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Local Chat: Home and Fashion Hints: Religious and Other Activities: Things Feminine'
A thoroughly tlcllRJitful program Ih
anticipated for-next Tuesday evening
tit- i.'lfi o'clock at tho Kllohnna Art
League rooms, corner Miller and Uo
retanla nt roots. On tills occasion tho
numbers will lio nt liomo to their
friends, and nt tho meeting inarkH llio
'ipeplng of tho fall season, n huge
crowd will iloubtlos be In attendance
Miss Anna Tucker will rIvo n ro.nl
ing fiom Hip Vnu Winkle. Uliutiatluus
,wll bo furnished by Professor John
The modlstle world Is seething with
rumors, pome oven going (lie length
of uropheuylng tho return of tho cri
noline. Hut not oven In tho most tem
pered form Is this even hinted at In
gowns seen at recent opening. Floun
ces, however, aro growing dally moio
tamuiar In our sight, usually In super
poied groupi, and frequently vniulyk-
cd at the lower edge. Whlto martinis-
etto worked with black Is a ftivorllo
fancy, and one of arresting quality
and (cr restaurant wear has been ac
companied by the short, vague, cjat
of black palln or taffeta, together
with a largo, brim, flat crowned hat
of black, velvet, wreathed with whlto
star, clematis.
Im lie, realms of .millinery thero Is
to bo observed an obvious effort to
steer away, from the ultra-eccentric.
Probably .thoso Just fresh from Ku
ropo may bo incllued to lift dissent
ing voices against this statement, for
halsfhavo been amazing and frequent
ly extraordinarily ugly. Tho mania
ror contorting ostrich feathyrs has
surely reached the climax' rif Inarils
tic Idiocy. What elegance Is there In
a head adorned niter tho manner of
Indiana? Ostrich feathers used an
naturel and poised llko quills almost
arnuso one, to a frenty of protest,
Ono voguo that can bo safely vouch
rate V0-
irr:iv. x
mam,. w warn . i
iLwi. n ii
KWfetivi MffiLW
Viivy? mtesii
mi ' ,o,v" m
Nomln)H wi F'im to hunt uliakdi
ouflvi'K fit'i fnmi nil cotnenllnn villi
n-Kiiiil to tlic pcitMtnahluioKK of riTtnln
tnnlcrlnl A vnrluiih toilette kwii to
rt'iitly coiiiIhUiI of a fourrt'Uil uf ht.ick
vrhel with u Ioiik tunic of whito cot-
Nl.IKU tho. henstjof burden of
olden days who stnrved to
death Ik twecii two eiii.illy ul-
tiactlvu bales of bay, tho
heboid aiilborltlcH havo decided upon
it silo for tliu unw tllrlj" lnilustilnt
Home. This will he ;it Katlhl If pro-
l-ont plans rariy. If the) do not It
Will ho because of wholly unavoidable
liehnical iiiinplleatluiis.
When Hie school In hullt It will bo
on tho cottage plan, whlrli possesses
many advantages over tho picscnt
ilornillorj system. The object will
be to teach the unfortunate girls
lomu life as wo know it. Plans In-
cludo a lecelvlug coltngu where the
wursi cased will lie kept until
they ieelup sillllclent character to Ik
allowed the. prlylligcii of the other
dep.iiluieuts. There will ln n "House
J.lolher" Instead of a guard, a Hil
lary tilled with books an I :i 'homey"
ntuioHplieio iiervudlug the entire
place I' or thoso over whom It Is not
necessary to exorcise strict discipline
thcru will lie ll iiulct limn i.nrli ,l!iv
I In tlio llbrnry with the houso molhor.
Thero will also bu Home, cjoso to lint
uio living, It, being puiposed to rulsu
enoiigli .vegetables for table consump
tion. Mowers, etc. This, It Is thought,
will appeal especially to the native
gills who by nature nio adapted tu
ngricultuinl life.
Variant other Innovations In school
'oglma will develop us tho cottage
system grows the foregoing merely
being plans, which will bo carried In-
K3, Taw''
i i
- L toil Mille The short sleeve wi're llll-
enmhlnatlon of cluiiy and Italian l:ce Mied with dup Imrilirn of velvet whlto
.hi m iiij iK-.iiiiiiui. nui inucu fill- llic velvet funnel the tun of the ior-
I had n good time at tho benchj
inpy set a splendid table.
An lltbel was u perfect peach,
Or was It .Mabel?
! llko the mountains, t confess,.
Kor thero I met a fairy.
Whoso nnmo was (lencvlcve, f gli
Or maybe Carrlo.
Icvo, I BU
p. Indeed
NKW YOHKa X- Y.-r-Countess Annie
Lenry nnd Mrs. Hetty flrcen, two of
the noild's wenllli'tli wiimeii, are
working toguther on u plan to fimmlito Imniedlato execution with tho oiieu
greui uniersiiy on ine uigiiesi poiiu.uiH oi uie nuw- uiiiiuiug
of Slnlen Island, New York. Ill memory i The School As It Is Now Conducted
o: Christopher Columbus, on inoi ,,, .,. .wllli,iro.i oIm r c,...
ilghty or looro acres near ( .istleton, 0,llt.,, mumlilini' In linrolf I.. ,... nr.
cd for Is that of tho black velvet hat,' which are In Lo donated by the papal f(ll , romtt tlu tilpliubet to nicm-
bnth In largo and small shapes. The countess, thero will also bo elected u
latter Is effected In u diversity of no- gigantic bronze statue of the dK-ov
vol EhnpeB,"tbo majority of tbp crowns erer. Tho movement Is ulrrndy under
tending to an cxtrcmo height, while
with tho large, wtdo brimmed styles
tho crown Is. merely a' low, small
round, and theso also (uvnrlably ills-
way, unit the countess uud Ills, cireeli
urn conlldcnt they wll easily succeed
In Inducliig their wealthy friends to
contribute toward the statue If not for
play a coqucttibh roll up of tho edgo the university. In her home at 10:iU
of tho brim In front, which gradually Fifth nvenue the countess announced
widens until It assumes an apprecia
ble depth at tho -'back.
"Carmen Syva," jfi poet queen of
Itounianla, Is oue'.o'ttTe mostlnterest
Inil uiid rouiantle royalties In the world.
As well us being u poet of high stand
Idg, she H a line musician nnd a clever
writer, Hhe has .lately published i de
lightful book called "From llcinory'a
Shrine," In which she tells tho story
of her life. She and her brothers were
brought up very simply, nnd hi her
book the queen says: "The habits of
my youth still prevail with mo to such
ail extent (bat to tills day I prefer a
slice of good, wholesome black bread
to tho daintiest, most skilfully pre
pared dishes In the world."
Although hundreds of children have,
from time to time, written to Mrs.
Frances HodgdBon Ilnrnett their ap
preciation of "I.lt(lq I.or! Fauntleroy,"
she has never received so many let
ters regurding a book before ns slio Is
now receiving regarding "Tho Secret
flarden," which appeared serially In
tho American magazine, and wns pub
lished In novel form In August. Tho
letters begun with (ho first Instalment
of tho serial and havo continued with
out a break. Tliere is the usual num
ber of purely crank loiters, from peo
lo with Imaginary grievances or
rambling c.omment,B, bu( tlicso aro few
compared with the real letters culled
forth by keen appreciation. Children
wrllo that the, vtanl; Jo be in tha'gnr
clen, whllo no few adults huvo: said
that, entirely apart from tho dimm
ing garden "atmosphere of tho story,
thoyi huvo been touched by tho high
optimistic thought of the book; thut
It has "given them u now Intel est In
If you add a 1 it I lit pepper or a. few
cloves to your sachet powder ItTimhes
tho perfume stronger mid more lasting.
A crushed stick of cinnamon not only
serves this purpose, hut Is n hygienic
agent, purifying tUt itlr. The doctors
of ancient days used It as n disin
fectant. !
her plans. Kho Is ojghty-two years old.
Funeral, Owing to Size of Cas
ket, Wjl Be Held pn Lawn.
WAIKFIEt.D, Mass., September 22.
i Her great burden of flesh (gradu
ally wearing down her strength, Mrs,
Lena M. lllc.hards. who, weighed r00
'pounds, died ut hor homo on Vernon
street today. Slio vus thlrty-threo
years old nlid was six feet tall. A
Special casket will bo constructed for
her burial, and as It will bo Impos
sible to get tho casket Into the bouse,
thij funeral serylceH wll ho held on
the lawn. Mrs. Ulch":rds luul been
confined to tho houso for the past
thrco years and had steadily Increased
In weight.
The designer nnd pattern stumper In
tho fancy-nork department of n certain
Fort street store was so busy this week
she couldn't promise to till another or
der for tin days. It doitm't look as
though tho surrriigu agitation were In
clining women towurd masculinity.
Thank foitune, men nnd embroidered
pillow tops still remain mi Incongruity.
' It will soon be time to. begin a scrli-S
of "shop early" scrmoncttes. Mean
while we lire content to wonder what
novelties Christmas In tho tioplcs will
To mnko Jam or marninlado ool
clear without skimming It, add '
piece of butter the slzo of an egg
about a quarte'r'of an hour hefoio rn
moving tho fr.till fiiim tho tiro. Tho
jam will lookiqulto clear, and wllj uot
stick to ttiu Jars When turned out
for use.
Tho .water of .New Kughiiid claimed
Hits victims by accidental drownings
luring Mm summer season.
Mudmno Jmiiiin lionuparlo, widow.
of Colonel Jeromo llonnpartc, was
brought (D.WnshlURton tjnlto 111.
Miry wns an Incongruous and' almost
incoinpieheuslhlo sight 1 beheld when
I visited tlio bchool at Its pierent lo
cation on King street the other day.
I was amazed to bo told later that
girls of this ago mo so frequently
placed In tho receiving class that
they have ceased to be a novelty.
Them mo something llko ID girls In
tho school at tho present time. Several
of them, however, havo advanced ns
fur as tho sixth grade and aro duo
for an early parole If their behavior
Somo of these Rlrls camo to tho
school without n name, others being
conlznnt only of tho given part. Mko
"Topsy", theso girls weren't horn they
"Jest grow.'' Sllll others havo to ho
presented with a birthday, their lives
literally beginning with tho day they
n ro entered upon tho school register.
Tho Industrial Homo was created
for girls who como under (be Juris
diction of tho court. For tho past
I bleu years It has been un
der the supervision of Miss Htcrrltt
a self reliant nnd lovablo woman, who
Is responsible for ninny cdiniiicmmhlu
changes In tho system ntui the' gen
eral trend toward Improvement which
havo developed within that time,
liming Miss Starretty HiliKTlnteiul-
ency the parole ssteni bns been In
augurated. Thls-hns-provcn eminent
ly satisfactory making. It posslblo for
girls who express n willingness to
llvo hotter, lives to havo n rhunro
while .still under llio supervision of
tho school. When they went out In
the win Id under tho old system they
li&il'nn 'backing, whereas now- If they
(.fumble Into pitfalls they cm do
brought back to tho schlol and given
another chance.
When a girl Is paroled she is usu
ally put Into a private homo ns a
nurso or kitchen mahl, and until sbo
becomes of age, loinaliis 'under tho
smvciluuco of llio school. And tho
family Into whoso home she goes
must also comply with coitaln coa
litions. Tho, girl Is entitled to ono
iilleinnou each week, but slio is re
quired lo spend (bat time cither in
visiting tho school or In nomo oilier
icspcclnhlo pace. If slio Is found to
bo ictiiriiliig to her old haunts nnd
her old life sho 1 returned lo thu
i-cbool, hut If sbo evinces a deslro to
do right bho Is given every encour
agement. This Is Miss Stcrritt's plan,
mid it has proven uu admirable ono.
Homottiliig llko twonty-Uve, girls qro
novy on parole.
Siiperlulemleiitof lliedlrlOliidUHtrlal':,' WUIK, T1'" n l:-1" oe,"tk
Home. JIlis Stcrrllt lie.irtlh In.."10 ","'a'"ler of tho day devoid
dorses the collage )hIciii plan mm
hi conlciiipl.illnn fur the new home.
The King JStrce! (Juarlcrs.
Tho King slieet quarters Include
the building In which Miss Stcrrltt
and her eoips of assistants arc hous
ed. This contains tho office, general
living room, dining room, kitchen,
laundry and bed looms The school
room Is in u separate building, whole,
owing to crowded conditions, (ho big
student's dining loom Is also situat
ed. Tho sleeping quarters aro on tlio
upper floor of Ibis building. There
are rows nnd rows of narrow lion
beds. The linen U snowy white, each
girl being responsible for tho wash
iug nnd Ironing of tho pillow slips,
sheets mid spread, ns well us her per
tonal wearing npparel. Three houso
mothers sleep 'In (ho rooms with (bo
girls and exercise supervision oyer
them nt night. An electric bell by
tlic side of ono of the mothers' bed
Is for tho purpnso cf calling Mis
Stenltt should her services bo need
ed. Her presence nt night Is requir
ed but seldom, however.
In a smaller hiilldiuj on tho grounds
llio washing mid Ironing me done, .1
section lelng reserved for the sow
ing department. Hero tho uniforms
of blue wash material are made ns
well us thu white aprons.
Still another building contains tlio
kitchen nnd pantry. The food cooked
here Is plain, but appetizing and
wholesome. Tho day I visited tlio in
stitution they wero having boiled
leef and potatoes for lunch. In ad
dition each girl was entitled to nil
the pol sho wished. For tlio ovcnliig
meal they wcie to havo ycgetublo
soup, bread and fruit. Ilreakfust con
sisted of cereal and milk, bananas
uud toast.
At life present tlmo (ho Hoys' In
dustrial School Is furnishing a portion
of the fruit and vegetables used by
llio dills' Home. Theso tho boys
raise themselves mid aru offered In
payment for tho Bowing which tlio
girls di for them.
With plain sowing, cooking, wupIi
Ing, honing mid general houso work
taught In addition -to (ho, class work,
It enn readily bo scon thnt tho girls
arc lilted to bcoomo useful members
of society.
Tho part of tho course of study tho
gills most enjoy Is tho lace making
mul weaving of liais nhd basket's. Aft
er tlio other duties nro nllbdied thoy
will n,sk ns a special prlvllcgo lo bo
allowed to work on somo pleco In
which they nro Interested. Their laco
Is wonderful icnlly beyond descrip
tion, and tirders from women of tho
city nro constantly he.lng filled. Tl(0
laces Include torching iluny, malleso,
Florentine, etc. Ono exqulslto pleco
i.hown me was from n pattern copied
after a small pleco oj laco from tho
allnr cloth of ppp j.Co xill sent by
a Sister In nnmo to.ilio sisters nt
Kullhl Itecclvlng Station. Another
wns a innngo pattern wh(cl( had been
lOBlgnod by ono of, tho girls. It Is a
broidery Is done as II Is dlllleult to
compete with tho Portuguese women
who do tho work well and cheaply. It
I Is poislhle that rag rug weaving will
I he willed In time, The school has In
Its possession one of tho few looms
'on tho Islands, cud If two outers which
i have alreail) been taken mo 'a suc
'cess. It Is probable that another do-
p.ittmciit will he added to the Indus
trial work.
The Study Ctatsei.
The study classes are divided Into
three sections, (ho Intci mediate class
es liavliig the flrst hours In tho morn
ling owing In the fact thai the older
girls are then employed with tho cook
ing mid house woik. At H::t0 what Is
known as thu senior chss U taken.
The uflernoous are devoted to tho be
ginners. Some of these cases seem
utterly hopeless to the visitor. Tho
classes alternate dining the day and
whllo ono Is in tho school room the
ethers will bo busily engaged with (ho
Industrial work. Each pupil Is re
quired to spend an hour an l a hair
In actual class room work each day.
Ail woik stops nt a:3i( o'clock and
I to
I Miss Stcrritt's corps of assistants
mcliido Miss Wood, n proficient and
enthusiastic young California woman
who Is In charge of the class work,
Mrs. Hu, who teaches lace making.
Miss Nahlwn, at the bend of thu sow
ing department, nnd Mrs. Wright who
presides over tho kitchen. Tho lat
ter thrco nro native yomcn. Miss
Mnynnrd, the probation officer, makes
her home at tho school, and although
not officially connected with tho In
stitution, Is some times called upon
to show her skill as a trained nurse.
Tho demerits of the pupils uro post
ed each Frlduy, and the girls whoso
records aro creditable, aro allowed lo
attend tho entertainments which uro,
sage round the deiolletnge.
Vehet Kiisli fill In a long straight end
to one stile, mid this was embroidered
In n di sign of cherries, whllo the voile
tunic was richly encrusted with gul
puro hue
Viry sueceWul, however, are tho
combinations of two or mom neutral
colors of the kind which are fashion
able nowiidiijs Thus n fourrcuti In tho
shade known us rosewood was veiled
with uiouHcllnc-ilt-soli In it smoke
I found the lakeside fine.
Ono maiden coy and clever
r ilriip-irxHineil .May or Fay declared that st
Ho truo forever.
nd for tho farm I liavo it idaco
Peep down lii my nffeetlons. fi
I nlro have of Itulli or draco j
Fond recollections. 1
Louisville Courier Jonri
A man wtuf lives In !cslle. At
has directed a letter to tho Chlerl
gray tint, nnd this sliiido not repeated I'ollee. of Springfield, asking for bo)
In the shoes, slot kings mul Kiiush.ide, Information concerning his wifoHC
the latter being fio-hlonid of (hi- same think silo's got two or throe hi
tiiiiiissi-linn Willi a silk fringe Tin- grnr bands," the letter says. "I don't ca
Veiling of tlio gown wus embroidered tcty much, hut I Just heard it'Tl
In tins silk nnd tho whofe met wns wanted to find out for myself. No
very soft nnd ncrei-alile without Indue lilmi t want In cause any trouble;1
In the least iminotououo. Just want to find out." Atlanta Co
slltiithmal. !
The nrt of pottery making Is a very! : '' ' ;' -' ''' '5'
..I.I 1 .., II.. ..I.. I.. I. t..l
"'" '"' ''K'-imiikij mil i i-niiiiK iinr. iiiii,,., i ...-, . m, ., rt-
("'Ji ! III! Vll til I 111 Flip-, 1 1 UWfc J1 1(11
nygoiie ngos it wiih eiiRioiiiuiy to inaKo, wlll;H nr , llrra,1Bl,, , B,veJ
perrlot rfTcLt.
.liilleul bounds nn, ulso much i
all the uU-iislls mid vessels which wero
neeess.iry for thu simple housekeeping
I lieu practised, and the lu.lti of the
house ucicpud the hours spent III this
tusk as a p.irt of bis dally work, JuM
us tho houowlfo seb-cted for her por
tion of the labor the preparing of the
food and clothing for tlio funilly. Jinny
beautiful and quaint forms mid colors
are found In the relics which remain to
lis from those remote ages and theso
bits of put I cry which are left to us are
prleil and guarded as priceless heirlooms
lu later days (he art of pottery mak
ing was relegated to a (irofesxlon.il pot-
iiiul so many qtinlnt mid artistic
forms wero loxt nnd merely the most
raetlcul mid useful retained. Of Into
the making of pottery has been reviv
ed to it greut extent, nnd accepted ns
one of tho popular forms of arts and
crafts work In tlil-t country.
And It Is no wonder that this U so.
a feature of each week-end The plio- fnr "'" "l,rk 1,,l'lf '" fascinating nrid
nogrnpli which wns donated to tho simple nnd the uses to which tho nrtl-
school, furnishes music for. theso oc- l'l''M """,, '" "'l way may bo pdt urn
cusions, nnd In addition, a program of.1'""10""-
games Is usually carried out. Occa-
sloimlly, ns n spcclul treat, light ro- Tho small lint with the pointed crown
Jreshmcnts are served. known ns tho Mother (loo-o hat Is
On Saturdays tho girls attended I'a
lama Settlement, whero classes in
physical culture train under Miss
Flshor. Tho girls ulso go In bathing
mid nio allowed to enjoy themselves
wlih out of door sports of various
kinds. Basket hall Is a. favorllo form
of amusement after school hours.
K.ich day begins with devotional
exercises, uud on Sunday these aro
continued In tho natvo church whero
twenly of tho girls nro regular mem
hers of tho choir.
Ab tho school Is n Territorial Instl
lutlon, girls are scut hero from tho
other Islands, thus adding to tho prob
lem of looking nftcr tho girls right
hero In Honolulu. As may readily bo
imagined, (t is with tho very worRt
material that Miss Storrltt nnd her
assistants nro called upon to work.
In many cases their parents nio
drunkards, their homes havo been
tenements, amj they huvp known no
thing but vice slnro birth, Miss Ster
lilt contends that these children uri)
(noro lo ho pitied than blamed, and
thnt with un atmosphere of' homo llfo,
love nnd decency, they may bo made
to develop Into clean useful women. It
Is not, she says, that they fall short
of any moral code, because, they know
no code,
Tho natives girls of Honolulu mo
In a particularly precarious position
owing to llio fiict of a t'ruiislatnry' h-
piilallon, and added tho undesir
able male element already hero, tho
numbers who fluuro. In tho down rail
of voting womanhood is appalling,)
liven nftcr tho girls hnvo been par
oled the evil ol Influence of those
men bus to bo recokned with. Thoy
evidently contend that tho girls are
stamped for life and that their evil
bung Is to continue Indefinitely.
It Is Miss Stcrritt's plan td make.
I ho school u training' homo rather than
a icformntory nnd although sho If
ofleu hampered Jiy opposition from nn
element that does not ns yet appio
cluto tho purpose .of tho Institution,
not losing favor ns soon ns wns untie
Ipntcil. Ih-ciiiiso high pjruinld trim
mings are so much hi vogue. " For
these trimmings, tho liiMiry-lovIngl'a-rlsleiiiiei
prefer aigrettes, nnd so would
Americans, If tho sale of aigrettes (tho
kind best adapted to this purpose) ns
lint prohibited. Hut to ease tho hearts
of American women, the clever I'arls-
lau has inado mi Imitation ulgrctle of
burnt coquc, whhli In ipilto us sutlsfae-
ii i $.
sho Is meeting with ready co-opern-llon
at tlio hands of superintendent
of schools l'opo nnd llio general pub
lic. Thoso whoso heart Is In tho work
of making good girls out of had nvo'
thai It is fascinating, though often
discouraging. Surely It Is nohlo, and
locally It Is In tho best of hands.
Eyejybodjf Admires a fBeautjful Complexion' g
Oriental Cream
mam wVhttJfllh M
K9 febtortESMMfcl
.. ., r-;'
bill tluse nro limited to the plctu(
iwiue (ypo of womuu Young glrlATyi
In their 'teens hould ulso enjoy then
Napoleonic styb-s, nllbougli nuichjfil
vored during last spring mul sum ma
lire iiriiIii In Migun ns they nro so'Ui
coming to a particular "tailored" Yyp
of woman. ,'X
The iu.iga7.lue sivttii of a Constfpii
ier contains a lengthy nrtlcle entitled
What to Do If Attacked on'-flUv
Street." Doubtless tlio advlco Is good
and the Incentive thnt of uornlnifiuT
protected women very pnle worthy
but I fall to Sen the real necesaltyfo'
sikIi advlte. Far bo It from mo topui
on Dorothy Dlx nlrs. luit I can '"nol
forego the (ilensum of pronouncing tldi
uttnckliig., business nil bosh. Kven
tbiuiKli unescorted. If n woman, con
ducts herself properly on tho street sin
mny go through llfo without ono iini
pleasant experience of this sort ;Itl
many cases women who rush to pol lea
hcudiiunrtcra with storlcn of "masherBJ
nre nt fault themselves. If n woman
will fall to notice iidvuucc niHJJviby;
loafers, nlno limes out of ten thcylwlll
not In. repeated. tiA
Mlle'Oaliy Denlys, the IVench dancer
who recently came to New Yorkjfiaya
!... ,..... I.. ., l ..... .'.!
tuiv in n me miii-ii imii, luresiper
fl-ctlV irootl Alllerlcnti hnslinmlii iiii'-i-.
Ihi, .. I. ..1 ...! n.... .... .. ,. I, I... t M." ....
.ui i.i- linn iiviii-cmuiiii). Anno
talks glibly to reporter at so finch
per word hut on the subject o'fileS
throned royalty she remains perfectly; I
tu, ,,i. xi-i..... ,i... in.. .i.Tri.
' ,.,(.,, tll.T ,IIT lil.Min lllllluBIIU
... , , ... V - -
on. hit iiiiiik'iuiiio .Mticricaii vocaiiu
larv to libild lis nn excuse. Atenmvlill,.
the "perfectly good" American Thus-I
1....1. ,.. .. . I'.. ...J
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Ishes. -53
Jin Indispensable and Delightful'
Toilet Requisite ''
for Fashionable Women. ,$
, A dally necoiilty for the lndleV tollsti
whether ut bonu, or while truveltnir. It1
protects the skin Trnm Injuilous ertecUL'
of tho elements. Klvcs n wonderfully efli
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creaky sppenrunce. '
Oouraud's Oriental Cream has benj J
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resscs. lingers and women of fashion fur"
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Rcmnven Tun, I'lraples, insrkkeiui. Moth.
l"atche. rush. Preektiw nd Vulgar iteilnesi. Yellow and atmldr kln. etlnV
n delicately clear and refined complexion whkti every vonaia dullret. '.
Lo- ll ror aalo by lmieulits and Funry Ooodn I)l.rj. .1
Ferd.T. Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New Yorkd
TYPEWRITER CARBONS and you get perfect
Carbon Copies
Sold only by the OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Ltd.
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