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HffHHffUPV, wm.p i yjiy
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I Chronicles of Society Folk
' Mr. H'lllnr t fllfTfir.! ttlll IP.lVpfl.r
Ban Francisco on the March Sierra
Mih Olffard wilt have her np.irtmcnU
i,1 Jilt the ('hnrlcnuigns, " apartment
! house talit Is Imth popular with I louo-(
. lul.ius anil the Golden (Into people.
Mr, anil Mm. George llccklcx ale
niinclu .f II... Mi. itiii lt,it1 Ulinii
thoy will icmniii until the dop.irtuic fiuoied the auillenre with Be4Cral
i or Dr. unit Mr UuMiioinl, after whlil musical numbers, ami Mr. Junes sang; I
h they plan to nunc Into Ihe Ilieloi.Mm. Ilcxuolils pl.rjoil scxorul iminbci u
; limine. Ululaiil Is a tioplcnll iirr.ing-lon Hie nl urn In a xcrx pleasing m.in-i
.eil house ami no iloulit Mm Heckle.,
will etitortnln on njmge scale
ji dipt, mill Mm Marlx ami .Minn
Knthr.xn Stexotni Ioiixc Honolulu on
tlie next transput ror the I o.tsi nur-
Ing the slax or this f.imllx th'-x luxe
made main wiuni ami Listing rrleu 1-
'Ihlps It Is tlie hope of theli frlenils
thai C.int.ilii Marlx. Mr M.irlx and
.Miss SlexeiiM will aciiu onue lo Hu
ll illllil wlieie llirx will alw.ixs lie ,ir-
i cnr.leil a I'eiutt welmnie
I Mi .mil Mm .lolin (iiillil weie lios'
Uiniil IhmIish :it a mii ill Infin mil tea
nhi'ii In hi'tuir of Mrs. Hutii'.in Mur-
''dock ami Mrs lleitr.im Curtis of Cui
:kll3llle The part motnieiL out to
Kahaliinal, wln-re dainty refieshments
xici p .euec anil a wry pleis.int ami
e'.ijox.ilile iilleiiiiniii was spent ,itn le
nrcls ex iii .nl nl Ihe arilx.il of the
hour lor ili'piiluie.
JildKc ami Mm Aiitnne I'erij weie
Iioiiic-coiiiIiik people III Ihe Wllhcl-
Ilillisi Thex aie on their lioiipxuiooii
tllp, .Im'Re I'eirx roIiik lo K.m Kr.m.
(jtlfCO, whirr the wedillliR cerenioiix
Fxvaii pertoiiued. .Imlci .mil Mm. I'eny
will iii.iIip thetr home on School street,
ffiil the
lioniestead or the IVll)
, t
Mr mid Mm Ch.nles II I'.ulei weie
I'loial I'made anlxals coiuIiir oil Ihe
AVIIhelmlii.i. Mm. Tarlei Is the daugh
ter of Mr mid Mm. C II. ItcxiinldH
iind an Itl.unl Rill. Mr and Mrs. K.ir
ler are the hoiixc-Kiifsts of Mr. and
Mm Iteyuolds Manx affairs will lie
nrraliRcil In homu of this Hipiil,ii- cou
ple I iv their Honolulu fik'iiila.
The liazar lo he liehl the (list week
In June Is assumliiR shape The dir
feient heads of Ixioths haxu appointed
their committees ami exei one is
x-.orl.iiiR hard, and the result Is ul
icad heltiR felt. Many novel in xxell
us cntcrtalnliiK stunts uru rormhiR Into
shaiic. The chlldicn arc roIui; to li.ixe
.r.iI.i da.x or It, as a chlldrcu'D pl.iy
Krouiid Is to li a meat lea I inc. Tlieie
will lie doiike) rides. tohoRRun slides
I'liiioh and Judy shows, h J ml piles
and the nluajs fun creatliu .iml ni)n
teilous Krah liox Mm. Tlniliciluke
mill Mrs fllitnn C-iitcr Mil have
mill ulto as well as surprising tliliiRs
In this booth l-"alher Slc hen feels
Xery Rrateful for the very able list or
pcoplo that me takliiR an actlxe .in
veil as Interested pait In llio bazar
fur I'uuahuu Chapel.
Mr. and Mm Wllll.iiu llaldwlu of
Iliilku, Maul, are In town on their
xx.iy to the mainland Mr llaldwlu Is
licaxll) Internstril In Tic pineapple In
(.UHtrj and rocs to Hie t'o.is't on bml
liess Mis Hal Iwln ami ramlly ro
Ulto, to leuidlu thlee iiioiiIIih
Tim inenibeis and friends of the
liuckexe Club or Honolulu met on
Monday cxi-iiIiir at the home or I'm
fessor mid Mrs. C H. Hitchc-ick The
litual nuniher of Ohloltcs were pres
ent, with a number nr Inxlted oul-
Pineapple Juice
Contains all tho delicate flavor and medicinal qualities of the
ripe pineapple.
Delicious as a thirst-quenching beverage
Incomparable when served with
For the home wo havo It in Asei of 12 Quarti and 24 Plnti.
Try Thomas' Sliced Pineapple in tins
You will like it bettor than the npo fruit.
Henry May
sl.lPlS A MlllPlldl.l lltcr.irX Illl.l llllisl
cat prngi.im cntcitalnoil the evening's
Mr Wostorxclt ir.nl an llU.r.
estlng legend, which characterized the
people of Hawaii. Siiiun.i nint Fiji Is-
' lands. Hex. Mr Wudni.in, In his usual
liiinioioutt cln, tohl of a few of liln
pergonal experience In the Islands.
Xttu Mmitu ,.r I."., . I 1 1. u. Cnmtn.irt
uer Anion:; Ihe lux lleil guests worn
Mr anil Mm. Prank Cook, Hev. ami
.Mrs. John W.i.lmnu. Mr. ami Mm. C.
ilcke, Colonel Hcuson of Scho-
,,,,, n.irrucks, Major MrGIII. Mrs.
KiiiKflMir.x . Mi Mooie. Mr. ami Mrs.
y i Wcstcixclt Mr. ami Mrs. W
i Widen. Mr. and Mm W. A. Unwell.
e. ami Mis. Kliemole, Mr. ami Mrs
Collrlll. .Mm ,1. K. Ilroxxu Mr. l.xlecomc
l)lcke.x .itDl Miss Johnson ami othem I
I Mr. Kills, xxho Ih lietrolhed to Mli-s
Mm. Seldou KliiRslmrx Is a week- Hllii'l AtiRiin, has purchased a most
end xlsllor In Honolulu comliiR oxer! tlesitahlo lot In Million and will tiiilli!
lo lie a part or Ihe week's Riilellcs.il IhimrjIou. No dale has hecn sit
Mm KIiiksIiiii) Is the limine Riiest or ror Ihe xxcddliiR. It Is undemtood that
Lieutenant ami Mis Koss Klirjitliiirj.' Mr. mid Mrs. Krnl Auriih, who now
Soxeial sin ill affilrs luxe li-cn llxe on Ihe mainland, will he In lloiri
pl.inneil for Mm KliiRsl'iir.x, who Is. lulu for the xxeililliii; ccrcui'iny.
one of the hunt ipul,ir ni.ilrous In
llio Islamls .liulee IxliiRshury, xh)
Ii.ih Jii,l Rotten nwi l.i mlppe, did not
eo.ne Mm KIiikIiiii) leixej for
M.inl on Tuesil.iJ.
The d inee lo h" rIxcii lit itie II itch-
eloi (ill Is takes pl.ice on the m-coiuI
of M.iii'h. ami the sterner sex are .in-
tlclpatlUR this exeill xsllh a meat dc il
inf nleasuie. It Is to lie hel.l nl llin
(lutrlsKcr Cluli Rroundh. Mis Cliarlos
I'. Wood .mil Mm. AiikiisIiih IT. Mur
ne to be Ihe chaeionH,
Mr ami Mm. Alouzo C.irllnv nt,,
tallied Informally at dinner on Tnes-'
da.x evenliiR. alter which Mr ami .Mm
(iartley ami their Riiests motoied to
see the peirorinance or "I'ln.iroie."
Mr. and Mm. C. MonliiRiie Cook eli
te! tallied Inrorinally at dinner on
Tucsilii) cxenlnR. Mr. ami Mm.
Cooke haxc Just inoxed Into their new
homo, which Is considered ono or tho
most beaiitirul houses In Honolulu. l
ts mi situated that the rains or Mauoa
keep exerjthliiR RrowliiR a most luxu
riant Rrecn. Mr. and Mrs. Cooko's
Kiiests were Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Itlco or Molokal and Mr. and Mm
(icorRo P. Cooke or Molokal.
Mrs. John M. Sok.t enlertalued at
liiurhcoii on Wednetd.u In honor of
Mrs Krlc Aillmr Knudscn and Mrs.
Chailes Itlco of Kanal. The circular
tablo was a mass or heautirul pink
bcRoiilas mid leatheij fcin. air.uiRcd
in a I.iirp cut Rlass bowl. Mrs. So
pcr's Riiests weie Mrs Pile Arthur
Kntidsen, .Mrs. Charles A. Hlco of
Kanal, Mm Thomas J. KIiir, Mrs.
Thomas Vlcloi KIiir, Miss Joicphlno
Super ami Miss Hlancho Super. Tho
arternoon was spent iIoIiir needlowork.
Mr. Ilackrelil will be tho houso
Riiest of Mr. RcnrKC Itodeik iIiiiIiir his
stay In Honolulu.
Mm. McKay of Maul Ih the houso
finest ol Mr. ami Mis, Zumi K. Mcjoi.i.
Mrs. Joseph Spear, the mother of
Mrs. James Donahue DniiRherty, left
iioiioiiiiu .xeslenlay mornlliR. Mrs
Spear was n louml-tliu-norhl passcn-
ger on the Cleveland, but stopped off
heio to visit her son and daughter.
Mm, Spear Is charmed with Hawaii
Co., Ltd.
Young Hotel Laundry
Guaranteed Good Work
ibB- u it . . .
ticl mill plans to idiiic Kal n fur a
lunger may Mrs. Spear wits mie of
the Floral riirnilo Judges. Wlillo 1
lliiiKilulii (hln tltno Mrs Spear snxv
for the first time hor son licforo the
footlights, which w. jib Indeed ii grout
ploiiHiire. Hon xnynge.
I Mr, iilitl Mrs. Dodsou of Spokane,
Washington, arc .-.oral i-arauo visit-
..... IIh .....I Xta... P.i.lu.i.l ..,.!. I..
imp. .... ...... .p, iiu.cmi Lt.i,n it'
I tin volcano trip mill arc enthusiastic
'oxci the natural beauty o Hawaii.
Mr and Mrx. Oustnv Schtiman, Ml is
'.Mjitlo ninl Mmter William Schiimnn
nl K"cl"!, ,,f ,,lc Sca"l,, ""tcl' wllcr0
"""J I1'"11 l" Tfm"" month.
Mr- "'"' MrB- Haiold Dillingham
ciitue Into town ror the week tu nt
tcml the University ball ami the Flo
lat Par.iile ami Colonial hall.
Mrs. Charles Itlcc of Knu.il Is a
town visitor, the Riicst or her mother,
Mrs Thomas KIiir. Mis, Itlcn plimi
In iviiiiiIii a few weeks. Her in:in
Irlemls aic cxtcmlliiK a cordial wel-
Mr and Mrs Walter M. Kniory arc
pliiuultiR a six months' xlslt to the
Mr and Mrs, Nelson LihisIiir hum
Rone to San l-'innclsco for a Hire"
months' xlslt. Mi. I.hiisIiir Is roIii-;
on business, while Mrs. I.iiisIiir will
x li-lt with her ramlly.
Miss Knlil (Jiprc. who was tlip houso
Kiiest or Major ami Mrs. DunnlnR ol
Port Shaftcr, and her molher haxc
Rone across the continent to xlslt
"I'1' or h,x '""""
Mr mid Mrs. lister I'ctrle are oc
cupliiR their new homo In Nuuanii
Mrs. William M. Craliaiu's Friday
exenins dancliiR class Is a source or
Krcut pleasure to the yniiiiRsterH who
are members. Prldiiy evening Is al
ways Joyfully anticipated.
Mis. Curtis or Ciirtlsvllle, Hawaii,
is at present a visitor In Honolulu
and Is the Riiest of Mrs. Moore and
Mrs. Weathcrbeo ror n short period
after which she will visit with her
sister, Mm. Sam Peck, anil later tlla
Norman P. Cumplons of i:wa planta
tt Si
Dr. ami Mrs. Grossman, with their
two chlldicn, me roIiir for a thrrP
mouths' (rip to the Kast Coast. Dr.
and Mis. (Iiossman will cIoho their
iittractlxu home, until they return.
Mr. and Mrs. C. I). Lufkln camo In
on the Kllauca lo attend the wccl.it
Icbtlxltlcs In Honolulu. Mr. ami Mrs
l.tilkln bioiiRht their car nloiiK, which
they will use this week to Rood ad
vantage. Mr. and Mrs. I.iifkln arc
Yoiiiik Hotel guests.
Mr mid Mrs. K. N. Holmes or llllo
Hie town visitors, comliiR down to
witness tlio week's fcstlxltlcB.
Mrs. Kilward Watson of Jackson
ville, I'Torldn, Ib visiting with her
Ulster, Mrs. Iliidolph Slattery, Ml
Watson being In WiiKliliiRton on busi
ness. The Watsons hope to bo hero
soino tlino In April.'
Mis. Rlurgls Ib a town visitor, coin
ing in from I.elclhua to sen the Floral
Parade and excnlng carnival. Mrs
Kturgls Is tho guost of Mrs. Chas.
Wlldor. ,
Mr. and Mrs, WodcliiniBo camo up
fioni llalelwa tu tako p.nt In the
week's lesllvllles.
Mm, Hand and Miss Agnps Hand
are this week tho hoiiho guests of
Major and MrB. Woolen.
Mm. Margaret Itoth and Mrs. Em
met May will lie outward bound pas
sengers on the steamer Wilhelinliia.
I Mrs Hnth plans to ho Rono for six
I months Mr. mid Mrs. Frank Thoniii-
son will occupy tho Itoth houso ut
Kalw.li. -..! .i,i mp ',,,..1...
... ..... , n ..,.o. ,,.,i a ,,.,
Mm. Ki xx In, llio wlfo or Paymaster
Krwin, will leave Honolulu on tho
Wilholtiiluu, bound for San Francisco,
on March 5th.
A Skin uf Beauty Is a Joy Forever
Hcmorci To, TlmpU
hrfckln, tlotii 1'jlct.r'
Hub, nd MvIb Iliff
01 tvttf Dirnut
00 ttUlf, ill dil.
Dei lUtfctlnn. Il
bktatood I bf trit
t( 19 Tfafi, Bbl
I k hirmlr
1 Ml c It lobtiurf it
It prorfrlj nuila
llt of aloillii
Mojf, Dr. U. A
8Trt ttld lo
if of Ifct hiut
ttn pMlfntti
"Aa you Itxllfi
will un Ibrto.
I raeutntntnal
llnutuuil'a Crnin' Ih Intt harmful nf ktl tbi
kin bff iirnl tuni 1" nr pI y ll druci-i ami Y tney
UiHnU Drtkler In lit I'blicd Ul, CnJ and Lurut.
'RO.T.HOPIIIIS, hop, 37 Great Jonet Stint. Ki.TmL
' "Ki-
I'll Wfi W
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Mn. McStocker Entertained Neighbor,
hood Bridge Club,
Mrs. Francis 11. McSlockcr was tho
hostess of tho Neighborhood Hrldge
Club Friday afternoon. Tlneo tables
of bridge wcro arranged mid nn en
Joxublo afternoon wns spent by Mrs
McHtockor' guests, who wcro Mrs.
Theodora F. Lansing, Mrs. Frank
Itlcluirdsnn, Mrs. Frederick Smith.
Mrs. Fred. Damon, Mrs. Harold fllf
fard, Mrs, James Dougherty, Mrs. It,
It. Hcldford. Mm. KnlRht, Mrs. Arthur
Daxldson, MrB. Day and Mrs. Water
man. Silken hose were tlie Rttts ami
,',l in Mrs Illehardsoii
I i tiiuclertv
ami Mrs. ikur
.wcro award
Mrs. Olftard
Mrs. A, N. Campbell't Luncheon.
Mm. Albert Nowton Campbell enter
tained on Friday In honor of her molh
er, Mrs. do I'Artlguc, who leaxes short
ly for tho mainland. A large basko
Ullhiit, in, ivrnmn
ior 111c miniiiauu. a ihim "i
. ... ,. t . ( I. ....I....
fllln.t ...III. 1n, it.al. ... ,l.lntu nti.l CrPnll.l
ill, l .,,, ,,.., lis ,..vn .,..,, f,.--.
. .1 ,, ., r........ in,, n , n -,,..
fill'"'!!!," Jr t I, rVHlRue! '"'" he """ "f ",,rnC,"'n """
bells guests xycrc. Mm. do ; I Arltauc. , ur,,,.flimmlH ,,,. ,,lnmond xxhlch
Wood nnTMisTck Til i- l"" ""'ru' "" """ ""P"""1
wood, nnd Mis. JacKJ. 11.11111. n ,or (nrk liar Thp pllrcllllle ,)f ,,
. .. ,.( ,, ,, ,r.rprrn,,J,'wrl "f inMFT reputation has only
Lieu . ( arrcl has been In . 1 erred m )cpn romplett.(1.
lo t-ort Slocun. which a most I.-, T(i Pr(.,l(lont rcturnr from ns(r,p
slral.Ie mid cnxlahlo !K.st. Lieut (.ar-l . .. , ,,, Unnnr
let Is on recruiting diitj Mrs. (I.irret,
and tho baby acc-Jinpaii) the Lleiitcn
mil. Mrs. F. II. McSlockcr entertilns on
Thursday of the coming wpek In lion-
or of Mra. Arthur Marlx. who leaves
on the Sill of March tor the mainland.
Honolulu feels a keen leg.et at losing
this popular ramlly.
Mrs. John M. Klllcott. wlfo of Cap-
lain r.incou. u. &. .. anil ncr uui?.i-,,)rn,
. .1
icr, .miss rrisciiia r.iucoit are csian-
llshed In 1111 npaitmcut on Callfoini.i
sticet. Captain Klllcott, who is In
charge of tho 1), S. S. Mao land, has
been ordered to South America anil'frP,4 n the cnpltal xxho knexv her as
will be away several months. Captain I vnry young girl during her father'
Klllcott Is Mrs. Rosb Klngsbur)'s
Mn. John M. Dowsett's Lawn Party.
Mm. John M. Dowsett complimented
a large, number of frlpnds by Inviting
them to view tho Floral Parade ami
battle of flowers from her beautiful
gnrdcu. Chnlrs wcro provided and tho
guests of Mr. and &is. Dowsctt thor
oughly otijojcd tholr luispltullty. Mrs.
Doxvsctt did n great deal to mako tho
automnbllo part of thp, parade tho suc
cess that It was. Her work was un
lit lug. .Mrs. IowsctL(ls ono ot the
most capjblo exccutlxc women In Ho
nolulu. A large number nf the charity
Institutions aro In some xvny grateful
for her klmly (limiRlit, and action. Mr
and Mrs. I)o sett's guests were Her
Majesty Queen I.HIuqknl.ini, Mr. and
. rs. i.eorgo biiernwn. Mr. and Mrs.
linpi-i, t nem Id 1 m ,! ltui L'mn
;,"u' .:r":.i" :.....? .. , r..
i.,u..u.,iri,.., ,i.ie, ..iiAtiiH-ui XX unci.'
Mrs, Peck and Miss I
...... .,
Mm. Perry, .Mr McCIII.
ridge, Mr. ami Mrs, Archl
chldren. Miss Ulllpt, Mrs. John Pal
mor, Mrs. Alice Hrown, Mr. and Mr3.
Augustus Murphy, Mrs. Jane Walker,
Miss Agnes Walker, Dr. and Mrs. Ar
thur Hodglus, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Coombs, Mrs. Margaiot Walker, Mr
and Mrs. Kdwaril I). Tcnnoy, Mrs. Hel
en Noonati, Miss Cordelia Walker, Ma
jor and Mrs. 1-Mwurd Tlmbcrlako, Mr
and Mrs. Charles N. Spencer, Mlsi
Mossman, Mr. Cussldy aipl children,
Mr. Tom Ilolloway, Mr. Will lloth, Mr
Hurry Mucfurlane ainj others.
Mrs, Hyde-Smith will bo tho guest
of her daughter, MrB. Harold Dilling
ham, for Iho coming 'wcok at Moku
Iciu. .
Tho many friends of Mrs. Richard
Rush learn through tho Army and Na
vy Journal of hor sorrow. Mrs. Hush,
xvho was hefoio hor marrlngo Miss
Jano Hare, was ono of Honolulu's
most popular society girls. It is years
since Mrs Hush visited hor homo city
Nevertheless shu Is still a delightful
memory to her old friends. Tho sjm
pathy or older Honolulu Is extended
to both Mrs. Rush and her daughter.
A Picnic Party to the Peninsula.
A pirty or soung people on pleasure
r",,, . """"m ,
itr l""" or Judge and Mrs. Henry I
bent ure going to motor to tho conn-
Cooper tomorrow for a day's outing
Tho Peninsula Is ono of tho most at
tractive country places on tho Island
of O.ihii, It Is always cool, it delight
ful mountain breozo makes tho days
and nights a Joy there. Thcro Is such
peace in tho Peninsula nlr that It is
most iCBtful to go down thoro ovon If
for only tlio day. .Among tho young
peoplo going nro Mr. and Mrs. Harry
l.owls, Captain mid Mis. Sliccdy, Lleu
tonant and Mrs. Pine, Captain and
Mrs. Johnson, Miss Lydlu McSlockcr,
Miss irma Hallnntjno, Miss Krunch
Miss Case, Captain Slovens, l.lout.
Price, l.lout Hertholf, Lieut. Clark and
Mies Florence Hoffman's Friday
Evening Olnner.
Miss Florence HorTnuin enlnrh.lnerl
at dinner In a most charmingly lufor'-!
mill way on Friday ovcnlng. 'The ta
ble was daintily adorned with pink
blooms and maidenhair fern. Miss
llorrman's guests were Mrs, Oenrge
Keiixon, Miss Kthel Spalding, Mss
Helen North, Lieut. Ilhodes, UeuL
jfriJUtswiiiTi i rtiiutrjj
BY C. 8. ALBERT. Ing mid afternoon gowns, and sbo xxn
(KprclM Hull' tin Cnrrmonndrncr.) ' oup of the very first women to appear
WAHIIINC1TON, D. V, Feb. 8. The , Washington with n frock bearing a
close of the social season lines been trnn of different material from tho
marked by many brilliant functions, jiy 0f the gown.
Kxents of Importance have .filled the r For tbc first time tills xx-lntrr, the at
days nnd nights. It seemed as If suf- t(.n,ani;0 t Mrs. Wndsworth'B custom
llclcnt time xvere not afforded for all nry Thursday evening, reception nnd
Hip programs before tho l.c.ntcn period ,ance Wim soin'ewlmt small, the Knox
begun. 'party drnwlhg tho crowd.
Many notable hospitalities marked This surely 'is n ilanclng season, for
the close, but the most noteworthy of practically the same company danced
all was the illnnrr and muslcalp nt tho nt0 tlc wrp ,mn hours the night be
home of Mr. and Mrs. IMward Henlo foro nt (l( cotillion which Mr. nnd
McLean In honor of the former's uncle rH. nichnrd Held fingers gnvo nt
nnd (Hint, the Russian mnlmssador nnd
Mine Ilakhmeteff.
The function wns pcrluipi the mint
!,,rllll',l,t ","1 c"ll' "or Blvcn nl ll,
'national capital. Thousands of raro
Krtlow lilies Imported from Kurope nt
l..l...l .. - tl.n fnnllitn nf tlm
a fiilmlntis rot xxere tlie feature of tho
elaborate llorul decorations which were mm,r, ti,,, Kdwards are closely aftll
iniMlly yellow. In harmony with the nto() wt, n'1P present nilmlnlstrntlon,
Wnlsh gold dinner service used by the t1(,r Intimacy with the White House
I. ..,, .,,- n. ...Inm. ,nn.
xttUKtl,,-, . i,.f . n
. .. . ., r.
till,' I,, I ll,- ,l,i ni.iv ...- ,.v. ...
'..... .,..,
. .... , ... ... ,...,. , ,i,
..I ll,A Iwkinn nf llin Meerptnrx' of the
.. '" - , -
Navy and Mrs. Meyer, nni later In the
exenlng iiecompnnled Ills hosts to tlie
I'Mii-Aiuerlcnn building, where tlicHec-
returv of State,. and Mrs.. Knox were
,,, ,, ,.njoyill,Ie Mg dance In ,,, lind nIlvy n fortnight later
,,nnnr ,,, lrlr daughter-in-law. the, speaking of dances, the members of ,
fnr11(,r ,-izamt, McOoR. of New n,iclielr! rc'gallantly. vehement-
vrk, ,, M,vlr , ,.(, Knox ,,. ,lrl,ylllfe tna( 1(.r . ,.,. such
,,, ,, c(. nf a previous ndmlnls- ci.utrencp , , mllcll.lllcil.r c.
trntlon was the presenre of Mrs. Helen ',,, , ,, , ,,, ,)f ,,,,. Krr.
I Morion, who. In the company of the According to divers rumors
,,,. W11H M ,n mtvt the Tresl- c(.r1n )nllllB ,lolimn prel!,.nt ,vaM ,.
jrH. Morton, who Is xlltlngner
I .. ...
,,,,, (1P frnicr Vlcc-rresiueni nnu
Mrs l.exl P. Morton, at their Wash-
,1Knn residence, formerly wns the
n,C,08s of Talleyrand She has mnny
tenure of olllce. The Morton house nl
Fifteenth nnd Ilhode Island nVenue. Is
one of the landmarks of tlie national
capital This Is the llrst xx Inter the
Mortons have occupied It for years.
During their absence It hail been suc
cessively the rtusslan tfuhassy. the
home of the former Secretnry of State
and Mrs. Hoot, nnd last yeur xvns oc
cupied by Mr. and Mrs. John HhJ'
Hammond. At the Russian embassy.
the pretty Countess Marguerite Cus
vlnl. the Intimate or the then Allco
Rooevelt. presided ns the h'ostess of
the mansion for her dignified did uncle,
then the Cunr's representative, and It
.. . .... . .,,. nr ul.i
xvns mere .mix ...e ..... .".,..- "' -"""
Kdlth Root and Lieut. U. H Grant 3rd,
U. H. A., took Place a few years "R"-
Miss Julia Meyer and Miss Als
.. .1 -. . -t .l.. .Uiiinliinrj Ml
.Mejer. me wp c....r......H ""V ..." I
,,10 sectary of the ,-savy aoo ,w,,
.. .. . n nf(nn Inlnn fnf
"Fyor: ,,n ,,r: :'"". ,.,:.
izaoein xviliicr.itwlns because or llieir niiim m in.
Peck, Mr. and I ing exactly ullke on all occasions, were
, Mrs. Hieckeii-1 lt present nt tlie dinner. They xvere '
chlo Young mid , lining at the Whlto House with n'
l, Inri oecause 01 l.lt-.r .m.,,, " ....
. . ....
. -..! I
company or iniriy-umr uu..s .r,...,
whom Miss Helen Tafl entertained
orlor to the Knox dance, several young
married couples Including I.lcut John
W Tlniiuons, naval 11I1I0 to the Presi-
ilent, anil Mrs. Tlnimons. Tno lauer.
formerly Adelaide Fairbanks, chape
roned the party, but Miss Tuft, xxlio
makes a gracious hostess, received her
guests alone and presided with charm
ing graic nnd dignity.
Tho Secretary of State, and Mrs.
Knox, xxho set u high standard for
their entertainments thli winter With
the big breakfust they gave In honor
of tho diplomatic corps Now Year's
Day, nnd their dinner to the President
and Mrs. Tuft, later, to whkh they In
vited ono of the most .notable com
panies of the winter, excelled them-
.,.. i.u .., II... ili.,.n ,.! llin f.un.Ampr-
....,.... ..11 ,i,i. n.p
. i.ipM.t ,.riv..t function of.'no st'l'auont departure of such a
tlio scumn. Though savoring some
what ot olllclaldoiu because of Us tak
ing place In the Pan-American build
Ing It was, nevertheless, entirely un
olllelal The Pan-American building Is
one of the handsomest ot the now pub
Ho buildings and was constructed xvlth
a xiew to the accommodation of largo
social functions or slate or otherwise.
Young Mrs Hugh Knox, the outh
ful guest of honor on this occasion, 1ms
toun.l a ready xxelcomu uxxaltlng her In
the national capital, and already ranks
ns one of the best goxxned of tho
sounger matrons. Her trousseau In
cludes some exceedingly hinnrt oven-
ttttun is ttttitjnrtttttntti
Koarn, Knslgu Haughmuii and Mr.
Tho xlulct and rain car entered by
Iho .1. !. Dow-setts was ono nf tho
most attractive cars In tine, with Its
llxe happy and pleasuro-bcnt occu
pants, who showored over) ono w1th0c,,cra ""' MrB' Wlckorshwn,
violets and confetti. In this car were
Mr. and Mrs. Shorwood Uiwrey, Mrs.
J. Eathmer (loodale. Miss Laura Nott
and Mr. Herbert Dowsett,
An erroneous statement was mado
by a Honolulu pa.cr that Mrs. Eliza
beth Church had accepted a position
In San Francisco, Mrs, Church
leaves on the Wllhelmiiia Wednesday
for a vacation of three months. While
away from Honolulu Mrs. Church will
spend the major part of her vacation
In a unlet sHit In tlio Santa Cruz
.WSfcii. -.,- ftftilnM-lf rHMfc fll
KaUKc'lior's for- their debutante daugli-
tcr. Miss Klbnlietli rteld Hogers.
Mis' Tuft, xvho xxns n'hiong the dan.
cers. dined before the ball nt thehome
nf Hrlg. Gen. Clarence ft. Kdwards. U.
H- Ai nnrt jr IMward". who gave n
.. . a. I line
nrKO dinner for young people In her
. .... ...., , ,. .- .....I- .1A.. In
Illllil X II11II1K IHIl-K I" ,MV ,,..jr. ...
.. . .,. . ,. ,
p I'lOlippineS OtRfllUT. IIHJ ,lir.
, , . ,. r m T.II
xx ere loeioiicr ,,i in,- iin.,itn ,,,,,
P-rty xxhlch took the famous trip
nroni, the globe.
The new dances which have been
HUcli a fpt(jri, (f , w(ir ,.rPl.nn.
,,, , , H tt(,,,k ,,,. ler ..imence.
- ,,',,. , ,, rlml(rrll (nit J)rK. Tjft WH.
introduction within
.., ,...u luu..n.l .. .lltr.-...,..... In llmlr
v. . ' . . .....
uiiu llin isiini ,111 ,..,..,...., ...
,,,fllvr x more'tuo.strp music win
,je,i ,y IP Marine Hand at the txx-o
BrtCceeilln receptions In the xvlnter se-
.-.. , . o.nriV.mlniiiil next week, and
vted politely, liut llrmly. to depart. Iiut
emphatically protests
the committee
there Is no foundation for, such a
The Russian embassador and Mine.
Ilatikmeteff will mox-e shortly to tho
residence nt 17th and K streets which
xx ill be the Russian embassy. The
restorations nnd changes xvhlch hax'c'
been going on' for the put month arc,
almost completed, nnd xvlth the placing
In. position of their household belong
ings, xxhlch hnxe already arrived from
St. Petersburg, Is almost reudy for oc
cupancy. Mrs. Sidney C CMomnn. wife -of Mn
Jor Olnmsn, U. B. A., xvho hns been
xlsltlng Mrs. John Hays Hammond for
scx-ernl xveeks, left Washington lojoln
Major ("Ionian nt T-'ort Hrrfdy, Mich ,
where he Is the commanding nniecry
Miss Allcen Oorgas, -daughter of Col.
William C Gorgns, U..S. A., nnd Mrs.
oorgnt. or Panama, who has been the
. . ,, for,v.
rrn W.(.kli ,, -,pf, fnr Ncn. 0rIpnnIi
during the Mnrdl Gras festivities.
,,,, .C()mnl,. ncl)nr nrncoW,t0,
" n-. n -ity the omce of)
........ ,.,,,-- ... ,. v.,.. r
,, i ..t.vi.thv.iv ,, (Ik III.' t1HJ ..-
iiirttiKnt, has been designated asnax-nl
tacbe at the American embassies In,
IIUU. ,,.,,, Ito.l.V.
tieneral and Mrs. n. K. Kvnns have
pon to Panama. They expect to be
iibsent during the month of February.
WASHINGTON, I). C, Jan. 23.
Social Washington is still Jiflurter
over the marrlago of Mrs. Oliver
Cromwell and Kdward T. Stoics
bury of Philadelphia, ono of the fore
most financiers of the country. In
uddltlon to u Magnificent dowry and
a fortune in Jewels which Mr. Stoics
bury himself bestowed on his bride,
sho was tho recipient of the most
dazzling array of bridal gifts seen In
Washington In recent jcars. Hor
trousseau, too, was one nf tho mint
elaborato oxer prepared for a Wash
ington bride. Tho only tlngo of re-
Bot I" connection with tho evont Is
charming matron and hostess for
permanent residence In another city.
Tho 'inntlng of a II tt lo bubble of
gossip of International Interest which
!"' I'ccn tho subject of much discus-
sion for tho lust fow weeks, camo
with tho recent return of tho French
Ambn-jsador and Mine. Jusscrnml,
nnd tho Minlstor of tho Netherlands
and Mine. Loudon from a brief holi
day Jaunt to tho Canal Zone.- Their
trip extended ovor tho dates for tho
Now Voir and diplomatic receptions
at tho Whlto House, t.ioreby cutislm;
much raising of eyebrows, as tho di
plomatists haxo horotoforo always
mudo It a point to hurry back to
Washington from all cornors of Ihe
earth for thcoo occasions. Gossip
hud It that their unnecessary nbsenco
at this tlmo was an Intentional slight
to tho powers that bo, oven though
thoy vcro In company with ono of
tho cabinet ministers, tho Attorney-
Upon thp return of tho party it
was learned that all this wus morn
conjecture, us the trip was really
semi-official, having been mado at
tho request of tho President, who re
lies to a great extent upon tho Judg
ment of theso two diplomatists, and
who wished their expressions of
opinion on the progress of tho canal,
Apropos of diplomats, It Is rumored
that there aro several changes sched
uled for tho corps ut Washington, in
cluding the transfer to Horlln of Iho
present Danish envoy, Count Moltko.
This will remove from Washington
iiiifWttirt-1 r-1 n.'taJJ-'
one of tho American hostesses who
are biicIi a fastor here. Countess
Moltko xvns formerly Miss Corncllu
Van Jtcnssclaor Thaor of Haston,
nnd through her Puritan connections,
affiliated nlsn with the most exclusive
official nnd resident circles In Wash
ington. Other American chatelaines who
preside over foreign establishments
nro Mmc. Jiisscrnnd, wlfo of tho
Ficnch amh'assa'ilftf, formerly MIbj
Itlchards of Driston; Countess von
Dcrnstorff, wife of th'o German nm
bassador, rormcrly MIfb Mary Hcalo
of 'Washington: Scnorn do Cnlderou,
wlfo of tho Ilollvlan minister, for
merly Miss Hcatrlcc M. Alnlcy; Mmc.
llAvcnllli, wife of the Delglan min
ister, formerly Miss Helen F'foulko
of Washington; Mmc. Ekcngicn,
wife of tho charge d'affaires of Swe
den, formerly" Miss Inurn Jackson of
Washington; Countess de Chumbrun,
xvlfo or U10 mllitnry nttacho of the
French embassy, formerly Miss Clan
LoiiRworth of Cincinnati; Mrs. Es
mond Oxoy, wlfo of tho second sec
retary of tho Ilrltlsh embassy, for
merly Miss Hlancho Emory; Mmc.
Ibrahim Zla Hey, wlfo of the "second
secretary of tho Turkish embassy,'
whose (unhand Is a son of tho ambas
sador and who acts as hostess nt tho
embassy. She wns formerly a Now
York girl and prcsldos In Occidental
manner over this distinctly Oriental
Mmc. Lofttrs, wife of tho first scc
liolary of Iho Slameso legation, is
also an American, butcher husband is
not a nativo Siamese, hut a typical
lCnglltihiuiiii. who represents the, Km.'
Icrnmcnt of Blum. Mine.' All Hull
.,..' .,,! ..V ,,. ...,... '.., .
: .
;' JJ' " rXluVnTj' M. ,', " ,
"crc her InaVrlago ,xxj,8 MUa Hrecil
, , .. ' ,'T' . .
'M1 ""' American liostosscs pre-
sld "" K",c0 '"'" ""
various embassies and legations a
WPihlngtoii. with tho exception of
Mine. Coromllas. whoso husband.
"""" -" .. i""
It n o itt 1inn I ti Oil., mittntxn .. ..
,lnR "',l " "' " c'.nntry for over
u cur, acting as minister of finance
In his own country.
Though sho hns been In mourning
for the death of her father for tho
last few months. Countess Mollke
took ri pi eminent part h, (), social
lire of tho National Capital ,frpm tho
lime of hor husband's appointment,
and If their rumored, departure ma
terializes H will bo docply regro'ted.
Mr. an.l Mrs. Ilushell H. Harrison
announce tho engagement of their
daughter. Miss Mnrtrrcna Harrison, to
Harrys. Williams, Jr.. of Norfolk, Vu.
No date has. been sot for tho wedding
Miss Harrison w4s presented to
Washington. spclet two or-three yoars
ago and has spenf tho winters he in
since then 'with ihor mother and broth
er, Wlllam Henry Harrison, b, Sho
Is the.Brnndilniipiter of tho lato Pros
Idont Harrison jind xvns ono ot tho
While Hoijso lyiblcH during his Al
mlntslintlon. 11 n Williams Is a grad
uate of Washington and Leo Univer
sity and a Kappa Alpha fraternity
Tho Second Socretary or tho rirlllsh
Embassy nntl Mrs. Esmond Ovcy will
lenvo Washington Tuesday for Now
York, front where they will salt for
Uermudn, to spend u fortnight.
Stanhope Ilayno Jones of Now Or
leans and Mr. Pe Fritsch aro guest
or th ePresldcnt and Mrs. Tuft at tho
Whlto House for u fow days.
Mrs. Charles l.uwrcnce Adams, wlfo
of He v. Dr. Adams of Christ Church,
Hudson, N, Y..,ls on a visit to hor pm
ents, General and Mrs. flrcoly.
What glasses are to weak eyes, Cai
rn rets are lo weak bowels n 10.
cent box will truly nniqie you.
Most old people must give to the
bowels somo regular help, else they
suffer from constipation. The condi
tion Is perfectly natural, It Is Juat
as natural as it ts for old people to
walk slowly. For age Is never so
active us youth. The muscles are
less elastic. And tho bowels are mus
cles. So all old people need Cascsrets.
One might as well refuse to aid weak
eyes with glasses hb to neglect this
gontlo aid to weak IiowcIb. Tho
bowels must bo kept active. This It
important at all ages, but never so
much as at fifty.
Ago Is not tt time for harsh physics.
Youth may occasionally whip the
bowels Into activity. Hut a lash can't
bo used over' day. What the bowels
of tho old need Is a gentle and na
tural ton.lc. One that can ho con
stantly urcil 'without harm. The only
such tonic Is Cascarets and thoy cost
only 10 cents per box at any druq
atoro. They work while you sleep.
e m
ThioiiRh Katnruii, Tho Home of the
Cannibal, Mud Haths, Geysers, Uolllng
Springs, Lakes, Pol Dunces, Opera
House Tuesday evening, Feb. 'J7. only.
e e
There are mure than lift? sugar
plantations In llaiviill. Amerlcaii.llii
null contains n description nllh ac
curate statistic nt eu-ry properly.
The men urn! religion forward move
ment opened un eight-day campaign
In Philadelphia with 400 meetings In
churches nnd two mass meetings.
v. ,AjliMfci&ialatJLL

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