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Interest Already Intense
In The Big Bulletin Contest
. - wt t
'- n&IUm ' -a" . .
V 'it
. r- o..i :i:.
IlirCC 01 rour OUUbUlluuuiia
Amonn the Leaders Whv
Is Wiliinn to Help Those Who Arc Willing to Help Them
selvesThink, Then Act.
And Hllll the Interest In tho tin I-
lot Hi's firand Popularity Campaign
(ontliiiiPH to grow. Thursday was an-
other blR contest dny and tho way tho
votes piled In for vnrlous candidates
wan an IntcreslliiR slRlit. It Is Rratlfy-
Iiir to the manaRoment to notlco tho
wonderful Interest already shown nnd
there Is no doubt but that this contest
will provo the Rrcatcst and most In-
tercBtliiR ccr seen in tho Territory,
Tbo II u Hot I n hns endeavored to
Rive the youiiR women who compcto
prizes worth winning and n InrRo
nmnunt of money has been spent In
securing these nwards. Hence It Is
gratifying lo note that tho prizes aro
appreciated ami that tho young worn-
en nro fully nwnko to tho valuo of tho
prlzs that will so soon bo claimed by
them, Candidates In tho outside towns
nre taking a keen Interest and already
cvr-rynno throughout tho Islands Is
talking about tbo biK II u 1 1 o 1 1 n
' M ,,, ,.
Contest Mathematics,
Old you ever stop to think bow very
few HUbscrlptlons would tio necessary
to place tbo nnmo of any candlilnto
ninoiig ibo leaders? Kor Instance, ono
new cnrly subscription entitles tho
inndldnlo to 25.000 voles. Two of
Ibese subscriptions would plnco any
.... ..... ri i ... - .
tlldnte In tbo contest who could not so-
cure nt least threo or four subscrlp-
iinn-l,, half a .lav's lime. Do ynu not
think Iheso clegnnt rlrcs aro worth
our effort? Now Is tho tlmo to net.
Active Campaigns Started.
Active campaigns havo been started
by many of tho most popular candl-
n e. and Iheso nro tho ones whoso
naiee's npirnr among tho topmost
one Any candidate can bo a top-
notrhnr In a day's time. Many more
r-n.lo'n'cs are starting actlvo work
ca. b dav Do you valuo your opiior-
tmillles In llfo? lf so. now Is tho tlmo
for ynu to enter your name, or It It has
alieady been entered to start out
among ollr rrlends. Interesting them
In sour work and securing their votcH
ami subscriptions. Tbo majority of
reoplo In tho city aro already taking
tho Hiillotin and would bo only
too giad io maso ineir payments io
Sou, especially when Iheso payments
will prove of such great assistance to
3 on.
'I hen, too, during the coming polltl-
cal campaign, which will provo ono of
Return This
by 7 o'clock p. m. SATURDAY, MAY A, with an OLD Six
Months' Daily Subscription or an OLD or NEW Four-Year
Weekly Subscription, and receive
4000 Extra Votes
'l Rq Q! '" at'c'lt'on to ll' Regular votei.
& RS 13i Name of Subscriber ,
I ffifm ' 0R K Address ,
I if ' fw E Contestunt' ., (., District No
W-v n K Mark-'whether New or Old by circle.
K Iti '' an Contestants outsldo of Honolulu may mall these coupons with
V- m UH subscriptions by 7 o'clock Saturday night.
i.. m rjt A.,.. nJiJi
vvuuiu nuuu Miiy uanuiuuiu
Not Be a Leader? Everyone
tho hardest foiiRlit In the history of tho
country, ocrono will wnnt tho fullest
details In connection. Tho lltille-
tin Is alwajs in tho front rank in
illsscmlnntliiR nows. The Hiillotin
will carry tho latcHt and most com-
pleto reports or every maneuver
broiiKht forth by tlio past-masters of
politics. Securo these subscriptions
now. when they will do ynu somo real
Rood. If desired, wo cun hold them
for dolhcry nt any future date dcslg-
"",l by tho subscriber, while you so-
"ire tbo benefit of tbo voles now.
second Payments.
1,r ,Ilc benefit or tboso who might
"t understand, wo wish to explain
"'nt any subscriber who has started
to lake tho paper Blnco tbo start or
e contest Is always considered as
"ow during tbo llfo of tho contest.
1 ll0B persons who havo subscribed
for short-term periods two, three or
J months - and who wish to extend
"f r scrU'llons. as they always
?U ' d atcr, Whig tho Hullo-
tin for a while .will bo considered
"w n otes will bo Issued as now.
A peison who has subscribed for, say,
J" months gained you 300b voles.
" 1(,n': by gelling this subscriber to
extend another threo months, you so-
'" W0 voles on tbo "Second I'ay-
"P"t. Mark nl such subscriptions
'Second ravinent In order that von
"' Bec,1o lie f" number or votes
" ""t overlook Ihcso second pay-
'"cuts. They nro Important.
Votlrn Free To Everyone.
voting Is rrco lo anynno. All that
,a necessary In order to volo for any
candldalo In tho contest Is to clip tho
''""V coupons, fill these out with tho
"am" a'1'1 district number of tho can-
Hdnto and mall or bring to tho nul-
lot In olllco. Votes nro counted each
"'ay and all received up to 12 o'clock
each day appear In tb(t following day s
PaJ"'r- ' ersons desiring to assist can-
oldates may also do so by subscribing
tho nullotln. hvory subscrlp-
Hon. cither old or now, secures votes,
8m' ,lleso ma' " volc(l fr any candl-
Anyone can volo for a candidate in
any district. A small subscription to-
day may bo tho means of starting your
mvuniu uumuuuiu uu hucucubiiu
Tho subscription ballots nro good
any time during tho contest and may
bo held right up to lho close, but tbo
dally coupons, clipped from tho paper,
date of publication.
There is stm plenty of timo for now
tnndldates to enter nnd win. In fact,
now candidates aro cntcrlnR dally.
Tho contest will bo short and sharp,
but no ono lias as yet secured n com-
mantling lead, so If you really doslro
qm of lllcB0 lriz(H , ,10t put oIT on.
tprlnK. d,, it Todayl You will find
llmt (t Iin8 j)ccn tl0 ,c8t (1I1B yo
,,avo uvcr ,ionCi nIi wncn tno flnsn
comc8 you wm ,,jnco Bc, Valuo up-
(m yolr przo tnnt yml ttm novrr
tca, rej0ci,,K n having entered nnd
ImvnB stlICK; to tho finish,
when Votea Are Counted.
Voto-countlng for each day onds at
noon A11 votc8 rcccVcd up to 12
o-ci0ck cnrll ,iy aro counted nnd pub-
nBI0l In tho next day's paper. Thoso
i.Coled after 12 o'clock do not appear
until tho second day following their
iccelpt. This rule is mndo necessary
uccmlg0 of tll0 iftrK0 number of votes
rcccml cnr, day for various candl-
(lnte8 ,, wt,ouMt ti10 counting for
ony ono ,lay wollI(I ncvcr 1)0 finished.
n not fnrKol ,, Bnd lf yo WBIlt
your voog lo al,Car )n tle ,mncr 0f n
ccr(nn day bc0 ti,nt thoy rcach thg
n(nc0 bcforo noon of (ho 0ay ,,rccC(i.
Contt 0ffice Houri
Tho Contest Office is open all day
,, up to 8 .cl()(.k , lho 0VcninBf for
,l0 )en0lt of tloso who cannot mnk
their visits during tho day. Remember
,, nn(, ,f yol, ,,0 nol ,, , rt r.
lnR , ,ay , nmko yollr v,slta to tllis
ofl, como ,n 10 ovonnB,
,, v .
llIhTHH'T 0. I
Consists of Honolulu and the
Islnnd of Oahu from the center
of Nuuanu Street. West.
Tho prizes that must bo won
In this district nro an elegant
"HomlnRton" player-planoi a
perfect $100 diamond ring; a
-- nollcl gold ladles' watch and a
round trip to Kllauea or Hono-
. uu aU(1 rcturn. .Winners of tho
piny0r.planos havs tbo privilege
,, of ci1008nB a rouml trp t Ban
Frndsco. with a stay gf ten
days In tho Western Metropolis.
All districts havo an equal
.j. c,anco for tho Capital prlzo 1912
"Regal" automobile
Mrs. Otto WiB8onbcrry, Scbo-
Held Ilarracks 4,330
Mrs, II. Harris, Schoflcld Dar. 4,290
Helen Kimball, Wnlalua 4,080
Kva Kealolia, Children's Ilosp' 12,450
Mario Wood, Kallhl 5.3G0
Mrs. Jas. Konnedy, Ft. Shatter 12,000
Kllzabcth Kaleka, Kallhlkni... 4.080
Alole I'rcstldge, 1201 I'ua Itno 22,500
Mis, David K. Watson, Walnnao 29.CC0
Rosa Solomon, 1731 Mlihn 3,420
Mrs. W. Onlbralth. 1628 I.lllhn 3.040
Tootsle Iinslng, 494 Ilorctntila 2,910
most ho voted within ten days
Rortrude Watson, 245 School.. 29,490
Mis. Win. ltoed, Ft. Slinfter.... 2,360
Kdna Uliiniihcle, 1735 Llllliu.. 7,400
Mrs. Nnrrls, Schoflcld Dnrracks 2,300
Rltchlo a. Cockott, 1513 Fer
nandez 2,190
Ilina Nlopor, 1221 N, King,.,. 29,800
.losepllino I'ratt, 1562 Nuuanu. 2,140
Mudellno M'Candloss, Moannlua 2,210
Mrs, J. K. Hiram, I'arkcr Lano 29,170
Million A. Fauth, 2505 Robo... 2050
Mrs. Geo. Kinney, Wntortown. 10,100
Olympla Silva, Derotanla St... 2,040
Kdna Lloyd, 2194 N. King 2.020
Flnra Oygax, A I on ,.,. 2,000
Lydla Aholo, Kam. Ulrls School G.400
Ilubccca lopn, Walanno ...,,, 2,000
I.ucy I'icadiira, Walanao 2,060
Alberta Wholley, FL Shsftor... 5,320
I.ucy Harbor, 1220 I'uunul .... 2,000
Helen Notloy, 323 Ilucklo Lano 5,500
Hazel McGowan, Kallbl 2,000
Kdltb Glbbs, Hon. Plant., Alea. 15,600
Miss Tnnnkn, Anlca 9,020
Anna Mundon, Vineyard St. ... 2,000
Helen Zerbo, Davis & Co 8,460
.lonnlo Williams, Vineyard St.. 2.000
Klsle Off. Alea 2.420
Metn Put (arson, Alea 2,000
Mrs. D. P McGregor, 31 Ulshop
Lane 20,630
Consists of Honolulu anil (he
Inlnurl nf Onhu from tlio editor
of Nuuniiii Hired. Kast.
Tho prizes that must bo won
in this district nro nn elegant
4- "RemlnRtnn" player-plnno; n
perfect $100 diamond ring; a
mil Id gold I ml Ira' watch and u
round trip to Kllniicn or llono-
lulu nnd return. .Winners of tho
player-pianos havo tho pilvllogo
of choosing; n round trip to San
Francisco, with a stay of ten
days In tho Western Metropolis.
! All districts hiivo an equal
dinner for tho Capital prlzo 1912
"Regal" automobile
,!, ,r4"l,,'4,4'4,4,
Agnes Aylctl, King St.
,... 2,000
Mrs. Mary Williams, 6ID 8.
ltcrctnnla St 2,200
Mrs. Nan I Kcanu, I'nlola
Mrs. Koala Kaal Carter, Hon.
Iron Wks 21.320
Lydla Ng, 2427 Llllha 2,030
Molllo Mossmnn, Islnnd Curio
Storo 10,280
Daisy Smith, 1450 Fort 2,000
Mrs. J. T. Do Dolt, Knlmuki.. 13,010
Ethel Carter, Kmma St 2,000
Miss Ynmamoto, Hotel St 10,040
Mrs. Allco Hnywards, Johnson
House 9,470
Mlnnlo Todd, Hnwnllan Nows
Co 9,260
Carrie Crows, 1108 Wilder .... 2,000
Mrs. Dr. Tuttle, Ft. Do Hussy. 9.090
Miss Jtlley, Monna Hotel 8,100
Mrs. C. C. Carter, Ft. linger. . . 7,700
ladybird Turner, 319 S. Ylneyd 2,000
Mrs. Phillip Wong. Knlmuki St. 16.220
Mrs. Jas. Rice, Illom's 7,010
Eva Gonsnlvcs, 648 S Ilorctanla .8,220
Mrs. nutman, Jordan's 6,530
Mrs Grace ICIsnn. 816 King.... 15,010
Mnrjorlo McGuIro, Office Sup
ply Co 14,690
Itostf Leo Hong, 1436 Aloxandcr 6,270 .
Mrs." Paul Smith, Bach's Dry
Goods Co 6,020
Mary Ah Ping, Normal School 6,120
Florence Abbey, Kaullanl Homo 5,940
Pauline V-ocllor, 830 Young,... 29.250
Elizabeth Daniels. Arlelgh's... 5,740
Elennor Holt, Lord & Young.. 29,960
Mrs. Ilcssen, Ft. De Ilusey.... ,5.300
12elyn do la Nux, Kinau St.... 23,350
Miss Windsor, IJIackshear's
Hat Shop 5,040
Undid Wllklns, 1885 Knlakaua 5,000
Mrs.B.J.TImbcrlakc, Ft. Rugor. 5,110
Daisy McKeaguo, 1556 Keeau-
moku St 27,200
Kntherino Robins, Knlmuki... 5,060
Edna nrown, Y.W.C.A. Home
stead 4,980
Mary 8pauldlng, 1317 Punahou 4,490
Wllhclmlna Dlackle, Ulshop &
Co 5,000
Loulso Robinson, McKlnley
High School 4,680
Clarissa Cummlngs, Wnlklki.. 3,520
Margaret Kramor, Dlackshcar's
Hat Shop 2,090
Couzlo Souza, Sanitary Steam
Laundry , 29,940
Alice Maklko, Kaullanl Home. 2,030
Lily Ackerraan, Y.W.C.A 2,020
Ada Kershncr, 1177 Alakea St. 11,610
Ella Murray,- Porkln's Studio,. 2,010
Mrs. Winters, Junction Candy
Storo 27,190
Miss Aknl, Green Lano 12,830
Julia Colburn, 1062 Kinau .... 2,000
Ellen K. Dwtght, 1543 Makiki. 2,000
Agnes M. Johnson, 1252 Young 20,380
Clnlro Dorry, O. It. & L. 10.320
Mrs.W.P.Wooton, Ft. Do Hussy 2.000
Mrs. Hunnun, Ft. Do Russy... 2,080
Jane Johnson, Keeaiimoku St. 2,000
Mrs. J. S. Johnson, Ft. Rugor. 2,000
Mrs. E. S. Sykcs, Ft. Rugcr.... 2,000
Violet Smith, Ehlers & Co 2,000
Alberta Mlllor, Kaullanl Homo 2,000
Edith E- Pratt, 1631 Kaplolaul 5,000
Adolo Wlcko, 1071 Kinau 2.000
Maudo Sullivan, Dlshop Co.... 2,000
Mrs. M. Randall, Englcsldo
Apts , , 2,000
Hilda Smith, 1450 Fort 2,000
Ruth Mills, Swoot Shop 2,000
Mrs. LaSh, Palm llakory 3,250
Loulso Zorbo, Lowers & CookB 28,910
Magglo Todd, Illshop Co 2,990
Ida Fornundcz, Young St 27,800
Matilda M. Enos, Manou Valley 2,390
Ethel Cannon, Sacli's Dry
Goods Co 2,020
Molllo Illock, 541 S. Hotel.... 2.000
Josophlno Amns.Klng St 2,000
Lulu Drummond, 679 Prospect
St 2.000
Alice Drlckwood, Kaullanl
Homo 2,040
Eva McCorrlston, 1901 Punch-
Miss' Keating, Illshop & Co. ...
Annlo. Pangollnnn, King nnd
Mlnnlij Larsen, Hotel St. 2,000
Aras Windsor, Young St 2,000
Evelyn Heart, 1533 Kaplolani., 2,020
Pnlmeda Mattos, 1685 Luso... 2.050
Mrs, P. Miyake, 1248 Fort 2,010
Consists of tho Islands of
Kauai and Maul.
Tho prizes thnt must bo won
In this district nro nn elegant
"Remington" player-piano; a
perfect $100 diamond ring; a
solid gold ladles' watch and n
round trip to Kllauen or llono-
lulu nnd rcturn, .Winners ol tbo
player-pianos hnvo lho privilege
of choosing a round trip to San
Francisco, with n stny of ten
days In tho Western Metropolis.
All districts havo nn cqunl
chance for tbo Capital prlzo 1912
"Regal" automobile.
Stclln Padgett, Makiiwctl,
Kauai 9,500
I.osllo I,owls, Kahulul, Maul.. 24,010
Mrs. A. M. Da Vlco, Kckaha,
Kauai 29,150
Irma Wodohoiisc, Walliiku,
Mnui 20,310
Virginia Sllva, llanapope,
Kauai 15,110
Mrs. W. J. Goodhue, Kalnupa-
pa, Molokal 13,690
Tsulan Chny, Lahalnn 1.1,410
L. Kcohl Hnrt, Walluku,. Maul. 16.620
Mrs. Rohark, Kcanno, Mnul.... 7,420
Adair Carley, Pala, Maul 9,320
Mattlo Jordan; Kckaha, Kauai 7,090
Lcltnnl Weight. Walluku, Maul 5,390
Miss L. Keating, Kllauea, Kauai 5,000
Ma'gglo Fernandez, Pala, Maul. 27,750
llachcl T. Klakona, Pcahl, Maul 5,200
Uary Nunes, Pala, Maul 3,040
Emma A. Chang, Llhuc, Kauai. 23,240
Adeline Correa, Llhuo 3,000
Hone Hocking, Pain, Maui 16,420
Crcsslo Carrlcra, Pala, Maul .. 2,040
Mrs. F. Crawford, Wllukii .... 2,390
Cecilia Akin, Knlaupnpa 5,000
Adcllno Hose, Lahalnn . .;.... 15,000
Ida Williams, Pala, Maul 19,600
Miss H Tcfft, Kllauea, Kauai. 2,000
Ilertba Heifers, Makawell,
Kauai ...'.,.?,. .f, 20,620
Catherine Choj, l'ealil, Maul... 2,000
Miss E. E. Edwards, Kllauea,
Kauai 2.300
One Given in Each District
Exquisitely Engraved
Ladies' Solid Gold Watches
COUPON Not good after May 12
Honolulu, T, II.
This Coupon Will
Address :...'.
City Islnnd .' .',
Good for 10 votes when filled out and sent to the Evonlng Untie
tln nftlco by mall or otherwise, on or beforo expiration dato. No ballot
will bo altered In any wny or transferred after being recolvcd by tbo Con
test Managor. Unless ballot Is carofully trimmed around outside lines It
will not bo countod.
Value of Subscription Payments
Amouut Voles' (JItcu
One Month $ -75
Three Months .. 2.00
Six Months .... 4.00
Ono Year 8.00
Two Years 16.00
New Old
700 350
3,000 1,500
10,000 5,000
25.Q00 12,500
60,000 30,000
I'rlco New Old
Ono Year $12.00 36,000 18,000
Two Years 24,00 85,000 42,000
Changing from the Weekly nullotln to tho Daily will bo con
sidered n NEW subscription. Subscriptions must bo sent by mull, paid at
the Hiillotin office or paid to tho candldato In person.
Consists of nil of tho Island
of Hawaii.
. I'ltlZKS:
Tho prizes that must bo won
in this district are an clogant
"Remington" player-piano; n
perfect $100 diamond ring; a
solid gold ladles' watch and n
round trip to Kllauen or llono-
lulu nnd return. .Winners of tho
player-pianos havo the privilege
of choosing n round trip to San
Francisco, with n stay of Ion
days In tho Western Metropolis.
All districts havo an equal
cbanco for tho Capital prlro 1912
"Regal" nutomoblln.
Alice Hnttlo, Hllo 2,310
I)ii Isa Mclnccko, Wnlnhlnu... 2,000
Mrs. P. C. nonnier, Hllo 8,000
Nancy Daniels, Kurtlstown.... 7,960
Quccnlo Shnrratt, Kamuela.... 9,590
Jcnnlo Medolros, Ml. View 6,400
Emily Eivnllko, Hllo 6,300
Mrs. Phoobo Mclx-an, Volcano
Hoiiko 10,620
Maria Hell, Kawalhao 5,600
Mrs. C. E. Hnlllnger, Olaa 5,220
Anhlo Nnplcr, Hllo 5,200
Amy F. Williams, Hllo ....:.. 10,000
Mrs. E. S. Capollas, Haknlau.. 8,010
Mary Nalllma, Kurlstown 4,300
Mrs. II. D. Corbett, Hllo 9,530
Winifred Livingstone, Kamuela 2,090
Mrs. Maud Sisson, Mt. Vlow. 10,000
Helen Watson, Olaa 7,120
Mrs. Wm. J. Stone, Hllo 2,040
llorthn Ilondorson, llakalau ,, 2,010
Miss Curtis, Kurlstown 10,420
Louise do I lame, Kohaln 2,020
Morucn Kamakawjwoolo, Hono-
kaa 23,610
Mrs. John Gabeler, Holualoa.. 15,400
Jcnnlo Williams, Kohaln ..'... 2,000
Mrs. Mary T. Lello, Hllo 12.420
Miss Williams, Honokna 2,000
Allco II. Qulnn, Kohaln 12,000
Lilly Moses, Laupahoohoo .... 2,000
Malamlo M. Colomnn, Kohaln. . 13,240
Mrs. W. II. Smith, Hllo 2,320
Count for 10 Votes
...Dlst. No.
,, , Price Ji'cjt
Six Months $ .60 700
Ono Year 1.00 1,500
Two Years ..... 2.00 3,000
Price Ncvr Old
Ono Year $ 2.00 3,500
Two Years 4,00 10,000
- l
v- r
,, rai -Ba--alia1-avavavBBB-B H
-BSSSI r"..l !! niiillilll MMJ- l Jj IWWWWWHMWIWeJKlfjaw W.W.1"" --1
mtmmtwxm-nrjmi.-- tmOL'mm. ' - A
i "
iH AKHimniilMHifl

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