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.3 ;
Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
1 1 not n In -Sliildl.
Honolulu Coiiim.iiielcr)
Order (if Iho 'Iciuplr.
I In n t t.i it i lilnl lirgrt c.
IIiiiiiiImIii Chapter-Mark
Iliiriimti) ('liuplcr o. I, (I.
I!. . Regular.
All vliltlnt member ol tkr
Order are ccrdlhllj- Invited to
attend meetings of locnl tif,f
Mid uii lite
'.'ml mill llli
Moiiilu) of
I'lU'll llllllllll
nl It. P. Hall
7:30 I'. .M.
Members nf
mlicr u.
rl.illuus r-
dliillj Int Hiil.
W.M. JlrlilMU I.OIMil', M). s.
It. i 1'.
Meets otciy 2nd ami II h Sutui-
I d ly otonlng ;it 7 30 o'clock In
1 K nf 1' Mull, cor Knit anil
llorctuni.i Visiting brothers
llally Intlted Id atti'iul
!'. F KILIII3Y. K I! s.
ouir i.oiidi: o. i, K. or p.
Meets etery Hist mid third Frl-
jday lit 7 3U o'clock, I tlilmi
jllnll. corner Ilerotuula mid
Tort streets. Visiting brothers
cordlnlly invited to attend.
s ni:cKi:a. c c
o iii:ini:, k ot it a s.
homimm; i.oik.'i:, ;k;, ii. r. . i:.
v .Honolulu Loelgo No. CIC.
.o .. .-. .... . ...
. r i) i.iks, meets n
tliclr hall, on King St.,
near Kort, every Frld.i)
evening Visiting Ilrotli
ers nro cordially Invited
to uttend
I). 1 II. lSKNUKlia, i:. H.
HAWAIIAN Tllllli: XO. I, I. (I. I,'. M.
Meets over llrst nnd third
Tuesday of e.ieli montli In
Kraternlty Hall, I. O. O F
building Visiting brothers
coidlnlly Invlteel to attend.
l.Ol'IS A PKItltY, C. of It
ho.mm.iu' w:i:ii: no, v. it. i:.
StjZ) Meets on toenail and fourth
Jes, Wednesday evening of each
, montli ut 7 3u o clock, in
San Antonio Hall, Ylne)iird
street, near I3nimu. Visiting biothoii.
mo Intlted to attend.
W.M C. McCOY, Secy.
L. O. O. M.,
will meet In oild Fellows' building
Fort street, mar King, Thursday men
lug. Fcbriinrt 11. 1'UJ. at ' 30 o'clock
Visiting liiotlK-rs cordially Invited tn
A.MHROSI3 J WIItTZ, Dictator.
i:. A JAi'cilisciN. Secretary.
SIM til
IMnard 13arlc, tho noted ls)chlc of
Hail Francisco, who for over twenty
)cars has been iiromlnently Idcntllled
vt Ith tho Spiritualists' societies of Amer
ica, la In Honolulu and will demon
strate psychic phenomena, etc. Spirit
ual udt Ice. on all matters given. Dally
10 to 4; evenings by appointment. Tel
ephnno 391,1 or nt residence, 782 Klnau
street. Grand Seance etcry Thursday
r.vc., 8 o'clock 6090-tf
Importer Fort St
Bonnet Shop
Latest Styles in Shapes and Trimmings
Phone 3038
Spring Hats
Miss Power,
Millinery Parlors, Boston Dloek
A. p f )j
City Transfer Co.
Plates Buckled and Tail Shaft Bent In American-Hawaiian
Freighter Virginian Mexican Bringing Airmals for
Uncle Sam Big Shipments of Feed and Forage Coming
Down to the Islands Helcne Away for Hawaii Cleve
land to Be Given Musical Send-off This Evening.
I'llois In ch.iige ol the Anieilc.iu
iliiuall.iu 1'ic'lnhler Vligliilnu and 'he
lliltish ptc.imshlp Stintlinlhvn, which
met In collision nlth damage to both
iescls, iue piedlcted nia.t ho helil ic--ponslhle
for the accident, iiccoidlng
to a n pint lecoltoil hero .tcstcrday
HIi the ariltal of the (ionium strain
er I'leielund.
A peculiar condition obtains with
lOleiouco to the Slr.ilh.ilb.tn-VliRliilaii
collision, mid according to muiio ol (
Hie iii.ii lllmc law.tcrs tho l'nllcd
SI, i cs Mailuo Inspcctots cauuoi
uake tlndlugs, as It is claimed the pi
lot of c-ich ossol was outside tho Jur
isdiction of the bo, ml. It Is pointed
ut that the stipulation of the sta'utc
thlcli would Keeiii to exclude tho Vlr
ulnlan Is In Section llnl, leaillng lu
it as follows "Kvei.t coastwise
ici-gcilng htenin tesscl sublect to the
natiguliim laws of Ihu I'ultcd Slates
md to the inles and legulatlons afore
.i Id not salllug under teglstur, shall
then iindci wav, eeept on the hlg'i
cis, be under the control and diiec
t lint of pilots licensed by the InspcLt
irs of steamboats" Thus It appears
tha' pilots licensed lit the gotcrn
uicnt shall control all coastwise tes--els
not under leglhtcr Inasmuch us
tliu Vliglnlan is under icglMor It can
not npplv, accoidlug to stiict appllc.i
Hon of the pilnclple. The only possi
ble means of holding tho pilot. It
would appear, would bo under tho
Slate law, which Is eutliely out ol
the Federal Jiiiiidictlon.
rioin adtlces iceeltcd hole, tho
merlcau-llawalian Vligiul.iu Is tin-
lei going rep.ilis at Seattle, having had
i. nuniliei of her plates reunited.. It
uas found that a number of the pt.itch
beneath the wateillne had liuckleil
Thi'o will be lepahcil and otheis ru
uev.ed. A bent tJll-shafl has also
een lepalied The Vllglnl.m Is to
go Into commission In time to take up
tile legular schedule, accoidlug lo lli
Miiiintliin iceeltcd b (Jeneial Prclght
gcnt C I' Morse.
Southern California Hears of Hawaii's
Down lu .Southern Callfoinla tho
fame of Hawaii's tolcano has been
spread liroadenst through tho efforts
of tho promotion Inteiests. In tho col
umns of a Itlveisldu newspaper the
special exclusions to Kllauea, offered
li the Intel -fshind Steam Natlgatlon
Cniupiui, liato iccclted uicntloii.
Southern California lesldenls ate In
fill mod that the Mauna Kea will he
icserteil foi oc nrsliinlsts mid that tho
tilp lo Pole's shrine Is one that will
iieter be foigutteii.
More Staterooms for the Mariposa.
i:tensIto ulteiatlous mo planned
lor the erstv.hllo Oceanic liner Miul
isisa. bcloted of ilouolulans. anil now
tiausfeiied lo the owueislilp of the
Alaska Steamship Compau ami soon
to cuter a noiihein run. At tho do
p.utuie of the llambiiig-Auieilcan li
ner Cletel.ind Horn Sau 1'ranclt.C'o for
Honolulu, the announcement was
untie ih.it tho Mariposa was lo go lu
to the shlpyatds for a general otci
W. C. Peacock & Co., Lid.
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty
( Mont Rouge Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Champagne
( Schlitz Beer
P. M.
hauling which will Include tho Instal
latlon of a number of additional stato-
100ms. One at leiiBt or these altera
lions Is Indlcatlte lu the difference be
tweeii the ttado she had boon applied
lo when miming to tho tiopleal Isl
ands lu the South Seas or Honolulu
and I tin t which she Is about to cuter
In subarctic latitudes, that is, the al
terations to her cabin doors, which
will be 1 chuug to open aft Instead id
foiwatd. lu addition to hating dons
ichiing, the Mailposn's hutches will be
enlarged to facilitate incitement of ore
caigoes, which this set-on 1110 expect
ed to pla.t a hlghlt liupoiliiut pint III
Alaska trade.
Dands Will Speed Cleveland Away.
Music: from several bauds will speed
tho big Hamburg-American liner
t'leteland away for ,1 11 pan ports and
tile dulse mound the world. Kite
bundled or more tilppcrs will ho treat
ed to an enthusiastic faicttell when
the exclusion steamer pulls away
fioiu Alakcn wharf at 5 o'clock this
otl'iilng. The Clctoland possesses a
musical organization of 110 mean abll
it. The Teriltorlal band will also
bo pichetit and the musicians from
the United States cruiser West Vir
ginia might be counted upon for a
patting melodious salute. Some lines
of provisions hate been supplied the
('let eland dining the .Id-hour stay at
this sut. The Clot eland Is due to
an he at Yokohama on l"eb. 2Mh and
will leatc hei last port of call lu Dal
N'lpiKin on Mmch 1 1 1 It. Tho Clete
l.ind will not call at Shanghai.
Mexican Brings Mounts for Uncle
I'uelo Sam's soldiery In ll'iwall will
leccltc 11 number or Hue mounts with
the 111 1 Kill of tho American-Hawaiian
lielghter Mexican, accoidlug to news
tecelted bote tesloriluv afternoon.
On the neck or the Mexican now
1, cm lug I ho Islands, mo foitj -eight
mules and tluec horses for Schotlcld
Ilairacks. Tlieie aro also III! tons ot
oats and ."Oil tons of liny for tho (Jot-'
eminent. Tho vessel's cargo consists
of uhoiit ,,liini tons fioni tho Sound,
3,111 in tons or which" wcic loaded at
Tacoma. The cargo Includes ship
mollis originally Intended foi tho Vlr
ginl.iu and the Hyndcs.
Phclp.i Ready for Sea.
Tho last cif five thousand four huir
died tons sugar Is going lull) tho Atuel'
lean ship l?rsklno ,M. Phelps today and
that tessel is hcllotcil will he lead)
for sea toniortow. Tho Phelps Is des
tined for the east coast of tho Hulled
States and will pincced mound tho
Iloiu In Dclat.ntc llieakwater, theic
to await 01 del s concerning her dcstl
Kauai Sugar.
Puiser ligau of the Intei-lshind
stcaincr V. O. Hall ieKiits the follow
lug sugais as awaiting shipment on
Kiiual- Jl. A. K. 3S.3 1 1 . O. & It. M,.
SMI, Moil, S1I.I9S, K, B. M. 1,9110, V. Ix
IL'.'O, Ix P. lX'JH, Ix. S. Co. Snail, I,.
P 1 1,830.
15 5 5i p ri o i k
! i s- s- - I K
l'!' k in. i1 nl. p iii ii til '
Ii on IJ I1W S51I s.v oni s: S.M
i.i is ii in 65i mi e.tii at J
i i
" iw 1.9 sivItii u oai &i 119
is 511 19 sat urn torn 0.59 5.M ,-io;
1 3S 30 ' 1W S II 1031 ClU 0K 5 19
I I 1 I
l" in 1.9 :i is1 9 is to l e.ss oi 0.39
1 1 ' '
111 I 1.13 19 131 D Vt 11.117 S3llIWil
New moon IVbruary 17 nt 7.13 P. 111
Tenipenitttrcs 0 a 111., 07; S a. in.,
72; 10 11 in., 7a, noon, 77; morning
minimum, GO.
llaroiuetcr, S a in, 30. H; absolute
humidity, 8 a. in., O.r.51 grains per
cubic foot; rctatlte humidity, 8 n. in.,
77 per cent; dew point, 8 11. in., 04.
Wind 0 n. 111 , velocity 4, direction
X K ; 8 11. in., velocity I, direction N.;
10 n. in., velocity C. direction W.j
noon, xeloclty 8, direction S. II.
Italnfall during IM hours ended 8 n.
in., 0 Inch.
Dotal wind incitement during 24
hours ended nt noon, 105 miles.
Lurllne Due This Afternoon.
Tho I.urllnc of the Matson Natlga
tlon lino Is due to mrlto alongside
lliiekreld whurr on or about 3 o'clock
this nllernoon with 72 passengois, In
cluding Delegnle Ixiihlo, Charles U
Ixiinpp, ii wealthy mainland business
man. who has been mentioned as a
possible successor to Collector Stuck
able ut tills iu t.
The I.urllnc bus been meeting with
some rough weather which Is under
stood to have damaged her wlieless
Installation. The l.urllue will leate
.'t.'un tons freight heie, Including 17
uutoiuobllos for local ImiHirters. The
vessel Is to pioceed to Kahuliil, thcie
to dlschmgo pm tons additional cargo.
The steamer In lugs ill s'icks hrer
mainland malls and 12 packages
Vclls-Liigo expiess matter.
Shipping Quiet at Hllo.
Tlieie Isn't a great deal stirring in
Hllo shipping circles these days, ar
coidlng to lepcuts In ought by Ihu m
ilval of the Cliiudlnc this inoinlng
The American srlinonor Catuano Is
still a visitor a tho Hawaii metropo
lis and rcpicseuts the sole sun h or of
dcei-sea shipping In that kiii. Tills
vessel Is discharging lumber. Purse.'
Klhllng reports the Amcilcau-Hiiwall-an
freighter Mlssoiirlau taking on su
gar and discharging Height at Ixahu-
lul. Tho Cliiudlno brought ii small
cargo Including crates of poikcts, I
cords of wood, IS crates pineapples.
37 crates chickens, and 190 packages
Tho vcsiel mo! with smooth seas
and light and favorable winds on the
round trip.
China Has Room for Forty.
I'orty passengers fiom this toit to
Sun Kranrlhco can he accommodated
In tho P.iclllc Mall liner China, which
Is duo to sail from Honolulu on tho
morning of February 23rd. A ruble
received at tho agency of II. Hackfeld
& Co. yesteulay afternoon Is to the
effect that the China sailed fioni Yo
kohama with seven hundred tons ori
ental cargo for discharge at Honolulu,
The vessel should arrive here on the
morning or February 22m In ample
Mine for her passeugcis to witness the
I loral Parade. Captain lllco will prob
ably liu advised of tho dale of the
festival and an attempt will bo made
to bilug Ihu stcamor Into port cm time
Prometheus Has Been Delayed.
Tho Ilritlsh steamship Prometheus.
with a large consignment or phusiihat
lock fiom Ocean Island, which was ex
pected tu leach Honolulu mi or uhoii
Satuida, lias been dclujed lu dopirt
uro fiom tho south seas. According
to advices iccolved at tho agency of
1. II. Datles & Co. jesteiday after
that tessel will not unite hero
much heroic the last or this mouth
Tho Pi e hens Is one of flftj or nioro
steamships operated In tho llluo run
nol surtlce. known to shipping cliclej
all otcr the world.
Well. Known Windjammers Collide.
HIIATTI.U, Jan. 31. Saturday, the
fi-iimst b.ukentlno Hvciett (1. (irlggs
compleled lepalrlng as a result or her
collision wlMi the l-nuist schooner A.
I'" Coals Sho will now load 2,250,1100
loet of lumber for Hyilnej, N. S. W.
Whllo ai tho Herreinnu phint ilia
(lilggs hud her bulwarks lepalied by
tho ard roice, ineanwhlle having 10
notteil Iho ilgglng on tho mUiien mast.
Jigger mast and drivcmiist, lu aildllloii
to protldlng a new suit or sails, blocks
mid tackle.
Mlkahala on Special Trip
Tho Intor-Island steamer .Mlkahala
will bo dispatched this cloning on a
special trlii '" Kauai poiiB. talilns
shipments of coal, Itiuillir mid cement
This vessel has Just lelt tho mailuo
lallwa.t mid will on letiiin lesume hci
icgiilai inn to Molokal and Maul ports
of call
Hall Loading for Kauai Port!,
The Hall or tho Intor-Island lleot U
taking on caigo and plantation sup
plies liu Kauai polls, mid that tessel
has been plated on tho heilh tor dis
patch lot tho (linden Island at 5
o'clock touioriow otenlug. laklu,;
fielghl passengers anil malls.
The Stiiiidaiil Aiiieikiiu Dredging
Co is meeting with dllllciiltles In the
dredging of the I lounlulii harbor chan
nel, which was commenced u short
time ago There l no new dredging
to be done mid the big turbine has
110 trouble at all lu pumping out the
accumulation of mud mid silt, but the
dllllciiltlcM to date bate been lu the
dlspoiltliui of the removed material.
I.etees hate been built on the t'ort
Ariustiong resrrtatliui, mid the pipe
line laid there in order to build up the
site from which sand wasi recently
taken for Port De Hussy. The level's
hate been resting on an Insecure foun
dation of sand, and when wet mud and
nose bate bee 11 pumped Into theiii, they
lime lu several Instances given tiny
and cniiseil iinu.tlng debits In the
dredging opi rations When this low
land Is idled, however, nnd the pipes
turned to the far side or the reserva
tion, this illllli ull. should be overcome.
II Is bclb'Vid that the work ofclean
Ing out the harbor will be completed
cull) In March
Shortly after noon today tho Aim.t
trauspoit Sherman was sighted off
pint, and she will dock early this un
ci noon Accoidlug lo schedule, she
was not to He up until ," o'clock, liu
evident!) she made heller time on the
last leg or the 11111 fiom tho Coast
than was expected when the last wire
less was sent.
The Sherman c.inies several rank
ing Infantr) oPaceis for station here
She will leave I'lhki) at I p. 111.
A number of olllcers, well known to
army circles lu Honolulu trill he
tniiml on boa id the Sherman 011 arriv
al heie tomorrow'. Among those leav
ing the California (oast mid who will
he welcomed here arc: Colonel nnd
.Mrs. J. C. V. Tillson, I.leuten,int-Col-onel
mid Mrs. W. Ix. Wright, Major
and Mrs Hurry J. Ilirsrh mid child,
Caplnln and Mrs. F. U Kmtdscu and
child. Captain Murray Ilaldwlu, Cap
tain W. F. Creary, Captain ami Mrs
F. II. Shaw nnd two children, Captain
and Mrs. II. V. Kviins mid two chil
dren, Captain mid Mrs, F. S. I,. Price
mid child, Captain W. 1.. Hood, Cap
tain Urahaiu L. Johnson, Captain mid
.Mrs. C. A. Dotph and two children,
Captain and Mrs'. W. II. Oracle, Cap
tain and Mrs. T. S. Moorman and thiee
children. Captain and Mrs. I'.. J
Hnickcu, Captain I,. T. Ilaker, Lieu
tenant and Mrs. II. II. Pope, Lieuten
ant and Mrs. F. II. Knhlo, Lieutenant
and Mrs. K. M. Norton and three
children. Lieutenant and Mrs. Simon
M, I.uts mid child, Lieutenant nnd
Airs. Wllford Twyman mid three chil
dren, Lieutenant mid Mrs. W. J
Davis, Lieutenant and .Mrs. IJ 11 ward
(!. Sliarpe, Lieutenant unci Mrs. A. II
Vnn Wormer nnd daughter, Lieuten
ant and Mrs F. L. Mlnnlgernde, Lleu
tennnt II. It. Campbell, Lieutenant and
Mrs. M. II. Shuto and child, Lieuten
ant and Mrs. Ralph A. Jones unci
child, Lieutenant John (1. Walker, Jr.,
Lieutenants 13. A. Hverts, Wllker 10.
Hnbsoti, Vomer (!. Olsinltli, James A
McOrnlh, Frank F. Snovvden, W. It.
Conolly, Ilnpp Urusli, Carl F, McKln
ney nnd Klvaii C. SandeMn!.
Casuals also Include Major F. (!
Mauldln, Inspectnr-gonernl; Major Kr
nestu V. Smith, Second Infantry; Cap
tain 0. II. Prltchard, Jr., Fifth Caval
ry; Mrs, Prltchard and II vo children;
Captuln A II. Wnrflcld, quartermaster;
Mrs. Warfleld and two children; Cap
two children; Captain Pnul L. Frcc
taln F. M. Wood, medical corps, and
man, medical corps, Mrs, Freeman mid
two children; Lieutenant K. J. lily.
Fifth Cavalry, and Mrs, Kly; Lieuten
ant Madison Ix. How man, medical re
serve corps; Lieutenant Leon C. (!ar
clii, medical corps, and Mrs. (IiiicIh;
Lieutenant O. 0. McQnrnnck, medical
corps, mid Mis. McCoinack, Lieuten
ant I lull y II. .McAfee, medical corps,
mid Mrs. McAfee; Lieutenant A. T
Cooper, medical corps, and Mrs. Coop
er; Lieutenant 13 L. Field, Klghteenth
Infantry; Lieutenant J. ( Drain
Klghteenth Infantry. Mis Drain and
child; Lieutenant 13. P Pluison, Four
teenth Cavalry; Veterinarian S. L
Teeple, Quartermaster's, Department;
Charles T Williams, Chnrles 11
Schultz, Miss Ldna A. Peiklus, Dor
toy M Iloutson, Mr mid Mrs. W. F
N'oot mid Mrs. Hairy T Goodwin.
As I'm coast lu the II 11 1 1 e 1 1 11
Attorney I.011I11 Andiews this mm nine,
culeied a plea lu abatement In the
ense of Chung Nuug wlin Is under In
dictment lioiu the Teiilliulal Oiiiuil
.Mil) mid who appealed foi plea this
11101 ulng.
The plea sets fin lb that the (11111111
Jill) was not at the time tho Indict
men! was found and icluined ami net'
or was a legally consiltuted (limn
i Mil F IN NFW
At last 11 loophole has been round
lu tho new uniform legulatlons for the
At my which will Hiiult olllccts of tho
local commands to wilgglc out of what
looked like n tight comer. j
When an abstract of the new legu
Intlous was first printed In tho At my
and Navy Journal, It appeared that
oflleciB would never be allotted to
wear the service uniform oh post. I.lt-
crally construed, this meant that con
stiuctliig fiuarterninstors laboring! over
Ihu prartlcal problems of house-build-
lug, engineer olllccis splashing round
the hinhor on Improvement work, nnd
olllcers oil staff dut) nt heaihiua iters
would nil hate to wear the whllo dross
1111 1 form.
A caieful study of (he "tnble of oc
casions" located a "warm weather"
clause which wilt probably leave con
ditions hero as they now me.
Heie Is the paragraph nncut the ser
vice olive drab which caused all tliu
'Except b) the olllcer of the day tho
service unlfoini will not be worn lift
er leticnt by officers in gnnlson, un
less pi escribed by the commanding of
ficer for some paillcular duly, nor will
It bo woin orr Kist except as author
l?ed in the table of occasions of tho
dress uniform (dismounted) occasion
3, pago 12.."
Turning to Iho page mid paragraph
designated, one rends: "The dresi
1111 1 Tim 111 (dismounted) shall ho worn
h) all olllcers when off posl, except
that when tiding m taking physical
exercise the sertlco uniform may be
worn Instead. In warm weather the
commanding officer may prescribe the
cotton tervlce uniform for wear when
off the post before retreat."
So the vital question is settled, mid
iiiaiterniasters who play with con
crele "siiulit guns", engineers who
make mud pies, and adjutants general
who mess lu the Ink filling their foiin
tain pens can wear workaday clothes
If only their post conimandeis will 10
inurk that It's 11 vvanu day.
As lo the uniform for tho Unlvcr
sltv Club ball next Filda.v night, over
which 11 number of olnccrs havp-liocii
winning, the matter Is finally settled,
As not all the ofliceiH hern have been
iblc to piovldo themselves with the
white mess Jacket prescrlbeel for tho
tropics, General Macomb has ordered
(lie white dress uniform for Hie occa
sion. Oidinmlly, the pi escribing of the
uniform for u social function would
lie, up to the post commanders, hut Ho
nolulu Is In tho jieciillar position of
being the common meeting ground for
four posts and the headquarters staff,
and In order to secme uniformity It
elotolvcs mi the ilopnrtment command
er himself lo name tho uniform.
"In the States tho commander of a
lepartment doesn't know a third of
the olllcers under hltn oven by sight,
mil olllcers nt different (sists seldom
If ever nicer; hut hero we're llko one
happy fpmlly," Is tho way 0110 ofllctr
sbed up the local situation.
Wednesday, Feb. II.
Hawaii via Maul ports Claiidluo
sttnr., a. 111.
Kauai ports W. O. Hall, stun.,
a. in.
Tuesday, Fob. 13.
Kauai pints Noeau, stmr., 5 p.111
Hawaii ports Nllliau, slmr., 3
p. in.
Maul, Molokal nnd Lanat ports
f.lkcllke, slmr., .' p. in.
Kauai ports Klnau, stmr., 5 p.m.
cdnesday, Feb. 11. W
Hawaii pints Hclono, stpir,, noon.
Per stmr. Claudlno. from Hawaii and
Maul ports, Feb. 11. M, Hudson, Mrs.
Hudson, M. Mnreantlinlor, " ' Slcl
m, II. Do Mello, K. .1. Hardcsty. S.
W. Fay, II. S. Polllslcr, W. A, Ander
vou, .Mis. Kalinniia, Jus. Morse, A.
Caivalho, I). II. Muidock, S. II. Clinn
ller Father Justin, Mis, Peudeigast,
Miss Fitglmolo, Mis. ,1. de Itego. F. (!.
Slovens, T. NaUiimlshl, N. Takada
Yeo Ting, C. C. Wnldiem. S. Woluz
lielmor, Mrs. Hemming, W. A. Nl
"oll, Y. Amny, elms. Ay.it. II. Illich,
Mniy Illich. 27 deck.
Per stmr W. (5. Hall, fiom Kntril
noits, Fob. II -13. A. Kllliilsou, .Mrs.
Knuihen II. I mange, A. II. Jones
S. I). Ciasle), Mis II. D. Moher, J.
W. Itawley, C. Achong, F. Ilueharl,
Mis W. II. Itlce, rJ., Dr. A. J. Derby.
21 deck.
'1 1: u u t: :: tt u tt :: t: iiitim t
lury lu that tho names of Iho Jurors
weic not diattu by lot fiom tho (iianl
.lint box as piohcilbed by law.
It sets foi th tho names of those who
solved on tho July and of lliuso who
weie di awn mid did not serve. Clt)
Atloruo) John W Cathcarl stated tills
moinlug that ho coucuried with the
Idea of hating Hie matter tested out
and would look citer tho plea and re
turn an nnswei to It tomiiiiow inoin
lng. As ho wiih looking alter Iho lli-teio-tK
of iho (Iruiiil Jul), however, ho
had tin tied Hie inattur over to Attor
ue.v Mllveitou.
The nltoine.vs me ugieed that every
posslblo point should ho sent to tho
Slipiemo Ciuut fin decision
Duffy's Puri Malt WhisKoy
the old family
r c 111 e it y, will
bring you re
rri'shliiK sleep.
It Is n wonder
Till remedy for
Indigestion nnd
11 e r v o 11 s 11 cs.
gives power to the bra lit, strength '
mill etastlelt) to the muscles nnd
richness to Hie blood.
Hohl eterywhere III SI3AL13I)
IIOTTL13.S ONLY .Meillcnl book
let mid doctor's advice scut freo on
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.,
Rochester, N. Y., U. 8. A.
Oiiomea Sugar 1 '0111111111)' held Us an
nual meeting at 11 o'clock this morn
ing ut ('. lb ewer , Co.'s oltltes mid 11
very good report was presented by
ManiiKcT John T. .Molr. Treasurer
(leoige II ltobcrtsoti reported that tho
net crop prollt for l'Jll was tl,0,3f0.46,
dlvlileiids paid during the year amount
ed to $280,000, and balance, brought
forward to next )ear ttas 53 1 ,57 l.r.S.
Mniiagir Molr comnients on shortage
of labor supply ami also on the back
wardness of the i:iKI crop. Ills report
In part Is us follows:
"We commenced grinding January !
ami llulshid September 27, 'J l. 111., lu
nil 187 days of 24 bonis each Aver
aging Ml.37 tons or sugur per day. Tho
iuatly of ciiiiu mid Juice not being
up to rornii'r )eurs, as you will observe
by comparing former reports by thK
year's mill leport.
"New Haltillng for Ijiborers In all
we have built II new houses mid re
lulioel 11 good many others. We aim
to make our laborers comfortable ami
contented. We still have 11 gri'nt deal
of work planned out to make our camps
more sanitary, unit cooperate with tho
Hoard of Health.
"Ootcrninent IjiiuIs Since my last
annual report tho Knlele lands hutu
been surveyed and plotted out, drawn
for, and all lots taken, thirty-two lu
nil, mid somo of them have now bouses
built tlitrcetii There will be it scrub
crop or ratootis to take otT this yeur,
ami tte Intend taking It ort llrst thing
utter starting up tho mill, nnd that
will give the homesteaders every op
portunity to get their land well cleur
ed for plowing. No contract has been
entered Into with them, bet tve prcposo
treating them Just the suinc us our
other planters.
"Fluiui'S We have found It tery nec
essary to build more pirmancnl IHiincs,
mid wo arc building them nlongsldii
nnd In the bottom of the larger gulches,
so that wo niay sate the packing of
the cane out of them Instead of haul
ing tho nine out, tte roll large bundles
of the cane down the side hills. We also
can smo 11 great de-al III using short
portable Humes to run tho Held cane
Into those along the gulches.
"laibor Shortness of labor has
been our greatest drawback for sev
eral )ems. and more so this last year.
During the commencement of tho
grinding sea-on we got nlong fairly
well, but when tte stall planting tto do
not bate ini'ii enough to keep all oper
ations going. Hating no spare men to
go hoeing or weeding, conseiiuenll''
that work has tu wait until we 11. .
llnMirel with the crop; hence the 1913
crop has suffered very materially.
'Cultivation Contracts We have
been mom successful this season lu
giving out contracts, owing principally
to Iho last crop hating turned out good
for the contractors, and having inudo
good money.
"The 111 I'll let out under contract for
Itilil amounts to l,!i!ll.93 acres, varying
r 10111 U0 1 cuts to 11 per ton, cultlva-
tl ily, mid ri 11111 I1.25 to 12 per ton
or cane which calls for cultivating and
bringing to maturity, cutting and plac
ing alongside! our Humes.
"Clop 1912 Consist of 1101 acres
plant cane, 1327 acres ratoons 1st, 371
acres latoons 2nd, and possibly lOOl)
acres plant ami ratoons from outsiders,
a total or 3S29 acres. Our expectation
from the ubovo area Is bllgbtl) ill ex
cess or ll.OUO tons or sugar, which vto
considered extremely liberal
"Clop 1913-Consists ot 1I5 lines
plant cane, 127H ncics ratoons 1st, Ml
acii'S ruinous 2nd, with possibly 1000
itrres latoons and plant cane from out
siders, 11 total of 3771 acres. This
nop Is very backward. Wo should say
It Is uliniit two mouths late", compar
ing It with runner yeais. owing to lack
or labor through the grinding season
to take cine of It Wo had to push
tlii! grinding all vto could In order to
get lime to do our repair work and In
stall new boilers, vacuum pan, etc., and
get iimi') for the coming crop of 1912.
We hope to be ready about the! 18th of
Jauntily to stmt on this ciop."
The only change) In the list of olll
eers and directors Is that T. It. Robin
son though still iiudltor, Is replaced on
the lionril of directors by 13. I. Spalding,
making a board of directors of nine.
Sunny Seas for Island Steamer.j.
Fatcunblo winds and smooth scar,
were the ruin dining tho lound trip of
the Intel-Island steamer W, O, Hall,
an nrilval today from Ixnunl poits.
Tho Hall returned with 3300 sacks su
gar, a quantity of empty iliunis and
other eoutalneis, spliiliious and other
wise!, an auto, crntes nf eggs, 11 1 bales
or hides nnd 27 packages sundiles
Tho tessol brought 11 nuill list of pas-Mingeis.

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