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T 7fp,ra 1"1 ' i1 ! JUJHIIJ jf w
ft? '
E v g ( n r Hull etin
CO.. LTD., at Kerr Building, Alakca St., Territory of Hawaii.
Daily every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday.
in the Territory of Hawaii.
Wallaci: R. Farrinoton, - Editor
ti Mmitti tihcreln U ") . a) .7H IftfUMoiln.. ., ,.e) .no
i't (Jiuilti nmuliri.'u US .... J. CM, Ptt Yttl, tiyvheie In U S I. oil
nt, mevI-tte In 0 S .. M.oo Pti YrM knvwhtrt n Cmiiita l.o
i V i iv t'il l.nnjn, . I a. mi Pn Vfur foI'M fmtltn 3.imi
Tpj i Lidltorltil Rooms,
' c,'!Buslness Office,
It is bettci to bo a self-made man filled up according to
God's oi urinal pattern than U be a half man-made aftoi
some othei man's pattern, J. G. Holland.
It is gratifying and characteristic of Honolulu to have the
President of the Chamber of Commerce and also the Merch
ants' Association respond so promptly and with such deep in
terest to the suggestion that the business men see Honolulu
first, and gain first hand knowledge of what the sanitary offi
cers have to contend with.
The trip that is proposed under the direction of Secretary
Motl-Smith and Dr. Pratt will be a liberal education.
It should be more. The immediate result should be that
Ihc active men ot the business organizations will be in fact
as well as in theory aggressive assistants of the "men on
the job" in sanitation.
Some men very naturally say that it is time enough to look
at the sink boles and mosquito-breeding taro patches after
the sanitary commission lias gone over Ihc whole ground in
detail, submitted its plan and made its recommendations.
That's very well as far as it goes.
But the Sanitary Commission and the sanitary workers
in whatever capacity they arc rendering assistance should
have the cooperation and assistance of the business men AS
THE WORK PROCEEDS. Until a man sees these places that
are a thorn in the side of sanitary Honolulu, he cannot fully
understand the terms which the Board of Health and Sanitary
Commission are using when meetings arc reported in the
newspapers or the sanitation men talk to the public.
Making Honolulu a clean city means the expenditure of a
large amount of money in accomplishing a great reform of
the streets and sewers and the method of housing in some
portions of the city.
Now, great reforms cannot be carried through success
fully unless they have the cooperation of the people.
Great reforms that cost moncv must have the support of
the business men who feel the burden of taxation.
Unless these gentlemen of the business district follow the
sanitary experts closely, the final program of sanitary re
formation may take their breath away because it proves so
much bigger than they had anticipated. If, however, they
will go about and sec Honolulu tor themselves they will und
erstand that Honolulu has a big problem on its hands. They
will realize that there should be as few delays as possible
caused by the desire of men who have just waked up, to go
over the ground and see if the "enthusiasts" and "cranks"
have not made a mistake in trying to spend too much money.
The order from Washington the other day regarding the
fumigation of ships from southern yellow fever ports was a
jolt to Honolulu, a reminder that it is next door to Panama,
and will soon be closer.
Better this jolt now and proper preparation within the city,
than a jolt a few years hence in the form of a yellow fever
mosquito finding a kindly haven.
While thus reminded of what is before the city in the fu
ture, it is especially timely for the business men to go about
the niacc, SEE HONOLULU, and thus enlist themselves in the
force of men who, being depended upon to do things, do
After reading the iipi n letter of tlio
.MilStlTH llllll rillllK' AhMKllltlllll It lll-
iiirx Hint the nuiubeis of tlit; Ilur-
1)01 ('cilllllliSsluU lOSpeillSilllO Till tliu
lluibor Master moss utturlj fall to
nppieclato t lie duties anil responsibil
ities of tlieli position
Siiicrliit( nilciit Campbell III prob
ii 111 y Htate Hint ho could handle tlio
Hltiiitiun all light If ho didn't hau
the rinuiiilsslim mi his hands, that's
Ills way 'I he open lettei published
Inday plainly points In him however
as earning th principal risponslbil-
"Mamma," said little Ktlul, with a
illsiouraglng look on her face, "J ain't
olng to school any more "
"Why, my dcitle, vvbut's tho m u
tt 1 7 tho mother guitly lunulrcd.
" 'Caiiso It ain't no use, at all I
run novel leant In spell Tlio leailiot
keeps changing tho words on me all
Him lime."
"Was her marrlago n success?"
"Itcally, I don't know what allmori)
tdio got."
"True, he's n mean man, of feu
meied ftt Iht Pu.tntlKe al llmmillu
en RctontlU. matter
SEPTEMDCn 26, 1911
It foi tlio whole illllliallj ntbltiat
My Ignotlng foi getting a povvuful
inganlatlim certainly entitled to a
The llnihor Coiuiulsslon was cieat-
id to lacllltato (ho business of tlio
It lia.i now been in cxlstuico u totu
paratlvcl) few weeks, and It has tlio
town bv the ears and appeals to hu
spending half Its lime and eneig in
a political row over patiouage Isn't
that a lovily exhibit?
1 It H Indeed, though wo must ennfoss
that It Is hi Keeping with ninth of
cxpioaseil expei latloiis In tlio htislucm
fi lends, but good to his family" "Vent
don't sal'" "Vop Ain't home ii'oic'ii
three nights a month."
Khu ecstatically) Isn't tlio inoiin a
lovely sight?
lie .Nothing on eailb can lunch It
Tito I'lrst Hoy (sent to bed to await
rliiistlsuincnt for bud liulmvlov)
Here's father coming upstairs I in
going to pretend I'm asleup
The Second llov (In case sluillai to
Hint, hut vvlner) I'm not; I'm going to
get up and put bOiiiL'tlilng on,
district when the nppoliitinoiits to the
commission were mniomicod
Them was no good exiuso tor lg
iiiiiIiik the Muslcts and Pilots' Assn
datlon It was ihlldlsh In niako one
statement rcgirding ('apt. Tripp to n
uiuiuilttco and t'lieitt:' thr lcvcrso In
the letter of ellimlshnl It Is pictty
plain .iImi Hint the better Judgment of
the li ibiness people who lmu the
must to do with the ti.illlc of the poll
was lol.iled when Tripp was ills
i.ilxscd Tlio ll.irhor Commission Is imng
jet In J ears, however aged It may hu
In sin It will do Mil to understand
thus eiulv n ttii r.treor that commun
is snitlmoiit, when practically uutui
Itiious, Is a pretty Rood Riihlo espec
ially for those I.om' duty Is to facil
itate business and improve the busi
ness i . Honolulu
That New York law making It n
misdemeanor to link and post hIriis
along the public hlghwas Is nothing
new The last session of the Hawaii
an LogMalitio passed u similar law
and not a sIrii has been tacked tip
since, except In lolallon of the law.
Hut Honolulu has done better than
that Shortly after the passage of
this law and the law licensing the out
door nilvirtlslng tlio local tilllbo.it t
company published tin iiiHeitlseineiil
In this paper to the elTect that it
would not accepl Indlsciliiilunle nil
mm Using cM'ti on pi hate piopetty,
but onh on boaiils elected for tlio
purpose So fur as this paper knows
that policy has been Mildly iidheiecl
to Thus, tooperatlon has accom
plished the ilesliecl I exult
I'ntll wmio loplv Is leeched fioni
Washington to the cabled piotesl of
the I loan of Health against any lot
ting down of the bus In the I'cdot.il
ipininutluo icgiilntlons affecting this
poll and M'sscls c iiiiiIiik fioni Celi-
tinl ami South Aiucilen local limi
tless ami tommciclal organisations
will not make nu elcllnllo mow
However all lb In readiness fin 11
jiilck and vlgomus action should the
reply In tlio piotest bo lins iHufne
tor. Chief Quaninllno Officer II.iiiiiih
had bend nothing at 1:30 o'clock to
Oay. 'I lie Hoard of Health can bold up nny
slinmirs totulug from ilnugc 1011s ports
without uny reference to the l'ciliril
nulhiiiltlis nt nil At least, that Is bow
Preside nl Jrutt rends the 1 iw and Is
win! iio Intends lei eto If the surgeon
Re lie nl le fuse's to nuiko the 11 guhitlons
Include the eiuiirmitliilng of esse Is
he re.
'All 1 know 11I I It," he said this
morning, "Is that I bae nillclally re-
echeil the letter from Dr. Ramus noti
fying I1I111 of the Intention of the sur
ge ein-gi 111 ml This I have icplleel to
b cable mid inn now awaiting nil an
swer At the same tlmo 1 believe that
Hie Ho ml of Health can hold up the
vessels mi Its own uiiouut without
consulting the rubral aullieirltlis nt
nil uiiil Hits It will do If It tins to
"As fur as 1 can llnd out there will
le no vessel In from tin Infected port
until (it lolur !!, so It gives us time' to
hiar fi mil Washington At the s.iuiu
time, we are likely to get a tramp"
steamer coming along. 11111I I shall hobl
her up thiough the powers we have
In re
"If the surge ein-genci nl does not tale
mi) notice of the- li'iuest that has lue'll
sent lilm, thin Is the time feu Hie
I'hutnber of Commerce, the other Insti
tutions und the gi until public at the
bull, of them to use their Inline nee
with Washington to have the ninlter
brought within the snfetj line again."
Tho 111 st Installment or Uay Stan
mini ll.iku'H magalnu article on Ha
waiian Industrial and milI.iI cotullllciim
will appeal in the Noveiuhei number
of tho Amei lean, nt Hireling to news
leeched here fioiu the author ami It
Is reported that It is going to be n
hot cine" The uniiiiuiii intent print
ed In the magazine Intimates that
fcoincthlUK Intertstlng will bo re
vealed, and tlieiu is much iitiloslty
here us In what llakcr found la his
latliei brief tout of the Inlands. It Is
suspected Unit hu Is going to do sotno
bard hitting
'mm r Chief Justko H llartvvell
has lift Kin Prnnilsco inr the Past,
much Impitived In health hi curding to
news that urilviil jentetd, c mi tlie K'u
li a. Judge Haitwell und MNs Hint
will Joined XIr and Mrs A W Citiiir
mid tlulr children on their vmiv east
ward, und from ire wont ptr,peits It
will bo some time liefnro tln ellstln
giilslied llavvall.in Jurist litmus to the
Judge 1 Int tw ell Is reported In better
health than he has beiu for it number
of eaiH.
,' I
' Near
Thurston !
Largo lot on corner, 8lze It 175 feat
I by 206 feet.
For Sale at $4500
: j
, Gcautlful marini view; good neigh-
, horhood. Adjoint Neighborhood tennlt
I court.
i I
I t
Trent, Trust Co., i
i I
1 !
We Have
to Loan
on litted stocks or on Improved
Real Estate.
We buy and tell Stocks and
Bonds, and make investments for
others in approvod Trust Securi
ties. wi: sham, in: im.i:ami:d to
Bishop Trust Co., Ltd.
924 Bethel Street
A Crate of Six Selected Pints or
Large Bunch of Bananas
Simply Iciivo your order we do the
(With Wells, forgo Express Company)
H ')'. Ktarntt, uppolnteil superlntcu
dent of marketing by Coveruor Pcur,
to earr out the siuall-fariulng plans
uiidii the Iloaid of Immigration made
i tin last Legislature, will iirrlvobirn
oil tin Willie liulllll on Oflober '', ll
eluding to a cablegram rcielviel freiiit
lilm b the Ileal il of Immigration
.Slat i ell's position Is a rathir pecu
liar one Hu Is not coming under con
tract, unci tho length of tlmo ho will
Waterhouse Trust
Land Puupueo
Manoa Valley
The leading homo-builders are buving their homestead
lots in the suburbs. There aro reasons why health, main
ly, then more beauti ul surroundings) then more room
about the house and no more of that "cooped-up" feeling
that comes with livng in tho tricklysettled parts of town.
We aro offering ots in tho land of PUUPUEO varying
In area from a half acre up to any size you may suggest,
and ranging; in price from $130000 up according to the
size of the lot you may select.
Theso lots have all the advantages of a downtown lo
cation, with the added features of a lower temperature,
beautiful view, best of neighbors and no unsightly part of
tho city to travel through on your way to and fro.
FOLLOW THE LADCRSl and secure a piece of prop,
erty that is steadily advancing in value and at the tame
time giving you an oiportunlty of living In the best part
of the city.
Let us show you that this is true.
26, 1911.
We give an individuality to copies
of old DAGUERREOTYPES, which
makes them doubly Interesting,
Office is open on week days from 7
n, m. to 5:30 p, m., and on Sundays
from 8 to 10 a, m. Ship messages re
ceived every day up to 11 p. m.
bold clown the Job Is very umcrtnln
lie was milled ten ufTi r by tho govcrn
luiut and uiitptid by inble, so that
mill the board mcinbirs do not know
whether ho will mnku the position u
pi rut ine nt one in not. At tho stiiuo
time, Tirrltorlal olllilals express muili
ronlldeiiie In his ability mill energy,
und think that mule his supervision
the building up of u marketing sjstein
for the smnll-franilng prnlticts of tho
Islands will grow Into a aluablu ussct
for tho Territory genirully.
Uiral rcpiescntatlveB of tlio Nor-lis-Mldwu)
Oil company. In tho Mari
copa district, this morning tecelved
a cahlcgrntn from their California
correspondents stating that oil lias
been sttucK on tho section next to
tlio Norrls-Mlelway proper!. Tlio
cablegram sas: "Illg well completed
Section 4. Several rotnrlcs drilling
near us." The strlku had been ex
pected for some tlmo.
Tho Norrls-Mlilvvay properly ml
Joins this. Tho Ncirrls-Mldwti well
Is now awaiting tho Installation of
somu now cipilpmcnt and when HiIh
Is comnloled II Is expected that drill
lug will continue at onco until oil Is
I etched
e e e
Kitng Hang. C'lilnainan. was arrested
this uiiirnlug for driving a vehicle
without a license. He will tako nut
the nucss.iry permit this afternoon
At Auction
tSomething New in the Way of Bargain Sales
For the special benefit of the ladies, we will offer for tale at auction, at
our salesrooms, 125 Merchant street, at
tember 27, 1911, the following clothing
Lsldies' Linen French Handkerchiefs,
j , r, -.-, r nl
arena urcsscs, emanis ureases, rieens iriuaun, uingnams, imams voaia,
Children's Suits, Lace, Braid, Medallions, Embroidery, Ribbon, Handbags,
Children's Hose, Skirts, Ladies' Collars, Men's Suits, Boys' Suits, Caps, Straw
Hats,i Felt Halt, Patent Leather Shoei, Tan Shoes, etc., etc.
Arrangements aro now tinder way
between tin- Homo Insurance! Com
pany, which was launched by local
capitalists und business men n few'
weeks ago, and a number of tlio best-
known unci strongest mainland com
panies by which the balking of ihesc
companies In lelnsuiatico Is given to
tlio Hawaii orgalrntlon.
So t apld has, been tho grow Hi and
(ho business demands upon tho Homo
Company that tlio voluino of Insurance
has gone beyond (ho expectations of
the men who organized II, and at the
satno lime has attracted the attention
of tho big mainland companies. Vol-
untaiit Iheso companies have of
feree! (heir backing to the Homo eouv
p'my, and will undertake to accept as
lelniuraiico any class of risks writ
ten he.ro. It's a good business piopo
sitlon for them.
Yesterday's mall brought to Man
ager Zenn K. Myers n ilnzcn or innro
of theso letters from (ho very fore
most of the Insurance companies of
(bo United Slates, ready in nuiko def
Inlle arrangements for handling risks
that the local company wishes to re
At tho same time, local conflelenco
In the company has Increased. With
in tlio past fuvv das Manager Myers
has written two polities of Jlin.tlOO und
$20,000, nd $,,000 policies aro com
mon. Tills Insurance. has been placed
on some of tho big olllio buildings
hero and lias bem written without any
tumble whatever.
In fact, Manager Mycis said In re
spnnso to a iuestlein Ibis mottling,
that Hawaii has not only accepted but
welcomed the Inuill -financed com
pany. The desirability of lis htpek Is
shown by tho fait that a small block
sold recently nt n five-dollar per share
premium. Of course Ihc stock is not
listed, and Is held by men who do not
speculate. It has till been placed, and
alrrad Is assured of being, n valuable
S, e noil. lintnl electric motor, l'f. or 2
II I', for single phase allcrtiatlug
mm ut. P O llo C38. C0I1-H
Copper - Plate
Kxcels in Correct
ness of Design and
ii. F. WICHMAN & CO.
Liberal Installment P'ymcnts
10 o'clock a. m. on Wednesday, Sep
and drett materialsl
Misses' Dresses, Corset Covers, Chll-
....-,, , , ,.-.-. ---.-
PRATT, Auctioneer
(Continued from Pag 1)
"Your labor louclltlein, I feel sure,
will be Milvid by the opening of tho
canal," ho said to a representative of
Hie Dti I let In. "und this Ti rrllorv
holds out big opportunities to while
settlers The Importance of Honolulu
as a port of call when the riinnl opeui,
ns well us tho resulting growth of tlio
Islands, enn not bo exaggerated
"Plans arc going steadily forward fr
the military development of (he Is
lands, and Congresi, will continue larre
appropriations for (his purpose. Mil
lions ure to bo spent et on Pearl Har
bor, and Oihti generally will bcneilt by
the vast a in mint of work to be done
"I inn going to work for further ap
propriations und ou may bei errtalu
Hint my Inlluence will bo last fur con
tinue el appropriations to carry on Iho
military plans here."
In response In a ipicsllnn, Mr, Kalin
sibl that be Is person illy much In fi
viii of the waterfront military pnt
"I had nn nppnrtunlt to make u
slitelj of conditions and I nin viry
ninth In favor of Henrral Mitioinb's
plans uiiil shill work fur them on (ho
military affairs committee," do said.
'The site i boen Is Ideal The plans
are good mid I certainly favor them
' It has been n great pleasure to inn
to have been In Hawaii, anil I have
gained u knowledge of Irani mlTiilix
lb it will be Invaluable. I should lll.o
to (ell the people how mm h I hnvo
injojoil lay visit and that wo hive
greatly appreciated tho liospltiillty
shown us everywhere."
Hodney .1 Dlegle, serge.int-nl-armt
of the senate of Ohio convicted of
aiding ntiel nbetllng bribery, will con
fess In save himself from prison.
The milk furnished by
this Association is from
cows certified as healthy
after thorough inspection
by the Territorial Veteri
narian, and the milk is
handled under the most
sanitary conditions. Upon
arrival at our Depot it it
treated by an advanced
electrical process.
Wo deliver an absolute
ly pure, healthy milk.
Phone 1572
Formfit Fstrt
kfcTTrtr'-,l'-'tfc "--V L"
.. Aua.
Ai sfciritlfciLj
- .
i-.i Kit-

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