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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, November 28, 1911, 3:30 EDITION, Image 6

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(Conllrluod from Pant 1)
i Invrilfrifijniipiijiiteil dlhlag saloon,
ateruUilit nliiicth.arfuionts assigned
Iti Iho master, imrscr and dltcctors ot
tho cotiipatiy. ,
"Hhc's ;i splendid ton lioit." wnsllic
, cheery gicllng frnai President mill
tlcnor.il Manager J. a. Kciiti'Jily, who
accompanied Iho Kllftina mi the timid-
til Milage from San IVniiclrco nnd tho
yards or the Utile n Iron Works, "Wo
(.truck :i galo luul :i heavy kwcII soon
. titer leaving Hidden Onto ntnl then
went a Hlllil lit Iho s-itthwiird to Dill
heller weather.
"On Filday of last weds tho Kl
luucn asaltt vas given an opportunity
of demonstrating her superior noli
worthy nnnlillcitlons as the wind
ratnn froliiMlic-Boiithcast nnd more
Ions and hoaty swell were encoimt-
Picslltpnt' 'Kenhcily was cnltnnilaH
tic In his pralro of tin; many good
point In tho latent addltlun to till
Inter-Inland fleet.
"We passed tho I.iirllne oatly Fri
day iiiornluq."' stated Captain 'Dad'
rrecman In respanso to a hearty wel
come Riven It I tit on ills return from a
thrco montliK' nbsenco nn the iasl.
"They stent up a few lights nnd It 13
Mrmme that they ilM not try to re
port its through wrolcss.
"Tho Tcnyo Main wns met alioiil
idx o'clock im Sunday morning. Tho
Kll.'inea easily turned fourteen knots
on n noil Inn of Iho voyage ami our
time lnjn from San lYnnclsri wiiirt
maiio in six nnys aim sixteen Hours.
"l'lii'cci" Kennedy occupied the
hnniktonio and commodious illrcclor
tooni on tho tippor deck. Ah tho ves
sel carried no passengers, other "olll
coin" stowed themselves nwiiy In tho
lino array of cabins and had room
Chnrllo Lynch, of Iho Mntttia Ken,
sened as chief engineer and ho Is
Justly proud or tlio nnchluery nnd es
pcclally ho wllli Iho greatly Improved
oil binning iippntatus' Installed In tho
Tho Kllauea wan off tho liarhor be
fore nix o'clock this 'morning.
ost-el nwiillcd Iho visits from Iho
Federal tiiiarniillnc, customs nnj Im-J
' migration officers. Then followed a!
Illicit In tho wlnchct which raise tlio
Tills illfllcully caused a de
lay or nliotti an hour In tho now
steamer's appoaranccfnt (ho wharf.
There utii nearly ono thousaml limn
general cargo slowed away In the.
hold of Iho vessel and us u mitse
iiuctico Iho Kllauea steamed through
tlic channel setting low In the water,
i iVjfM'iwaaiJW $&&
! ! y ! ( ! ! 4- !
s- rK.VTi'iics oi tiik
yr.w kii.aiika
Utiglh over nil, 252 ft. .1 lit.
:- llreadlli, Ilil ft.
Depth, molded, ID fi.
Mean draft of water, 1(5 ft.
Dlsplaeonient, 2200 tons.
Speed, llf knots.
Fuel oil capaelly (tons), 170.
:- Dead weight capaelly (tonn),
looo. :
Slcatnlng rndlua nt len knols,
- 3000.
Kour-cyllndcr Irlplc-expntislon
engines, supplied with steam
from four Scotch hollers, ilrlv-
Ins n four-blade propeller of
12-foot diameter nt 140 rcvoltt-
! Cabins nnd dining saloon lilted
.ln heiiutlful hnrdwooils, with nil
latest appliances.
, Thirty-four BtntoroouiB, enelt
with 'two enameled' berths and n
! settee,
Five decks nro provided. '
Vessel him 'it frodlil-lwittotn,-
i.juacQii,undcrli iiKlnc.iuiurrniiRed
to curry fuel oil. '
lias room set iishlo for direct-
! ors.
Dining room on sali.on deck
i- a fealuro niticli nppreclalcd by
Fresh water tanks hold 2000
4- Klcctrlc lighted throughout,
with powerful searchlight on
'! bridge.
Uach holler has 312 2V4-lncli
Kacli furnace lilted with Dahl
oil burner.
: !
Tho vpffcI has :t decidedly rakish
sheer to her how.
Trailing after the Kllauea steamed
tho Minimi I.oa, the old rcllnblo liner
which for years has been n familiar
figure In the Komi and Kim trade.
Tho appcaranco of tho two steam
ers, the new and tho old formed a
striking contrast to Iho assembled
crowd of Interested spectators who
lined tho wharves.
Thcrn Is considerable work to ho
dono towards making Iho new Bteam
cr preKenlnbto for her regular trafTIc
on Iho Konn and Kan run, before go-
Tlio.ing Into commission.
It Is Iho pres-
cut plan to dispatch Iho vessel for
windward Hawaii ports on Tuesday,
December 12th,
Tho vessel Is supplied with every
accessory and auxiliary usually fitted
on vessels of her class, such as elec
tric lights, steam steering genr, steam
windlass, steam winches, oll-liiirnliig
system, double bottom wllh capacity
for carrying sufficient oil fuel to per
mit of going to San Francisco for rc-
pairs nnd overhauling.
' t
The Meat
Is what it will cost me to build my bouse.
.' -N v . v
Because you have rio grading, rocks or
everything : Sewers, Water, Gas,
60x130; Easy
Tho cabins, dining xaloou, social
hall and smoking room arc sandsnmc
ly lilted up nnd prei-etit n most pleas
ing appearance. Tho hardwood nnd
upholstery for finishing these looms
have been selected with tho grealcst
cine lo produce 'liiirmnuloiis effect.
Ilach of Iho thirty-four Blalcrooms
has two metal cnniurl bcilhs and ono
transom, which cnti bo com cried Into
nn additional berth when required.
Sftclnl attention has also been given
lo tho officers' nnd crows' ipinrters,
wild n view to making llreiu roomy
and comfortable In it ttoplral climate.
Tho Kllauea has n straight stem
nnd cllpllcal stem, Hat keel, nnd Is
lo bo rigged as n fore-and-aft cg-iif-mutton
schooner, the fore nnd main
masts to Itiivo two ordinary cargo dor
licks on the nfter side. Tlio fore
mast is lo have an additional twenty
ton derrick.
Tho decks, five In number, are
named shade deck, "brldgp deck, sa
loon deck,' iiialrt d6cj ntnl lower deck,
Tlio io'ublo bottom 'extends from
frnt'no ifirt tir fj-Jtmc,',!!!'," with 'h center
line oil and wiitcY-Ughl' keelson, Iho
spiico under" lllb'VngTnc 'iVnd 'foreliold
i' i , ... S'llUUI'll' ).,!i-U'....
ui'iiiu miiim:eii in r. it jut L.J rj.
'n-ii' ; tvn'i'l, ii-iuiiniitjiii, (iiV;,. f.
Illo intiK under llie bollerB is lilted
lo carry fresh water.
On Iho bridge deck ijin the pilot
house, captain s room, two rooms for
officers, directors' room nnd smoking
room, with bar, water closet and trunk
to engine room.
On the saloon deck nro tho dining
room, pantry, two men's toilets nnd
lavatory, two women's toilets, two
companions to simile deck, ono com
panion to main deck, two ladders for
ward to main deck, steam winch nft,
hatch to nfter hold, grating over tiller,
four settee seats mid twenty-two
Btatcrnotrm ntnl purser's room.
Tlio main deck will have iiunrtcrs
for crew forward, lamp room, pol
room, crow's toilet, crow's nhowcr,
hatch to fore and nftiv holds, two
steam winches, ipiartcrninstcrs' room,
boatswain's room, eleven llrst-class
.staterooms, galley, mess room, stew
ard's room, rooms for freight clerk,
oils, water tenders, engineers, cooks
nnd wallers, mall room, spare room,
Indies' toilet, steward's stores, two
toilets and hath for officers, men's
toilet, leo liontes, steerage iiuarlors,
hatch to after 'tween decks, steam
capstan, six pairs of bltts, ono heavy
bill, stern chock, room for llremen,
nnd two lavatories for uteorage, three
men's toilets ami one womcu'u toilet.
Fresh water tnnkn with capaelly of
2000 gallons nro located nt after end
of foro 'tween deckB,
Tlio vessel Is electrically lighted
and has u searchlight. on top of the
pilot house. Tho generator sets con
sist of two fifteen It. w. dynamos, de
signed for 110 olts, with, vertical
idnglo cylinder high pressure engine,
"direct connected.
The main engines consist of ono
set of four-cylinder triple-expansion
jai . (,,
engines, with cylinders 2.-ll-IS
Inches nnd 48 Inchon diameter and 30
Inches stroke.
Steam Is supplied by four single
end Scolch marine lypo boilers, llred
from foro nnd nft In ono tire room.
Kach boiler . contains three Morlson
suspension furiinccn. Tho bolters nro
12 feet 3 Inches diameter and 11 feet
long; tho furnaces lira 34 Inches dl
nuietnr. Kacli holler bus 312 2',&-luch
Tliesro boilers were designed for a
working pressure of 180 pounds per
siiuaro Inch. The shells nro In two
lengths nnd una courso clrcumfcreti
tlnlly. 'Kach furnace Is fitted with ono
Dahl oil burner.
(Continued from Pud 1)
llrtlloHUlWMlWllll lllHct? PiwhmI Asst.
Kiiwoii a. .KMMIm&Vr. 'Jiimfl"rinlk'il
olllerr; I'liyinnsler .7. H. needier, pay
otllccr; First Mtut. It. 15. Unwell, ma
rine nltleer; Hmitswnlii W. It. llnecli
ner, (lunnrrs W. Mei:oy nnd Cro-
tiln, Mii'rhlnUts II. ilulier nnd II V.
Dnlilc. Carpenter II. Dntlile; 1'ay
Clerks II. II. Muck (licet), C. A. (Jlb-
Imiiis, (1. Machado.
South Dakota. .
Otllcenr nf the V. H. S. Pniilli D.l
kola dipt. I'. M. Ileniiclt, ennuuaiid
lug! I.leut.-Coiiidr. Chester Wells, ex
ecutive mVlcers I.lcut.-Coindr. I It.
Hargen't, nuvlgalor: I.lent.-Cnnidr. IX
W. IlurlHliajujji,, l.lents. V V. Tomb,
V. A. .ClfaSHforii Jr., A. H. Itees (Junior
grade) : llnslyns J. .!'. Cox, M C. How
man, V. D. Pryor, 0. C. (Ireeii, K. W.
Todd, II II. Cnnners; Mldslitpincn W.
M. Ilrnwn, C. I,. Weyler, !'. II. Kelly,
.1. II. Taylor. S, W, King. II S Ilnl
sllp, J. I.. Xellson. D. S. MeQimrrle,
I). II. Hawley; Passed Asst, Hun;con
11. O. T. Kytlngi. inedleal nlllceri l'liss
ed Asst, Surgeon A. II. Ilownrd, incd
lenl otllccr! I'nsscd Assistant l'aymns-ler,!-:.
It. Wilson ! pay olllccr; lloal.
(-wain .William . De Fries, Ounner 13.
Swnsnn; Mnchlliltls It. (I. Grccnlcilf,
W. II. I.eiii!, (Senrgc (irowney; Car
penter It. II. Hnylcr, Pay Clerk A, C.
Wost Virginia.
Oflleers of V. H. H. West VlrRlnlii
Ilmr-Ailnilnil W. II. Soiitherlnnd,
connnaiider of second division of Heel;
Cnpt. Alnnnd9r llnlstead, command
Imr; l.leut.-Cf.nidr. I J, James. I.leut.
Ciiinilr. II. WHIIaniJ Meat. J. II. flrny,
I.leut, J. S. Woods (Junior grade); Un
signs F. Uelf'liinulli, S. A. Talllnger,
J, II. flnldmanW P. Ileechler, C. .V.
Dunn, (Jcnrge V Kcnynii. It. K. Tur
ner; Mldsliliimn O. X. Ilustvcdt, J.
i. Hi
of the. Subject
cesspool to. run your lot into big mo icy. Ypuh&ve
Cement Sidewalks, Electricity, and Pavd Streets
Come in and see the plans for the new houses that are going to
T, Binllli. II. T. Train, A. K. IMIe, II
;. Johnson, V.. I,, (lunllier, 3, A. I.ngnn,
IJ. O. TliotniiH, II. 11. Clllhert; Pntseil
Asst. Surgeon 'F. A. Abnkcti, medical
otlleer; AhsI, Hurpron liny (Uitbbert-
snii niedlenl otllccr; Paymasler John
Irwlii Jr., pay otlleer; Boatswain II.
Sdiiiioatker, Chief Ounner K. Kelien
berger, tlunncr 1). P. Ilendersonj Ma
chinists It. P. Ford, (I. J. I,nvctl, IS. F.
Ilnlmes, C. II, Mnrkham, J. C Pur
ker; Carpenter It. Jt. Clarke.
Olllcers of tT. S. H. Colorado Cnpt.
William A. Olll, .'ninniHndlng; J.lcut.
Cnniilr. Tbomas H Wilson, execiitlvo
olllccr; I.lelil.-Comdr. C. S. names;
KiiiIkii II. Allen, W. W. LorchbaiiRli.
K. II. Wnodworlh, Charles (1. Davy, It.
11. Homer, C. C. Ilaimlunati, Frank J.
WIMe, W. F. rircesman, O. S A, llots
ford; Ml.lshipnicn W. W, Wndell, C.
C. (Illletle, It. C. Cnman. T, N. Al
ford, 1'. It. Mnrbln, It. K. llcjl. II, P.
llerryMM, .A., Mlticber.! Surgeon C. P.
t.igg, niijillcal .officer; ,Aijst. SurKfon A."
I). JIaywpril. msilsjiint.jneillcnl, officer;
Paymaster O, P. Dyer, pay plllcerj
I.leut, W. A. McNeil, U. S. Mnrlno
i.ll'f, ,11.11,11.- .'(Ill VI, l,,.n,t,.ni ,i
bell, .tiiseph Cl'ia niierliiln; C'lilcf 'Mn-
chlnlslsV. P. Smith, M. A Tlionnn
len; Miichlnlst Charlei Dunn, Chief
Carpenter William o'.Vcll.
Captain John M. Klllcott, eommnnd
Ing; Lieutenant-Commander Chns. J.
I.ang, I.lcutonnnt-Commotidcr I.lnyd Si
Shnpley, Lltiiennnt-Commaiider Ralph
K. Poe.'I.lculcnant Win. U Calhoun,
Lieutenant (J. (1.) Harry Hi Pence,
Lieutenant (J. O.) Frank N. KkUnd,
Lieutenant (J. (1.) Clnudo A. Ilonvll
llan, Knslgnn W. C. I. rillles, Charles
W. Crosso. nichnrd W. WiiMt, Mid
shipmen II. W. Underwood, F. C. Shor
ninn, J. T. Alcxnnder, T. A. Parker,
Hurry W. Hill, Normnti L. Kirk, Mer
ritt llndron, John W. dates, Charles
O. McCord, W. 13. llaughiiinir, P. A.
Surgeon Kugeno A. Vlckcry, P. A. Sur
geon Win Chambers, Paymaster B; C.
Tobcy, Chuplnln Arthur W. Stone,
Captain of Murines Chandler Camp
bell, IloatHwaln Win. 0. A. Schworln,
Guiltier Henry McKvoy, (liiniier John
K. Thompson, Machinist ' Frank It.
linker, Machinist Frederick V. Krnl
nck, Machinist Kdwln W. Abel, Chief
Cnrpcnler Clnyton P. llnnd.
Launch Kaena Gaily Decorated.
Supervisor ICIicii Low, tlio owner of
tho steamer ICncna caused that ves
sel lo fly n lot of gV bunting this
morning In honor of tho1 return of
Judgo and Mrs. S. I). Dolo. Tho Kn
tun proceeded to sea and slo3inci-f?i
ahead of Iho Mat son Navigation liner
Wllhelnilmi upon which tho well
known residents wero passengers from
Han Francisco.
A woman always fears, sbo won't
bo In tlmo for to bargain sulc.
' r-'
You can figure
The San Francisco Call publisher, the'
following account of the wedding of,
Percy T. P. Cleghorn nnd Miss Helen
Hough, who arrived on the Wlllielmltm
this morn lit g:
' STOCKTON, Cnl., Nov. IS. Percy
Thomas Priilltcli Clefihorn nnd Miss
llclen Hough were married nt SI. John's
P.pl.tcopnl Church tonight.
Tho brldo Is tho daughter nf Mr. and
Mrs. Jntnes II. Hough, opo of Slock-
ton's best-known families. Hounll Is
cashier of flio First National llnnk ofi
this city. The bridegroom Is the son
of Mrs. L. J. Cleghorn of Honolulu.
The wedding was nn elaborate affair.
Tho church never, looked more beauti
ful. MIssLnnettc Hough, sister of tho
lit til tunaa tiinlil tt linnnr T.tniitntiiitif
'I iini nu-i tutiiit v iiwiiMii iiiwiiiiiiiiii.
II. Vaughn nf llie coast nrtlllery, a rcs-
litohtl of 'llotifiliilll. wan the best .inn ll. ,
iinThl,obHdesmilMs"were Kllnnr1 Frnnk-J
lln:,rai1wilt)r"Yclutiff,"nielniii llurrlomiif
Ignore Iloeek of Ilerkcley.
J. 11. Henry of Templrton. J. O. Mill
er of1 Stanford, J, I). 'Kwliiff, ICdwnrd
llrndbiiry, Asa Chirk nnd Arthur Iloss
wero ushers. '
Full choral servlco was rendered.
"Father of Lovo" was sung 'ns tho
bridal party proceeded down tho church
rilslc. After the ceremony "O, l.ovo Di
vine" was rendered. Tho service wns
performed by Illshop Nichols, assisted
by Itev. W. T, Itcnlson, rector of St.
John's church.
The wedding reception wns lield nt
The Stockton. Mrs. Cleghorn Is u
beautiful young woman ond has nu
merous accomplishments. Tho couplo
will reside In Honolulu.
John I f tilt it, u former trusty who was
recently released from Jail, -was this
morning handed down a sontence f
nine months'' Imprisonment by Police
Judgo Monsarrat. Ho wag arrested
by Chief McDumo for stealing two
dresses nnd two pair of corsets from
tho UIJoii.
According to Chief McHuflle, It
recmed that Iliihu lias been visiting
In the Illjou lately, whero ho slolo
tho articles from somo of Iho actres
ses. The mutter was reported to
McDufllc. who, upon Investigating tho
lattcr's house, .r.md (ho missing arti
cles. Iliihu was arrested I ist night,
nnd this morning lie nppen'cd In s".
Ilco court where Judgo Monsarrat sen
tenced lilm lo nlno iiiontlis' Imprison
ment. ' '
It tnke.i n pretty bright perron to
tell when tho silly season opens nnd
to a penny in
- ', ;,T-'
83 Merchant St
" V
Don't Hesitate
JoT "
. ffostetter's ,
Stomach Bitters
t iM '-
It has a provon reputa
tion in cases of Poor Ap
petite, Belching, Heart
burn, Flatulency, Indi
KOG'tion, Costivenoss, and
Malaria, Fever and Ague,
Don't experiment insist
It tones itiid invigorates
For crtlo by llcnson, Smith ft Co.,
Ltd., Chambers Drug Co., Lid., llllo
Drug Co. and ut nil wholesale Ilipior
The bids for tho renovation of tho
Judiciary building nro to bo opened
Friday noxt If Superintendent of Pub
lic WOrks Mnrston Campbell docs not
go to llllo on Thursday night by tho
steamer AVilhclmlna.
Ho plnns to leavo for tho Dig City
by tho Wllliclnilnn hut docs not yot
know when sho will go. "If sbo goes
Thursdny night," ho said this tnorn
lni, "then I will postpone tho open
ing of tho bids until I cotno back
ngaln. If Eho goes Friday night, how
ever, I will open thorn beforo I go."
Campbell goes down with JJecrelary
K. A." Mott-Snilth and possibly Dr.
Otorga W. McCoy, although thcro Is
nothing definite settled nbout him yet.
Tho party will look to tlio cleaning
up nt llllo and tho placing of tho cily
In a thoroughly sanitary condition.
Campbell expects to get bnck again
beforo Iho rest of tho parly;
Out III Washington nn optimist nged
10.1 years has Just married Ills sixth
'b $
iV?..N 'u''Je'i
be built in

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