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to extend thoso subscriptions for Ion-
ger periods ami by securing their sub-
i-crlptlons you gain many extra votes.
I H Itlfllnnnn rt ft t 4 t iiuhnntilli.
t in iiioiiiuv.1., fuioviii nun niiiiaci iiF- ,
"Every Little Moment Has a Meaning all its Own"
Every Bit of Effort Put Forth During This Time Is Going to Bo
Returned in Far Greater Proportion on June 22 Fifth
Week of the Big Campaign Proceeds With Vigor First
Half of the Campaign Approaching Its Close.
We have now fairly started on the
llflh week of Wtf lllg Popularly Cain
palgn. and l Ibis time next week will
liae reached and passed the halfvwiv
post. Therefore tliKvveck Ik especial
ly Important, lioth In view or the fan
that the lllg Special Offer closes to
morrow night and also the fait that
morrow night and also the fuel that
the half vvnv post Is so near. Willi such
a short time left, after this week. In
which In sccuie ihe splendid prices
"even little moment -has a meaning
nil Its own" i:cltement Is bonnil to
Ini rcase as the time grows shorter
nnd thoso who have occupied the lead
lug positions up to this time have al
ready Insted the Traits of victory, Tor
having proved themselves capable of
conducting winning campaigns thus
far they hae already come to regard
the prizes as won Hut because jou
lime done so well up to this time do
not lei the evil of oU'rumfldcnce take
win In Us Ki-asp 0er confidence Is
the grcnlcst dcspollcr of progress
I'eel that .Mm want .to win, nnd encour
age yourself with the thoughts of the
splendid showing you have made thus
fnr. but determine that ou will con
tlnue this good work nnd ilo not allow
anything to make ou think ou have
already won and hence do not need to
do more work.
Candidates All Hustling,
HenllltiR the ureal Impoilnme of
the HIk Spednl Offer ami ihe rncl
thai il means mi much to them, prac
tical!) ever) candidate Is working as
she never uoiked before, hustling for
Ihe suhscilptlous that will enable her
lo reap the greatest possible benellt
from this offer livery subscription,
NKW, of tluee motilbs or over counts
on this offer nnd every (in months'
new business earns the 75,(11)0 extra
votes As no limit Is placed upon the
number of these clubs a candidate
mil) secure, a young vvoinnit with en
orgy and Industi) can scuie enough
votes to plain her In a splendid post
llou for vlciorv bv pulling forth n lit
tle extra efToit during the few hours
that lemnln before this olTcr ionics to
u close Uemeiuher, tomorrow night
at !) o'clock sharp this offer will cense,
and be sine and have )our subscrip
tions In the office by that time. Can
didates outside the clt) are allowed,
of i nurse, to mall their subscriptions
I1Y ) o'clock tomorrow night.
,...,.. il... t...,.., ..r .l.t.. ..,...., Ilt-.
I I ll'lt'i i in" H'linn .11 turn intint tiiit;.-
lal opportunity every candidate has a
splendid chance to secure n reserve
that will mean victor). And victory
each mid every candidate Is striving
for victory which means the posses
sion of tbo handsome 1!)12 "K"gal" au
tomobile, n splendid trip to the Coast
nnd return, nn elegant J.'ifiO "Iteming
ton" pla)er-plnno, n handsome $100
dlnmond ring or one of the other ele
gant awards. Do not overlook tbo Im
portance of this.
Those who expect to figure In tbo
prlze-w inning should decide right now
that Micro Is no tlmo like tbo present,
especially with tbo big offer to assist
materially, and should keep busy
right up to the closing hour. This Is
also the big tlmo for llio lato starters.
and many who do not nt the present
tlmo llguro sjrongly In the published
standings nro doing the work Hint will
enable them to step right In nt the fin
ish nnd claim somo of the splendid
lirlxes for their own. For every mill
hcrlptlon turned In during this tlmo
has an untold value.
Future Subscriptions.
I'utiiro subscriptions are things that
Miould not bo overlooked. In many
cases candidates will meet persons
who nro nlrcndy Inking a dally paper
which Is pnld up In ndvance, nnd do
not deslro to havo two dally pnpeis
coming Into their homes nt the snmo
1 tlmo. To provldo for nil such sub
scriptions and to enntilo cninildntes to
reap every benefit from their work.
vjo havo arranged to ncecpt mm iiout
nil such subscriptions, when nccompn
tiled by tho amount or tho subscrip
tion, for delivery nt nny future dnlo
deslgnnted by tho subscriber.
Extended Subscriptions Second
Hero Is nn Important tip for can
didates: Anyono xvhn subscribed for
tho paper Blnco tho contest started Is
n now subscriber and will still bo con
sidered now, no matter how many
additional payments ho or sho may
mako during tho contest. Now thoso
nersons who havo given you subscrip
tions for one, two or three months nt
tho start of tho contest will he willing
How To Win The Grand Prizes
Ono 1912 Completely-Equipped "REGAL" Automobilo
Pour $550 "REMINGTON" Player-Pianos-One for Each District
Tour Beautifuf$IOO Diamond Rings-one for each district
four Elegant Solid Gold Ladies' Watches-one for each district
four Round Trips to Kilauea or Honolulu and Return
Contest will positively close June 22, 1912 at 9:00 o'clock p. in.
Amount Votes Given.
One Month
Three Months
Six Months
Ono Year
Two Years
$ .75
. 2 00
4 00
. 8.00
16 00
Foreign Post-paid:
Ono Year 12.00
Two Years 24.00
" 350
Amount Votes Given.
Price. New. Old.
Six Months ... .$ .60 700 350
One Year 1.00 1,500 750
Two Years 2.00 3,000 1,500
Foreign Post-paid:
One Year 2.00 3,500
Two Years 4,00 10,000
fluin,jlni from the ttrikly Itullctln lo the Doily will U considered a NUV sutscrlptlon. Subscriptions
must be sent by mill, ixiiJ at the Oullclln office or ilJ to the wndlJjtc In person.
rnMatatB r ii..n..i.,i.i .....I iim 4. & Consists of tho Islands
ed for, say, thrco months and paid a ,.,,,,, n, ,,,. f,nm lhn ... Kauai mid Maul.
?2.00 secured for you 3000 votes, but . ,, .,.., Hn., a PKIZKSl
by gelling this person to suhscrlbo for I'KI.FSl Tho prizes that must ho won
nlno months additional you securo tho T, , (h t t b In this district are an elegant
o vlTr "eiw 1' v lTrinn" In IhtaaWrlS i w M elegant "Remington" playcr-plnno; a
!?ou ,ny"see,i?o. ?. mirk "Tho1 round trip to Kllnuca or Mono- lulu and return. .Winners of the
stubs "Second Payment" In order that, lulu and return. .Winners of the playcr-ph.nos havo tho privilege
you may seeurtffull value In votes. player-pianos havo tho pilvllego of choosing a round trip to Ban
tt tt H tt !! H tt K M tt H : tt t: H tt of choosing a round trip to San Kranclsco. with a stay of ten
5, y . Krnnelsco, with a stay nf ten days In tho Western Metropolis.
GRAND SPECIAL OFFER. 'lays 111 tho Western Metropolis. All districts have an equal
H All districts have an equal chanco for tho Capital prize. 1912
!t t'nlll Inmnrmv nl n i in nn tt ehnnrn for lhn Pnlilliil nrlo 1012 "ftCEal" aUtomobltO.
It Klvo to every candidate who turns tt "rtegal" automobile.
tt subscript tons nn extra ballot of tt
"fi.noo voIch. In addition to tho I2clyn de la Nux, Klnaii St.... 61,770
regular vol on. Also, to overy can- tt Klcanor Molt, Ixird & Young. . 84,370
, dldalo who turns In 30 now one- Ionise Zcrbe, lowers & Cooks. 6.1,240
'Myenr weekly subscriptions bo- raunno voeller, H.m doling... til.bsu
iwcen tho nbovo dates, wo will """ nniiciiguo, iuuu nt-rau- i
XJ glvo an extrn ballot of 7B.000 It mokn St r.8,410
Jt votes. tt J,rs- Winters, Junction Candy
tt To every enndldnto who turns tt Store 57,170
H In I'lVK NKW DAILY six- tt 'I'1' Fernando?. Young St M.riGO
MONTH subscriptions wo will tt '" Nnnl Kennu, I'alola fi3,3G0
K glvo an extra ballot of 37.H00 tt Cotiisle Soura, Sanitary Steam
tt otes nnd to every cnndldnlo who tt Laundry 52.230
tt liirns In 15 now one-year weekly tt MrB- Kcnla Knnl rrter, Hon.
tt subscrliillons nn extra ballot of tt ,r"" Works 49,830
a :t7.ruil vnteu. it Kdlth K. Pratt. 1631 Kaplolanl. 45,770
tt Hubscrlpllons should not be tt Agnes M. Johnson. 1252 Young 40,600
tt held back until tho closo of tho tt Mnrjorlo McClulre. Olllco 8up
tt offer, hut should he turned In as M l'ly Co 40,210
tt secured, as an accurate account tt """ 'o Hong, 143G Alexander 38,870
tt or nil subscrliillons turned In will tt MH Akul, Green Lnno 36,250
tt bo kept by tho Contest Depart- K Agnes Aylctt, King St 33,090
tt uicnt and special ballots mailed tt Molllo Mossman, Island Curio
tt lo candidates after tho offer tt Storo 25,260
tt closes. n Mrs. Hiinnun, Ft. Do Ilussy... 25,080
itt Candidates outside tho city may t: Miss Illley, Moana Hotel 24.860
'tt mall subscrliillons, to apply on tt Miss Yamiimoto, Hotel St 24,630
! tt this offer, IJY 9 o'clock on tho tt Matilda M. Enos, Manoa Valley 23,890
itt night of May 16, and wo will ac- tt Mrs. Allco Hnywards, Johnson
ccpt mo postmark or post mas-tt Houso 23,950
tt signature on tho envelope ns suf- tt Ada Kershner, 1177 Alakca St. 23,000
tt flclcnt evidence that tho rules of tt Clarissa Cummtngs, Walklkl,. 22,790
tt tho offer havo boon compiled: Kllzabeth Daniels, Arlelgh's... 22,640
U with. n Kllzabeth Nlolsen. 1407 Nuuanu 22,520
tt Candidates nro not restricted as tt Kvelyn Heart, 1433 Knplolanl.. 21670
tt to tho number of clubs they may tt Murlo h. Lewis, 1575 Lusltanla. 21,240
tt secure, but will bo given credit tt Mnry Ah IMng, Normal School 20,600
tt for every club and overy subscrlp- tt Mrs. Paul 8m!th, Sach's Dry
tt tlon abovo tho required c'ub num-tt Goods Co 20,340
tt bor. Mrs. Dr. Tuttle, Kt. Do ItusBy. 20,090
tt Mrs. J. T. Do Bolt. Kalmukl... 19.130
tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt , Clalro Berry. O. R. & L 17,640
J..W AJ..J.J.J.J.J.J.J.J.J.J.'Mr8- 0rnce ElBon' 8I6 KI"K ".490
Palmlrn Mnttos, 1685 Lusa .... 17,400
Klfirnnen Alilinv. Kniillnnl llnmn 16.210
IHSTIIICT 0. I. .Edna llrown, Y.W.C.A. Home-
I stead 15,970
Consists of Honolulu nnd tho Mlnnlo Todd, Hawaiian News
IslanS of 0,ihu from the confer i Co 15,770
of Nuuanu Street. West Mrs. Itutman, Jordan s 15,640
Miss Windsor, Illackshcar's
lint Shop 15,390
WIMielmlim Dlucklo, Illshop &
Co 15,340
Mrs. J. S. Johnson, Kt. Hugcr. 15,240
Kthcl Cannon, Sach's Dry
Roods Co 14,650
Mary Spauldlng, 1317 Punahou 14,490
Tho prlzos that must be won
: In this district tiro nn elegant
"Itcmlngton" player-piano; a
perfect J100 diamond ring; n
solid gold ladles' watch and n
round trip to Kllaucn or Hono-
lulu nnd return. .Winners nf the
player-plnnos hav-i tho prlvllcg-j Mrs. Jos. nice, Ulom's 14,320
HI UIIUIISIII); U 1IIUI1U iril III OUI1 T iil"KKi 4UIIU, llinuu, svi .,tu..
Francisco, with a Btay of ton . Kva Oonsalvcs, 648 S.Doretanlu 11,390
days In tho Western Metropolis.
All districts have an equal
chanco for tho Capital prizo 1912
"Itegal" automobilo,
Mrs. David K. Watson, Walanno 61,990
Geraldlno Neumann, 2616
Nuuanu 60,780
Ulna Nlcpcr. 1221 N, King .... 59,590
Mis. J. K. Hiram, Parker Lano 58,880
Mrs. 1). P. McGicgor, 31 Illshop I Carrie Dunn, Central Qrammar
Uno 50,5801 School , 3.4G0
Kathcrlno Robins, Kalmukl.... 11,410
Lulu Drummond, 679 Prospect
St 10,890
Hncliel Wllklns, 1885 Kalakaua 10.840
Mrs. i:. S. Sykcs, Ft. Itugor.... 10,030
Muuilo O'Sulllvan, Illshop Co... 10,030
Allco Paklko, Kuullanl Homo. 9,030
Minnie Larson. Hotel 8t 6,320
Mrs. Ilcssen, Ft. Do Itussy.... 6,300
Margaret Krumor, Dlackshcar's
Hat Shon C.840
Mollle Block, 451 Hotel 5,630
Ido Watson. 245 School.. 58.000 ! '-ylltt Ng. 2427 Llllha ....... .. 5,030
,. Whnllnv l.'t Rlmfter m Rin Mrs.W.P.Wooten, Ft. Do Uussy 5,000
u Wholloy, M. Shaftor... 53,810 D , , , HG0 F t r 000
Alolo Prestldge, 1201 I'ua Inno 40,620 -Alice Ilrlckwood, Kaullanl
Mario Wond, Kalihl 33,800
Mrs. Jas, Konnedy, Ft, Shatter 30,410
Homo 3.410
Kllcn K. Dwleht. 1543 Maklkl. 2,560
Alberta Mlllor, Kalulanl Homo 2,200
Mrs. M. Harris, Schollold liar.. 25,620 Henrietta Arruda, 936 S. Queen 2,140
The Special Offer
lor leu d.ijs (ml), beuliiiiliig Momlnj , Ma) (i, ami emllng May Iti, nt 11:110 P. .M- In nilililloii lo (lie idles given on sub.
M-rlpllnnt nt cording In Hie ahull' sclieiluli1, vte uiiike In i-ontentaiili (lie iiilloivlng oiler:
We will give each nnd every (oiilolaiil n it extra ballot of 7.,l)00 votes who turn Into (ho Kilning lliillclln ofllrp II hi
neiv tviehe nionlli dally Miliscrlitlon, nr .'HI new weekly huhirrlplloui for one year each, between Mouiluy, May C unit
'I humility, .May Iti.
"Yi'ti will glte tncli nnd every outet.itit an extra ballnt of 37,301) viiles who (urn In the new six iiionlhs subscriptions
bclvveen Hie iilioie dates, or 15 new vwihly miIimtIiiIIiius for one year each.
This Is an opportunity to rnlvli the leaders. Tiiko uihaiilage nf It. early biilisrrl.'dluns fount two for six mouths.
'Jhls Is mi opportunity In gel extra voles by a Utile effort.
The subscriptions shoulil nut he held back until (ho lasl ilny, hut should he turned In as si- is seen rid. Au accur
ate account will he kept of all Mibscriplliius turned In by fiintcstiiutN.
The contest ilcnurtnii'iit will Issue extra Imlliits after this off it closes nnd mall same to ci stants entitled lo 11
Cniiillil.iles are mil reslrlcled ns In Ihe number of clubs (hey secure but will be given credit for all lliey secure.
J.'xtcnilnl Subscriptions- Any new subscriber who has suliscrlbi'il during the contest for a short time may extend
his subscription mill still be considered a lien subscriber mill (ho number of mouths paid will apply on (his special
oiler Murk stub, second payment.
Two-year weekly or dully subscriptions will iiiiinl us (wo years on offer. Likewise longer term subscriptions win
count v so many years on offer.
Contest Department, EVENING BULLETIN, Honolulu, T.H.
Kva Kealoha, Children's llnsp. 27,550
Miss Tunaka, Alea 27,210
Iioso Solomon, 1731 Llllha .... 22.280
Mis. George Kinuoy, Watortown 22,260
Mrs. Otto Wlsscnborry, Scho-
tlcld llarracks 21,920
Helen Nutloy, 323 Ilucklo Lano 21,850
Mrs. Win. Hoed, Ft. ShaHor.... 20,360
Lydla Aholn, Kam. Girls School 20,250
Mudollno McCandlcss, Moannlua 19,620
Kdiiu Ulunhelo, 1735 Llllliu .. 16,420
Mcta Patterson, Alea 15,620
KlUabetli Kalcka, Kalihlkal... 12,650
Allco Ho, 1234 S. Vineyard.... 12,150
Mrs. Ellzaboth Dunn, Schotleld
.llarracks 12,320
Mrs. W. Galbralth, 1628 Llllha 11,720
Helen Kimball, Walalua 10,110
Klsle Off, Alou 10,080
Lucy Harbor, 1220 Piiunul .... 9,560
llolon Zcrbe, Davis & Co 8,620
Mrs. Annlo Huughton, 1725
Llllha 5,250
Marlon A. Fauth, 2505 Huso... 4,020
Hcbccca lopa, Walanao 3,470
Sarah HouKhtulllnir. 11 Uobollo
I Umo 3,040
Kdna Lloyd, 2194 N. King .... 2,350
Mrs, Sherry Tyan, 1534 Llllha. 2,320
Olympla Sllvn, Ileretanla St... 2,040
Anna Mundon, Vineyard St.... 2,050
Jonnlo Williams, Vlnoynrd St.. 2,000
Julia Uindfotd. 1725 Llllliu... 2,000
Nolllo Yen Lee, 1078 Judd St.. . 2,000
lime you hooks you want bound,
ruling done, or books made, send them
lo (he Ilu lie tin Job printing and
bindery plant
Mrs. P. Mlyake. 1248 Fort .... 2,110
Aias Windsor. Young St 2,100
Kthcl Cartor, Emma St z.wuu
Adelo Wlcko, 1071 Klnaii 2,000
Mrs. M. Randall. Englesldo
Apta 2.000
Hilda Smith, 1450 Fort 2,000
Josophlno Amos, King St 2,000
Eva McCorrlston, 1904 Punch
bowl 2.000
Miss Keating, Illshop & Co. ... 2,000
Mnraca F. McChung, Fort St. . . 2,000
Adeline Hose, Lnhalnu 61,730
Kininu A. Chang, Llhuc, Knual 63,120
Addle Carloy, Pala, Maul .... 63,060
Mrs, II. A, Kelchelt, Llluio
Kauai 62,200
Hose Hocking, Pain, Maul .... 60,910
Mrs. A. M. Da Vice), Kckaha,
Kauai 60,980
Irma Wodchouse, Walluku,
Maul 60,610
Miss L. P. Aklnu, Waltnen,
Kuual 60,180
Ida Williams, Pula, Maul 59,160
L. Kcohl Hart, Walluku, Maul. 47,110
Lcllunl Weight, Walluku, Maul 46,690
Ilertha Heifers, Makawoll
Kauul 42,000
Lesllo LowIb, Kahulul, Maul... 40,520
Ilalblna Fernandez, Pala, Maul 36,610
Stella Padgett, Makawell,
Kauai 35,650
Miss K. K. Edwards, Kilauea,
Kauai 31.500
Mattlc Jordan, Kckaha, Kauai. 30.650
Mary Nuncs, Pala, Maul 30.410
Mrs. W. J. Goodhue, Kalaupa-
pa, Molokal 30,840
Mrs. Nancy Itoback, Kcanae,
Maul 28,460
Louise Itoblnson, Pula, Maul.. 23,510
Dora Meyer. Wnllukn 22.270
Rachel T. Klakonn, Peahl, Maul 20,940
Tsulan Choy, Lahalna, Maul... 20,890
Miss L. Keating, Kilauea, Kauai 17.230
Cecilia Akin, Knlaupapa 15,210
Grace Chang, Llhuc, Kauai ... 11,140
Mrs. F. Crawford, Walluku ... 10.950
Adellno Corren, Llhuo 9.230
Miss G. Sobcy, Pala, Mall 2,000
Miss If Teltt, Kilauea, Kauai. 2,000
Miss Wilcox, Walluku 2,000
Consists of all of tho Island
of Hawaii.
Tho prizes that must ho won
In this district are ho
"Remington" pluyor-planoj a
perfect 1100 diamond ring; a
! solid gold ladles' watch and a
round trip to Kilauea or Hono-
lulu and return. .Winners of tho
player-pianos havo the privilege
of choosing n round trip to San
Francisco, with u stay of ton
days In tho Western Metropolis.
All districts have an equal
chanco for tho Capital prizo 1912
"Itegal" automobilo.
Mrs. Mary F.' Lelte, Hllo 63.270
Amy F. Williams, Hllo 62,730
Queenle Sharratt. Kumucla... 60,650
Mrs. John Gabeler, Holualoa... 54,910
Malamlo M. Coleman, Kohalu.. 42,260
Allco R. Qulnn, Kohula 38,630
Muraea Kamakawlwoolo, Hono-
kuu 37,840
Mrs. Phoebo Mcl-can, Volcano
Houso 34.S40
Mrs. Maude Sisslon, Mt, View. . 34,620
Mnrlu Roll, Kawalhao 34.160
Mrs. P. C. Ilenmor, Hllo 33,210
Mrs. E. S. Cnpollas, Hakalau.. 32,210
Nancy Daniels, Kurlstown,... 30,490
Helen Watson, Olan 30.390
Kmlly Ewnllko, Hllo 30,360
Iiulso Molnlche, Wulohlnu... 25,640
Loutso do llama. Kohalu 21,310
Jcnnlo Meclolros, Mt. VIqw.... 22,250
Kuualoha Akana, Hllo 20,410
Mrs. Win J. Stono. Hllo 20,380
Mnry Nalllma, Kurlstown .... 19,060
Allen Hattlo, Hlln 18,520
Annlo Napier, Hllo 18,360
Winifred Livingstone, Kiunucla 17,320
Lily Moses, Luupahoehoo 16,220
Ilertha Henderson, Knhalau... 15,040
Jcnnlo WIlllnniB. Kohalu 10,200
Mrs. A. Quint. Hllo 5,120
Mrs. M. Thomas, Hllo 2,960
Miss Williams, Honokaa 2,000
C0UP0N-Not good after May 25
Honolulu, T. II,
This Coupon Will Count for 10 Votea
Addross Dlst. No.
City Island
Good for 10 votes when filled out and sent to tho Evening Bullo
1 1 n odlco by mall or otherwise, on or beforo expiration dato. No ballot
will bo altered In uny way or transferred after being recolved by tho Con
test Manager. Unless ballot Is carefully trimmed around outsldo lines It
will not be counted.
T-itA-n iirtiii it in i , fart 4t
Y-t rt&jU ti 4. fr
, .-.Wl!J4
J- aMvtiiilS. i.wuiiTV Ui -& A. &bm Wt &V&hi& Ju i'&bu&vJiJ !4i. '-.tdfei

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