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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
lliilliillllll- MiiIiiI.
ii mi M ii ( hnplcr I'ov ( rnlv
- Shtlllll.
Hawaiian llilnl Hi grit-.
lliiniiliilii ( luiilir, II, . II.
-Ilniul rli
Oreillllc I I r I lllglie.
Iliiriiinni ( luiplt r No, I, II.
I . l.'i uiilin.
Ill Tlillldi nmmtuni of tar
Ordr r cordially lUTlttd to
attend meetings of local IsdfM
.Mut on tin'
'-'ml unit till
Honda) s iif
null monlli
III K. Pi Hull
7::io r. Ji.
.Mimbcrs of
rCKEFICIAL ajwwidi.
llfllll) 111! ltd!.
utliiT Asmi
cl.ltlllllS icr
ti.1l. 1lclvlM.li I.ODOK, NO. 8,
it. .if I.
I.t-n i vt-iv 2nd and 4tli Satur
l i ivming al 7 30 o'clock In
K ii I' Hull, tor Fort ml
H mi mil Visiting brothcm
coiil. -Hi in .t"il In nttend
r u:utz. c c
i r kiliii:v, k n. s.
iiomm.i i.i i.owu:, cm, ii. i. o. i:.
v.liouuilllll l.ouge .-.o uiu,
U t W L.I
V O Ulks. meets In
their hnll, on King St,
near Fort, every Krlday
evening Visiting Broth
ers nre cordially Invited
to attend
A r MfUI'llY r. It
it in ssnnr sec.
OAIir I.OIKIi: Ml. I, K. of I'.
J-'i Meets win Mrm and third Frl-
&3day at 7 in o clock, I'jthlan
'piHnlt turner Tleretiiniii and
Fort sheets Visiting brothers
cordially Invited to attend
I v 1 1 K I N S i ' '
i i 1 1 1 1 M k i I It A. S
IIAti UIN I It 1 It i: NO. 1, I. 0. It. .11.
Meets evirv first and third
'lui'i-div hi I'licli month In
I r.iteinlt ll.ill. I O O I'
building t-t.ting brothers
)'H cordially invited to nttend
111 NHV A ASCII, Sachem
1.1)1 IS PLttHY, C. at 11
iiomh.i i.i i:mr mi, p. o. i:.
"") Mut'' mi -ennui and fourth
QfL Wiilin il.i) ev nlng of each
MJft- month ,n 7 fin odoi-k, in
K hi I' ll.ill. turner Fort
and Lti'i'i.nii noting hiutheis .ue
Invittd to .ill' ml
J V ASCII, Secy.
IIOMM.I I.I' I.OIKii: Ml. bllll,
I,. II. 0. II,
will nieit In Odd Fellows' building,
Fort street near King every Frldaj
evening at 7 Ki o clink
VlRlting biotlii'is (ordlally Invited
to attend
U A I OKSON, Sei retary
Importer Fort St
Aro Always Found at tho
Bonnet Shop
Spring Hats
Miss Power,
Millinery Parlor, Boston Block
III I t Sin I I I III st lu
Club Stables Block
MRS. E. E. DAVIS. Proprietor
Pantheon Bldg.
Up-to-date Millinery and Men's Hatt
Shipping: W'f
New Regulation Has Gone Into Effect That Will Insure Some
Radical Changes or Additions to Life Saving Equipment
Captain Fisher of Korea Has Entered the Service of
Uncle Sam China Departs With Record List of Passengers.
Willi tin- arilval or tlie Mntson Nav
ig.it Inn 1 1 nr t illiclinlna lrum the
Coast ihis moiuiiig tomes tin' Interest
lug mfiii mat Ion that the I'lilted States
uuihoriiics have tnken a ki en Interest
in tlie lifes.ivlng eiiulpmeht Instulled
in the trans Padllt steameis
'ow lollies word Hint the executive
iiimmlttee of the Hoard of I'lilted
Stntos Supervising Inspectors or the
Steamboat Inspection Sorvliu has
adopted nmetidments to the rules ami
lobulations ptovlilltig Hint every ocean
going vessel I'tirrjlng passeugeis shall
lie pioviiled vvitb sulllileut UfeluMls
to ni commodate ever person on
board Including the crow
It Is il.ilmed that there is little
proiiuil foi lomplalnt iiincerulug tlie
number ol boats and life rafts on Mat
sou and Oceanic steamships
Heretofore lifeboats were required
on Bitch vessels In accoidame vvitli
their lonnige. Thus u vessel of the
tniinuge of the Tltanli . -IiI.Oiiii and ov
r, would be required, If under I nlled
States shipping laws, to have lifeboats
sulllclenl for 2lln persons, more pen
pie Ihnn were on bonid that vessel.
Hill In vessi Is of smaller tonnage and
(timing passeugeis up to Ibelr Hill
lapniin the tonnage leipiltemeut
would not he siitllilent to ptovlile life
boats fin nil on board vv hen Hie vessel'
was ( arivlug bei full i omplemeut In
older lo make Hie matttr plainer, ami
to avoid leaving anv loopholes for evu
slim. Hie supervising Inspectors now
leipilre that all mean going passenger
vessels shall no longer be llfeboated
iiKouling lo Hie tonn.iKe, hut acionl
lug to I Ii totnl niimbei of passengers
and i lew ndiiall) on Imard
Ibis regulation goes Into effeit 111!
mediutel, uml Supervising Inspector
llulger gave ordeis to the (leiks 111
Ills otllie to uotlfv ull the oiean going
vessels on the lu III Coast of the
I lilted States to install the requisite
number of lifeboats on pain of being
lefused (learnnie from Hie port.
Captain I'eler lolinson brought Ills
( nluliianil iiloiigside Alaken vvliarf eai
Iv this inoiniug mid Immediate steps
wet taken for the lenioval of a large
general dirgo. a poll Ion of whUh Is
i unsigned to tlie quartermaster de
part mint lor li.inslilpnieiit to Manila.
Tlie Wlllielminn airlved vvllli S3
uibin uml Hi steeiuge passeugeis Of
'lie lallei. in ueie memlieis of a ml
oied minstrel troupe wliidi Is to open,
a In lei engagement at one of Hie loial'uloiig Hie adjoining slnteiooms on the
tlienleis Tlie miiistiel men and maids
aie lu themselves u mass iintul, or
dieslrn and a general bunch of incrr)
mnkeis 'I liev nhlv assisted In a hi,
lies of entellalnmelils held on hoard I
On Hie foiward deck or the Wllhel J
inliiii weie m.iuv tons struitinnl steel
tor ttaliHfel to I'euil llailior Tlilrtv
tiaits imported clilikeiis aillved ill
L.001I (ouditlon
Among the lahlli pnsseugeis weie
'0111 In Id, il couples wliic Ii Bltuplv goes
lo sliow that the Wllhelmlna lias lost
lone ot Its famed reputation ns Hie
popular liausport of those who have
iKiilUed themselves on the altar of
The vessel met with line weather on
the nip down lioni San Francisco.
Mail to the amount o r.i',7 sacks was
let lived.
Mariposa in Service.
I'he wdl known steamer Matlposa,
whn h was sold ri(ctill) b) the Oteaii
it Steamship Compaii) lo Hie Alaska
Sic. unship Compnii), Is now cm her
maiden trip in the Southeastern and
Soiiiliwestein Alaska seiviie. Ap
piovimutcl) $20,000 was spent In al
i, mucins in piepaie the steamer lor
tlie northern route A llUlubir of
stuteiooms liave been ndded on the the Wllhelmlna The presentation
uppei tletk and tho mblns throiigliout UK miB t0 KOii1uI skipper Just be
have been iidecoiated and iffurnlsh ),,. the Wlllielmlna with her Shrlner
ed A fent urn or Hie alterations wns'i,,lst hud i-iileied Hie Hidden tint.
tlie c oust i action or mi elegant obser
vation loom on the spai deck nit
Close Steamer Race.
In tin i losesi ti.unp
Monnii i mie
i Siiiio.v jii '-is flu pi MII0S!S( 'IJ8I noi(,i
ojbo i M dn ops mOu Sj 1!
Union-Pacific Transfer Co.
oi Aq
sj ojnimjnj jhoA uoiM
ever known between Hie Atlantic
Const and Hie Hidden (in'e I lie llrlt
lsh steamer Slruthness. Captain Itoh
erts. defeated her sister ship, the
Strnthallan, Captain Soorer Tlie for
mer an I e.l Momla evening, logging
ii". dnvs from Norfolk, while Hie de
lenled i airier (ante In leporling that
she was W'j das out fiom Hie same
port. Ilotli steamers brought cargoes
of coal foi I Ii.- California Clt naval
bunkers Cluonlde
Captain Rjher Will Serve Uncle Sam.
Captain I'lsher will not he found on
Hie bridge of the I'ai Itlc Mnll liner Ko
lea when Hint vessel sit mils into the
liutbor on 'I 1iihkiI.iv morning flout
San I'lanclsio, as vestirdav piedlcted
in the lltil let in ('apt William
I'lsher. (Oinmander of Hie liner Ko
rea has resigned from Hie service of
Hie I'm Itlc .Mnll t'nmpaiiv to accept nil
appoint meut from I'm lo Sam in Hie
steamship Inspection service. His res
Ignatloii, vfhich was accepted unvvll.
llngl. goes into effect lit once I'lsli
er, lu his uipacliv as Inspedoi, will
be atindied to the mirihirii dlstiiit
with lieadquarlen ill Seattle I'lsher
leaves Hie I'.u lllc Mnll set vice as Ma
rv Anderson lell the stage, while bis
stur is still uudlmmcd Although one
of the voutigest masters lu the seiv
Ice he was in command of the crack
ship of Mm Heel His career as olll-
icr and master bus been linuinried by
uccldent lie entered the servile of
the I'nrlllr Mall Company about 2D
vears ago as a cadet and worked his
vvu steadily lo I lie lop Ills succes
sor lias not set been seleded
Chief Olllcei Nelson, fornieily of tltn
Mongolln, Is bringing out the Korea
on tin present voyage.
Fight to Save Steamer Harvard.
I.OS AN(ii:i,i:S, Cal, April 2
While a large crowd stood helpless on
the Terminal Island docks mid wnldi
(I volumes of smoke pouring from her
port boles, I In new of the (rack
Heaiuslilp Harvard, aided lij the II
tug Warrloi, fought despeiulel for
an hour to save the big vessel from
destruitlon liv Hie this afternoon.
The hla?e stalled in Hie cook's gal
ley mid was mused h) the hoisting of
an oil feed pipe leading to the ship's
range I lie galle was In flames in
an instant and the lire spread rapidly
port side Tlie lire hose was laid and
asslstamo summoned fiom Hie San
Pedro Fire Department, which respon
led with the Wariioi and by help
from shoie
It was found Impossible to lench the
Humes through Hie gnllev, sudi head-
wnv had tliev gained, and Hie llremeu
1 ill tlieli wuv with aes tlirougb the
staler us oil the opposite side. They!
ill iv en buik twice, hut after an
light sun ceded III subduing Hut
Si staterooms and their t indents
weiti elitlielv destloved, us was the
guile). The hull uml nuuhllier.) es
uiped damage. The loss is about $!!,
not). It will netessllate a delay of
one week 111 sailing and passeugeis
for Sail Piandsto will probably bo
sent h.v another boat Tuesday. It Is
probable Hint the 1 lal v aril will have
to tliy dock at San Francisco Tor le
Captain Johnson Given Costly Jewel.
Captain Peler Johnson Is tho proud
possessoi or a tine Slirluet einlilem
eiicrusied Willi illaiuoiids and opals
line gin oi mo ioiii oi moio meilltiers
ol Aloha lemple vvlio sailed tor tho
inalnlniitl and the Los Angeles ion
tl.ive ns iiiikseTier.rs In tils inminiiiiil
Captain lolinson Is wearing Hie beau
tlful mid icistlv emblem on his retain
lo Honolulu lids inninlng ami he has
lx en the leclplenl or much tongiutula
Hon fiom his tiicmls ut this purl over
Its lenlpl
jnq UBEdB s pe siijj.
JU. JUL . J is
(Additional Shipping on Page S) i
1 r i
d ? ?H
h in. ii m it m
17 o vi t lll ll
it in
10 Ml )UH Wl IJI
I ', I" tl
' I
1 i ii . -. vi ii ui cm, i
p in. i ,
1 I 11 CI II ',51 C1I. I CI I
1 (CI, 0 It 002 ,.'5 Hli SOT,
a in
1 10 I I II f. TirJ 7 I'l SI OtJ Ull
Last iuurtr of the nienii Mn
Temperature t, a in 7", S n m ,
7(. lu a in. 7.i, noon 77. iiiinuuuiii
last night. (,'i
Wind- C u in. vilmitv I. direction
N II , S a m.vilodlv i diredloti N
i: , 10 a. Ill, velodtv 7, ilirettlou N
K, noon, Veloclt) Ii. tlliettlou !:
Totnl wind moviuunt loi p.nl 24
hours, 10" mites
llaroiueter ut S a in :iu 1C; dew
point at IS a in, 1,1,, relative humid
ity, 8 ii in, 78; absolute humidity, s
ii. in. 0,8 IS
Total lalufall during past 21 hours,
III Inch
(Special Cable to .Merchants'
Tuesday, May 14.
SFATTI.i: Sailed. Ma) 1.!, S S. II v
ados, for Honolulu
1H lli:iA Arrived. Mav 12, K. S
Saint Kildii, lielite Ma) 2
POUT SAN M'lS nlveil, Mav 12
S. S Santa Itlta, heme Ma) 2
HAVIOTA - Sailed, M.iv III, ship Ma
rioti Chili oil, foi Honolulu
S S. .Maverick, lieiue Mav C
Kllauen Met with Rough Weather.
Hough vveutliei was met along Hit
Kan coast while -month seas and
light winds weie imountered along
Hie shores of llauiakii.i atiorilliig 10
leliort of Piuser Logan of Hie sliamei
Kllauea. whldi was an arilval at tin
purl this morning The sieauier Will
lele was passed at kiilulau while the
bark Fooling Sue) was loading sugar
at .Mahiiknnn
The Kllauea's fielglit list liidiidtd
S1I11I1 sacks sugar, 211 sat ks cullee, 2.s
crates noitltn, I" dates pigs, !!.! Iiend
laltle, lio hunches bananas, 11 hales
hides, 21 pieces kon s tialei eggs, and
2 IS packages siindiies
Helene Back from Kawalhae.
Veslenlay's anivals iucliided I lie
Intel-Island si, timer Helene. from
Kawalhae with ! 1.7 10 sacks sugar, 7.,
iiend tattle. 1 1 1nc kages sundries ami
2.". empties. Thti essel met with line
vvenlbei on 111 oulwanl ami Invvnid
trips Purser Peake reports the foi
lowing sugar as awaiting shipment
Kuktilhaele llouo. Ilonokaa II.Mhi,
Pauuliaii II 71111, Paaiillo 20,7ou. K11k.11
an IlfiH, Ookala It, 'i.i. I'upaaloa l',.'.en
China Crowded to the Guards.
With passengers assigned lo sleep
lug tpiarieis in Hie Hiuokiiig-ioom, the
l'ailllc Mall Unci China got avvav for
San Fraudsto shoitly after 1 otloik
this afternoon, taking one of the larg
est lists of passengers lu the hlstoiv
ol the populni vessel.
The China wns an arrival fnuii
Hongkong via .lapan poilH Inst iilglit
with Mio Ioiih Oriental tneit haudlxe
The vessel was beitbetl ut Hlshop
vvliaif. vvheie ovei llvo liiindied Ions
1 oal was phued aboard The llouo
I'll" "" Included hags of bean
i rates of bllds, t uses of ( alined gooils.
iiirlos, div goods, llreciui kers, gun
tiles, matting, oriental provisions, ilte,
sake and other oriental piodutts " .
mscs lea, lii.'i linnels vinegar ami i,.:
i uses Chinese wine, besides sundries.
Pnssi ngers for Honolulu lire S nb
I ii and 17 Russians, II) .Inpauese, :t
Chinese and till Filipinos lu Hie steer
age An Hem In tho through wit go
of the China is a shipment of l'to2
bales of raw- Kllk valued at one million
The Wilhelmlna will be dispatched
foi llilo on Thin hdnv evening, accoicl
lug lo pieseut plans of ('antic ,(.
Cooke, tlie locnl agents. The vessel
'has a ipuuiillv of cargo fur illsdiaigu
Hide 'I b Wllhelmlna Is due to le
tuiii to this port on Monday moiiilug
Siigai awalilug shlpineiit on Hawaii
as lepoiti-il by Hie olllccis lu Hie In
ter Island sti inner Kllauea Include Hie
following A Co. 111. 010. Ilult hin
sou t, isi p S ,M 11,000. II S Co 11
Hon Paaiillo 1U.70, Pnauhuii 11 "On, Oo
kala 10', ', Kuknluu -Hi.'o sucks.
tt tt :: :: :: t: :: t: :: :: :: :: tt :: ::
Travel to nut', fiom Hawaii
ibis siinimi r tho touiist trade
Pin Hi ulaily - will be ll bundled
per nut gn ater than any sum
iner tialllc wo have over hud,"
savs Si i lelai) II P W'ooil or tin
Hawaii i'l otioti Commlltee on
bis I in ii I loin the mainland
Alimilv Ho S It rin mid Wllhel
in inn bookings on tho Coast me
limning up lo mpadl). mid u tie
mi tidoiis tin lease Is noticed In
nil the San Finudsto pnssi ugei
olllics 'Ibis In going lo lie a
led leliei summer'"
:: :: :: :: t: it t: :: s: :. .: ts ::
' ,ii m.
I III r, x C l I' I" -
ill ill' ODDS AND ENDS
niwf ii ri rrim nnrr
ill HI J J
111 laLIj llltlE
Mall forwarded to the Const In the
I 'at I lie Mali lltiei Slholu lent lied San
Frnnelsto Suiiiln noon
Honolulu passengers who left for
the Coasi In the I'lilted Stall's Arm
trmi'iioit Thomas are repoited to hnve
arrived at Portland, (lie . on Sunilai.
'1 lie bnikeiitlne Atngo with luinbet
Is tepoited to have sailed llom (ira.s
llnrhor with lumber 1 unsigned to Ho
Illln shipping has lieen augmented
liv the nrrlval of the haikeutlne Kllk
Hat rioui Pun Cniuhle
Taking n trltle over 120011 tons su
gar, the Amerlinn llnwnliaii fielgliter
Columbian sailed fiom llilo for Sallna
Cruz on Inst Satuidny.
Aftei having (timpleleil Hie ill'
charge of about 2,ouo bauds oil, the
milker W. F Hen In sailed from Kn
nunpull for San I'niudsio on him Sun
I.umber destined for Honolulu lins
left Port l.udlovv in the st homier Mutv
1.. Fosier
Copin inken from the hold of the
flooded bnikeiitlne S N Ciistle Is lie
lug drletl picparulor) lo le sinking
the cirgo, for transit to the Coast
'I lie lint kc mine is mom oil alongside
the .Miller Compunv Sailor llov, whin
Hie lopia has been trmisferied.
Il is plcdli loil thai Hie S N Custh
will get avvav foi San Fimitlsto h.v
the last of the wei k
When the Mntson Navigation sleatn
el I, inline pulls a'vnv from llaikleld
wharf .11 r, o'clotk this evening Hint
vessel will mil) 11 full shipment of
Migui destlnid foi tlie Coast.
.Mainland Height 10 tin utuoiinl
110.11 1) piuii tons Is hi lug itishid fiom
Hie holds of the Aiueilcan Hawaiian
Hilgliler Alaskan That vessel Is e
pel led to be dlsputdii d foi S.1II11:
cru ov Hie win or Island polls on
Uidiiesdav 1 veiling
I 'If iv passeugeis ate due lo arrive
hole on 'Ihuisduv in Hie I'.u lib Mall
sitauiMilp koit.i I lie koifii tonieH
f 1 0111 San l'l.itiilsio and Is due liem
1 bout s odoik in 1 Ik- moiuiur
Tlie lepori of a seilous tollision lie
Iweeu an luti l-lslaml sleamei mid tin
Mulson Navigation tug Intiepid vvidi
I) iliciilaied along Hie waltifioiii hist
evening, awakened inudi lulenst win u
II was reported thai Ibe smnller ves
I'el hud In en seveielv diimagi d mid
one in more or her i lew Injuied h
tho Imii.lcl
This morning H was leal lied
Hie Intel Island steamer Helene
nulling from Hawaii ports ami
tempting lo gain her beilb ,H the
Ini, I Islatul whalf. whb b bin a
m vv
wks ago was known to Hie Muimiii
w Inn I. I lushed into Hie tug llilltpld
'Ibe .Mulson lug was onsideuiblv
duimigfd lliiougli Ibe tollision Link
liv. none or her ollbeis ol divv wen
bull though it is said thai "i uml
I ersons on the lug ut l tit lime had
lathei liariow cm apes fiom leteiviiu
M'l lulls iujlllies
The lleldie foiled In l wav ili'o lie
lug which lor some iiuson ol ollu i
had been mooied al I In- tiiuei end ol
I he Waiklkl side ol the vvliaif
I'oi a distant c id llfiv ol sliv I, c i
Hie uppei bulwmks in the luiitpid me
wiii kid or can led awav enliulv
An i Miiiiluutloii made on lioutd tin
tug pillowing tin- accident Insi ivtu
lug plaies Hie damage at ucuilv nut
llioiiMiuil diillms The Iniei I .1 mil
will il is utulc! stood, assiimi Hie osi
ot making Ibe lepalis
pssi:.Mii:its ititii:i) i
Per M N S S Wllhelmliin Hum:
Sun Frnndsui, May II Mi and Mi
Thus I, Andrews. It C Anilionv
A S. Il.ikei, Call Perglilid Mi and
Mis A II IIiom-i, W A Hrunilagi
Mrs. C Campbell Miss Hlluheih
Campliell Mis II It Caldwell S S
Castle, II I' Daiifoitli. Mis I- hi,
K Davis mid son M-s C F I lwt 11
(it o 1) Fvau Miss Ituili Ft in v lolin
I'lenilng. C. It' Foirchtci Mis 111
lessle Foiieslir, Miss Lisle I Fullei
lou, W. W (ioodule. Mi ami Mi 11
F Hug nuiuu. Miss llarilel llluhiock
Miss M II llitihfock. C lloilg
I Hi-ill II ll llolllngs. Miss Mela llollinus.
Fostei lloinci . 1 1 1 ( 1 1 in m r. Miss Lib
el i:. .lack. Mis It L link I I
Jaegei Mr and Mrs S A liu-gei
Mrs II Snvdei, Mrs II 1 Cl.uk
Mis W Keisauils. Mis Poole Miss
I. Cold. Mrs M Km MUs I.
knight Mi uml Mis Ldw.inl l.owi
.ll C lai ilonabl. luo Madden Mi
mid Mis A Miiko Miss i'llabeiii I
Miiiilsou, Mis Ldun Mii7gii Mi uml
Mis A (i Olds luo I' Pogiii Mi s
Mane F I'ugue, Mis M I'lillau Mis i
F tillu A Itlugei Mis A W Itooi,
Mi and Mis II M Sail ami mil so
Carl I Sihaeler C (I Stliwm
Capl Paul Smith Mi ami Mis I, F
Siivdir Itev Reginald IVendoor P
I Weber, P l! Williams. II W 11
sbuseu. C F Wood. Mr and Mis F
II Wood Mr uml Mis II P Wood,
Ml and Mis (ieo F W)kle, Mis I
F lining. Mt mid Mrs I M Zliin
Pet stun Kllauea, fioni Koun and
Kan pons, Mav II (II linker'
Miss It II Tuvloi, Young Sun, S M
Kiimiikua, i: C Smith, J II Ciaig
Mis Thane hi. Mis Holillug. Mih Win I
Nuhule I l.lghtrtiot. Ilo Mis lined
Smith ( mile Holding las F I Ind i
siiv Mis I D Atkeiiuan. Mis t.nili
Ain, Mis IIiIiii Aea, L Alii It W I
Shlugh lliniv SI Horn, In ti I' I
Smith I! Ilium i, r,7 deck I
Kinpiic git on, gci.iiiiuni led and
sulpliiii me ttilois seen in toiiihiiui
Hon lu some of the MliulltM lilillllic I v
1 lie I 11 1 I e t I n s oxtlusive nut
tiouuiemeiil of the fact that tlie est
in I uioii Is behind iht' Manual)
wileless system gives additional lu ,
teres! to Hie development of the
plans of the Federal Telegraph Com
panv, behind whlili Is Hie Poiilsen
wileless system 'I ills means some.
what of tompetltlon in tho lotnl Hold
The Poiilsen people bnd II lepre
senlattvc bete some months ago. mid
theie Is said to be one liete now' The
nuhiuiiKotnciit was made at Hint time
Hint tlio Poiilsen ptople would nun
I ele for Hie Padllt wileless business
Now I be lalesl new simper Hies fiom
the Const me lull of the plans 'I he
Call, foi ItiKlam o, siivh i
I he ndvdit of I lit Poiilsen in less
I 01 potation in Hie held of tomniel I
1 lal wireliss iihgrnpliv tlirougb It '
updating ngenl the I'edctal 'lib
giupli Conipaiiv lias mused a wide
spiead iiiieiesl 10 in taken in the al
lulls ot this organiatlon I
I liis ut w win It's iniiioaiiv has in
'I he Mulsini and I'm lllc Mail llui s
ale makliig greul pi opal at hue- loi ut vv
shamtrs, savs Setitlaiy II P Wood
or the Hawaii I'lomolloli Coinmlllee
on Ills I i-l ii t ii rroin Ibe Consl. Vl(e
I'li-slileiit uml Mauagel It P Silivver
ili or the Padllt- Mull siiowed him the
plans fen Hie foui new steameis, ami
( aplaiii Mulson sliowtd hlin I lie plans
fin Ibe new sti iiluel of the .Mntson
"I lie Malum slenmer will be pel
feet." said Mr Wood this morning.
"She will be up lo ilal" lu ever) pin
tit iilnr
'"I he new Pai'lllc Mull boat plans
are splendid 'I ho tfiinpnuv is piepm
lug lo spend $l2,oiiil,ii0n In building
I hem and then will spend $l.'iim oiiu
ill oMciislvn changed and luiptovi
nietils In Hie Manchuria uml Mongo
"1 lie new steamers foi Hie Padllt
will be a boon to Hawaii Ol ionise.
Hie Pu Hie Mnll will not build its
stimueis unless Hie meiisuie pieveut
ing iiillio. id owned ships Omit passing
lliiougli Hie canal lu delealed "
Mi hula i It Hell, u well known Svi
i use biislncsnian. HI .veals old. vv.is
iokim with n toiidiuioi on a stitci
t.H about Itelii igs lociiiil) when In
siiiliii nit it-ll tie, id
The co'n whiskey of the middle
West ; the Tiswin of the Apaches
of Arizona are undoubtedly pure,
but are lacking in quality.
The goods you buy of us meet ?
uii requirements. f
Family Trade
WX, Peacock & Co.
Wine and Liquor Merchants
Merchant St., near Fort St., Honolulu
3( ezs
iiiiiid ih' cvlnsivo rlglits for the
I'nlietl Stalls Alaska I 11I111 Paiiuma,
1 0110 Itlio lla.valiiin islands uml
1'hlllpplne Islands ami the itaiiHinar
In ilglits or Valdemnr I'onlscn, the
imlncut Danish si lent 1st of Copenha
gen Follnvdng venrs of sclontlllc expo
llmentlnp. the Federnl Telegraph Co.
Is now able to annoimct' Its vvlielus
sen Ice fur Purine Coast huslness, in
1 lulling the sending of dav and night
nieshuges covering Hie following cit
ies Scuttle Portland. Hot-he llarbol,
Meilford, Sacramento. Htockton, Sun
I'innel-ito l.os ngeles, San Diego,
Phoenix and CI Paso Night M-rvlto
will lie given to Clilmgo through Foit
Worth. Dallas and Kansas tit v.
Privacy Assured.
'Iluough the pcrli'dion or the Pool
sen svstelll Hie hope or silt (ess Tor .1
dm and nll-lil seiviie ovei laud linn
been u-nllieil This it litis been ills
tovireil alter vimt ol elfoii along
those lines could liol be done llV Hit)
nark vstem or vvinh'is it legiuplo.
Seirelnrv II P Wood or the Hawaii
Pioinolloii Committee is t ulliiislasile
ovtr Hie outlook tor Hie I'.ill I'aelllc
Huieiti, vvlili ii Is mi oiilgtowlli id l ho
Pan-Pin lllc ColigiesH wlilch Ml W'ooil
orlgiualetl and which nut lieie last
While in San Francisco Mr. Wood
dlsiusseil Hie plans foi Hie bureau
lull) Willi Secielar) of Slate Knos,
thill on Ills Coast trlji Mr Wood uml
Secrellirv Klm weie t'tiniplltlhlllH oil
ii tugboal 1 1 ii on Sun I 'i am 1st o ll.i.v.
Mi Wood put bi-roie Ii I in a number of
telling mguuii-uts on Hie usefulness
of sin Ii u biiieiiu, mid found Mr. Knot
u imilv and tonllnl listener, mid on.,
who agieed Willi him.
'I Tei-I thai we mil louiil on his ni
t pel at Ion," said Ml Wood this moiii
iug As all cad. v told heie. the I'.iiel'.iclllc
henilqumlers have In en (hanged floin
Honolulu to Sail Francisco, and now
Hieie are foi null quuileis i-slulillslietl
III the Chamliii or Couilneice build
Separale winps ale made of tl.irlc
blue lullelu
sms E

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