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Thu l.ist week linn been along tlio Tliero scents tii bo tin let up to the
lines tit iiiinn-rlt ili.it liuvi marked building opirntions th.it hive cli.u.ie
liiislnoss In tin 'l.-trltorv for n oar! Icilrcil tlio pint six iiiimllis In thin
air more Men hunts uio giltltig ti ' cltv, and tills tumuli U slated li no
thi'lt stocks lin tin- liullilny trade ii(. Ij.iutior iiiniilh If tlio present into
which In .iIvviivh a linivest time hero Ih maintained The mijiiill i)f tlio
l'riiHnrlt) Is relleitul In ovcrv hour it,rk In the line or c instmctlon f r
nf the il.i 'I In- lust of the largest I thin tntinlh has been divel'lug house
nop of sugar the Islands ever raised tho submits or the clt. Plans for
hiiH bun iiuiiki'ti'il under must r.ivor-' ,,, fn,K, i)rIIR ,,tt the rnct th.it
able priies 'I li" pioilucts from plne- ,K u ttl w Moadv gtowlh ir the
appl.'B have been nurketeil under ( .,, 1( ,, months
falrl good pi lies with the domiuid ,,.,,
Mr In ex.es, of the supply The nut j .,.,,',,,,, ,,, etmcutP wnrk ,.g'
,,,,r extcns ve e.op o J ! ' , 110s(m ,,,,,. , 10 m.rt ,,
b,e sold at a top-notch lgure, .... ,,,,., ,. new 1 .1. .ralo.v
all ut in trade eiiinnioill.les inised " . . . ,i . mlm,i
bete Law met with leady disposal. I '" "',?, r" rl,nt ,l -I at Mnklkl
an ,mi..H..iih ate I Hi.k .. foi "n"' H lnlta for Oe.ob.'r li
the handling or m.iih linger ,M tluilo tlio (S.orM' IO.II. k ifl.lri.to for
next j ear Ntiiinnu nvonuu at a rout of $xiino,
the le,inilur Young lun'inont cafe-
Dull an.l quiet, with a sIlRht'v, .tI.i to mat In the nelghhiiihii.id or
MrwiRor market on liltiif character- $3 noil an.l also the M .n esldcneo
I7.-.I the local st.uk tiniisiithuis rur'ul Mis. I. Mist, estimated to cost $.
.1... .....1 Tim iii.ilniliv or sal h w -re Tft.
allium; the losror p.neil khiikk. iiiiu
holttu'i! boards tlio trading routine
I'nllowlim ate the dallv lies lor the
S4AI i:S lletvvp.ti lloir.lH
Library Cornerstone.
I ..ml S.iluid.iv ihe cornet stone of
the Carnegie Ulnar wan lal.l with
liiinieHl tpioniiilllt'H In the M'lsonlf
MrlliMle (Is, $li'0, 23 I. via. J(l .... ,,,.,H r the iltv. 'Iheie was .i lirgn
i:.i, $3123- tluiioo lirlg Gs l"J2.j ,,,! present an.l tl iculon mis
25 Ilrevvorv. $21 honiiie, h) Ihu piosuiio of Ilivld
'Si'mxI.iu Siles: lit ll.ill.ll $lfl'i. fii', st.it I loi.l.m, of the Stanror.l llnlM'l-
Wal.ilua. $111: r,0 W.ililui. Till. I" hit, who was n hlx u.i link home
fimii .i loin of l.i ji in In the intorems
ul lllllMMK.il ie.ll.
r.u.i. ll LT.- STII'C .xS Co $l.i.;
Zn ruhatiK. $"1 M
Sl.i:S lletmen lliurils .V Il.iw
(' A- S. Co. $UiS7'i; IT. Kel. ill i, $.": Tor Sanitation.
:in Wal.iln.1 $113, ". W.il.iln i. $11". "-j A ileel.loil nioio lus been in.nle In
Dniime.i Sli'Ml, $IUiin lulu l'.H '.. the matter of the IIIIIiik up "f tho lo.
JU'JTI JliniO Ii'llr.le C.s $lim: !Iiiii.Ik 111 the Kew.ilo illi-trlit. Tho
ton when bo rnlle.1 on Adiiilial Cow Ion
Engineer Looking Up Work.
Il tlio nrrlal or 1 lie Sierra Inst
t'llil.t). two clII t'liRlni'i'iH cinio to
I lie iHtninlH for the ptnposo of looking
ocr the Kioiniil :ih to n number of
blK Koxuriinietit cnntrnctx that u o to
Le lit out In the near future. TIioho
men h prii-eiit two illrfctcnt linns, one
iocnte.1 In Knu rianclyro ami the olh-j
or In New Vork. Thene flrm ili all
I Itiilit of contrattliiK ami their ix-ire-,
(onl.i'lws are to irmalii hero for
Mime time to familiarize theinaeUes
with comllllonn locntlx . j
There In no .liiiibt that there will
bu other contractliiR IIiiuh In thullelll
lilihllui; fur some of the big Jolm that
are to materialize In connection with
tho ki out wmk at I'oarl llaibor.
Mining Engineers Enroute.
A l.irRe imrtj of ctiKlneerH, metn
licis of the Ametlcan Inntltulo or Mill
UiK KiiKlneerH arrived In tho .Mntirhit
tla the first or the week an.l as they
coiihl 1 1 1 b.ne one tin) here tlio pnr-
tv li.i.l n t,..it'r.iiit nil flv.i.l ill, f.ii lit..
' " " ' I
'av aii.l .lb) not Ioko any time In r. t
tltiK It Htarle.l iih soon tin the ve'sel i
x.as nluiiKslilo or thu dock.
A III to 1'iarl Harbor was one of
the ob It rl he imlutH mill the work
there wnn thoiniiKlily limpected. Tho
Aquarium was paid a Unit and other
points In the vlclnltj of tho city were
Tho paily of our neers arc not ko
Iiir beyond Japan nnd they exp. el to
start on the return trip homo so as
to airhe here tin I lie list day of No
M'tnbor. The local older or eimlineis
will etiterlnlu them on tln'li retuiti
ttlp while In tho clt).
Save Money on Holiday
Goods My entire stock of Fancy Goods, Hand Embroideries,
Gloves, Ribbons, Notions, etc., is offered for sale at ex
tremely low prices.
New Lingerie Goods and Ladies' Underwear at prices that are irresistible.
Come in and .make your Xmas selections now and save from one-third to
one-hall on useful arl:cles.
MISS WOODARD, ' ' " Street.
TanJoiiK Olok 1M . $11 'I".'.
Session Sales n Cua $11 l-'.'
SAI.HS- lletween II.mi.Ih 2ml II C
R S Co, $4iiN"Vi. Hi" II ' A S t'o.
$IUS7,. Ml i:n. $11 l2's: M" Mi
llrj.le, $fir.(i. $2M0i) Mellr.le Os. $lnii,
8f, Ol.i. i. ' '". 40 W.iialui. $111
Session Sales 3.'. Mcllrile, $t! ".".
Ill .Mdlrt.le, $tl 73.
SAMS lletween Hoards 73 H. C.
& S. Co. $H7B. .Mt II C A.- S Co.
$10 73, 10 II C .V S Co, $10 73, 100
surxetois. who luxe beui there at
work for some time. Iiaxo tliilshed and
turn the .iclii.il wotk of IIIIIiik will
be started It Is ostinlate.l that It will
take oer inv.SI.'i ntblr y.uds of earllil
o llll In the low lauds In the district.
Owners of this laud will be asked to
do the nillni; In at their own exMnso
ir tlie do not (o so tlio Tenllorj
will do the wotk f"i them and assess
the i'iii,t aKilust tho laud so filled I
Ilwa $.11.23, 3 Walaliii. $lin. In WMI-. Guarding the I
aim. $113, Walalu.i. 1I3, 3o Oiliu., The eieetei:
Port. I
il has ciino In piss A
U7'i; 70 Ouome.i, $13.30, $11100 llllo fexei ship lias nnle. ftotn the West
lt I'.ioi is $lui, 23 Oaliu, $.11.73; 10 roast of Suiith America, and ilurlui;
Oaliu, $3173 jt'ie llrsl ilns of the week was an-
S.Hsion Sales $9000 llllo 'ji) Gs, glinrcil off the harbor, the local aitlli
$100; 1110 i;a, $31.30; 1(1 Ualiu, $ 12; t orltles not allowing hor to cotno Insldo
& Oaliu, $12; 10 Oaliu, $J2; 5 Oaliu, as tliero was a full-llodi!ed raso of
$".2. ,)cllow fexer on board.
SAI.KS lletween Hoards. 10 O HI i:er prec-iutloii an I safo Kitird
& U Co, $114, $10000 Hllo 1001 r,A. vas broimht Into 1 1 iv to kh ml
$100, 23 Hon II (L M C i.. $.'1. lo'i .iriIiih) the iIImmsi' kcIIIii- to kIioic.
Olaa, $i, 100 Mello.l.', $ii.s7'0; 30 1 lio esse was Kin-it water and e al
O iliu, $32, 20 OIjii, $l! which was taken out In Imixck which
S.ssloii Siles- $1000 llllo mill 14. weio nfterwai.ls fiimlK.ited
$lliii. $innn llllo IJi.il lis, $O0, $lnon TIiuhikIi Ihe orders of Dr. Carl Hi
At the opeuliiK of the bids for the
construction of tho wlrirf at llati.ilel,
Kaual, It was found that tho bids
weie nil way and abou tho appro
priation for tho work. The bids have
been icferred In Ihe commltteo of tho
whole mill ate to bo I'ikrii up on tho
tcturn of Coiuinlssliiner McStocker.
The ptopiiM'd wharf nt Ixlhel Is
iinollicr piece of wotk that will liao
to wait until the middle of next jear.
In tlio first place there will hnxe to
bo a settlement of tlio affairs of tho
Hal.lnln i:stnto before any work on
this proposition can bo done. When
this estate lias been settled tlio piece
of laud Hint Is wauled for wharf pur
poses will bo .leodo.l to tho Territory
for about $10.
That (Imernor Kroir will soon x'lslt
Washington Is a fact and so admitted
Rranls that nro on their way to Ha
waii In the Willer.lin wlil.h l.-rt (!lb
raltar on the 7th of this mouth. Be
sides tlio tCKulnr pliNslcl.in who his
teen piikikciI fm Hie tup them mo
two trained nurses on bond who are
KlvltiK exery allenllou lo (ho women
and clilldieu on the ttlp
It Is desired Hut the Will s It'll
nuild all such plllkla as attended tho
xlslt of the Oriel Ic
Real Estate.
The week lias been noled for tho
teal ostato deals tint luxe been put
throimli, the inajnrltx beliiK small
bulldltii; lots In the suburbs. It Is
fully exacted that there will bo a
steady demand fimn now on for hoino
slto property as theie Is no iiuostlon
Iiik tlio fact that there arc many now
families In town. The Knlinukl l.'ind
Company has made a number of silos
.lurltifr tho week and exery purchas
er has a tlcslic lo start In on the
erection of u home as soon as possi
ble. There seems to bo Utile pur
chasing of real estate for speculatlxo
It Is stated that there is a largo
tract of land near 1'iiimiike.i that Is
by tho executive himself. The dm- I)CII(, eKotlaled for by a malnl indor
ernor saxs that lie may make tho trip
I to tho States for the purisiso of brliiR
I UK his family back to Hawaii. Whe
ther there will ho mix tiling raid In
toward to the Kuhl.i charKes while
the (loxertior Is In WashluKton Is mil
llllo 1901 Gs, $100
mils no olio from the fever ship li is
been allow e.l ashotp.
Missionary Conclave,
The I.aj men's lllsslomry Moxc-i The Island linesttnont Cotnpiny Is
lilent, whlih li'is bu. n In hesslon In luisj with the election of a liwlro
the Y M C A IiiiMiIIiik fm two d is' tleclrlc plant on Maul that Is bclim
of the xxeek, tepirts a xer success- j Installed for tho purpose or supplliiK
lul loticlaxc uud tint tliero has been tlio towns of Walliiku and Ixiihiilul
n bit; uihaiiie made In the work In with light and curietit for power pui
x.hl.li the Mlns'on Is ens'iBed j poses. The tnotlxo power of the plant
Theio weie leire eiralUes presentlwlll bo steam and oil will be tho fuel
Iriiiu all of the hu lies an 1 the sos- used.
Finn was othorwlKC htlpt.l b the at
teiulatiio of II slit p Hell of Lot All-Kcles,
Ciitltlliued ' Ic'r a n
llr. Thomas Harrington, who arriv
ed liv the Maucliui la ciiues heie f r
sslst impp ti the puiposo of lellexlnp Ilritlsh Cuti-
tlio missions now in III II lis we a fill It (I. i: roister, who has been
ln.i Jo by tho x at Inns il.-noiiilii.it loan
Building Operation!.
grunted a j ear's absent e ami will
spend It tiaxellni; In nurope A sa
lute of six- guns giecleil Mr, II in lug-
They Set Off The
Daintiest Gowns
' i) for Women
All Mutt Pay Taxes.
Treasuter ConkllnR has relloxcd the
minds of the t-ixpaxets by tho state
ment that there will bo no Increas
ing of the tuxes. He does stale that
tliero will bo a general looking up of
owners of propel ty and they will bo
called on to pay their (axes. Accord
ing to tlio Tteasnrer it Is tlio Inten
tion of tho Territory lo set n survojor.
i.t wotk and see what he can find
out, anil If there Is any land that
I has not been paving luxes it will lio
brought up x lilt a turn mid If tliero
,ls property that Is being under valu
ed It will also bo adjusted,
La.it of the Crop.
The big freighter Nebraskan Is ex
pected to sail from llllo today, and
j destined for Sal Ilia Cruz. If tho xes
foI gets away according to schedule
the last of the 1911 sugar crop will
bo on Its xay to tnnrket xxhero It xvlll
piohably bring n pilco around tho top
Tho local sugar factors havo been
adxlse.l that shipment by the Colum
bian had reached the market nt S.9G,
'Flip S000 tons that Is following close
ly In tho Alaskan was exacted to go
In under tho same quotation but tho
dtop on Thursday to 3.733 will prob
ably bo tho best that can bo dono
with this latter cargo.
Tho estlmnto lor tho yoar's crop Is
now placed nt 303,000 tons.
who If tho purchase is made, will put
the Ian.) under pineapples.
Crops of Country,
That the bugbear of
piophcsled In connection
rt ports of general ciop
Tho fruit crop this car Is etnr
liKius, being valued ut $23,000 noil
Last ear's crop was a falline and
was win Hi $3,(.(lO,000
r.illowlug the custom of foinicr
jears, Siipeiltilenileut of l'oieitry
Halpli S. Ilosmer, announces that fice
tiees will be gixpn out at Ihe (lox-
prnment Nursery on South King
klri.i.t in, Arlwn Hiv l.l.l ,1 V.itnm.l
lier 10, 1U11
Knell applicant may select twenty
four 1 1 ccs from among thu following
llfleen species: Kuculxpttls, llltio
Uutn. Swamp Mahogitiv, Lcuiim-sccul-
cd CItini; Irotinood, Silk Oak. Sugl'
(.Inpaneso Cedar), Itojal l'olncl.in.i.j
(lollen, l'lnk, I'luk and White Show-
crs, Jacaranda, Yellow l'olnclnna,
I'eppcrtrce, Mnhogaii) (Suleteula),
Monleiey C press; provided tint no
one person may havo mine than Mx
plants of any one (lowering tree. The
(loxernuicut Nuisery does not cam
In stock fi nit trees of any kind, nor
ornamental slttubs.
Appllcutlous should be filed with
Mr. Uixld Hattghs nt tho (lovemmrnl
Nursery. 1. O. llo 207. Tele Initio
Tho trees xxlll be ready to give out
on Arbor Day. Nov ember 10, when
the) must bo railed for Applicants
ate expected to lit lug luxes or other
hard tlmps containers In which to l.il.o away the
with teceiit plants.
fnllures In As the niiniber of somo of the klndsl
At All the Leading Saloons
Wholesale by
Metropolitan Meat Market
tl Highly unfounded Is proxed bv Is limited, those desltlng trees will do
the annual ciop repott Issued b l.oidj v.ell to put In their applleillnns at
Ill-fitting or clumsy looking shoes can spoil the effect
of the handsomest gown ever designed. A pair of dainty,
charming Women's Regals will insure you against such
a catastrophe. They are correctly built on the most ex
clusive custom models, and afford the same perfect fit and
'-"nfort as do the most expensive made-to-measure shoes.
King and Bethel Sts.
Why It Sugar,
Tho reasons given for tho high prlro
nt sugar nro as vailed and many as
tho answer to "Why Jones Left
Home." Eastern rotnllers and county
ct oss-ioads grocety keesrs frequent
ly attempt to enlighten tho world on
tho high price of sugar Olio retailer
In tho States sums up the situation
ns follows;
"Tho piesent high prlco of sugar Is
duo solely to natural and unavoidable
conditions an.l not to manipulation or
stock gambling operations. Tho best
sugir crop of Austria ami Oormnny
has been n failure and tho same must
bu said of tho cane product In Cuba.
A weak yield lust xenr brought about le,lt
& lunulas for Kill. once.
President C. It. Ilrwln, In discuss
ing his sources of Inform itlnn vvlilih
led to tho above statement men
tioned that he had deduced optimistic
conclusions from data gathered fm
him by the agricultural pr.ss all over
tho country.
"rami papois," said Mr. r.ivvln,
particular!) those with testrlrted in
localized clicitlatlon, tiro in tho best
position to give net Tacts as tegir.ls
ptoiluctloti an.l conditions. l'raclle-
ctlv all tho pa pel s furnishing Uud &
Thomas with crop Information re
ceived their repoits, not from moio
personal Inspection of conditions gen
fiinlly, but from their subscrlbera us
to tho actual ptolnctlon of each
township and many Individual
Whllo it Is true that, speaking na
tionally, there will ho n shortage In
grain pioilucts, on tho other hand
prices for theso pinducts uhovv n
ninth lilghor percentage over last
ear than tho product does a loss.
Howard N, Whitney, Managing IM-
itor of tlio Register & Farmer, of lies
Moines, In giving details of Iown con
ditions, states that the total value or
the field ciop In Iowa In 1911 Is $303,
331.DGG, as against $243,1 1,G3G in
Tlio corn crop this year In Iowa is
less than last year, uxerngliig about
230,000,000 bushels, ns against 353,
000.000 bushels last year. Notwlth
t lauding the corn crop of 1910 ex
ceeded this j ear's crop by more than
100.000,000 bushels, the price at this
time Is r,r,c per bushel, ns against 37c
lo 38c last year. This fixes tho value
of the Kill corn crop nt $137,300 000,
while that of last oar was $127
Tho oat crop this xear amounted to
111!, 512. 10(1 bushels, as conipaioil to
1118.228.970 bushels In 1910. The
acreago this eur was 4,000,300 aoies,
an.l tho uverago yield was 23 bitsliols,
The value of this xear's crop at ptes-
prlcos Is $43,109,025, ns ngnlnst
Theie has b. en a deciense in
smuggling this ve.il, aieonllng to
Ailing Secretary of thu Treasury
Curtis, owing to rigid enforcement
ot laws and enactments of Jail He li
tem cs
The market where the best meats and butter are told. The
market that hai been made absolutely (anitary through the ex
penditure of thousand, of dollars for most modern appliances.
The market where the service is preeminently the best In Honolulu.
Heilbron & .Louis
Phone 3445
the consumption of spot sugar, leav
ing tho consumer entirely dependent
upon tho 1911 output, which was ot
to come. Tin. nliRliIni? f.liltitn of this
crop both In Kittopo and In Cuba, Tho net cage was 200,7b.' and I ho yield
iiiinblni'd with the depletion of thn-' hushels. Tho jleld Is now vvoith
old slock, havo resiilte.l In tho mes-. $3,212,192. as against $3,518,203 111
$15,121,822 last xenr.
Tho xvlntor wheat crop for 1911
amounted to 4,015,210 bushels, as
against 1,125,820 bushels last vear,
thnii it has been for twenty-two years,
I but ns heretororn staled the tuaiket
j Is absolutely natural."
Expected Immigrants.
It Is stated that overy prer-iullon
Timothy seed tills xear communis
an unusual pi Ice, many fanners hav
ing sol.i their crop for over $3 00 poi
bushel, Tho xlehl or thnollij send
this year Is 10,418,580 bitsliols uud Is,
tlieioforo, win tii $52,092,900. Thu
has heeii taken to gitatil tho health or olllclal estimate ot tho value or last
the eighteen hundred ami tnuto linnil- yoar's timothy ciop Is $100,000,000,
Mr il. v-1!
I! ft' m
K j gp- M
"rtl"v-- 'sw-mB
Adds a grateful zest to lunch
or dinner. It aids digestion
and soothes the nerves of the
People who class beer with
intemperate drinks should
bear in mind that it is better,
more healthful and benefiting
than tea or coffee.
Be sure and call for
ar mm'yrh
L:yj?y lut w-"--'- w
I'hc Jeer That's J3rewed
lo5uit Ihe ( hniLxte
I -Vt t fjfl

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