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evENiNQ bulletin, Honolulu, t. HH Tuesday, sepj., g?tttfrn,tl.,MmKtf((UW .ifftmHmimini,Hi Wrrr.r-itF.fKf wmv''W?&hihim
Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar -
Oceanic Matul.
llinwillin- S((iiiu liiirric.
llonot nlil 'llilril lit Kiir.
All tUIIIiix mtiiihsra of tka
Order are cordially Invited to
attend meetings of local lodges
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Uondayi of
taoh month
t K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M.
.t nntr runttif pnM juwuui.ii vi
Aninc rnuiHttny ouiei aho
lially invited.
Mult iii llr I ami tlilnl Tmsdiv
ii ii h ninniii In 11 id rnil II ill I '
jj r I in I. Inn, l-ltlng In ill In ii i r
'ill ill lln It.. I In nlli ml
i: . iokii i' or it.
H0K0I.UI.U L0T5GJE, 016. B. P. 0. 1.
Honolulu Iidge No (51 B, B. P. O.
tiki, meet in their ball, on King
Street, near Tort, every Friday eve
ulnr. Visiting llrntbers art cordially
nvlieil to attend.
I 1- It ISPN'linitfl. n. R.
ii:ii t Ki.i'i:ui:n;.Bfc.
X. of P.
Meet xri 2nd and ttSTfeayiraVy
veiling t 7:30 o'clock In. K. of I
Hill, cur. Purl and lloretiuil.i. Visit
ing brothers cordially Invited tt at
tend. f. r. icii.ncT, c. c.
II A. JAl'OltSON, K.'R. 8.
" OAHU-LODCtJiip. 1.JK,.of P.
.Meets every lr-t and third Friday at
7 .10 oVlock, lVhJan Hall, cornet IIito
Innlit nn.l I'urt (.(rents. Visiting broth
rr itirdl.illy Invited to attend.
s. di:c'ki:ii, c. c.
itniKii, k, of it.. & a
MietM im second ami fourth Wednes
da ni'iilni! nf lach month at 7i-0
ii'eliH'k. In Sin Antonio Hall, Vlnenrd
Mreit, nwir nniimi Visiting brothers
nit InvIUd tn Mlttul.
flin A. DAVIS, W. P.
WM (' M'COV, Secy.
im. iliiiwlnv i cniniilite lino of
Ali tin Ii Ii i unv"fcltlis In iVnthers,
I'lomri Mini I! ml '''rimming
Hotel Street - Opposite Young Hotel
Phono 3083 y
Bonnet Shop
Doston Duilding Fort Street
N S.ilurd.is MRS. F. S. ZEAVE, nt
Uln r ii.nms In the Vuiini.- liullillni;,
will opi'ii up ih n IIiiih In Shirt
waists, Cnata .mil Novelties tiyvd
ex S S I. inline
Manila and Madeira Embroidered
Cnllara, Cuffo and Handkerchlofi
Dahy Pillow Slips
1027 Nuuanu Olrett
All th Hals at Kttasonabla Pricas
H.eklj llullotln 1 per jear.
u1Mdit'3i6itn.ii. .kwLiMM- ifc.iii
(Continued from Pag 1)
with 'the- manner In which our com
mltlee wns side-tracked, or, rather, wns
intindid tn he side-tracked, lend lis
to think that them In something lh
the ripnrt curniit on the waterfront,
th.it the nniiolntineiit of Mr W. It.
I iwtej hns In en made to serve some
pironnl motive. ,
It Is common report that Mr Hootf
bus tled his imlltlinl Intluincc to hive
Mi Pinter given thin iiinilntnieiit, n
he Hunted to liu rid nf him hut Could
lint dit so without risking the losil, tit
'flu n II t)aki "; c'o's ilrnvliiK, unices
hi' fiinnil him nnnther position How,
er, the point we wish to make, clear
Ik this
The Hoard of Harbor Commission! rs
hive stated that they wire makhigthe
ih.uiKe with the null' nhjtct to Letter
mnilltlon" We claim tli.il had they
iliilariil the position vacant, the Mm-
tils nml Pilots Assuclntlou cniild have
fiiinlKlii.l plnitv of applicants with n
x.ivt ininiiiit nf experience Ik hind them,
.mil tin n. i'ary qualification's to lit
tlii'in r..r ihi position
our K-nclutloii ha" expended Its
Ir. i -i ir iii.l Its effort In the pant, nml
i .1 .r -. lit contributing about $110
.n iiiiiiini toward n fund of (10,000
r .i ii. Fiiii.irt of n IcKlxlatlve com-
hi. . In Washington, I) C, for the
imi"'i ..f olitnlnlni; and estahllHhliiB
i iliN In iialinitlnn, nnd IcKMntlon
I . m Hi I il lo maritime matter
DurhiK the pint hI years our harhor
Ii im hi en liiMriiiiicntnl 111 nhtnlulni;
Hum aldn hi ttiii Terrltorji', olo n re
iirn of our coaBtK and IMniul port,
timl the I'.iiHrnctliin of dew chartui
I. thi-nliv i.irhiK for the nafety of
Hie tr.ivfllni; public AND HNCOI'It-
AuiMi Tin: fOMMKitrn to otm
I'i hits iv vip.w op this anroitD
hi: pi:i:i. that wnuu. justi-
Pli:i) IN ASKINO 'Y6 1111 CONS1D-
i:ki:i wiii:n' any appointments
MA til:
We 1iim hitherto refrntneil from
minim; fnru.inl hi thin matter, out of
n-p.'it In ("apt. Tripp, whom we con
HliUrid should at bant be Klxcn an op
i..rliinli In plow hluiKi'lf comiH'tuit
..i liiiomM tr lit iiiuli r the new regula
tlon i inlRlit add here Hint ('apt Tripp
I nut a imuibtr of our UHHoetatlon, nnd
I I- nut our pnllc) to apply fur n posi
tion until It Ii Known that n vacancy!
,xM., .)tr;ntfffitttow ;!, it , .il!'Hri
rni' cominiiHioiurh innKe me claim
that they do not Intend to Intrust the
in harbor master with the docklni; of
mi. Imf that liN duties, will be
in'ifi; l to the nin IliR nhd sliifnijo of
f"".'Klit . i ..1 i!.
Jn'o ililmMji have men tiornuRhIy
iijipctentl 'and 'rttiallllildi.toVamiiil to
Ve liao nn pentonriL Knavnnco
iiKalnxt Mr, P.wtcr, but take "exat ptlon
lo.hw aiinnlntmeiit aolelv on the nolnt
of (tuallllcntloni, nx we clnlnittlmt ho
liaH not hud the necessary experience
to lit him for the position.
To miliitniitlato'our. atcmcnt that
Itls cuijinitin report tthaf eronali mo-
UUf are beliiK servedi-we herowltn op
lieiiil the lloiiolulii news letter to tlio
Mnnl '.uu nn tin. milili'M.
; ii the present appointment of tlioncw
Ii'kIiiU' Is nn Illustration of what their
future conduct In harbor mattcm Ih to
be, we are of thu opinion that the ery
objict of thu law by which this board
has been created, to all Intents nnd
purposes will bo defeated. Very truly
Honolulu, September 1, 1911.
Dear Sir; At tho lust meetliiK of tho
Hoard of Harbor 'Commls'sloncrH, held
AiiKUHt 30, lillj, Mr.V'llllom It. Fos
ter was nppolntiKL.llurbbr master of
the port Of Hofoilolli, to succeed you,
said appointment to tuko effect on Oc
tober 1, mu,
The committee, on personnel ond
Inly, 111 Its report and recommenda
tions to the board, stated that there
was no reason to criticize your work
In uuy way, but upon the adoption of
tho new rules ond reflations that the
lespuiislbllltles and duties would be.
materials Increased, nnd felt that n
niino inn;resslo man was needed for
the pnsltlon,
Mr Cninpliell stated that ho wished
In no nn ricoid us lilKhly coimncndlne
j on for the very etllelent nnd faithful
urUicp rendeied tho Superintendent
of Public Works, and also for the ser
I'B rimUrid this board since Its for
motton In July
The Ito.ird of Harbor Commissioners
iixlind to ou their good wishes, nnd
assure j. hi that the appointment of
our suecissor was not for the reason
of Inelllcleney, but necessitated by the
adoption of the new rules and regula
tions fur the k"V rnniciit nf tlni port of
Honolulu Vny respectfully,
Sicrelary, Itonrd of Harbor Com
mission! rs
Captain A N. Tripp, Harbormaster,
P M, S. S, Manchuria, en route
fiom Yokohama 8 p. m., Sept, 25.
HI!) miles from Honolulu. Will arrive
at noon, Sept. 28; ilcslro lo sail ID
a m, Sept. 29.
The Uihulnn land case was con
tinued until tomorrow when It will
(nine up again before Judgo W J.
Work Is being pushed ahead with
tho Kaplolaul dlrls' homo and the
woikiucu urn now on the second
Young fbiiumi who has been nt sea
for four yi-urs would like to get work
or aii kind In tunn Apply "S M ",
liulletlii f.041-4t
tfto't lA JitalaiJujiiititi. jiLaJc. ft.C..wn,
Furniture and
City Transfer Co.
Jk rW
According to Report Which Has Reached Here The British
Steamer Port Kingston Reported Purchased to Take Run
Mauna Kea Off for Volcano and Hawaii Ports Korea
Carried Many Asiatics From Here Lurline for San Fran
cisco Tonight.
Tho fine passciiRcr liner Zealninlla,
owned by tho New Kenl.iti.t SliIpntnK
Company nnd under dialler with the
CnnadJnn-AuBtrnllnn lino on a run be
tween' Syitnoy, Auckland, Honolulu
and Victoria Ih to bu letnrned to the
owners Iwlthln n coniiaintlo utiort
tluic,!.;acccwllnK to rciirt wlilcl) Miaa
In.l iVnnnkn.! linn.
iWuroacljcd here.
'Tho' Xenlahdla
tijftuo x.eniaiiuiiL irom AiisirRiian
ports la dlh, 111 arrive nt Honolulu on
or about, October 10th. The predic
tion Is now niado Hint villi Iho 're
turn of Unit vessel on her way tii'the
Colonies In November, will inarki tho
hist appearance of Iho Sieal.indla nt
the Hirl of Honolulu undo! tho Cana-illnn-Austinllan
house (lni at least.
The company which has been oper
ating the Zcnlandla together with the
MnKura and Mnrama are said to havo
closed a deal by which the Ilrltlah
steninshlp Port KltiKslon, a fine pas
senger essel built In 1!)04 at Olas
gow, Scotland, will hecomo enrolled
under the haulier of tho Union Steam
ship Company and transferred to tho
Ciiuadlau-Austrnllun line. It Is the In
tention to place this vessel In setVlcc
From Information received bcrc,
the Port Kingston which hns pissed
i'urt Kingston which hns piHsed
i,clotWll(1f Iho Vnlonlljne bat
nilKJdatloiii fjir one) Huillrp and
kM, illti: secomi elasH jiaHnen-
to Hit
ners and, la capable of developing n
WiWd UtlvcenHevcatl'4n attdlclKhteeit
?T..M -li Luu.Ai.JlL! A.a !t1.A.t uTln
ri'.liqjiul. IVbuUlll MIU.IIIl IlllfS
ston con take care of about as many
passengers ns Iho Zealnndla or the
Mnrama now In the service which In
eludes Honolulu ns a iort of call.
P.rotest Against Excessive Freight
Charging tho Anicrican-Hnwnllnn
Stenmshlp Company with Inflicting
freight rates two and three times
that exacted by foiclgn steamship
lines engaged In a haul of similar
length, Colliers Weekly In answer lo
a correspondent goeB an to ftnto that
Congress passed what wis known as
the Coastwise Trndo Act which pro
hibited ull foreign ship from carry.
Ing freight or passengers from one
American lwrt to nnothcr. That net
Is still on tho statute books. Foreign
ships can not operate between Ame
rican ports. Iiy buying up tho Ame
rlcan steamship Hues and controlling
the harbors so as to provent free nc
cess by any possible competition, the
railroads havo forced the public to
ship Its freight by land. Heroic the
Southern Pacific acquired ono of Its
present lines of steamships It pild an
enormous sum annually to this same
lino on condition that it would not
j carry more than a given amount of
ireignt mommy between Atlantic and
Pacific ports. The only steamship
line touching at Pacific Coast points
not owned by tho railroads Is thu
American-Hawaiian Steamship Hue.
Yet, owing to some Inlliienco not
known to tho general public, In ev
ery Instance whero the lullnmcU have
advanced their freight rates Iho Anic
rlcan-Ilnwailan Steamship lino has
correspondingly followed Btilt. Thut
company Is charging from two to
three times as much tier ton for rir.
rylng freight as foreign ships nro
charging for a haul of similar length
In 1887 tho railroad m(o on a num
ber of common articles of necessity
between Chicago and Pacific Coast
W.C. Peacock & Co., Ltd.
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty
( Mont Rouge Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Champagne
( Schlitz Beer
JtOi ,-jl,'i,ttit
Piano Movers
Phone 1281
points was $12 n ton. In 1909 the
ft eight rate on these same commo
dities had Increased to (29 i: ton. Dur
ing this time tho wntui rnte In for
eign bottoiiiH had actually decreased
over fifty jior cent. The water rate
In foreign bottoms hetv.'oen San Fran
cisco and UvcriHiol lii.WIG miles, Is
oni'-sevenlh as much lier top oh tho
rail rate between Chicago and 'Han
Francisco, 2,200 miles.
High and Mighty Goat Hunters Re.
l.aden'jwlthi t)ii trophlijs! I nt jhe
clia.soajbanil of high and' Jnljity
nlmtods were Included In the com
pany.of cabin passengers who stepped
ashore from t ho Intor-lsland steamer
Mauna I.oa: this morning.
A party of goat-hunters who havo
been carrying on a direful campaign
of extermination on tho descit Island
of Kahoolawo among them being Cov
entor V. F. Fiear, A. Lindsay, Jr.,
C. S. Jitdd nnd W. F. Martin, nre
hack and with them came a portion
of the spoils.
Tho Mntinn I.oa brought a largo
general cnf'go of Island iiroiiucls In
cluding tttrke)8, chickens, horses
cows; calves,, hogs, S sucks awa, 14
antes taro, 1G barrels fruit, 17 hal
rels illleil fish 10 sacks charcoal. '."10
jacks beans, S'l bunches bananas, 30
cases honey, 32 bead cattle, G91 sacks
coffee, 19f)4. cftsos preserved pineap
ples, 7400 sacks sugar nhd 191) p.tcU
nges sundries. Purser Hlielilon re
ports 7C27' sicks sttgaf at Piinuluu nhd
4915 sacks sugar at Honunpo await
ing shipment. During tho trip skies
vvcro overcast with plenty of rain
along Kona and Knit vorts.
Bucking the Local Milk Trust.
The local milk Irnst Is getting a
few body punches at the hands of
Importers of California lacteal fluid
who nro receiving ns high ns ono
thousand gallons of cream with bach
arrival of the Matson Navigation
steamer Lurline. It Is claimed that
tho roast article reaches the consum
er here In highly satisfactory condi
tion and Is meeting with favor with
a host of customers. Tho Importa
tion of milk and cream from tlia
mainland bids fair to become a busi
ness of no mean proportion lo tho
steamship lines whoso vessels nre
provided with refrigerated space.
A Sugarless Lurline.
Products of Iho Islands other than
Btignr will servo to keep the Matson
Navigation steamer 1-urllne down to
Iho water lino. Tho vessel Is taking
no sugar but In tho tanks Is twelve
hundred tons molasses puniicd aboard
while tho vessel remained nt Kolitt
till. Maul. A shipment of 30,000 cases
of canned pineapples will also bo tak
en. A dlsttcsslng small number or
passengers havo been booked for
passago to San Francisco. Tho I.tti'
lluo Is lo sail nt six o'clock this even
ing from Matson wharf. Tho Teirl
torlal hand will bo present nnd ren
der ti inualc.il send-off.
Much Lumber In the Hllonlan.
There Is a lnigo shipment of lum
ber In addition to general cargo In
tho Matson steamer Hllonlan now on
the way lo the Islands from San Fran
cisco and Pugot Sound ports. In tho
cargo Is 1500 tons general and 40,000
feet lumber for Honolulu, 200 Ions
cargo and 47,000 feet lumber for ills-
.,WM, - ik
5 - r r 1 i s
" J&ll E1' l S I
"fl" h 5d id 3g kl 2 l (
siit ii in. ip m. p m it nt1 '
l Jill 1ft I Moili: lico iiM'3 41 Ml
so em io . &3.v iu t.oi iui &
', 10 sr.ll.50 IU V h.t 9'u
I Mi is V' . &-, in; mij,
59 9o:.'i ''m;.1 J'Si'-lllrt
ij m loii.l v ii. o'liir..! iuis'ts ilw
i I I1.lt Js' 1nrrlM SSi S.l . .
First quarter of tho moon Sept. 30.
j, Time not stnted In tables. '
.charge nt Port Allen nnd 400 Iouh
enrgo and 130,000 feet lumber for Kn'
hultll. Tho vessel is expected will bo
Bouui iiinu mi) s in cumiiicung tn
ilinssage from Seattle. Ttto IHlonlan
Is bringing no passengers; anil will
make a comparative. short stn'y nCUio
port. '
Manchuria to Arrive Thursday.
Cnptaln Dixon, mnstor of tho Pad
fin Mnll lllinp Mntiptutrln linu uilrn
lessed In to Iho agency of II. Hackfeld
nnd Company that he expects to
bring the steamer tovqunj-utitliio- by
noon, Thursday. Ho hoiios to bo nhlo
to snll for Snn Francisco
by. ten
o'clock on Fridny morning. ThdJMnil
cliurln has 1250 Ions Oriental freight
for discharge nt Honolulu nnd accord
Jng lo
tjel can
ndvlces K'cclvcd heru tho ves
accommiKJuta one hundred hint
five ' 'cubln lAJsMiliKurb. ' 'with
Uss than sixty now booked for the
.yoiisi. ,
i ' I
Honolulan Due In the Morning.
A late wlrelcis received ut thn
i gency of Casllo and Coolo Is to tho
yiH'ci nun uie Aiaison INUVigatlou
teiimcr Honolulan wllh 29 passim
torn, 89 sacks mnll nnd n large qiinn
Ity of caigo for Honolulu, lliln nnd
aland Hirls will arrive hero eaily lo
noi low motnlug. The vessel will
come ulongslde Hackfeld wharf. The
Honolulan Is scheduled for dispatch
lor Island pot In on Thursday alter
noon. ,
Hetene Made Fair Pariane.
The American schooner llelene
with n million feel of luinher con
signed to the local agency of Allen
nnd Hobinson wns an arrival nt Iho
port this morning making tho pass-
ago down from linos Harhor In
iventy-nvo das. The vessel was
navs. j ne vessel was
tide the A. and'lt.fwhalt
Captain 'ljiooi4ioh Is
by his wile :rmf'"lvv(o
muled alongside the A
p discharge
hns on this ti Ip. The skipper stnted
Jint he met with light nnd baffling
finds on n poitlou of tho trip.
chooner Resolute Is Fumigated.
j'l Preparatoiy to going to Ben, the
kmerican schooner Itcsolutc has been
imled to the itiuiantlno wharf for
lilnnlgutlou. Tho vessel will, be dis
latched for tho Soui)dtp1t afleruiuin
or tomorrow mOnifiig taking bnlhlst
Mily. Tho Ilesolnto nrrled Jioiq 04
lvptcmiier 1st witn n run hluiieii
111 lumoer.
Asiatics Off for the Orient.
y Sixty Asiatic passcngors ilcinrtoil
for Japan and China In the Pucillc
Mali liner Koioa. which got away
promptly nt flvo o'clock Inst nlglit,
Thn knrnn cnlrli.il If. 11 eablti ilifesAn.
iters who had booked at, I II Is port, ijhe
steerage passengers for tho most part
wero ciunese.
Pearl Harhor Buoys.
Tho United Slates lighthouse ten
der Kukiil hns been dispatched to
Pearl Harbor where some attention
will ho given tho marking buo)
placed there to guldo tho navigator
thiough tho scveinl channels leading
Into tho Inner haibor.
Lumber.tforrHonolutul -
Tho Rolirt'lA,vciH,''av,clioonor Hi
tho Lowers and Cooko licet, Is rd
ported to-iiavo'snlled rrcim Port''t3fir-
low on Sntutilny with a full shipment
of lnnib.ee goiiflsiieil tcutho local firm.
Tomorrow tllbrd" -will uk launched!
from the marine railway 11 big forty
footer Kiimpun thut will bo used ex
cluslvely in thu llshlng business by it
new Japanese llshlng company. About
1 o'clock Ih the hour chosen for plac
ing the big bout In her native element.
Tho dimensions of tho now llshlng
vessel uro: Length 40rfeet, b$uiii 8
feet and depth 3 feet C Inches. A six
ty hoise-power engine will be In
stalled for diivlng tho bout through
tho water and six men will compose
thn ciew. The name of the now llsh
lng boat will bo "Hawaii Mnru."
1l30 J. A. C. vs. P. A. C.
3i30 HAWAIIS vs. 8TAR8
Prices ....?35c, 25c. 15c, 10o
Reserved Seats for center and wings
of grandstand can be booked nt II. O,
Hall & Son's spurting diparlineiit. Hn-
trance. King reet. . .,,
Tickets on sale nt M, A. flunst'"
Plgnr Store from 1 p, ni. Saturday to
11 u in. Sunday,
- l!L - .,.la
Auction Sale
. On Wednesday, Sept. 27
At 10 o clock a.m. j;
Aii, .Sf??te adJ'oinin th Bank W
Hawaii on Fort Street, an Elegant
Assortment of PERSIAN RUGS from
M. B. Mehran's Collection.
i i
, 'i
(Special Cable 'to 'Merchants'
flYI)NBY-tP4llftlHNMMlil!. S. Zea
Inndia for Honolulu via Auckland
and Suvn.
Ni:VCASTI.K Sailed, Sept. 22: S. S.
lxliier: fop llniiolulu! ' .
YOKOHAMA Sailed. Sep. 2fi: S. S.
Chi Jo Marti, fur Honolulu.
WinKI.KS8-MJ. S. Hfiiioliiloii nrilvob
j; ii inn sun 1'iiiiiciscouumoiiow morn
S. S. Manchuria ni rives from Yo-
kohamnt Tlnirailaj' at w noon, and
sa I IsKf dr-"flah J l.tftrielco'; j Ft Idny , 10
n. m.
J - L .,
Per M. N. S. 8. I.urllne, for San
Francisco, Sept. 22. It. W. Colotu.in.
Hon. Julius K'alin, Mis. Knhu, C. C.
Campholl. Allen lloswoilh, 1C. Miller.
J. II. Ciews, J. J. drcen, Captain Freu-
ninii, MIbs E, M. Porter, Miss Mjers,
.1. Kennedy, W. L. Itny. Mrs. M
Chi 1st, Miss Ciowo, Mis, Clowe, MIsh
K. J. Hoot, (loo. Clair, Hurt F. Fox.
Per st mr. Ktnnu, for Kauai ports,
Sept. I't;. J. McClollaii, A. Robertson,
0. H. Fnlrchll'd, Mrs. Heo Fat, lice
Fnt and two children, Mrs. Yetlrs.
S. Kaiilbna, 1'. A. llomnno nnd 'wife.
flrrSTTfescotl. "Ah ChockV'Seo Mini.
Miss A. K. Halley, Mis. Homokii,
Mis. C. It. llurat, Mr. llaiuhold and
wife. ltev. S. Paaluhl, D. K. I'.ialulil,
J. K. Kula.
Per stmr. Manna I.oa. for Kona and
Knu por)s, Sept. 29. Hong iCbnck,
nish'im Jtestarlck, Mis. 'l S. Auugs!1',
Mrs.,J.;jO. Purls, H. F, Hal clay ,mW
wife, Mis. Camnia.
(Continued from Pag. 11
lahole water rights, It Is rather u dif
ficult proposition. If un iiiuld only
More tho wutir up theio we vvoiilil Im
all right, fur nt limes wo get enoiiKli
going lo uuMo to supply us for u whnlu
"On Kahoolawo wo established some
of the rain gauges nnd wire Jollied by
J'Orenter lliisiuer ilild ' llydrogr.iphcr
Mm tin Wo spnit u eoupbi of iI.i.nh
tin in lookliujr ei' tho Island and weie
looked ufter In Hue sljln liyHbeii Low,
who supplied us with limses.
"We inuile wit Inns ilevlallouh iiloiig
the road ns wit unit, nml looked Into
n number of things light iiluug Time
Is niilliliur of lire gieat inuineiit, hou-
iiver, and evirythlug seeniH lo bu gnlug
ulong smoothlv We rode tluougli the
Kan homeslends, but wo were on other
business and did nut go lo visit tin in
. Among tho maiy stenpiPis to de
part for Island pints today wan tho
Wailcle wllh a largo shipment of
plan I nt Ion supplies destined for tin
noknn nnd Kukulhnele. Tho vesacl
Milled shortly after tho noon hum
The steamer Noeau Is nway fur Kail il
"Iiorls nt five o'clock followed by tho
Kinau Tor Miiial tho Mlkah.ila for
Maul and Moloknl nud tho I.lkolil.u
foi Mahiikuua and Kawalli.io.
fa rfWf liilli
t. v.
.1 W . . --
'i .i. luesa.iy, sept. ZG. .,)
Poll Sail l.tiln SHiitti lliln, 'Xni.
siiiir., ii. in. ;jj
Am A
Monday, Sept. 25.
Japan nud china polls Kore.ijiP.
M. S. S., 5 p. in. if
Kitual pen tB Noeau, stiur., 5 p.lni.
. ' taelaryi Sept. 26.
llllo via wny poitH Mauna Ke.i,
slnir., 10. n. m.
Dlx. arrived from Real tin for MuitJIti
via Honolulu, Sept. lfi.
I.ognti, Hailed friiin Hounlutu for Ma
nila. Sept. II. ij
Sherman, urtlved San Francisco,
Hej.t'., 12 j)
Sherldiln,' sailed from Manila for San
Francisco, Sept. II nt Nagasaki
Sept. 21.
Crook, nrThcd S. F. Apr. 13.
Iliiford, sailed from Honolulu for San
Francisco, nrrived Aug. 15.
Warren Stationed nt the Phlllnnlnni
Thomas nt Sua Frnnclsco under lo-
.1 !,
Per stmr. Mntm.i I.oi, fiom Kona
and Kan poits, Sepl, 20 W. (1. Ogg,
Mih. Ogg.ittiWIIIiH, nen.-Hpv.ctt, Rev.
P,pcioo, Jt.Jmo, ,J. D.T-l'arls, J. 0.
Smith, W. C. Parke, T. J. Driver, Mrs.'
Oliver, Chas. Kn, (1. Rlckaid. M. Ora
lnni, W. U. CroS-ltM- M7h. Cioler, T.
II. I.lllle, H. O. Hon, II. Coiin'an, I.
H. Piatt, (lov. W. F. Frear, A. Lind
say. Jr.. -C. S r.Uidil, Wy I". Martin.
N.Jnokson, li".!schnr'ch;K. Sea! and
i.i iiecic. ' - .-, (t; ft
Per stmr. Mauna Kim, for llllo via
way polls, Sept. 20. C W. Tribe,
Mrs. A. V. Itlchardsoii .Mis. Ilcldel
heiger, C. St. I.. Watson, Frank Muv,
.MIsh M. Mnrlon, M. Mcllitjre, J.iiuen
Mnlloon, II. Akanu, V. 1). MeCalluni,
Mis. MrCnlliilu Miss llaiiccloiigh,
Mrs. Oils, Rev. O. II. flullek, Mis. C
Seholtz. S. (1. C.trr, Miss .Ionian V.
N. Mcrs, M. A, Chan, L. W Hedlng
lon, Rov. M. fl S.inlos nud kiii. Mis.
I". H. Davis, W. II. Held, II. I". Wulty.
W. I.. IIlp nnd wife, s. Wilght, Miss
Coslii, W. Leo Mlhs A. (I. llagley.
Mis. M I.nwienee, I). I,, Mjer. il, W.
Wallace. II Chipper, Divhl Kw.iliko,
R. IX Ilonil, W. (,1'een, .las. Crozior,
.1. Muriny, Rng. Clio, 1 tut Dongil.au,
llev. J. I'ukiiila, wlfo and Iwo.chll
ilien, Mis. ltiisoplq and child, Mb. N.
Murray. Young Kftng Yock wire and
child, Mr. Konda, Homy H. Liai.
Per P. M, S. R. Koio.i, Tor Japan
and Cliluu poilb, St'i'l 2., M II.
llillt, T. A. Johnslon, Mis. T. A. John
Mini, C. J. Wolsh P. T P. Wnlei
homo. Albeit Watei house, K. Kninl-
Human hair, eaii'fullv wrnimn.l In
a bundle., was suread on iho ittlin-
of n wlluuSH-stuud 'lu police rouit Ibis
looming it was n moment silence
In .liulgo Monsairat's couit-ioom but
Iho inysloilous appearance In remit
of human hair was soon accounted for
by Iho explanation of a witness, u
Potto Mean wnuiiii, whi staled Hut
Iho hair, which mice gio nu her
head, wns lined cmoulousl) uprooled
by another Polio Rlcan woman nam
ed Puiualu Chaiiuiia.

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