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Evening Bulletin
From San FranoleMi
Blrrrn a .December 1
For San Franeloeoi
Hlherla Nnvemlier 20
From Vancouver.
Marnmn December t
For Vaneeuvari
Mnkiira December 5
win becauto they create and retain the
confidence of the public. There li .III
tie Importance attached to a man or a
builnete unlets backed up In the col
umns of the homo paper.
r(lPr Ads. Increase Your Influence and Earning Ability
,,.. ,iaW3Egrx..,.U'4 MU. -
ESTABLISHED 1882. No. 5096.
V... (,
" . i
r.i '
CAunelated rrvae Cable.)
NANKING, China, Nov. 29 A desperate and concerted attack by the
rebels under the Inner gates of Peking today ended In failure, and the revo
lutlonlttt were driven back with heavy losses.
The attack was one of the sharpest of the revolution. The Imperials are
now In full possession of Nanking, having regained the ground they lost some
days ago.
Further fighting Is expected tonight. The rebels have secured reinforce
ments and will again try to take the city.
1 t " ii i
(Awaclnled Press Cable.)
LOS ANQELE8, Cal, Nov. 29 Ad Wolgast, champion lightweight pugi
list of the world, who vyas to have fought Freddy Welsh of England for the
world's title this afternoon In Vernon arena, was attacked by appendicitis
atiddenly and the match has been declared off. Wolgast woke early in the
morning screaming with pain and was rushed to a hospital, where he was op
crated on successfully.
LOS ANGELES, Cal, Nov. 29. At
torney Gage has been retained as coun
I'lnns for the biggest dctclopiuenlnf el for Bert Franklin, former deputy
Honolulu' wharf system ever under
tnkm re now bring drafted In the pub
lic works department mill will bo one
or Hie thing to bo tnken up by tho
Terrllnrlul linrbor commission lit u
meeting c.il)cl for Sinn o'clock today.
These lire, the plan for a new wlinrf
replacing the present Inlpr-lHlmiil
wharf lit thn foot of Itlvcr street, iind
Invol vltlR also change III the. Klllllll
nnd MiiIkoii wharf. It Ih plntiiiril to
r.lilft the Intcr-tsliind Htonin Nuvlgn-
t Ion Coinpuny'.' Kin. in trulllo to the.
Milium wliu rf, to provide the Mntson
Navigation Company borth-ronni else
where, porhnp lit tlio Huckfeld wlinrf,
mill In rcbullil tlio Klnnii ulmrf. Tha
biggest rhitiigo I to lio In the long
liitcr-lrhimt Wlmrf tlmt run clown to
Itlvcr nl not iiinl 1 used principally now
for berthing, vessel out of ue.
Tlio cruiser South Dakota nppciirH
somewhat Isolated at her berth at tlio
Wniklkl nlda of flnckfelil wlinrf.
-BtJLLIfTiN oc PV-
U. S. marshal charged with being Im
plicated In attempted bribery of tha
McNamara Jurors.
DENVER, Colo, Nov. 29 Patterson
has been acquitted.
NEW YORK, N. V., Nov. 29 Sugar
dropped ten cents today.
STOCKTON, CaU Nov. 29. Police-
men Flnnelly and Castor, who -were
killed by the murderous Greek, have
been buried. ." ' !,. '.' v
: ' m -.jar -1
Tlio inoetliiB Hint I expected
launrh u Kenernl sanitation movement
for the entire city anil tn'outllmj u plan
of Immediate procedure! 1 being licld
llih iiricrnoun In Uoyprnor Frour' of
lice, with Kedernl one! Territorial of-
jllcliilK. committees, Oio Biinltnry enm
j mission mill owner of laud Involved,
nil present.
Sensational tetlinoiiy wiih given In Cederlof hail row wllli oilier nicii uiul
the 1'c.leral Court till- niornlng. where h.l threatened to shoot one mall wiih
'. ' , , . , , hi ought out this iiioriilng by LorrlnAli-
les.il talent Ih engaged In u spectiieu- (reWH ((rl!t ,,, ,.luilt.i.j(allllmtlun of
lar liattlo for tho IITo of Sergeant Me- Alrs Cederlof.
Million. TIiIh iiioriilng tlio light veered a long letter written by Cederlof to
i ,.., ,.n....... i I., nrm-n llmt A. K. Co- liN wlfo nfler they bail u row. ilurlns
il.-iof,-lb-olvlllau-4:li.rk,of .Schollcld Urn course of which ho strut k her, wiih
iLiVratkH wbo wiih Mbot nnil k led. wiih put in iih evmenco hum uiohoob wj miu
' r "" (sfeK- i
., . ; W: tlf praH
lilllllllllllHilllllllllllllllllVnmit WallllllllBMaiilKIIIIIIIIHIIHI.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIHilllHilVralaWffilllllllH
i i XwsBih' X3KeWf9BaBaaBaBaBaBaTaVaaBaMBaBaBaBm.. TBaHJeaBaBaHam maaH
&z!9V&KuBJwfitGKIBBRMm''iR .
tmmt iummimmm m iv p
11Z-L lSl---SiL-i?';'w!a Je--a-aa-aa-aaa-aa-aBa-aBSaa-araaeB-al ,i;
A W . "I
m - - ft ' -M , ? i A rap? u zWWWWMWvMm&gm
aP?'5,J44 . i" "- ";f'' A JLSSSPLaaaaaaaaaaaaH
aWaryT J , , f- i, .' rJatraSiaalBBBBBH
ZZr vy -. - i m i.aaelsSMBSMBaaassSMTaSMSlssBar. araaaBaaM
ht!iKy."22sr7ZaUKK'-3KliiM bbbbbbbbbbB
fwTjTtra'HijF jfi the mvr n - f.lJMKBKKiKkP' tftl
.1 .1. .. 111... I A.
iliiarrelKonio mill hail a notorlouhly bail proseeuiion. um r-"-oiHii -..ui
teriipcr, IIiuh iiiIiIIiik lo, ,tliiV,defenw' the ilcfciwi forcing llienl til It. "In tttN
ilear'JilllwurU''0fi9KefS,.iW it i-tai C.Hu)rlof.,,ii.Imlt hl .W'M tlipe ' 'and
l..IllHi,?.,i?J.Sr.WWii;ibon. what bo i-uIIh IiIh "Mubblinl iVlile'."11" 1
Evidence pointing to the fart that
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Tomorrow evonliiR thoro will bo a
dniicn nt llio SeaRlilo llnlel unit n cor-
illal Invitation Ih extruded In tlio fleet
olllcors nnil town folk. Knnl's qulnlet
rlub will piny during tho dinner linur.
so iiiii.i.iniN KiMtuiitfnv.
Tomorrow will be TliankHglvInK
Day for tlio II It 1 1 n I I n iih wnll iih
.1 - 1 ( 1..... All .!.-
mo .rem in i-iiiioiiiiii, "-I"" -,,., ,, , ,,, o),i . aii,0
,".e.!ltB.fc!!,!' .I1.0. C'T '"r .r'! wlmrf. Wlmn tbo time come for tblH
with tho uuiinl ciiHlom of tills pupor.
Tlio II ti 1 1 o I I li nuwHbnyH will bo
given their nnnuul outlnR, und thero
will bo no'lsauo until Friday afternoon.
ThnnkBglvIng will bo widely cele
brated over Honolulu lomoirow. Tho
spirit of Turkey Day will bo Riiprrmo
anil tlio city will nbnerva ii holiday.
Most of tlm frilernl, Inrrlloilnl nnil
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e -a
Tlm flagship Cal I lorn la tins u (Ino
B m m m m s
rJ 1 i
,t4.tv ttt t ! ! 1
modi. am run imiihi1 ixixt.
Today OlllclalH falls by nrin y nml imy olllcern. ;" u
Tomorrow TluinkHi'.li Inc. Oeiieral holiday for licet.
Friday Cleaning, coaling, prcpiiiliig for niaiiemcrH.
r'nliiiilny riint division eaCH for crulw miiilml Oahu.
rtiimlay p m -Klrpt iIUIhIoii returns to iirl.
Tuisilay or Wciliiesdiiy l'lei't goon nut for deep ilea iiiancuiorB
nml clrlllH. c '
TIiIh will bo followed by slioro drills, nml then probably another
sciIcb of sea niammers. IndMdiinl embers will go lo llllo In turn.
. 4 .. .. . ,
rim l ,-liu Heel, ubleli riinie Inloiniinriivrr and drill whlcli may 11
IHirl eleriUiy iirtirniiou, will open II week or ten ilnyH. Then will follow a
KltennouH program of drill mid inn-period of fluiro drllU fbr liluJ.uketH
neiivcr Satin day, two ilny earlier tli.in and marine, and prolitbly .unotlier
wn cenrrnllv exnintnl. S.iturd ii' week of maneuvering at eu. iirine
luornliiK at h.SU the three crulnTH oftbeo inoveineiith of tbo Meet 8 n
the llrt illvlHlon will Hteain out of tbowhole, the Individual Milp will iimKO
liurbnr for u criilM rmiiid UhIui. Major. the trip lo llllo. one nt a lime. In or-
II, in ml Murriiv nml llrlciiillcr-dciirr'ililcr that the ineii tuny liavn MM PIcr-
Macomb, with llielr ipeellvo tiilT,tiinlty of swing tlio vpH'iiijOioi Kiiiiura...
-wll uccuiuiiiipy Itiinr-AiVplrnl Tiomli Details Uncertain. u- i
Inn tin! HiKillIp t'lillfiiriil.i, the prlliel Till I milwtnntl.illy the program laid
p.il object of the trip hi lug l" Kiwi theiiut by Ilear-Ailmlrnl I'linmirpy Tlioumn,
rjinklnc olllorH of tlio miVy uiul tlieoiniiininiler-lli-rliler of H' I'aolllo- -'
iitmv i.i, ilm ineiii( rrH..t mi ixiiuiriti-tleet. Dale uiul detail urn 'still to
nlty to consider together the knottybo worked out, but by tbo beginning
I problem of making the Island of Oniiuof next week It I believed that every-
tin. .Cllbraltar of the. I'arlllc." tiling will rrnngeu .Mtminii
Hunday night the cruler will re-Tlioni.i' present order urn In Return
turn, and later In the week, after nlllo Han I'ranrlsco by January 15. mid
the ship ban coaled, the entire. IKvt'unle these arc changed or inodllled
will go out for ii period of deep-sen (Continued on Pago 7)
NI5W YOIIK, N. Y Twenty-four the lotiil up to 10J iissembleil In
battleship, two ariuorril cri.NerH.Mwo IHmImih rUcr to await the coming of
ItpAutilfisil fn f tt !in t-it.li(iaiil llin flfint
criilsei. twenty-twi stroyers, slxleen ,.., v',.r ., ,, ,.r..K,,,.
torpedo boats, eight subni.irlneh mid nl(,;ir(i n',,. Myower. steamed along
enough vessel of other class to bring tbo licet finin West iFlftj'-sevcntli
the. street to West Ono Hundred anil.Slxty-
ulnlli street, lie then went down to
Tnnipkllisvlllo, oft" Staten Island, where
be took n position to rclew tho1 ve
sel lis they steanieil out to sen nfler
their visit to tho nation's metropolis.
Acting Agent
Corner Merchant and Alakea Street!
vessel to coal, hor position will bo
l'o.HTomt'K iionits.
I'ostmaster I'rutt announced
today that holiday houra will bo
observed tomorrow. Oenornl
Delivery windows only will bo
open from eight to nine n. in. nnil
there will bo no carrier delivery.
l'i.rfi W for' '"' ,,,BI ThHIilwf
f KhlnK ulebratliin of, the It is I
I u 1 1 li newsboys louiorrow,
3 Tbo progrnui will stnrf with
'' noise In the curly morning mid
v end with u tired mid happy lot
' of boy In the evening.
'" At S o'clock tho boys iisseinlile
ut tbo II li 1 1 e 1 1 n olttcc. Alaken
street, Kroni In ro they will
.' inarch through the street to tin)
'! railway station, where ii special
v truln of thn Oahu Itallway will
V uwnlt thrm
v At 9 o'clock sharp tho train.
'' laden with boys nml the big
' Thanksgiving dinner prepared
v by Manager Jiingclaui of tho
! I'iiIiii Cafe, will pull out for
I'earl llnrboi, or, to bo rxuet,
') for the pavilion at tbo end of the
! l'eiilnsula.
V Following Ihelr arrival tho
V boy will tako possession of tho
i place, mid sport will bu tho
- order of tho forenoon.
if Thanksgiving dinner will bo
. served lit noon by I'lilm Cafe
v wiilter Jn the pavilion.
The nfternoon will bo given
y over lo sports- baseball, races,
! 'swimming, boating, etc, thuTo-
turn trip being inado so ns to
V arrive In town about C;30 p. in.
! II u 1 1 e 1 1 n newsboy number
' over u hundred. They lire busy
' workers mid the best workers,
i' selling tho best newspaper III
i town. They are liuvlng the best
' Thanksgiving In town becuuso
the)' arranged tho program Just
to suit themselves.
"We nrc here, and wo are glad we're Rood thing Ihcy sln)ed nt hoino. Kicn
here,"' said Iteur-Adiulrul Chiiiniccy tlio crulscri made heavy weather of
Thomas yesterday nflvninuii In iilt cinsslng, im.l tho destroyers would
Bulletin reporter a few mlmilct linvo had n hind time. Wo rnu into
after tho California hud been nude
faBt to tho dock. "My orders aro Ic
ictitrn to Mare Island by January l.
u big swell ami rolled considerably.
"As to what tbo exact program will
he I cun't say us et. II husu't been
Tljeio,'n, going Jn.bo something doing Pidf il nivbu Hiicftirtn -ntttti twiK
nli'oiL. liio..Mllimi-i line. nnlllnnril erilti' motion nlcliiroj of tho ncllvltlea nil
cif.,thp llvcrulsorH-ioniThiinkBglvIn Muro Island. Threo l,0(M)-foot iccIb
;.r Day, JuutMiL random tins menu wim wuro oxhisci, imic- ouihk hi ijiii.mijr-
,; Inspec'led onbourd'llio California tills' . leaving dry doekA After, the nro
, morning. Listen to this: Sardines, finished and passed m.mi by llio Nu-
Z consoinmo, cnlury, oIIvoh. mixed pick- tlmml Hoard of Onsorshlp. Ihoy will
,, lea. llaracuda, ham, tongue, roast tur- ' shown at llio Slur Theatre i n Val-
.., key, oyster drbsslng nnd cranberry U'Jo. and from theio thuy will mtko
.:. sauce, filhlct gravy, com. Jersey '" rounds of tho country.
,;, sweet potatoes, lettuce salad, cheese,
.v leo scro.ini, friill. nnts, colteo, cigars.
-s This Is thojiort of Thanksgiving feast
i that ileal ly four tlioiiBiind men will
... sit down to on tlio American national
, holiday.
Tho Maryland wnH ono o?scl In Hie
Tho West Virginia, tho Junior Has
rhlp of tho fleet was himiRht 111 the
harbor this morning nnd so.U nlniig
side Fort street wlmrf. Tho orulser
Is drawing a irlllo less than twenty
four feet of water while the doiith nl
this wharf Is Indicated mt llio cliuita
n ' '" , "i "V"' ""i:-i' ?'. ", ". nt Ihlity feel. There Is nl.aiit two
.-;.. ..,,... n..,. nu.v.... ,.., , ,.,.,.. . . .... Vrdlin OX
muting beyond llio boiindarlcu of the
wharf. V
Inary small arm aeilel lurgct prarllie
t with kites under Ibo dlicctlon of l.lcip
' tenant Calhoun and (iuiincr McKvoy
i'ni fqct long nnd sovon feet inaxiiiiiiii.( . A naval i ok. 1 1 U Ion . ' '! J" " JJ (
' width, inado of slalo-colorod pernlc '" iiK'i'jn m. n.i ..." ..... .-v.
...over n wooden framo. Tho oxpeil '"' P'Tllclpallng In a match nsliorn
.'iuoiit wiih a success, us Ihoy reseiublod l',llt'11 ,l,n fanwiW, of llio Hear Ad-
-'n flour slovo after being Hied upon lral Is secured It Is thereforo tin-
.for soornl minutes by thn Marino do- W'ly that tho host of bantam, weltiir
m tltkiinliilai iifltl u.o t, b,l of n.4 lio-lworknil t in t llouover. I'm coliitf In
tween now and then. jelve all the ships a trip lo llllo, a in
"It's always :i plonsurn to bo order-. I want the CalUornla to be thn first
I'd to Honolulu," cimlinued tho nil. ship to go Into Pearl Harbor.''
inlral. "I have been hero nritiy tlines The Moauii Hotel presented a lively
before of rourso, and 'round 19(11 I wan iippeaiaiico last iilght, the servlro be
lli and out In tho old Albalro rowing inncli In evidence. Admiral Tho
jlvo iiinutJiH,. Diamond i I load always iiiiih dined lliejo, wl'li Ir. Thomas,
looks ino tq'niQd' run -i-tr-i. who' nV"l0(lM"n,ih'c?'"Wlrinfnili)H 5ij-.,
f "Wo were ilobiveni lii igellinc ilWuy leriMh null itlui will VestRln Imro diil-i
from tho ,0asC iiind our dalo r lug tho visit' of Iho cKufscrli. Mrs.
Ins was cliaugod twice, unco on nc- 'llmiuns is as wlioiy Known aim ai
count of tho reception In tho I'rcsl- widely liked ihroiighoiifthc -ftcot-'ns
dent In San Francisco, and ngiln forjlH Iho ailiiilr.il lilinsolf.
target practice. Hut wo'ro hore ntj Other navy couples sTho dined at
last, nnd we expect lo make tho most tho Moaiia lust night were. Captain on I
of our stay Our maneuvers will be Mrs. fllll, l.loutcniint-Cniiitnnnder "fill
more limited Hum would huo been Mis. Chester Wells, Mnutcnaiit mil
tho ciiso had the nrpoilo fleet Itcun Mrs. Albert Itees, nnd '.'.euteiiiuit aui
along, hill on tho whole I think It's a' Mrs. Ohcirmloy.
'..... ..... ..... .,1. .... l.n.k , .vnli.hlu mill' tklllniF llOm
l lacnmeiH ami chum aiiiuiiijiui;, " ' "w , "r
,. ' will bo seen within tho llstlc'iirena
Eilllor W. J. Vclitfin and rnlillriior unless It Is nt ft smoker to bo given
v A, A. Kmltli uro n team of onorgotlc. on lion id ship,
'..iveotnoti on lioanl llio Marl,ind. whol ' '
V aro lesiHinslblo for tho blight niiay Tho hoys haven't finished talking
.. of renillnc matter and tho neat tl'im- nhoiit Iho nent stilng of victories
graphical nppouranco of tlio Marylmd which It'll t the lot of tho Maryland
Haglo which greets the men of that footbeall team In Iho seiles nf gimei)
essnl iilnnir n limit Iho first of each Plajod while Iho vcssols reimilncd lit
month. Thn Rnelo hn heoii soarlncilho Coast. Thoy nro B'lld lo tmui
io,vnr,u ilm highest olnaclo of fnmo inado tho Telegraphers, a crack Val
for smiio three ytars. Tho paper le-jlej" team look llko u holplcss lyinch
colves excellent Biipport oi uiu cruw.iu nuts iuu.io.
ii ml advertisers.
Five of the lleclest lighters of tbe.lfornla eiuly to receive tho olllcl.il calls
nuvy are lieu up lo inu iuh-us iiumikioi .hijii-'ii.-i,ii .uiii.ijr .inn i,uw.
Ilonolulu' waterfront They nro lb iller-Ceiieial Macomb, Admiral Cowle,
iiriiiornl cruisers California, Maryland, cnmimimliint nf tho nnviit station, paid
Houth Dakota, West Virginia und Colo,
rudo, and they make a brnvo and mar
tial showing limoiig tho merchant murine.
Tho llrst division of the TacHIo tleet.
headed by Admiral Thomas' flagship.
tho California, swept majestically Into
the harbor about 3:30 jestirday nfter
noon, mid after n pretty an exhibition
nf seamanship us could li seen any
where, wero all secured nt their respec
tive berths.
The lire control, or "blrdciige" masts,
to which iiialnhinilcrs have become tie
custonied, proved u novelty to Hono
lulu ii ml excited considerable) com
ment, tho spidery outlines standing nut
.j. .j. 4h v ,j ,s jjUBt mouth B. M, Francis, nn Inde-
I'he South Dakota boys nro already
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against the toneless gray of tho smoke- lies morning.
bis rcsp'cl to tbo cnmmiiiidcr-ln-chlef
tho uioinuit n gangway wu run nut
from the California (sterd.iy Tlm
illslliiKiilshed army visitor were ro
relvi'il with nil tho Iioiiok, duo their
At II ti'ilwk the two admiral wllli
their personal stnrf and tho cnptnlu
of nil tho cruiser np-t on the nuarter
deck of the flagship, mid set nut In nu-
toinobllcH to return the oltlclnl calls of
tlio army men mid of Admiral Cowles,
and to pay their respect to Oovernnr
Frenr In their spotless uhlto uni
forms, hii'1 wearing their swords, the
naval caiilcnde lent the glitter of tho
1 service to tho ordinary quiet of li bilsl-
stacks llko so ninny lighthouses,
Busy Morning.
This was u busy morning nboard tho
fleet. Admiral Thomas nnd Admiral
Fniitherlnntl wero both aboard the Cal-
Tho Partv.
Tbo navy party consisted of the fol
low lug lilllcers Itour-Admlral Clinun
ccy Thomas, commander-ln-clilef of tho
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