mu mound the waist.
nud the hat or blirk velvet In pic
ture sl)le lias a wicath or whllo satin
The black nud whltn vogue Is ex
tended Ntn nil kinds of materials,
Dri'ssoi In whllo cliaiiueiiso aie
clashed up tliu side wllh panels of
lilaelc velvet; buttons and fiiclug of
black vilvi'l lluUli coast mid skirl
or whllo cloli or linen; while while
iliesnes for, tho evening urn IiIiiiiiiihI
III mi" vvuy m mioth.cr wllh blink nut
In, velvet or lull''.
'Hip iiowosI riickimi Miulmm Inun
Urn Iwii lm mill Um ion kduhmi tn
iiliMiti llpiHii Tim liimil !) 14 tiif
pimn I m Mum,
Caro-free vacation dn.vs are over,
mid whether tho )oungsteis are glad
or sorr) the) II ml theuisclvci biek
In the school rooms In the midst of
manual training, tho construction
work nud tho books they left behind
them Inst Juno, for a tliuu at least
until their restless natures become
accustomed to tho lack of continual
uctlvlt), the bonis In the school
room are going to seem long so lona;
In fact that their llttlu backs will
uchu und In Imagination ut least, they
will falily gasp for the cool mid In
vigorating breeze that makes the
backward such a comfortable pl.i)
giiiund It Is a wise teacher who realizes
these besetting tilals, ot tho llrst few
weeks nml arranges as much exer
cise as possible. I don't know how It
is hero on the isl nnls, hut on the
mainland the teachers are rcipitied
of recent years to look utter the
film time or tho children cfiille us
much ns tho study time. The) nt
eompaii) their charges to tho iecre-1-Hon
grounds nml superintendent the
sports, entering lulu the games with
as much zest ns tho chlldien them
selves. The) tchelled nt llrst, aver
lug that tho recess hour should be a
time for tho teachers to relax, but
crudunll) they, have como to look at
the Innovation In the light of a phvsl
ral henellt, nud mnny or those who
ure perlictly frank both with them
selves nml the superintendents de
clare that the new S)sleiu Is u decld
eil Improvement over the old
After a unlet session ut their desks,
chlldien , want exciting, vigorous, run
ning games for iccess time. Such
games cause them to glow with
health and dispel tho stupid feeling
provoked by nn Ill-vcnUlulod room
Except In rainy or vcr) wind) ila)s
It Is much wiser to pla out.flile. In
stead of In a stuffy basement or other
icereatlou loom. Tencheis aro al-
wn)s glad to see strenuous games In
progress at recess for It means that
their pupils will nut be ns restless
when they troop back as when thoy
marched out.
Treed from the fear of being called
"tomboys," many girls aro beginning
to enjoy tho games that used to he
the sole property of their hrotheis
A tomboy Jias come to mean a heal
thy, uctlvo girl. Instead or a noisy
lio.v den. The tomboy grows up to be
a strong, athletic maiden who Is not
afraid of a long walk or row or swim
and who reels that to ho pale is not
necessarily to bu Intel estlng. So
girls that aro happily lombojs will
doubtless look over tho list or bo)s'
games nud plek out those thill are
adaptable to their purposes
Hut there are pistlmes which aro
more especlully for girls. Among
these Is "whlrlool." This game may
bo plajcd by nny large number the
more the merrier. All the players
Join hands firmly, for those that ure
loosely clasped will mean a jweak
link In tlie chain, The girl who Is
captain mnkes-thp lino hlpplty-hup in
to a big circle, then she loads her
followers Inside the Hue, describing
smaller and smaller circles. When
tJio arrives at center the chain will
no colled up lll'o n snaUi. Then sho
brings them back to a vtrnlght lino
simply h) turning around and hlpplt)
liopptug out.
In "catch as catch can" n largo
number may play alni. On opposite
sides of tho field thore uro homes or
goals; between these places half of
the plums stand In a line with their
hands Joined; tho others a'e nt ono
or the gouls. Ouo or those on homo
should "Catch ns culch can!" and nil
thobo on tho goal must inn nt unco
tor tho othur Bide. Tho center lino
tries to form n clrclo about ns many
nf their opponents as possible; alltliat
aro caught In the ilng must then as
sist In catching tliu test. It would
appear dlflicult for tho lust two or
threo plaj els to ovado tho clrclo, but
In reality It Ih easy, because tho cen
ter lino becomes too long nnd un
wieldy to gather Its foices with rap
idity. Oilier en Jo) able Rchool onl diver
sions, for gills uro pass hall, sMppluu
nipo games mid Jacks." 'Knock lit
Iho door," "plgH In tho pen," "around
In moon," "Imril nineties" and other
pln)H nrn well known lo "Jack" de
votees, "TIiioiikIi tho lump" Is less
fmnllliir The plavcr makes a hoop
wlh In r left thumb mid fill dinger
mid ilropri tint Jacks tlirouuli thn ap
erture "Vault I lie fenco" s another
llgiiin Tho tight liatnl iil:ic ,l nt
llglll DIIKll'H l II'" llix'l' In ll""i nn II
fi'wu mni iivei' (hid Hid jacks, mu
Tim buy' si'linol)iii'il kiiiiihh ill vluM
mi lulu riiiiiiliiK mill lull imhiiw llun
hIhjj mm iibi' "lam. j)i). nii
UM)'.8 fcjlamifil' (jlir uiiil viliiiiatt
it," aro pla)ed almost ilall) at every,
school recess In tliu city, but tlierci
aie others not so familiar.
10 . ",l
is commonly phi veil In
Unlllbklt ..Oilu n.i.l I.. .n, i..1t,.n
BlllUUljUlUn, U,ll ,9 ,11,1 III1IIHU
UllV M Tllf, lull u Iwi Id "I," nimiild Ijril
slxt) whllo tho pin) era hide thenijj
selves 'It" then hunts until ho find?
ono of the hidden pla) ors, who inusTj
he tagged before ulthei boy re'.icbesl
goal It "it" gets in Hi st the ol!ie:i1
uiu allowed to come in ficc. ami thel
ho) who was caught bee'iu'c; 'It,'.' J
Hut es and tag games are pop alar?)
Itela) tea nu, ma) casll) be organlzedS
Till, l,r.Ot l-lltltlrtra I.. .11, ..l.rt.tl. .t.rt.l
... uvv ,...,..v.n ,,i .in uirVMi, sliiin
room ma) run against thoso In tho
.. , h ti
El.1.'l)lll iciitiiu
In "dodge ball" there arc ,two equal
teams. One team forme a circle am)
the other groups Itself Inside tliu
t lllff U.ll.t,. ..I,.. Ii. ,1... ..Inl.. ,t.n..
. iwiiiu iiiiw ii, iii i:i,i;ii, ,ii;,,i
throws a Milt Indoor baseball or a
liasKet ball. If one Is obtainable, att
tho legs or tho dodgem. When unyi
ouu Is hit he Is out. Tho ball Is kept
In constant motion by those In thai
niitsldo rlrele, Iho moro rapidly It Is
tossid the less eh. men the dodgers
liavo to escatH! If Ad u,iiki nu nil tin.
liisldu pla)ers have been caught theyj
form a circle mid tliu others becomej
the dodgers. An umpire Is needed' to
uiiiu uiu ci'eiiiis in oruer io see which
was able to stii) in the Held tho
1(111 if ill "lllliir l.till" lu oltimtik nm
"r'- h wii in nitiiw (uiiiui
In which u ilug is iiiudo and tho ballj
i ...... i i. .,.-. . ,. .
,a uiiilbii uironu iruill lillDer IO
pki)cr lu no lurtlcular order; any'
one vvlio rails to culch It Is out. r
"Can-can" Is pla)cd with two Un
cans, pluced one on lop or the other
nnd n stono or a hall. Ti'a object
v, mu hiimu la II, ll,n,uilhf IIIQ vup
can without disturbing the lcfwer on'oll
"Medlcliiu lint" Is much Hko "liaby
in Hie hole," but in tho former guino
hats or caps uro use-d Instead ot
holes, ) ',
" ii
llutter the size or nil egg, usuu'lly.
means one ounce. -
Ioiir labli'BiHjiinfiils of u liquid con'
Kiititic a vviueglassfiil
Twenty minutes Is required to boll
pinperl) spaghelti or macaroni.
A good beverage time to allow for,
baking ii loaf onku Is nu hour to an
hour und a half, according to size,
lu boiling chicken, fifteen minutes
should be allowed to the pound. Hrotljj
ed chicken leipilres Ilfteen to twenty!
Tho prerciving pm or the house'
vv Ifo s pridu Is, of course, of polished
brass, but un enameled or aluminum?
pan ma) bo usi-d.
Under noimal conditions It renulres
tlireo hour! for broiled beefsteak toi
digest Hollcsl rice renulres only un
hour for digestion, while fresh milk
takes two houis ami Ilfteen mlnu'.es"'.
Bmulsh toast iceiilla In flavoring a
Spanish omelet. Cut up two or three
gieen iieppers nud ono or two slices
of union, add n ciinful of thick rinnnt
or rrcsh tomato. Slnuiier' tho mixture
till smooth mid iiour It over buttered
toast, jM
Tho simplest way of putting nwaylj
iiiiiibwiiciiii jam is io uu it. ni once into
clean Jars, then tn cover It whlln lmll
Ing hot with u thin pnior Immediate
I) over Jt and a parchment' pajicr overa
uiu jar. ii ine jam is allowed to get!
cold betore It Is covered tho Inner)
pajier should ho dipped lu whisky. i
Itcinember that in fruit preserving
It Is not uul) the cooking, it Is tho
keeping nlso that Is Important. Tliere
foru the' Jars lu which Jams or Jellies
uro put aw a) must he absolutely 'dry
mid thoy must be ipiltu air tight when,
covered, Mporiai roveied Jars are
now sold to secure Hut keeping out
or tho air, bill lliu old fashioned cook'
can do tho same thing ipilte success-j
fully by careful "ptiK!ilng."
liivtvii'iii'ii ititiua
"' j,
Ifl ono or the small Japanese shops
they uro selling hammered brass tear
pots nt 10 cents. They will hold prob-?
ably tour good sized cups. v.
Cream butter color and pae eeru
laces are effectively iimm In coinlilha
Hon with while voiles and muriiul-y
IhisueH Beem to bn gaining ground';
unci they ure (ecu on ull soils nf $az-
times um! In u ureal vnrf.lc ,ir ti rnu I
I. Macs In while mid purple ate 'ii,"i
to foi in entire i tow lis nu lai(;i. , ,
'I hey iiIbii fiublon lint I eh H Ul
rinni Um I it tu ii , lien, , i i'
ijpis in inc..,", ,ind lb- r ii i'i'
ktrlpeH huvu mi , uiiiiit pui mmyj
1 ' i "
lluv (l.siiKo Irwin, I) )
M'rui!si"wit nf iiiililli) ln!ni(j,
munmuiw lu au!i', w
" r
'-W v14 ,-
I i-ltfcstK m

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