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Tills afternoon and tomorrow tlio
Country C'Juu golfers will have u lust
cliunce to try for tlio Dillingham Cup,
n handicap, cholcc-scoro trophy for
which Iho players huvo been allowed
to turn In curds on Lcrtuln llxed datos.
This closes tho golf schedule for tho
Now competition Is tho life of golf,
to here's a suggestion for tho winter
months. Probubly It has been tried
here In a general nay, but not with
tliu niceties that of equipment rnuko
It Interesting.
Why not Inaugurate a monthly bogey
handicap with a "sweepstako ma
like i
mlttcc, and the player having tho best
score against bogey given all tho money
In tho machine.
The beauty of this system Is that
players can hnvo as many tries at tho
pot us they have quarters to spare,
and that even If they hno a poor match
In prospect, they can always have tlin.
fun of playing In tho sweepstnko com
petition. An odd part of the machine,
game Is that men who mako poor scores
arc trlng to better them up to the.
very last dny of play, while men who
come in square or up on me cuiunn
early In the month get tho notion that
they enn do even better, and keep on
rattening the pot with quarters. No
one Is under obligations to tell how
he stands, and Ifs surprising how many
players will bo on bund to hang round
tho committed tablo when the box is
opened and the thirty or forty dollars
of small chango handed to the lucky
8llnt Newtboyt.
There nro moro newsboys to tho lin
eal yard of sidewalk In Honolulu thun
In any other burg In the world. Walk
down Fort street from Hotel to King
at .1 o'clock any afternoon, and you
havo to brush them oft llko files. Hut
there Is one thing that suves a situ
ation that would otherwise bo unpleas
antly ultra metropolitan. All the news.
les nro' near-dumb. They whisper tho
nnninL nf tlio tun uflprnnnn nnrwra (n
ou, and some of them hao added thoj
...nv.l.. .unnnl Aillflnn ffn Hiftlo tninll.'
This machlno Is something ulary.
nlckcl-lii-tho-slot contrivance,! i l.ouclit a paper from a Chinese boy
only the nnte Is u quarter, and Instend who stood about kneo high to a bowl
or chewing gum or cigars, out comes of rice ono afternoon. A story of un
u scoro-curd, printed In red Ink to dls- UMmi interest hud broken that day, and
tlngulsh It from the regular cards. The j nsked tho little fellow Journalist why
player tukes this dard, nnd, as a side ,e didn't cull It out and sell moro pa
Ishuo to whatever mutch ho may be pcrs.
playing, marks down on It hns match "No tulk loud," ho replied. ' "If call
play score ugulnst bogey, computed Vm out Hawaii boy mako my face
with his regular club handicap. Tho shnincd."
card becomes official when It Is attest-1 Bo wo have to thank the Hawaiian
cd by any club member ho happens to character for the comparative peace of
make the round with, and It Is then tho city streets. Ono yelling .fiend to
dropped Into a locked box. There It n block Is bad enough, but forty to thn
stujs till the end of tho month, when block would drive us ull to the mad
the box Is opened by, the green com- house.
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JUiSSl ?m. .ogiSu Z 5i3 U f, S3 . Jfe ! iKa A JHMjt
Castle and Eklund. Both Win-'
ncrs of Hall Cup, Come To-t'
getcr in Semifinals.
At BereUnla
Cattle vt. Eklund.
O'Dowda v. Qrnwll.
. -H
i . .am niito m&
r 'v"-- . - ' 'ij -.
islUa, J-..; ..!--.. - ' i.' rf f-SS-J?. Jrt..i--HjfeW
iirEMBE.ryo or the n.-y: national, league teamF
,j!-; ,vt j,v
.vm .!, KiMEti.'SV.
Oahu-Junlor League
9:30a. m Asahls vs. C. A. U.
lOMGa.m. Palamas vs. Aalas.
Oahu Senior League
1:30 p. in J. A. C. vs. Huwatls.
3:30 p. in. P. A. C. vs. Stars.
BAN KitANClSCO, Oct. 2. nutlets
of solid gold wero used by Yuqul In
dians In fighting against Porflrlo Diaz
In the recent Moxlcnn revolution ac
cording to paBscngors arriving here
today on tho steamor Curacao from
Moxlcan ports.
In Maratlan hospitals, where many
wounded wero operated uiion, discov
ery of tho golden pellols, It was said,
was an ordinary occurrence, although
few patlontg had received enough of
them to pay the doctor's bills.
The High School football team Is
out dally, practicing for tho coming
match with the College of Hawaii
which will take placo In a few weeks.
Captain 1)111 Rosa Is confident that
his team will be much better than
last year. Captain Clark of the "Cow
Col lego team Is getting Ills team Into
shape to meet Punahou noxt month.
Bill Rico and Marcalllno are Mill with
tho team, an dPrott Is a now man
turning out of late.
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Phone 2747
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Cream Rye Whisky
Old Jas. E. Pepper Whisky
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The "Old Hospitality"
"Maui" Wine -A Home Product
The. Bartlett Natural Mineral Water
Bottled at the Celebrated Bartlett 8prings, Laka County, California.
The New York (Hants this Reason aro one of tho greatest teams in
tho history of hnsclmtl, nnd if Pitcher Mnriuard had been In form nil tho
time, should lmo won llireo out of tho llrnt four games. Tlio playcia In
the group aboo uro as follows: Left to right, tup row Snudgruss, llcrzog,
Hoyle, Ames, Devlin, Wilson, Wlltzo, Cruiichitl, Mcdruw, Dctorc; boltnm
row Matucwson, Hartley, Itobliison, I'.iulcttc, Murray, Klctchor, Iluckor,
ijuiiuin, sierxie, Meyers, Marquaru, Faust.
Tho O.ihu College bojs liuo been
Said to Be Fastest Team In
Grammar School Soccer
Tho rjrnmniar School Soccer Lengue
starts Us season noxt week, nnd nil
the teams aro preparing for tho com-spi-mllng tho last two weeks In football
Ing scries. Much Interest Is shown practice, and the ganio Jestcrday bo
by tho boys of tho dlfforcnt schools tween tho Juniors nnd freshmen ugulnst
In the city this year. seniors and sophomores shoed thorc-
.....-. .., , , , ,CnBuc, mlU ,)f ,,,. work- T,1P ,llUcr 3
i"an.'rP?Z ", " :i'" elM.ln; "' ".en. is some talk of return
-h...in. 11. . .. 1 """"" """ match IkIiuc played between theso two
championship team havo reached tho , , , ' ,
ago llmlt-soventeen-and so will not "T"' ,l,0.c"""rc" "ro lml ,0
h ...n i m, i .,..,..- 1 ,1.1. seniors will not come through. Tho
year. In splto of this, enough new '"'nlor rU""' w"m contained l or Ist
material bus been Rather together to 't,"r'H '""'"" ". timi this heljied
form a Btrong team, which will mnko ' "lko "' ,,un ,v "tronc ono.
the othor aggregations work noma to The buys will now turn out for regu-
get goals. lar practise In preparation for their
Tho St. Louis team, which gavo Iho games nth the College of Hawaii and
Hums tho hardest rub Inst year In probably tho Highs. Coach picker Is
tho soccer series. Is said to bo tho out ocry afternoon with tho players
strongost bunch on tho field this year, ami he Is watching the candidates. It
and .tho boys aro confident that they u likely that Punahou will not pluy
can 'give tho Hums a run for their MK.0pr wm, u,o Knms on account of
Last year
the Knms played seven
and won all, which was 11 rnmnrknhle
rocord. If the Saints can repent this
season they will certainly bo wonders.
Mr. Loomls is In charge of tho
Grammar School League this year.
and has bocome popular with tho ath
letes of tho different schools. Most
of tho games will bo played at Muklki
grounds and at the Kam field.
Tho Kam team Is captained by
Frank Shlpmun, and among others
sure of pluccs on tho team nro A.
Mitchell, Goorgo Hush, K Aknnn, II.
Derttleman, A. Corren nd J. Kaonl.
fHnorlnl 11 11 1 1 n 1 1 n CnrnHnnnitrncf..l
HILO, Oct. 17. UuKi.no Horner, tho
Itamakua player, yesterday uftcriumn
became the champion of this Istund by
defeating Pr. Prcd Irwin lifter tlireo
hard-fought' sutH by 11 scoro of fi-3, -2,'
I. Horner lost only a bIiirIo ono of
thn games ho served. His mercilessly,
correct play told the story, ns usual,
Mrs. Ilartcls and Horner challenged
Mrs. Patten, unit conness, tho winners
pf lust season's tournament and tho.
holders' of the eup, nnd defeuted them
by a scoro of 6-2, 6-t.
Tho tennis club will hnvo a meeting ,
next Saturday at 4 p. 111. to elect new,
members and to tukn up other business.
It will bo held on tho courts, unless It
rains. In whleh case It will tako place
ni 1 lurry irwint onico. 11 is pronamn
that It will ha decided to hold n handi
cap tournament somo tlmo during tho
New Year's season, for members only
Tho plnyers will probably bo divided
Into tlireo dosses, much on tho basis of
tho results of tho tournament which
has Just ended.
the latter Institution not putting up a
football team to tackle them.
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extra low rubber heals.
Nolttlen traad, A regula
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Price - $2.50
A new Low-Hetl Slip
per. Broad toe, with or
without strap.
Price - $1.75
Shoe Co., Ltd'.
Open Saturday Evenings
Ab Usual, sporlB nro In full swing
out nt Knmohatnchn Schools, and tho
color scries Is the attraction at tho
present time, with the interclnss soc
cer Bcrlcs ulso Interesting.
Arter tho Whites woro given their
llrst defeat Wednesday, by tho nwful
sioro of 18-3 In 11 baseball match,
tho other two teams huvo taken a
new grip and nro out to keep the
Whites from winning.
The standing of tho two series, up
lo date, Is ns follows:
Interclnss Stirrer Series.
P. W. U T.
Seniors 3 0 0 3
Juniors 3 2 0 1
Seventh (irado 2 1 0 0
Sixth (Irade 2 0 11
Fifth Grade 2 0 11
The Juniors nro now leading the
scries, nnd they aro picked as win
ners of tho present series. Kach team
Is to play each other twice, and In a
few days the Mrst half of the games
will bo over.
Tho Kam Alumni nro to put In a
soccer team this year in the big
league series, which will be started
early In December. Allan McOowan
Is captain of tho aggregation and has
a strong bunch of players to pick
from. Prnctlro will start early In
grames will bo played with the school
teams next month.
This afternoon, on tho Kam Held,
the second tennis of tho Reds and
Whites will meet In n baseball gumo,
an dit will ho a hard Htruggla, from
presont outlook. "Ksklmo" Kalealli
will do tho twirling for the Whites,
whllo W. Wnlnnnlo will hold down
1410 sumo position for tho Red nlno.
A IravorBo whs Hied yesterday
In the Kodornl court by Kito Nnkaha,
in, the Japanese woman for whom
liaheas rorpus proceedings 'are being
heard beforo Judge Clemnns, in an
swer to tho return of Inspector Ray
mond C. llrown, filed Thursday, The
case hns been continued until Tues
i!ny morning noxt at 10 o'clock..
Are You Well?
For a course of sprouts that will
rejuvenate you and make you
lorry that your life is not twice
at long.
176 8. King 8t. Phone 2467
Ambitious Program of Sports
and social Events for
November 4.
Tho plans for the big ccnts nt the
Outrigger Club on November i nro
nrnrlng completion. Yrodorduy $600
was appropriated to be expended ut
once on a retaining wall, filling In und
completing tlio big dancing Innal
J It. (Salt was appointed n commit
tee of ono to confer with tho ladles who
will take, charge of the renliig of the
fourth. Dr. Ylctor S. Clark was placed
on the house committee to Ihen that
body und get It to tako tip Its duties.
Ted Metiinphy, tho club captain, will
arrange for tho big racing events for
tho jnungsters, which, with tho Chirk
Cup surllng contest, will last ull after
noon until chowder time. The follow
ing Is the proposed sports program:
1. Sailing race. Full course, one mile.
2, Hoard nice. Course, 2-3 mile. Cun-
llcld Cup.
3. Tnn-padle. To llrst buoy and ro-
4. Cunoo and board race. To Moanu
ruft and return
5. Onn-paddlo nice. To llrst buoy und
C Three-puddle race. Full course,
ono mile.
7. Hlx-imddlu race. Full course, one
8. To establish Junior records.
The above Is tho plan submitted by
thn entertainment committee and up-
pinved by I?. F Mclanphy, captain of
tho club.
It Is prnpnicd to stnrt nnd end all
races nt the Outrigger bench, so that
all may sen eery portion of tho events,
und the youngsters will bo given prac
tice In steering nnd paddling out
ugulnst tlio waxes, broadside und be
foro them, for, after ull, tho Outrigger
Is u surllng club.
a 8 n
i v 'i ! -J' v 5 $ j '
Johnny Wlllhumi, who was
Inline twlrler nmnng tho natives
of Iho Hawaiian Islands, bung
one on the Heals today In nlco
shape by t score of 4 to 2 Wil
liams had speed to burn and a
lino break nn his curui bull that
had thn Mohtcrltcs guessing for
nine frames. A half dnxen or
so of tho Seals went the nznno
route, mill hud Williams' sup
pnrl been up to snuff ho would
havo scored a shutout
The seml-llnnl round of the Hall Cup Jk
tournament litis afternoon should brln
nut the best tennis of the entire event
In thn ('ustlo-F.klund match, which wltf
tin plnjed on tho llcrctanla courts. Al
though Hnrnes, whom Castlo defeated
esterday. Is rated n class abovo Ek
lund, tho latter Is In better training
nnd seems to be pla)lng Just an good
tennis The winner of the match haa
the Inside edge to win the tournament,
und ns Castle and Kklund have each
won the cup once, there Is an added'
Incentive to each to get his name nVj
iiKMin ii i.uiic can sirnuy nimmi.
overhead ho should win. but If hit' vol
leylng from the half court Is as un
certain us It was estcrday, Eklund has
the advantage
CattlfBsrntt Match. '
Tho feature of )esterdny's round WM
the match between A Ij. Castle nnd J.
II Uarnes, fur ulthouch the former won,
In straight sets, he Mulshed with a total
of only four unmet, more than his op
'ponent. and there wero flashes of really
.good tennis throughout Both men
I wero utterly txhuusted when they cam
off the court. Castle saying that in all
the tennis ho hud played In the Is
lands he had never been up against
such oppresslvo weather. The player
wero dripping before two games had
been played, nnd their light shirt
clung so closely ns to actually imped la
inn use oi inc rncuci arm.
Castle's eye was off, and many time
he let lulls go by that lie could easily
havo taken. In the belief that they
wero going' out. On tho other hand,
be showed better headwork than
liarnes, und scored more 'placement
from the net. Throughout the match
liarnes did most of tho leg work', al
though In one or two games he had
Castlo running from one side of the
court to tho other after balls that Just
nicked the corner tapes. ''
Custlo's low volleying was very good
yesterday, but he will have to b
steadier overhead If ho expect to owe
IS to young Eklund und beat him.
Ilarnes plays good tennis, but the heat
evidently told on him moro than on
Castle. Toward the latter part of tho
mutch ho got to hitting all his return
short, so that Castlo could cross-court
them at tho net, This happened tlmo
nnd aguln when Humes was running
out of court on his backhand corner.
This Is llurnes' llrst tournament aft-'
pearunce In Honolulu, nnd he will hav
to be reckoned with from now on. II
serves with u strong reverie twlit.
which Is most effective In the right,-.
hand court. , ,,
Mr. Ogowa. who lo6ks after theBer-
ctunln courts when busy defending hi
title of Japanese champion of the. Is
lands, umnlred llin second set of th
Castle-names urgument, and did bet-i
ter than most of the volunteer um
pires., , ,
Following Is the score by garnet:
First set
Ilarnes 1 2 4 S ,i)
Castlo 3 6 7 1 10
Second set
liarnes 1 3 5 7 10 12
Castlo 2 4 6 8 (11 1314
O'Dowda Pulls Out.
Tfio O'Dowdn-Slnclalr match was far
closer than the Castle-Barnes affair.
but tho tennis was of a much slower
brand. O'Dowda came Into the half
court for u fow full .arm smashes, but
they didn't seem particularly deadly.
and for the most part both player
stuck to tho back lino. Sinclair vva
serving well, but didn't run In toprqflt
by their speed, and O'Dowda managed
to get them back somehow without get
ting much out of place.
Tho llrst set went to' Sinclair, 7-.B.
and thn second to O'Dowda, 6-3. ..In
the deciding set Sinclair had his young?
opponent 5-3, nut arter losing a couple
nf points on tho next.gumo he slammed
. . .'.-,
the nulls nut or court ni a great rate.
"He's going to throw this game and
win on his own servo." said the wl
Hut ho didn't, O'Dowda took tha
next four games straight, and the
match. ' i
Ytittrday'a Rttuttt. ',
Eklund bent Nlckelson, 6-3, 6-2.
Castlo bent Hnrnes, 6-, 8-6.
O'Donda bent Sinclair, 6-7, 6-3. 7iV
firecmvell beat Thompson, 6-3, 6-1.
Mary McCnrty, believed to bo th
' V 5'
oldest person In Massachusetts, died at
West Stockbrtdgc, Mass., aged 1111
A table has boon nroiiHrnd nlmwlni iilrH-
cost of livlnc of Federal eninloves Clgarello smoking has beeit forbid
has Increased since the Inst general l,e" at Notre Dame university undvri
Increase was made. penalty of suapeniion.
.tfk''..M 1 i
v , .1, 1
,.rS,, . .A
. . -AfiafflHlTfcl i iir'"'Jft-'aaBBUMBBm ,

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