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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
lliiviulhiu Sliilril r.liTllmi
Honolulu Cliiiil('l IIiijji!
A it'll.
l.i I Wolia l'h,lilcrii. S-Itcgiilar.
All visiting luembtrn of Uo
Order ara cordially luvltsd to
atti.nd meetings tit local ladgtt
City Transfer Co
'...., "' ---si
cf jigi r;
-a a S.
il in. i in. p in
I ji: jo a.u ;..v.
XV 11 SVi J-.2H
tin a nx ukj
1 I. It I -''' K
.-, :u j jv t.'fl in 2i
cih t.i win ii m
J J.IS 9 Kill
n lil.l
.' O.SO, S.l
Wit CM ftlli
II l. Ck) Mil
l;u 0 20, &.i
l.3' 0.11 II 21
li m l.i. cat, 6
J (1.W Ml'
Meet on the
2nd and 4th
Mondays of
each month
st K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M
lamliAr nt
Mine tnumtcny ott,et All0
tially invitee.
Oceanic Lino Declared Soon to Be a Factor in San Francisco-New
Zealand Business Marama Met With Very
Rough Weather Marconi Wireless Installed In Place of
United Plant Bark Welsh Departs for the Coast.
ti..,i ii... i'.,inn aintinialilii rmiiiiaiu MIdii Biiinilloil by the Mnrcoiil system
H- ' " I-.mrat.ons for mee ,, U . ft-M ST??
Uio kiencsf ur competition in mo w)l(.u , n Illlim,r HccouiilK for
uxi i -1111111 mill New Zealand freight 1(J 11M,IIKCP 1(.porls received rriim th
mill passenger business was gonei .lly M ,.,, nlu voyage dowp fiiini tlio
uiidoislood befnlp llio Canadian-Aiis- j.,,,,,,,
Full moon Dei-. G lit 4.21 p. m
Teinporntiiros i! ii in . "3! 8 "- '"
74 s I" " "I, "c: noon, "' "lUtiK
inlnliiiiiiii, Hi.
n.-iioini-tur, 8 ii in., .in.ii'J; absolute
liunilillty, 8 ii. in.. SI mnliiH per
culilc foot: relative humidity, 8 turn..
CI per jiuiit; iIpw ipoliit, 8 u. in., B.
Wind C ii. III., vitally Hi, illn-cllou
K i S ii iu., veloolly 14, illipctloii li!
10 a. in., velocity Hi, tllrpi-llini E.;
noon, velocity 14, dliectiou II.
Italnriill during 21 bourn pihIpi! 8mi.
in., .US Inch.
Total wind movement during -
liourH ended ill noun, 21!) iiiIIpi.
Wednesday, Dec. 6.
Hawaii porlH Knlulanl, stmr.
Thursday, Dee. 7.
Vancouver and Vlctorlu Miirnmo,
C.-A. S. S., 8 n. in.
tialliin IliiPr Mnraiiui Hailed
Vancouver on Noii-inlior 2!th.
According 1 advices received
f i inn
JC. of P.
Mecca erery 2nd and 4th flatura'a)
imiiIiik at 7:1)0 o'clock In II. of I'.
Hall, cor. Fort and llerctunla. VUlt
lug brollttri cordially JuvtUd t'l at
land. F. F. KII.HliV. C. 0.
li a. jacohson, ic. n. b.
OWOLUI.l! LODGE. 610. B. P. 0. 1.
Honolulu Lode No 1, U. P. O.
tiki, motto In their ball, on King
llrtet, nenr Fort, eery Friday Tt
oIdk. Visiting Urothni r cordlallj
inTlted to altcnl.
n. i. it. iRKNnnita, R. it.
uko. t. Ki.uuanu 3-,
MM-tn -v-ry nrt and third Tuoila
of rurli inontli In l-Vntornlty llnll, I. O.
O. !'. IhiIIiIIiik. Visiting trolht-rH cor
dially Invited to ntli-nil.
AV. J. ItOlllNBON, Sachem.
Ii V. TOO I). O. of 11.
l'Hii.ull:iti-,iistr.illuii 8tcninlil. cilllcLjl j HtraU of ,,,..,
(irclps. llio new tpaiii"lili I'ort KlnK- ()cl. 1(1 k a
-ilnii now loiiaini'd llio TiiliUI, :intoil I ,,, ',,., ,'...,
Set en fctownways. IIiipo IicIiik Ans-
... trallatiB nnd four Caiiailliiim, worp uu-
111' .H... i ..ri..n ,l.n t naunl tr'.(i ,it till.
TllO IIIOIl llIC IlllllPr
Mei'H nvory llrit and third Trlday at
T-S ii'rlock, rythlan Hall, comer Ilrro
tunlii nnd Kort atri-ctii. VlHltlng troth
era cordially Invited to attend.
s. Di:t!ici:n. c. c.
O. HUINIi K. of Jl. & S.
Met ts on second and fourth Wcdnex
day enlii of encli inontli nt 7:SC
o'clock. In San Antonio llnll, Vineyard
htreet, near Kininu. VIsltlnB lirolhtrs
re Invited to attend
W.M. O M'COY, Kecy.
IMwnril liirle, llio nnted I'fjthle of
Pan Fmmiscii, wlm for imr twenty
,u,iH hiix I ,-) i iniiinliieiitly Idenlllleil
with the KilrlttialblB' eocii-llei of Ann r
Ua, It III Honolulu nnd will deiiiiui
lilrali, i-.y-hU- iilieiioiiieii'i. !. Spirit
ual adl'o mt all milium Klven. Dally
10 to 4: ivinhiKS by appointment. Tel
ephoiiii 3Ui:i or at relileni.f, ,H2 Kluaii
fctreet. fJniiid rlenui-u in try Tliiirwlay
r:e., S oVIoclc. 50!)0-tf
tit Sduoj on Ncuonilipr Ith with .i
lai-Ko liuiiilier or liuuilKialiiB. una
.CKHI'I Ih to l)P tlllflPll opi- lo tlio
Union HtpaniRiilp lino In llui" to per
mit that KlPiinislilp to wall from d
Iip mi the initial vojiiKU '' Di ppiii
biT ttth. The Taliill Ih In he followed
h HtoaineiB pveiy twuiity-oiclil iluyH.
llio olliur vpvpIk onpuKPil In llil
Irado IioIiir llio Maltal and the Ao
riiiiel. Till' lipw- service will kIo a illipct
foriulKlitly roiiiiniinlcatloii (In coiu
hliiation with the V.nicouvpr Bcrvicv)
lictwepii Now South Wales mill Ninth
America, otio helnc to Vnncoiiicr and
ho other to San l-Vmiclsco Thin ur
luiiKuiiteiit will Invoke the pxiciii!I
lino of it pertain amount ofnioiipylii
Sydney for hourlns .'!0n or 4011 oincerH
and prow of the ilirforeut tihlps In ud
.lltton to coullar,, ii(ivl)l()iliiK and
tloeMiiR i-enulivnicnts. It will 'iiIho
e to facllltatp the more rapid
ii.uislt of ineiPhanillBc, for Kooda
(iJiltil bo rallied dlieet between Syd
ney and America without beliiK tian-b1iIiih-i1,
uh lirowills at the liipaent
lluio, at WcllliiKtnn. All tho pssels
are Inrnely lefrlKerafed, eiuiblliitt
I bIiIiiuitb In Kidney to Kcud produce,
r..T-.-7,.--TTrrTt,rZ I which ictrtilros biich ucromiiiocliitlnii
OAHU LODGE NO. 1, K. of P. ... A,n,.rl' .,.
1'ioin what could ha learned on
hoanl tho .Maram-t this niorulni; the
iipiul nfllrp of the Union S. H. Coin-
pau Hlaii'H that Sdnoy will be tho
IIiki pori of call In connection witli
Hip pMpiihIoii of tho 'Fihro i?erlco to
Austtnlia. It Is hoiieil, however,
I'lcludo Melbomtio as n port of call
In regard to the announcement by
ho Union Steamship Company th.it
ihoy would InaiiKiiratu n 2S-iI,i'h' pas-
lenner Kcrvlce betwepu Sydney ami
San I'ranclKco with the steamer Ta
llin, tho Sidney uncut of Mossra. .1
1). Spioelipls and llioa. Co., inn kahl
lo havo been iisked If that company
inmht uliaiiilou ub Intention, :is stat-
. t to the public Mime little tliuo uku,
o piiiuinencliii; tho scnlco'or tho
OciMlile S. S. Co, which war. to havo
iliiittil in May of next ear. Mr. V.
. Spioul iiliiicd that lip pouhl sio no
leM'-on why tho anuouucsuR'nt ol tho
Union Company uhouhl Iiumi the ef.
Iccl of punielllnn aiij niniiirPinPiilH
now bid iik made by tho Oceanic H. S.
( ii. of San iaiiclKf-o.
Tin- olllccri In llio Mnrama on com
li'K Into pint tills inoriilUK weio In
dined lo be rellceiit ipkiiiiUiik llio
ioiikIi weather met with on the uy
i"ge fiom Vancouver to Honolulu. Jl
! nail! that llio pbbp1 pxnpileiiced
i'ne w-pnllier ami a muooth sea for tho
Ilrst twpuly-four Iioiiih. On tlio hoc
ouil day out fiinn Vletoila tho pkko1
ran Into a Htiom; Houllipily k.iIo and
iiead uoa, which continued until two
days bpfoio uiilval hole. I'ursei
Doihl bIuIps that llio hiHt two iluyn of
the Irlp tho weather uradually Im
I riivcil.
Tho Marama liimnhl 2.1 p.ihln, r,
spcnml mill I Ihlrd class p.ibsi'iiuoi-i.
Tho vm' Is niled In eninclly wilh
.hioiiRh jnssPiiseiH them bclnc inn
llrsl, I2U RPcinid mid loa In tho third
rlarn. A mail IiicIiiiIIiir nine backu
frimi tho noithwpsl niilved. Thero Is
no carno for IIiIh port, though llio
vessel Is well laden with nie'rcluiiulho
destined to Australian ami Now JCea
land. AiiioiiK llio Ih Kh p.-isspii(.'oi-H Is
I. ('. Williams, ii prominent Ihp.ililcal
maKiiato who Is loliirnlinj In Amln-
nf.M,r A I '' wmi a cuiupany or nine Miudolllo
Aflary,Jinil I pmrotnicrs. secuipd In th Hulled
v I c;,r.l I'I.A nii.. l.. .i..i..i... . .
...,. ,,uj .illlllllllU J HCIIDIIIIIL'II IIJ
sail for Iho Antipodes a' 12;in tinlaj-.
ine imiteii wireless run lunpiit
and It Is IipIIpvo.1 that
they will bo tinned oer lo the niilh
ojltlos.at Sjdney.
Matson Shlpplno News and Notec.
Increased business ollcted Hip Mnt-
M).i NaIalloii Company Is Bald to
haxo ui-ued the need of additional
tnuiMKO. As exeluslNely foiecisted In
the 11 ii 1 1 e 1 1 ti houip time nK, a new
essel will soul bo imilcr coiiBtruc-
tlon, which In Ruiienil dclall Is to bo
iimiu fifty feet limner, Ihe feet broad
or than the Wllholmluu and have
room for nl least two hundied cabin
A plan Is now mooted whereby
Alntmni Bteamers In ileparlltiK from
.lonolulu will leave the poit about a
week apart theieby shlng a iiioro-sat-
isfactory service to tho traveler.
The 'Steamship Ifonolnlun Is on tho
(Special Cable to Jterrlmnti'
Wednesday, Dec. 6.
Japan and China jsjrts Persia, 1.
M. S. S., .i:..U p. m.
Kauai Nooau, stmr,, p. in.
Thursday, Dec. 7,
Australian ports Marama, C.-A. S.
!)., 12:30.
t l'AHSK.MlDltN AltlllVDI) I
I'er C.-A. 8. fl. .inrJnui, fiom Van-
rouver nnd Victoria I'or Honolulu;
.Mr. and Mis. C. II. SIioIiik, Mrs. I .eon
Mid Infant, Mr, and Mrs. M. Ilaid--.liiin,
M. (Illchrlst, Mr. Ilarllelt, M.
Noble, Mr. whyte, Mr. nnd Mra. Hind,'
Mr. and Mis. ItPluy, Mr. Itenney, Mis,
HpiuIpisoii, Mr. ll.illle, Mr. und Mrs.
l.ear. Mr. KiikIp, Mis, KiirIp, A. Hull,
It, HurIii, Mis. Wanner, Miss Kl
Hiifthes, J, Dell, J. Morlcy, A. ltors,
!'. KIiik, Mis. KIiib, (I. Kills, M. Me-Caltuiii.
PASSU.XIKltS iiooki:i
(Ircnt prcparnllons ate bclnc made covering exactly 2 miles on every
hv allthe army, officers In Oahunbovn 'xiipdltlon.
,'.. . From the coiidlllons It can bo rend-
Ilia Krndo or captain for lliolr n.mi.il iy jal i(j mol1(s )iay a rBor
lest ride, which Is schediilpd In slur! important part In the tests. Officers
Tiipstbiy noxt. The seats of olllce nro treating tlielr chargos like Btake
thalis aie ntrewn with paper weights, liorres these days, for If nil animal
inlers and i.ll.er hard and Ir.egnlnr eI'1 ' "'! waB niml'le to B. tho
tttittn lilti vliliii U'fiiilil liiivxf In tin rt
objeetj palcuUled to prepaie and J(jl of- exl,l1 a , wy ,,e ,,,
loiiMhen the occupants or nild chairs )lol bc ,ctr0( f()r phyalcnl mifllnoss.
for llio cruel and unusual piinlsliuiciil
of 20 miles a day In tho middle for The army has come round to the
three consecutive days. jCorrcssmdenco school idea. You can
(jcnernl Macomb will conduct tho learn how- to do ever,tUliig, from sing
lest In person, hut tho depiitmcut lug grand oHirn to dancing the hula,
tomuiuuilPi' spends so much of his by mall those days, so why not learn
line on his horso that the ride wilt to ho a soldier by Hie aid of u two-
Thursday, Dec. 7.
SAN PHANCIHCO Anlvcd, Ilec. 7, !
u. in.: S. S. Slbell.i. hence Dec. 1.
POUT (1AM 1)1.1': Sailed Den. 7: Schr
Spokane, for Honolulu.
ItHDONHO Airlvpd. Dec fl: Schr.
FniehliT. from Ililo, Nov. 2.
llll.O Sailed, Doe. ": UK. Albrrt.-fcr
Port Townscnd.
"IIAIH. HAIlltOlt Sailed, Deo. 7:
Schr. Ciescenl, for Poll TowtiKcnd
S. S. China, nrihed at 1 p. in. off
port from Yokohama and mils for San
Francisco about 'J ii. in. tonionow.
tomonow eveiilng. The pirty will Ua
Mirier Iho pornoim! dlieetlon of Pio
t'dent and (lencral Manager J. A.
Kennedy of the lnler-Islaud. Among
berth to sail for Island "porta on or, Iho guests will be members of the
about nildnluht. This cfbo1 will. Intcr-lHlnild dlrerloralp. and tncir
Importer Fort St
Opposite Young Hotel Phone 3088
VISIT Till1:
Miss Power
French Laundry
The Highest Class of Work flo
j - Branches
J, Abadio, Pro,).
leave cargo at Poit Allen, Kaaiiapjll,
Kahulul and Hllo. The Honululaii Is
to sail fiom Hlto for Seattle direct on
December 12th.
A request conies from masters ifj
Inter-UIAnd steamers thut electric'
lights placed along Iho wateilioiit be
hooded on the hide facing I lie hirhor
It being claimed that the lights In
llnlr picsent utato are u menaco to
Lurllne Filled With Cargo.
The Navigation steamer l.urllnc ilnj
lo iiirhe at Honolulu on or about next
Tuesday Is leported thioilgh San
Francisco advlci-s received at Castlo
& Cooke's as tilled with general cargo.
i'or Honolulu Kt)0 tons will ho dis
charged, tho vcsn'l then iioceedlug to
Kaanaiiall whcie sT-cly tons will be
left, Tho l.utllnc Is to call at Kahu
lul and for Hie Maul purl has five hnn
mcil tons ficlght and supplies. It ts
Uio present Intention In hold tho veil
.'id at Island purls to hilng tho data
of ilepaituie for Sail rran't-lsci alsml
two ilajs later than the oilglual sche
dule. The exact date if railing hss
lot et been llxcd.
Navajo With Structural Steel.
A iirinllty of stniPttirnl sIppI In
leiuled for const ruction wnik now In
pingicss at Pearl Harbor naval sta
tion Is oxpictrd to arrive here on or
about December lib from Iialhoa, Pa-
tiaina, Iu Iho American steamer, Na-
miJo. This vpsspI sallej from llio
Isthmus on December 1st. C. lirtwer
& Co. mo tho local agents, for the
rlpiuner, TIip Navajo Is onp of sev
eral rrplglilpm of fair tonnage, that
nte opuiated by tho Callfoiula-Atlau-lle.
Steiimslilp Company.
Transport Sherman Sailing Orders.
Tlio United States army trauspnit
ShPimau awaiting oiders at Maiilli I
ropoitPd by cable nstii hiiII from tho
I'hlllppluo poit for Nngasikl, Hono
lulu and San Francisco on December
lOlli. Tho vessel should itnlvo heio
on the last of the month and will
lako mi about one hiiuilie.l und II fly
(iillstoil iiipii as well iih u fow olllcers
who have been ordeied to tho main
Kllauea To Sail Friday Evening.
Tho Inlor-Mnnd sleamer' Klaue.i,
iho lallcst addition to tho fleet Is bo-
tug iiiado icady lor Iho leeoptlon of u
iuinlllt'B, alio delegates to Iho ses
sions or the Hawaiian Sugar Plantera'
Association und others.
which for moulds has scried Iho ship imrty of Invited gucstB who will sail
has lipiin siibstltnlod by an Installa- lor K.illiia and Hllo at llvo o'clock
W. C. Peacock Co., Lid.
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty
( Mont Roufie Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Champagne
( Schlitz Beer
Sierra to be'Held for Floral Parade.
' Trie? u fpbejSfc't StPdiuship Conii.no
lias in ranged; for a sulllclcni altera'
lion In the sijllliig bchpdiiles to permit
tho steamship Sierra to arrive 111 no
iiolulii cm tho morning or February
22nd, In ampio time Tor passcngerc lo
wltuois the tinnual floral panicle, in
order that Iho liner may artlvo a day
earlier, the Siena Is to bo dispatched
Horn Honolulu on February Clli In
sload or Wednesday February 7th
.-.ml on tho return trip will sail fiom
Pan Francisco on February lfilh. The
arrangement Is one that will meet
with the heaity appinYal of all win
have llio Interests or tho great an
nual festival at slake.
American. Hawaiian Resumes Regular
(leueral Ficight Agent C. P. Moire
of the Amerlpaii-Hawallau lino has
notllled shippers In llio Islands to the
(ffeet that beginning with tho freight
er Albumin lo sail on jiiuuiry I lib,
a Ipgul.ir eleii'ii day service will he
Ituulshcd from Sealtle, Tacoma to the
Hawaiian Isl'iuds. A( cording lo the
new schedulPji iccelvcd lit tho loot!
agency rolliiwltij; the Aliouaii comeu
Hip Mlssouil.in, .luiiuary -'.Mb Mel
can, 1'Vb. .Mb, Coliimhluti, I'eb. lUth
and Alai'kan, Feb. 27th.
China to Sill for the Coast In the
The Pacillp Mall steamer China Is
in bo dispatched for Sim Francisco
on or about nine o'clock toinorroi
mouilm; taking u few paiis-nngers und
a later mall. The vessel In duo from
Oilental ports at four o'clock this aft
ernoon mid will berth ut lllshop
wharf whcie llvo hundied tons gen
oral cargo will bo dlschargPd und
uuautlty of coal taken on board.
Big Order of Paving Blocks.
Tho Inter-Inland utpumt'i- Knlulanl,
vhlch has been stationed nlong the
coast of Hawaii for soma months piBt,
in lived at Honolulu this morning
with a shipment of seventy-five thou
sand haiilwood paving lilockH Intend
til for the new Hum lug of tho whanes.
The K.iliilanl met with f ill we.illior
in Iho lilp. The vpskoI binught no
liassengeis. ,
fa i
3parks from the Wireless.
Two steamers repoitod lluoiigh
wireless last evening:
P. M. S. S. Persia, en roulo lo tho
Oilent, !) p. m December C. 40 tulles
-.vest or Honolulu. All well.
P. M. S, H. China, en louto to Ho
nolulu f i oin tho Orient, December G
Will artlvo In quarantine -1 p. in.,
December 7. AH well.
Bark Welch to Sail This Afternoon.
Taking two pissengors nnd a quan
tity of ballast, tho bark Andrew
Welch will bo dispatched lly C, lliew-oi-
and Company for San Fraiiclreo at
font; o'clock, hthls afternoon, tho vetael
departing from llio railway wharf.
Per P. M. S. S? Persia, for Oriental
I oris S. Yotabe.
Per stmr. W, (1. Hall, for Kami
polls, Dec. 7. Major Wontten, O
Itau, C. K. Hayes.
Per stmr. Claudlne, for Hllo, via
way ports, Dec. 8. Miss M. S. Camp
bell, F. Itledell, (leo. (lolden, I. To-
bllner, I). K. Kabaiilelln, How Selu,
W. Wnhl.
Per stmr. Mntina Ken, for Hllo, via
way rts, Dec.' 12. M rs. (1. II. Sohio
der, Mrs. A. Catcla, .1. Hind nnd wife.
Mis. I I Sexton) A. Vl Oliver. Mrs.
Dai'ir, Mil's Aliliy. Mlsb .liiusen, Mint
A. Waal, W F. linker, wife und t,wo
Chlldleil, Mm. Itnse, .1. M. Hose.
Pur si in r. Kln'iiu, for Kuml ixirls,
Dep. 12. Miss P. Deny, Jus. Dous
Minis Dousp, HpIciip on Ainsual.lt
Per stmr. Kllauea, for Kona and
Kau polls (maiden trip), Dec. 12.
Mis. J. A. Auld ami child. Mis. Leslie
C. II. Cooke, li. 11. Conaiit ami wile.
W. Palis, A. Pails, Mil's Ackeriimi
Ceo. II. UolK-rtHin, II. McVane. ICIe-
unor Auiigsl, Wallace Aiingsl, W. W.
Piuncr and wire, S. llHipei, It, Moss
man, W. A. Pulley.
Malls are due Troth the followlai
imtnts as follows:
Yokohama China, Dee. 7.
San Francisco Koioa. Dec. 12.
Victoria Mnkiiiu. Jim. ,1.
Colonies Zealandla, Jan. 2.
Mulls will depart for the following
IHilnts hs follows: n
Yokohama Koioa, Dee. 12.
Vancouver Zealandla, .Ian. 2.
San Francisco China, Dec. 8.
fyducy Mnkuru, Jan. 3.
bo ehlld'H play for him. The otllcers,
numbeilng about lu In all, will nuke
l.ellehuu their headqunrtcrn. They will
tide together to llalelwu olio djy and
along the Honolulu toad Hip olhci
cent stamp?
hirst Lieutenant Ned Ti. Rehknpf,
First Field Artillery, has Just received
oiders to lcport at once by letter to
Lieutenant Colonel l-Mwunl A. Millar,
two days, being ilu llio saddle for 4iof the Fifth Fluid Artillery, nt Furt
hours and 20 minutes tho first duy I'.lley, Kansas, to determine (he for
mal for S hours the next two days, incr's fitness for promotion.
It cues without- saying tbat every
thing In Una', at Tho Encore.
The Floral Parade adverlNes Ho.
Iiolulii. piijs o uihcrlNc.
.!... 1.1 . I... ,.. I-
An appioprlatlon bill to cover tho ""-""" U"'V .K ."' ". " '."
,. ., .iii i. i..t .- u uAiiiuitiuii iii, inn n iu iui naiuuu.
oxiniihk of the miinlclpiij admlnlstra- , . .,. ,,
Hon Tor Iho next Blx numlhs begin- . , .,,... ,,......,... ,,',...
, ,,. . ..,, o.-c-u iitiii, .i,i,iii-iiu. .luiiimnrn k. v.i ,
nlug with Jnniiuiy 1st will be one ... ,
matter which will cngioi's the atten- n' ,.. i.1,in .i uneii.i.
lion or the bojrd of city and enmity f.1PiK,mai, ---,, ... iinnkiinni,. n, .
cnpeivlsois nl u liicellng to bo hold ttravor i,-0.i Htn.ot
to.ilghl. Theboaidwlllconvenel.il K,M ,,,,(,, Wanted 3 more for
regular session, at which time Borne rouu.the-lsluml trip by auto af Ter
minor matters come up for discussion rllljru, (!l(i0 seri. .iu,I)B i8C2..
and disposal, then Iho board will re- They'll look like they were imule ror
sole IU elr Into n conimlttco of tlio'j,,,,, ,,,,, you B,.t iiwm ,,.,,, ,.,, A,
whole for a fraiulng up of the budget Mlirl( tnn,, IM,cl 8ll)M,ti j2U
for the next six months, n ti d up.
Member Murray Intends departing it r,;,.is tmi f(. ,ars In dee.
for KhiihI this eienlug. Suprv'sii-lar,,!,. ,.,,. ior iin V'liirnl Pannle.
Dlx, from Manila and Ncr.ihiKI, sailed
rrom Honolulu for Seattle, Dec. I.
Ltignn, rrom Sail Francisco for Hono
lulu and Manila, Dec. n.
Sherman, at Manila, awaiting orders.
Sheridan, at San Francisco, arrived
Oct. IS.
Crook, ut San Francisco.
lliifoul, at San Francisco.
Warren Stationed at tho Philippine
Thomas sailed fiom Honolulu for Ma
nila, arrived Dec. 2.
gets contract
Deliultn announcement of the
awarding or the contract for the re
I'oiisliuetlon of the Judiciary llulld
lug to the Unci-Young i:uglneering
Company was madii this nioinliig by
Supcrluloiidetil id Public Wolks
Mui'stoli C.iinpbell.
When tho bids weio opened Mon
day It was iiiicerlulu as to whether
that llrin or the Pnclllc Knglneurlug
coinpuuy would be Iho lowest when
the alternatives weie worked out.
The matter has hoc u fully gone Into
now and the award made to tho I.cud
Youiig company.
Kauai bun given notice that It does
not want the dally wlieless Hows dis
patches aflei- tlio Ilrst of the year.
These dispatches uio paid for by n
(ouiblnallon of plaututluiis and Iho
whole, bill Is not nil exceptionally
latgu one, but it appears that the
principal Interests of tho Island me
entirely sutlslled to wait (III they get
their copy of tlio IC v'u n I u g Hull e
1 1 ii with lu large amount or cable
and local news by the rieqiieut malls
that the Island now- cnJnjE.
Steamer Claudlne Dooked to the
The Inlcr-lBHind bluamor Claiidino
vl 1 1 bo dls niched Tor Hawaii via Maul
Low stated today that he would he
unable to he present owing to ollici
engagements. As Low- is chairman of
Iho finance or wuyn and lucatiu cam
mlltee. It iPiiialns to be scpu Just haw
much leal business can lie Iransac
1piI In calicos' with two or more uh
sen lees. It 1b possible that payment
of pome four hundred dollnis will tic
ordered to the contractor who has had"
ho opening of Fifth avenue In hand,
Tho mutter of an ngi cement be
tween the city and cauuty and tho
rapid transit lu regard lo the paving
if thai portion of King street lying
between Iho tracks of tho street car
company Is another theme over which
tho members may enter discussion.
Tho third leading of a lesolutlou
which provide for Ihp transfer of una
thousand dollars from the general
fund to the guluge dopaitniPiit to
cover expenses Incurred n the mos
iilto campaign should como .up Tor
f'liul disposal at this time.
Tlioopenlng of bids ror fiipplslng
Hip city fit o department with hosu
will lake place, tomorrow noon.
Ami It helps make Honolulu noted
Hie world ntcr.
Why not have your hats cleaned by
The Kxpert Hatters, Fort Btieet, oppo
site Club Stables. They glu satisfac
tion.- Try and be convinced.
WANTISD Two more passengers to
mako np motor party for a trip
around the'lslmd, $6.00 each. Lewis
Stables and Oarage. Tel.,2141. .
The Maul Sugar Company has tiled
an answer against the complaint tiled
by Allen & Robinson charging It with
fulling to meet certain promissory
notes. The demurrer Btutea thut tlio
complaint Is uncertain und unintelligible.
Mountain King mining company
sloekliiilih l s held ll luectlllir yesterday
iifliriiiioii In the ollUt'H of A. l7
('uuiplii II, Merchant stjtet, that devel
oped u tciudon so strung that angry
outliri iiI;h weie ii.urowly uverted In
the tntirsii of stiinit iierliiiuulous do.
The met Hug was calhd by llio stock
liolibrs to take slock und llud out
Ulii re they stood, hi view of the wny
Ibe v.iliio of Mountain King has bt-eji
dropping mi lb" nun set und the slow
iles In ib veb'puient work.
John Willi made u talk on what ho
had h-iiriieil of llio milling eoiop.iuy'h
uoik, si in I the stockholders decided to
send a mining engineer to llud out for
MIL li O. WH1TB, president of tho
mei chants' association has been con
lined to ids homo with Iho (lilppe for
tlio past weak, but hopes In lu out 111
B few das.
hud charge of the udvoi Using depart
ment of the. levelling Ilu lie tin
was suddenly called to the oast by a
Pablo staling his father wan veiy low.
Mr. Tilllott loft on the Bleira jester-liny.
It Is becoming moro and nunc evi
dent that exercise must be given thu
lxidy If one Ih to lie" happy, for happi
ness can pome only Hiiough' goo I
health. Who ever saw an ailing nick
Iv, chronlo grouchy, thin chested, nl
wuj's Hred per.iou who wus happy?
Those conditions and happluers arj
us far aiart as the poles of Iho eat tu.
Tho human body must bo exercised
fbout so much cvciy twenty-four
liouis. This Is essential to the diges
tion of food, fully as much o as tho
action ot tho gaslile Juices, If tho
excielse Ih not taken one way it must
lie taken auotlior. If jour dally voca
tion lies j ou to u desk ull duy than
Ihere must bo a fotced exoiclso If
one would ulways enjoy their meals.
, II I 1...I.I I.... ..I..., I.. .,..
1111,1111 niii-niiiiiui'in juni ,,,,,,, in nu- .. , , , , .
In uii'l whtlhti- or not they should "'" .-'-. a"" - K.-.iei,.,
Maud inoio iiswsiuiients for putting In Mn'"1"' "VPr "10 filct ,,l!" ,I"-'J' ' '"'
inlilltliui'il stumps. The eoininltteo unlJ' "Hvo but living.
named to curry out this nrrungi incut
iiuislsts of 1). P. It, Ixeuhcrg, Trunk
HIi bards uud Miiholm Alclutyro.
l'"o'rty Hlockholdcrs were tiresent. and
It was repoited that SIIO.UUO sbaresare
lit Itl III Hawaii. KtocMuildirs lire to
lie iiKsessed ii pent ii share ror the pur
poi,. of Hendlng ii (onipetent mining
engineer to examine the propcity and
liiulw n lt'poit. This will cost between
SluGO and I000.
The heutcd discussion nroe when It
was reported that nn engineer had
""i..i- i. i ... ,i... .ii .
.... I , I I . tllltll'l IIIII1IIT .1 ,VI,,, ill IMII UUII'lIMn
ports on Mlday evening taking one of . ,1Hi:,,,(ra ,mv, n, .,..
no laigesi nsis in paeiiKoia oi urn A, m.lir. nH ,.ull , ,,
ipason. The esel Is baaked to the
limit with many wh'j uio inturnliig to
Islutul liomeH lo spend Iho holldaj'S,
O. S. 8. SIERRA.
rly nil cuu ho learmxl, this re-
poit was highly ti clinical and hardly
to bo iindci stood by u layman, 'which
wiib thu reason It was not circulated,
but some of the stotkholders feel that
they have not hem treated fulrly nor
glvtn full lufni niutlnu,
There are u number or gymnasiums
In this city whete tho body can b
put thimmli a iliuioiigh course of
sprouts thut will bring It. to a slale of
perfection from u state or chronic ill
health. Among them may ho men
tioned tho Swedish gymnasium ut 111'.)
Merchant street. U. DJorkuiali, the
proprietor and instructor has a meth
od that Is ,a distinct departure fruit,
the usual forms of bodily exorcises,
mid Is guurnhtcoil In bring ubout thai
desired slate of happiness mpl health.
1'orget (lie hnnmiu-lrces ami
uiriuher Hie Flural Parade
V..(Lio tu lioi'nliv I'k'nn tlinr l-ir H
H.V'biru will sail fiom this port Feb- u"" f)p"r" """ H nddltlonal dl
' ' ......'. reehll-. so tloit llnvwill null Initn rei)
riiary ii, l12. nsieait or t eiiruary 7, , ,- ,. ,. :, , ;
....,'... m .ii t u.n l'sentiitlon on the directorate
Francisco February 10, bringing liwl1 '"' n" ll1" '''" f"' '''"'nelaco.
here tho moriilng of tho 22m of IVh-l , '"...
ruiirv In season to see the annual ' Alleging pxtreino cruelty Mary Ilu
Floral 4'nr.ule. 'H usKIng Jor a divorce fiom K.
('. HltnWKIl .t CO. (Llinlted), J P- llnlott. All order riMtrallllng h)ui
Agcntu, oceqiilL1 Ste.iinshlp Co. lloni visiting tho house has , been
Another thing dcint wns to decide Walalua Agricultural Company, Ltd.
mado by Judge Itoblnsou,
The stix I; liooks of Walalua Agrlcul-
Iloss '"r"1 Compinj-, l.hnlted, will bo elosed
in iriiiiMiers I'riuay, jjeceiniH r s, Jail,
nt12 o'lloel; noon, to Friday, Decem
ber 15, 1311. Inclusive.
Treasurer, Wulalua Agricultural Co.,
Homiiulii, $$$$
HAU s,.'tiii;, ' v "
Mkn kMmwtift
liifiirfBiif i IfeiyHiTlnTOiTiSTOtTO "

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