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Evening Bulletin
From San rranelseot
lllielmlnn, MotiRolhi . .April Hi
For San rranciscol
l'lrxla, l.urllnu April IS
From Vancouveri
Zoiilnndhi April 21
Tor Vancouver!
illinium April 21
Newspaper space would not be worth
much If it did not become the daily
companion and informant of people
who are careful and economical buy
era. To such people the advertising
columns of the EVENING BULLETIN
are personal news
Publicity Reaches Profitable Patrons
ESTABLISHED 1882. No. 5212.
, 1912.
i iiiiiiii-iirwrMiMMraTTnOTWmWWWITiriTMM
. M-mmmgMmMssttaaasssaiassssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'salBs -.
(PprrlHl II II lint III Cubic )
MONTRCAL, April 15. Manager
Mitchell of the White Star line denies
the sinking of the Titanic. He reports
that the damaged ship is making for
Halifax under her own steam.
( Assent itfil ''rtcs Cable '
HALIFAX, N. S, Apr. 15. Tho
Whito Star liner Titanic, which
rammed an iceberg near Cape Race
yesterday, is doomed, but the passen
gers are saved.
A government wireless at 4l 15 o'clock
this afternoon brings the news that
the Titanic is sinking in shallow wa
vcr near Cape Race.
The passengers have been taken
abparrt the Carpathian brought rush
ing to assistance by wireless. Thrilling
scenes were enacted when the trans-.
fer was made.
The Insurance on the Titanlo
amounts to about $7,S00,000. The great
steamer is carrying $500,000 worth of
diamonds. I
Otwilnl rtiillrt.n C"t )
WASHINGTON, Aferll 15. A note
has been conveyed to the Mexican au-l
thorltles setting forth the strained re-1
latlons that are existing between that!
country and the United States. Pres
ident Taft has authorized the exporta
Hon of 150 rifles and 50,000 rounds
nf ammunition tn CuaHalalam In arm'
tho Americans there against attack.
i i
(KikiIhI liullcttn Cable )
PUEBLO, Colo, April 15 Reports
from the wrecked train state the num
ber of killed at twelve.
(Si-hIiiI Hii I let I ii Cthlo )
WASHINGTON, April 15 The Pres j
Ident has arked Congress for $300,000
additional for relief of the flood suf-j
fercrs along the Mississippi valley.
KAN I'llAM ISI'O I ill Apl
KiiMir ', iIikiih.II list, I 'is.'lc I'ii-
tlllllS ltllltlltlllll i'lKi lllltH S8
iiiiiiIjhIh 1b ill, piiiitj 1 7i I'm.
v Iihim iiiiiitatlnn 1 is 1 1 .'d
V rj little wns eloiiiR nroiiud Ihoi
rourts this morning, iiiohI of I lie rau H
lelng mt iilT either until Into IIiIk lift-,
tnionn oi until tomorrow, when the
exdlcmcnt of tho two continuous will!
to oer. I
In tlio Circuit Court lieroro JiiiIro
WIiIIiio) thn Louis, dhnrco enso was,
tiiutluiieil, lint lieximl thai there was'
nothing motlng Tho toiiliiiiinnio of,
llio honrlng In tho llnll Armltago tithoj
whltli Ik before tint master M T SI
tnoiitou, will not he taken up for t.onic
llinn et
- -'i
PUEBLO, Colo, Apr. 15. Many peo
ple are believed to have been killed
and injured in a wreck of the Rock
Island train Rocky Mountain Limited
at Cuba, 11 miles north of this city.
CHICAGO, III., Apr. 15 The Dem
ocratic factions representing William
Randolph Hearst and Roger Sullivan
are warring in the State convention.
Rival court orders havo been brought
into play. The Hearst forces battered
down the doors and elected officers.
The Sullivan forces went to another
hall. Two delegations will be named.
CHICAGO, III., Apr. 15 The militia
and the police were called out today
to quell a labor row.
At Moon
ti it tt tt tt tt tt tt ti tt tt tt tt tt tt tt ti
tt it
ti imaged nml exi lied liy Homo it
tt of the riilliiKu In the llopulilli an ti
U contention, a lunula r of tit o tt
it Ratis assembled at the noon lioui it
it mnl talked er tlgnroitsly on tho it
tt prnpoHul to holt tho convention it
tt on the grounds of tho coercion tt
tt that Is heliiK used in handllim ti
tt c ertuln doli-giilim Tliu Ktalemeut ti
it was uhronil that tho iissombl) it
it toted to holt, hut while thlH Ik ti
ti iloulileil It Ik hcllowil Unit wlsoi it
ti nml i a I in counsels will prevail tt
ti It wnH tlioiiKht IIiIh afternoon it
tt I hat the leinark of (!corgo ('alter ti
it miiilo on the llooi of tliu tout on it
tt lion h hlKiilllcniit when ho it
tt said, "II nlTettH I ho titlldllv or it
it IIiIh convention" ti
it tt it ti it tt tt it it it it tt it tt it ti tt
A Btilko of u outer al the Nun u
gansutt woislcd iiiIIIh In Ninth Ox
ford, Mass has appaicutl) t ndi il by
the discharge ol the strikers
The utirugi miIui) of tin tinirltali
print Ik i In 11,1,1 it )uir
Two mi o who win illRfclnu i tunul
at tin .State rum In Hi idge vvuli i
.la-t- i,iit a htiil.lt ii n lulit out after
iiiiiin whi'ii t ti, v tiiiinil tin rioiiiiiI he-
:: t: :: :: u tt :: t: :: :: it tt it tt tt ::
it .
:: t:
II 'Iho I'l.itfnrin Committee ufU-r SJ
ii a rtilliot debute, till mil prnpos tt
it oil "totes for women" plunk, mid .1
it Oils will lint emtio before Itio rim tt
tt tclitlon iih pari of the inuimit tt
tt tco'M report . it
tt Oilier plnnkH icuuiimcniltil nro tt
tt for n piotcctlvu InrlfT on sugar tt
it mill coITcii; a direct primary; n tt
tt Public Recorder for each Coitntj , tt
it it unliable pensljin from Congress tt
it for forinei Queen l.lllunkiiluul, tt
tt nilJiiKtnieitt of tliu fishery rlglitH; tt
it nml n thorough rcvlHlon of the it
tt laud laws, tt
tt tt tt tt tt X tt tt ti it ti it tt tt tt tt tt
'I lie Dcmoiintli' (oiielillou tills uf
lernnon Ik proceeding slow I). Tho
platfonn (oiiiiultlco look long tlmo
for IIh work, and up to .1 :iu o'clock
little wns doing
Link McCandlcsH Is sweeping the
Democratic convention Just as cleanly
as ho mnl IiIh lieutenants, predlcteil.
I Tho dual contention plan seems sine
to win out nntl the nomination of Me
(landless its Delegato to CotiKress is a
I foregone, conclusion. John II Wilson
I will probably ho named us National
icominlttM man
Tho McCurllit wine of tho patty
showed tnoro strength than waH antic
ipated, iioIHiik (.2 totes to the major
It) 's 'Jl on tho Initial daslithe Unlit
hot ween lien hons or Wnlltiktt ami
John liniiiKi'r or Honolulu for tho tout
pin in y chairmanship
Later, when permanent organization
was eiretlcd, hyons was kImui iho
unmilnious toto for vlto tbalrmun,
Huowiui; tiiitt the hatchet had hocn
hurled with decent obsequies. Tho
MoCamlloss wIiik doesn't need to use
II, anil tho McCartlDltcs can't, ho tho'
weapon Is of no use at present.
l'i to tho noon adjournment thcio
litttl been llttlo frit Hon on tliu floor, a
fow quibbles titer rules or onlci helm?
tliu sum total or tho dolmto. after tho
first brush titer tho temporary chalt
tminshli, McC'atidless's much disc uss-
Grand Opporturvty for Young Womon of the Territory to Se
cure Splendid Awards in Great Popularity Campaign.
Handsome 1912 "Rcqal" Automobile, Player-Pianos, Com
plete Vacation Tours, Diamond Rinqs, Gold Watches and
Other Prizes to Be Awarded.
'Hit i;rt atest popul.irlt "campalKii
tti bt Id In the Ttnltor Is itiuiiHiiuut
todii 1 1) the nteiilUK Bulletin
In the special Hiippleini nt which lie
CMiiipatilis this issue Kutintiiii talii
iiblc piUiN aKitrtKiitliiR our t50ii In
tiilut, Iniludlni; one 191.' model, toiu
pit til) -1 iiulppcil UeRitl uudtrsliiiiK
KiuiiiiK tar four tkRiint UD0 Item
IiikIoii plntr-ilaniH, or four templet')
tiiiutliiii tours to San I'ranclsto and
it tin n, with ten clajs of Intensely In
tt resting nml tlellRhtful pleitDiue nml
HsLaaaaaaaaaaV' 7' sLaasw
Whose control of the Democratic con
vention should assure his selection
as delegate
til Ktenm rolltr was In otlilcnee. nntl
ii itny opposition nan t oino up II
would hate bet n squashed flatter than
Iho protcrhlnl pantaku b sheer
weight of nuuilitrs
Fight for Lyons.
Tho lioui prim- to tho sealliiK of the
delcKaltH was iimiI hy tliu scalterliiK
scouts of MiCnrlhy'H forlorn hope In
woiltliiKjin tin outslilo delcRitlos to
stand for llirli rlKhtK In securlni: n
permanent t hnlnniin for Maul This
was tho onlj hopo or tho minority for
ciiecKiiiR i ne riisuiiiR inroiiKii or tliu
icunnitieHH irnuntin. wit n .11 1:11 ti
Ker In the (hair l'otir ytura oi;o ()a
Im had tho 1 balrmanshlp with lCd
Watson Two Jtars bro O. T Ship
man nf Ifnuiill was pieslillnt; ofllter
itoti tins ear 11 ciisiom was 10 oe 101
loncti, a muu lrom Aiitui hiioiiiu
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sliihtn i hut hi im UiHttrn mi'lnipollt,
foiu pcifnt riti beautiful Jinn tlla
ninuil -links fciur solid Kobl built s'
wiitebiH nml bun iiiiiiiiI trips to K'l
l.iutii in Honolulu nml return, will he
iimirilul iibmiliittl) free to tho onnn
wiiinin or the Islands, pnHHessIni;
tliiiKt unit pnpiibirlt) who nro (host n
lit tbeilr lib mis to bet nine) tho recipi
ents or thie-e haiiilsnuie awards
An Unequaled Opportunity.
'Ibis uiiiiiuiiliil opportunlt) the
tliiimi of k lift time in all prob iblllt),
I 'resident Taft was Indorsed by 11 '
thumb roils toto of llm Republican
Icrrlloilal roiitentlon this afternoon
Col Bim Parker Introduced n reso
lution InilniBliiK Tuft 'and urKliiR his
1 relet Hon, nntl Instructluc tho Hawaii
delegation to totu for him so lonir us
Jils name shall bo before tho national
It went tliroiiKli with a rush 1 'ac
tional illITereiices wero thrown nslclu
mnl llio I'tc.ir and Tnfl-Knhlo forces
alike shouted fin tho resolution and
lor Taft 'llo rrsiiltillnn whh referred
to the rules couimlttea u'ud made part
ol tho preamble to bo presented to
tho contention later
W. W Harris, candidate of itlio
I'reur League rotces. for temporary
nml permanent chnlmmif, "wils elected
this aflcrnoou nlso, tho vote beliiR
nlotiK the s.imu lines as Hint of this
mornlnK Harris' tlctory was alrcail)
roretast hv the earlier toles
Charles Wilt ox wns named tctn
poiory setrelury anil l J Crawford
At :i 10 o'clock the contention ad
Joiiriicd until I o'clotk, when tho
ItuIoH Conimltlee mid tho Credentials
Committee, named this afternoon h)
Harris an soon as ho took Hie (hair
are to rt port Tho h'rtar l.caKue
forces bold the control or both com
mlttees. HarrlH havliiK tnatlo Hint ccr
lain h) his appointments.
The whip or tho Creiir Leiiituo le.ul
ers was ei at kill oer the delegates to
the Itepullltan Terrllorhtl tontentlon
this nidi nliiK.
Amid t halites tnlceil h ex-(!oteriior
Cutler nml tilheiH. that employers or
Hawaii mo Intimidating Mil its to (al
ly) out their will, amid scenes or tu
mult anil factional strife that at times
rose alnumt tn the point of wild dis
order, the proRrnni with Krear to op
poso Shlnglo us a tleleRiitn to the na
tional ((intention nml with an open
ballot upon It, was starttd on Its way
With John Wlso watch Inn tho dele
Kates from a seat on tho llnor, with
othtr lieutenants watchliiR the sniuc
.Inlnrriitnu frnm untitu llPHlltp tlietll. tllO
Hist test on Iho open toting Ihhiio was
carrlid at II! SO o'clock todii) bj u
to iiit art a pfrfttt pluisuro tar n
spli niliil plater plino a beautiful illn-
it riiiK n toiuplite vacation tour
lo the iiialiiiitnil a luindi-nmo anil tx
iltilsltt kobl wale n ni one nf the) othtr
piltH Ii. open to the oiihk wointii ot
the Ihlaiids niiitrital .ir shiRle ami nit
hull an eiiial Plinnee lo win Til"
MII1IIK Wlllll-lll lllltlllK till birgtHt lltllll
III or tntis nt llio eoiiiliislon of the
taiiipilKii will ie (Iceland the winner
Jul' Ibe Il Kin nuinmntitli while the
winners or the oiinr prizes will Im tho
eiiiullibitiH who stand In order In their
rtspietlti ellktritts utter the wlntur
nr tin ciipltm prim mitomnliile has,
. bet ii id i nit J, j
Greatest Campaign of the Islands.
With tin one aim oi imiklnK this
talnpalBli the Rrmtcxt iirfali of Its kind
i mi- In let In the Termor) the Hteu
I n k II ii 1 1 e 1 1 n has ptircnitMtl an nr
rn of pi 1cH fur more taluablu than
are mm lull) Klten In newsp ipe r tiim
imlkiiH It Is tho Intuition of tin nul
la 1 1 ti to iiiako this innipiilKii one)
Ioiir to im remc inhered umoiiR the
ouiiK w unit n tn whom thtso prizes
are itnariltd nml their friends.
ThroiiKboiit tlio tontest will ho eon
tlutttil on it IiIrIi plane mnkliiR It 'mi
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Mt rSl VFaaaaaaaal
Elected Chairman of the Republican
ti it ii tt ti tt ii ti ii ii it ti tt tt it it tt
tt John II Wise led Ihe I'rear ii
it LtuRiic llRht on Hie floor of the tt
it tontentlon this morning, with M it
tr F I'rnsser ami loliu Wntc rhouso ti
it nlso spokesint u (oorRi It Car- it
ti ter A I, C Atkinson Htephon I, ti
ii Desha II I. Holstelu mid others it
tt wero prominent for tho Tuft Kn tt
tt hlo fad Ion it
it ti tt it tt it ti it it ti tt it tt tt ti it tt
tole of M tti 7n A protloiis motion,
tabling a uiotimint to oust I, Weltir
heler, a I'rtiir Iiikuo ilelegativ from
the tontentlon on the ground that he
was not n tit Iron whin elettul, was
also carrld h) a tote of US to 72
These two significant motions, both
decided In fiitnr or thn I'rear League,
wero claimed b Cooke anil his aides
as ill lory for tin m
Iho contention took a lecess at
I.' .10 ti clot k until J o'clock, and as
soon its the rtcest was declared, Cooke
rushed from his seat up to the plat
form, and several or his lieutenants
still present shook him by the band
with words or congratulation
"This is Hue'" declared tho I'renr
l,cngiio presldt nt "It looks all right
now '
'I his morning's meetitiR was tliiirac
letlzed bj a bntllo or rones ror out
point and tioni tho beginning much
or tho flklit or the KuhloTnrt rorcs
wan directed on tho rulings or A II
Cooper acting chairman So bitter
so prolonged nml so wildly dlsorgnulr
eel weio tho ptotet dings Hint whtli
adjournment was taken hatill) a step
toward pennant nt orgnnlallou had
been made
Cooper .was ussalled h crlos or
"I'tifalr' ',"11011011'" and the like and
some of his rulings called forth Jeers
from all sides He was plain!) tins
lend again and again An Inexpert
ented chairman, H was his misfortune
to iiilo titer an asseuihlago that look
iiiltanlago or dory slip, anil while tin
serious t barges that ho It lined In clfh
ir side wero made, his position was
innelo tery inienilntilo
This afternoon nt 'i ti'dotk the ton
tentlon met with only one Important
point decided, ami that was that tho
balloting on temporary (halrtiinu
should he open Inttrntl or set ret
The toto that brought this about
showed Iho I'rear league rortia
strong on Maul and solid on Kauai
while Hawaii mid Oiihu split asnndni
llete Is tho wa Iho delegations lined!
up on tho llrst toto'
IrenrlicaRuo Itulilo-Jaft
10 23
Kauai .
Minn no William II. rati. l'rotdcnl
of Hie I litis ii Mates during Ills prrt
liul It rm l.i ill miiiislraliil bejninl
I iiielluii his entire lUnct for Unit
, high ofliti, nntl Ii) Ills splnnlM nhll
II). uiisillisli luitrltillsni. 'mnl strati
I fust mllii re lire In Hie gnat principles
of Ibe lliliiililltan pari), iliinr much
In priniiiile Hit- iiiiilint, nntl pros.
lae.rltt if lli. ,, ,il. ,if (tin l'nlt.T.1
I I ' ". ,.,..,... v. ,. ,,,, u
I 'I In n ftire, llo It rr-soliri). Unit tie
!!c public an pari) of (ne lirrltor) nf
tin tt nil in riintt ntliin aenililfil tlvrs
In rtli) iiuliire Hie. iiiliiiliilslralliui of
Ullllim II. Lift, us I'reslilent. ii nd nd
teenies sirtingl) his rinoniluiillini for
n M-roiiil linn at Hie hands of (lie He
pulille.iti par It.
nil be II furtlnr result) d, that Hie
six dill calfs elitist ii Ii)- Hils rnnten.
Ilmi to Hie Iti'iiiilillrnti " iitlimit I Con
ltiilliin In he litlil In filling", June
1 Mil J, be mnl are hiribj luslriirlrd
to tole for Ihe iiiimlmilliui of Mllllam
II. 'I aft ns Hie lli'iiiililltnti raiullilalp
fur President of Hie I'iiIIkI Males fur
Hie Ii rm nuiinicnrlng Mnrrli I, IIII3,
so lung as Ms name n mains before
Hie cemtojillcin.
(Mgind) sviirn, cviiKKit.
ii .: ti it tt tt tt tt tt tt tt it tt tt tt tt a
tt tt
tt Taft-Kuhlo Ticket.
ti Temporary chairman
II 1,
it Holstelu, IlawulL
it Settolary HII
Crow ford.
it Oahu
ti Interpreter W.
it Maul
t! Sergeant at-Arms
ti ker, Onhti
J Cocllio, tt
Hoht I'ar- ii
it Delegates tn National inuwMi tt
it Hon r- J K KnlanlHimiile. II W tt
it Shingle. A I, C Atkinson. Geo ii
tt V Kenton Oahu; II I, Holstelu, tt
ti Alternates - (leo II Carter, tt
ti Ins I. Holt, C M llettoncourt. it
ti Ram Parker Oahu: V M Osorlo, it
tt Hawaii W I Coelhn Maul it
it Taft (Frear) League Ticket. tt
i Tcmporar) and permanent ii
tt t lialrinnu W W Harris. Oahu it
ti Tcmporar) and permanent it
ti seeretnrt Chas Wtlcox, Maul tt
ti Delegates tn National conven- ii
tt tlon W r Krear. J It. Kalnnl- tt
iivtuunlo Ceo I-1 Kenton. Oahu, ii
it John T Molr, Hawaii) Harry A tt
ti llaldwlu, Maul, Charles A lllce, a
ti Knual tt
ii Alternates - Dr W T Monsar. tt
ti rnt. A O MHrcnlllno. Jhn II U
it Wise, Oahu Carl 8 Carlsmllh, tt
ii Hawaii, diaries WIN ox, Maul, J it
ti II Conn) Knual tt
it tt ti ii it ti ti ii tt t: it it ti ii it tt tt
Tho second toto show ed hut u
slight switch, two totes being gained
hv ihe Kuhlo-Tuft bunch Them was
homo tpiestlou its tn tho nt curacy or
iho count, it being announced ns 88 to
72 but the different n was not OUou;li '
to he material In the dual effect.
Chairman A l Cooper nf tho, fie jm
iblltitu Teirllorl.il Centrul Commit- ' v
tee rapped on tho chairman's table
anil tailed the tontentlon to order at
til'ir, ntlotk Most of tho tlolegntes
wero In their khIh Ho brlofly ex
plained the purpose nf tho contention
mnl then Introduced tlio Hon It U
llolnlem who rend (he olllrlal cull
for the Kepubllcan National Conten'
tlon at Clilieco
rollowliig this Chairman Coopar
read the call for tlio Territorial con-
teiiiion i niwiuru niti-cprvitu ins '"'l,
ii.irLu -
Secretary James then called tlio
roll Immediately after tho roll-call
J Coelho, hose uuma wag not on
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ft l
ftJ&BJMV&St if I. . - V I-, jj4-H"ltl
'JMj) i, V. SV - -t'it Akl M

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