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The War Fifty Years Ago
Battle of Belmont, Mo., and Naval Attack at Port Royal,
S. C. General U. S. Grant's First Important En
gagement Victorious at First and Finally Compelled
to Retreat Flag Officer Dupont Won a Brilliant Vic
tory and Opened to Federal Ships a Fine South Caro
lina Harbor - With Wooden Ships He Outfought
Confederate Batteries on Shore Brothers Fought
on Opposite Sides.-
Br ciptiln CEon.cn U KILMER, tin
(Copyright by American Press AMocIa-
lion, wii.j
N Nov. 7. ISi'il, two officers of
cimpnnitlvcly Insignificant
mnl; made their bows to tti
American people us lenders In
battle. Ono was U. S. Ur.mt, n brig
idler general of volunt.ere: the other
u .. r, , , 1 ., .....
S. P. Runout, roinmoiliiro of Hi.' I'uli
ed States navy. A different fortune
awul'cd them, for. although Grant
failed In lill undcrlnkln-,' ut llohnoiit.
he mwp to the tiead of the army Im
pout succeeded at t'oit lloynl nnd was
n litiibboni llshler when commanding
the Hoittb Atlnutle squadron, jet In
tho end the chief honors of n.u al com
hi.iimI went to iinother.
At Itelmont, Mo., opposite ColiimbiH.
ICy.. the Confeiler.ite general. Poll;,
had established a camp of observation,
o"euplrd by one regiment of Infantry,
a battery of nrtlllrrjviiHl u squadron
of caxnlry In order to coiiiiuand Iho
approaches to tills position by the
Confederate batteries on the' high
ground nt Columbus, the tiees had
been felled for some distance along
the writ bank, mid the fallen timber
hail been so placed art to form mi
Jbatls capable of obstructing the ad
vance of an enemy. This rump Grant
Gi:.i:itAI. T. V. 11HAVTOX. C. 8.
decided to attack. Accordingly, nt
ub ut S o'clock on the morning of the
"lb, he disembarked bis force on tho
Missouri shore, some live miles nbove
Ilelinont. nnd ordered the gunboats to
drop below nnd enrago the batteries at
Columbus. Quickly forming his col
umn. Grant pushed for the Confeder
ate camp, hoping to (alio tho Confeder
ates by surprise.
Grant's Foe He-enforced.
In this, Im was partly mistaken, for
General Polk, who was nt Columbus,
lied been uotllled of tho landing of
Pedernl troops on the west shore of
tho Mississippi nnd piomptly dispatch
ed General Gideon J. Pillow with four
regiments to succor tho threatened
camp. This re enforcement raised tho
defenders of Ilelinont to nbont .'l.OOi)
men, with six cannon. Grant had
about .1,(100.
After inarching n tnllo through n
wooded swamp tho Federal column
reached n cornfleld, nnd tho Seventh
Iowa deployed as skirmishers among
the tall stalks to Hie farther edge of
tho flold. A company of Confederate
was In biding beyond Iho Held nnd
tired nt tho lowans, killing one man.
A lino of battle was quickly formed,
nnd Iho tvholo command moved on
ward through tho woods. The fight
ing wns stonily nnd continuous from
Hint point to tho Confederate works.
The way was obstructed by heavy nn
derbrusli nnd fallen trees, and tlio
men had to climb over or crawl under
tho obstacles us best tbey could, tho
while keeping n lookout for tho ene
my, in places tho ground wns
swampy,, nnd between lighting, find
ing n road and waiting for the cannon
to bo dragged along with tho column,
tho march wus slow nnd difficult.
Officers Chosen Targets.
Tho delay gave tho enemy tlmo to
select positions nnd get in good shots.
At tho end of a nlllo tlio tvholo lluo
wns held up by n now obstacle, a sort
of secondary river bank that formed
n tmlural breastwork fc- tho Confcd
crates. Grant's column had nlso got
within range of tho fleldpleccs nt Itel
mont and of tho heavy guns nt Colum
bus, and shot and bIioII toro through
the forest, giving tho fnrm boys n
tnsto of real war. Tlio Confederate
riflemen were favored with picked
shots, nnd Grant's olllcers nnd men
fell rnpldly. General .1. A. MeCler,- !
nr.nd, second In command to Grant,
had thiee horses shot tinder him ono
nftrr another. Colonel I.aumnn of tho
Seventh Iowa lost his horso In this
net Ion nnd wns afterward severely
wounded lilnrelf The mounted men
wcro clioscn targets, and several of
ho staff wcro unhorsed. Grant's
torso was shot under blin. Grant's
plan of nttnek was to keep tlio left
Link near the titer to-pretent rc-ou-forcemeats
from crossing over from
Columbus and by spreading out tlio
line parllnlly surround tho Confcdcr-
j nto cntnp. A united effort In tho an-
I " ul " " " ., r' "
being one by tho roughness of the
iKiuuu'i, u.itvu lot enemy .mm iui-
! embankment through the woods to nn
'open space around the inclined line.
When Oram's excited soldiers saw
close at hand tho dellant Hag waving
j above tho guns nnd Confederates run
ning Duett ncross tlio item tneir en
thiislasui knew no bounds.
The spreading of Grant's line creat
ed n pap In the ranks opimslte the ene
my's battery The Seventh Iowu rush
ed Into the sp.iie and In n fow mo
ments dnit a the gunners from their
pieces with n hot tire of bullets, A
rush of tho whole line preclpltalrd ii
stampede In the enemy's ranks, and
Giant's men swarmed nbont the flag
pole, tent.i -itid ennnun like bees around
an upturned lilvi. It was their fivt
light, their llrst vle'lory nnd t'rst sei.uio
of tho spoils of war. Olllcers nnd rol
dlers alike jumped upon tint gun car
riages and platform and delivered tlow
ery speeches to their comrades, who
cheered themselves hoarse, nnd tho
battle, as Grant himself declared, was
soon turned Into a Fourth of July
orgy of bubbling eloquence.
Itut tliu Confi derates had not aban
doned tho Missouri bank only dropped
down under the. bluff out of range.
No ono demniided their surrender, for
tho victors seemed to think that the
position, tho armament and tho camp
vera tho sole objective of tho cam
imlgn. iVheu tho guns at Columbus nt
tempted to lire upon the Invading mob
nt Itelmont tho shots passed over, to
tho merriment of Grant's men. They
changed their tune, however, the lini
ment their enemies under tho river
bank began to climb lall tiees and send
bullets Into tlio captured ramp.
Successful Flank Attack.
About that tlmo sevcinl steamers
loaded with Confederates tvero seen In
the river steering for tho shorn nhovo
Ilelinont, between Grant's column nnd
the landing. Then began n general nv
trout, nnd from that lime on mill tlio
transports weio reacbul thp march
wns ono continuous brush tight. "The
Confederates were ut homo oi the
ground. Grant's soldiers were nearly
exhausted Jiy tlio e.v'iltement of tho
day and tho labors of tho march, but
they gallantly fought their way to tho
landing. It wns (hero Hint Grant's,
liorto performed the dllUcult feat of
trotting nboard over u slnglo plank
ttvclvo or fifteen feet long.
This Midden turn of Grant's fortunes
bad boon brought nbont by the prompt
nnd energclle action of General Polk,
tho "rtoldler lllshop," ns soon ns he
discovered that General PHIow'h forco
was being defeated. Tho Federal gun
boats Tyler and I.oxlugtoii, which had
engaged tho Confcderato batteries nt
i Columbus, tvero tcpulsed nftv two
nuacKs nun retired to tho landing' to
mvnlt the results of Grunt's ndveu
tuto on shore. Tho river being clear
of enemies. General Polls crosspd over
to Itelmont in person, with nOillllonal
re-enforcements, striking tho Federal
flank and rear, as nbovo narrated.
Dupont leads the Attack.
Dupont's task at Port Hoynl was tho
dangerous one of attacking land fortifi
cations with ships, nnd his fleet was all
wooden vessels except four little gun
boats of tho "ninety ibiy" type. In liU
""wri'lP. tho steam frigate Wabash.
commouoro Dupont led tho nttnek
paying no attention to tlireo Confoder
nto wooden ships commanded by bis
old messnuito In tho United States
navy. Commodore Tnlnall. Tho forts
encountered lay on opposite sides of tho
entniiico to the harbor about two nuu
Ucul miles apart, Tho arinameut of
I tho works named respectively Port
llcniircgatd and 1'orj, Walker, consisted
of for(y-throo gnus iibmit etonly dis
tributed. I)lltiotit' 11I.111 of nttnot iviih in Mill
rnpldly between the forts, dcllttr hid
II ru on both' wlillu passing: Iln'ii. afttr
going two miles In. return nnd take
Port Walker on Its liinil utile, which
was (lie weakest. As tin1 Hoot nilvnn?
cd TalnaH's ships met thorn In tlm en
trance, mill tlm pennant of. the Confed
erate flaghlp was i:ul!;mlly dipped
three times to ttic Wabash for thosako
COT.ONEt, i. a. I.AUUAV, V. B. V., TOM
MONT. of until lung sync. Then the tiring be
gan. Tntnall was forced to retieat be
fore tho broadsides of bis old filend.
Foit Walker had twenty-throe guntt In.
position nnd Itrt Ileaiiregard twenty
The guns raked the channel for n long:
distance, but Dupont carried his fleet
Hiifllcloutly near the vnrks to get their
outline the night before I he battle and
anchored just out of gunshot.
Moving nt the rate of sir tullea an
hour, the Federal ships wore complete
ly lost to view In the smoke of their
own guns. The forts Hied nt blind
targets, jet bore on the chnnnel, so
that many phots told. After passing
the forts tho flanking lluo stood off
and tired into works, wlillu the o(her j
ships turned and salloir over the
lonrse. Dupont's flagship still led, and
nftcr turning sailed tow ItlilnC.uo yards
of Port Walker, flic was mi especial
target, but was seiinoly touched.
Brother Against Brother.
Fort Walker was the llrst to fall. It
was commanded by Gonetnl Thomas
P. Drayton, whoso brother. Captain
Perclvnl Drayton, commanded tho Po
cahontas 'in Diipont'.i fleet. General
Drayton raid that the fire from his
guns was; delivered with coolness nnd
piecIsloiiMmf tq his surprise tho hhlps
pasted apparently iinh.iimed, 'file en
filading tiro from tho flanking ships,
ho declared, tiro veil the most destruc
tive to his work. At tho end of nn
hour and n half tho gunners nt work
were exhausted, nnd Drayton went
personally to n battery In the rear and
brought up fresh men. Theso fought
for four hours, and then, when only
threu pins remained Ut for service,
nlmiidoucd tho work.
Tho flight of the garrison from Fort
Walker was signaled by tho Ottawa
Just ns the flagship turned for the
third tlmo to sail past and deliver her
broadslJe. Orders were given to ccaso
tiring, and the flagship steamed ctoso
and delivered a slnglo tdiot. It wns
unanswered. Captain John Itodgcrs,
nerving ns aid to the ting olllccr, went
on shore with n flag of truce.
Tho battlo of Port Iloyal was ono of
tho first great Federal successes of tho
war ii nd exerted u wonderful lnflu-
aEMiiAti iiinr.oy j. nr-t.ow, a B. a., con-
euro ut homo mid, abroad. It.gavotlio
northern navy ono of tho finest har
bors on the Atlantic seaboard as a
baso for operatlons'uiid paved tho way
or tho M'tckndo of tho uutlro coast
south of Charleston.
Oilier events' of ' tho Week tvero tho
selzmo of tho Confederate tturopcuu
commissioners. Mason mid Blldell, on
board tho Ilrltlsh 'steamer, Trent" In
tho Jlalinma channel by tho United
States steamer San .laclnto on tho
8lh, u heavy skirmish at Plketown,
Ky between General William Nel
son's FedeiitW nnd Colonel J, 8. Wil
liams' Confederate forco on tho tlth
nnd two minor notions at Occon.uau
river, Virginia, and Guyandotte, west
ern Virginia, on 'tho loth nnd U'th.
Tho Trout affuic created a worldwldo
bunsntlim wheu tlio facts of tho relz-
uro beeaino known on the mainland.
' .
t " -t. iflr
Tlio biggest ilotolopments In cars
In tho opium -ring that has operated
so long And 'so successfully on the
Pacific lme Veil happening In San
Francisco during tho last fow days,
according to iicwb urrhlnj; on tho
Persia yesterday.
Tho following dispatches glvo the
principal fcatmes of tho cteiils Hint
may mean 'tho breaking up",, of tho
BAN FKANCISCO, Nov. 27, After
being trailed for two nnd n half jours,
John Milliards, known along the Pa
cific Const as "the King of the Opium
King," wns arrested jcslcrduy morn
ing ut his home, 1X1 Fillmore street,
after n terrible struggle, by Inspect
ors Harry Chaimak, Fred Sutherland
nnd .1. C. Drown of the Slate Pharm
acy Hoard, assisted by Policeman
Georgo Graham. In tho nttlc of his
flat the olllcers secured tlio biggest
haul of morphine, cocaine and opium
etcr Tumid In tho possession of one
Tho eaptiuo hi ought to u climax
tho sensational opium raid of China
town Saturday evening, wjilch proved
Iho biggest raid cter pulled off on
tho Pacific, Coast.
IMwards, brought to bay In his lair,
put up a stubborn tight and attempt
ed to shoot Inspector Sutherland. Pa
trolman Graham Sprung iiiiKdwiirds
nu ho pulled a revolver on Suther
land, und, snapping htyiilriirrs on tho
rnpllvo'tj wrlsl, dashed the revolver
from Ills hand and otorponcrcd liba
Finding himself helpless, Kdiwinls
then admitted that ho hud a quantity,
of drugs stored In his nttlc, and to
prevent tho breaking up of his house
In n minute search bo led tho olllcers
In tho cache,
Forty pounds of crude opium, throe
one-pound cans of smuggled un
stamped opium, three" llve-tael cauiinf )ed fur tlolatlng the Slain law. Four
stamped opliiin, lu. ounces of nior- ,1'nnvlctloim of 'men and Imijh caught'
pblne, four one-poiind tins of iiior-,ln Hattirda's raid were inmlo In tho
phlne, four ounces of cocaine mid nn police coutt yesterday, lit nit It.wati
opium layout were found by tho offl- a busy day for Iho men who are seek
ccrs secreted In a, big crato In n cor- j lug to put an end to tho flagrant mle
ner of tho attic. ' 'of narcotic drugs mid maintenance of
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 28. Moio dens where drugs may bo purchased ,
was accomplished thnn the arrest of nnd used by men und women.' r'
Aitlou taken by the planters' asso
ciation yesterday toward an Improy
, It .11, i.n. . fi.,. of ft
,-.i ...... mu.mV- ,.v. , ""'!
Kork on the part !f the plantations,!
and the niitliorlnitlon of aid from the
pliiiilcrs to tlyi Territorial goyerninent,
Is regarded Us one or the most im-;
portnut things uecoiiipllsbcd ut thp an
nual session 'of the sugar men.
A llorncrijput tjm bten In con,creto
form by tho' presentation of the fol
lowing resolution, which wus unani
mously adopted
Win reus. The subject of forestry Is
one of the most Important with wlilcli;ihat Tor their own Interest and strlet
tho sugar planters of Hawaii linvo to y rmin a business stainlpolnt, the In
ilc.il, because '(D'nr (ho close relations; riV,i, pUmtutlous mmht to pay
hitmen foicsls a,nl witter sipply and tJI-euter atlontlon to tlu planting, and
(2) tho constantly Increasing ne-d for',,),,, t trotectlug the native forest by
local supplies of fuel mid ntlur wood; fencing In the ureas from which the
and j plantation draws lis water supply.
"Win i ens. What Is needed now Is "ncsolvcd, further. That this ,-ikso-nn
loiigir more approval but definite elation approves tho adoption by lie
action; therefore, bo Ii Territory as ts deflnlto policy of tlm
"Hi-solved, That It Is tho seiim of ,KiiKKesllnu that ns 'far ns praclle.iblo
the Hawaiian Silliar Planters' Assocl- thn totenues 'derived fhy the govern
iitliui that the trus.teeh be reipiestul mrut from lenses pr Hcpiiik of'- wa
in take ilofinlte and If possible fntor- (ns Howling from forest resertes, be
iibl action, through it special commit- used for ftjrest work; nnd that the
lee or otherwise, ion be recoinmenila- trustees bo, reiiioilod .so to re'entn
lions conlalHod In the retiort of tho ui.-nd to th npproprlutc Territorial
ronimlltee nn forestry for 1911, to wit: olHrlnls." , "
Tho llrst totalled account of tho
great Maiill.i tiro it few weeks nijo
renohed hero pn thp 8l)erln. Tho
JliuUla Times of Thursday, November
S, suys:
DniiuiKo pi lb nniount of two and
a Jfilf inthliin pesos was dotin lu a
lire w-hlcli brako oi(t at 11:12 this
morning in ('ic itonrlo, and as tlio
Times goes to press the .llaitlCb aro
under control, although tlio., entire ills,
trlct surrotnulng -Cnllo Hiwarlo has
snlfered from tho most disastrous con-
PUIIlll'tl IIHIII HIU IllWit uinunii i un vw,t-
llngratlon of recent years. Hcorcs ot
little t'lilmiso chlneln nnd dry goods
stores aro u mass of smouldering ruins
and tho Haines nro resisting every ef
fort of the.' firefighters.
Tho I'liuso of tho llro Is unknown, It
WUS dlscovired by t number of pass
crtiblV. niniuiR whom was .Mr, O, II,
Klelnworth. He rushed Into tho storo
ubui'9 jihk-h be saw tho llnmes lcup-(
lng..nit.''ttelllng the Chinese proprietor, eaves of the burning building. Tho
"yourdMpioMH' on fire." ilient at tilts point was so Intense that
wl.xLt'l ,1... .1I. ... 1...nt.l tl,nll.n n.. .. .. .. .... t., ,,....
JtiuVJUiJ. bl.u ..c.l.fc u. iiltniHK uiu.utu ..nu .fffi-.tii.tr tit i.iu II.K Hl.oitllllu
ndianeoioMliiijfirn Is duo to tlio iiuar-1 ongluo was forced from his post tlmo
termaster's launch mid the Hurenii of mid again, only to run bnelc to his
NTit t lixt 1 1,.,. lii.inolmu t.'lilnl, tlit-nw . tmirlilt... tvlintt t tut,. In tl.n l.rnMn
jttrcnpis on. tho, fire. They, with a do-
,,MT,n ..'.,. ... ..,.v,i, .,,..v.. ,...-'.-
tuehirmilt of soteral hundred soldiers a steam ennlno been stntlnned at this '"""V "" "erfipuuig ill CJU mis
froin.tb-Tweiitlcth Infantry, were tho point, It Is said, they would have been pvcnlng. A musical nnd literary pin
dotci turning fnclors lu Iho riff lit ' withdrawn In n slim tor I lino and nl- Ktnm of uniispnl excnllenco bus been
ncnlnst the conllaRratlon. A snund of lowed the Harness to gain heidwiiy PfPafd 111 tvlileh a number of pioin-
two white men alleged to bo smug-'
glers and the capture of 24 centra,- ,
band Chinese in tho small power
lntltif.li 'Vimrniln In tti.nlni.n,. l.nw It.
Iho dark of Sunday 'nlr.lit. Tho soer- !
Inutilnr rjipturo, tho' first of Its kind '
ever made by police and Immigration I
qmclnts, disclosed tho existence anflU
ed to the whnlepulo apprehonslou qf j
members of n glgnntla Biinmglliip
ring, whch had' ns lw 'ehlbf, ufenj
Mrs. ICthcl llnll, 25 years of'agcrwJio '
wa nrrcsted In I.os Angeles yester
day. Ailtonln Fell)!, another reputed
incomer oi me gang, wns urrcBica in
llllft rllv' nl tlin Rillltn lltnp
Tho Biuldcn nnd successful activity'
of tho Federal authorities, assisted by
tho police of Monterey, Is said to luuo
been inspired by tho urglnga of tho
Treasury Department Hint moro cm
elency bo shown in California. Ono
reason for tho presence In WnshliiR
lon now of Collector of llio Port Fred
H. Htrnttou Is that the' Federal old
clnls there wanted to confer with him
over the laxity Hint has been dlscov
ircd along (ho California const by
special agents of tho Ticnsury De
partment. There was a sudden end to
laxity Sunday night.
wnrt! 11. Glenson, the druggist, who
Is regarded by tho State Hoard of
Pharmacy as "king" or, ,nj lensL a
"ernwn iirlrfco" of t lif" Onliim rlnir.-
was urresled yesterday nflnVnoon nnd;
cliai-Kcd with n ylolatliiu of tho Stata .
law relating1 to Iho sale of narcotic,
drugs. Ills 'urrest Is 'thought lo be'
tho mfist Important made In.tho pres
ent rrusade 'ngalnst Illicit, dealers In
opium, morphine und cocaine.
An Innocent appearing place, n con
telitlonnl harness shop ut 696 Octuvln
street, ttus found to bo a depot fur
dangerous habit formltig, drugs, iind'.
I iwo Harness iiemorH unto iwen uriesi-
-t-. t
"(1) that there be Introduced Into
Hawaii Inset t-cntlng blids, such as
-t. .11 I....... !..... ......r....n.t 1... ..it........
i "lll IHl.I llllll t.ll'Ul.. 11 ..'..l"
tent iiulhorltlcM us being beneficial:
(:;) T)l(lt nilIlc assistance In tho
,vny ()f ,ir0vdlni; addltloiial cipilpment
JO nvr)) t,y tll0 BMioliillon to tho Tor-
rltorlul division of forestry for Its work
of (.Towing tree seedlings In large mini
bers for tho use of those, especially
sugar plantation companies, doing ex
tensive forest planting;
"(3) That It, be furolbly brought to
the attention of each pl.uitiitlon that It
M the Judgment of this association
Captain J, M. Petty swarmed Into tho'enso ho will try to locate the men
bhir.lng furiiacii nt till Itosarln and (nun the barracks who were rcspontd
lltcrally toro tho burning building to ble for tho fight, la doing so, how
pieces to stay thn tiro's advance. (ever, ho will consult tho commuiidcrs
It Is estimated that 71i per cent. of. of the posts and nuynl station,
tho city Is heavily Involved In tho
losses duo to tho llro. Tho largest
pine oh destroyed wero tho Hotlcn do
Hlzon mid the storehouses of I.uclo
I.liupanRco, tho largest linpbrtcr'pf tho
fltyt " " ,. V '-" ' '
Tfie elfectlvo work rendered by tho
soldiers was'mndo poksllilo by tho ac
niii(iin itttniiiiiiiu ifBniiriu IIJ HIV UW"
tlvo Interest of flenerarPunston. Af.
tor u visit, Jo tho llro ho ordered out
thotTw'eiitUth Infiintrr. every foiling
liany tilth tlm exception of (.'nnipany today of (lovoiuor Vrnar on
K turning out to light llio bluz u motor trip urniind tho Island.
Tho city's big iilnety-liorsepowcr! Tlift parly left III three big inn
Thomas tiro oiikIiio did 'nnlibi work nt chines early this morning, the plan
tho corner of Hosarjo nnd HnrrlsUa, , bplng to lunch nt llalelwa and ho
puniplnfr water Into the hoio from n
hydrant nlinost dlreetlj' beneitb tho
.....,...,., - . in.., ,, ,,.., ,,, ,,,, ,.,.i,.u
sivrpt tho llatues thp other way Had
MervlnVuckeyundtdi)wn Hacrlstla. ,
just Received
Alto boar Ip rnlnd the New
Book ,
Mi. Frear's New Book of
"the fcbeba Pdlft."
Price $1.50
Our Holiday Lino -of bioki is
laroo metropolitan bookshops on
Tbey range from tho pleturo
deeper booki by such Jiithora
nnd Munsterberg.
Crossroads Bookshop,
t Limited,
Successors to ferpwn (& Lyon Company, Ltd.
Young Hotel Building
Chief of Deti-cllvrs McDullie now has
In custody several members of thn
gang who wero Involved lu starting
tho light nt Palace Sipiaro with tho
tolillers and marines. They are tthar
key. Palalia, Zulu, Mixer, J. PI, Paka
laka. Hale, Hull, Tug, Mnhl, Pio A.
ltoblnson, J, Itoblnson, Wlillu Koala
nml George Koloa. ,
Ycnteriliiy the chief rounded, them up
nnd bunched them nil lu police sta
tion, where they will remain until
tried McUulllo said this morning that
one ot tho boys, when 'piestloiied yc.l
terdny In bis olllce, "squenled" so loud
(hut llin lost oflha inischlef-tn.ikers
ndmlttvd (heir guilt.
A specl.il Invojttlg.itlnu will bo hi Id
today, when a .representative from the
County . uttof Hoy's 'illee will ho present.
A-.corillug to'compiuints nrougiit to
Sherlrrjurrctt. It Is said, the fight be
tween tho soldiers, marines nnd a gang
of hoodlums In Honolulu was started
by soldiers when they Insulted certain
Hawaiian women on the street. Other
reports am that the soldiers and mu
rines entered thn homes of Hawnllnns.
Jarrett Is Investigating the matter
mw; and If, (ic concludes such wns thn
Admiral Thomas, Admiral Southcr
I'lR'l., General Macomb, set ami of tho
11 I 1 fl
. crmscr captains ami ineinbors of tho
nyonnt Btliff of tho two ivimlrals,
i I,C8,,M nuinb?r of-ladles, aro tho
buck in Honolulu by r p. in,
Tlio ladles of Ollvo llraiich, Uaugh
lejs of Ilehorca, anllclputo u largo
allciidanco at tho grab bag social' mid
,,, w, ... , , , . .1 . .. ,. .
'lij"i "H 'ii ""i i'oi-
i Inent niemhoro At 111 pnrtlclpato,
Edition of her Children's Sony
the equal of any shown in the
tho mainland.'
books for tho
aa Qbopcnlutucr,
b.tbics to the
WiINjio James
Closing up their annual meeting,
Iho Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Associ
ation went Into oxiciitlvo session this
morning In a conference that lasted
well hc)niul noon. Labor conditions
and labor prospects: were Iho innltors
taken up behind closed doors and tho
labor problem Is pl,ilng as largo a
part, apparently, In Ibis session ns it
did last yoar.
Kactii and figures on ttngo scales,
Iho percentages of .lap.tnesn, Chinese,
Porliigueso and other uatlonalltlori
employed In tho llebls and tho farh
rles, in fact, nil tho labor cleinoutRfol
sugar productions wcro gono into.
Tho bonus system, established somo
venis ago and favorably icportcd on
last year, was again taken up brlclly
In general tiio lalnr situation Is ho
Hcvcd to bo Improving, or at least,
has prospects for early Improvement,
uccoiding to promlnont sugar men
Tho steady tldo of Immigrants set
ting this way from Kuropo Is looked
upon as n good Indication, though H
Is felt tho territory Is facing a sorlnus
problem lu hilngliig Immigrants hero
and having tlietn arrlto stricken wllh
11 Tho report of tho labor coinnilltoo
wns presented this morning and form
ed tho basis for discussion,
On tho progr.Hu for this nftcriii'in
Is u visit to tho cxporlment station,
und' tonight tho mutual dinner will ha
held nt tlio l'ucldc Club, colors til
ing laid for 110 Kiiesfn, Tho plantors'
dinner utvays contulns mapy not jl
rondures ntul this jcar Is ONpoctbd to
bo unusually go'id.
I'dltpr I-aii(;lou's Chilstiaas. nin)l
bor of thn lupiilso of tho I'.iellle. Is
one of the most Interesting and nrtlst
I? that has bein Issued ,fiom the i'ur
udlso press, The color work of tho
number Is ospeelally worthy ot com
mendation and will bo 0110 of tho
most attructlto features to those pur
chasing cn'plea o bond to filonda. Tho
attlelos. Include a whlu raiigo of In
tert sting toplcu varying all tho way
(10111 politics p, fanning.
Keep mi oo 011 tha man who says
he-doesn't mean, mi) ilunui
fluent niemhoro At 111 par
1- t tC i .-, i" w
1, " v(t3j "jnt-
4 ....
i .A& .aMfa .1
.fe-Uy.,, .i;,,
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4, t ai viW fiTf ')''

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