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tf 4.
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Iholr lessor mules on ilio bridge deck
Hn stuck religiously to f.'utR told with
(,ut ostentation u n though of rubbing
up his otMl log, lion lie had Bpjcded
the Cnrpnthln to th rescue of Die
drifting, Icp-bomul bonis
Hut whether the captain of the Cnr
pnthln, thu head of the White Star
line iiinl principal owner of the torn
rtnil foundered 1 Itanlc or other wit
Hisses were being epicsiloned, luxury,
luMirv the Klamoiir of spending, en
Joying, dominated the Hcene
The "wake of the Titanic" wns held
lu surroundings which Insistently call
od to mind the dead millionaire who
una one of that gny cnmpnnv dimmed
to lante the bitterness of death, Bwift
upon the service of the last million
aires banquet In the fastidiously fnsh
lone el saloon of the big boat built for
oblation to Mammon After, as be
fore wealth, wealth beut upon the
cymbals for the dirge.
I erl.upa the greatest shock of th
Kossluu came when the Tltnnlc's prln
dpal owner, ? Pruee Ismay, oiillrm
esl the worst calculations of the speed
n( which the mat ship was rushed to
iiiln "Twent one knots 2t miles
mi hour' said the chief official of tlio
urenl International Mercantile Marino
ilasplug Ills iiunds together, looKlng
down at the table In front of him
nvoidlng the searching eyes of ill In
the room
lsmnv had made desperate efforts to
nvold the pitiless reportcis who had
dogged his doors down at I lie Cunurcl
pier and his steps wherever he veil
tured on the wn to the Waldorf Ho
vvus'sworn and gave his evldenre with
apparent frunkness and the desire to
let the whole truth he known at what
er personal tost Hut he was tier
otis and ptttfiillv agitated appar
ently a nervous wreck
He did show a certain amount of as
Riirnnco and aiu.er at one point, an I
then he spoke rlearly and with hea I
and hand punctuating what he said
That was when he was rebutting
the charge that the ship was pushed
i nder the last pound of steam "to
make a record' a record of havoc
and horror He said that was unjust
and u 111 rue
"No one cer rnnn a new ship at
full speed until the) know ovorj part
Is working smoothly "
Margin for Safet".
The ship's full speed was "S rcvolu
tlons per minute and they made but
72 as the) were scudding through tlio
Ice-pack, frisking with the great bergs
which he admitted had been alread)
reporteil ahead
The concession of six revolutions to
Fafcty made a pronounced Impression
The unlet luiltal gasped as the tried
to figure for themselves whit this pow
erful piston meant when pitching the
lalnlid plates of the populous palace
ugalnst the proilpltous pillar of Ice
The head of the White Star I.lno
Istrlckru of Its stupendous star
among stars of the sea) was not eag
i r to repel suggestion and stated the
i barge that he sought his own safety
and abandoned tlio ship on the very
first alarm Hut, when the question
wdrt put to him h Senator Smith
(who, with Senator Ne .viands, was the
only member of the upper bouse of
Congioss present when he was giving
his testimony I he cleared himself by
a hrlif and preciso brace of answers.
Hour and Quarter on Wreck. '
He was nil the ship for an hour and
tr, minutes after the mortal wound
was Indicted upon the starboard sldo
of the liner and he did not board the
lifeboat until all the women then on
that dick were provided with seats
:iud the oillcer In charge was about to
Klvo the order to lower away
A pregnant point in Captain Host
roll's testimony wns when ho was tell
Ing of the approacli to thu spot on the
waters where the 1 Itanlc. had signaled
for aid They saw lights and with
glad heart took tlieso to be from the
brilliant sides of the liner then being
pounded by the llaltenlng, furious
lorce of the weight of tlio welling
w a es
letberg Like Specter.
And then they saw it was an Ice
hog nttendnnt specter of tlio spirit
of tlio tica supremacy over inan'8 bra
vest hand work in the building of
ships. They veered off a point, avoid
eel It mid arrived at their goal as
fust as feasible; too late to stand by
tlio Inst liner, but In welcome time to
snvo those who had gained places in
tlio far too few lifeboats. Only a
boatswain and one solitary seaman
wero lu the first boat picked up
Captain Hostron created a seusn
tlm lu the crowded room when he told
how It wns merely by tho most mlrac
ulouu accident that signal of distress
was caught by the Carpathla that
hul for a fluke of chance not a soul
would survive lo tell tho talo of the Tl
1 mile's terrible end
Fortune Favored Survivors.
The wireless operator happened to
go to his olllco by accident he was
off dutv and no, one was at the Key.
Kind fortune favored the survivors at
both ends of the wireless Hash. Tho
Tllnulc'H apparatus broke down and
was Just repaired In time to cry
through the cloud for aid And provl
donco'u pity, sympathizing with sor
row on the seas, led the opeintor of
tho Carpathla by tlio hand and took
Jilni to his key Just ut thu very mo
ment of need
Tho details of tho story were drawn
out by Senator William Alden Smith,
chairman of tho special sub commit'
tee churged with the examination of
witnesses, and Senator NovvlandB, tho
other Senator, who ramo lo New York
to conduct tlio Inquiry
Ismay wns accompanied by I. A S
1'rt.nklln, vice president, anil Umerson
L' Parvin secrotarv of the Interna
tlon.il Meicantlle Marine Hesldes the
committee Heprcsentntive Hughes of
west Virginia, whose daughter, .Mrs
Luclen P Smith was saved and whoso'
sou In law wns lost, was present. An '
other spectator was Truman II New
berry, former Assistant Sccretnry -of
the Nn.
Ismay Visibly Nervous.
Adjusting his cuffs, lsmnv was vis
Ibly nervous when he took the stand
Ho gao his age as 10 years In re-
sponse to n few formal questions he I
bald he sailed ns a voluntnry pnsscn- J
ger on the Titanic j
Senator Smith began to ask the wit-
ness to detail his experience on the
Tltnnlc lsmnv interrupted but Sen-1
utor Smith continued Then Ismny
said ho desired to express his sincere
grief nt the disaster and to welcome
the fullest Inipilrj
"Kindly tell the committee nil the
circumstances surrounding your o
age." said Senator Smith "Tell us as
succlnctl) ns possible, beginning with
vour boarding the vessel nt Liverpool,
your place on the shit) and as many
circumstances ns possible to help this
"First, I wish to snv that 1 court the
lullest Inqulrv " snld Ismny This'
awful catastrophe, I must say at the
outset, I gicatly deplore We have
nothing to concent, nothing to hide
Trial and First Trip.
Tho bont left Ilelfnst, I think, on
the 1st of April She underwent her
trials safely anil arrived nt Soiithanip
ton Wednesday, April 3, I think We
S" "ru"T,l' '":
iiiiiiiiiuiiiiiuii u i iii u v iwi r iiiiuii i iiuci
evening the Tltnnlc reached Cher-
bourg, bnvlng run nt about CS rcvolu-L
r nrri.n.i .., n,..,n,.ai.,u ,. Ti..
day noon Tltnnlc wns then runii ib '''arnalhla since last January, hut that I
uny noon utnnic was men running ,,. tweniv seven
ut 70 revolutions 1 he first day. I, '"" upc 'n'"n" lwt" cv"'
Ihlnk. we made about 4C. miles Tlnta I
next dav we Increased the speed to 72
revelations and I think we made Mil
miles The next dav we Increased to
71 revolutions and ran ubout M6
Crath While Sleeping.
The accident took place on Sunday,
night. The exact time I do not know,, "I think 120 first class, fiO second
because I was asleep. The ship satik.i class and about M third clas passen
1 am told, at 2 30. gcrs"
"I understand jou have been told' "Tell tho commltteo all that happen.
the Titanic was running at full speed ,
It never had run at full snecd I
"She was built to go SO revolutions
...! 1...1 . .. .
iiiui iiuii ueier ueeu Hpeeueu up lo iiuu tun-, lktui ne-utuc-i vi i& ., ,
that Wo never had all her boilers o'clock Mondnv morning I was inform,
working It was our Intention to ed of tho urgent distress signal from
speed the boat up to her full quotu on 'the Titanic."
Tuesday, but the catastrophe came to "H whom?"
prevent It" Received Wlrelet. Call.
Although he camo on a "voluntaryl "Tho wireless operator and first ofll
trip" Ismay said Ills purpose was to cer The message was Hint the Titan,
see how the ship worked and In what Ic was in immediate danger. I gave
manner she could be Improved upon tho order to turn the tho ship around
A representative of the builder, Mr. as soon as the Titatilc had given her
Andrew, was on hoard, Ismay said I position I set n course to pick up tho
"Did he survive'" asked Smith 'Tltnnlc, which wns firty-elght mllei
"Unfortunntel), no" .west of my position. I sent for the
Time Set for Docklnn. I chief engineer, told him to put on nn-
Ismny snld It was nrrnnged between other watch of stokers and make nil
him and Captain Smith of the Titanic1 speed for the Titanic. 1 told the first
not to arrive at New York lightship oillcer to stop nil deck work, get out
before fi o'clock a in Wednesda the lifeboats and be ready for any
There would have been no advuntago cmcrgencj."
In arriving earlier," ho added I Arriving on the sceno of the ncch
"Was there any attempt to lower, dent. Captain Hostron testified he saw
the boats of the Carpathla to take cm in iceberg straight ahead of him, and
passengers after you went aboard It'" stopping ut 4 a m, ton minutes later
asked Senator Smith. he picked up thu first lifeboat. The of
"There were no passengers to tako fleer sang out ho hnd only one seaman
on' said Ismay Ion board and was having difllculty in
"In your lifeboat what course did! manning his boat.
ou take?" the Senator asked "Ilv the time I got tho boat aboard
"We saw a light and headed for It.", clay was breaking," said the caotaln.
hald Ismay. i
How long wero you In this life-' the other lifeboats. On all sides of us
boat'" jwcro Icebergs; some twenty wero 1.10
"About four hours." to 200 feet high and numerous small
How many lifeboats wero on tho Tl- Icebergs or 'growlers.' Wreckage was
lanlc?" strewn about us. At 8:30 all the Tl-
"Twenty, altogether, I think," re- tonic's survivors wore aboard "
Idled Ismay, "sixteen collapsible and Then with tears lining his eyes, Cap
four wooden lioats," I tain Hostron said he told tho purser
Avoided Looking Back. j 1 e wanted to hold a service of praver
"Wero all the lifeboats that left tho "thanksgiving for tho living and a
Tltnnlc accounted for?" I funeral senlce for tho dead."
"I tlilnk bo; I've been told so, but1 "I went to Mr. Ismay," said the cap
1 do not know of my own knowledge."! lain. "He told me to take full charge.
"Did ;,ou seo the Titanic Bink?" An Hplscbpnl clergyman wns found
' I did not Bee tho Tltnnlc go down," among the passengers uud ho conduct
Ismay suld, shaking his head mourn- ed tho services."
fully. "I "did not want to see It go As the prayers were being Bald, Cap
down. I was rowing In tho lifeboat tain Hostron testified, he was on tho
nil the time until wo were picked up.l bridge searching for survivors. He told
I turned back once nfter we left the of talking with the Callfornlan, which
vessol, I saw its green light nnd enever hnd arilveil As he senrcjicd tho sea
turned back again. I did not want to one body with a life preserver on float,
see tho end," ed by.
He Saw No Confusion. Tho man was dead, probably n mem-
"Was Ihero confusion apparent on ber of thu crew, tho captain said. Tho
the Titanic when you looked hack?" body was not picked up, the oillcer ex-
"I did not seo any, Ismay replied,
"All I saw was tho green light tho last
time I looked."
"After you left Captain Smith on tho
bridge, did you seo him again?"
"I did not,"
Did you hnvo any message from
"Nono "
"How mnnv wireless nnernlnru unrn
' tlieio on the Tltnnlc?"
"I presume there wero two," said Is
mny "One Is always on watch."
In response to a question, the wit
ucss estimated tho speed of the ship
when ulio struck at 21 knots.
Senator Smith asked tho witness It
te had uu) thing to do witli selecting
iliu ciuiv 11,1 uin Hieuuui
"I did not," was the snappy reply,
"No rafts were on board, because I
prosume they are not regarded us suit-
able," tho witness Bald.
"Can you toll us," Senator Smith
uskod, "anything ubout tho Inspection
certificate that was Issued for tlio Tl
tanlc beforo she sailed'"
"I know that the government luspec..
Hon waB thorough or tho boat hover
rouiu nave suiieu,
"Do joii know whether the Titanic
hml Its proper number of lifeboats'"
"Yes, she had, I think there were
twenty boats altogether "
Comtructlon of Liner.
Turning to the construction of the
hhln Ismny said the shin was special
consttiicted no that with any two of
tho larger compartments full of water
Rhe still would float,
'If the shin had struck head on she
probably would bo afloat todny ' he!
"Did any of the collapsible holts
"No, Blr"
Ismay Saw No Crowding,
"Wns there nny Jostling or attempt
bv men to got Into thu boats' nsked
Senator Smith.
"1 saw none "
' How were the women selected?"
"w Ulcketl the women and children
as they stood nearest the mil
HepresenlntHo Hughes handed Sen
I eiien filllieil .1 IIUIC', emu .iivii uiu ciiuir
man tuld Isma that It was reported
that the second lifeboat left without
Its full complement of oarsmen, and
from 11 30 until 7 30 women wcro
lorced to row the boat
"I know nothing about it "
Representative Hughes' daughter
was In this boat and was assigned to
watch the cork In the beat, and, If It
came out, to use her linger ns n stop
per Ismay was asked how long ho ro
malned on tho Injured ship.
"That would be hard to estimate,"
he responded "Almost until she sank,
Probabl) an hour and a quarter"
Nil nv was asked to hold himself III
readiness during the day for anotlici
call before tho commltteo. Senntorl
Smith announced It was desired to
hear the captnlu of the Carpathla In i
the meantime.
Captain Rostron Tell, of Carpathla'.
, ., . , .,
Cnptnln Hostron of tho Carp
followed Ismay He ,tolil Se
Smith that lie lind been captain c
ui mo turpuiiiut
';" """'thing If we do not execute that or-
New ork w 1. the Carpathla? asked, j,,,. e ar(J ,nblc , ,,,m,,sal WhcIl
."am 1,". i" ii r- ,i i , 1 turned back fur New York with tho
"April 14th.1 said Captain ltoslron , , , . ....
"loiind forObrallar"
.u uujr mwIWl-. "'" J '"' I ng to No w York ii niess nt Ii.tw lsc or
t ' ..... ... ..
ed after you left New York,
,., ,.. . , .i Tl.. i oi a managing uireccor oi one ne Kiv
"We backed out of the dock at noon.,,,,, .,,7.J .... .,... , ...
Thursda) Up to Sunday midnight we'
1...1 n l ,.-.i... .. o n:
"In a radius of four miles I saw all!
plaining, 'because the survivors of tho
Titanic were In no condition then to
seo a body brought aboard."
"Hut I must say," declared Cuptaln
(Hostron, with posltlvcness, "every ono
'of tho survhors behaved magnificent-
ly Thoy sat in tho .boats until tho
order camo Tor them to mount tho lad
der in turn, and then enmo up.
Three members of the Tllnnlc's crew
were taken from tho llfobonts dead
from exposuro. They wcro burled at
Asl ed about the lifeboats, Captain
Hostron snld he found ono among tho
wreckage In the sen Several of tho
lifeboats brought in on the Carpathla
to New York, he said, were lowered
last night and hauled away by tenders,
ho knew not where
Last Word from Titanic.
The lifeboats on the Titanic, Cap
tain Hostron of the Carpathla said,
wero all new and In accordance with
tho llrltlsh regulations. He saw only
ono body flontlng In the ocean Tho
Carpathla cruised around tho scene of
tho disaster more than half an houi,
having arrived an hour and a half uft-
cr the titanic taK,
"Tho last message from tho Titan
Ic," said the captain "was, r.nglno-
room nearly full of wnter I answer,
ed that I was rushed to her aid 'Kx
I cct to reach our position about 4 30
o clock," I flashed back '
"Was tho Titanic on her right
course when sho first spoKe you?" Sen
ator Smith asked.
"Absolutely on her reuulnr courso
bound for New Yolk said the cnl-
tain. "Hho was in what we tall the
southerly,' to avoid Icebergs I
"Do vou think tli.it the loiite is a
practical ono?"
..,. ,.... ..... i. ..i.
Wiieit- "" out lllls I- 1 llt,n-i, in
Captain" Itnstron declined to sn
whether Contain Smith had warning
HIlUllll'l CUIIIU1II milllll IHIU nuiillUB
enough and might have avoided the
Ice If ho had heided
"Would you regard the, ourse taken
by the Tltnnlc In this trlnl trip as np-
proprlale, safe and wise at this time
of tho year?" Senator Hmlll. ton.ln
"Guile so
IkWhat would he n safe reasonable
speed for n ship of thai sl7o nnd lu 'be lifeboat npilpmuit of piissingir
that course?" i cssils
"I did not know the ship'.' the ca- This Is otinslencd bv the nppurmt
tnln said, "and therefore cannot tell" I'uk "f suili niulpment on the steicm
Dared Ice To Reach Titanic. r Titanic The nevvspapir nports
"I hud seen no Ice before the Titan, irullt the cssil with IiuvIim 16 llf
Ic signaled us, but I knew from her beats anil with a full ciipaclt) of less
message that there wns Ice to be en- ""in nine hundred people
countered. Lilt the Carpathla went If 'he Titanic hud been built under
rull spued nhead. I had extru olllcers the United Hlates laws she would have
on watrh and some othirs volunteered been equipped with 23 1,70 cubic feet of
to wntch ahead throughout the trip" lifeboat spine, width ut ten tiiblocet
Captain Hostron said the Carpathla to n perhun. wouhl iictonimoehite 2107
had twenty lifeboats of her own lu ac people Under the United, States InVvs
cordanco with the llrltlsh regulations two-thirds of tills iniuiilt must be
"Would not that Indlinlo that tho In pruperlj built llfeb'lits, the re malii-
regulations arc out of elate, jour ship
being mucli. smuller than the Tltnnlc,
which also carried twciili lifeboats'"
Senator Smith asked
"No Tho Titanic was supposed to
be a lifeboat herself
"You say that the captain of a ship
hns absoluto control over the move-
. '' uy ' "ml '", lllp n,le
lnl" Hostron answered
,.llt 811I),)08C we gl orlrR fr,
owners of our ship Hi do u ce
Yes, by law that Is the rule " Cajn
from tho
til,!,. ,f. ,l,. , xfinlii
nr.l I.lno otllce sa Ing I was proceed-
uereu, I tlieu Immeiiialel) procecileel
1 received no order to change my
Ismay, sitting in a corner, smiled as
j Captain Hostron said he never knew'
, ,..., :. ... ' '
""- "iihii u iiumuiisi-i oil ilie; cup-
tain's boat.
At ucpicseniative ungues- Biigges-
on, Captain Hostron was nsked fur-
I her about the llfebont w th one ofTicer
and one Bcnmnn In It. This wns the
boat from which tho HoprcsentativeH
daughter wns rescued At least two
women wero rowing. In another life-
uu. no u nuiiicii at inn uum, ma
linVV mnl,V lin .willlil ,w, lull
.... - I
Why no few messages came from the1
Carpathla was gono Into. Captuln
Hostron declared tho llrst messages.
all Bubstantlallv tho same, were sent
to the Wh to Star Line, tho I Anard
Lino and the Associated Press Then
he first nnd second cabin passenger,
lists wero sent, nnd then tho wireless
lalleu, I
Senator Smith said some complaint
had been heard that tho Carpathla
lad not answered President Tnft's In
cpilrj for Mnjor Ilutt. Caiitnln Hos I
tron dttlnied a reply was Bent, "Not
on lirifiril " i
on board '
He declared he knew of no attempt
of President Tuft to communicate dl
r. . , ,. . .'...v.. . , I
Captain Hostron testified he Issued i
orders that no messages bo sent ox '
cept on Instructions from htm ami fur
official business to go llrst, then pri
vate' messages from Titanic survivors
in order of tiling.
"Absolutely no censorship was exer
cised," he Bald. Tho wireless contlii
ued working all tho wn'y lu, the Mnr
conl opeintor being constantly nt the
In discussing tlio strength of tho
Carpathian wireless. Captain Hostron1
said tho. Carpathla was only 58 miles '"" "u" u" "l lno '.weny mentor
lrom tlio Tltnnlc when tho call for,tlliU I'ouso Ins presented to local the
helu rnmn. ater goers an act that Is rightfully hill
"Our wireless operator was not on
.!.... M ..!.! .! n-.i .11
"""' "" 1-UPUUIl HOSirOll. Olll US
ho was undressing he had his apparat
us to his ear Ten minutes later lie
would have been In bed and wo never
would hao heard."
Captain Hostron was then excused
Chairman Smith despatched Assist'
nut Sergeatit at-Arms Cornollus to thul
White Star docks to bring before tho
committee ns witnesses a seaman from
each or tho rescued Ifebouts.
Entered for Record April 25, 1912.
From 10:30 a. m. to 4l30 p. m.
I. buries ej Ulttlng to A I. O Al-
hlnsun e t ill, tr . . .
John VuKtuncellus to Munoe;! Cor-
dclio , ..
Juliana Wuluulkii to II P It Glade
.ilury S Corbttt nnd hsb et ul to
John J l.emus . . .. D
l'cnrj u Cooper to Notice NeitFtu
lll.zubeth H Utckwlth li) tr to Joe
Dnos .ltel
Pcul W Hums uud wf to Wil
liam J! Miles and wf . . . . I)
Entered for Record April 26, 1912.
From 830 a. m. to 10:30 a. m.
Henrj Wutcrhouse Trust Co Ltd,
lr, to Western & Hnwn Invest
ment Co Mel .. .AM
Ilenrj Wnterhoiifce Trust Co Ltd,
tr to Western & Hnwn Invest
ment Co Ltd . . . . . A M
Marin M Johnson nnd hsh to
rannv Htriiuch D
Annie T K Parker to Alfred W
Carter, tr Tr D
HAN PHAM'lHi'O ( nl Apr 18
Pi-mill, ui uiiiii.tt, Mni-mi .,r in., u.i
' " .-
I' - "" NntlWitleiii I'luniuiny vistirduy.
" dcuxslng the wrick of the Tltnnlc
'"' 'he iippnllliig loss of life tint fol-
' " - --'
'--'-". dcch.n.l that If the ves,.! had
''em built iiiiilu the fnlti.l Htntm
H .ho would have le nU
Hh uri hunts nnd lire rnrts mimcluit
"iir with urn the mini) piHt.rn-
K-rs nbo.rd. Mnts.in snld
I imtlie li the inornliig impers that
It Is the inlentlun of some members of
Congress lo lutioduie
bills covering
Ing one-thlrel uuide of approvul tvpe
"f llfe-rnrts or collapsible llfchints
'Ibus regiilar llfebnnt eapaelt would
have iiecommeielateil l.uS people nun
life-rafts or collapsible lifeboats 7S'i
The United States laws governing
this question cover unj size of ves
sel while apparently the llrltlsh laws
nl go as far us 10,000 gross tons
I tlilnk It was a crime to si ml tins
ship out with n license for "MOO peo-
til,, iiinl , r iv ulth onlv slxtten lire-
boats beside two small boils, as
Between sixty nnd ono hundred
Spanish and Portuguese Immigrants
,,, ..i,,i i ,., iai,u .,i ,,naiv
perH , tho .,, B(tnlll8llp ,,,
,,on ,mvt bee, U83Bncu t the several
miKar estates, not only on
0allll uu. . . ntlier sal,.i8 ag wpli
a score of new arrivals weie sent to
i;ua ali wahiliin plantations last!
0Vcnliig. w hero eiuplov incut had ni'cn.uoi. iioiBianu rcporieu nero n lew
..... '. 1... . ..... ., . .. , ,..7.
lectured lor iiiein
The cnm,, ,,,, , ,olll(, h,,nt ,,,
lrom tho Territorial Immigration Stn
tlon u maup ,, lmsl 0,loi, ,lf Kn
glo men who were handled llrst by the
re,ieral immigration authorities.
Ti,c Kiluuea, sailing for Konn nnd
Kau ,,,., at ,, U)lia carr0(1 aij0Ut
,0ZeI1 laborers.
Airordllur In nrokpiit nrrnnt-oimmtH.
about thlrtv Immigrants aro to leae
for Maul ports lu the Clnudlnu. to sail
Ilt r, uock t, evening.
Mnknwell nlantnllon. Knunl. has nl
,, ,irnwn a iiuota of newcomers, tholhlm It wns generally nssumed lu mil
, . - .. ... ' ,. . .. .... .. ...... . -I
isad yestcrduy. The crowd nt
immigration Station Is slowly
imiiiigruuis ucimiiiiig lor llie linreleli'
fcureiy ueuig reiiiueu in numbers
'" """""ng Cecllo. l.ldred nnd Cnrr I
0(1 n8 t,w' beKt nct of ,,iclr ,(lml lo ovpr
ntlltPtir 111 tlilu ntfl Tim swill? uttl. lum
" I'V -'" " """"'' '"."""'I
I"' uieir pcriormnueo is tuai it is too
ell0rt- it the same time this trio
I'erliaps Introduco more tricks, songs
nlld lante during their nppenrnuco
' 1,efre the audience than tho usual uct
of niolr klm' presented In n much,
"""5l'r al,acu (,r " "'"1 '"at It Is u,
wiuriwinii net is rigniiy expressed.
Their turn embraces u Tittle of ovory
thing from globovvnrk nnd living pic
tures to tho most ludicrous comedy,
while Mile. Cocllo Introduces thrco
changes of gown, cnth being a stun
ning creation, und piesents nil annear-
anco easily recognized as belonging to
tho higher class of vaiiduvlllaln. Tlio
"linger stand" of l'red Carr Is llttlo,"
short ot marvelous and. btilnir conulno.
elicits great applnuso, while his com-'
edy can favorably ho compared to!
j that of Manellne, August, nncl othoi'l
I celebrated clowns Cecllo, Kldred and
carr nro one great act ll'irt or ti) worn All along the I
Thu balance of thu hill Is ns good as I was usked If I knew Atkinson lie
usual Al II Hnlctt presents a sketch1 Htuiids very ldgh with the utile lifts und
entitled "Tlin S,irlnllui " elm ,,l,,e u,.imi. in i.ii,i,, . ....,.i.. .....,... . i
Ing to bo nn effort to mast tho million
uucH, which ucmo ery successrully,
I.11L ill,, mil iiiiiki ' u mil ui ,'iin, na-
lils previous offerings,
I'ifly were killed nnd 100 wounded
us tho result or an engagement In tho
HUT district of Morocco Tho casual
ties occurred among the Spanish regu
The J100 operatives lu the cotton
mills of the Nashua and J ukson .Man
ufacturing Co ut Nushin. N II, will
shale, lu the general 10 per cent ud
vunce In wages.
r ( i . n i' i
Urging strongly Immediate action In
tho matter, Mayor Joseph I Pern, 1
M. l'oepoc nnd 0 K Keawchnkil,
Democratic lenders, advised tho Ha
vnllan women present nt n meeting
liciu yesterday afternoon to ostiums h
., n,i, i ,, .
tl10 political organization for women
'" n11 tlio Islands, where the Interests
", " "'fi--i.c- loum uu wmciieu
n, ,l . , l ,1
l'"Jnnn,, . t' , "'y
wives of Democratic politicians No
Jomcn rej.resentat ves of the Hepuh
" "",,, ','," i.v
Vt ,'",,, 'J ' r ,i,
mJ U rtffcth I Irl
m")u "' ,8 i , !, ,
imrtles wero
this- fact and
conclave, tho
lloiirhonlc move.
!,,Mr, J"a Knlaklola preslde-d and
llrB "k iune ucieu as Becreinrj
Mayor I 'em stated this morning that
If tlio Democratic women would only
establish political organlzntlnns over
the Territory It would bo one of tho
greatest things that ever hnppcned In
Hawaii Ho predicted that with the
establishment of such organizations,
Link McCnndlcss. tho Democratic
boss, will surely bo elected ns noxt
Dclegnto to Congress Incidentally,
Col. McCain Still Acting Under
Order to Fill
llrlg lien William P Hall, who be I
enme the adjutant general of the Aimy
bv the retirement of On Ainsworth
1'cb. Iii, is In n position regarded In
Army circlet as peculiar When Clen.
Ainsworth was relieved of dulv pond
lug the prcpntntluu of cbarjos against
him for alleged Insubordination tho'
PrcFblent liected that Col Henry P
McCain, who was (Jen. Alnsworth's
chief nsslstunt at tho Wnr Depart
Imcuit. "assume charcro of thn eiTIrn of
Adjutant General nnd perform I ho du
ties of chief of that olllco until fu
ther orders." One effect of that order
was to suspend the oieratlon af a pre
vious routine order which provided'
that Col. McCain slipuld proceed to tho
Philippines when relieved at tho War
Department bv Col H O. S IU-l3tat.il
who had been ordered from the Phil
ippines to Washington for Hint pur
pose nt the Instnnco of flen Ainsworth
before his relief. Consequently when
weeks ngo, nfter the departure of Hefi
Alnsworlh, he was osslgued to thu
special duty of Inspecting recruiting
stations and Col McCain toutlnued to
act ns the Adjutant Ccuernl.
No Change in Status. , I
(Jenernl Hull, the legal successor cf
General Ainsworth, was lu Hurope on
leave of absence at that time. .Ills
leave expired tho 1st Instant On that
day he appeared nt tho Wnr Depurt
tnont unci reported for duty lie wns
In if.wiil lipnllli mill unlit Ik. vv.lu l.mlv
'fol nny service that might bo nssl'iue 1
iiuij e-iicies iiiul ho ckiiu eu uuce
tlm'tnko tin tho duties of tho head of tho
Adjutant Generals department nnd
that Col. McCain would resume) his
'I he repent being prepared by the
water rescaieh department, uml which
will be the llrst line evci made uu the
watt i iisniiites of the Tin Item,
sheiuhl be Mulshed some time diy liu
next month '
Water Chief W I' Martin Is will
Ing his end of It ut l.os Angeles, mil
will proceed from there to Washing
ton, where he will superintend the
...l r I, ,l l ,,ll In mule,.
" - ',.'
' promotion book ns well nnd has
several Introductorj chnpters denllnr
with the hlstors of the Terrltorv
what there Is to see here nnd general
'nformatlou tint will bo oxtiemtlj ue
'To know Jack Atkinson is In have
pnssport through Japan and the pur-
tlons or Itussia vvliere I traveled " nam
W " Hoogs tills morning In nptakln'j
"f his travel
'Mr1 Atkinson Is nne of tlio grent-
est assets this Territory has' In that
.jou can't hpeuT. Jnpimsi. ur Itusslan
hut tan sa Jack Atkinson.
)hii in
Hafu uny where In Japan and .Maniliu
rla "
Olrard the stronghold of Kansas so
cialism, elected II lines a Demo
crat hide pt udi lit may oi ovei W 1!
I'mil, Miclallnt, b u vote of 0S1 to
Preside ut Tnft has furnished the
money to pay for markets fur the
knives of hIn miMIcis of the Ameileap
He v illation who j lo bulled ill Mcminn
I'crn cciyfully Intlmaloel that he, too,
would ho elected next Mnor of Hono
lulu succeeding himself
While no petitions or rosolulloni
wero presented nt the meeting yester
day. It Is certain that some will be In
readiness to bo submitted to Congresn
nnd to Prosldont Tnft through Dele
Wto ICalanlnnaole Until theso docu
ments nro drafted, nothing will he glv
en out ns In their contents
After I'cin, Pc epoe nnd Kcnwehnkti
had explulned the politic nl situation
of tho Islands ns It Is todny, tho wom
en i pressed themselves In fuvor of
petitioning tnngicss for woman's stif
frnge The matter will bo atijmlcd to
by committees
Other speakers wore Mrs lolin WIN
son, Mrs Ktnwehnku, Mrs Poepoe,
Mrs Shnrp, Mrs. lohn C Koaloha,
Mrs. .foci KlnKnlii nnd others
Another meeting ot the surfrngotlos
will bo held next Thursday afternoon,
when It Is expected that permanent of
ficers of the orgnnlmtloii nnd matters
of -Importance will bo submitted for
I ormcr status of chief nsslstnul In the
Adjutant General, nt lenst temporal
lly Nothing of tho sort occurred,
howcxer, and, In fnet nothing whnt
ever hns been done lo cfinuge the Rial
us of affairs The frleniU or General
Hall nro wondering "where he- Is nt '
Ho Is tho Adjutant General and Is
tendy nnd fullv equipped fur duty, the-j
assert, but Is deprived of his proper
olllcinl functions by a subordinate olll
ter of Ids department.
Embarrat.lng to McCain.
Tlio position of Col McCain Is pepi il
ly einhnrrnsslug He lecoguizes Gen
oral Hall's rlghtti In tho mutter, hut Is
nimble to transfer Hie duties of 111"
Ailjutnnt General to him heeniiho the
Presidents ordei of I'eb II dlieeted
him to remain lu chnrgo "until fin t hoi
orders" nnd thero have been no "fur
ther orders."
Naturally tho ofllclnls of the War
Department and of tho general stuff of
the Ann.) cannot do anything to le
Hove tho situation unless specifically
authorized by tho President, uml It np
pears Hint there Is n dlslnilluntlou lei
even bring the Hinder to his ntlenthm.
Although It Is believed that (bo Pres
ident hns no desire to le fleet cm Geo.
Hall's c.ipnhllltv, it is tin admitted fuel
that Hall is deprived of his rightful of.
Ilia through no fault of his own
Medal of-Honor Man.
General Hall Is n nie.lal of honor
man, and has nn unblemished leconl.
He Is n sou in law of ex Senulen
Illnckhuru of VCcutiickv, and wns ap
pointed to the United Slates Mllltai)
Academy from Missouri Griidiinllug
from the Military Academy lu lium.
lSoS, he le in hod the grade of llrlgu
eller General lu April, l'KH lie serv
ed successively In tho Infantry uud
eavnlry, uud lu the Adjutant General's
department Ho will ictlro for age
June 11 next mid his successor ns Ad
Jiitiint General will have to he ap
pointed befcuo that date
Tho Onliu Irfinn 1'und Commission
held n meeting this morning nl Its
now hcndiiiinrlers, llooin fil young
Hotel, to ellsciiHs Iho l'rog lano Im
provement nnd the Heeln bench belt
rond work, Unth present problems
Prog lano beiaiisee tho Improveinent
111 run over the $10,000 appropilntlon
nnd tho belt ronti work because tho
Supreme Court hns recently knocked
out Iho Commission's award of tho
Job to tho Lend Young Company, ami
the work must bo douo over ugnln
Deputy Attorhoy General Sutton told
(he Commission this morning Hint tho
Governor Is crv sine some mnuoy enn
he found to hulp put tho Fros lano
work tliiough Mayoi l'em hud a Bug
pcstlou to make to nnriow pan of thu
t o.ul and change tho ro ito so that
man) of tho damages need not bo In
ciiircd This nnd other suggestions
wcro discussed fully. It looks now as
If (ho Improveinent will at least ho
Hint ted
Tho Commission will chango tlio
sped Hint Ions of the, belt rond vviuk
slightly nnd readverllbo for bids.
Department heiihiuaileri rinlvni
wend todav that the ttntage Mooring
plp' and otlur tiiilpimm fm in..
riit Infuntij would he shlpiml rinm
San I ninclMeo Maj 1 As the i,-l
mint Is expected lieie May pi this
will liuvu but little time lo g,t lhe
camp ut Hchiillc Id itarracks remlv im
the troops llowevei Captain Wat
Mns, post iiuaitiriiuijlcr liupes to
turn the tilth It thtio Is no delij in
j. , 1 -
iim. fMMt'fMt

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