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Jl ;i 1
HONOLULU, T.,H, THURSDAY, DEC. 7, 1911. k,
jEvenjng- Bulletin
tt DAILY and WEEKLY Published
LCO.. LTD., at Kerr Building, Alakea St., Territory of Hawaii.
I- .. ......
Daily every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday.
in the Territory of Hawaii.
Wallace II. FaiUinuton, - Editor
ttt Month, fctnwhrre Id U.S .71
Pet Qjatler, Rnywhrtt'ti 11.5 .... 2. no
Fti Year, nvhit inUS H.m
Prt Ye I. t-MUJHt, .meiatli 12. oo
Tt J Licllcorlul Rooms,
I wl.jBusihe88 Office,
II("iIt mil mi) mini, nml tin not
(.punt mi) llilnir. For there It no
111:111 Hint linlli nut his hour, nor Is
Hirre nil) I him; II111I linlli not Its
pl.tcc. liuhbl Hen Anl.
Don't forget the Floral Parade, and
4' also iloti't forget tli lo your shopping
llt'H-rnntl Hnginoor Bishop didn't
come from Mlssoml, but' ho has lo
flic shown Jut the Kiimc.
(let down to business gentlemen Is
rjitlie, request of Commissioner U'ake-
Held mid nil Hawaii seconds tbu mo
tion. No better dlrulloii for your shop-
ping rmilo ran be found than the ml-
venising rimiiiuiH or mn 1; v o 11 1 11 g
E llullotln.
Not n few people are so busy I bene
days they don't bao time to consider
what 11 Brand era of progress Hono
lulu Is entering upon.
Perhaps the anniversary pf the
signing of the appropriation for the
Judiciary building reconstruction will
bo celebrated by starling work under
tho contract.
r r
II Isn't so surprising lifter nil that
the' McNuniiirns caved 111. Tho man
who ttghts by killing the Innocent
with dynnmlto Is 11 physical and
mornl coward.
i Why Is It that Just because they
liao inudo money, tho assembled sug
ar planters of these islaudt arc not
' thought of ns nn aggregation of suc
cessful farmers.
' i?o they me getting after (ho beet
- sugar men 011 the charge of peonage.
There'll bo no reputations left when
'the country gets through discussing
tho tariff nml big business.
Mnvnr Alexander reelected l.v the
' women of his city stands a chance of
the "time of his life" trying to please
all tho first voters who won't bo sat
lelled If they don't have their way.
If (lOiupers Is ns unguarded lu his
!' schemes, us ho Is freo with his talk,
thcsccret service men or tho govern
ment may 1 have a bigger story than
Uo!upor' follow era Imvo ever thought
Investment of time, effort and co
operation In tho mutilation campaign
of 'lonolulu Is hy all odds the best
thut can bo mailo hy tho nverago cit
izen of today who expects to'inako his
homo hoi 0.
' That now steamship of tlio Matsoti
Navigation Company vlll not ho tho
only 0110 In 1015 for tlio Honolulu
i-' Nrim. It Is merely nn expression of
kvejilug well up to tho front of tho
Sjignr plantcm uro so. well organ
ized that, they tlon't Imvo to "get
.thejr feet under the samu tnblo" for
-tho promotion of good will. They
lake it good dinner on tho theory that
it Is tin excellent plan to fertilize
your disposition as well ns tho Held.
Chinese women of thd Ited Cross
am doing a work that should have
nil tho assistance Honolulu peop'.j gulshcd In tlio doldrums of cross
cut glvo. Tho suffering which tho purposes and conflicting Interests.
"You would bo surprised." romark-i "Those two women always greet
,d I ho statistical person, "lo know
how much witter Is wasted lu a big
"I Htipixiso'so," icpllod tho mail with
tho Impressionistic nose; "thero are
vomo peoplo who drink It, you know,
Duhl Did ynu onjoy tho Mayflower
jSoflety's dinner?
Keono No; nn unfortunate blunder
was made. Tho fowl of which I had
uortlon should linvo been the guest'of
lti Sik. Mootoa.. . ,, .a
Tcr Yet, nywhete tn U.S ,, ,. I.tm
Per Yer niywtiere d Cnsdt. I.Hu
Pei Vent tiottpu'd, tmin, a.w
- 2L85
. 2256
merert tl iti fosloihit at Mnuoiulu
a moml-clan matter
.DECEMBER 7, 1911
pnnr In riilnn Imvp to endure iinilcr
ordinary conditions of life Is hoart-
rending enough, nml In war times ox-
qulsltcly liorrlblu jirobably best ties-
crlbcs their situation.
Kvery pulilla mid private docuiiicnt
bears, witness tliul Hawaii lias been
j favored with moat extraordinary pros
I purity il urine tho past ye.ir. All the
right thinking neotile of Ilia Islands
will realize that much will be expect
ed of tlieiu In tho use they make of
this for community Improvement.
"Just as advertised" should be tho
jcsponso of men who went Into tho
navy on the promise that It offered
uiicmintlcil oimortuiiltles for soclnc
K, Wl,r,tl T10 ., uf ..,,,. .....i.i..
,n ,hc volcano Is one that ninety per
,,, ... . ,., ....,,,, .... . ,,
" - "
they waited till they
grade of tourist.
reached the
Congressman Ashcr Hinds hits Riv
en nn Interview lu the east with the
following ns the opening sentence, "I
seo nu possibility for tho Html enact
ment Into law of any sort of tariff bill
at this season." Then hn follows
with, "The President has made II
clear that ho will sign no bill that
falls below tho line of protection."
Visitors from the fleet make tho
town busy and everyone happy. This
will bo continued through tho re
mainder of tho year by tho onrush of
tourists 011 the condition that the
town Is kept clean and thus not
threatened with a port iimrantlnc.
Therefoie If you Mould bo sure of
community prosperity and success tlo
our utmost In supporting tho sani
tation workers.
Delegate Kuliio Is tbu only man
from Hawaii and now In Washing
ton who can hold National Commit
teeman llolstcln's "proxy lu tho Na
tional Committee. Tho Delegate was
member or tlio last nntlonal cotl-
pcntlon. Following his method of
preferring charges against tho Gov
pi nor, tho Delegnto will Inform no
one of the use he will make of his
proxy till ho has "been gone and
dono It."
Commissioner Wnkcllclil sounded
the right noto at the closo of Wed
nesday's session of tho Harbor Com
mission when ho said Hint thero hud
been hearings enough; it Is time for
the' Commission to get to work ami
frame Its own conclusions.
This sounds liko public business
dono on tho basis of tho greatest
speed, couimenstirato with tho high
est standard of efficiency.
All sides have had their Innings.
Tho railway has presented ItH plan
Hint Is sweeping In Its request for ab
solute control nnd long-term priv
ileges. Tho steamship companies
have bad tho tuio to go over tho va
rious projects o( othor transporta
tion Interests anil also propose 0110 of
their own, .
Now It Is up to tho Harbor Comnils- J
slnii to act for and In behalf of tho
people. It must not only provldo a
plan for a Illlo wharf hut do It
speedily. Tho whole scheme has Un
oach other with tho most effuslvo cor-
I "Yen," replied Miss Caynno. "K'icli
takes prldu In showing tho other hotvi
artistically slio can conceal her. real
Marks Hy tho way, id man, how
about that euro for partial baldness
you tried? Did It work?
Parks You bet! I'm entirely bald
Mr. Wnkcllclil nsks that his fcll(iv
commissioners work with liliu ovory
evening till tlio tusk Is finished. Wu
linvc mi itnulit Unit nil t ho members
wilt rrspotxl rcntllly to this mil, nml '
thanks lu the Initiative (if IxihIuckh
iiicn (in the Commission we shall hnvo
nu example of first dims results mut
er government control.
Governor Johnson of California set'
,, .. , .. , . . 1
il nun puce uiu uuiur Hit) lit liicsBHKen
to the legislature.
Ilrlelly put, Coventor Johnson paid
to the members of tho California leg
islature that they knew for what pur
pose they wero suininnned and there
was 110 real necessity for going lo
gie.tt lengths to remind litem of their
duty. Wo tiiote the full text of tho J
"Tho Legislature has been convened
In extraordinary session for tho pur
poses that are specifically wt forth
In the proclamation that has been .
heretofore duly Issued.
"When the call for the extra tea-1
slon was 111111I0 a copy was sent to 1
each of the members, that all might j
be familiar with the work necessary
to bo done.
"Some of tho matters embraced
within this call imperatively demand
action. Others are formal In char
acter. All alike, however lliosn that
arc dlllleult nml those that arc not
are submitted to you In the firm be
lief, Jtistilled by your previous ac
tions, that )ottr solution of every
problem will be Just, aileipiatc and
"Because of thorough preparation
and complete knowledge on your part
of the matters concerning which you
tiro to legislate, 1 do not attempt to
specify in detail tho subjects before
"I would, however, call to your at
tention one fact that Is evident that
those who would wish their legisla
ture III and who care nothing for the
Stale desire Hint you becomo em
broiled during this special session so
that you will not within n reasonable
period accomplish tho purposes for
which you have been called together.
"I trust, therefore, that tho same
spirit which you displayed with such
marked success and accomplishment
nt your regulnr session will provall
In your present deliberations."
There Is n wealth of common sense
lu that message. In tho first place
tho Coventor assumes that tho mem
bers of the legislative brunch of the
government know their business.
They are merely thero to perfect n
program that was presented to tho
people for approval and approved,
Moro than this, tho Governor keeps
popular attention centered on tho
main issue. Refraining from elabor
ate explanations mid pyrotechnics, ho
makes It more dlfllctilt for tho trouble
makers within and without the leg
islature to do their work under cover.
it's gootl business to boost Hie Flor
nl I'nraile. The Parade brings liiur
lts. The tourists will lest Honolu
lu's spirit hy the enthusiasm sltonii
In (lie parade. '
In the case of tho Kancoho Itanch
Company, Ltd., against tlio Kaneohe
lilco Mill Company, Ltd., which was
recently beforo tlo Supremo Court,
defendants Imvo now to plea to the
recond amended petition within ten
days. The case Is one to determine
certain prlvato ways mid water rights,
Milk from the highest
grado of cowt will be lack
ing in richnois unlet, the
feed I. of the best.
A. we have tet a very ltln.li
standard for our milk, the
feeding of the cow. I. in
charge of expert dairymen
whose whole time I. de
voted to the superintend
ence of thlsf department.
The result Is recognlied by
bur customers who appre
ciate the unusual richness
of our milk and cream.
Phone 1542
Kukui Street Property
Land 1. situate near
a frontage of about 170 feet and depth
,of 290 feet; two dwellings and on.
small cottage; many fine fruit-bearing
trees. Suitable for business property.
Term, easy price low.
Wo Have
to Loan
on listed stocks or on improved
Real Estate.
We buy and, .ell Stocks and
Bonds, and make investments for
others in approved Trust Securi
ties. ' '
Bishop Trust Co., Ltd.
' S24 Bethel Street
Wireless Office Hours
Daily 7 a.m. to 530 p. m.
Sundays 8 to 10 a. m.
What Is supposed to tie tlio quickest
ease ever put through tho criminal
court was llulshi'd up this morning,
when the Jury brought In tl verdict of
guilty against Albert Kaliuknl Hh
vrts, charged with criminal assault on
it little girl under twelve years old.
Judge Cooper ordered Hint Huberts bo
sent to prison for the term of his
natural life and do hard labor during
such time.
Tho prosecution was bandied by
Waterhouse Trust
Real Estate for Sale
Building lot Prospect St. ....$210000
Building lot Manoa Valley.... 1300 00
Building lot Kalmuki 700.00
Modern bungalow Collogo Hills 6000.00 ,
House and lot Kalakaua Ave.. 2000.00
tiv, For Rent
" Furnished house 6 month, from
December 1, 1911 $6000
Unfurnished hou.e Manoa Val
"' ley 6000
'.Young Street ...30.00
Kalakaua Avenue 20.00
, ..
Fort street. Ha.
Hand Crafts in
Cards and
Tapa Novelties
for Kuslrrii points should lcavo
BY EXPRESS not later than S. S.
China, on December 8.
flly Attorney John V. fathenrt. nnd
tho case hud been worked up outside
by flty Detective Harry like. Tho
olTense was committed-1 on November
SI, l'.i. The evidence showed thut
Huberts took the little girl down onto
the beach at Kittiloit, on the other shlu
of tlio Island, ami thero committed iho
crime he was charged with.
The Jury r Mred at live liilnutrs to
twelve and returned again at one min
ute utter the hour with n verdict of
guilty. Judge ltobiusoii then V re
nounced sentence.
Notice to Mariners.
Pearl Harbor Knlranre Iltmy, 1 11
2nd class tall-typo can, reported out
of position, will 1)2 replaced ijb kkki
as prnctlqablcv ,
Special Values on
(Continued from Page 1)
unionists, In fact, the union members
believe Hint the affair tonight amounts
to. nothing more nor less than n po
litical gathering to tint lor Mcfinul
less' ambitions to become Delegate.
President (!. K. Jviinc of the' Hill
I'liiumi was In town this morning, call
ing on the city olllclals. He said that
die charter will be evltlblted lo tlio
members tonight,
After the hum - probably some time
liet week- the nltlcers will look
mound for an elflee where the busi
ness of the bill will be conducted.
Whut long nerve -nicking days of
eonsliiiit torture what sleepless nights
of tvrrlblo "ugony Itch- Itch Itehi
Constant itch, until It seemed that t
nillst tear off my very .kin then .,
Instiint relief- my skin cooled, sooth
ed unit bealedl The very llrst drops
of P.D.l). stepped that awful Itch lu
etnntly, yes, the very moment D.D.D.
liiiiclml my slilr. Urn torture ceased.
D !.!. has been known for years us
the only absolutely reliable Kczcnm
core. Jul a mild, soothing, pleasant
wnrh made of Oil of Wlnlergreen.
Thymol mid olhir Ingredients, but tho
Instant relief .I).l).ll. gives to nil kinds
of "skin troubles seems like 11 miracle,
mid when used with 111) I). So.tp keepi
tile skill III perfert tondltlotl.
If 500 have any kind of (-kin trouble
Mczema, Psoriasis, Sail 'Itheum, no
mutter what It Is yes, even pimples,
Investigate the wonderful D.D.D. Pre
scription. We know what D.D.D. has
done wo vouch for It. D.D.D. never
falls to do exactly its Is claimed,
full nl our store mid get 11 bottle.
It wilt relieve all skin trouble at once.
llensott, Smith , Co., ,(d.
Olio of Iho lsltoni to tho city from
Illlo draws attention to another
phase of Malinger Thurston's olfnr of
Iron rock for Iho belt road work of
the Island of Hawaii. According lo
this man Knglnccr Illshop went over
the situation and In looking at tho
samples round that the rock wits very
porous, He was told Hint It was good
wearing rock, hut asked by wny of
Information whether the holes In tho
lock would stand up as well as tho
beventy-Hvo per cent of material. In
other words Knglnccr Illshop looks a
gift Itorso In the mouth. It should bo
slated however that Mr. Illshop Is
not condemning or necnptlng any
thing olf hand. lie Is testing all tho
lock lu sight with 11 view to getting
the best .results for construction.
Army and
Navy Photos
We make fine,
post card por-,
traits for
$ 1 25 a Doz.
Lowest Prices for
Printing nnd De
veloping for Ama
teurs. Henry's Studio
Between Bethel and Fort
But Regular Dividend Will Be
Increased With New
"We have, not seriously discussed an
Inrieai-e of the capital sloek of Olio
men plantation," said K. I'.ixon Illshop,
manager of Itrcwer A- I'o.. In response
lo 11 (iitery regarding the rumor of
uluil Otiomea directors might do lu
Hie 111 ar future.
Activity In Ononittji for tlwjinst few
days has been credited to a reported
probability of an Increase of capital
'-lock. .Mr. Illshop In Ills talk made It
clear that he Is not enthusiastic over
capitalizing prolltS, though large div
idends are romctlmcs troublesome to
people who think that the Industries
down here tiro making too much
.Mr, lilshop Indicated that beginning
Hie llrst of the ycur tho regular divi
dend would b" Increased to forty cents
pir share, with extras tn be paid
through the year as the returns on
sugar might or might not Justify. The
capital stock will not be Increased.
I'cbruary ': Is (he date of (he mi
nimi Floral Para ile. Iteineniber II
anil begin gelling ready mm.
PuriiMiod room with on without
board; private. Ittr, Alapal HW
Day pony branded with letter "A."
Tel. Dr. Unyinnnil 2l(jli Dlua-ll
Up-to-date Millinery and Men'. Hat.
for Cbrl.tmn..
Watches that won't keep time.
Yes, we want you to send tts ,
your wittibes Hint won't keep
tliuo; watches tho average watch
maker ran not llx. No work too
dlllleult for us to do. Wo em
ploy 110 linkers, but expert watch
limbers. We eluerfully glvo estimates';
when rcipdrcd, mid guarantee
every Job.
Leading Jeweler.
& I
,;,,.:,, -',, ;.. . ,,; ;

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