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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, March 16, 1912, 3:30 EDITION, Image 2

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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
lliiiioliilu- Stall (1.
(lieiiiilo Flrxt llicrrc,
llii'v.illau Plr1 lit grit'.
Iliiiiiilulii Chapter. It, A, M
Murk Muster.
Hove Croix- i:tuli ti'i'iit h
Di Rrcc.
Itiirtiiiiii) Cli.iili'i 'n. I
0. I.', s.- Ht-uiiliir.
All visiting mcmtxr ol tkr
Order art cordially Inylttd to
attend meetlDKO of local UdfM
Mtct mi till1
'.'ml mill llli
.MllllllllJM (it
I'licli inmilli
nt K. I'. Hull
"::) P. .11.
liRIMP FNRINH-tW Jlcinbcrs i.f
iIImIIj Intllcd.
MM. MiKIM.m 1.011111', 0. ,
It. nt 1.
if Meets every 2nd and -f t li S.itur
'd,i m nine t 7 Un ii'ilmk In
V&&7 l of I" Unit, cor Port anil
VTCr Hi n i. ml. i. Visiting brothers
cnnlt.illy Ins lliil to attend
a i ci:inz, c (!.
r r. kilhi:v, k. n. s.
1 1 1 r i.oniii: mi. t, k. f r.
MfclB every first and llilnl Krl-
day nt 7 3n o'clock, Pythian
lll.ill, coiner llnretnul.i nml
Kurt nt reels Visiting brother
iiirillally Invited to atti-ml.
H l)i:CKi:il, C. C
0 HUNK, K of It & 8.
noMii.ii.r i.ohci:, mi;, u. r. o. i:.
y, Honolulu Lodgo No GIG.
V It l II IMLtf uw.nta Id
their hull, mi Klni; SI.,
near Tort, every l'rlil.iy
evening VIrIIIiik Druth
ers am iiirillally Invited
n attend
i r it isi:mii:ikj, k. il
i:o t Ki.iu:ai:u sec
HAM MIA TIIIIli: M. I, I. 0. H. j,
Meets every first nml tlilril
Tuesday nf e.uli niiiiith In
Prntcrnlly ll.ill, I O 0 I.
building Vl.illiig brothers
rurill.illy Invited In attend
i.oi'is a ri:mtv, e. or it
lioNoi.ti.r uhii: no, r. o. 1:.
Meets mi second anil fnnrlll
Wednesday ovehlllR of eacli
liiimtli at i HO o'clock. In
S.m nliiiilo Hall, Vineyard
Btie, t, m ai IJiiim.i Visiting luollieis
urn Imlti d to atti ml
1' HIClilN'S, W I.
WM C Mi COY, Seoy,
iMiMii.ri.r iiiiMii: mi. mio,
I,. 0. I). .11.,
will meet In Odd fellows' building,
lint street, near IIiir. every Friday
iivciiIiir at 7 lln n'olnek
Visiting hrotheis cordially Invited
to attend
A.MHROSI3 J WIItTZ, Dictator.
i: A .lC01IS()., Secretary
Importer Fort St
Siring Hats
Miss Power,
Millinery Parlors, Boston Block
Up tn-dul Millinery and Men's Hati
Just received by the S. S. Wilhel
mln, the latest In LINEN ami LIN
66-67.68 YOUNG HOTEL
I J ' '
Young Duilding
It 11 1 1 1' 1 1 11 IVant Ads will litis It.
Shipping ,
(Additional Shipping Newt on Page 10)
1 .
Latest Addtion to Pacific Mail Fleet Possesses Many Pleas
ing Innovations Steamer to Sail for San Francisco To
morrow Morning Kilaue a Returned From Hilo Run
Restorer Met With Nasty Weather While Effecting Re
pairs to Cable Maui Rctu rned With Sugar.
The llrltlsh sieiinior Nile, now dls-icordlim to n rnble received bv tlio
pl.ivliiR tlie house Hiir or the Paclflci""1-'' States l)eit Quartermaster
M.,11 -l......l,l.. Pun,,,,,,, frnn, II. TIl SlluHllail will ll-celVO pr it
masthead. Is destined to becomo a fn-'i
vmlte means nf trnsnpoitatlon for,
travelers, JihIkIiik from the eiironilnim
of il. life hestovved upon the nevvl nt'
qiiliid liner li the rather siuiill list ol
passeiiKi'is elected to make the Initial
voyage fi out Oileiit to Otclduiit
The Nile. Villi live cabin, a few kec
oml-cl.'iss and 14n A -sialic steel, ikp
Ii.'ihmiikcis. ariived at the poit this nl
teiiKKin, conipletlni; the til ht le of 11
voj.w that Is declared as bordeiliiK
ii4iu the uneventful
The Nile ts expected to he illspnKli
Pil for San 1'ra'iclsco on or nlmiit 10
o'clock tomorrow uioinliiK, llniimh It
mav be the iiihiii hour before the liner
Itctu avvii) fin Hie Coast. Six hiiiniie.l
tons of (0.1I ale to lip taken nboaiil
(lining the slat of the Nile at tlili
poll, llils fuel lieili); loaded while the
vessel M'liiiini at lier licit li at the
Al.ikea wli.uf.
The Nile lias for some ears luck
been enpiKeil In trade between llm
United KliiKdom. the Continent and
South American isirts. She was foi-
ineil) owned mid operaled by tho Hoy-
al Mall Steamship Cunp.in.v mid U. In
ovei way a line piKseimer and ciiko-
c-inlei Wiiilo tbu I'aclllc Mall Ims
lil.neil the Nile In the lutermeillato
service, her appointments as well na
iiilslne eulltle tills steamer to the
fiout rank In the Pacific, so stuto tho
ilcllKliti'il passengers
Tho Nile was an object of much In
terest amoiiK shipping men upon her
anlv.il heie lodaj.
She Is .1 steel-built vessel with
Unco masts ami two funnels. .Messrs
I ami (. Thomson, Ltd., niaSKow,
built the ship In iv.i:i. She has a
pionieii.ide deck 217 feet Ioiir, Kiop
IJ feet loin; and foiecastle 7.1 fc t
loni; Slic Is lilted with vvlieless to
liKiiiph. refiiKi'inlliiK niuclilneiy
I eleilllc Unlit II iRhout Tlieio
ih nccomtuoilallon fin 21C first-class
passengers, :ii; second-class and ?,r,S
third Theie Is 0110 i.iblu de luxe oil
tlie iiiomcnmlc deck, ami also a llrst-
tlas.s l.idlcb' boudoir ami n smoklni;
i 1 The in tin deck Is taken up nl
most clitlrel) bv llist-class state
looms, niininc which aio four cabins
de luxe. The poop Is resenved en
nreiy lor second-class ikihhpiikcih,
imoke nioni, l.itlloR' boudoir mid dililni;
1.1I0011 for Ihelr solo use. She Is cm!
nently sultnblo for tho tmni-Paclfl.
trade Cvery Rtateioom Is piovlded
Willi 11 ran and I.iiko 11I1- iioiLs
AmoiiK the InuovalloiiK fomiil In tho
Nile ami much nppicclntcil lij the
iassenner who Is compelled to remain
on lionid while tho steamer lies nt n
pirt me Hie silent carfio cranes, which
lusiiro Utile or no noise In tho dls-
CllllIRO of flClRllt.
DuiIiir the stay of tho steamer at
HoiiRkoiiR fcho was Riven a Roneral
Seve1.1l well-known ami Justly pop
ular Pacific Mull offitl.iiH who Inivo
won n wide accpialutmico with travel
ers mid shippliiR people at Honolulu,
me to bo found mnoiiR tho staff of of-
f'.ceis In the newly iicitilrcd liner.
OwIiir to the Inteiest awakened by
the airlval of the new vessel, her do
p.ii till c for Ihu Coast tomoiiow inoin
Iiir Is destined to diaw a larRo delo-
Ration at Ihu wlimf.
A IiIr conslRiiment of mall destined
for tlie mainland will bo fin warded by
the Nile.
Sheridan Sallrd from Nagasaki.
Tlie fulled Slates Arm limispoil
sherlil'in, from Manll.i. IcavliiR tho
Phlllplilne 1101 1 Willi olllceis, cnllsied
uien mid civilian p.iKseiiKers, is ro
poiti'd in have Billed fiom N.iRis.ikl,
iiiiiii, iniiiiv mid is ilue to aiilvo at
llonoliilu on or about Maicli .III, ne-
W.C. Peacock & Co., Ltd
Tel. 1704 Wines and Liquors Tel. 1704
Family Trade a Specialty
( Mont Rouge- Wines
Sole Agents Mumm's Champagnt
( Schlitz Beer
PHONE 1281
In case of fiesh outbreaks at China
Kllauea Back from Hilo Run.
The Kllauea hroiiRht n IiIr list of
cabin mid deck passeiiRcrs on her re
turn fioui Hilo nod Maul ihiiIs of
call The vessel has been pressed In
to the Mauna Ken scivlco peuilltm
the repalis to the MaRshlp which are
expected to lake soino days In coin
plete. Purser Phillips reKirted mod
erate trades and seas. Tlie frelRbt
list Included 17 bales hides, an auto,
a iii.iulll of emptv kcRB, R.isollui)
driinis, and bottles In bales, several
crates of luike.vs mid chickens, 100rt
ohla ties, mid l"o inckiiRes sundries.
Entered for Record March 15, 1912.
From 10:30 a. in. to 4i30 p. b.
INIliir llliisKiuii to l.nttlii .M Low-
Dixie r Owen mid IikIj to Holurt
F Van Di 11st 11
Kahuiikl Laud Co
D.IIIKllltls' Clll'll
Ltd to Kind's
of Honolulu. .
V Aiiln, II, mid wf to Chuni; I In
Si 1, (vv)
l: K Kllstvnrth and wf to l'lnir-
tur Salts Co Ltd CnnspiU
Wlnif Wil Till Ac Co ti Co-I I)
WI11R Wo Tin .t Co to Chock
Tiiiir it al l'A
Dmvsctl Co l.ld In Anluno Tavares I
liowsilt I'n Ltd li; Irs of boud-
liiddirs lo Aiilnne Tavares.. Par Hi I
Cm II llrnwn, Ir, to Cjiiih T (In en. Hcl
I'tius T (ireen to An Tim I)
Ciiinclstit de I' I.ope. and wf to
Jose de I' Ijijii-z 1)
Joe I' l.npi and wf lo Jaclntha
H.uvllns )
Ilrnest C Htlne und wf to (lenrRU
Tall 1)
Many Itnlnrts to Itltliaid S
Kni Ic I Ijin.l en Li, tu
Ki lly
Al A
V. S i'iiiiIi.i lo c li Collins ..
The follow Iiir wireless inessaRo has
been received by the siRpnts of tbu S
S. Wllheluilii.i, bound for Honolulu;
March in, 8 p in 123.", miles fiom
Honolulu; line weather; all well. Kor
iliiiiiilulii: G7 iiasseiiRors, 3 steeinKo
imssoiiRcrs, 12G K-iiks mall, 2G pick-
aRcs Wfim-K.il ku Kxpress inatter, 1
aiitomolille, ISG'J tons cniRo. Pol Hi
lo: 15SD tons carRii. Shlii will arrlvo
orr poit eatly Tuesday inornliiR and
dock nt tliu Ilackfeld wharf at 7. SO
o clock. Sails for Illlo Wediicsda
ovenliiR ht li o'clock.
llulldiiiR sand Is hclim loaded Into
the Inter-lslaml steamer Maul mid that
vessel Is expected to bo dispatched for
Hilo tills afternoon. The Muul has flu
Ishod the dlschniRo of a shipment of
siiRiir muoiiulliiR to 11.41C sacks, also
a number of empty lrasollno ilruniu
and sund lies. Tho vessel mot with a
vet) heavv swell whllo woikliiR iiIoiir
uio coast of llamakua. Hoavy bIkiw-
ers also pi mailed, lemlorluR tho load-
iiir ol siiRiir a lalhor dlfllciilt maltoi.
lie who rois to lied In aiiRer has tliu
devil for a liid-fi llotv
A fool ut 411 may have known Is all
at SO.
Some slleneo may b Roldi n, lint
much of It Is Imnli-dl,
She vviuiiliis why people who pick
liliurels iiIwiivh select such URly ones
lie wnj matter In a mi lancbiilv
pn mi's lund must be a dark Idue
J 11
3 01
I 14
it 111. p lit
to di .1 hi
ii in
Mrt oim mti
p. in
i ,
I 7
i xi
Mti Ml 6l Old
oil sao nut ohm
1 1?
7 it', nil 0 0"' 0 le
7.V.; !).! 0 010
ST, ' Old 0.1
it In. in ,
ww ii n ooil en
17 i na:
New inuon .March 1ft at 11 3$ u.
Temperature G a in, GS, S n in.,
74; 10 a in, 7G; noon, 77, moruliiR
minimum, CG.
llarometer, 8 n. in, 10 10; dew point,
8 ii m., C", lelntlvo humidity, S n. in.,
74; absolute humidity, S a in, U7u').
Wind G a in., velocity 1, direction
X ; 8 ii m., vcloclt) -, iliieetlon S. II ;
10 a. m velocity 4, direction N W ;
noon, velocity 12, direction S. I'.
Total wind movement. ihiilliR 24
hours ended 8 a in. 1IG miles
Rainfall during 24 hours ended 8 a
in , .0 Inch.
(Special ('able lo Merchants'
Saturday, March 16
(1AVIOTA Sailed, Mairli 1G, ship
I'nlls of Cljile, for Honolulu.
MAIIUKONA Anlved, March IS,
Rclir. Melrose, from Kvcrott.
SAN riLNCISCO - Arrived, March
IG, 7 a. ni S. S. Dilci prise, liom
Hilo, Mmcli G.
YOKOHAMA Arrived, Mmcli IG, S.
S. Khlno Maru. hence Mmcli t.
S. S. WILItKI.MINA - Will dock
Tuesday tuornliiR fioiu San I'rancls
ro, 7. ."lb o'clock, at MiiIsuii'h whaif
with G7 li.isseiiReis. 121, sacks mall,
1aG!i tons c;iiro. Sails for Hilo on
Wednesday ovenliiR 1 o'clock Willi
1BSU tons cni'Ro. Pine weather
Mull for Sao Prmiclsco pep S. S.
NIL); closes tomorrow moiiiiiii'
Per O. S, 8. Sierra, for San Prim-
Cisco, March 20, Thus. Addison, Mis.
Addison, .1. II. Adams, Mis. Adams,
Win. Adam, Mrs. Adam, M. C, Alvei
ez, A. Allan, Mrs, Allan, Miss Allen,
Miss H. Arinr.trciiiR, (ico. Mc. d'Aik-
loy, Mrs. d'Aikley, ,1. II. Askew, Mrs.
askcw, two cblldiou mid mnld; II.
Ueuiior. Mrs. Ilcuucr, Miss Clr.icc
Iluckley, Mis. II. Hell. Mis. IJ. I). II.
Hiadlee. (i. S. Ilutler, Mrs. Iluller, J.
II. Ilialej, .Mrs llraley, L. N Ilinwn,
ltnv. C. W. Ililiistad, .Mi-s. llrliHtnd.
Miss V. HiipII, Mis. H. .1. P.runii, Mis.
II. S. Iluell, Mrs. II C. Itoswell, Mrs.
.1. A. Campbell, Alfss C.inipliell, .1. A.
Clink, Mrs Clark, i:. V. Caiter, Mrs.
Csrter, .1. J. Capixin, Mrs. Cappon,
A. K. Clienev. Mrs. C'henev, Hov. .1.
i. Cooier, Hev. P. Cuslinahaii, II. D.
Clow, Mrs. Clow, Miss Pearl Dior.
Miss Davenport. MIrs Daniels, Mr.)
M. I.. Dow. Mrs. DaWolf, J. Deal
Held, Mrs. .1. II, DoeshurR, P. Diet
rich, Mis Divldson, Mis, l II. H.i
ton, Miss C. II. i:.'iloii. Mist Kloronco
Kilo, Mrs. .1. .1. 1'osler, C. W. Kostor,
Mis. Olll. P Craves, Win C.lbb, Mis.
nlbb and two i million, V. 8. Clifford,
Mrs. OIITord, S. 8. (Icutle, Mis. (ion-
tie, Mis S. K Huston, Miss Until
Huston Miss K. HeiideiBon, T. J,
Iliimblrd, Mrs. llumblnl, Miss .1. I).
Hiliiihllil. .1. II. Hall, Mrs. Hall, S
T. Hills, J no. Howe, Mrs. Howe, O.
M. Iliistvcilt, Mrs, Ilustvedt, V. 1
HoRau, Miss Caseley HoRnn, Miss
Mildred HoRan, Mrs. Ileininu .Ian is
C. S. .ludd, Mrs. Jiulil, I:. II. John
fcton, Mrs .lohuHtou, Miss Helen .loues,
1;. S. .lohusflii, Mis. Johnson, Miss
Mary Johnson, Mrs. 13. A. Kennedy,
Win. KlIiiRcr, Mrs, KHiirci, John Kil
dor, Miss II. Klcrstad, Miss Lama
Krlder, .Mis, .1, LiiRiilens, Dr. IIiirIi
UiRau, Jllss Ixiiir, J. J. Lynch, Mrs,
.1. Hnppo Mjeis, Mlns (ll.ul.VH IC. Mj-
ers, Mis. M. I,, Mitchell. D. It. Mills,
Mrs Mills. Miss N..Mc(Iev, O. Mor
row, Mis. D. McPhorsou, J. M. P.
Mcl-iiam-y, It. M. Nlcholn, W. 8
Nichols, W. Norhy, JIis. Nmby, lllsli
op 13. W Osborne, Hov. K. Okumura,
I N. Patllson, Mrs. P.ittlson, Mis.
C. A. Piilney, J, D. Pinter. Mrs, Por
ter. l)r J. j. Plcknrd. Mis. Plckmd,
A. .1. Peck, IMvv. Polllt-, A. O. Pllls-
hniy. Jllss W, N. ItildclllTe, Miss M.
. Itmiklu. J. liotschlhl, Miss I). 8.
ItlLkaid, A. P. Hooker. Mis. Ho liter.
Dr. M. A. Hoblsoii, .I.J. HodrlRiies,
L. Hoss, Miss M. A, Iteos Mis. J.
HosenboiR Mrs. J. II, SoiiIIir.iIo, .1.
I. Siullli, Mrs. Sinllh, Mis, J. P.
Sclioflebl, Mrs. P. Sailor, Mis. 13. M
Scoby. Miss Henhy, (3. Henry Smllli,
Miss L. II. Smllh, I). II. Sllva, Oeo.
P. Smith, I). W. Tvvoby, Mis. Twohy
mid two chllilien, Miss Mary Twohy,
Mib, I,. Thoinlisou, Mrs. I. Tuinoy.i
Mis 8 W. Tay ami Infant, (JoorRo
ViamleiihiiiR, Mrs. Vrnndenburi;, (1
.1 Waller. Jr.. Mis. Stephen Winn,
Miss A K Wilcox, J. L. Whltmoio,
C P W.Hciliouse, Mrs. .1. Wallace,
K W. Webster, Mrs Webster, T,
Wick. Miss Kloremo Wick ('has. i:
Wain, Mrs Warn, Mrs. Win. Yen don,
Miss Lucille Yerdon, Mrs. Zeedor, P.
A lloneluake. Mis llnnnbrako, P. T.
IliunsliiR, Mis, HruiislnR. P. IIiuIr-
elt, Mis. HuiIkcM, Mis. UotBford, V I)
IleveiblRii. Mrs IleverldKO ami
ebililieu, Miss llrlggs, II K. Iliooks.
13 W Iliooks, Mis. D P. IlKMiks.
Pei ctmi Kllauea, ror Hilo, via way
" oim
H I X.
1" III
3 10
a.. .ilbf wjvr .-wytfr "rtti.-
With Washington as their deslliia
tlon, n number of Japaneso notables
eonnected with the Orand lied Cros-I
Socletv of Jntinn wilt nrrlvi, rinni T...
klo en routo In the Stales In the Teu-I
)n Muni on Aiirll 6. Whllo here thev
will bo tho Riiosts of Consul (Ieaci.il
8. Uyenu.
Tlie party, which Is headed by Uni
on T Oznwn, vice president of the so
ciety, will attend tho Interim lonul
cotiferente of Hod Cross Societies,
which takes pl.ico In WnshltiRtcin In
May. Huron Ozawa Is well known In
the military elides of Japan, Ii.ivIiir
been a Lieutenant Ceneral In the Im
perial army. Ho Is now retlied.
Accompativ Iiir, him on this trip are
llarnno-s .Nagasaki, wife or lljron 8.
NnRasnI.I, a member of tho Imperial
Japanese Household; Dr. M. Aklyama,
piufossor of law In n Jupaiicso mil-
Versit.v; Countess ORasjwura. wife of
Count N. ORasawiira, mid three other
notables of the Japanese Hod Cross
Consul Uvenri said jestcrday that
he rec-olvcd a letter from Huron Om
xv u. Informing tilm or their trip to the
On Tuesday, April 2, It. Shlto, Jap
an! so commercial commissioner In
Washington, mid Dr. S. Tsubol, a pio
fesstir In Toklo University, will arrlvo
fiom San Kiaticlscn on the Clil.vo Mu
ru. The) mo returning to Jnp.in for
a visit.
In speakliiR of their mission. Con
sul ncuernl tlyeno said that It Is ens
tomaiy for the Jnpaiicro (lovernment
to u,,olnt and station in all tho Im
portant counliles cominlssloiiers to
look after the commercial Inteiests of
.In pan.
Commissioner Sbllo has been In
Washington, where he has been an
observer of tho rommeiclal aflalis of
the coiinlrv There arc other ronimls
sloiieis stationed In l.nndon, Paris,
lloillu mid olhei linporlaiil cltlcii,
(KM-lnl Hill let In Cnnesiinilncc )
WAII.UKU, Muul, Mutch If,.- Slier
Iff Clement Ciovvell of Muul County
has been the happy recipient of two
gilts this week from tho Maul pollco
foice. l.-ihl Wednesday tho Sherlif
went to l.ali.iina lo attend a case and
was pl.rasaiitly suiiilsed when tho
forco over there under Dopul Slierlff
C II I.Imlsey apiiefneil In unlfoini at
the coin t liouso und presented their
clilcr Willi a Sheriffs badge of solid
gold beailiiR tlie words: "SberllT Maul"
Inscribed above which was a Hnir.ul
Iiir curIo, ami within the cliclo was a
lunn star ombleni of his IiIrIi olllce,
within the claws of mi evei-vvatchfiil
bird of llbertv. On the other side worn
tlio winds "To ('lenient Crow ell from
the Lahalnii pollco foice. Maul, l!tl2."
Tills moii'iliiR an Inspection ut tho
Slicilff'B olllco was an.uiRPil bj tho
Sheilrr hul he did not know what they
Had in stole for him. At about 1
o'clock. In tho piononco of Depots
Sheriff John Perrelra mid tho seven
teen lueniheis of tho Walliiku, Kahu
lul, mid Klhel lsdlce force, and lenre-
scuttitlvoH or Iho Maul News and tho
i: v o n I u k u 1 1 u 1 1 n and i epre-
senmtivcs or the Auditor's ami Treas
ilier's offlies, John (Imcla, Shortft'R
dork for the past three years, ad
vanced mid In a few well-chosen re
maiks piuseiiled Shetlrr Crowell with
a in-Jeweled HIrIii roIi! watch and
fob, the kIH or evory member of tlio
foico In this dhitrlct. While Mr flar
cla was makliiR his inesentatloii re
marks tho Sheriff stood and It was ov
Idenl that he was most pleasantly sm
pilsed at the kind reinemnraiieo of
lliose imdei him, yot he cnutlolled
his emotions with a stoicism win thy
of the IiIkIi onico he holds. At the
Mtiicliistnii of Mr. Caicla's reniajks,
tlio Shoilff, still miller tho strain or
complete sin prise, sHiko slowly and
to Iho point. tliankliiR tho deik, Iho
deputy bheilff, nml all the ludlvldii.it
HiemheiK or his roieo for Iho token of
esteem which they bad foi.hlm as rop-
leseniPit hy such nu elegant Rift, and
lie relt hlniheir hlglily honoied by
such tokens of gratuitous Rialltiule
mid hoped that tho ties which hound
llieni olllclallj JoRether will iirow
Ftloiu'.er each day. Aftho Poncliislo'i
of his neat lit t lo speech, tho 8lierliT
shiHik hands with all lliose pipscut at
the same tlmo lecelvlng conuialula
tlons finin nil.
t: t: :::: :: :: :: n u xt :: :: :: :: ::
ports, March 1!) Miss J. Jones. Mis.
K. S. Wight, Mr. und Mrs. Mclvoni-lo,
Mr and Mis. II. P. W.ool, lm
Sihuildl, Mr and Mrs. 13. I). Iluibiuk,
Mr. nml Mrs. W. A. Piosl, Mia. A.
MdRnto and daughter, Miss Ilond.
.Mis. Win HaRsilalo mid Infniit, Mas
ter William Il'igsd.ilo Mrs, A. (1. Ciii
lls, Jules P. (Hess and wife. S. M.
Spencer, D. II. Muidock, Mr and Mrs
I II. Adams, Mr mid Mm. A. (I
llnwes. Mis. CIuis. Cash. V 8. Clark.
Mr. mid Mis. W. II. .Decker.
Per Blmr. Mnunn Leiii. for Kauai
poits, Mauh 111 J. K. Iludies.
Per stnir. Mlkiihala, for Maul and
Moloknl peijts, Maicli 111. Jules P.
(Hess and wife
Per slmr W. (1 Hall, ror Kauai
puits, Match 21. Hov. J. M, Lydgalo.
'4 ;Ti I
That nil lYdcrnl work in Hawaii
should bo done under mi exclusively
iltlmii labor rule Is one or the planks
proposed for the Dcnminitlc platform
to ro before th" Territorial conven
tion called in April to nominate a
Delegate to Cnimrcss
I. L. MeCnndless, enndldiite for the
nomination, Inst night himself pro
posed Hiieh a plank nt n meeting of
the Territorial central committee.
IiiircIv ntteniled by tlie fnlthful Dem
oernts Tlio siRKestlon was fuvored
bv tlio-.p pie-sent wiio discussed it, und
Vvei.v Imllcntlon bnt t Is to be
placed before the convention.
the mutter of it platform vvns
luoiiRbt up by Mr McCnudless nfter
the ceunnilttee bud cleared nwny its
routine business
MeCnndtess eleclnred that two years
iiro It was cburKCd agiilnt him that
be bad controlled and written tlio
Deinocratlc platform
"Cnder the rules," he said last iilHht,
"the Territorial central cominltti'ii
must formulate n plntform and that
Is somethlni; we ought to consider
now. I don't want un thing to do
with It, except to make suggestions its
all Demoirnls should The last plat
form, they said, was mine. Indlvldu
ully. I don't want to have the mllum
I .lined upon nu- of writing this pint
form "I have got no -inrtlculnr nxo to
grind I do think we ought to linve
guild Rcivurninint. njd e indent iov
ernmiiit mid to take up ut this tlmu
sugRcstlons leading to that end"
Julius Ascli suggested that the com
inlllee call all ineinbiTs iir the nici t
llig logi tin r for a plairium illseussloii
next 1'rlilay eveulng
Major lin, chairman or the, even
ing, thin mose and proposed Hint the
Territorial coiumltlee call ror n Ki n.
eral i-niiriiH or Democrats, mid that
this in. i ting or Democrats with tho
central eoiunillleo be held next weik
mid Us results iiRaln worked over by
the central committee. '
MeCmiilless Indorsed tills suggestion
hem Illy and rmllier said Hint all dis
till t mid the- various precinct clubs
should lie untitled r the meeting, and
Ibis .l. in was adopted, but without n
deilnlto date being sit However, next
Ki Ida) . night tin- rommlltio wilt meet
It vvns nrtcr tills that McCandless
piaile the suggestliiii that t llhrt-ii lal.or
slioiild ho used on all Pedi-ial work.
"The I'tdiral goveriiini nt snjs
we-'vs got tin- vviong kind or citizens
In Hawaii," be mid. "and that we
ought to Americanize the Islands more.
Why don't they confine tbc-lr own work
lo ciuen lalior' Why don't they put
III their appropriation bills that allat
liropriaiions suouiil lio carrle-il out by
cltlyin hilior""
Nobody bid any explanation or tho
K,e-rn ifs attitude li-inel) on the
end or his tongue, nn,l nfter h.i lug
that this Idea liHikfil good to them,
the) Diniocruts iiiljoiirnul until next
IVIdas evening rit 7 .".0 o'clock.
Tomorrow mm nine nt hnlr nast 10
o'elock thero will ho dedlcateil at
Ixawalahaii Church, n tablet lo the
honor and niemory or Amos H. Cooke
ilid his wire, Jiillettn Cooko. These
two weio the paleiits or A. K. ami tho
aio c .M. cooko, mid weie tho round
els or mUaiiced ediicitlon In Hawaii
l-.3ieclally bo was Mis. Cooko. who.
with her husband jolt tho shines of
New KiiRland In 1S2G ami aHer u o
iiro that lasted 110 davs landed on
theso shores.
Mrs. Cesiko was bom In 1812. She
was a bright, active girl mid readily
tool: to the teachings that ro to iiiaku
a -line, Riiodly woman.
At the nRo or 15 a lunilnc nolnt
came Into her life. Her father died.
It vvns then that sho'was thrown on
her own lesourccs and bIio nt once
sliowed Iho Rrlt mid ierseveiance tint
nits iiiaiacieiieii nor (lescendants in
lilts 'leiiltory. She grasped every op
isillunlty to gain kuowleilRo and h.iv-
iiir so Rained it alio fieely r.ivo It to
imineui.iieiy attoi tlio ImulliiR of
tir. aim .urs. uooko in Hawaii thev
both t oil Ihelr attenllon to ednci.
tlonal cliannels, mid bofnro a vear had
past the l.iURiiugo of tlio natives was
inoiiiugiii) ninsteied.
in vmiiiiir hack to her eastern
fi lends shu said that she was dlsip-
iiiiiiueii in nor now iiome; mil at what
the did not have In 'coiufoils, hut at
tho ahumhiiice er all roo,i things Unit
w.ib hers
Tliore Is tin need to go Into Mrs
Cooko's connection with tho Hoy.,
schools and the education or tlio imiiir
ehlers. That Is eveij-day hlstoiy ol
In 1871 tlio Heapor visited her r.im
lly and took fiom her side her hus
luiiil. Again ho tamo In 87'i mid
lopk her lliat-born. and ncnln In itvn
her voungeist, both sons, Mis Cnoku
died In IViG.
Most family picililciuu mu tiliingiil.ir
- iho women mm u mm, 0, twa nun
mi I u woman
rttrd ui
rii .1.
' A
Duffy's Pure MnltWhlskey
.viiioc emii-'ij ui
mnlti'd grain n JSSs-SJSJi
pleasant stimu
lant that Khnuli
be Ineveiy home
Widely nml ra
vornbly known
ror over SO years.
Sold everywhere In ni;At.l3D
ll(TTI,t:.S ONLY. Medical booklet
ifhil doctor's nilvlcc sent free on
The Duffy Matt Whiskey Co.,
Rochester, N. Y., U. 8. A.
Saliinl.iv, March IG.
Midway Inland Hetnier, Ilr. stnir,
Tihlav, March IS.
Kona and Kan pints Klnau tmr.
Maul and Hawaii poits Claudlne,
Htllll ., . p. m.
Hmnaku.i iiorts Helene, Blmr., p.
Kntial ports W. (1 ll.ill, Btmr., ."
1 .
Per Ilr. S S. Nile, riom llmiRkong
via .Inpan ports; Mauh IG. I"or Ho
nolulu II. 13 llofrmmi, M. Ternd-i.
Kiauz TiufeiiHee, 13 C luvln, Mih. 13.
O. Davis. Through- Capl. T f). Hald
wln, 13. W. Panekhain, V A Hear,
C, It. Dennett, S. IlerRstiom, Mrs 8.
Hergstrom and two iIiIIiIilii Mrs. W.
N. Hievvster, Leonard J. Collins, I.
Cnntpiovltch, V. Davles, II. J. Dick
liiFou, Mrs. John Duffj, Mis. J. A.
Howler, A. It (IJelse Hi, Ceo. (ioeppeit,
Jr., Leo Ilnmiiioud, Dr I). Kllen, Mm
I). Kllen, Miss Jessie Kllli.iu Miss D.
Llndvall, Miss Ilauna I.undwall, Miss
Doris Mnrlow, V Renins, P. K Itlek
er, Mrs P. K. nicker, Jos. P. Schnei
der, Miss Aina SkoIlenberR, C. P.
Stockwell, .Ml kii A. Swantoii, Mist
Clinilolte Wallenberg, J. M. Wright.
Mts. J. M. Wright Master Wright, J.
M. Wvmili, Mis W. A. Youiir Jr,
Dr. 13. C. I, Drown. ('. It. (Lirdner,
Miss Mile hell, Hev II I) McCoy, Mis.
It. D, McCoy mid iur.inl. Master Wel
eltni McCoy, Mts. II. H.ibbitt, Master
Holicit Itabbltt, Mrs. K. Tau.iki, Miss
Marv O. Worden,
Per slmr. Kllauea Irom Illlo via
Maul pints, March IG. Mts. Wall ice,
.Mis Thompson, . K. II ks, II.
llroeikH, It. Moo(!, J, K, Zlnimerin
II. Knllar, J. A. Smllli mid wire, It.
J. Smith. M. Smith, l C. Troy mid
wHo, A. I,. Stoll mid wife, N. Smith,
.1. S. Watson, Mini C. Wilson, W !'.
Hedinond, J. T. Van Valkeiiberg.
Miss M. H. Long. Miss (1. C. Hrlggs,
Miss J. 13. Hedninuil. MIsb L. C.iuii
hell. Miss M. D.nenporl, .Misses Ho
Ran (2), Mrs. W. Davidson W. II.
Hiickmlnsler and wife, O s. (leallo
and wire, Mrs. C. M. Willi inn, Mis.
M. C. Daggett, A. II llndion. . P.
Chenev mid wire, Dr J 13 Pick ird
nml wire, I. N. PnltlKiin and wife. Mr.
Ileckwith, wife and daughter; 13 c.
Kiouherg, O. II. Kalier, C P. Nijes
and wife, J. P. O'lligghiH and wire,
Mis. II. II. Howled, Di M A Rob
inson. It. I. I.lllle, A. Ceigeim and
wire, II. N. Newman, S 13 lllnlsevo
and wire, Dr .1 8. II. Pratt, C .
Wills, Mrs, Mnrhndo, Mrs De Melln,
It. T. KoriCht, J Yeini.in, Mbs M.
Dins Miss H. (llllllaiiil. Mis J W.
MrOulre. (1. N. Nagusj, Hev Paik
You, Young SI, Lieut P. C, Sasules.
Jim Detoi, H. Ivors, wife and servant.
Miss I M. Illckox, I S. Moriow, ,1.
P. Woods. W. McKarl.iuo and wlfo,
(1. C. Watt mid daiightei, J Lee W in,
Asnkl, Hov. Clia Coon CIihir, Hev II,'
S. Hong, D. I.. ConklhiR, A. I.ln.lsiy,
J. II. Kunew.i. A. Iloilri, It. C. Hir
hee, A. I lislfT. Miss A. Murplij, J. M,
Cox, Miss V. Iloihail, Miss N. Kr.m
zln, 1. P. Pearson, Miss II. Trieey,
II Corson Cl.iiko and wire, J. .
Stewait, Miss T. Asuno, N. Ini.ifiiRl,
Pather Pmeismi. II (. (ii-.iuvllle. Mis.
P. Leslie and two daughleis.
l'A.SSi:.(li:ilS HIII'AIITKI)
Per slmr. Claudlne. for Illlo. via
way ports, Mmcli . Mlns Spalding.
Miss Mlnahaii, Miss M. 3. IVarlcy,
C. Cooper, lira. Washlnglon, Miss
Wnshlngtou, j;. . nuib.iui. nml wire.
13. Stanton, (I, W. (IioIr, n. Coap-
r, Mis. C. II. Will. J. p. Pansoni,
Col. Flees, Major Woolen, I31. Ft. ('al
ley, (leo. Srh.iilor, Hlsliop HestaiU-k,
wis. n. vv. i.ye.iu, Mtns Palinlo l,y
ean, Mis, C. II. C.nloy. Mis. . V,
Tieveiieu, Mib. M. Joiopli
Per stnir. W. (I. ll.ill. for Kami
poits, Maicli in.- I). . viekera J.
W. Neal. (i. w. McCl.in.ihaii, ' 8.
Deckel. M. J. Mome, R. j. MorRiin,
C Ha). H. I) !,
wanted hv .Noiweglau Hi in Atipll
f.ints must have llrst class references
and trad., coiiiu , lions Allihess: "lllg
i ms i;i7," oi,
lime's Bureau,
lt null. Noiway.
Piont room -inonullo-piorriiot and
eolil bath, cm enr line 7'ifi Iaum
111 eur Klnau r.lS7-lv
Pantheon Bldg.
PHONE 3088

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