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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
lluw.ill.in-M iltd-l.lt tllim
llmiiiliitii Cliji tt r Km) ill
).i I Woh.i ('linpli-r Nil II
AM vliltlng menibtrn ol Ut
Order are cordially Invited to
attend meeting! of local lodge
Keet on the
2nd and 4th
Kondayi of
each month
at K. P. Hall
7:30 P. M.
mmM MYr4tm ciationi cor
lially invitee.
K. of P.
Umii vry 2nd Atut 4th Saturda)
ulng at 7:30 o'clock lu l. n( 1'
Hall, cor. Fott and llerctanla. Visit
Ing broUws cordially Invited ti at
uod. F. T. KILIIUT, C 0.
i:. A. JACOHSON. K R. B.
fiONOITlW 0Bi2E. 610. B. P. 0. 1
Honolulu Lodgo No MB, U. F. O
Clki, meet in their ball, on Klnp
ItrMt, near Fort, every Friday it.
alng. Visiting Ilrotbeis art cordlall)
nrlted to adeni
n it lansnnna, k n.
OHO T KLUi:Ui:U Sec.
SI cell" every drat and third Tuctdn)
of each inoutli In 1 Vutcrnlty Hall, I. O
O. I'. building Visiting brothers cor
dially Invited to attend.
. W J, llOIIINfJON. Baohcin.
u v.roim. o. ut it. . 1
OAHU LODGE NO. 1, K. uf P.
McUk every first nnd third Friday tit
7 10 o'clock, Pjthlnti Hall, torne-r Here
tanlu und I'ort streets. Visiting broth
rs cordially Invited to attend.
s decker, c. c.
o ih:i.i:, k. ot it &3
Meets on second and fourth Wednes
day evening of each month ut 7:30
o'clock. In San Antonio Hall, Vineyard
treet, near Kimn.i Visiting brothcra
aro Invited to nttsnd
WM C M'l'OV, Secy.
Illwurd Ilirlc, thp noted IVjchlc of
Kan l'rinclsio, who for oer twe-nt)
)earn his been prominently ldcntllled
v Ith Urn Spiritualists' moieties of Amer
ica. Is hi Honolulu mid will elcinon-
Htiatn p)eblo pin ileum na, i te Spirit
ual advleo on all matters given Dill)
10 tn 1; evenings by iippolntmciit Tel
ephone. .".313 or at residence, 7S.J Kln.iil
ntrcrt, (ir.uid Si inco every Thursilu)
Ke, 8 o'clock 010-tr
Importer Fort St
Oppotlte Young Hotel Phone 3038
Bonnet Shop
Miss Power
French Laundry
', The Highest dies of Work No
i ? nAUAi
J. Abauie, Prop,
City f rahsflr Ca
: . : :
three koulES
Conformation Comes From Australian Agents Who Predict
Increased Patronage New Kilauca to Sail on Maiden
Voyage to Hawaii Tonight China Carried Christmas
Mail for the Mainland Manna Loa Brought Varied Car
go From Kona Ports.
A big passenger and Height busl
nous Is looked foi hj tho Oceanic
mcnnitlilp Compiii). accotilliiR to tho
fctattmcuts coming from tho 8)ducy,
N. S. W agonc) Jnr th.it line.
A positive I'onllim.itloti of tho ult
lopia'cd alor) to tho effect lh.it thu
OcLMiili' conipm) fnll Inlended to
iihiiiuu the S.m I"i.iirlsc(i-Aimluillaii
lorvko Ih reielveil In tho ilccl.triition
.rum V A Hprotil, tho reprcscntatlvo
fur the Oti'inli Ciiinpan) ill rfdney.
Ilo la uporled aa hujIiik that dca
'.Ite the riimora of nil Inerc.iBed Hteatn
sliip Hiivlco h the Union BlcaniHlilp
i oniiMii hU San rrunclico prlucliuln
wire- au.iru for scyernl ila)B plflor to
"i I'nlon Conipany'd nnnounceniont
ih il thirc wait every ptohitilllly of
li.u eoiup.in estendlnt; Ita San rraii
c li-eo-W'ollliiKloil Hcivlco to Sdney,
Mid had ndlicd liitu tint II would In
ru way alter Iho pruKinm which (he)
have liiipped Out for a icmiinptliiu. it
einied to liliu that tho Pacific coast.
which has been nrRlcc'cd for Bruno
e.ira now, bo fir ti ti paaseiiRer koi--
leu between )dncy and San 1 1 .ill
Ifcii U rouieruid, Is roIiik to bo
Iminlbolnely e.ltrrcd foi by (he three
.1 itiir.il ronton, which all wlilppliiK men
ciccled would aooiicr or later bo op-
oialed, viz:
"1. Tho main (and direct) loute.
-lan rrancltco via Honolulu.
"1! Ilid cnBlcj-n loute, fioni Silue
lo San Fraui hi o via New .calutiH
.uid Tahiti.
: The 1011(0 from !!)dno to tho
iinpnitaul CunUdlan seaport of V.in-
ccuivei, via l'ljl.
'All Unco loutoa," k.ih Air. Sproul,
piculded many attractions lor the
vcr-lnrrcusliii; number of tourist
proicccllutr lo KiiKlnuil via Iho Ainn
lican continent, ami (he fail that
.March and Apill BiiltliiRi liavu al
eatl) their accoininocl.lllou well taken
up ahow that these attractions aro
not loat bIrIiI of by n larRe psreent
iro of thoso who hnvo decided lo
inko the tllp to tho Homeland itct
'J list look at tho IltiCB catcrliiR for
ihe p.iBBeiiKCi 1 1 ado via Suez and the
Cape, and sco how nbsiinl it Is for
.111)0110 to IiuurIiio that thu tians-l'a-clllc
loutej should not bo well pattern
Ircd. "Over In IScw Zealand tho iiRltntlun
for Iho icllnkliiR up of u New Zea-I.iiul-San
1'ianilsto service him nevci
libalid durliiR tho lust live eai'K that
no surli heivlco oxlctid; and oven In
Australia, since It w.m auiioiiuccil Unit
Iho Ot. aide liilinilcd riiuilulUR the
soi vie o llieto have been diilly lniiili
icm In loRanl to dales of b.iIHukh and
li.n.toiiKcr accomniodatluu. It vviiuhl
also bo iiullu unfair lo Btnit lurhllotm
romiurisoiiM bclwc.cn Iho merits of
Hie servlco via Tahiti and via Hono
lulu to Han I'ranclsco. Tahiti Ih not
ru well-known as Honolulu, unci,
whllo not t'l i"s.HomliiB the attrac
tions that the litter placo holds for
tho tourlsl. It is thoiiRht that tho
openliiR of tho Pan una Canal will
hrlus Tahiti Into promlnynce. Then,
iK.iln, tho Oceanic servlco will make
last tlino between Sjdnoy and San
Francisco, callliiR at tho Saninan Kirt
f I'flRii PaRo and Honolulu en louto.
'Iho vojaRe from Sjdne to San
rrnncl'co will tuko up "Jl days, and
pasaeuRers III this way may reach
londim In 30 dajs fiom the tlino of,
.tnrtlnR from Sjilno. Natuially the
malls will bo delivered In London In
tho B.inio tlino und In this way Ans-
rnlla will pomsoss an nltcrnntlvo mull
louto which will laud her malls In
.'iiRhnd's metropolis irom this pint'
us cpiluklj as tho plescut Suez eoi:
Ifownvn ' said Ml Sjiroul In c on-j
i Huh n, "j on ntav Inko It as dollnlto
W. C.Pcacdck&6.,Ltd.
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty
Mont Rouge Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Chanifiarjhe
- ne w 191EM&9)iarles.
Call and get one of our I
In south Seas
that tho Oceanic Co. will make a first
pnllliiR out of San Francisco for S)d
ney In May, or not later than Juno
or next scar, and I am iiultc confi
dent thnt the resumption of Ihe ser
vice will ho cenerally welcomed hj
Traveled Thlrty.One Miles In Five
nillNllOItOUOIl, Scotland Hxperl-
inents aro hclim continuill) can led
out with tlio object of nsceilalnliiR ac
curate; details with icspcct to ocean
citric ills. Ono of the prlnelpil means
of ohtilnhiR iccords is lo diop bottles
contnliiliiR the nccessnr data Into the
sea, lu the hope Ihul they will hi
deked tip nt n 1 iter dale.
On Sept. 2S, linn!, n botllo was
dinpped Info Hie sea fioni the fishery
irulser tlohlEeckcr. (Julio reccnlly,
that Is five jears laler, the bottle was
picked up li. Iho l.oili Klldounu, an
berdcen, irawlrr, within ol lnlles of
the Kpot nt which It, was first tin own
In. It Is assumed that tho bottle hail
traveled no further than 31 miles. On
the other hand, however. It would ap
pear that Ihcrq la nnthlhK lo proto
that Ihe liuttlc hid not traveled
.considerable distance, rotuinliiR pel
haps eventually close
starting point.
Harrison Direct Linn
to lis original
Frclnhter De.
Iho llrltlsli steamship Ciown of tla-
tlcla, was illHpilclied by .Ml, FipiI
Waldron, 'the local iiRcut for Vlclo
rla and Vntiiouvci last cvciiIiir after
that essel had dlsrliareil home thrco
Ihousand tons kcncral. ctirg'o liroimht
irom European ports, word lias been
lecclvcil licit to tho effpet that tluon
new Htcaiucrs nio under construction
.it llrltlsli ship) arils tho Botanist
Arlur and Sculptm to nURincnt tho
Harrison direct lino eorvlco between
l.Ivc.'rpool, (IlasRuv), Antwerp and I'll
Kd Sound via San l'edto and "San
Finnclsco, accordliiR' to advices
broiiRht by 'the steamer Ulroclor of
tills line, which has arrived nt Vlcto
I la from Iho United KIiiriIuiii, byvvay
of San rrnnelscu. Tho Dlicctor la
tho sixth steamer of this lino to reach
the Sound.
Manchuria Hat BIq Cargo for Hono
A ruble leeelved at Iho aRciicy of
I. Ilntkrclil and Compnty icineHOnl
'ni; 'Hie Paeltle Mall steamship' M in
(liurin slates that tho v easel has fir-
teen hundred mid fifty liiiut frnlRhl
for illsLlnirge at Honolulu Tho Mini
cliuria sailed from Yokohama yester-
lay and should nrilvo hero next Frl
il.iv Tho Yokohama agents nihlso
that Mm liner has room for one bun-
rred and twenly-flvd nddlllonnl pjj,.
KiiRcis fiom this port.
Mauna Loa Retire from Service.
Tho Mauua I.na, Iho popular and
tld icllnble Vloamcr, vvhlrh for jours
una carried mcrchandlso, sugar and
pttHboiiRoiH botweon Kona and Kan
lorts and Honolulu canio Into pint
this moinliiR mi her last vovhro for
EovernI months.' Tho Mauna I.oa lb
to lie 'placed out of commtrslon mid
a poyd many thousunils of dollars will
ho spent on tho steamer bdforo Iho
vessel enters tlio Intor-Isliind scrvlcu
oealn. Tho new Kiluuca will tuko up
Iho Mauna Koa run with next Tues
day. Tho Maiinn I-oa brought tlio
usual vailety of caro Includlnc 3
homes, L iIors, 5 cialCs pigs, 8 crate3
tuikejs, 7 Backs ginger. 19 bartels
fish, Hi crates thickens, 29 head cat-
lie, 32 biles tobacco, 33 cases rritlt,
5!' bunches Imiuiilns, n tit'nntlty of
t'liiptles, M sacks healisf 79 sicks
taro, 1811 sacks coffee, 3801 sacks
cs r?S 5 c '5 8
"" in iU ,g k$ i
2. 2,11 1 . JL . 3
Dee. a tn p in. p m i m
t is so an ik e.tt si ii
B 3 5V s.iou aai S19 IK
0 Ite it 3 OH. II li', 6.57 Alt) llw
I, tti."
... . iu.a io 7i
in : mvio isi..!s 5.a iijt
D o. si d-smiis si.vc.su n.511 o-tn
"' 71', l SIW 5-a' m R.SI HIT!
""iTlif moon Dec'. T.nT 4:21 p. in.
f, r i .r . .
Tcinperntures 0 a in, 71; 8 n. in,
74 j 10 ii. in., 7C; noon, 70; morning
minimum, 70. .
llaromcter, 8 u m , 30 00; ubsolutfe
humidity, 8 u. in, B.S'J3 RrnliiB per
cubic root; relatlvo humidity, 8 a. in.,
CI per cent; dew point, 8 u. m , 02.
Wind 0 n. in , velocity in, direction
N. 12.; S a. in, velocity 18, direction
11; 10 n m, Vclocl'ty Ifi, direction II;
noon, velocity 17, direction 11
Itnlnfull during 21 hours ended 8 a.
in , .03 inch.
Total wind movement during 24
hours ended at noon, 307 miles.
(Spcdul Cable (n .Merchants'
Km liaiiL'e.)
Friday, Crc. B.
YOKOHAMA- Sailed, Doe. C
S. S
Manchuria, for Honolulu.
KAIIU1.UI Sailed. Dec. 8: Schr,
Tin nor! for (1ras Harbor.
' Wireless.
S. S. Wllhclmhii, 189 miles, fresh
N. II winds, bo.i lough, wc.ithei' fine.
nigar mid 103 pickiRCs sundries.
I'uiscr Sheldon leiMirts smooth seal
nil light w lulls on u portion of tho
homeward trip. Tho sloimer Nllliau
Is reported at l'im.iluu discharging
coal ami lumhoi Owing to rough
eas thero n.jleli) In tho discharge, of
mill rollers w is ii'iicu. too JNiuiau
will take on lOOo tncl.s fcug.ir before
icturnlng' to Honolulu,
Few Take Pat&aps In tho China.
l.eis than .1 dozen calilii p.nseu
ycis joined thu Paclllc Mall liner
China which dcpaited for San Krau-
Cisco promptly at ten o'clock this
iiuunliic uflcerhavlng dlsiliarged some
five liimdrcrllfkin,!f' Oriental cargu ut
lllhhop wlinrrl
'rtic ilniitilio of the China was at
tended without the btaro of mull. 1
music The bnly notoworlhy poison
ago taking leave of Honolulu In the
Intermediate 'tcnmshlp from this port
wag Nouum II. Smith who has just
competed a sennco wllli tho redoinl
officials upon, tho charge (if smuggling
(jilum. Smith was not listed with tho
parseuRois under that name hut hu
was much III evldenco as ho leaned
over the rail and hid a fond fiuuwell
lo the woman who has stood by liitu
in his recent troubles.
Tho Chlni was woll crowded us the
'.csscl was obliged to tliko on thoso
passcugi'iH who had hoped lo leaVo
Manila In the United States army
tj-iinspnil Sheridan. Tlio tioop-dilp
was detained :t' Iho last moment
n ill lug ordera to proceed lo Noith
China. The I'aelflc Mall llnor nnlv
cit nt this port shortly before six
o clock last evening.
Among Iho p.itsengcrs fur Honolulu
v tro about a loren Chliicso reliuulng
Ionic; fiom visits lu China. Captain
Kllhlo Sluail, or Iho nrlllsh arm
Mill wife, will icmalii In tho Iluwall
an Islands nliaut six or seven weeks.
They are making u workl tour,
fooular Veteran to Command Kilauca
Captain Aaron C. Slmcison, tlio po
pular uteian navigator In tho sorvlco
of, Iho lnlci-lsland Steam Navigation
Cohin my has been officially designat
ed as tho master of tho now slcutner
Kilauca which will beginning with
next Tuesday take no tho Kona and
Kail run In placo of thu old reliable
Mauna I.o.t, which now returned foi
i Benvrnl overhauling. Thu appoint
ment of Captain slnicrson as liavlga-
toi lu the ikjw Htcnmcr was foi coasted
In Iho columns of tho Bulletin
weeks ago, nnd his solcctlon by t'ic
Hldclit ami (toncrhl Manager J. A.
Kennedy, will doubtless nicot with the
approval of tho ti.ivollng public as
well us bhliimtnisjlu tho Intoi-lslund
Today's Departures.
Tho Anicrlcau-Hawallnn freighter
Mexican Is expected will sail for Isl
and poilB today followed by Iho 'Mal
sou Navigation chartered aft-amcr
HonolulauT Tho latter votol has n
Ii-irq quantity or fielglit fiom thu
mainland tor discharge nt, Knhnlul,
Kiianupill, Port Allen and llllo. Tho
Honoltilun -Ib to proceed from Hllo
dlictt to SentUo, whoro nnolhfir largo
fhlpmont or mcrchandlso foi Huwitll
an Islands awaits thut vessel.
Pacific Mall Liner Damaged.
Tho Paclllo Mall liner Aztec, Cup
lain Holland, which niilvod nt San
l'4,incsco from Panama, eueountereil
a fcaiful tempo! Oclnher 8 whllo pn
tho wav In Ihe Isihmiis. Tho hiioiun-
lor regljered 2R.no, which vvus tho
lowest glass Hint Captain Holland had
8, 1911.
T T Wong, nt the dead of educa
tion under thu Imperial government of
China, was it HimmikIi mvimr on
the Chlni, which sailed from this port
for Kan I'ranclsco this morning. Sir.
Wong, who Is n highly educated nnd
cultured gentleman, n graduate of the
University of Virginia, Is bound for
the mainland for the purpose- of look
ing ufttr tho Chinese Indemnity stu
dents In the dllTerent unlvrrfdtfcs of
tlio cnuntr Thero are something like
two hundred of Huso supported nttho
present thiie by Indemnity funds. Their
future Is lusiired, , init there uro fciur
or five hundred others, who hnve uIo
Hearing u painful and dlsllgurlng
wound on tho j.iw which ho received
whllo engaged In Hcd Cross work, in
China, A. K. Kepkcr, who for several
5 ears has been a missionary In tho
provlnco of Yunnan, under tho support
of tho Presbyterian Horn el, Is en route
to tho mainland on tho stenmshtp
China. Ho expressed, great satisfac
tion when told ot tho efforts of tho
ever seen. Tho Aztec left Punntit
wit ha, big deckload of lumber cm top
of which wcro several hollers. Tho
dceklond lashings gave w.ij under tho
humhiidtucut of green water" and lum
ber and boilers went over tho side,
nirr.vltig with .1110111 stanchions ami
largo sections uf rail. Consldoralilo
dntiiitRO was done about tho decks,
which will bo repaired during tiro
Artec h staj In San I'lanclieo.
Hclcne Brought Cattle.
Pevenll-llvo head ot Hawaii rattle
arrived at the port this morning us
pint shipment brought bj thu Inter
lslnnd stonier Hclcne. Tho vessel
took on cattle nt Kaw.1lh.1e. Tho ve
icl also brought two mill toilers and
1(15 packages sundilcs.
Damaged Tall -Shaft.
Wit lithe lull shaft snapped off ill
the tube, tho tteamcr M. K. Plant,
which lert Seattlo 011 November 11,
wns towed Into San PniucIbco on Iho
'lith by the steamer Itoseeians or tho
,'amo lino, tho Alaskn-Pjilflc Stcim
ship Cionp.ito.
Sparks from Ihe Wireless.
A wlrcler.c repoit waa received list
evening from the Matson Navigation
steamer wllhclmlnu as follow s;
M. N. S. S. Wllhclmlni. cu ionic to
Sin Krnni Isco, S p. m. 181 tulles out;
fresh winds, ecj lougli, weather Duo;
nil well.
Si'nir at Kona and Kau Ports.
Sugar uvvaltlug slilpiucut at Kou 1
1'id Kau lints on Hawaii Include Ihe
following cn'isiRnmcnth according lo
it port brought by Puiser Sheldon of
Iho steimcr Matuu tin: Putialuu
197R mil itouiiaiKi 2.1.10 nicks.
Tlio Aiucilcnii scluioner Koieslor
vvhlrh sailed fiom Hllo fur Hedoiido,
C.lllfoinla, on November 2nd. Is ii-
potted to have arrived ill Iho Southern
California port on Inst Wednesday.
A consignment of lumber fnr Hono'
lulu Is rcpoitcit to have silled fiom
Pint (Iambic In (lie Aiucilcnii sclioni
er HpokatiO which telt thep Washington
poit jestcrdny. v ,
A. It. Row at, 1). V. S., Tenltoryl
The passago of n few labor hills irnl
other claims cli.uac'crlicd tho regu
lar moetlug of tho city ailtl count
supeivlsors held last evening.
Tlio bond submitted bv .lojeph 1 3 II
man, picsldeut of tho Honolulu Illtu
Ullilo P.vcment nhit Concicto Com
pftii) was passed upon by tho city and
inn.nl) Httorliejs iloiurtmCnl nnd
found satisfactory In all detail
Tlueo nicmbcis of Iho city and
county board of supcrvlbor.t failed to
nnswoi to their names at roll call last
night and mainly for this reason a
caucus on tho now appropriation bill
MB lll'ICTieii iiiuii 11 uiiur line, nup-
tivlsois Dvvlilit, Arnolt', Kiuger ami
McClelhm.woio inesenl,
Plve locil conccins entered tho lists
for furnishing the city and county llro
department with two niiii uiio hn)t
men mo nose, lints wcio oieiied vl
noon today hut tho flgutos must ho
(ujnihted , "holoro aiuiniincliu My
mvntiL t Aiiiom? ho lliius who Jihl
veio Iho following; T. II. I)avle,
Co, II, Ilackfehl & Co. Cation Nel).
Honolulu lion Works, fl O. Hall &
Ulx, fiom Manila nnd Nagjsukl, sailed
fioni Honolulu for Seattle, Dee, 4.
lxjgan, fiom S1111 Kmnclsco foi Hono
lulu and Manila, Dec. S
Pheriuan, ut .Manila, awaiting orders.
Sheridan, ut San I-ViiiilIlco, arrived
Oct. 15.
Crook, nt San riunclscn.
Tinfortl, at San Francisco.
Warren Stationed nt tlio Philippine.
Thomas sailed fro'ifilltmnliilii for Ma
, nlla, arilvcd Dee. 2,
been receiving pupport fiom thei gov
ernment, but who nre In danger of
having their remittances dlscontlnueil
owing In thu great drain on thu Mnn
thu government funds at tho present
time nnd the I evolution.' A number of
tho iitilvcrsltles, or which the Univer
sity ot I'eiiusjlvunln.ls u notable ex
ample, are doing nil In their power to
nld these students. Mr. Wong will
look Into condition In nil effort to,nr
slst In making It possible for the stu
dents to continue their education.
Mr. Wong has also been actively
.tngngciU In Y. W. (J, A. vvorUln
Kb inghal.
i y
jlocnl Chinese women to raise fundi,
for their stricken countrymen. Hit
Inst words before tho ship salted from
this port 'were: "May success crown
I the efforts of tho revolutionists."
I MrvKepkcr wears us n fob ornn
ment the bullet which pierced hit
Jaw. Although Incapacitated for ac
tive work for some tlmo to come, he
ls nn enthusiastic advocate of the rev
olutionary cnusc.
(Continued tram Pag 1)
from which pint the trip to llniiotuli
will ln imide Thu Klliiiieu Is due tc
return to Honolulu early Monda
The ili Is given under the dlrei
Hon ot President und tie nerul Man
tiger J A Kennedy of the) llitcr-lsbui
Steiiiu Nnvlgutloii Company. ,
Among those liooked to depart 11
tho sptelil criiWe of the new liner ar 1
J. W Wnldion, P. M llateh, II .Motl
Hinllli, r 11 Thomp-on. V William
urn, II Dovvsett, tlcn lleelclev, A. Pe
trie, J Jnetir, N Watklns, John Me
gillie. I WnltrrH, N l Ogg. I. H
t'olliurii, W P .Tnrpjlt, Clius Allur
Ion, l f Kdiiipily. II It. Kenton,
P11II111, J0I111 Unit, A. MorilKiui, Mr
I'ottrlll. XI Mljers. V K Kltlinrdsni
T It Koblnon, W P Moiisurrat, J
T llrovvu. N O Itothvvell. A K Sliep
pird, Itoliert Hull, il V Walt. N
Campbell, W. O. Smith. Alfred Coop
er luliii Wis,-. 1) 1 Coiikllng, c, II.
Ceiol.e. J 1 Cooke-, A tlartlt-), JiiiIri
Robcrti-nu, Mrs Itobertsou. II lintel
Allen Cooke, Jllss J Kenned),, Mr
Mcvei, MUs 1. Nott, Ml-.s von Holt
A. M Campbell. Mrs. Campbell, Mb
Hall, .Mrs do I'Artlgue, 1! r. Wlch
mill, P. Lovviey, A Mcllihle, A 1"
luilil, SI Smith, A Scott, A Aherit
Ill-en Low 0. W Cnrr, A Horner, A
Hrrbeil, M Cluiinbi-rlnln Mr Melau
ph), 1) II Macoiiaclile, '. K. Mver
I A Kennidv, n Nott Mr. Ilede
liiiiuu, C S. Chlllngvvorth
(Continued tram Pag 11
tract Willi the llllo r.illioad enmpau
lliat a vvhait will ho built If tho com
pnnj will 11111 Its rails to It. Ther
will bo nothing fin ther Ihiu tills, lion
ever. As lo tho running of tho what
mid tho bei thing ot Htcinpera the con,
mlssjoii Will handle this matter will,
out lofcienco to iiuy one private lp
teiust nt all, nnd In exactly tho saim
manner as tlio wharves In Honnluli
arc inn at tho present time.
Although 110 dellnllo prefcrenci
lights will ho given It Is tho dense 0
tho body that the commission will set
that all Intel ests voiding to use the
wliatf will bo given fair and lntp.tr
tint treatment.
Commissioner James Wukefloh
pointed out Iho legal restilctlons ti
tho oilier members nt tho hoard am
spclklng of tho matter sulci; "It vvll
do nwny with a length) ugrecmon
IhntwcaiUl only tlo us up In tho fu
Tho vote that tho ntop ho taken vva.
n hnanlmouB one, Commissioner'
Hermit, Wukcflotcl, Campbell nnd Me
Curthy votlitg uye Cniiimlsslonc!
Wnkefleld olfeicil the motion. L'olu
mlssloncr, McStocker wns not picscpf
Tlio China Mull icportB that durlnr
Her present vojngo n fireman 6n the
P. and O, Numnr fell Into tho llei"
Sen near Porlin. Tho big ship wnt
nt onto turned rpund und n boat low
ered, nnd the poor fellow icscucil
within six minutes of the alurmbo
lug given,
Malli are due tram the followlni
iiolntB as follows
Yokotlama Maiuhurla, Dec, HI.
Sun Kianclsco Koioh, lWc. 12,
Vlttorla-rMakinn Jan. 3, ,
Colonics K.enlandln, Jim. 2.
, Malls will depart for the followlni
oolnta as follows:
Yiilinhpimi Kmen, Dee. 12,
v.iucnuvei xeaiatulla, .Ian. 2,
San Pi mclsco Dee 1(1.
F)dney Mokitin, Jim. 3.
Thunday, Dec. 7.
Hongkong via Japan porlB China,
P. M. S. 8, S:30 p. in.
Friday, Dec. 8.
Kona and Kail potts Mauna Loa,
stnir., 11. m, . . ,
Thursday, Dee, 7.
Kauai isirts W. (1. Hall, slmr., G
p. in.
San Kmnclsco Andrew Welch, Am,
hktnc., 3:30 p. in.
Island ports and Seattlo Honolii
Ian, M. N. S. S , P. m.
Victoria and Vancouver Crown of
Onllcln, Dr. stnir., p. 111.
Friday, Dec, 8,
San Kranclsto China, P. M. 8. S ,
III a. m. 1 1
t- -T
Per P. M. S. S. China, from Yoko
hama, Htc. 7. Kor Honolulu: Mis.
Chnn Shoe, Mis. Chow Kon, Mrs.
Chun Shoe, Miss Chun Sec, Loons
Lee, N. Kanmnicito, Pang Hoon Chong,
Pang Mew York, Pang Og Yul, Pang
.lee Hang, Pang Wnh Jin, J. Fujikawa,
3. Mlsnkl, Cart, and Mrs. Kllbco Stu
lrt. Through; A. Aucr, W, O. Date
man, Mis. W. fl. Ualcninn and Infant,
diss C, Ilroiuloy, R. K. Chambers, Chin
'ou Mnn, Capt. J. A. Clark, Mrs. 11. II.
navvson, O. Y. Dcsbrcln, H, II. Doh
oins, Mrs. II. II. Dobbins, Mis It
Jobblna, Fong Low Chun, W, J.
3rodske, Jr., W. D. Hobart, II. K.
lodges, Mrs. 1!. K. Hodges, C. W.
fughes, Vnncc. Huston, l,t. Comdr
.uckcy, Mis. l!eo Slice, Mis. Leong
lice, Mrs. M. I.entz, Mr. Low Shear
'ong, I. In (Juock Jin, 11 M. Meadows,
Irs. It. V. C. Mills and Infant, J. C.
.Illtcr. Mrs. J. C. Miller, dipt. Wni.
Mtchcll. Mrs. Win. .Mitchell und sor
int, MIbs II. Mitchell, Miss 11 Mlt
hcll, Mis.M). C, Muniford nnd Infant,
Vm. Nolan, uait Kin, Mis. (Jum
Cln. V. II. Itiifctnll. Mrs. W. II. Itas
lll, Mrs. II A. Roberts, Miss M. Iloh
nson, Mrs. II. P. Schlihll, Mrs. 1. 1..
hnifinan and Infiint, Miss S. Spoil
er. Mis. II Stockman, Mis. (1. A.
Iluart, Muster Melvlu Stuart, Mlas A.
marl, Miss V. Stuait Mls A Stu
rt, P. I). T,i)lor, C. S. Thomas, V. 11
civvies,,, Tun' Mint, Tung N) Hong,
-I L. Wntinu, J. M, Wclhnrn, M. T.
Veils, Miss O. Wilson, T. T. Wong.
Ilss II I). Wright, MciiL I,. J. Loung,
Ir. Zcschelletscky, Umls A. Manor,
Ilss l-auia Ilcrnndlngcr, Y. Hgo, Mrs.
PV D. K. actthe-ll, Mrs. I). K. Uot
'icll. A. (licciibei'gcr, A. It. Kepler,
r.lu Y11 Kong, Mrs. S. Mtiklsliinu, II.
I. Parker, Ameer Simula, Miss A. II
lanrord, II. Taketa, Mrs. T. Tannokl,
t. Tsukikoshi, Mrs. It. Tsukakoshl.
Per stnir. .Mauna Ixii. rrom Kon 1
nil Kan- 1 orts, Dee. 8. I. J. I.lAdu
iinuu, C. Horsvvcll, Jus. Morse, Miss
t, Wilght, Sum Kneel, I.. Mactarlano,
. A. Magulrc, Mrs. Ma) dwell, F. II.
tcSlocker, A. U Castle, J. Oouvtla.
). P. Hnloaiuau, Mis. Poepuo, J, You.
1 Shaip, licit Hellluon, It. .I0I111
Ume. 1). K. Watson, ,11. J. Me) 01, F.
ledclros, A. Fullgrubo, Mrs J. II. Wll
oii and Ci) deck.
Per Mnraiua for Australia via Suvi
nd Auckland W. D. Collins, Ho v.
etei Quel), I T. Oomle),,A. F. D11111
rbicke, Mrs. V. C. Peicock, MIbs I),
'cacoek, Mr. and Mrs. H. lllali. Miss
'. ndniondson, Cnlonol and Mrs.
'olve, W. II Oiuictt. F. Preston, .las.
tttind, Ud. Congilon, Miss M. No
vell, II. Schnefcr, Mr. and Mrs
Jueteliman, nd. Mattcison, M. Jensen,
. ItnwbO-i, It. Smith, Miss A. Rosen- '
'erg, Mi. und Mrs. Oppenliolnior, II.
'otitnng. Miss Allcu llamond, Mr.
Intlegkol, 8. Ititter.
Pel P. M. S. H. China for San l-inn-ls,ccv,
Dec. S, Mis. A 11 C'n, II.
I Thompson. F, White,. Mrn. F.
hllo and ti)U, iiairy Ho.vIaud, Mln
'. M. nillngvvorth, J. A. l.ylc, MrB.
inloAdams., ,, , H, ,
Pei stnir. Cluudlue, for llllo, vl,v
vny porlB, Dc.,8i Miss M, S. Cump
oll, F. niedcll. Ceo. Oohlen, I To
il Iner, D. K. Kilhaulollo, How Seln,
V. Wuld.
Per stnir. Mauna Kou, for llllo, via
vay ports, Dec, 12, Mrs. O, II. Scjiro
lor, Mrs. A. O.iicln, J. Hind nnd wife,
irs. t.. 1.. Soxton, A. P. Oliver, Mr,
laorr. Miss Abhy, Miss Jiinscn, MIbb
. Waal, W. F. Dukcr, ttlfo and two
children, Mrs. Rose, J, M. Roso.
Per Btmr. Kilauca, for Kona nnd
tan ports (maiden trip), Dec 12,
.trB. J. A. Auld and child, Mrs. Leslie,
1 II, Cooko, H. 11 Conant and wire,
V. Pails, A. Paris, Miss Ackonnan,
loo. H. Robertson, H. MoWaJue, Kle
mor AlinRst Wallato Aungst, W. W.
t'runor nnd wife. 8. Hurper, II. Moss
nan, W. A. nallcj-.
Per Btmr. Klnnu, for Kiuttl ports,
Dec. 12. Miss I. IJorry, Jamos Douso,
tbiilso Doitbe, Heleno v'on Ariliwahli,
1lss llcri), Miss 11 ,McLaroh, Mlsa
Purvis. (
Per btmr. tlnati, 'for Knu.U pints,
Dec. 19. D. Ilnhlwlu, It JlaiiFcns,
diss Wh(tltigjon(. Miss Sinth, Mlsa
Lust of the .Mpslc.
The famous old, warship Nlpslc,
which siirvled the Bamoan liurilcaiio
ind which for manv venrx Iihq !,,.
tho prltoii slilp of thu 'Paget Sound
.av-y Yurd, has been condemned iih
Insanitary and will bo sold at miction
ind bioken up. , Tio Nlpsle Is to bo
mcteeded ns 0, prison shin by tlm
eiulser Phlltideliihln, built In 1888.
Pnrgi-t the banana. trees und re.
iiit'iiilit-r the Klorul Paraile.

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